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The Most Beautiful Day

III Morning speech, held by the Teacher

On 16th April 1944, 5 a.m., Easter, the village of Marchaevo, Sofia region

The Good Prayer.

91 Psalm.

The Prayer of the Kingdom.

„God's Spirit“ (quietly).

I will read chapter one of John’s gospel.

The sun is rising.

In the Universe there are many suns, millions of suns. But there is only one sun that the earth makes use of, the sun that shines. The other suns provide very little warmth, very little light. I say: The Earth can only count on the sun. In contemporary life, people rely on many suns and constellations. The other suns are just to determine the time and events that happen. In English the word “star” means a star, it means “shine”, in Bulgarian this word means ‘old’ – a man whose legs have become weak. According to the Bulgarian, if a man relies on the stars, he has grown pretty old. All old people are old stars that cannot help the earth. Now you all possess knowledge, you say, “Christ has come to save the world” What is salvation? It cannot be explained. I have heard a lot of explanations up until now. I wonder at the explanations the preachers give. Christ has come to save the world. Did He save it? If the world has been saved, people would not be ill.

You say, “We have to follow a law”. There must be a law that the man should follow, to know how he should act. For whom has the law been created – for the healthy or for the ill? There is a law for the healthy people, for the clever, for the good people. For the bad people there is no law. They make a law restriction. That law is a very different one. The real law is the one that shows the way to man, that shows him how to act. To tie up a person, to lock him in a building, this is a restriction. The people say, “It is a law”. I say: Most people have no idea about the law as a restriction. This is not a law. This is an animal state. In the kingdom of animals the big animals restrict the small ones. They call it a law. The small animals do not argue with the big ones. When the small creature sees the big one, it makes a way from a distance, it tries to be as far as possible. Because the big creature is a public prosecutor, a judge and a guard. The big animal imposes everything. If you transgress, it will have it out with you according to all rules. There is no one to defend you. In fact there is someone to defend you. Do not think that when animals transgress there is no one to stand up for them. They also have karma; there is animal karma in the world. A wolf that has eaten thousands of sheep, is not a wolf, but becomes a sheep. Because when having eaten all these sheep, the substance of the sheep would penetrate him and he would be built of a sheep’s substance. To expiate the karma, the other wolves start eating him, to experience what it is like. In the old days he used to tear the sheep, it was very good, there was fresh meat. The wolf said, “God has created the world like that”. When the others started to tear him apart, he says, “It is not as I thought in the time before”.

When I watch people, I see that they have not learned to tell the truth. Out of ten things that they say, there are nine lies and one truth. Someone is recounting something, but he would not describe it exactly as it is. I was told that the backside of the Vitosha Mountain was very nice. I was told that Selimitsa, a place somewhere, was very nice. I see the people, who lived in Selimitsa, are ailing. It is not a good place. As I heard the name Selimitsa, I noticed that there is no outlet, it is a hollow place. Some people start softly, but finish roughly. I can give as an example the young maids. When they meet a young lad for the first time, they are very good. The lads are the same. The old people, too. In all the people the character is the same. It is the same with the students, too. When a new teacher comes, they do not know him, they think he is very erudite, they tremble before him. When they realize this, they say he does not know much. They deceive themselves in that way.

Do you think that when the sun is rising from the east, it is so small? I see the sun as if I can take it in my hands and carry it. It is not big. I wonder how such a small sun can do such a great job in the world. You say, “It is the deed of God”. Such a small sun lights up the world. The people have no clear idea about the sun. The sun is not small. If you take binoculars you would see that at one side it draws the objects closer and they seem bigger, and at the other side the objects recede.

I say, “There are several necessary things in the world”. Sometimes we talk about love. In my mind love is an impulse, the first impulse in the world. If this impulse does not come, you will not be able to do anything. You have a lump of sugar or an apple. You have an impulse to eat it. Before that you have no clear idea. Just after you start eating the apple you will have a real notion what the apple is. What is an apple like? There is a creature, locked in the apple, that has to pay you something in order to be accepted in the home. It will go inside you and examine you. After an apple has come inside you, it already knows what kind of a person you are. First you will chew it with your teeth. This is music. Your orchestra is playing. You take it in, take off its clothing. Finally, through the entrance of the reception room it goes in and you start looking in the suitcases to see what it has brought. When you take everything that the apple has brought, you say “Go away!” You chase it out through a door. And the apple regrets having come in. Isn’t it so? You accept a person, saying: “I am ready to sacrifice myself for you.” Then a day comes when you kick him out with the words: “I do not want to know anything, you are not a man.” Now I will explain what I mean by saying that he was not a man. All valuable things are packed. You say, “He is still not a man”. For example, there is a packed box that has arrived. There is something in the box. The box itself is not important, but there is a precious stone in the box. You have to open that box. The precious stone is a small one. When you take it out, it has other qualities. Often we are under a delusion with the external box of the people. The body that you have is only a box. By the body we judge that a man is nice, good. By the body you cannot judge whether a man is good. You say, “How nice these hands are”. You know how many buffets these hands can make. –“How nice these feet are!” – You know how many kicks they can give. You say: “How nice that mouth is!” – You know how many teeth there are in the mouth. The hands are not the man, the legs are not the man, the mouth is not the man. The real essence of the man is what is inside him. Outside the box there is not a more beautiful creature than man. There is not a worse creature than man inside the box. With this box everyone can harm you. Sometimes the boxes are very solid. Such a box can strike you, hit your head. You would say that the precious stone has hit you, not the box. I have not seen a precious stone break someone’s head. How is it possible for the creature that has originated from God to jostle you. When Christ is described as kind-hearted, he says: “Kind-hearted is just one God.” You say: “The man has come from God. How is it possible for a creature that has come from God to break the heads of the people? Why on earth?

I say: The knowledge that you have now is just a bud. Sometimes you think you know love. I have talked about love, but I have talked only about the bud of love. About the blossom of love I have said nothing yet. What love is as a blossom, I have told you nothing yet. What love is as a fruit, it will be explained to you for many years. Now you may have as many theories as you want. If you know the bud, when it blooms you will know the blossom, too. A man who does not know the bud cannot know the fruit either. They come one after the other.

John says: „No one has ever seen God“. In which respect it is right? You cannot see God without love. Only with love can you see God. When someone says that he is blind, it means that there is no love. All people that have no love are blind, they cannot see. Now I want you to get free. You like to criticize. Many people have complained to me. Since I have come to Bulgaria, how many women have complained of their husbands. There are thousands of women who complain of their husbands. There are thousands of men who complain of their wives. There are thousands of sons who complain of their fathers. There are thousands of daughters who complain of their mothers. There are thousands of students who complain of their teachers. There are thousands of teachers who complain of their students. There are thousands of servants who complain of their masters. I have listened to them as an entertainment, as things that are not true. All this that the people are telling me is something not essential. I use “thousands of people” who have told me things in the manner of humans. If I say one hundred, it means that they have told me things in the manner of angels. So, it means that thousands of people have told me what is not true. Someone says: “He insulted me a lot.” How did he insult you? He said to me a very bad word. What bad word? He called me a bull. I say, “He told you very well”. He has told you to go and learn. I say: “You do not understand that word. God created the people to lead people in knowledge. They have made the path along which they studied. You climb on a horse and say, “This is a horse”. This stupid horse leads you anywhere, carrying the load, serving you. That person has told you “You are a bull”. You do not understand the things. These cherubs have taken the shape of bulls. Then what would you say? You would not see a cherub in the form of a man, but in the shape of an animal. What would you say now? Sometimes you get on the horse and your health gets better. Sometimes you get on the horse and you have a run of luck. Sometimes you get on the horse and you pass your exam well. Sometimes you get on the horse and it breaks a trail for you, that one the stupid horse. In this horse there lives an honourable creature, you have never dreamt about what a favour it does to you. An angel that has taken the lowest shape to serve you from love to God. You say, “This is a bull”. You should not talk like that. You should pat it on the back and say “Thank you very much, you are giving me a very good lesson. I wish one day I would be like you. How many of you would like to be bulls. I have seen excellent deeds of animals. I will give an example. A man has told me the following story. One day I was very hungry. We were sitting under a pear-tree, but all the fruits were picked up. I said to myself that I should have come earlier. You never know when to come, everything is picked up. Some time later a slight wind came and 5-6 pears fell down. Something was left on the tree for him. Now someone is thinking that there is no providence in this. There is providence. There exists providence in the world. Along the path that we have to pass God has left everything that we need. God has made it so that in every person that we meet there is something good left for us. With the animals, at the trees, at the springs, wherever you take a seat, we have to be thankful that there is something that we can take. You leave it, you do not take it and you start looking for something else. You sit down on a stone, on another one, at one tree, at another tree, with one person, with another person and you say: My hair turned white, all the people are not divine. Only you are a divine person, a holy person, there is no one else like you. All the people are bad, you are the only good person. The whole world is inside God. Everything that is inside God is great. The only impurity that exists is what exists inside us, individually in every person. Since all the people partially do not live according to God’s laws, the impurity exists inside them. I would like to give you an explanation.

I have not met a person who thanks. When the apostles came back after they were beaten, they were joyous. Now I see a child, his mother has beaten him and he is not joyous but is crying. He complains. Someone was beaten by his father, he complains again. Apostle Paul was beaten five times, each time 39 hits, and he says: I will praise with my sufferings. Do not pay attention to the human deeds. Sometimes you get deluded. A man has a very nice handwriting. But his letters are poor in content. Someone writes one big letter, then one small one, but the content of what he writes is rich, although his writing is not nice. Sometimes you will find it difficult to read a letter, it is not written nicely, but it is meaningful. It is better to have ugly written letters, than nice letters lacking content. Because what is a beautiful maid, who cannot say a nice word. What is a beautiful maid if she cannot knead a good loaf of bread. There are maids that after they knead a loaf of bread, the people get ill from it. I have suffered a lot from bad bread and from badly cooked food. Someone is cooking but he brings poison in the dish. He stirs in the pan with his bad thoughts. He says: Damned pot, why do I have to cook now, and so on. This is not the right way to cook. This is where the difficulty is. Since many people have passed before us along the path we are walking now, they have soiled it and now the path is dirty. We also have to get dirty. If these people, who have passed before us, had paved the road, if they have made it slightly inclined, now it would be clean. They have left all the mud. The Bulgarian possesses one feature, there is a bit cleanliness in him. When I investigated the Bulgarians, I found the cleanest Bulgarians, they are the people from the town of Elena. They are cleaner than the Americans are. When Sunday comes, they start sweeping the streets, when they go inside the house, it looks as if no human foot has ever stepped there. When you enter inside, you have to take off your shoes, everything is clean. In other places I have seen that someone goes inside with mud, not having cleaned his shoes, and it gets dirty inside. Then he starts apologizing. After that he would not take a hoe to clean up, but would say: I am sorry, I brought some mud in, but it is for good harvest given by God. Well, I do not mind.

A person comes in, he insults you. He has brought mud inside. Then he apologizes. He says: I am sorry, it is for good harvest. Sometimes the insult is very little. He says: You are not an educated man, you do not play very well. He is right. Sometimes the father says a word to his son and the son does not get insulted at all. He says: My little porker. He says it softly, the son does not get insulted. He says “My little porker”. I do not know why the father says my little porker and not my little lamb. He says: “My little porker” and pats him on the back. You know where the secret is. The Bulgarian word for “porker” contains the word that means “money”. The implication is that this child will earn money, he is clever. He will become a banker, a rich man. Porker means having money. The one who does not know says a “porker”. The one who knows says “with money”. The father does not say a porker, but he says “with money”. This child will be rich.

I say: In this life we have to thank God for the eyes he has given to us. We have to thank God for the ears he has given to us. We have to thank God for the mouth, the nose, the hands, the legs, the heart. I want to tell you how we have to thank. Imagine that a famous fiddler comes to play. It is wintertime, the people are careless, they do not know that the hall has to be heated. Then the fiddler wants to play. I say: I, the person that is familiar with this, will take care of preparing the conditions, I will take care of heating the hall. He needs a piano. I will find the best one. I will try. I will take part in arranging all chairs well and put everything in order. I want to ask how many of you heat the divine hall, as it should be when God has to come. How many of you heat that hall well enough as it should be? You say, "We have been walking on that road for 20 years". I have been on that path for thousands of years and I consider that I do not know anything, and you think that in 20 years you know everything. There is knowledge at the second-hand market, where old things are sold, shoes, re-dyed clothes. In the religious world I see you dressed in such rags. I will give you a piece of advice. Never put on old religious clothes. You will find the best clothing, made from the best fabric.

Now you want resurrection. Find a day in your life in which you have served God in the way you should serve Him. Find one of the most beautiful days in your life in which you have thought about God during the whole day. Now, what does it mean to think about God? To be so sharp-witted and realize that God wants to do somebody good and since He cannot come down to earth, you do it immediately. There is an ill person who has prayed to God to plough his field. God does not have oxen to plough his field, you will go and do the work instead of God. A child has prayed to God, he has no clothes, it is wintertime. God will not send the angels to the earth, it is you that have to guess and do God’s work. Two people have argued, they have fought, as it often happens, and you should go and do God’s work. I have seen fathers who have beaten their sons, but I have also seen sons who have beaten their fathers. The son is praying and the father is praying for someone to come and tell them what to do. God will not come down, but you can go and do His work. This means to love God.

Yesterday a sister came to me. I read a number from a book to her and told her: Choose a number. She chose 52. I said: you have chosen two mothers to talk to you. You chose them in the way that you put the ignorant mother behind and the more educated mother in front. You will turn 52 to 25. 25 is the Divine order of things, 52 is the human order of things. We read 52 in a book. First is the ignorant mother, then comes the other one to correct. I will tell you a joke that was told to me by a man from the Varna region. He found a beautiful maid, they got engaged. He said to his friend: “Come to see what good features she has. She can make good coffee, sweet coffee. She has manners, she knows how to serve, she is patient. He praised her. When she prepared the coffee, the salt and the sugar pot were nearby. To her beloved she made the coffee with sugar, and in the coffee of his friend she put two teaspoonfuls of salt. The fiancée was drinking his coffee, how good it was. His fried was looking at him and wondered why it was like that. He was ashamed to say that there was salt in his coffee. Then the maid came to serve them jam. He stretched his leg, tripped her up and she dropped the whole tray. She said: It is okay things like that can happen. Look – what a character she has. She has temperance, she does not get insulted at all. Later he asked her: “Did you get insulted? – You had to see what I did downstairs after I brought the utensils. I caught the table board in my teeth and I chewed it. She said: If I get hold of you, I will chew you like that, too.

I say: Be careful not to put salt in the coffee of your friends, of your beloved. No one can see God without love. His only son understood that only love could bring knowledge. As long as you see God, you will become like Him. It is written in the Scripture: God made the man as his own personification. God made the man to love, as God loves. I say: This is the only thought that I am leaving to you. If you are a musician, play in the best way you can, without making mistakes. This is the best thing. Not to ask “Did I play well?” If you play well all the people will be pleased. If you are a cook, cook in the best way you can: put the best butters, put the best onion, the best potatoes, so that the meal is perfect. If you are a tailor, sew the most beautiful clothing, without a mistake, so that who wears the clothing would say: “It is very nice clothing”. If you are a shoemaker, it should be the same. I say: When you meet somebody, say the best words. When you go to an ill person, say “Your health will get better in a few weeks, you will go to the field to reap. To a poor man you should say: You will become rich one day. To a young maid you should say: “You will become beautiful, you will get married, you will have children”. Tell the people the best thing that you know. You say to yourselves “Who knows if it will ever happen”. Say: This will happen. God wants us to help in the cleverest way. You say: You will do no good. You will not finish school, you will lose what you have. These are ordinary things of a rotten life.

Now the law is a motivating reason as well as money is. The maid is beautiful, this is money. The maid is healthy, this is money. She is full of magnetism, this is money. The maid that can work, this is a law. The maid that serves the law knows how to work, the maid that is beautiful has money, she is free, and she gets dressed well. A maid that goes with the law has to work. A maid that goes with money, she has a rest. This is like the story of the Japanese prince, who went to America to study the American life. He asked in a rich family to find a servant’s place for him. He served for two months. The American said: you have served for two months but you are an excellent servant. But he always had with him the Latin grammar book. When he has some free time, the Japanese man studied the Latin language. Now I would like you to study the grammar of love. Let me tell you: If the committee examines you on grammar, do you know what mark it will give you. You will fail. I have given the following example. In China there were two wise men, and one of them was an example of patience. Every day he helped everybody who came to him. A man came to him 29 times, the wise man accepted him and helped him. The other one wanted to imitate the first wise man. When the poor man went to test him on the fifth time the wise man said: You came too far, once, twice, three times I understand, but five times? The poor man said: You are far behind. I went to the other wise man 29 times, he said nothing to me, but when I came five times to you, you jumped out of your skin. What does Christ say, how many times must we forgive? Seven times 77.

Remember one thing: every step that you make, everything in the world that you do, you do not do it for others. It will go to other people and whatever it gains, it will come back to you. This is the law. Nobody can avoid it. Therefore, if you want to succeed, do good and it will come back to you. Be glad for the good and the evil that you bear, it will return back to you. Your evil will not remain with the people, it will cause little harm to the people, they will send it back. The good deeds will be sent to the one who has done them. The first thing: We have to go to heaven with a life that we have gained. Everything that we do for God will come back to us. It will exalt us. It means that when God’s Love comes, it will exalt us. Without love the man cannot be exalted in the world. When we love somebody the mistakes get transformed. Whatever we do, it will return. If a mistake can divert Love, it is stronger. And Love is the strongest thing. The Divine Love turns all mistakes into precious stones, when we love God. It is said in the Scripture: All that happens to those who love God, will change for the better Do not be sorry, it is not a personal experience. We cannot talk about other people. He says: He is a patient man. Patience is a whole science. It must be taught like music. You have no patience. When peace comes, some time, I will play the music of patience for you. You do not know what the music of patience is. I have listened to many songs about love, but till now I have listened only to three people, singing out of love. If we have a developed ear, we will listen to the Divine singing. We cannot render what the rivers teach. We cannot render what the flowers teach. We cannot render what the birds teach. If we want to render something, we cannot render the Divine. Here is an example. If you sing with love to an ill person, he will recover. So strong are the vibrations that this man will immediately forget his illness. You are singing to him, he is moaning. You say: I have sung to him.

Everyone, who loves, will see God. Everyone, who does not love, will not see God. When someone does not see God, this is hell. When someone sees God, that is it. Now I wish you to listen, when God is talking to you inside. You should listen well and you should render it well. Then there is an educating method: the fiddler talks very well, the audience is listening. There are fiddlers who when playing to one hundred people, ten of them recover their health. There are fiddlers who when playing 20% get better, when others are playing 30% recover their health, 40%, 50%. There are few that when playing everyone get better. I say: Perfection is when we come at least 75% should get better.

Now you are here in Marchaevo and you are constantly saying: We have no convenience, it is very narrow. I am not worried. There is a whole hill standing in front of me, shutting out the sun. It says, you do not stay inside, come up there. The eastern wind is pretty cold, come here to warm up. On the way young and old are constantly singing. At a time someone shouts out “Hello, hello! Why are you sitting there, when will you come to preach to us. We have taken to drinking. Come and talk to us. I say: In the world there is a lot of work to do. Now we have holidays here, we have stopped the classes, we are on vacation. Soon the vacation will be over, the new term will start, we will go back to school to study. When we go back we have to be armed with fresh energy, with a new impulse. When we go in to accept and to enjoy the new that will be taught to us. It will be soon. The apostles say: The Kingdom of God will soon come. Two thousand years have already passed.

Now it will be the first time that something will happen. There is something that only God can do. What nobody can do, God will do. God will do what nobody else can do. We expect to happen what nobody can do. What is done we know that it is done by God. What God will do is good. Love can be manifested in the way God shows it. Every one of you, when you feel that love, you should render it in the way you have seen. You cannot give it in that way, but as close as possible.

The people who lived in Marchaevo wanted to join the power-supply system. They needed to have wires. They had to give brass. They gave brass and the wires arrived. They received the wires, but they were not given the electrometers. Then they had a problem in receiving a transformer, and what not followed. The people from Marchaevo were not ready for the light. They say: Why should we have light to turn it off and on constantly, several times in the evening, to give us unnecessary work: to turn the light on and off. We will give you light when it will be not necessary to turn it off. I say: The new light that will come, the new Love will never go out. The real light of Love and freedom will live forever, it will not go out. This is God’s blessing.

The Lord's Prayer.



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