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VI Lecture, held by the Teacher on 25th August, 1944, 6:00 h. a.m., at the Ostrets peak in the Vitosha Mountain

91 Psalm.

The Prayer of the Kingdom.

„The Spirit of God“.

The Lord’s prayer.

I will read chapter 15 from Mathew.

You have various characters and sometimes when something is told to you, it is not understood in the same way by everyone. A rich man wants plenty of food, varied and cooked well. He does not like simple meals. I say, “In all convictions, in all philosophies of life, what is most important?” A silk thin piece of clothing for the wintertime is not in the least practical. It is excellent for the summer period, when the temperature is 30 degrees. It can also be low-necked and sleeveless. Even the animals that have a “low neck” in the warm places, hairs have grown on them in the cold conditions of life. The hairs on the head have grown out of necessity. The beard has grown out of necessity. Wherever the people do not have hair on their bodies, it shows the good conditions.

Sometimes you are occupied with very ordinary matters. For example you are interested if you go to study, how you will finish school. You finish the four years of primary school, then you finish three years at junior high school, then five years at secondary school, four years at university. The other people say, “He is an educated man. He knows much”. You see that as much as you study, there is still what to learn and you think what to do with the knowledge you have. You become more sensitive, more ambitious, you think that you are an educated man and the people have to treat you in a different way. Before, as an ordinary servant, you did what somebody had told you, another one told you to do something else and you did it. Now you say that not everybody can give you orders. So, we like giving orders but we do not like being given orders. What is better now: to be given orders or to give orders? If it is for good, it is best to give orders, but if it is for bad, this is the worst thing. Therefore, to give orders for the good, you have the right to do it. When you come to the evil, let yourself be ordered, you just listen. When you are given orders, go and do the good thing. You are masters of the good and the bad at the same time. Give orders to yourself to do good. When you love somebody and he comes to you, you say, “Here you are!” You do him a favour, you want to treat him. When you do not love somebody, you give orders to revile him, you tell him to leave. I ask which of these two masters is better. You say, “I don’t love this man”. It is so that you do not love him. In the future this man will be in a condition to love you. The man you do not love now, in the future you will need him to love you. The man you do not love now, will be nothing in the future. Now this seems to you a contradiction, how is it possible? Take a servant, his master gives him a salary of ten thousand levs, he does anything that his master orders, doesn’t he? What the master says, the servant fulfils his order. One day, when the master stops paying him, the servant does not listen to him. Besides the fact that he does not listen to him, the master would say, “He is a crotchety, he has eaten all my money, he is a blood-sucker”.

In the world you can never make good with money. As the people say that with money you can do anything, it is for the bad. With money you can commit a murder. You can get bribed to go and kill anybody. You all think that if you have money, you will do good. You lie to yourselves. With money all people become corrupt. Now you should understand the word corruption. Corruption comes when money comes. A man becomes corrupt when money becomes his master. Money is a weapon, a sword, which you are carrying. If you are a clever man, you will do good with it, you will cut firewood, if you are from the bad, you can kill somebody. I say, “It is written in the Scripture: „the man cannot serve two masters”, because in the world there is only one master. God has created the world. The second master has imposed himself alone. For example, it happens so that the father in a family passes away and the oldest brother takes the place of his father. He starts dealing with the other brothers as his father did. The father has given something; this brother has not, why on earth should he give orders. Now he will take the privilege as the father, saying, “You have to obey”. I say, “The first order that has come from God is valid.” The other orders are secondary. Now how will you distinguish God’s orders from the human ones? God’s orders never create a contradiction. Whatever you say, it happens, whatever you touch, it works. You turn on the switch and the light comes, you turn on the tap and the water runs, you turn on the switch and the bread comes. However, there is no power like that in the orders of people. You say a lot of things, but what is human always creates a division in the human soul, mind, and heart. Your mind is divided whether to do it or not, this is human. You think whether to insult him or not, this is human. You think whether you love him or not, this is a human deed. There is no law in love to tell you whether to love. If you think whether to love or not, this is human. There is no law for the light to light up. To tell the light or the lit candle to light up. When you lit up the candle, it knows how to glow.

Now you say, “Why don’t we have much success”. These are human matters; that is why we have no success. You say, “Why can’t I live with that man?” You have chosen a companion, who is not according to God’s rules, how do you expect to live well? You want to be a master and he wants to be a master, too. It is not possible to have two masters at the same place. Two positive poles repel each other, there is a contradiction. Do you know why there is a contradiction? Two people who love each other, both of them are hungry. They are given bread from two different places, one of them would go to one place, the other would go to the other place, and they will become separated. Two hungry people cannot love each other. Now I am talking to you about the fondness that builds. When I am talking, I do not mean the ordinary love. The love that you have is so ordinary, it exists in animals, it is everywhere. It is the last servant of God. What you are dealing with is the last love. There is nothing lower than it, you have clung to its coat-tails and you hold tight. And it is a dealer: it gives a little and takes a lot. Somebody tells me, “Do you know that I love you?” How do you love me? Now we say that we are fond of God, we love God. We love Him, because he has sent us on earth, how couldn’t we love Him. If suddenly he pushes you, he takes everything from you. Then we would say, “I will not serve God from now on.” If someone asks you the question “Why do you have to love a person?” You have to love him because he loves you. Somebody comes and tells me that he loves me a lot. Of course, he loves me, why shouldn’t he love me. He has come with an empty bag, he loves me and I have to fill up his bag. He wants to take from me, and he wants to convince me that he loves me. Instead of saying in the secular language “I have come to you to take wheat, and for you to fill up my bag”, he says, “You fill up my bag, I will fill up yours.” This is politics. When you fill the bag, when you see him, catch him. The fondness with the empty bag is at your expense. You think that when you love somebody, you give to him. The one you love, you always take from him. This is what you do not know. In fondness you also take, love manifests there later. You go to a rich man and you say, “I love you”. He understands the law, he fills up your bag with wheat. You go to his field, you plough it, you sow the wheat. The next year, when you reap it, you say, “Last year you gave me a bag of wheat. I had sown it and won, I take for me one bag and give you nine bags of wheat. This is love. The love you sow in the field, give nine bags of the fruit and for you keep one bag. Do not keep nine bags for yourself, this is love not understood from which the heads of the people have become white and hairless. You would expect your head to turn white from that love. And not only that, but what that man has in the world, he will lose it with this love.

Take the contemporary world. A law will impose you to go and fight for the country. You have to sacrifice everything. You father has gone to fight, he was killed. Your brother has gone to fight, he was killed. Your sister was a nurse, she was killed. What is this love? They say, “You have to die for your country when you love it. I say, “The new doctrine is different. We do not have to die for our country, but to live for our country, I do not want those who owe me something to die, but to live and pay their debts. After they die they eat me all over. When it becomes hard for you, you want to die. I always listen to: “I want to die.” Wait a little. When you are poor you want to die, but if you were rich would you want to die then? If there is no one to love you, you want to die, but if there is somebody who loves you, would you want to die? No. Why? Now I will talk about the illusions of the world. Certain creatures have come that have distorted the Divine law. There is a world of illusions that exists in you. You should always know that if a thought is divided in your mind, it is not right. If a feeling is divided in your mind, it is not right. If a deed is divided in your mind, it is not right. The divine in the human does not cast any shadow. There is a complete harmony, there is no discordance. To worry and be anxious is human. It is not bad. When you get angry, yoke your oxen together and go to plough, take your hoe and go to dig, or take two pitchers, go to the fountain and bring water. The energy must be set to work. If you are angry and bring two pitchers of water, the water brought in anger is sweeter. This is a theory, but you will try. Sometimes go and drink some water, it is a bit insipid. If you have brought the water in anger and you drink form it, it is sweeter. The farmers know that. When you fertilise a tree, you do not eat or drink the fertilizer, but by fertilizing the plant, it gives better fruits. When you pour muddy water to a plant, it gives better fruits. I say, it is not bad for a man to get angry. When anger comes, make it a servant, don’t leave it be a master. When doubt comes, do not chase it away. Just say, “I want a servant just like you”. Put it in place. When indolence comes, put it in place, too. Indolence is not bad, it gives rest to the man, to work a little. You will have a rest an hour or two, not to rest all your life, and you will become strong.

Now I will give you a rule. You say, “What to do with our bad life, what to do with our bad thoughts, with our bad desires”. What to do? I will tell you. I will give a solution to that question now. Bad thoughts have been masters in you till now and the good thoughts have been servants. Now change this and make the bad thoughts servants and make the good thoughts masters. Bad feelings have been masters in you and good feelings have been servants. Now make the bad feelings servants and the good feelings masters. Bad deeds have been masters in you till now and the good deeds have been servants. Now change the order. Do not chase them away, you should not chase anything away. Chasing away is not the way. When sorrow comes, do not chase it away. When joy comes, do not hold it up. Because if you chase away sorrow, if you chase away suffering, it does not go away. You say, “Why can’t I chase it away?” You have sorrow, you have suffering, you have cut your leg, you want it to go away. Does it go away? You have to serve it. You can serve that sorrow. In this case the sorrow has come to help you. The thing that cures that man is the sorrow. You have cut your leg, by bandaging the leg the sorrow causes you pain. You start reviling. When the suffering cures your leg, it goes away. Before the leg gets recovered, I will not move from here, says the sorrow. About the joy, you should not hold it up. When it comes, it climbs onto your back. The joy always climbs on the back. Since it brings a lot of food, it climbs on your shoulder and gives you sweets, apples, pears. You carry it, because it gives something. Let it go away. It tries to go away, you say, “Wait!” there are others climb on their shoulders and give them something. Let it go away. Let it stay on your shoulder as long as it wants, do not say anything. When it leaves, let it go. When the joy stays an hour or two, it spends all the apples, there is nothing left to give you any more. Let it go, to fill up its bag again. Therefore you should not hold up the joy. Do not tell it, “I cannot without you.”

Now these are the rules. You expect certain things from life. The mother cannot carry her child all her life. You cannot hold one thought in your mind all your life. This thought has to come out of you. You cannot have one feeling all your life. It has to come out, to learn. Feelings learn, thoughts learn, deeds learn. They have to go out. I will give you an example. The contemporary people suffer, because they do not know what love is. All the people do not know love. To sacrifice for the people, this is still not love. To give your wealth to the people, this is not love. When you read chapter 13 from the Epistle to the citizens of Corinth, it speaks about love. When Love comes, it brings abundant life, it brings abundance of knowledge and abundance of freedom. These are the features of Love. When Love starts flowing, it brings all blessings along its way. It is strange, you have love and you are so stingy, you are afraid to get robbed. I wonder with that abundance of water near the village of Marchaevo, who can rob you. The water /the warm water at the village of Rudarsko/ that you have, this big spring, to start crying that its water might be taken. It is ridiculous, the spring is glad that they will take water. It will run out anyway. You are afraid of love. There are little drops, and you are afraid that somebody may steal your love. The only thing that cannot be stolen is love. Anything else can be stolen, but love can never be stolen. You can divide everything, but you can never divide love. You cannot move love. There is no creature in the world that can move love. The only one who can move love, He is God. There is one who can heave it. Whoever comes to push it, he cannot. When he tries to push it he says, “It is not for me.” He leaves it and goes away. When sometimes you want to heave love, you will call God. Otherwise you will fail. What you have thought, it is something else. Don’t be afraid that love can be stolen from you. When you realize that nobody can heave it, you will have freedom.

I present the matter in a very material way in order to be understood. Because all hardships in life that will appear in the future we will solve through the law of love. The only thing that solves the difficult tasks is the love. Without love the hardships cannot be solved. You want to help a dead person, love will bring him to life. In all things the only power that really helps, is love. All creatures from one end of life to the other are bearers of love. Those who have understood that law, they are perfect. Those who have not understood the law, they are from the imperfect.

Let’s assume that a friend of yours comes, who has insulted you. What is the insult? There are many people who were born and like to have only one friend, they do not love many friends. They have a feature that they bear. This is good in them, but they suffer a lot. Because the one they love, loves someone else. They jump out of their skin, how can he love someone else. They have been created to love just one person, they want the other people to be like them. How can they love someone else? This is single love. If on a wheel, used to irrigate a garden, you put only one cup of water and you turn the wheel, how will you irrigate the garden? When the whole wheel has many cups, the garden will be irrigated easier. All the people are cups, dipping up of love. We have to be happy, unless this cup is leaky, to be able to dip up and water the garden. The Divine garden must be watered. Our welfare will come from the fruit of that garden. If you have not watered anything anywhere, you will not make use of it. The sweetest fruit from the gardens of the other people can be rarely given. They will say why should we give them. The sweetest fruits are where we have watered. Where we have not watered are the bitter fruits. Why will the bitter fruits come? Because you have not watered. Why will the sweet fruit come? Because you have watered. You can check this. God always wants to make us work, so that the fruits are sweet. Christ says, “My Father works and I work with Him.” God works because when He works, the good fruits grow. If God does not work, then the bitter fruits grow. Where God works, there are the sweetest fruits. Where we work there are the sweetest fruits. Where God does not work there are the bitterest fruits. Where we do not work there are the bitterest fruits. This is a practical philosophy that you can test. Build your lives on this philosophy. Do not go to water where other people have already watered. Do not sow a field where other people have sowed. You should sow where nobody has sowed. You should enjoy what the others have sowed. Where a man has sowed and worked, you should enjoy it. You should also enjoy what you achieve. It is the spirit in you that leads you. You should want to work, in order to achieve something. Then you will have that joy and your sorrow will turn into joy!

Today the weather is cloudy. Our concepts are like the weather today. All your philosophy on earth is like that. It is not pleasant, we look for a shelter between the stones, but the contradictions find their way through the holes and reach us. This is the old doctrine of the world. You know what it means for the people to love you. For people to love you, it means that you are an anvil. To love – you are a hammer on the anvil. It is the nail between the hammer and the anvil that has to stand it. Contemporary love has an anvil. You want to be loved. There are hammers that knock onto the anvil. They love nails. Now the anvil says, “Hit, to love me.” It knows that there is someone to love him. The nail has to stand it. Finally the nail becomes a real nail. When it becomes a nail, they say, “Put it somewhere.” It will make people who do not love each other to start loving. What do you think, would you like the love of the nail? To love with nails. Someone comes with a claw-hammer and unnails it. There has never existed any love. This is delusion. There is no relation. Both objects are dead. This is the law. The one you love, for him you will water the garden. You will see that his garden needs watering. Whom you love and who loves you, not saying a word to him, when he sees your garden, he will water it. These people love each other. When you water the garden without being told, it means that you love each other. The human mind is an excellent garden, the human heart is an excellent garden and the human soul is an excellent garden. These gardens can be watered with God’s Love. There all fruit trees will grow with the sweetest fruits.

I will give you an example from contemporary chemistry. There is water, composed of two elements. One is double, it gives a double ratio. One of the elements maintains burning, it cannot burn alone, and the other one can burn alone. If there is no one to maintain burning, it stops burning. Some people would ask, “Why do we have to drink water of two elements?” When you drink water, it decomposes, the hydrogen goes to the heart, it forms burning. In the heart warmth is created. Then comes the oxygen to help maintain burning. When oxygen goes to the brain, it forms the human light. Hydrogen goes to help it. Oxygen never goes to the human heart. The heart needs hydrogen. The heart needs love that burns. The human brain needs love that maintains burning. The mind does not need burning but maintenance of burning. What maintains burning is light. What burns is warmth. Then you say, “I burnt out”. When you burn there must be warmth. And if you do not burn? If you burn, then you are hydrogen. If you maintain burning, you are oxygen. Love does not burn, but it maintains burning. Love never burns, but maintains burning. What burns in the world, it is the material love. You need it too, but the material love cannot burn if the Divine Love does not maintain it in its manifestations. All contradictions that come in life happen in the heart. The human love burns the man. There may be different degrees of warmth. Without warmth the man would freeze. When there is warmth, man comes back to life. If love is overstrained, the warmth is greater, and then comes another, unnatural life, everything turns into vapour. Only the Divine Love is powerful. The human love is very weak, infirm. The human love is like cow’s milk. When you fill the pot half full and you put up the fire, the milk starts rising up. Those who do not understand the law think that the milk increases. If you let it stay a little on the fire, the milk will come out of the pot and you will lose it. You think that when love swells up, it will fill up the room. You have to lower the fire, so that the milk does not go out of the pot.

The Divine Love is a great eternal spring that runs everywhere and constantly fills up everything, it fills the empty and does not touch the full. It is the only love that fills all vessels. When there is nothing to think about, love finds work. If it thinks that it knows, love passes and goes off. So, in you there is a misunderstanding. You should enjoy the human love that has become a servant. What is the law? Enjoy the human love that has become a servant. Enjoy the Divine Love that has become a master. Be happy that the Divine Love is a master. Be happy that the human love is a servant. When both of them come, accept them. You should accept God’s Love and its servant, too. When they both come, let them in and they will settle down. Do not give them any instructions, they will settle the affairs as no one else can do it. If you intervene in this, you will lose everything that you have. They say, “If you do not need us, we are leaving.” When you remain alone, then the cold comes. Cold comes when light and warmth go away. You say, “Good afternoon!” – You can’t shake hands. – “Good afternoon!” – You can’t speak. Since the people put the world in order, love goes away. It is cold today. How can we explain that? The father gave birth to a son and a daughter, they are very disobedient. The daughter wants to marry somebody the father does not like. The son wants to marry a girl the mother does not like. The daughter has to listen to her father, to marry a lad her father likes. The son, too, has to marry a maid that the mother likes. Nothing more! You say, “Why in that way?” Who has taught you to love? Your father. If your father has not loved you, how will you know to love? When he gets to love you, you will go on the way. Who has taught us in the world to love? God has taught us. We will listen to him. Now we think. The first who has taught us to love and be in love, He is God. In that way you have come to this state, you will get old, you will lose love. You will wonder what it was like when you were young.

The things that I am talking about, if you accept this teaching you will get younger. This is a law for getting younger. How will this happen? Do not think how this will happen. You will go to bed, you will get up and you will have become younger. You will not know how this has happened, but you will know what happened. You will know that it has happened. It is enough that it has come from somewhere, nothing more.

One day I see our brother named Temelko thrashing the field with two horses. I say, “It is easier to thrash with three horses”. He said, “I don’t have a third horse”. On the next day there was a horse that came alone. The horse came, they tied it up with a rope and thrashed all day long. The next day they wanted to take the horse, they did not want to use the horse for thrashing. The horse came as a self-invited guest. It is according to the law, love comes uninvited. When it comes, it does its business and goes away.

In the world all people have to be bearers of Divine Love. All contradictions that exist today are due to the human voracity and not understanding the law of love. If the contemporary people understood love, the war in which people are killed and crippled would not exist. Thick-headedness, they want to be masters, to be rich, to give orders, not for people more powerful than them to exist. A competition is born. Now in the world love is coming. When the Divine Love comes, all contradictions will disappear and the people will forget to hate each other. How this will happen, you will not know, but when it happens, you will see it. This will come one day, it will not be far.

Now of all this, you will say what you have checked. This is gathered material, you will go to sell it, you sell rather expensive. Do not give more than one apple. Who wants you to tell him something, you will climb on his shoulder. If he allows you to climb on his shoulder, give him an apple. If he does not, tell him, “I do not give”. This is right. Where you have not watered, the bitter comes. Where you have watered, the sweet comes. Why is it bitter? Because I have not watered it. Why is it sweet? Because I have watered. Why do people love me? Sweetness is love. Bitterness is lack of love. What is lack of love? – bitterness. When a disease is cured, they give us bitter pills. We are taught to water. I say, “I do not have time to water.” Then bitterness will come. You say, “I don’t have time’. When you do not have time, bitterness will come. When you have time, sweetness will come. What is time? Where there is time, there is watering. Where there is no time, there is no watering. You all complain that you have no time. Time is given for love. Where there is love, there is time, where there is no love, there is no time. Where there is love, there is sweetness, where there is no love, there is bitterness.

I give you in brief the whole philosophy of love. What is love? Love is the sweetest thing in the mind, in the heart, in the soul, everywhere. All the beauty, this is love. Harmony, this is love. Strength, this is love. If you are ugly, it is clear why. If you are beautiful, it is clear why. If you are strong, it is clear why. If you are weak, it is clear why. If you are good, it is clear why, if you are bad, again it is clear why. The real wealth is where the wealth is a servant of love. The real knowledge is a servant of love, all things in the world are servants of love. Only the love is a servant of the Spirit. I call Love the oldest daughter of God. The first in the world, that settles the world. The most beautiful, the strongest, the wisest of all.

Sometimes you want to know why you are a woman or a man? You are a woman, because in the world only women create warmth, they burn constantly. What is a man? This that maintains burning, it is light. Warmth and light go together. They are processes. Warmth serves in a lower world, of which the highest world of light is created. So, I say, “A man who does not bear light is not a man. A woman, who does not bear warmth is not a virgin, she is not a woman.” Virgins bear warmth, angels bear light. By warmth we do not understand burning. What burns and does not burn out is also burning. Moses saw the blackberry bush that was burning and did not burn out. A thought that maintains this burning or makes it accessible for the others, it is light without light we could not have eyes. The light in us created the eyes with which we see the beauties of the Divine world. There is nothing better than to be a virgin. The purest things are virgins that are burning. The most beautiful thing, this is light. Beautiful is the human thought. Pure is the striving of the human soul.

Love and fondness are two principles in the world that elevate people. Why has the Bulgarian called the combination of what burns and what maintains burning, water. Water is something that leads, that opens the way. Water opens a way.

Now you feel a little the lack of love. This is the past. If you have had the first love, God’s Love, it would immediately become warm. If love comes, the whole sky will immediately open. If you have little love, the sky is open only at some places. Here we are discussing the human love. The man is not free with human love. I have watched some children, their mother carrying three, four apples in her apron. The mother thrusts her hand into the apron, the child eyes open wide, watching how big the apple of his brother is. If the mother gives the better apple to his little brother, he starts crying. People say that children are stupid. He is like an artist, he sees the nice thing. When the mother gives to him and to his brother apples that are equally good, he says, “My apple is like yours, too.” The mother has to give the smaller apple to the younger brother. The bigger apple is for the older brother, for the younger one – a smaller apple. This is according to the measure of the human love. The apples have to be equal in size. I have often seen the little brother say, “Give me your apple”, and he takes his.

That is enough. We have come to the human love. The human thought wants to be master of love, but it is not possible. The man, like Jacob, is fighting with God. And he saw that he could not win. When God pushed him on the thigh, it got dislocated. He says, “Bless me to understand your teaching.” Jacob is practical, he had two wives, he served for them at Laban. God says, “You already go back to your brother, you will leave the old life” You have taken your father’s blessing, you will do better. He fought and finally he understood that he was not right. When Jacob went back to his brother, he picked out part of his possessions and said, “I am your slave”.

The best is when you come to the law of love, give equally. In the Divine Love there is equality, with human love it is a different matter. In the Divine Love people are equally strong, in the human love they are not equally strong – some have more, others have less. It is unnatural.

Let’s go downstairs, for human love to treat us again!



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