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The Weak and the Strong

XIV lecture, held on 29th October, 1944, Sunday 10:00 a.m., Sunset - Sofia

The Lord’s prayer.

„It was the Speech at the beginning“.

I will read Chapter 15 from Joan’s Gospel. It is a small part of a big lecture of Christ. It is not even a summary. When you read this chapter, you have to read it often in order to connect it to the whole lecture. This is just one window and we have to move to different windows in order to see the whole lecture. The man on earth does not have only one-two eyes. (The Master read the specified chapter).

„The Spirit of God”.

The shortest sentence that contains the sense of life and that we can translate into Bulgaria is the following: There are only two people in the world, they are the strong and the weak, the extremely strong and the extremely weak. You can ask how they come to terms [reach and agreement]. There is a law to which both of them serve. If the extremely big does not fulfill God’s law, he starts growing smaller and if the extremely small fulfills God’s law, he becomes bigger. If one of them when not observing God’s law gets smaller, the other one observing God’s law gets bigger. This is according to the law – there is a constitution. When you start getting smaller you have to know that your things are not according to God’s law. When the big starts becoming smaller, he has violated God’s law. When the small starts getting bigger, he has fulfilled God’s law.

In this lecture Christ says, I am the vine”. The man is a creature made of two living trees. The roots of one of the threes are in the brain and the branches grow downwards into the body. The other tree has its roots in the sympathetic system and its branches grow upward. Where they meet there are two types of fruits. One of the trees presents the extremely big, the other tree represents the extremely small. It is the heart. It is the very little man. This little man that fulfills God’s law, he gets bigger. The big man that does not observe God’s law becomes smaller. Because it is not in the size. It is a measure. Because everybody can become big and everybody can become small. If you regret that you are small, it is to blame yourself, you have not fulfilled God’s law. If you are happy that you are growing, you are getting bigger, you fulfill God’s law. These are the two laws here, on earth. The little never gets ill. Only the big people get ill and they suffer. They suffer for the only reason that they do not observe God’s law. It is not that they do not want to, but sometimes they become deities. The contemporary people say, “What is new?” everybody is interested what the next order will be. What will be the order? Till now people have been in an unhealthy condition, abnormal. First they must be cured form the invisible world to recover their health. From now on there will be doctors of the healthy people. Now when people say that an aristocrat has three servants, he is sick. They have bent over his bed, not to die. Now you want someone to serve you. You are a sick person. In the world only when a man serves out of love, it is a healthy state. Whatever other serving there is, whatever other belief there is, whatever other science there is, they are abnormal states of the human spirit. They say, “He is an erudite”. I want to know if he is normal, if he is healthy, is it out of the law of love.

Now I am talking about the love that gives life, in which life is born. You must have this in mind – what life comes from, it is love. This is the shortest definition of love. We say that love creates it. Life comes out of love because the Scripture says that love is the fruit of spirit. Someone of you may regret that you are not educated. In some respects I am happy that some people are ordinary and not educated, because sometimes it is better for a man to be ignorant, not to have time to do evil. In order the man to love, he must be educated. To have knowledge, he must be educated. To be free, he must be educated. Sometimes knowledge limits the man. Now, for example, sometimes somebody says, “I feel like that.” Feeling is not the same measure. You feel that you have will, but this hardly shows that you have will. You may feel that you are rich, but this hardly shows your wealth. After you lose your wealth don’t you feel that you have lost it? After you lose your knowledge, don’t you feel it? Someone says, “I am suffering”. He is a measure. Faith is independent of the human feelings. It is a conscious feeling. In the worst circumstances the man has stronger faith than when he has the best conditions. The ill person can have stronger faith than the healthy one. The healthy person may have a strong disposition inside, but this is another question. The ill person believes that he will get better, that the illness he has will pass away. Christ says that the people are sticks. He says that He represents the vine and we are the sticks on this vine. Therefore everybody must be well engrafted. He must take care of his graft. Because people on earth suffer, because illusions suffer. More than 20 years ago in Bulgaria the vines were overrun with phylloxera. And all the people had to engraft the local vine. The local vine was better than the one that was brought from America. They have brought the phylloxera with it. I say, “What does the phylloxera show?” why did the vineyards suffer from the phylloxera? The contemporary war, the contemporary hard-headedness of mankind, it is the phylloxera of the minds, of the souls of the people, of the hearts of the people. I make an analogy. In France the vines were exterminated, in Bulgaria too, everywhere where the phylloxera crept in, the war also crept in. There is a correlation between the man and the vine. When the vine is ill, people are ill, too. When the vines grow, people grow, too. I say, do not think that if a forest in a village has dried up, it is good for the villagers or for the people. When the trees of a nation get dry, it is not good for these people. There is some relation with them. When your leg begins to hurt, what does it show? First your leg begins to hurt, it shows that you have lost the base with respect to that basic life. You your leg may hurt somewhere, your eye may hurt, your arm may hurt, this shows that the base of life has been violated. What do we have to do? When a tradesman goes bankrupt what should be done? His friends who love him need to give him credit. Who goes bankrupt must be credited. The credit is the world is the love. Anyway, there must be someone to credit them, no matter if he is known or unknown. You have four or five friends, and they are the people who know you. May be you live on earth for the love of your unknown friends in the wide world.

Now some of you, who place themselves on the materialistic ground, say, “Here is life”. I agree that life is here, but every materialist must develop his eyesight to cover the entire earth, to see everywhere. To see America, Africa, Asia, Australia. To see how all the people live. This is life. He sees a small part and says, “This is life”. You see ten or twenty trees, is this the world? You see some ten bugs, is this the world? You see some ten cows, sheep, is this the world? What does world mean? The world is what we see. There are a lot of arguments if there is another world or not. You are in the other world, you are in this world, too. If you do not live well, it is only this world left, the not understood one. But if you live well there is also the other world. There are two worlds and when they come together, they form one world. One world cannot make two worlds. Two worlds can make one world. One world cannot be made of two worlds. You will say, “God is one”. I would like the contemporary philosophers to understand the only God in a different way. All creatures live in God. Everything lives in this one. Before you were born you had been in Him, as the wheat seed is in the barn of the farmer. He takes it out, plants it in the ground. The seed would say, “Now I have come”. Did the seed appear now? It has been in the barn of the farmer and he planted ii in the ground. We must not support who is on the right side. That grows is on the right side. The small one that grows bigger is on the right side. The ignorant, who educated himself, is on the right side. The erudite, who in his old years is stranded, who forgets, he is on the wrong side. The strong, who gets ill, is on the wrong side. The rich, who gets poor is on the wrong side. You are strange when some of you says, “I don’t want to give my wealth”. You do not understand what wealth is. For example, you have 20 thousand kilos of brass, it is a pretty big wealth to have 20 thousands kilos. You say, “Why do I have it, I do not need it”. You change it for gold. How many kilos will be the gold? Twenty thousand kilos, a whole caravan must carry it. When you change this wealth with gold, you can carry it yourself. People do not understand. Deny yourself of your stupidity. Deny yourself of your ignorance, deny yourself of your greediness. Deny yourself of your illness. Deny yourself of your cupidity. You eat more than you need.

In the past very bad educators have educated us and now we are badly educated. Only the musician, who can play and sing well, can teach the tone. Some people say that if he cannot sing, he can teach. Thanks for such a person who cannot play and sing to teach us. We are in this situation because of such professors. Someone says, “the pedagogue can teach without knowing.” No, no. The Turks say, “Even if you see it, do not believe”.

Now I don’t want you to fight only with your mistakes. Do not fight with the evil, do not fight with the ignorance, do not fight with the darkness. Why should you fight, where will you catch darkness? Where will you catch ignorance? Strike a match, make light. In this case this little light helps you in the darkness. Do not fight with hunger. Feed the hunger with little bread. Tell him a nice sweet word. You say, “Can it be without bread?” if we could live without bread, life would be ten times worse than now. I would say, God help those who does not eat. God help those who does not eat on earth, too. He dies. God help those who do not learn and accept God’s Speech. He dies, too. The man must feed himself with God’s Speech. God help those who do not feed the heart. Now we talk about two people who fall in love. They have fallen in love. Let them have enough. Now these two people cook each other. They both have starved. The order that God has created in the world, this is an order. What wakes up in your soul, it is from God. What is woken up by Him, it is real. Shadows are real but only in reality. Things are real only with love. Things are real only with God’s Wisdom. Things are real only with the Truth. The reality of truth is in the fact that it brings freedom. Wisdom is real because it brings knowledge. Love is real because it brings life. Only through life we know love. Through knowledge we know wisdom and through freedom we know the truth. A man who does not know the freedom cannot know the truth. Truth is more than freedom. Wisdom is more than knowledge. Love is more than life. We must be grateful for what manifests.

Now many people sit and say, “When we go to the other world, we will see it.” Your desire to go to the other world is good, but you can see the other world here, too. If you want, you will go in. When you go in the fear in your heart is at the border of the Divine world. When the personal feelings of offence, dignity appear, you are at the border of the Divine world. When cupidity appears you are at the border of the Divine world. When you make a step at this border, you will go into the Divine world; you will see that your fear must be outside, love must be inside. Since you have chased love outside and the fear is inside, you look for the Divine world. Tell the fear, “You must be a good servant, and love must be the master.”

There comes a new order in the world. What is the new order? Now you have a revolution, you have a new government. The Turks say, “Alkiust.” I will not translate it for you before I tell it to you. Till now you have learnt the good at school. The secondary school is over, the high school is over, the university is over. Now it is time for the graduation exam for a diploma. The evil does nothing. Now God sees that there is a deserving son, who has done everything. He says, “I will make you a master. I will make this wretch a servant.” The good says, “I have served you for so many years, I obeyed God’s law, now you have to obey. You will serve the same law. When you graduate high school and university we both will take hands and rule the world. Now the evil will come to serve the world. The good has served for so many years. It will not chase away the evil but it will also serve. Put aside the whip that you have to beat the evil, because evil should not be beaten.

I will tell you a joke as an example. There was a famous man, named Stoyan, in the Varna region. A Turkish man passed by and told him, “Stoyan, you are not worth anything, you have not any strength”. Stoyan answered, “You do not tell the truth, I will show you how much I am worth”. The Bulgarian took the Turk for the leg, lifted him up, put him down, lifted him up again, turned him with his head down, lifted him again. “Am I worth nothing?” He said, “Effendi, I’d been very strong, I was deluded. Wherever I go I will tell that there is the Divine in Stoyan. When he takes a man for the leg, he lifts him up with his head up and with his head down, he turns him on all sides”. If you do not have the strength of Stoyan, keep silent, do not bear the character of the Turk – you cannot do it in the good way in this world. Hello! Now Stoyan comes into the world. Those, who has worked is the good, he will take you, he will spin you round. The good comes to rule the world. Who does not believe in it, it will take him for the leg and will show him that the good is hidden in the Divine power that will fix the world. Now you should not worry how the world will be fixed. You are strange, you worry about mere trifles. When you peel the bark of a tree, nobody goes to heal it. The tree recovers its bark on its own. Sometimes even if the tree is cut, it grows up from beneath, it gets recovered. There are star-fish, which recover their tentacle, if it is torn off. In the Divine world there are no defects, since life easily corrects defects. Here in our world, where there is no love, there is one hesitation. We will think. You say, “His speech was not logical.” I ask you in order to convey [communicate] a language, with which word do you have to start? Where does nature start in the language? Nature starts with the conjunctions, it starts wit ‘and’. When a man loses his memory, he forgets the nouns, since they are recent works, then pronouns are lost, verbs and conjunctions remain, they do not get lost. When the man starts recovering his speech, he remembers the verbs. This is said by scientists, they have made observations. Finally the nouns are recovered. He cannot say ‘a man’, nut says, “That, which can walk”. He cannot say ‘a horse’, but says, “That, which can run”. If I have written a primer, I would start with the conjunctions “and”, “but”, “at”. Then I would continue with the verbs, and just then the adjectives, pronouns. The most powerful word in the language is the verb. Adjectives, nouns and pronouns are formed form the verb. Those who have created the language were rational beings, which had been on earth. Whatever people say, those who have created the language were clever people. They made a translation of the wide world to be understandable [clear] for the contemporary people in the circumstances they live. Where should a woman start from? Where should a man start from? The man must put the good as a base? Where should a woman start from? The woman must start from obedience. The ear is a female organ, it does not talk, it only perceives. Adam made this ear talk prematurely. This is the entire mistake. It was in place, did not talk, listened and transmitted well. He wanted the ear to talk to him. There is the imprudence of man; he wants to have a wife, to have children. What will he do when he has children? To have children, who to look like him, to be rational beings, I mean to be honest and just. A man who has a son to kill people, who has a daughter to lie and kill, is it a daughter? For a future: Blessed are those who do not kill. Now they write: Blessed are those who kill. Bulgarians say; “It cannot be if we do not fight”. The Bulgarian was a great hero, to show heroism in declaring political war to England and the United States. These people do not stick at nothing [do not wait], they came with airplanes, with bombs; the Bulgarians hid like rabbits. They wrote in the newspapers that the spirit was strong. The spirit was strong to go in the basement to hide. What happened? Sofia was hardly hit, we came to our senses [we learned a lesson].

Be careful for the bombs not to come onto your heart and onto your soul. What will happen then? We must not contradict to God’s law in the world. Now I like it that the church is separated form the state and they do not read the prayers they used to read. A prayer without love is not a prayer. It is a crime. Faith without love is not faith. Hope without love is not hope. Follow the law, the only law: where everything is done with love, the man is blessed.

So I say, Now I am talking to you about the Fatherland front. What do they say above? As far as the Fatherland front has fulfilled the Fatherland front above, God will bless. Think to pass with that. He says, become a partner with the devil just to pass the bridge. Do not become any partner. He has got bankrupt. He will become a servant, he has no money. I will give you that example. There is one of the old occultists. He presented the devil in the contemporary time, he got discouraged that the students whom he has taught do not listen to him. Whatever he says, they do not listen to him. Everybody took care of their own interest. He says, “I gave my knowledge, but they all took my strength and left me alone, nobody respects me.” He went to a place in the mountain, thought deeply what decision to make. At the same time two snakes climbed in the mountain and stuck into his chest, he had pains inside and did not feel them. He saw Christ in the distance and started nodding his head, saying, “You come late, two thousand years ago I could give you these kingdoms on earth, now they do not listen to me, too.” Christ said to him, “I do not want you to give me these kingdoms. I come to give you a friendly piece of advice. You are very clever, the world does not respect you. Turn to serving God, not to love him, but to serve him. You have a future, because you will serve. When they say tat he is sent to the eternal fire, I see that he sends him to be God’s servant. He should do what he is told to, to serve the children, the bugs, the plants, to serve everybody everywhere, not to kill anybody. You know what a torture it is for a supercilious spirit that has ruled the world to serve.

No I do not want to talk to you, to convince you. If you are of those who do not understand, your destiny is written, you will be servants. If you have served without love till now, you will be servants. This is done. If you bring love, you will be placed to be masters. Do not lie to yourselves. As far as the people carry you on their backs, you are not a strong man. Everybody can take your joy. You are pleased. Some years ago I went on a trip to the Vitosha mountain. A father had his six-year old girl with him. The girl walked with her father, but since she had not done this before, her legs got tired. The girl did not feel very well. Her father took her on his shoulder, carried her. She felt better and started talking. The father carried her for a kilometer, but he got tired and put her on the ground. The father became merry, the child did not feel well. I say, “the mistake is that the father carried his child; since he had taken her with him, he would carry her and put her down.” He would not carry her to the top. I did not tell him anything, I watched him carrying her, then putting her on the ground to walk. The other people murmured why he had taken the child with him, to carry her on his back, but to give her a spanking. There is no use to give her a spanking. The mistake was in us that we walked fast, the child is not a tripper. We had to slow twice our pace and the things would settle. This brother took the child up. She was up on his shoulders, then down, again up and then down; he was merry, then she was merry, now he was merry, now she was merry – they climbed up the mountain. I say, “If you carry the old life, you will put it down sometimes, you will miss it.” You want to forget the old life. As far as he is not a master, but you can carry it, you will stand it for a while. Something will come out from the old life. The old will get younger, the young will get older. You say, “Let’s get rid of that evil”. There must be understanding. It only must be applied. Love must be put to reconcile the bad with the good. For the sake of love the bad and the good begin to serve us.

Jesus says, “I am the vine - you are the sticks”. So, as a stick from this vine, it depends on the vine. If you live with love, the saps of that vine will flow into you. If you do not live as you should, then this stick is cut off. So, I say, “In our present life we have created unnecessary difficulties to us.” Sometimes you want to get married. I find it very good, there is nothing better than marriage when it is done with love. But there is no bigger hell than marriage when there is no love. The maid wants to get married; she wants a handsome and rich man, who talks nice. She has not leaned to serve yet. She must understand his soul, to be ready to answer, to know his mind, to know his heart, to know his soul, his spirit, to know how to act. She says, “How gentle was he before, and now you have become rude.” The lad says, “How kind she was before, what letter you used to write, how rude is she now.” I have give many people the following piece of advice. A woman, who wants to leave her husband, comes. I say, “If you leave him you will be taken to the other world. If you endure to serve him, God will bless you and will keep you to the end.”

You will listen to one of the two things. As the good has served for so many years, now the bad will serve, too. I do not talk about imaginary things. Here great creatures have come down and have suffered. Why does Christ suffer, what does he suffer from? Couldn’t he cripple all his enemies, to make their arms and legs dry? If we want, everybody who has insulted us to disappear. You bump into a tree, let it get dry; you bump in a stone, you curse it to get ruined. You wet yourself in water, you say something bad, to get dried. What will happen? The greatness of the world is in two things on earth: that who can endure with love, not without love, to have knowledge and to be free. Never marry a man who does not love you. Make a rule for the lad. Yesterday a little child of four or five came in the filed and said, “I want to be a student”. He kissed my hand. I looked at him, he wants to be a student. He looked at me and said, “Don’t you like me? May I become a student?” I did not answer him anything. What he says, it will happen. When he says this, the thought that he bears will happen when he becomes adult. You can be great if you have love. Without love it cannot be. It is the easiest way in the world. If you do not have love, find a man who has love. When you have no fire, you go to the neighbour, who has a stove. If you have no love to warm your heart, visit someone; if someone else does not have any, he should visit you.

So I say, “In love you must know, it is not given. Love has two sources. It comes from the sympathetic system, above it transmits as a radio. Or it is transmitted form the brain. This love from above and from below must meet. Where they cross, there life is formed. Now I will tell you that always when the streams of the sympathetic systems of a man and a woman do not cross in one focus, they remain childless. When the currents cross, they have children. The better the focus, the better the children. The worse the focus, the worse the children. A whole school is necessary. You think that it is easy to write a love letter. I can write one, too. I can write very nice letters. How nice things I write about religion. But religion is a law of love, of serving God, serving of the fellow-man, of little bugs, of trees. It not only does not give, but there are plants and trees, which it has to favour. Sometimes you walk, you bump into a stone. You should not kick it. A good attitude is necessary. All bodies that exist are alive and we must have a reasonable attitude. We consider close our brothers and sisters, the Bulgarians; we consider the other people strangers. This is in place, but the Fatherland front above and the Fatherland front of the sixth race take the whole mankind. The law of the sixth race is Love. So, I say, “Do you know what the advantages of the sixth race will be?” if you understand, when a young woman wants to be beautiful, she does not know that beauty brings great misfortune. The ugliness of the physical world brings greater goods than beauty. Everyone wants to have possession of the beauty, to take it. Everybody rejects ugliness. The beautiful person is not free. Take a minister, how many people will come. Take a doctor, 20, 30, 40, 50 ill people may come. All doctors run as scalded. He just measures the pulse, looked at the eye and says, “Go home.” There are creatures that must be cured. I am telling you, “The spiritual science or the law of love must teach us how the relations between us are formed.” You pass by and see a person with his defects. These defects that he bears are not his. A Bulgarian, who was in Boston, told me this story: “I saw an European king walking in the main streets. The Americans passed by and nobody paid attention to him. I wondered, they were cold people, how did they pass just like that? He was a man two meters high. When he passed I saw his whole back was written with announcements. In the front he was a king, at the back there were announcements and the Americans looked only at his back; they did not look at his face, but they looked at his back. I turned and watched his back.” We, the contemporary people watch the backs of our kings for the announcements they carry. The man is his face. All these past kings and tsars, they all carried announcements of their backs. Whoever passed by to turn and watch their backs. God has not created us to be tsars and kings and ministers. This is an honourable service. You will serve, you will get dismissed. An artist plays the role of a king or a judge on the scene. When he goes out of the theatre, he is a man again.

The great good that God has put into the man, the great good that the man has put into his soul, that was given to him, the mind that He gave the man, these are the greatest goods, which God has put into him. He must be distinguished. The heart must have fruits, the soul must have fruits, the soul must have fruits. In our garden of spirit we must have fruits. Angels come down to see whether there are fruits in the garden of our mind, of our heart, of our soul. Now we are waiting to go to the other world. There you will undergo great disappointment. You will look like the American, a millionaire, who moved to the other world. He went to Saint Peter and said, “I want to go to God. I have made a lot of good things. I have built churches, schools, roads, railways, factories, houses for widows.” Peter said, “Did the newspapers write about this?” – “They wrote, the people to know about this.” St. Peter said, “You are paid. Look if you have done anything, about which the newspapers had not written”. The American started remembering and it came to his mind that once, when he went to his office a widow asked him and he gave her a dollar. He said, “Once I gave a dollar and I did not consider it important, it was not written in the newspapers.” St. Peter said, “For this we can go to God”. They told God about this. God said, “Give him two dollars and let him go back to earth. With one dollar it is not enough.” With churches and schools, too; they are nice things for the people. What we create inside us, what remains as a quality of our mind, what remains as a quality of our heart, what remains as a quality of our soul, these are things that a man needs for the future.

If now you were of the sixth race and I tell one of you to stand up and sing, he would sing and all of you would be pleased. Now how many people can stand and all of you be pleased? Somebody can play, but you know how difficult it is to satisfy the contemporary people. When a man is playing, he must be a virtuoso in order the people to be pleased. There is one school, all of you can learn. The love that does not make the man sing is not love. The first thing, when the child loves his mother, he sings. When the young maid falls in love, she sings. When she gets disappointed, she stops singing. Love brings singing. Now you will tell me, “Do not talk about these things, we are already married, we have children. What would you talk about love, it is a shame to get married for a second time. I take marrying as a service. I may have served a master. I go to another master to serve. Where we serve with love, this is the place. When I find that master I am pleased and he is pleased with me. The other one are tries. You are constantly complaining that you are blackmailed, you are not appreciated, you cannot rest, you cannot take a breath, you are tired. Some time ago there was a man called Tseko, who went to the other world to have some rest. Whoever came, he made Tseko do him favours. Tseko, do this, and he did, nobody repaid him. There comes a difficult job. Let Tseko come. Tseko did it, they said, “Thank you.” Tseko looked again. This one did not pay him, the other one did not pay him, I watch him writing poems. First they laughed at him that he was stupid. Someone has to pay him, he wrote a poem. Tseko became a poet. This one did not pay him, Tseko wrote poetry, another one did not pay him, he wrote poetry. Finally before he went to the other world, that poetry remained. He fell in love with a young woman who had married and was childless; he was tempted. It was written in the love letter that “in order not to make a sin with you, I will go to the other world”. I say, “Tseko escaped into the other world in order not to commit a sin.” I praise Tseko. It is a fact, the letter is a good poetry. What do some people recommend us? Dignity. What is dignity in the world? I preach to you, but it depends what I think. The purity of my though is important. I watch you, what does the beauty of a look lie in? If I give something in the look or not. This is not the question. When I look at the people I see how great things God has put into the most ignorant people. I say, “What future do these people have?” When I look, I say, “You have good future.” So, I am telling you, too, “You have good future.” The old have good future, the young have good future, the hot-tempered have good future, the cowardly have good future. (An airplane passed by and made big noise) It is one, and if they were twenty?

Enjoy the goods that God has put everywhere. Enjoy the stones, the precious stones, the plain stones, enjoy everything because these things grow. Enjoy the little bugs, enjoy everything that surrounds you. Finally enjoy those who insult you. A fiddler is playing the fiddle. The fiddle is intelligent, it is not dead. The fiddle stands the rubbing out of love. Some fiddlers play gently, other play rudely. The fiddle produces the best tones.

So, I say, “When a great creature comes to play, a pleasant feeling is formed – while he is playing with his hand, you are out of spirit, but when a year or two pass, you will get used to it and you will start feeling the music.” The Scripts says, “everything that happens to those who love God, everything will turn for the good.” Be pleased with your bad husband. Be pleased with your bad son. Be pleased with your bad daughter. Be pleased with your bad servant. This is the negative side. Be pleased twice with your good husband. Be pleased twice with your good wife. Be pleased with your good son, to your good daughter, to your good servant. These things are very difficult. Without love you cannot serve. How is it possible for a man to live without air? Then it is impossible to serve God without love. If there is no air a man cannot stand a minute, he suffocates. One of the most important functions is breathing. I don’t want you to be very good; you will be unhappy. Anyway, there must be some seasoning. Only sweet is too much. Sometimes the bread is humid and gets mouldy, the rusk endures, it is a bit hard, but it endures.

I tell you, “Look for the love with the only thought to become healthy. Your health depends on understanding and serving to love. Your spiritual life depends on understanding of love. Your mental life depends on understanding of love. Your heart life depends on the realization of love. Material goods depend on love. You hurry in the things. Do not want the goods of the other people Moses, who has written this law, says, “Do not want the property of your fellow-mate. What God has given to you, it is your right. If someone is rich, be pleased that he is rich. If someone has a house, be pleased. If you do not have a house, be pleased. For some of you first you have to know how to make a house. For the future I would wish the houses to be made of glass at all sides. The whole house to be of glass. A house of glass would be very hygienic. To those of you who now don’t have houses I wish in the future to have glass houses and arranged in the best way. With how many rooms? At least five rooms. One for your beloved husband, one for your beloved wife, one for your son, one for your daughter and one for your beloved servant. Why do you get discouraged? I see various projects. You stay and say, “It is not worth living for a man.” It is not worth living with this understanding of life. If it is not worth, change it. If one place is not pleasant to you, change the place, go to another place. If at one place they do not love you, go to another place. Jesus says, “Go to another place.” When you go around the whole earth, you will find a place that God has given you. God has not sent you here. You have come here due to a certain karma law. You are still not for Bulgaria. Somebody is an Englishman, but he is still not an Englishman. He has karmatically dressed up. If you go to England you will see people, who are not for Englishmen. If you go to Germany, you will see people, who are not for Germany. There is a mixture of races. A woman of a lower race has thicker blood. Take a white man and a black woman. If the woman is black and the man is white and the woman is stronger, in the first generation a black child is born, in the second and third generation black children are born and just in the fourth generation a white child will be born. If the man is stronger, then the born child is white. He says, “How did that happen?”

Now I don’t want a discouragement to stay in you. Be pleased with the life that you have lived till now. From now on God has sent you and there are others that must be in the future. Now you have to wait on earth until you fill up with knowledge, with freedom, with love. When you have this support of the Divine world, you will go to work. Some of you will be artists, some of you will be musicians or pianists, or fiddlers, or guitarists, or harpists, or you will play some other instrument. Some of you will be singers, some will be altos, some sopranos, some tenors, some bassists. Not such bassists, not such altos. Not that the nowadays bassists and altos are bad. The bas is the base of singing. The soprano is at a higher level. The bass gives fruits. I say, the tenor shows how up the bass can go. The alt shows how low the soprano can go. How far can these goods go down? The alto for us is an element that remains undeveloped. There must be very good altos. In the soprano the tone must be clear, attractive. In the bass it must be capacious, warm. The bass has long waves, the soprano has short waves. All those who want to rule the world must be bassists. Those who must bring the nice world from the Divine world must be sopranos. Those who must show the way, in which to apply it must be tenors and must be altos. Now I suggest you to choose whether to be bassists or sopranos, or tenors or altos. In the future you would sing and serve God in the right way. Or serve Love in the right way.

„I can love“.

God’s Love brings the abundant and full life. (Three times.)



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