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The New Things in Life

II Lecture on the spring, held by the Master

on 22.III.1944, Wednesday, 5 p.m., Marchaevo Village, Sofia region.

The sky clouded, snow falling, the weather humid,

tranquil and warm. The moon is waning.

The good prayer.

St. Matthew's Gospel, chapter 15, verses 1-10 (read by Temelko Stefanov)

St. Luke's Gospel, chapter 17, verses 1-10 (read by Stefan Belev)

St. Mark's Gospel, chapter 3, verses 1-10 (read by Simo Stefanov)

St. John's Gospel, chapter 6, verses 1-10 (read by Peter Stoyanov - the mayor)

"The Spirit Divine."


The human life has a meaning only when man understands it. I am talking about life as a great weal, through which God manifests; the entire future of man depends on the life that is understood. In order for a life to be understood, there are certain conditions. Let us say that in man there is a desire to walk, but if there is no open space, whither can he walk? Let us say that light travels. But light needs a vast universe. Life with no thought has no expression. The thought is equal to the light. A life without freedom cannot manifest. And a life without Love cannot be fulfilled.

I want to talk to you about some things that are relevant. There are many scientific works that are scientific bluffs. What speed does light move at? - At 300 thousand kilometres per second. This number means nothing to you, because you cannot comprehend that kind of speed; a second after the light has passed you by, it will be as far as 300 000 kilometres away from you.

That distance of 300 000 kilometres is unknown to you. There are other sides of science. For instance, the human thought moves at a rate of 3 quadrillion and 600 billion kilometres per second.

At that rate you could go anywhere in the material universe. What is left for you now is to think (what a thing thinking is) what a thing a quadrillion is. Even if you think for thousands of years over this, you will not comprehend it. Those are scientific terms, which even the scientists do not know well. For instance, you pronounce the word Love. Between the word Love and Love itself there is a distance as enormous as that between the Heavens and the earth. So far, many have talked to me about Love. For instance, somebody says: my heart is burning - Love is not a burning heart of a man. If it is about burning - fire burns, the lamp burns, etc. One of the qualities of Love is that it produces life. But not a life of suffering. Suffering is not Love. One says: If you love me, you will suffer. This is violence; you grab a chicken and butcher it. You say: If you love me, you have to die - become a sacrifice to me. Dying in a particular case, what does it mean? - For a man to die, this means to go to the hereafter. When the servant comes out of the house of his master and goes to work in the field, he dies; and when he comes back - he revives. We think that when something dies - it disappears. No. - It has entered another world.

When the first people, because of plenty of knowledge, became very learned, they entered another world. And then God dressed them in clothes and sent them away from his home. He said to them: Go and learn. So the first students were Adam and Eve, who went out of their paternal home and came to the university on earth to learn, in leather clothes that are stout and do not wear out. In heaven they wore royal clothes, mantles. In this world, however, laws are completely different. And now, when the people came down from heaven, a struggle arose among them. A little went a long way. Three masculine children were born. They decided to serve God. They said, "Something has to be done; lest we forget that heavenly teaching. Let us make some order." One of the sons was a farmer. And he offered the finest of his wheat to God. But while that wheat was burning, its smoke did not go up towards God, but crept over the earth like a fog. The other was a shepherd. He offered a lamb as a sacrifice to God. The smoke of that lamb did ascend above. Then Cain said: "Out of the earth I brought the finest and offered it as a sacrifice, and how strange, the smoke is creeping over the earth. But here, my brother butchered a lamb, and its smoke is going upwards?!" He started reasoning scientifically. He said: "So my material is a bit more inferior than my brother's material. And if I offered to God my brother as a sacrifice, God would look upon me in a different way." - And he offered his brother as a sacrifice. This was beforehand a theory in his mind. But when he sacrificed his brother, God said to him, he asked him, "Where is your brother?" - "I am not a guardian of my brother." Cain said. "The blood of your brother calls from the earth. You have committed a crime. You did not ask your brother whether he wanted to become a sacrifice." God said. And then Cain turned towards God and said, "Well, you are driving me away, and everyone who sees me will beat me up like a dog." Then God told him, "If somebody beats you up, his sins will be 7 times bigger than yours. I will put a mark on you, so that nobody will kill you."

So I say: In the world, the sins are mortal, they cannot be expiated. The only thing that expiates is Love! The only thing that heals is Love! No measures, no money, no sacrifice, no prayers, and no remorse is enough. To a man you have to return the life which God has given him. So the first thing, a moral is - do not deprive man of those weal, which God has given him. That is the first thing. If you want to flourish, do not hinder a man from his mental development; do not hinder a man from his spiritual development, and do not hinder a man from his physical development.

Now, some of you have come here from afar to be with us, and say, "We have Love, otherwise we would not have come here." Good, you, who came here, have Love, but what about the others who did not come? I will give you a parallel example - the light, which comes from a distance of 150 million kilometers from the sun, is at our gathering here as well. Each presence that is deprived of Love does not bear any benefit; each thought that is deprived of Love has no power; each feeling that is deprived of Love has no substance, and every deed that is deprived of Love can never be realized. Love in the world is a great law for us to accomplish that for which we have come to earth.

We have to live, we have to eat, we have to work. But how? - In eating, there are two extremes: overeating is wastefulness; it is a transgression. Undernourishment, fasting, so that you can save some money against a rainy day - that is the other transgression. Some people fast for this purpose. No. You shall eat and you shall thank God. You shall eat as much as has been given to you, and not a gramme shall you take in excess. If you eat a lot, you will work. That is because on earth in the current state, people work a lot. You have a contemporary poet, who has written a couple of books, or you have a philosopher. How has the poet or the philosopher contributed with his book? - The food that the philosopher delivers is very tough and hard for the people to digest. What will a simple man understand by the word substance or the word essence? What about the quantum theory? What will he understand when he is told that the sulphurous acid or the nitric acid combines with another agent? What is acid? - Acid contains particular elements that have decided to eat away at somebody. Acids are the Cains of the world, and bases are the Abels of the world, who fall prey - and the salts - these are the Seths. It is said in the Writ: "If salt is rendered saltless, what will it be salted with?" When Cain killed Abel, Seth came. The salt came to the world.

However, another basis has to be laid. If you do not put Love as a basis in your life, what are you going to build on? - We have to build on stone. - No, the earthly building is built on stone. However, the life that is not built on Love carries in itself the greatest of sorrows. A life which is built on Love carries the greatest of weals.

When speaking about Love, we understand the light within the human mind. If you think - then the Love has penetrated into your mind; if there is warmth inside your heart, warm feelings - Love has penetrated into your heart; if you are healthy - Love has penetrated into you. The sickness; the sick people show lovelessness. The people who do not think have lovelessness; in people who do not feel there is lovelessness. They cannot expect anything from the world.

I am talking about Love as an only power, with which man is able to achieve all that, which he desires; he is able to achieve all that he thinks; and he is able to achieve all that he feels.

Imagine that I am a poor man, I do not have a penny to my name. However, I have a bright thought, a bright feeling, a bright deed. I know the laws of the light, the laws of life. Let us assume that you are suffering from leprosy or syphilis, which nobody can heal. Your life is in my hands. I have the ability to heal you. A single drop of Love is worth billions. The elixir in question, the elixir of eternal life is Love. Take from that pristine driblet of Love, which will drop into your mind, heart and Spirit; and when it drops, one immediately gains light in his mind, and noble feelings in his heart. When it drops into your soul, the noble deed is formed, the one that makes the man strong and able to do anything.

Somebody says, "I cannot do this or that". Then how are people fighting now? How did they do that? They say, "People cannot carry out the Teaching of Christ"! Now 20-30 million people are fighting, and every day one sacrifices himself, leaves his father and his mother and his wife and his house, and sacrifices himself.

So I say, we do not want people to die for us. So far it has been the opposite law - they have to die. However, now we want people to live for us. We do not want people to suffer for our sake, but to flourish for our sake. Now when a man comes along, they force him to work like an ox. You all have the thought sometimes that you are more learned than the others. No. That is a delusion, there is not a man more learned than the others. As far as I am concerned, a learned man is the one who carries out the Will of God. The one who carries out the law of Love. The one who serves Love. A man who does not serve Love is a great lout. A first-class lout, there can be no greater lout than him. And the world suffers from these big louts. They say that someone is a bishop, that he has a crown on his head! Leave out that crown. If he does not have the crown of Love, of Wisdom, of Truth, of the virtues, then what does everything else matter? And if he does not carry the banner of Truth with his hands, then what do his actions matter? Your hand has to do good things; to write something good, to plough the land well, to sew something good, etc.

And if you take a look at your hand, you will see that God has laid all laws on your hand. Love, Wisdom and Truth are also written on your hand. The Bible is also written on your hand. But the writing on your hand is very tiny. And now, in order to gain the knowledge of the so-called fortune-telling, you have to go to someone who can tell your future. I can tell you: If you are deprived of Love, a great suffering awaits you. If you are deprived of Wisdom, a great suffering awaits you, and if you are deprived of the Truth, a great suffering awaits you. A suffering you have not even dreamed of yet! You say, "What am I going to do?" If you are acquainted with the Love, you can expect such great weals that man cannot even begin to imagine or fancy! If you are acquainted with the wisdom and the fruits of wisdom, the greatest weals await you, and if you are acquainted with the Truth - the same thing. There is your fortune-telling - do you know what you are going to say? When is a man called a father, and when is a woman called a mother? - The father has to go through two stages in order to become a father; he has to renounce his egoism. One wants to live only for himself and says, "I do not want to have a headache because of the people." The father has to give birth to a son and a daughter, and if he cannot give birth to a son and a daughter, he is not a father. And that mother, who cannot give birth to a son and a daughter, is not a mother. You have to give birth to a son first of all in the Divine world, you will find him there, above. Then he will descend to the angels, and then he will come down to earth. Do not think about the children around here, they are puppets. A son who does not love his father, is he a son? A father who does not love his son, is he a father? A mother who does not love her daughter, is she a mother? And a daughter, who does not love her mother, is she a daughter? - The biggest weal for the father is that his son or daughter loves him. And the biggest weal for the daughter or the son is that their father or mother loves them. If the daughter is loved by her father and mother, then and when she settles down to married life, she will be fine. But if she does not have her father's and mother's blessing, it is all in vain.

Or in other words, if on the Earth we do not have God's blessing, the blessing of His Spirit, we cannot achieve anything! If we do not see God in the light which he sends us, in the air that we breathe, in the water that we drink, in the bread we eat, where is God then? When you eat bread you shall thank. God is hidden there and if you eat with Love, you will feel the God. If you eat it without Love, God punishes you. Actually, you punish yourself.

So I say: It is said in the Writ, "I am." The Truth is connected with the freedom. The way is connected with the movement. A way without movement has no meaning. People have to move on a way. A Truth without freedom has no meaning. To love the Truth means that your mind, your soul, and your heart are free.

Now a quarrel arises among the people. Everybody is arguing and saying, "They do not love me." How can you tell that people do not love you? Some say that they are not loved. I will adduce an anecdote to you. The anecdote is a story in which there is something correct, but there are some things incorrect. A millionaire was walking down on a road, a poor man was walking there as well; "Sir, do not walk on this road, it is dangerous," the poor man told him. "This is none of your business, I am free. I know what I am doing," the rich one told him. "I am telling you, sakes alive, do not walk on this road!" the poor one said. "Be silent, I know," the rich man said. As the poor man was walking, he suddenly heard a scream and a cry for help. The rich man had fallen into a well and was screaming from within it. "What is all the shouting about?" the poor one then asked. "Brother, get me out of here, I have a big problem," the rich one said. "Do you know who I am?" the poor man asked. "I do not." - "I am the one who told you not to walk on that road. I know you, you are quite an extortionist, you want from my father a particular amount of money. I will take you out only if you sign that you are not going to demand that money. God put you in the well and will teach you generosity. And if you are generous and forgiving, I will take you out, but if you are not generous, I will leave you in the well," the poor one said. "I will give you as much as you want. I will give you half of my treasure if you just take me out!" the rich one said.

I will adduce another example to you. An English millionaire entered a room where his riches were kept, however, the door closed behind him, and he was left in that room and starved to death. At the last moment of his life he wrote a note, "If there was someone who could give me bread, I would give him half of my treasure." He died and again gave one half. We, the contemporary people, give half; but give all of it, so that you can live! Nothing more! Who is going to help us? What is this thing? In early Christianity there was a very nice story. Herod wanted to be pleasing to the Jews and so he accepted Apostle Peter, and he locked him up, and put fetters on him, and wanted to offer him as a sacrifice like Abel. But 120 brothers constantly prayed for Peter. One evening a man came to him and told him, "Get up! Now is not the time for sleeping." He jogged him in the chest, and told him, "Now dress up." This Angel cast a glance and Peter's fetters and chains fell off! The two of them went to the prison door, it opened, and the Angel took Peter out and told him, "Do not come tomorrow to show yourself to Herod! Be off without a trace!" When he went out, Apostle Peter thought that he had had a dream, and when he realized that he was free, he rejoiced! That was the first experience of Apostle Peter. But that is the power of Love, of 120 brothers.

If your mind, your heart, and your soul do not work for you, the Angel will not come as well! So we, the contemporary faithful, have to harness our mind, our heart, and our soul - pray we must!

I am constantly asked, when will the peace come? - Pray, and the peace will come. It is up to you. If everybody turns with their mind and their heart and their soul towards God, peace will come immediately. But now everybody wants to win. Man and women are fighting each other. The man wants the woman to step back; and the woman wants the man to step back. The man says, "I am a man." The woman says, "I am the life, I am the field. What is your seed worth inside the barn, where are you going to sow it?" The man says, "What is your field worth without my seed?"

But the field comes out of Adam. That field was within Adam and it came out of him. As for Adam, he is not a head either. That is because, at one time, he too was somewhere, and God took him and said, "Let us make the man in our image."

And which was the image of God? God infused the law of the Divine Love, of the Divine Wisdom, and the Divine Truth in man, so that man would love the Love, from whence the life comes; so that he would love the knowledge and love the freedom, and so that he would not constrain anyone.

Someone might ask, "How can one serve God?" - In order to serve God, do not constrain the man, nor his thought; leave him free in his thought, in his feelings, and in his deeds. You say, "Let me enlighten him." It is not us who are going to enlighten the people. God is the One Who enlightens the people through us. And we all have to be instruments of His Light, of His Warmth, and His Power. We shall think that every man has come out of God; and because he has come out of God, he carries the Love; because he has come out of God, he carries the wisdom, the essence. Because he has come out of God, he carries the freedom. And that knowledge is necessary for every man.

When you look at that bread, if you eat it with love and you have been indisposed, an excellent thought will come into you, and your indisposition will disperse. You will sit down, you will take the pen, and you will write down a couplet: "Oh coin with a sheen, omnipotent queen, with you I'm the king, without you - an underling. Without you the simpleton strives to cope, with you they promote him to pope." When man does not carry out the laws of Love, his head starts to deform in him. A certain part of his head becomes deformed. Everyone needs to know that. When a man does not walk on the path of Wisdom, his head becomes deformed at a different place; and when man does not carry out the law of Truth, his head becomes deformed at a third place. Well what is the head worth, if it is deformed at the front, at the back, and flattened out at the top? Such a man’s head looks like a snake's head, the top part of which is accrete with the spine, with the spinal cord. And if you are looking for the sympathy of a snake, you are not going to find it in it. I have observed how a snake catches a frog by its leg. The frog croaks, but the snake calmly clutches it and swallows it. The frog does not croak in the presence of any other animal, but when the snake snatches it, it croaks - out of Love or out of fear. But sometimes the snake too gets a good lesson. Sometimes the hedgehog snatches it by the tail. The hedgehog then rolls his body into a ball and reveals only his spines. The snake winds around the hedgehog, but cannot do anything. And the hedgehog calmly eats it. The Turkish say - whatever you do, you will find. Some time ago, a sister came to me and told me about another young sister. She told me thus, "She is very talkative, very pert, stubborn, does not work, she is indolent, slothful, etc." - "She is an artist!" I said. I told her that if an artist is represented by a slothful woman, will she not be introduced in the proper way. And if she is not introduced in the proper way, she will not be approved. If she is introduced in the proper way, she will be applauded. A woman who cannot beat her man is not an artist. A man who cannot beat his woman is not an artist. He is on the stage. The audience will applaud him. If he does not beat her, they will say, "He is a granny." Then if he beats her, he is a hero. Why, if you do not dig your field, what is it going to give you? Beating is digging. However, he is digging on the back of his woman; that is where his mistake is. When the man becomes cross at his woman, he should take the hoe and go to the field, and say, "I am doing this for my woman." And when the woman gets cross at her man, she too should take the hoe and go to the field and dig. And she should say, "I am doing this for my man." Then she should dig the vines too, and when she becomes cross at her man again, she should take and wash his clothes, clean and iron them. That is the new understanding of things. That is the new way, the new understanding, and God does that to us. God does not even slightly question our transgressions. That you have drunk too much, he does not question. God said, "Drink, but water. Drink from the finest water, do not drink spirits, rum, cognac, but drink water."

So I say, the first thing is: in the new Teaching mutual esteem is required. If you do not learn to respect the people properly, they cannot respect you. You have to respect them, because God lives within all people, and He tests us. You say, "Some person is really bad." I say, "He is an artist."

"There is nothing hidden and concealed." A man who beats his woman has certain lines on his face, on his cheek-bones. And a woman who laces into her man has certain lines on that place as well. If you beat your woman, when you go to the other world, they will tell you, "What have you learned?" - "I learnt only to beat my woman." - "And what song have you composed while beating her?" Beating is like playing the guitar. You twang the first chord, the second chord, the third chord: it has to produce one type of sound. There is a song in beating the drum too. That drum gives the main tone for the entire orchestra. You, a single man, if you cannot beat it by the law of Love, by the law of Wisdom, and by the law of Truth, then that is no beating. I agree with your beating it. A man too, who has been beaten by the law of Love, gains life; a man, who has been beaten by the law of Wisdom, gains knowledge; and a man, who has been beaten by the law of Truth, gains strength. In order to become strong, you have to be beaten by the law of Truth. And to rejoice that you have been beaten. The first Christians rejoiced that they were beaten too. They rejoiced that they were beaten by the law of Truth. And we, the contemporary people, do not know that law. You would say, "This is elementary stuff." To me, a violinist, who does not know how to play well, knows nothing of music. To me, a singer who cannot sing, does not understand a thing of music. He who knows, shows it through his singing. A painter, who cannot paint, does not understand art; and an orator, who does not speak, is not an orator.

God has given us various weals. When you meet a person on the road, if you do not cast a glance full of enough beauty, you have not understood the laws of life. Somebody says to me, "I met a woman whom I will not forget; she gave me such a look that 20 years have passed since then, and when I recall that look, all of my sufferings disappear." This is an art, knowledge. We should not only complain that we are suffering, we should rejoice that we are suffering. God says thus:

Do not consider the hardships in life as a punishment. They are a whip for your salvation.

Do not consider the adversities in life as a punishment; they are an impulse for your elevation.

Do not consider the sufferings in life as a punishment. They are a healing balm for His elevating hand.

Follow the ordinances of My Spirit and listen to My Bright Spirits. And walk on the Way, on which they are leading you.

Walk on the Way, on Which He is guiding you. Listen to the bright Spirits and you will be blessed.

When we love someone, we have to give him the best food, on which we feed; when we love someone, we have to give him the purest air; when we love someone, we have to give him the best light, the best lamp! Now this lamp here shows us what we need to be. This is the best lamp in Marchaevo. And in Marchaevo we want everyone to be bright like this lamp. And the other brothers we want to be like this lamp. And we are grateful that this lamp was found. Those people worked for the laying of electricity, but yet a lamp was found here which can glow like electricity!

In the world the greatest thing is Love! There is no greater thing than that, to perceive God's Love, God's Wisdom, God's Knowledge. There is no greater thing in the world than to perceive God's Freedom. The only thing that should delight us is the presence of God's Love within us. The presence of God's Wisdom within us, and the presence of God's Truth within us. The presence of the New Life. The presence of the Knowledge within us, and the presence of the Freedom, which God has given us!

God says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." That way is within us now, God is within us. God says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life," within you. Everyone who knows this Way, this Truth, and this Life, will have all of God's blessings!

And that is the Teaching of Christ. Christ says, "If you love me, you will preserve My Law, which I am giving to you."

And what better thing in the world than to be a child of God! A son of God! What better thing than to be a daughter or a child of God! Nothing can be compared to that! If you are a son of God, you have everything at your disposal. If you are a daughter of God, you have everything at your disposal. For now, and for the future.

So far we have slept. I say, "What lies in store for us?" - In the future, God's Love is in store for you. On the earth, not in Heaven. On the earth is where it is in store for you. You will taste God's Love on earth in all of its thoroughness. After that you will taste all the Love in the world of Angels; and finally, you will taste that Love in the Divine World, and then there will be a connection between the human Love, the Angelic Love, and the Divine Love; they are one and the same thing. They are a bud, a blossom, and fruit.

So, begin now with the human love. In "Our Father" it is said, "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us."

Sometimes you do not love somebody. It is very natural and very difficult to love somebody, there are reasons. But there is one law for loving. You would say, "God loves us whatever we are." Do you think that you are that pure? - No. But why does God love you? - For the Love and Truth within man. God loves the Truth, which is found even within a sinful man. And if God is condescending towards us, we should also act as He does. There will be obstacles; it is not an easy job. To say theoretically that we love is one thing. But loving itself is a great art! Those who love are so exacting. When a man senses that you love him, he is very exacting. He wants from you. When a man recognizes that you love him, he is initially content with 5 levs, which you give him, and when he senses that you love him, he is then not satisfied neither with 10 levs, nor with 15 levs, nor 100 levs. And finally, he wants people to sacrifice themselves for him. I cannot sacrifice myself for a man, if I am not sure that I am going to live after that. Christ sacrificed himself for the people, but he had the confidence that he would live again in the New Life, and not die during the sacrifice. We have to sacrifice ourselves with the idea that we will enter the new life. And when somebody wants to sacrifice himself, he needs to understand this law: we should die for the old life, and live in the New one. We should cease living in the old life, but accept and enter the Love. We should cease living in the old life of ignorance, and enter the knowledge. We should cease living under the law of slavery, and enter the freedom. If these contrasts do not exist, then there will not be a correct understanding, and this is how contradictions are born within us. Some time ago, a sister came, who had a beloved. She told me, "I do not love him. I cannot love him. Once I loved him, but not anymore."

To me, this matter is clear. Someone comes to me and says, "I do not want to work." I give him 5 levs, and he says again that he does not want to work. I give him 30 levs, and again he says that he does not want to work. I give him 1000 levs, and he is ready to work. He says, "I work with money."

So I say, I do not preach a teaching without money. You will pay the man. You will pay the one who loves you handsomely for his Love. When he is teaching you an art, you will pay him handsomely. Payment is needed in the world. It is said in the Writ, in Isaiah, "Come and buy some." What are you going to buy without money? - You will pay with the ringing coins of Love, of Truth, and of Wisdom. Payment is required. It is said, "You have taken as a gift, so give as a gift."

God's weal is rewarded again with God's weal. There is karma and Dharma. The word Dharma has a Vatanian [according to the Master, this is the first and primordial of all languages] root, and has a connection with the Bulgarian word "Дар" ["Dar" = Gift]. Dharma is that which Christians call: BLESSING. That is a Gift. A fountain generously gives! But if you drink from that water and do not thank God, you will not benefit from it. Man has to be thankful for the fountain of God. All his way through he should talk about that fountain. And the ailing, when drinking from that water, does not thank God, does not benefit from it. However, the other, who gives thanks, is restored to health. We, the contemporary people, have to thank God for the smallest of his weals, for the smallest ray of light. We have to gives thanks for a fountain, for a flower, for the slightest kind glance, which someone has cast on you. Christ says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." The Way, through Which the knowledge comes; the Truth, through which the freedom comes; the Life, through which the Love comes. This is the New thing, which God now sends to the world. And then he calls us His Sons and Daughters if we walk on the way of Love, on the way of Wisdom, and on the way of Truth.

Now, I am not going to tell you 'God be with you'. You are within God. And leave God to act within yourselves. Listen to God. Listen to Him on your way. If you listen and do something, you are happy - you have done the right thing; and if you do something and you do not feel content, then there is some minor defect in your act - you have not done the right thing. When you are carrying out the Will of God properly, you are always joyful. And when you are not carrying it out well, God does not sentence you, but tells you, "Correct yourself, correct that mistake."

Let us assume that you cut off half a lev from the payment for your servant; you give him a hundred levs, but you have knocked half a lev off. Add another lev to his payment, add more, but do not cut off half a lev.

Sometimes we are very generous to particular people, and we tell them, "I love you very much." This is idle talk. And to some people we do not want to say these things, we refrain, as if we do not love them. We hide ourselves. I agree that we do not have to, but let that man feel your love absolutely gratuitously. And when he comes out, he should feel like he has adopted life, knowledge, and freedom. And he should say, "I am grateful that God let me meet that person."

This world is in need of people who are going to spread God around the entire world. It is said in the Writ, "Thus shall your deeds brighten." But without Love, without knowledge, and without freedom, they cannot brighten. Your deeds cannot brighten. Or in other words, without Love, without Wisdom, and without Truth, your deeds cannot brighten. It is said later in the same verse, "... and then they shall praise Thy Father, Who art in Heaven."

And when we come back to God we shall say, as Christ said, "I carried out Your Will, I glorified You. And now glorify Me too, Father, with the Glory that I had before the creation of the world." What does this mean; God has set something aside, prepared something great for us. That which he has not prepared neither in his mind, nor in his heart, has not come.

But now these things are distant. And here on earth, now in these strenuous times, only God's Love can help us carry the heavy burden. And only God's Wisdom, and only God's Truth can help us. And God will be on our side, and we will carry God's blessing. And there is nothing better than to carry God's Blessing! And that the Angels of God descend and ascend, and protect the chosen ones on earth.

So we are praying now that God's Love affects the entire world. And that God's Wisdom and God's Truth affect the entire world, so that it could cease, but not cease, but that the new life could come. Now people are fighting, because they are lacking Love, because they are lacking knowledge, because they are lacking freedom. When the life comes; when the knowledge and this freedom comes, the war will cease. Then the mothers will begin. [Apparently there have been some major omissions in this paragraph, probably because of unedited shorthand records. I fear there is nothing we can do but leave the text as it is.]

This war is a war of death and lovelessness. And after the war of lovelessness, the war of Love will come. And they are the mothers who have to give birth to children - all those children who were killed have to be replaced by new ones. They are the ones who will recreate the world. Now the world needs mothers, who will bear children. And children who will walk on God's Way; not kill, but carry God's life.

So now we have to give birth, not to destroy, but to give birth.

God says, "I am the Path, the Truth, and the Life. And if you walk on My Way, on My Truth, and on My Life!

This is a Life eternal for them to know You, the One, the True God and Christ, Whom you have sent."

Love, Wisdom, Truth, Life, knowledge and freedom. Movement, teaching, and work!


This is a Life eternal, for them to know You, the One, the True God and Christ, Whom you have sent. (three times)

Now say within yourselves, "God, we will manifest we will express the slightest Love, the slightest wisdom, and the slightest freedom, which comes from you!" The slightest, not the largest. Now let us show the slightest Love, the slightest wisdom, and the slightest freedom, which comes from God. They are worth more than anything else.

(All friends greet and kiss the Hand of the Master.)

Now outside by the tiny spring (at Temelkov brothers' place) we will all do the silent exercises. Only the six of them, without music.

6:25 p.m.



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