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The Call of The Little

X Gathering lecture, held on 24th September, 1944

In the village of Marchaevo, in the home of brother Temelko, 5:00 a.m.

Prayers according to the programme.

The contemporary world has become poor. The poorest that has ever existed on the earth, this is the contemporary world. The world needs justice. Our world is a world of injustice. Now we need justice. It is the external side of life to fulfil God’s will. The internal content can be expressed with the following verse „Always be faithful and true. In that God deigns“.

There are two sides of life: some people are beautiful, others are ugly. We become beautiful on our own, and we become ugly on our own. Every time when we fulfil the least order that we are given or the least impulse that comes in our mind, heart or soul, we draw the lines of beauty. The man becomes more beautiful, healthier when he fulfills God’s will. When he does not fulfill God’s will in the least, the man gets ugly. Therefore, ugliness is a sign of non-fulfillment of God’s will during the whole life. We need to become beautiful. As we are now, we cannot talk about beauty. When I look at the animals, I see how far behind they are. You say that the animals are very good. They are not good, not in the least. The biggest egotists in the world are the animals. Throw a little corn to the hens and you will see how noble they are. Give food to the animals and you will see that there is personal egotism in them. Each animal thinks only about itself. Now I do not want you to ask why it is so. Why is that so? – Because we have made it like that. In the world you see ugliness, not that God makes you see in that way. God makes you see what you are. You are what you see. The good person sees good things. The bad person sees the bad things. The ill person is occupied with his illness, the healthy person – with his health. The clever person is occupied with his mind, the stupid person – with his stupidity.

So, I say, the only ethics in the world that you have to start with is to start with justice. You have to be just. For example, how is a mother-bird distinguished? – By its justice. That it fulfills God’s will. The whole day she goes to look for food, brings it to her little birds and puts it into their mouths. When she brings them up and the birds can already fly, she does not put food into their mouths any more and says, “This is not my business.” The bird no longer puts food into the mouths of birds that can already fly. As you are still like children, this is why you are not just; the adult man is just. If you make a child go to work, he will not go, he will not obey. The mistake is in the mother. When the little child learns to fly, he must fly off. When his mother tells him to go to work, he has to fly off. We all have to fly off. Now you try to fly off. We still do not know how to fly. A man who is unjust is still in the nest. A man that is not just and true, he is still in the nest. When he learns these virtues, he leaves the nest.

I leave the question if you believe in Christ, if you believe in God. I ask the question: Are you in the nest? Then you will keep your place; you will wait for your mother. When she gives you food, you will draw back to give place for the others. This is where justice operates. Since you have some little brothers and sisters, you will make place for them. You will teach the lesson. The first lessons are taught by the mother and the father, how you have to start in the future. When you start like them, you will live. This is an extensive question. Justice has a very, very big application. If a man is a musician, in what lies the musical justice? He must know to sing every tone. He has to sing it right, not false. A lot of people can sing. But I, when talking about music, I understand something else. You have to sing the basic tone of a song, for example the tone „C“. What does „C“ mean? You have to sing it right and the relations between the other tones depend on that. Always when I sing the tone “C” in my mind lives the idea that I have to sow one seed. To sing „C“ means to sow a seed in the ground and to put one inch of earth over it and then you will sing. When you sing “C”, it shows that you must have done the sowing. You cannot sing if you have not sowed. After you sow it, you can sing the tone right. If you sing without having sowed something, the tone is false. The second tone that you have to sing is “D”. What does it mean? This seed has to grow out when you sing. If you sing the second tone “D” and nothing has grown out, it is false, you have not watered it. You have sowed it in dry ground, you have not watered it, the sun has not risen, it cannot grow. When the “D” starts growing – it is sung right. It has grown up, but it has to find the way. It is said, “I am the Path, the Truth and the Life”. When a plant grows up, it has to find its way. The way of the plant is always to the sun. The path of life, this is the tone “E”. You cannot find your path, if you cannot sing the tone “E’ right. And then the whole tree is formed. This is the tone „F“. The whole tree has developed. You have to sing these four tones right to form the plant in the right way. There are three more tones left, which show the internal state of the plant. A thought, a feeling can never bloom in you if you cannot sing the tone “G”. Music is a law. You cannot sing the tone “G” right if there is no love in your soul. You will dress in the best clothes, in the best thoughts, in the best feelings. There is no ugliness at all! The lips will not be thin, tightened, the hands will not be clenched in fists, you will not be bent, you will not shut your eyes, the eyes must be open, not like the eyes of an owl.

Now in life you make efforts and sometimes you find out that things do not go well. Whichever fiddler you choose, when you go to him, he will first teach you how to tune your fiddle. There is a relation between the four strings. They have certain laws. First is the basic tone “G”, then comes “D’, then “A” and “E”. You will tune them and there are certain rules, and you will play. This is the external side. You want to think. What is the basic tone of your thought? Or you want to make love. What is the basic tone of your feeling? Or you want to act right. What is the basic tone of your deed? You have to learn these things from now on.

First when you eat your tongue must not be injured, it has to be sound. There must be no blisters on the tongue. The tongue should not suffer from rheumatism. You sit to have food and you say, “This is not good, that is not good”. You eat a dish and you say, “This is not a dish”. When you sit to have food, you will have one dish only, in the morning one dish, at lunch one dish and in the evening one dish, three dishes for the day. At lunch you will not eat what you have for breakfast or for dinner. There must be a variety. There must be unity in every dish. The tongue must be just. Which is the just tongue? A tongue that does not suffer. When a debtor comes to you, when he has the money to pay, he does not suffer. The one, who has no money to pay, will start shrugging his shoulders, walk to and fro. I have seen sometimes when a teacher takes a student out to examine him. When the student does not know the lesson, he starts writhing about. The one, who knows his lesson, he is self-dependent, his thought is clear.

I meet a lot of students, who say, “I don’t know how to live”. When someone tells me he does not know how to live, I would take him to the pear and say, “Ask this pear how it has lived. It will give you a lesson.” Then imagine that I take you to the pear in wintertime. It will be very difficult for you to learn your lesson. It is cold and the pear does not teach lessons. This professor is extremely indisposed in wintertime. You have to wait a day, two days, three days or a month until it comes to his mind to teach you the lesson. What will happen with you: since I understand the law, I will take you to the pear when it is close to getting ripe. One or two days we will go to the pear, it will show you how you must live. You go to the pear, a nice ripe fruit has fallen down. I say, “Eat it”. What is the fruit like? – It is very nice, sweet. – You must be like the fruit, too. – This is the first lesson. You will be sweet as the pear. I say, “When we live well, this is the sweet life.” When we do not live well, this is the bitter life. What is bitterness? Sometimes the pear-tree gives bitter fruits. It has learnt from the people. Since the pear-trees have learnt from the angels, their fruits are sweet. All sweet fruits have learnt the lessons from the angels only. You can never be sweet, if you cannot think about the angels.

When the beauty of life approaches you, you have to be happy. Someone says, “Love the beautiful people.” This is the Divine good. Beauty in this sense brings health. When you get ill, you are not beautiful. When you get angry, you are not beautiful. Not getting angry, but also even if you are irritated by the least thing, you are not beautiful. The children often get angry that the dish is not full with food as that of the older brother. The little child wants to have his dish as full as that of his brother. Then if you fill the dish of the child as the dish of the brother, he has to eat everything like his brother and then to be ready to go to work like him. The one, who works a lot, eats a lot: who works little eats little. When the one who works little eats a lot, he commits a sin.

I have given the example about Adelina Pate, who goes to New York and wants to withdraw 25 000 dollars from the post office. She goes to take the money, she has no letter of recommendation, and she has no identification card, they say to her, “We cannot give you the money.” No one knows her. Then she stands up and starts singing. The cashier says, “This is Adelina Pate. Give her the money.” You will start the first song of love. When you go to the post office and they do not want to give you the money, you will sing a song of love. If they give you the money, you have sung well. If they do not give you the money, you will look for somebody outside to recommend you. As long as the people recommend us, we do not sing well. When the singing itself recommends us, we have sung well. Now in the new age everybody will recommend himself alone. With what? With his singing. Many of you know when the singing is right; when the singing is false, you have no flair. In music, when you feel that the tone is false, this is irritation, it is not musical understanding. When a man knows how to sing well, he will never let the others sing false. If ten people among you go somewhere, if you are clever, if you cannot sing well, do not sing. Listen to those who sing well. You have to learn. The one who sings well is a teacher, you will learn from him, whoever he is. In Bulgaria there are a lot of nightingales, they are the good singers who can teach the best lessons. In the morning they sing, they have nice trills. If in the morning the people listened to the nightingales singing, their lives would be better. When the nightingales sing, the Bulgarians sleep. They pay very little attention to the nightingales. They say, “The nightingales have nothing to do and sing.” The nightingale sings when he does the most serious work; the rest of the time he does not sing. When he has the best work, he is singing. In May when the nightingales sing they do the best work. Therefore, when the man does his best work, he must sing. I understand singing in the widest sense. A man who has a clear thought, he does not make mistakes. The man, who has a clear sinless feeling, he has a sinless thought. When the deed of a man is right, then he sings. A man, who thinks, he sings. A man, who feels well, he sings. A man, who acts well, he sings. If you are not satisfied with yourselves, this means that you do not sing. If you are given the best meal and after having eaten it you are not satisfied with the meal, the reason is in your stomach, or in your tongue, or in your body. If you are healthy and you are given good food, you will be merry and happy.

There is a funny joke from the time of the Turkish yoke. Some married Turkish women visited a Bulgarian mistress. Then the Bulgarians were under Turkish yoke. The mistress is like the contemporary mayoresses, it is not such a noble title. She had old wine and gave them to drink. When the Turkish women drank from the wine, they became merry and started dancing. When they went back home they told the bey that the mistress had given them to drink a liquid that makes people dance. The bey said, “Master, give me to taste that, which makes people dance. They gave the bey to drink old wine and after the bey got drunk, he said to the master, “I feel like shouting.” – Shout. “Master, I feel like dancing”. - Dance. He has tried the old wine. This that makes us speak well, that makes us dance well, this is the good wine. These are the good thought, the good feelings and the good deeds in life.

What is the thing that interests us? For example, you are interested what the news is. The contemporary world gets such a thrashing, that it has not learnt. There is thrashing all over the world. These teachers beat the people for not having learnt well. Someone has his leg broken, other has his head broken. Millions of people fight those who have not known how to sing, how to act. What is this due to? To those people, who rejected God’s Love and placed their law. They created the contemporary war. These are human laws, this is human personal egotism. We think that the world is created only for us, to be good for us. The world is a school, where the man has the right to use the things that are in the world, but he does not have the right to have them as his property. The sun cannot be property, to have a document for it. You cannot have a document for the stars. For the rivers, that flow, you cannot have a document that they are yours. For the seas, for the oceans you cannot have a document. They are common things that must be used. You are on the ocean, you cruise, what will be your condition? One day the ocean starts running high. I say, “The Ocean is running high”. If it does not, it will get crazy or it will die. In order not to die, the ocean rages. If you are in the ship, you would say, “Big waves!” The ocean danced like a Turkish bey. After he got drunk on sweet wine, he started dancing. When the sun warms him up, he calms down. He says, “He has got crazy”. In Bulgarian “crazy” means that he has not found his way.

A Bulgarian man went through the bushes and his clothes got ragged. If he had found a path, his clothes would be whole. We complain that life is bad. Sometimes we go among the bushes. Some years ago in the region of Varna two beggars from Bitolia went to a Bulgarian to beg. He was a hot-tempered man and when he saw them, he said, “Why don’t you go to work in the field, instead of walking around together.” – One of them had a rebec, and the other one was blind. The Bulgarian said, “Why are you leading this blind man around? Let me give you a lesson.” He lifted his stick and saw that the blind man left the rebec-player and ran away. The Bulgarian man went to the pub and said, “I made a blind man see again for the first time.” The hot-tempered Bulgarian, this is the suffering in the world that will make you see again. Someone has put wax on his eyes. When sufferings come, they will take off the wax from his eyes. You say, “I cannot do this, I cannot do that.” We can do anything on earth. By anything I understand that, for which the man is created. A fiddler plays all the difficult exercises, all the difficult songs. The aim of every fiddler is to play the most difficult, the best pieces.

So, I say, “You want to be beautiful.” Your hands, your legs cannot become beautiful, if you do not understand the law of hope. Or the law of the hope is to do the least kindness. The hope deals with the least things. If you do not deal with the little kindness, your legs cannot be beautiful, your hands cannot be beautiful and your face cannot be beautiful. You say, “He is an optimist”. In all optimistic people, hope is strongly developed; those who are not optimists, hope is weakly developed in them. To nourish the hope in yourself, you have to do the least good things in life, to which no one pays attention. I will give you an example. To show you how I understand the word hope. A rich millionaire in New York placed an announcement that he needs a cashier in the bank. Ten, twenty people came having letters of recommendation. The director of the bank said to everyone, “I will take you into consideration. A young and tidy man came in while he was entering he lifted a sheet of paper from the floor and put it aside. The others, who brought their letters of recommendation, had not seen the paper and did not lift it. The young man says, “I do not have any letters of recommendation.” – “You, said the director, have the best recommendation. In the world, if you lift a paper from the ground it is a better recommendation than to have the best letter of recommendation from somebody.”

I say, “What is better than to serve?” Is there anything more beautiful than to serve God? Not to be afraid of God. To serve God is the most beautiful thing that a man can do. I will give you the following example. What punishment is it if you are given a ticket to listen to some virtuoso, or some famous singer, who sings? Will you be afraid? You will be glad. When you go to God to serve, you will learn the best things that exist in the world. We cannot go to God if we do not think well, if we do not feel well, if we do not act well. The only thing, with which we can go to Him, is the beautiful thought that a man has, the beautiful feeling, and the beautiful deed. Or, said in other words: If you do not think with love, if you do not feel with love, if you do not act with love, you cannot go to God. You can go to everybody, but to God you cannot go. Therefore, love is a language of God. Every language has its alphabet. It must be learnt. Many years are needed to learn the alphabet of love. It has its own letters, it has its own reading book, it has its own grammar book, its own literature, its own poetry, music.

Now some people ask when the war will end. You want it to finish, some people want it to continue. Why do you want it to end? What is bad about the war? From the point of view of the Divine world the war is a music choir in which the people cannot sing, but fight.

Everybody hits the other on the head and says, “This is not the right way to sing, this is not the right way.” They fight. Everybody hits the other. No one can sing. The contemporary people are fighting in a choir. When the bandmaster comes, he will tell them to stop fighting and will give them the first lesson how they should sing. Do you think that he cannot make them keep silent? If the ground starts dancing and the people start bouncing 3-4 meters high in the air, how will they fight? Who will fight, tell me. If those who fight start bouncing in he air, wouldn’t they stop fighting? Let’s not come to this situation. God has all means to stop the war. Is there someone among you, who has not voted for the war? Is there a woman, who has not voted for the war? Is there a man, who has not voted for the war? Is there a child, who has not voted for the war? Is there a dog that has not voted for the war? Is there a tree that has not voted for the war? The dust, everybody has voted for the war. The war is nice, but for people to fight against each other, this is not a war. You say, “The good fights” there is good fighting. To free the prisoners, to give freedom to those, who have been tied up thousands of years. The things that are in disorder, they are imprisoned people. A man, who has waited for a nice word for thousands of years.

You say, “Let’s go and preach”. How is it right to preach Christ in a new way? What would you preach to an ill person? You say, “God will cure you”. When you go to the ill person what will you say, “God sent me to cure you”. You will say, “Brother, get up, come to work”. You will take him home, first you will offer him food. Then you will harness the horse to the cart, you will both get in and you will go to the field to work. This is a sermon. You will tell him, “I prayed for you. You will recover your health”. If it is only your praying, the man will never get well. Another preacher comes, he says, “I will cure you”. They cure for many years as the example we have in the Script. A man has been under treatment for 38 years. Christ came to him and said, “Get up, take your plank-bed.” I have been lying in bed for a long time. – “Take the plank-bed and get up! Go to work, do not remain in bed.” He will leave with the bed. He will always carry some luggage. Life cannot be without luggage, can it?

So, I say, the recommendation of the singer is his larynx. The recommendation of the fiddler is in his fiddle. The recommendation of the pianist is in his piano. The recommendation of the orator is in his language. The language of the good man is beautiful, he has knowledge how to speak. We must not do unnecessary things. We must know that the way we talk, the way the people talk, the way the people think, the way they feel and act, in that way the world will be organized. The way we think, in that way the plants grow. We can make a test. If you plant a tree, you love it, you water it, you think well about it, this tree will grow best. If your life is not harmonious, if your feelings are not harmonious, if your deeds are not harmonious, you will cripple that tree. Not only this, but there are Bulgarians who know, they say that a wolf would not attack the herd of a goose shepherd. A Bulgarian told me the following: I have been shepherding sheep for 30 years and no sheep have been eaten by a wolf. The wolves do not go to the good shepherd. If the shepherd is bad, the wolves and the bears take away sheep. Sometimes you get tempted. There are wolves that often come to your herd. The mistake is in you. You are ill, the reason is in you. You are a poor man, the reason is in you. You are stupid, the reason is in you, not in your father and your mother. They are secondary things.

This is the law: God made people in His own image. He showed them how to live. Then we distorted God’s law, we stopped living after the law of love and as a result we have the not understood life. In the world in general, people live well. Those, who do not live well, are now being punished. This war is for them. The first lessons are given to the citizens of Sofia. They did not believe that a man could deny himself for Christ’s teaching. How to leave his wealth? When this bombing came, didn’t they follow Christ’s teaching they all left their wealth? Everyone ran wherever he could. Christ’s teaching was applied. But this is a law of violence. With violence everybody fulfilled God’s will. There is no harmony there.

The first thing is that you all need attitude. I find that people do not have attitude. If a man meets a child on his way, he would not want to go around the child. The clever man goes round the children. When you walk, do not go in a straight line, go round and make way to everybody, both young and old. Do not wait for people to give way to you. We all suffer because we want others to give way to us. There we collide. Everybody must go round, to leave all the others to walk in their way; we will walk in a new way. The clever people take a new way, along which no one has walked yet. Then you will not collide. You say people are bad mannered, they do not know how to talk. Nobody makes you listen when someone is talking. Or now you get called up. When you are called up, become invisible. They come to your home, you are invisible. They take you to war, become invisible. Since you are visible, you are noble, everybody gets you and says, “Go to fight”. And you listen and fight.

You say, “I follow God’s path”. Can you walk along God’s path if God is not with you? It is impossible. Can you walk along the path of the sun if the sun has not risen? Can you walk on the earth if it is not organized? You say, “There must be a path”. What path do the birds have? What path does the light have? It comes from a distance of 150 millions kilometers from the sun to the earth. Who gives it a path? It makes its path alone, it goes along its path alone.

I say, if you accept love, you will enter into God’s world. If you go into a disorganized world with the love, this world will immediately change. God has not come to the earth yet, he is not there. He has not risen. We are still in darkness here. Christ came to the earth, He was a little star. He was caught and crucified. When God comes to earth, He is the sun that rises. Then which plants will fight against the sun? When the sun comes, it brings moisture, everything that is hidden in the ground will develop and grow up, give fruit. When the sun sets, everything will retreat. I say, you must be ready: the sun of life is rising. Every one of us must use it.

Sometimes you can cite what the Master has said. I want you all to sing well. You must sing the basic song. There is no softness in your language. You will put in it the basic tone. Which is the tone of softness? – „G“. I have spoken only about the four basic tones. When the sun starts shining on you, you will already fill as a cup. You have hardly reached the tone „F“. The Bulgarian sings “F” very well. He sings “F” for a plate, “F” - for fields, “F” - for a lot of wheat, “F” – for shoes. Of all tones the Bulgarian singes “F” best. He sings “F” right when he cries, too.

I say, now a new age is coming. I don’t want you to wait for Doomsday to come. Now there is doom. I don’t know a greater doom. It is Doomsday. War in the water, war on the earth, war in the air, everywhere war, suffocating gases. One thing remains: for the entire earth to catch on fire and for everything to burn. Let’s not wait for the Doomsday of burning. What will happen with us then? The ore will burn in the fire and the gold will come out.

We should not wait to provoke God as in the Old Testament. When God’s rage comes everybody will run from Sofia. You will go everywhere, in pillboxes, in bomb-shelters. When the bombs stop falling, you will go out. When God comes in the world, everything will turn into good. Now I see that God has started to talk to people. If God did not exist then the heads of thousands of our partisans who came down from the mountains would be cut off. He is with them and told them: It won’t happen!

The new teaching will bring order. You all are partisans. You will come down from the forest and your heads will not be cut off. You will say: It can be forgiven. When you come down you will not look for your enemies, you will forgive. The first thing: Forgive all people for the mistakes they make. Don’t take in account the mistakes of other people. This is not an easy thing. The law is: Always we faithful and true. This is the sense of life. Always be just, this is the external side of life. Now we have to sanctify the name of God with truth and justice. We have to call God to put order in the world. There is order in the world. Only justice can make the world a place for the people to live in; it is not possible without faithfulness and justice. The truth brings freedom. Every person, who is not free, he does not know truth. Every person, who is not faithful, his thought is not right.

You all want to be loved by other people. The pear tree is loved because of its pears. The cook is loved because of his good meals. The poet is loved because of his good poetry. The singer for good singing, the strong person – for his strength and that he can work. We want to be loved. Why do people have to love us? If they love you, it is bad, if they don’t love you, again it is bad. How should it be? Sometimes you say that someone goes too far with love. There is no such a thing as too much love. When you go to the water fountain and you fill up your pitcher, move away. Do not stay with your full pitcher at the water fountain. Fill up your pitcher and move aside.

Now you wait for the second Doomsday, Christ to come with the angels. Christ has already come all over Europe and the angels are moving everywhere. There is a verse that says, „When the Son comes, will he find faith?“ Will he find people’s hearts ready to accept love? Now they talk about war, how many people are killed and who will win. This is the external coming of Christ, the rage of God, which is pouring for the sake of justice that exists. If love does not come, how will this war stop, how will people realize that what they are doing is the greatest crime. There is no law to judge a nation when it is fighting. That they have killed a hundred, two hundred thousand, one million people. How many millions of people are killed in Russia? How many millions of people are killed in Germany, in England, everywhere?

We wait for God to put the world in order. If God puts the world in order and we are not in order, what shall we do? If Christ comes now, how will he find us? If Christ comes, as people believe, we will get a taste of the stick, heads will be cut. If the Christ of love comes, Who says, “Do not judge, so that you are not judged. You should love your enemies”, are we ready? Now we have to make room for God to reveal in us. If a housewife knows how to build up the fire, how to cook the meal, it is a shame to think how we must love. I watch someone come here and pick a pear. When you come with love, you will look at it, you will thank God, you will learn that this pear tree has given nice pears, it lives with love. You will say, “God, can you give me one of these nice pears, so that I can learn like it”. Then you will pick a pear and give thanks again. You will not fill your pockets with pears. This is the new way. I meet a person, I want to see what pears he has, what his look is. Light must glow in his eyes, soft light. When you meet a good man, he takes your suffering, you feel relieved, you feel joy in your soul, there is nothing to trouble you. You expect someone to come from outside to help you. It is good and he will come. But after someone helps us, we must also go and help. While a man is ill it is right for others to help him, but when he recovers, he must go and help, too. What I like most about singing is that when someone is singing, nobody asks if he is a king, if he is rich or poor, but it is important if he sings well.

There are three things that matter for us. We need people, who think well, who feel well, who act well in the full sense of the word. Or people, who have beautiful thoughts, beautiful feelings and beautiful deeds, or people who have no weakness. When you look at the people nowadays the nose is not in its place, the eyes are not in their place, the eyebrows are not in their place, the arms are not in their place. It is difficult to meet a beautiful person. You say: The future generation. The future generation comes from the present generation. You will become singers when you sing well. If you listen to the crows cawing, what singers will you be.

Everybody says that the world is bad. No, the human world, which the people have created, has weaknesses. God’s world is the one that lives in the air that we breathe, in the light that we perceive, in the water that we drink. Let’s thank God for the light that penetrates the human mind. Let’s thank God for the feelings that penetrate the heart. Let’s thank God for every deed, so that our life will be filled with gratitude for the great love that pours onto us every day.

We have read from Chapter 13 of the First epistle to the people from Khorint. When you study love, take the last place. The mistake is that when the people come to study love, they take the first place. You can never understand love if you do not take the last place. Two things in the world are important: the great big in the world and the great little in the world. God is in these two things. The great big comes down, it grows smaller. It cannot be big. In the great little the striving is upwards, it goes up. The great little strives at the great big and the great big strives at the great little. Now we live in the great little, but we strive toward God, and God strives toward us. God strives toward us to lift us. And how must the great little live? You all strive, you have such a striving toward God, you all want to be big, to rule the world. These are God’s deeds. For example a minister issues an order: This and that must be done. The minister issues an order to the teachers to do this and that. He cannot fulfill it, thousands and thousands of teachers must fulfill it. If these teachers are stupid what will happen? Thousands and thousands of teachers in the primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools have to know how to implement this order. Now God sends his thought, we have to know how to deliver it. If everybody only cites the order of a minister, this and that must be done, they are only citing. To me it looks like the following: You have to know, to write the notes. You are given a song, you rewrite it, and other people rewrite it. This is an order of the minister. It is rewritten. This song must be sung. Every teacher in place sings the song, the given order. We are talking about love. Whoever loves will sing the song, he will show the people where love is. There is a little hypocrisy in love. There is a little gluttony in love. Hypocrisy and gluttony are two extremes. A young maid closes her eyes, she does not want to reveal that she thinks a lot about others. She wants to show that she looks at nobody. And it is not like that. She looks at many lads, but tries to show that she looks only at him. It is not so, it is not true. A person in this case must have one thought. The maid must say, “I am for the most handsome lad. He is my sweetheart.” She says, “He can be ugly”. Then there is no ideal.

Love cannot manifest without an excellent thought. Love cannot manifest without an excellent feeling. Love cannot manifest without an excellent deed. Love cannot manifest without a healthy body. Love cannot manifest without a tender hand. For love, we must have excellent legs. When you go somewhere, there must not be any creak in the legs. When you go, you say, “My knee hurts.” When you go to serve God, there must be singing: your legs must sing, your toes must sing, your knees must sing. Your heart must sing, your lungs must sing. Music must be heard everywhere. A song for the performance of God’s Love must be heard from one end of the world to the other.

Now you say, “I have a headache”. This is one unorganized world. I say, “The new that comes in the world, it is in the voice.” The new that comes in the world, it is in the thought. The new that comes in the world, it is in the heart. The new that comes in the world, it is in our soul. Now everybody must listen to his mind, must listen to his heart, must listen to his soul and must listen to his spirit. This is the call, this is the language of God, who turns to us now.

(The motto.)

On 19th October (Thursday) 1944 Master Douno leaves the village of Marchaevo and comes back to Sofia at the sunrise.

(After Boyan Boev„Letters to the friends“ from 7th February 1951)



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