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Life Realities

XVII lecture of the Master,

Held on 5th November, Sunday, at 10:00 h. a.m., 1944, in Sofia – Sunrise

The new age that is coming now has no need to prove itself and to convince people about its existence. The sun does not need philosophers to prove that it exists. How big it is, what does it do, there is no need to prove this. Philosophers are necessary when the sun sets down. Prophets are necessary when the sun sets down. Mothers and fathers are necessary when the sun sets down. When the sun rises everybody must be at work. A new credo is necessary.

What is reality? Over the real is the hyperreal, and according to the philosophers over the real is the unreal. The unreal this is the hyperreal. When you read the Bible you see that God has created the world out of nothing, i.e. out of the hyperreal.

Now we have to study the language of humanity. Since we study many languages, we speak in many dialects, there are contradictions and misunderstanding. How will you prove that a body is burning? The warmth that the body emits speaks rather convincingly. Can you convince a man that the cold stone is warm? Can you convince the man that the burning body is cold? You can try to convince him, but you will not succeed. According to the old methods, people are aiming to prove that God exists. This proving must be left aside. – Where is God? – Where Love is. – Where is God? – Where Wisdom is. – Where is God? – Where the Truth is. – Where is God? – Where there is life. – Where is God? – Where there is knowledge – Where is God? – Where there is freedom. – Where is God? – Where there is movement. – Where is God? – Where there is learning. – Where is God? – Where there is work. It is not necessary to prove the good things, and we are trying to prove that there is God. Everybody considers proving the existence of God to the people a privilege. The sun does not need any proofs. It shines. Even the smallest creatures feel its presence. The whole nature is a high school for the human soul and the human spirit. It is a school not only for the people, but also for all creatures that live in it.

Now you want to know what will happen to you when you get old and when you die. Everybody wants to know if there is another world. Where will a man go after his death? Who believes says that he will go to the other world. When the ice melts where does it go? Does it go to heaven? When the ice melts it goes down from the mountain to the valley. Not only that it does not climb higher than itself, but it goes lower.

The delusions of people are due to the density of the unorganized matter. The human unorganized thoughts of the past are reflected upon them. So the good and the evil are inherited, therefore it is said that whatever a man has inherited, this is what he manifests. It is said about someone “Let’s pray to God to enlighten him.” What a man shows, this is put in him – it cannot be easily removed.

There are two categories of people; one of the categories stands behind the concept that there is God, and the other category – behind the concept that there is no God. Those who support the idea that God exists live as those who support the idea that God does not exist. Those who say that God exists eat and drink as those who reject His existence. Those who support the existing of God breathe as those who do not acknowledge Him. These two categories of people stand at two poles. One of the categories stands at the light side of the world that is lit by the sun; the second category stands at the dark side of the earth, which is not lit by the sun. Since the earth goes around itself, those who have been unbelievers become believers; those who have been believers become unbelievers. When you are dressed in nice clothes, you become a noble man, an erudite; when the nice clothes are taken off from you, you are considered an ordinary, uncultured man. If you have nice shoes, you are considered a man of culture, if your shoes are plain, worn out, you are considered an uncultured man.

Let’s thank the nature that is has given us five open doors through which we get in contact with it. Let\s thank for what we perceive with our eyes; for what we perceive with out ears; for what we perceive through our sense of smell – with our nose; for what we perceive with our mouth; for what we perceive with our hands and legs. – What is real? – Real is that with which I walk; real is that with which I touch; real is that with which I eat; real is that I perceive with my sense of smell; real is what I hear; real is what I see. But there is another reality, higher than this. Real is what I feel inside me; real is what I think about; real is what I can do in every particular case.

There are two realities: One is a relative reality – of the ill people. The other is an absolute reality – of the healthy people. If you go to an ill person, he will talk to you scientifically about his leg that his knee cannot fold. The healthy person does not put himself in the place of the ill person. The health person, who has never been ill, cannot put himself in the shoes of the ill man, he does not know what pain is. The ill man says, “If you could have my experience!” – Thanks, I don’t want to have your experience.

A Bulgarian from the Varna region, from the village of Nikolaevka, told me how he had traveled one day in his cart, drawn by two horses. At a certain time he saw a boy walking after the cart and begging to get on, to put his bags in the cart, because they were heavy. He stopped the cart and told the boy, “Take the reins, I will get off for a while and we will go in a while”. When the boy caught the whip, he hit the horses and the man had to run after him two kilometers until he managed to catch him. You will take a child in your cart, get off for a while and then you will have a peculiar experience. There is no need to tell about that kind of experience – imagine what it is. When you are taken your quilt or your clothes in winter time, what will be your experience? You will feel cold and you will understand that you have lost much. If it is summer time, you will not feel great loss.

The contemporary people should not lose the reality that the state of their health gives them, that makes them sound. A call this reality – reality of the virtues of humanity. Today the powerful word is not “God’, but humanity. Humanity is required from everybody. If in your humanity you do not love your fellow-mate, if you do not love your father, if you do not love your daughter, if you do not love your son, if you do not love your friend, if you do not love your servant, if you do not love all animals that serve you, what is the greatness of man in? If you take a minister down from the reality in which he is, where does he go? Has he gone to the other world? Now in Bulgaria all ministers that have ruled for four years are under trial. They have made a mistake, for which now they are being judged. Will they send them to the other world? Now they are discussing when they condemn them, how will they execute them – by hanging or by shooting. All people are scared. And let the ministers say, “Bothers, we have made a mistake, forgive us. We will correct our mistake in the future, not only in words, but by our deeds.” I give a piece of advice: Instead of sentencing them to death, they should send them to a village to serve for five years to a good villager. The minister should get up early, put the horses to the cart and go to the field to plough. Moreover, he should work not only for the host, but also for the whole village. And the minister is required to be a model servant. This idea cannot be applied now, but in the future. When a professor makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a teacher makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a student makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a religious person makes a mistake, he should become a servant. Everybody should offer his services voluntarily and say, “I did not fulfill God’s law, I want to serve for no money; I will serve you for a whole year only for bread, I will be a model of a good servant.”

Now you ask the question how is it possible to serve for no money. It is not bad to serve for money, but it is not bad to serve for no money, too. When it is about serving for no money, you are discontented. Say, what impels the mother and the father to serve their children? What is the base of the institution of married life? There love manifests and they serve for no money. What does the marriage lie on? There the man and the woman serve to each other without money. One sacrifices, and the other sacrifices. The entire dispute, all the difficulties come from the fact that the woman does not work according to her promise and the man does not work according to his promise. It is not easy to serve with love. I am talking about the family as a great thing, as a noble institution. For it great knowledge is needed. The man must be a virtuoso to live well in his family. You see how difficult compositions some fiddlers play. You listen to the ninth symphony of Beethoven or the sixth symphony of Tchaikovsky and you see that ordinary fiddlers cannot perform them. Great musicians are needed. To play something by Beethoven or Tchaikovsky all musicians must be good. All members of an orchestra must have knowledge.

I say, the whole humanity is composed of choir singers and instrumentalists, sent on earth to sing and play. If you speak, you are a singer; if you write, you are a singer; if you walk, you are a singer; if you work, you are a singer. When you work with love, you are a singer and a musician. I watch if a man makes some sound or noise when he is walking. If he makes a sound, I say, “This man is a musician”. If he makes noise, I say, “This man is a beginner; he has hardly entered the school, he cannot walk yet. He cannot take the tones in the right way. A man who works, who can sew, who can write is a musician. The experienced poet and writer has something musical in him. The one, who is not musical writes and erases until finally he tears the paper off and says, “There is no way out!”

The Genesis provides three possibilities for the man: To move in the real, to move in the unreal and to move in the hyperreal. When you come to love, you will not ask what it is, but you will say, “I have the right to love” I will do my duty, my task without any law. How will I love, this is my business. What paper I will write on, what envelopes I will use, this is my business. Nobody has the right to intervene in my business. Who can read will open the envelope and read in the way he can. Every person has the right to be part pf reality and hyperreality – to be wise. Who is a wise man? – The one who does not make mistakes. – What is love? – Power that does not admit hate. In love everything is beautiful. Every man has the right to be part of hyperreality, to love the truth. – What is the truth? – A place where there is absolutely no lie. The truth is a place where there is eternal harmony, the eternal goods of life. We call this bliss. A man can express himself in truth as he wants to. This is the eternal life, this is immortality. Who loves the truth, he is immortal.

Now we dwell on what Christ said two thousand years ago. What Christ said two thousand years ago was for the people who lived then, it is not for us. Why didn’t they believe in that reality? Christ must come today to talk to the people again. What will he talk? If he comes today, Christ will not cure only one ill person, but he will cure all ill people; he will feed all hungry people; all stupid people will become clever; he will bring together [reconcile] all people who quarrel. If Christ comes today, he will open all prisons, he will give freedom to everybody; he will teach all the people how to work. – How will he teach them? – As the sun teaches all plants and little bugs to work. When the sun rises, every plant already knows what to do; when the sun rises, every little bug knows what to do.

You say, “Let Christ come, to see Him, to fix the world.” Imagine that Christ has come but you are blind and you do not see Him; you are deaf and you do not hear Him; your smell is attenuated, you perceive nothing from the external world; your tongue is ill, you cannot teat; your legs are weak, you cannot walk; your hands are ill, you cannot work. In this situation what will be your benefit that Christ has come? Christ has come, but you cannot learn. What do you gain if you do not love anybody and nobody loves you? All abnormalities in the world are due to the fact that love is not manifested. If love shows [manifests] itself, all things will be put in place. The airplane moves thanks to the electricity that drives the engines. If electricity is cut, the airplane stops. The locomotive moves thanks to the coal. If there is no coal, the locomotive stops moving. The people die, too, i.e. they stop moving due to their silly deeds. They have created such laws by which they torment each other. And after all this, they talk about culture. What of a culture it is? The earth still does not offer a world of harmony. It is just coming out of the disharmonious world and enters into the harmonious one. The future mankind that is coming now is a candidate for the new sky and for the new earth, for the new freedom, for the new order of things.

The first article of the new constitution says: You will love the people with no money.

The second article of the new constitution says: You will teach people for no money.

The third article of the new constitution says: You will work for the people for no money.

Is this possible? – It is possible. How much do you pay the little river that waters your garden? If the little river can do you a favour for no money, why a man cannot do the same thing? A man can also do s favour for no money, but he needs knowledge how to do it. If the river is muddy and hardly runs, even if it wants to do you a favour, it cannot. The man needs knowledge.

Now I don’t want you to lose heart with your life. A man gets discouraged when his shoes get worn out; a man gets discouraged when his clothes are worn out, when he cannot use them for work; a man loses heart when he gets old, when his hair turns white. He says, “My hair has turned white, I have grown old.” – This is the greatest good that God has given you. The white hair shows that you have to be absolutely unselfish. You must understand what God tells you by your white hair. If you do not understand, you say, “My hair has turned white, I have grown old.” God tells you, “Now with your white hair you will go to the people to serve them for no money, to work selflessly, to show them what love is. And you say, “My job is over.” And you expect to go to the other world, to be helped by the angels. You are blessed if this happens in the way you have expected and thought. You are unhappy if it happened in the way you haven’t thought.

Often the people – young and old, temporarily lose their conscience like the Russian king who has fallen in lethargy. The power of his heart has stopped and he was like dead. The doctor concluded that his heart does not work, it can start again but you have to know how to help yourselves. At that time the eyes of the man are closed and he feels everything, he hears everything that the other people around him say. The king was engaged. The father comes with his daughter, the king’s fiancée. The father said to his daughter, “You must cry, to show that you have loved him” – There is no use to pretend, I have loved him because of necessity, as a king, but now I cannot pretend that I love him. What was the situation of the king listening to the conversation between the father and the daughter? So even if you are a king, the people may not love you. You say, “To be beautiful!” – Even if you are beautiful, the people may not love you. Do the people love the beautiful hen? They catch it for the throat, put the knife over it and try its meat. Do the people love the beautiful pig? They love it when they take it into their stomach. This is another reality yet.

Reality has several degrees: reality, unreality and hyperreality. Reality is in touch with hyperreality, hyperreality is in touch with love. Hyperreality is in touch with life. The movement is a result of life. So, through the movement we have access to life. Also we have access to life through learning and through work. The real life is in the movement, and in learning, and in work. People do not make a difference between things that give access to life. Access is when we have the conditions to show [manifest] life.

As a rule, the people should know what the task of the whole humanity is. They also have to know what the task of the tree is. The task of the tree is to preserve all its leaves, not to let a single leaf to fall from it. Sometimes a leaf can fall, but only if it is in favour of something. What will happen to the tree if all leaves fall down? – Life stops, i.e. the access to reality is cut. A tree whose leaves fall down cannot give fruit. Until the leaves are on the tree, it can have blossoms and set fruit. When the leaves are fallen down, it cannot have blossoms, neither can it set fruit. Do you think that a man who is ill can serve God? Do you think that the discouraged man can serve God? You can get discouraged, but if you take certain experience out of it. If every time you get discouraged your conceptions are wrong, you have to stop and make them right. People get ill for the only reason that nature stops them in life to come in full consciousness to learn what they should do. Somebody is ill for a certain time and says, “The doctors have cured me.” He has given some thousand levs, he has some injections made, but when he makes the same mistakes, three-four months later he gets ill again. The injections are in place, but there have never been made so many injections to the people as now. Do you think that the people now are much cleverer than the people in the past? They are cleverer with respect to the fact that when they fill a notebook with writing, they say, “There is no room to write, the notebook is already full” When you say this, you feel free.

I say, our notebooks of suffering are almost overfilled. A lot of suffering! There is no need of them any more. Some people say that they will suffer in the other world, too – there is hell there. The great theologians and preachers say that as long as it is necessary for the water on earth to evaporate, drop by drop, so many years will the man suffer in hell. This is a wrong philosophy. Hell is a school to correct people. God has created hell for the stubborn and self-willed spirits, when they spend some time there, their stubborn heads to grow wiser. When they get up, God takes them out with his pincers and says, “Let’s get to work now!” Who does not understand why he has been sent to hell says, “God, thank you that you have sent me here in the warm air.” God answers him, “According to me you are not in hell not to be in a warm place, but to learn. Did you learn how to correct your life?” Hell is a place for correcting your life, and the present life is a place to work, for the good of the people. This is the new conception.

They say that God has made hell. Who has He talked to? Whom has He told this? God has never talked to anybody till now. You will say that the Spirit has talked to somebody. What has he told him? If the Spirit tells somebody to love people, I understand it; if he tells him to enlighten people, I understand it; but if he tells him to give freedom to the people, I understand this, too. The Spirit tells him to delude people, to hate them, and this is not human. This is an empty bag that needs to be filled up with new, fresh bread.

A man came to me and began telling me about his situation: he was married, his wife was ill, he had three children. He was talking and wried his face with suffering. I listened to him and smiled. Then I told him, “Listen, my friend, why don’t you tell the truth? You are not married, you have no wife and no children. This is fantasy. Tell me the truth and I will give you more than when you lie to me. This is according to the old method. Tell me the truth in a new way. Say, “I am not married, I have no children, but I am hungry”. If you are alone, I will invite you in my home, I will give you a nice lunch. If you are alone, I will accept you better than if you have a wife and children. People lie, telling that they have wives and children to look weighty. What will I give that person? If I give him 100 levs, what will he do with tem? – Nothing special. You cannot do anything with 100 levs. Give up the inherited possessions of your fathers and grandfathers. Give up the lie, even the white lie. Give up the old wealth of the past ages. Another wealth is needed now. I like one characteristic of the Bulgarian. When a gipsy comes to him in the field to beg, he makes him work. If he has come at nine o’clock, he will work till noon and then he will give him food. When the gipsy has food, he does not work any more. But the Bulgarian does not pay him until he does not finish the work. The Bulgarian says, “First we will work, then we will eat.” – I am hungry. – I am hungry, too, I know that. The rule is: first we will work, and then we will eat. In the future it will be in the same way. If the man and the woman work, they eat. If they do not work, they will not eat.

This is a law: We have to work in order to open a way for the good in life. Food is a great good. For the one who works, eating is in place. When you eat you must have one excellent thought, one excellent feeling and one excellent deed. If all the people have lived in that way, they would be young and beautiful like the angels. And now as you see, many people have white hair. Do you know why the hair of some people is black? Those with the black hair have their ground still barren, the wheat has not grown out yet, when it grows out, it will be green. Those with the white hair – the wheat is ripe, harvest is coming. When the wheat is reaped, the hair will turn black again. Thus there is a change, once white hair, then black hair. Some people are born with white hair. The white hair not always means old age. Often the hair turns white from suffering. This is a premature whitening of the hair. I advise you to take care of yourselves, so that your hair does not turn white prematurely. I do not support white hair. Your hairs should not fall off in advance. When the hair of a man gets white, this is normal anyway, but to have his hair falling off, this is not in the natural order of things. This shows that the head is ploughed up and unplanted. In this case you must be a hero. I would like your field to be planted so that you carry all the goods on your head.

A great thing is coming for everybody. We have to realize that. The face of the present man, the head of the present man, the hands and the legs of the present man, as well as all parts, must be transformed. You can meet few people who are set up in the right way – they don’t possess the needed beauty. The face of the present man must exhale something good, life and light must come out of his head, as it comes out from the sun. What is the sun light due to? – To the creatures that live on the sun – to the sun residents. The most reasonable creatures live in the solar system. They distribute the sun energy all over the whole solar system, they decide how much and when to send. They know how many people live on the earth, they know their names. They know the Bulgarians, they know their budget. They know England, France, Russia – all countries. They know how many seas and oceans are there on the earth, how many bugs and plants there are – they know everything. I do not want to convince you about that – there is no need of convincing. In my opinion what exists – it exists and there is no need to be proved. If there is a reasonable form of life, it exists. If there is a sun, it exists; if there is no sun, it does not exist. Since there is a reasonable form of life, the sun shines. If there is no reasonable life, the sun will disappear. If there is no reasonable life, the earth will become dark, too. If the earth has not become dark till now, is because there is reason, there is a reasonable life.

You say: The new influences. The question is not in this. You know that something inside you, inside the very person, talks. Sometimes you are not satisfied with yourselves. – Why are you not satisfied? – Your Love is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your Wisdom is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your Truth is not in place. You are dissatisfied with yourselves – your life is not in place; You are dissatisfied with yourselves – your knowledge is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your freedom is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your movement is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your learning is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves - your work is not in place. Do you think that it will be reasonable on my part if I take the scythe and mow the green grass? When the farmer sees this will he praise me? He will tell me, “Brother, why do you do such a stupid thing?” If I cause damage to the ripe wheat, will he praise me? But I should not touch the unripe wheat, too.

Many of the contemporary people are confused, they don’t know when what to do. Everything can be done, but when the right time comes. Some people say to me, “Foretell something!” I would foretell many things, but it is not the right time now. Some years ago I foretold that there would be a war in 1914 and namely in that war Germany will lose. Then I warned the Bulgarians to hurry and make peace, but they did not listen to me. They chased me, they interned me. I used to say, “You can intern me, you can do whatever you want, but you will lose the war.” I have also foretold that the present war will happen. I have said that many towns, capitals will be stricken – Berlin, London, even Sofia. When I was telling these things, nobody wanted to listen to me. I did not think out these things, but I say that the people have brought the things to a crisis that cannot be avoided. I see a carter driving his cart very fast – about to break it. I see a train that is traveling with greater speed than it should – soon it can derail somewhere. This is very natural. You do not need great philosophy to predict this.When I see a car driving slowly, I know that no accident would happen. I predict to somebody that he will become poor. – Why? Because he spends more money than necessary. I can predict to somebody that he will become an erudite. Why? – I see that the person studies, that he is diligent.

There is something that is known for the man, without him realizing how it would happen. I also know that some things change, and some things do not change. Some things that are predicted happen; sometimes the facts change the prophecy. Do not think that the prophecy always comes true. Sometimes it comes true, sometimes it is late, and sometimes it does not come true. The one who can see far has strong eyesight. The one who does not see, his eyesight is weak – he does not know many things. All the knowledge is in eyesight. I see things well. God has given me this eyesight. Some people say about somebody else, “He is a prophet”. Who of you is not a prophet? In some respect you are prophets. I would like all people to be prophets, to see well and to see the good things. To see well, this is the prophecy. I am sorry when the people are not prophets. Then they are blind.

Now I will foretell you something. Once I have told you something, now I will foretell you something else. I say, an age is coming about which the people have never thought. The world, the people will be so good, that you will not want to separate from earth. When this time comes, you will see by yourselves. – In how many years? – I will tell you in ten years. Now be safe and sound, but when you live to see these thousand years you will understand me as humans. Such good is coming in thousand years, what I am telling you will come true – you will check it.

Consider the first day – the day of your spirit – a day in which the light has manifested.

Consider the second day – the day of your soul, a day in which love has manifested.

Consider the third day – the day of your mind – a day in which the knowledge has manifested.

Consider the fourth day – the day of your heart – a day in which the conscious life has manifested.

Consider the fifth day – the day of your will – a day of your strength that has come to help you.

Consider the sixth day – a day of the Eternal Word that has lighted you up and made you a master of your destiny.

Consider the seventh day – the day of God, the Eternal origin of everything – a day of nature from which we have to learn everything – a day of your rest when you serve all virtues.

Remember that you were born to be wise [reasonable].

Do not give way to the unreason [madness].

Who will enter into the new age, i.e. in the future life? – Those who serve to Love; those who serve to Wisdom; those who serve to the Truth. Those who serve to life; those who serve to knowledge; those who serve to the freedom. Those who serve to the movement; those who serve to learning; those who serve to work – the future is for them. It is said [written] to be so.


This lecture is taken from the printed volume „The Testament of Love“ volume 2, pages 141–164, since it is missing in the State Archive.



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