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Facts, Laws and Reasons

1924 year

XV lecture from the general class

1st September, 1944, Wednesday, 5:00 h. a.m., Sunrise – Sofia

The Good Prayer.

„Life is Beautiful“.

The light way.

Love reigns, but people do not reign.

Now what menu do you prefer? When sometimes you go to a restaurant, you choose a menu. Everybody chooses something to eat. What do you choose to eat? What have you learnt? What is the most important that you have learnt? You say love. The word love is not understood. The old people think that people who deal with love are crack-brained. The old people consider the young people crack-brained since they deal with love. They are right. Wouldn’t you prefer the good winnowed wheat? Which is better, the wheat with the straw or the winnowed wheat? Now one thing is necessary. In order a man to understand one thing, he must be in a certain state. You cannot hold a lecture to an ill person. You can talk to him, but he would say, “Leave it”. He has a problem in his chest, with his stomach or in his head. Whatever you talk to him, he will constantly talk about his illness. He says, “Tell me some cure now”. Now you all suffer from three main illnesses: some suffer from headache, others suffer from pains in the chest, and third suffer from stomachache. Headache and a law of education. The light that does not penetrate in the brain makes headache. The air that does not penetrate in the lungs makes pain in the chest, a weakness. When there is not enough food in the stomach, there is a stomachache. I say, sometimes you stay, you feel indisposed and you don’t know which the reason is. Sometimes some people are merry. I consider a man merry when the day is merry. The clerks are merry when they are given their money at the end of the month. The young ladies are merry when they are dressed in nice clothes. If they are not dressed in nice clothes, they cannot be merry. This is where the art is.

They say there must be peace for the man. A whole deputation went to Russia to look for peace, didn’t they? How many days did they wait before the peace was signed? Peace will come after it is signed. After being signed, the peace will start flowing in little rivers. Now has your deputation gone for peace? You have to send one, you cannot do without deputation. First the eyes send deputation to the sun to send a bit more special light. Then the sun sends it and signs a contract. It sends light. Some people think that the light is from them. It comes by an order. There is light for which if you do not send deputation, it does not come. If life developed in the way we think it should be, we would have become saints by now. You are not saints yet, and even if millions of years pass, sainthood will not come. Not only saints on earth. A saint from the earth must go to the sun to make a walk. If you cannot go to the sun to make a walk, you are not a saint. Here saints are easily made. You light a candle for an hour or two and someone becomes a saint. The candle burn out, it is over. Now I read on your faces: you know how many bombs have frightened us in Sofia. I see that you have many bombs hanging in you, you have put them like icons. If you were saints, the bombs will come, make a bow, they will climb down, bow and they will remain whole. Now it is not only the bomb that yells. For example you have been here for many years, there were many derangements, there were quarrels in the assembly. All the quarrels that happened in the assembly caused the bombing of Sofia. A thought that is projected has a loudspeaker. I do not realize that a man can form a very dynamic thought. A man can cause an entire misfortune to the mankind. A woman in heaven created a whole misfortune and a man created a whole misfortune, they both created a misfortune and they cannot get free of it yet. What is the desire for an apple, a fruit? To eat some of it? The first people who have made the mistake did not apologize. They provided arguments. When God caught Adam, the latter said “I had great faith in you. I believed the creature that gave it to me as I believed you that whatever she said to me was true. You should have warned me.” He has told them not to eat from the forbidden tree. He has forgotten that. It is interesting that when Adam ate, it came to his mind to hide in heaven. For the first time, where did the idea of hiding come from? Adam hid himself, God called him; the former kept silent and said nothing. Towards evening He found him. God had been looking for him during the whole day. He found him in the evening. He could see him. He said “I heard your voice but I was afraid because I was naked.” Who has told you that you were naked, have you eaten from the forbidden fruit? It happened so that it was Eve’s fault. God went to Eve. She immediately provided arguments in a lawyer’s manner and said, “It was the snake that told me to.” These animals were put there so we can learn. Who has ever thought that they can bring some untrue issues? God listened to them. She blamed the snake. But God did not go to the snake. There was nothing to tell the snake.

Today the circumstances are the same. We always apologize as Adam and Eve. God does not accept this apology any more. Adam’s apology was valid for him. We cannot apologize in the same way. The exam is set in a different way. I have watched old people who when pass somewhere, pick up a fruit and carry it. When he sees that someone is coming, he puts the fruit in his pocket and takes his hands out, as if he has not taken anything. He does not hide like Adam. He puts it in the pocket, makes a bow when the other person passes, takes the fruit out and starts eating it.

We spend almost three fourths of our life in anxiety. If there is statistics about how many minutes we are happy in a day, three fourths are spent in anxiety. Sometimes there comes something good, there is always some reason. Then we enjoy it, when we go to the other world it will be settled. But there is the other delusion. The student, who has not finished the nursery group, he cannot go to the first year of primary school. He says, “I cannot study in the nursery school, but when I enter the first year in school, I will start learning. If it does not work in the nursery school, it will not work in the primary and secondary school, it will not work in the university, too. Now there is something else. Sometimes you say, “There is inspiration.” He has breathed in air. But what do you think, is one breathing enough? How many times in a day do you have to get inspired? Ten breathings are necessary every minute. A man has ten breathings every minute. 60 minutes multiplied by 10 makes 600. 600 breathings for one hour. This makes six thousand for ten hours. There is another hindrance.

We, the contemporary people, are very interested what is written in the newspapers about the mistakes of the other people. Wherever you go, whichever country you go to these are the daily news. This is wrong. Sometimes it is written in the newspapers about a car incident that happened somewhere, how many have been killed, now they write about the war, how many have been captured, how many have been killed. Well, if we know how many people have been killed, what is the use of it? It is the dead people that suffer. When you go to see them, you have to help them. Sometimes the Bulgarians go to the graveyard and pour water on the grave of the dead. Where is that custom from, can you tell me? Why do you pour water? I want to know why people pour water on the grave. Sometimes they pour water, sometimes they pour wine. When flowers bloom, they emit a fragrance, they give an announcement. The little flies, feeling that fragrance, find the flowers. So, the fragrance is just a way through which the flies can find the plant, where there is food for them. The law is the same with the air. The air has its fragrance. The man, depending on the stage of his development, must develop his sense of smell, to feel which air is for you. He says “From the sky”. The quantity of air in the sky is meant for you. You have to take what is determined. Few of you know which air is for you. When some day you hit it, you feel joyful. When you cannot percept it, you immediately feel down. Grieve always shows that there is something that we have not understood. Sometimes there is OVE. Why is the letter “L” taken out? Sometimes they take out the “O”. Now when you take out the “small er”*(* in Old Bulgarian language the nouns were written with a letter “small er” at the end, which is not pronounced, but this letter has dropped from usage) there is no big difference. Some of you cannot write some of the letters. Somebody cannot write the letter “L” in the right way. Some of you cannot write “M” according to the rules. Do not think that the alphabet is random. You can write what M means. Or to write M. in the first case “I” is on the first place, “you” on the second. In the second case “you” is on the first place and “I” – on the second. He says, “What’s in it that it is on the first place?” If you put the “I” first, it is scraggy. A man who has dignity shows himself as generous. You will see the rich people, who have dignity, in all people in the whole Europe, when he takes out the money, he is generous. He does this only to boost for himself, that he has enough money. If the man is poor and has no stiver, when he takes out his purse, he does not talk loudly. The poor man gives the rich man the right to give orders. Sometimes when the rich man gets poor the poor man gives orders. Time comes when you call a worker to work, he wants one thousand levs per day. He says, If you want. The salary of a minister is one thousand, one thousand and two hundred levs per day. Before he used to work for twenty levs, now he wants a thousand. The bombs have ruined the house, how will you repair it? Now I make an analogy:

The people who cannot correct their character, the workers take very expensive for their work, therefore the character remains uncorrected. Those who correct their characters, then the workers work for twenty levs per day, cheap. It is easily corrected. When we say that the human character is corrected difficult, the job is very expensive. Now everyone of you who is sitting, if I make him stand up without money, he will get offended. But, let’s say, if a man comes and he has golden napoleons in his pockets and if he shows you one golden napoleon, saying: Stand up for me to sit on your place and I will give you one. You will immediately stand up and you will find another place. If he shows you an ordinary banknote of twenty levs or if he does not show you anything, you say, “Nobody has the right to make me stand up of my seat.” So, if he has golden coins, he has the right to make you stand up. If he hasn’t golden coins, he has no right. It’s right, there must be a reason to do some job. To do a job, there must be a reason, there must be a law, there must be a fact. In this case what will you compare the fact to? Where will you place the fact, where will you place the law and where will you place the reason. The reason is up in the head, the law is in the lungs, the fact is in the stomach inside. Because in the contemporary circumstances in which we live, first must come the fact. By the word ‘fact’ you should always understand that the fact is truth, the law is the wisdom and the inciting reason this is love. So, always the fact provokes truth, the truth provokes wisdom and wisdom provokes love. If you sow a seed, somewhere come the love and wisdom to make it grow. You can never do a job if the truth is not on your side, or said in other words: if you do not have a fact. The fact is the money in this case or the power that you have. Your legs, your hands, these are a fact. The fact in our life are the hands, the external side. So now we determine, we say it is a reason, it is a law. We have to connect our thoughts to the inciting reason. Our feelings are connected with the Divine Wisdom, and our deeds are connected with the truth. If the man’s deeds are not connected with the truth, if there is no contact between the deeds and the truth, there cannot be a result. If the feelings are not connected with wisdom, there cannot be a result, too. The law cannot come into action. And if there is no connection between the thoughts and the very reasons, the thought remains not manifested in nature.

Now when I am talking to you, you will remember some things and you will forget some. Always when a man talks conscientiously, there is a reason, there is a law, there is a fact. The thought is rendered in the right way, because without a reason, without a law, without a fact the human thought cannot be conveyed. Because the law is the way, the thought is conveyed. The truth is the end limit that you have to reach. Christ says, “I am the path, the truth and life” The same law. The path, the truth and the life. Life in this case is love. The path this is wisdom that we have to follow, the truth is the zenith.


This is the highest point /and/ in life, to find the way. We will pass through the circle to go into life. Seemingly it shows that it is high. It shows that at noon the sun is higher. It is ostensible. The sun is as high in the morning as it is high at noon, but this is with respect to the earth, with respect to the material world on earth, it is shown in that way. Now the high things have inciting reasons. From a high place you are powerful; you can drop a stone and it moves; if you take up water and pour it down, it moves also, it flows downwards. So, all things in this circle get easily. There is the other circle below – things work hard. A job that you have left to do it another time, when you have had the good conditions in the past, but you have not used them, in the next life you are in the opposite positions, wondering why things don’t work. Because God does not always give the favourable circumstances. The second time it will be more difficult.

Now we stop and say: “The world lives in that way, and we live in that way, too.” It is so. You are right that the world lives in that way. If I go on a train, I will obey all conditions, which all people obey. Two hundred or three hundred people have got on the train, I will go not where I want, but where the train wants to lead us. In the particular case I choose a train, if it goes in the direction in which I want to go; I will climb on the train and I will leave myself at its disposal. It will lead me, I cannot give it orders. You cannot take it like a carter, but you will obey the law. When we say: People live in that way, it shows that all people travel in that way. If you do not want, then you will walk. Do you know how little things your success sometimes depends on? Sometimes you pass by two branches that have intertwined in the storm. You do not want to make them a favour, you do not want to untwist them. If you do not do a favour to these branches, may be the whole day or may be even a whole year to lose [not to have luck]. If you have not seen them, the responsibility is little. But if you see them, the responsibility is big and then you will not be much of a success. You will lose something: you may tear your clothes, your house may get ruined, your ox may die, you can be thrown out of school. Extremes. What does it cost you to separate [untwist] these two branches. They say about somebody, “He is a cantankerous person, he won’t listen to reason.” how do you tell him your word? Every person has peculiar language. You will speak his language. You will not pronounce the words, as you want, you will pronounce them, as he wants. If a soldier goes to the regimental commander, how will he turn to him? “Please, Mr. Colonel”. If he says just ‘colonel’ without Mr., what will happen to the soldier? Say “Colonel” He will say “Please, Mr. Colonel”. He will pronounce it musically. All people suffer from lack of musicality. There should have been a microphone to tell us how we must talk. When somebody talks to us in a rude way, we understand it; when we talk rudely, we don’t understand [realize] it. There is the mistake.

Now you maintain the idea that when Christ comes, he will put the world to rights. This idea has been placed. How will Christ come? Didn’t Christ come two thousand years ago? Did he put the world to rights? No. Because they didn’t listen to Him. There are mothers who give birth to their children and do not bring them up. Their maternal feeling is weakly developed. When she gives birth to the child she would give it to other people to bring him/her up. She is just walking around saying, “I am not used to bringing children up.” She should not marry. When she gets used to it, when her maternal feeling is developed, just then she should have a child. Children without a mother remain uneducated. Now you will provide arguments. Someone says, “It is possible to have the egg hatched without a hen.” It is possible, but anyway the eggs hatched without a hen, what hens will they be? If the people make so that they hatch some eggs, they will be strange hens. The hen can hatch the egg that it has laid; it will have the character of its mother. You have to take almost the same characteristics that the hen takes. The hen is very erudite, it has great love. It constantly turns the egg so that it can be hatched.

Now the application: lets take a thought. If you bear a thought and leave it for the others to bring it up [nourish it] don’t you play the role of the mother who had given birth to a child and has given him/her to other people for bringing up. You bear a thought and say “Let other people bring it up.” You say, “I don’t have time”. If you do not have time, do not give birth to it. I say: this is not a law, but those of you, who want to be healthy, who want to be happy, you have to learn. Happiness and health will never come at random. The ill father cannot give health to his son. The ill mother cannot give health to her daughter. The healthy father gives health to his son and the healthy mother gives health to her daughter. These are laws. So, I say: if your mind in the particular case is not sound [healthy], how will it bear a good thought? If it is not harmonious, if it is not arranged, how will you create a thought? If the heart is not calm, you worry; you cannot bear a good feeling. If the will is not educated, the deeds cannot be born.

So, I say that the first thing in life that you have to observe as a rule - some people observe it well – is when you travel to give way first. Give way even to an ant. There comes someone, he goes around. Give way to everybody if you want to be much of a success. Now everybody goes in the straight way, saving his time. The Englishmen say: Time is money. The walk in straight line. To earn more time, to have more money. Then the Englishmen say: Straight to the goal. For example the heads of some of you have turned gray. Lets suppose that I tell you how to make your hair [heads] black. First you have to try to make one hair black, as I have made the hairs of the eyebrows black. I have made attempts to dye them. It doesn’t take much effort to dye my whole hair, but I don’t want. Dye a hair. You say that you have will. If you cannot dye one hair, what will do you have? It is art. You have to learn the art of painting, to dye one hair. In the future you can dye the clothes, to make them black. Now you send your clothes for cleaning. In the future just for a few minutes when you start the electricity of your head, the clothes will be immediately clean. There will be no stains. Everything will be clean. I am talking about things that will come after thousand of years. You can dye a hair. Look for it to the left, to the right, you take it and you separate it from the others to dye it. Cover it with black ink, always look at it in the mirror. Send a thought, say “you will get black”. If the hair becomes black, you have leant the language. If you can convey your thought to the hair to become black, this is a great achievement. 360 days, 360 hairs. Ten years by 360 makes three thousand hairs. This is a great achievement. For 120 years you will hardly dye your head.

Let’s leave this aside and come to the real. He thought is powerful, the feelings are powerful and the deeds are powerful when we understand the principles, when we understand the laws that work in nature and the facts that work. Then you can achieve this like a fiddler. It will not come at once. This is an external matter. First the man must clean his thought. The thought must be leaned. The feelings of the man must be cleaned and the deeds must be cleaned. You have to start with this in order to clean your thought. How will you clean it? Just when you decide to clean your thought, but in the particular case you call only homogeneous [similar] thoughts. You think about a hoarse, about a donkey, a bout a little bug, you mix all this inside, you cannot clean your thought. If you think only about a horse, your thought will never be clean. If you think only about little bugs, you cannot clean your thought. If you think about a frog, you cannot clean your thought. If you think about fish, your thought cannot be cleaned, too. How must be the cleaning of a thought started? You have to clean the eye in the thought. The eye must be cleaned. A man whose eye is not clean cannot be clean. A man, whose ear is not developed to listen well, his heart cannot be clean. If you do not understand the sound, the heart cannot be clean. If when you take the food and you cannot distinguish those fine vibrations of that food, that when it goes in the stomach it won’t make it suffer, you cannot understand the truth. Some people talk about truth. The truth is to start to get cleaned through the mouth. You can start cleaning through the ear. But you cannot find the truth through the ear. Truth is real. Eating is the most real thing. When a man eats, he is satisfied. How will you sit down? You will look unhappy with the food, you will tremble, how will you look at it, you will spoil the whole eating. When you eat you must have a sacred thrill that something good will go in, whish is sent by God, you will forget everything around. You will look at everybody lovingly. Not somebody to pass by and take your food. Nobody can take you the food that you love. They can take the food that you do not like. The children that are not loved by their mothers are given for adoption, but the children they love, they are not given. Out thoughts that we don’t love, we send them. I say one essential rule. I see you gather here every evening to pray. You gather in a way that is not right. This is not the way to make a prayer. Why do you gather? To pray? If the thought in your prayers is not clean, what is this prayer? Then, monotony is not at least useful. You constantly read one and the same prayers. You repeat one and the same thing again and again. This is a crime. Good things are not repeated. Love is not repeated. In love everything happens once. It can happen again, but it will never be in the same way. Then you lie to yourselves. You can love only once, the second time you cannot love in the same way, you will love in a different way. The first way is gone; if you think that in years you will love, it is gone. I know these things. Once when you love, it must be properly. You love, because it happens once. When you love, it happens only once. I love it. Today in the particular case what you think for the second time, it will not repeat. Therefore we should not be not serious, but to put all our love in what we do.

Now sometimes some people say that a person has got ill. I say, I am glad that this person has got ill. Another person has recovered his health. I am glad that he is better. Do you think that when a man gets ill, this is bad? After getting ill, the man becomes softer, kinder, there is more light. Diseases are a preparation, not to get constantly ill. I understand to get ill just once. You cannot be ill twice in the same way. When the fever gets you, you tremble once, you cannot tremble again even if you want. They say, it is all trembling. There is a difference in trembling. If you read, the fever continues for a certain time. The second time it does not have the same duration, it is different. With some fever your teeth are chattering. There is another fiery fever that catches you in its fire. Which is better – the trembling or the fiery fever? The fever is an auto-da-fe of much filth. First when we come we have to purify the blood physiologically. You cannot purify your blood if you do not have a pure [clean] thought, pure feelings and pure deeds. If you do not learn the law of pure thoughts so that when breathing to apply the way for purifying the blood. If you purify your blood you will get rid of thousands diseases that are due to impure blood. Thousands of diseases are due to umpire food. Sometimes you take a fruit and are too lazy to go and wash it well. It is not bad, it is not a sin, but you form a habit, you bring filth into your stomach, which settle down. Ten or fifteen years in this way the impure food created impure blood. The impure blood creates thousands of diseases, indisposition, you look darkly, you are a pessimist, you are indolent. When a man is indolent, again it is due to his blood. A man with pure blood is always lively. If you lose your liveliness, your blood is impure. The pure thought, the pure feelings and the pure deeds are dynamic; they give lively spirits, they give youth.

So I say, therefore the Divine schools are formed, to teach people how to live and to use life. You live for 30-40 years, to live, as it should be, to use all goods. Sometimes you live for 40-50 years and you cannot use the Divine goods properly. Then you come and think that you will die, that you will go to the other world. A man to die once, so that he does not want to die again. When dying first your desire to eat is cut off, you are not willing to eat any more. Then your desire to breathe will be cut off, you will start breathing less air. You take less food, there is a reduction. Today something is cut, tomorrow something else is cut and one day you find yourself in restriction. God has created man to eat and to eat with love. He must think and must think with love, to feel with love and to act with love. This sacred fire must be the reason that stimulates the man. It is not an easy thing for a man to learn.

Now all this that we are talking about will not come at once. What am I talking about needs at least ten years two hours per day, two hours is little, three hours are necessary to fix your consciousness. The Hindu people have methods, some of which are antiquated; he would fix somewhere under his nose, but he will choose it immediately. When the man who is used to think well goes through his thought, he stops on the object that he loves. Therefore, the object you love always fixes your look. The other one fixes the place. Fixing does not at the least show love of free choice. You watch somebody. You look at a man immediately to find what is the good in him, immediately to find the good in his eyes, to find the good in his mouth, to find the good in his ears, to find the good in his hair or to find the good in his hands. In every person there is something to look at. Now some people sit and think about Saint Nicolas. What is Saint Nicolas? Where from do you know about him? Saint Nicolas has passed ten times by a man and he has fixed his thought on him. Or somebody has fixed the thought on Christ two thousand years ago. If you decide to think about Christ two thousand years ago, this is a hopeless case. What was Christ like before we do not know? Now what is Christ like? You are somewhere in a big misfortune and someone helps you; you are surprised, it is Christ Who helps you. I have not met a person like him; he looked at me and helped me. He says, It can happen. When Christ is gone, then do you know what he is like? As long as he is with you, you say “It might be him, but it might not be him.” When Christ was with the Jews there was hesitation. Two thousand years later the Jews cannot be convinced that it is Him. They say, “It is not the one that we expect”. Now you are very clever. Imagine that I have three balls, one of them is full of gold, a little ball full of golden coins, the other one is full of silver coins and the third one is full of copper coins. Do they weigh equal? Those who are a bit more educated will see that the gold weighs more. He says, “I choose the heavier because I am strong and can lift heavy things.” Another one will come and choose the silver ball from the two. When the third man comes, he has no choice. The one who takes the gold has a choice; he chooses among the three balls. The one who chooses the silver also has a choice among the two balls. Who chooses the copper has no choice. Now we all think in the following way; what is left is for me. Do not eat what is left. A man who wants to make a character in himself must drink from the first batch of wine. What is in Bulgarian the word for grape juice? Is there any other word? You take grapes, take from the best. You look for cheap grapes. Take less, take half a kilo, or quarter a kilo, but take good one. You would take cheaper. When a man works on himself it is the little things that are blessed, not the big ones.

Now, for the next time everyone of you write a word, not a sentence. Write a word that you understand and love. We will make a try. You will see what we will do. Let’s see how many people of you will write the word. Some will come and will not write anything. Let’s see how many will write out of love. Some will postpone it, they cannot find a word. Those who find the word, write it on a square piece of paper, put your name below, write the first name, for example Stoyan, not the nick name. If you write it well, you will have luck throughout the whole year. If you do not write, you will not be much of a success. Now you should not write out of fear. If you postpone it for a second time, or for the third time you say, “This is not for me”. This is what can happen. If you do not write the word, during the year your pants will be worn out ten times, some of you will have their dresses worn out, your shoes will be worn out, your hats will be worn out. I have been to the mountain; as I warmed my hands at the fire the fire got to love me; I saw a spark had lit and burnt my sleeve. When I saw it I thanked that love was very little. If this love were greater, the burnt area would be bigger.

In other words, if you are hesitating, you’d not try at all. Do not commit yourself to saying, “This is not for me.” Do not start anything. If you start it at the beginning, do it. If you do not want to commit, you do not finish it. Often you begin the Divine things and you do not finish them. Write a word that you love. When you find the word, write it. Then you will take them back and put them in the paper-case. I will give them back to you. I will read them and will give them back. You will carry the piece of paper in your pockets throughout the whole year. You can leave it as a heritage. The little things that we have around us are the means through which God’s blessings come. The blessings come through our eyes, through our ears, through our hands, through our mouth, through our legs. God’s blessing comes through your readiness always to do a favour. In the angel’s world an order is never given. Everybody perceives and is quick-witted, understands God’s thought and applies it. One day we can feel and understand God’s thoughts and apply them. It is God’s blessing. When it is necessary to convince somebody, the job is not so productive. May be the second time I can show you. There are people who write calligraphy; there are people who write in a refined style. There are few people who write calligraphically. There are people who can write better than the printed letters. These things are necessary because we have a kind of discord, a kind of disorder. If we do not take measures, many of you suffer from the bombs: things are repeated. You remember this, you remember that. Sometimes these reflections are more dangerous. I have given the following example. One evening a drunken man passed over a precipice in the darkness. In the morning when he went to see where he had passed drunken without falling down, his hair got gray. When passing drunken his hair did not get gray, but when he passed on the next morning and saw the precipice, his hair got white. The impressions that we repeat later have an awful influence. We have to get rid of them. Do not go to see, even if they give you money, do not go to see.

There is no use in asking what I have been in the past like. Leave the past. It is important what you are now. I would show the past to some people, to see their past not as their past, but as not their past. They do not have to know. When they see their life not to recognize it. To say, “This man has lived well.” Nature never reveals to us. It does not reveal both the good and the bad things as ours. If we know that we are the reason, we can be very sad. If we know that that is us, we can be very happy. The great sorrow and the great joy are incompatible on earth. Today you feel great joy and great sorrow, tomorrow you feel great joy and great sorrow, plus and minis get neutralized [nullified]. Everything is eaten up and drunk up, there is nothing left for later.

God’s Love brings the full abundant life. (Three times.)



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