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The valuable thing

VIII Lecture, held by the Master on 27th August 1944, 6 a.m. in a meadow above the “Edelvais” hut.

„In the beginning there was the Word“.

91 Psalm.

The Prayer of the Kingdom.

The good prayer.

He read the lecture „The law of discontent“ from „The open forms“.

Life is a great drama, where all the people are actors. People ask what would happen with life. Nothing. The drama must be played very well. The actors play very well, everybody wins. Should anybody win in the drama? The one who has written the drama says, “It is written very well.” Now some people wait to see who will be a winner in the drama. There are no winners in the drama. Only the personages have to play their roles well, to be praised for what they have played. If a man is playing a role of love, must he be a winner? He must play his role well, to show what love is –life should be a winner. He must live, to show the best life. For whom is there a drama? Is there a drama for the dead or for the living? For the living, of course. There is no drama for the dead. It is for the living people. Drama means that the personage has been put to a test, he has to endure the test, to be a hero. To pass the test well, to show that he is a hero, and not to be weak.

Now the day is good, but we have one very weak gift. This wind is a drama. It is testing us. We feel like going back to the hut, to the warmth in the room. Here the hall is not heated.

What does the hungry man think about most? We can offer him a lot of things, but what is he interested in? – The bread. In each case man must be interested in what is most important in life. What is most important in life? The most important thing in life is Love. As you acquire love, so will all opportunities come about. As you lose love, so will all opportunities be lost. First, the man has to seek the most valuable thing in the world. The other things come alone. When he loses the most valuable, the other things do not come to him. The contemporary world has lost, it has separated from the most valuable, it is looking for life where there is no life. The way in which people live has caused them to lose the valuable thing, they do not serve love, they serve secondary things, where from all sufferings and contradictions come.

Now if the sun did not exist, what it would be like, what would happen? There would be such darkness and cold, which nobody could endure. When the sun comes the conditions get better. It is a law: When Love comes to the human soul, it makes things better.

Which is the highest peak here? (The peak of Silimitsa, it is lower than the peak of Ostrets.)



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