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Eternal Living

I Summer Morning oration, held by the Teacher on 19.3.1944, at 6:00 a.m., in the village of Marchaevo, Sofia district

The oration ended at 6: 45 a.m.

The sky was clear. The moon wanes until 24 March.

The weather is calm, mild, and warm.

The room was well lit with a gas lamp on a mantle.

30–40 people were present.

The good prayer.

Psalm 91.

The prayer of the Kingdom.

„The Spirit of God.“

I will read to you only three verses, which are related to the present and the future of man. You will find them in the Gospel:

This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent.

If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you.

I am the Path, The Truth and Life.

These three verses are related to the Path, the Truth, and Life. If the Path does not lead anywhere, if it is closed, where would you go? The Path shows that you must have the conditions to move along it. But there cannot be movement if there is no light in the man, if there is no warmth – an internal impulse, and if there is no strength, by which he would walk his way.

In the Path lies the sense of life. What is a sense? A meal has sense when the food brings you delight and satisfaction. The reading of a book has sense when it gives you joy. If you are reading a book in a foreign language and you do not understand the meaning of the words, what is the point in it? The man, who does not understand Love in its elementary forms, has not understood the sense of life. If you do not appreciate life on earth, how would you appreciate life in Heaven? We can say that life on earth is a bud, the angel's life is a blossom, and the Divine life is a ripe fruit. You say: A fruit. But if the fruit has not passed through the stage of the blossom, it cannot become a fruit, as well as the flower cannot turn into a flower if it has not been a bud. In the bud there is a certain power [strength], which is used up in the blossom. The blossom is talking. When a plant is in blossom [blooms], it is talking. The smell is the speech of the plant. Some plants that talk better have a more pleasant, sweet fragrance. We think that fragrance is something meaningless. It is a whole poetry, similar to the verse of a poet that you are reading. And if you do not understand the language, it has no meaning. If you do understand the language, it is meaningful to you. A mathematics formula has a meaning to the mathematician. For an ordinary person it is meaningless.

We have to get rid of that mechanical understanding. We think that life can be inspired. Life cannot be inspired - it cannot be inspired from anywhere. There is something that gets inspired in man, but it is not life. Let's say that something is poured in the lamp, but it is not the light - the light comes later. You should have the knowledge to turn petrol into a gas state, and to turn that gas into light. You need to have a lighter for that purpose.

There are three lighters in the world. The first lighter is the Love, the second is the Wisdom and the third one is the Truth. A person, who is not able to get lighted in the three ways, would not be able to understand what life is, what knowledge is and what freedom is.

A man, who has understood Love, becomes immortal.

A man, who has understood Wisdom, becomes perfect.

A man, who has understood the Truth, becomes free.

Somebody says: Let's get free. You can make numerous efforts to get free. The easiest thing is to obtain [get] freedom, but it is also the most difficult thing. If you do not understand Love and Wisdom, you would not be able to understand the Truth. If you do not understand Love, you would have no idea what the sweetest words in the world are. We understand the contents of things through Love. When we study an apple on the field, we study it according to the laws of Love.

Sweetness is an expression of Love. The more rightly Love is understood, the better sweetness is. The sweetness is not only in apples. There are also sweet thoughts, sweet deeds. Sometimes someone could look at you in such a way that your entire day is pleasant. There is sweetness in his eyes. Someone else might look at you and cut you with his eyes. Contemporary people are afraid to die. Do you know why? – Because placed at the boundary of the physical field there are the worst spirits. They are called plunderers: they are the so-called apaches. Whatever you have, they plunder it. Since you have passed through this area many times, you are looking for another way. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served Love. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served Wisdom. If you do not want to be plundered, you should have served the Truth. Otherwise you will be plundered according to all rules and then, say the Hindu people, you will go backwards. Everyone, who has been plundered, would go back to gather wealth again. Those who go to the other world must carry something. The son, who has gone to study, if he comes back with no knowledge, then why did he go there?

The young man, who loves the maid, loves her for three things. If a maid does not possess the qualities of Love, the qualities of Wisdom and the qualities of the Truth – I am talking about the soul – this woman cannot be loved.

The first verse was: This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent. This is the beginning of Love.

The second verse was: If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you. This is the Wisdom.

The third verse was: I am the Path, the Truth and Life. This is the Truth.

If we understand these three things, even at the most elementary level, they will give us a ground for new knowledge. You would never be able to learn a language if you do not have a good ear. If you want to learn the written language, you have to know the alphabet of that language, the names and signs of the letters that are used in the language.

In the Divine world things are real. What is the distinguishing feature of the Divine language? In the Divine language, if you say a word, then what you have said happens immediately – the fruit is ripe. In the Divine world things grow ripe. You would never become ripe and cannot obtain something, if your soul does not go into [enter] the Divine world. I am not talking about the body. The body cannot go there.

You say: I know this man. How do you know him? You say: This is a good person. How do you recognise the good person? You say: He is a good person, he has an excellent, bright mind. What you cannot describe, that is real. What you cannot determine, this is real.

The Divine language, the Divine world can only be felt. The Angels' world can only be seen. And the human world is a world of movement. To be a man, you should walk. You visit one another, don't you? This is the world of the humans. When you visit someone, what do you talk about? In the present conditions you will talk about bombs, about bread, about this and that. The world of the humans is a world of freedom. Here, on earth, you will learn the first letter of freedom.

Now, there are things in the world that impede man in understanding Love, the Divine Wisdom, and the Truth. Suppose that you go to visit an ill friend of yours and you have all the good will, you bring him a good, nice apple, a good meal, but he says: I cannot eat. You bring him a good book, with a good subject, but he says: I cannot read. You have brought an aeroplane or a car for him, but he says: I cannot move from my place.

So, I say: We live in a world where contemporary people, after having fallen in love, first get ill. What people call Love is the first illness of Love. People enter Love healthy and come out ill, saying: I did not need it. For Love, people fight on the battlefield. For Love, people die for their fatherland. For the love of money – to become rich they work throughout their life. And when they gain money, they leave it to other people and say: Let them use it. How will other people use the money, when I have not used it yet? It is the same as a professor saying to his students: I could not understand that, but you will understand it.

The first thing in Love that you have to understand is what the warmth is. Love and human life on earth cannot be revealed without warmth. If we have a thermometer, we can determine the person's Love. Somebody says that he loves me. I would put the thermometer in his armpit and I will define the grades of the warmth.

Burning is not Love. Burning means suffering. If you are burning for something, it is not Love, it is lack of love.

I have read many books about stolen love. You all believe that love can be stolen. The only thing that cannot be stole is Love. Everything else can be stolen. The only things that cannot be stolen are the things that come out of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Everything else can be stolen from you. There is a theft. I do not know what you understand by the word 'theft'. Often people mix the notions. For the person who is stealthy, people say that he lies. Stealthiness is not a lie. The lie is the only thing in the world that has no content [that is meaningless]. What is a lie? A lie is what has no meaning and no value. The only empty thing, lacking content, is the lie. The lie is gold-plated. Sometimes the lie is gilt with Love, sometimes with Wisdom, sometimes with a Truth. Everyone, who wants to tell a lie, when he or she comes to you will talk about Love, about knowledge, about freedom.

You should not talk about Love. You should not talk about Wisdom. You should not talk about the Truth. About this you keep silent. If you have a stove, how does the stove talk to you? No matter if it talks to you or not, you know when it is cold or hot.

I can give you gifts, I can give you the moon, but how will you benefit from that? I can also give you planets, suns, but how will they use them, for example, I give you the sun. When you go to the sun, what will you do? The creatures on the sun are stronger than you, they have Love, they know more than you. It will be ridiculous that you, an ignoramus from the earth, become their master when you go there with your intention.

So, sometimes we fall in such a situation. For example, you say: I love it – you expose your intention, you want to reign over it. It is a sun. How will you reign over it? The only thing that cannot be ruled [reigned] is Love. The only thing that cannot be reigned over is Wisdom. The only thing that cannot be reigned over is the Truth. They are absolutely independent. You have to get rid of delusions like that.

Sometimes you think why Christ does not understand your sufferings. I ask: Have you suffered like Christ? There is no one of you who has had his pores bleeding, like Christ. That Christ has suffered is still not Love. It shows the great obstacles on the way to gain Love. There were big hindrances on the way of Love.

In America, there was a farmer, who had a big farm, but the whole area was covered with stone and the ground did not bear anything. He thought that one day he would leave that land, but a scientist came and told him that the stone was 25 cm thick and underneath there was very good soil. They removed the stone and the fertile soil was under it.

So, what we, contemporary people call a sin, is that stone plate. It must be broken up. When we break up this stony plate, good soil will come out from under it. The stone, from the stone plate, must be put as a wall around.

Imagine that you go to God and you tell Him that you love him and that you are ready to do anything for Him. God, Who knows everything, when He looks at you will say nothing and will give you the least work to see how much you love Him. If you are in a school and you say that you love your teacher, you have to do something to show that you love him; you have to study the lessons he taught. One teacher teaches music, you have to know at least one song. If you love knowledge, you have to understand properly at least one book. If you love light, you have to know what the light is and to talk to it. Sometimes I have said that a man must talk with the light. You feel pains in the back. Turn your back to the light and think about the light, about what it contains and the pain will disappear. All pains in the mind come from the lack of light. All pains in the heart come from the lack of warmth. And all pains in the human soul come from the lack of Truth. If you are ready to do anything about the Truth, you are a rich person. When a man comes to you and starts talking about the Truth, you should be ready to do everything that the Truth wants. If you love Wisdom, you should do everything that it wants you to do.

It is the Love that you can only love. If you love the Love, then you will have life inside you. The only power that keeps life is Love. It is said: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent.“ This is an eternal life, to know Love.

For us it is not necessary to go to the next world. We are eternal in the other world. We live at the same time in the world of God, in the world of the angels, and in the world of the humans. With our mind we are in the angels’ world. With our heart we are in God’s world, and with our soul we are in the human world. With your soul you will serve the people.

God wants what belongs to him. God does not say: „Give Me your mind“, but says: „Give Me your heart“. He does not say: „Give me your soul“. Christ says: Father, in Your Hands I give My Spirit. However, in all other places in the Bible the prophets put these words in God’s mouth. „My Son, give me your heart“. This heart must go into God’s heart in order to purify. Otherwise, it will remain impure. And if it impure, then all deeds will remain not understood.

The human heart gets purified only through light and through the Truth. Purity and sanctity are two different things. Sanctity is a quality of the mind, purity is a quality of the heart, and liberty {freedom} is a quality of the soul. It is said in the Scripture: God breathed in man’s nostrils the Breath of Life and he turned into a living soul.

To live means to be free. The first stage of freedom - that is life.

In contemporary life, we want people to love us. God, who has created us, loves us, too.

Now is the second stage: that we start loving. And we still stay and say: is there anybody who loves us. The fact that you have come to earth in flesh shows that God loves you. Now you have to manifest your Love to God. And if the people do not understand that, their present life becomes senseless. People always expect to be loved by somebody. God loves you. He has showered you with countless goods: you are free when you breathe and the fresh air penetrates your lungs, when you listen, the most pleasant tones come into your ears, the most pleasant fragrance comes into your nose, and the best food comes into your mouth. God has given you the little freedom to go everywhere you would like. What else do you want?

This is the law: a man who wants a lot - this is typical for the human. People want a lot. Take a little child – he/she wants a lot but is satisfied with little. The angels, too, want a lot but are satisfied with even less. And God wants the least.

You cannot understand Love if you do not want the least. This is true. Somebody speaks about human, angel’s and God’s Love. I will explain to them with examples. In the case of God’s Love, if you love somebody, when you just see him in the distance, about half a kilometre away, or when you see just his back, his hat, you are merry [happy] during the whole day. He has not talked to you, neither has he seen you, but you are happy. In the case of angel’s Love, the situation is as follows: you are happy when the person smiles to you. With human Love you can shake hands with him, you can touch him. And when you take his hand you might feel that it is cold and when he starts talking, you would see that his words [speech] are not good. We all stumble in human Love.

So, do not shake hands before you have understood God’s Love and angel’s Love.

Angels are beautiful. A person, who is not beautiful, is not an angel. To be an angel you should be beautiful, and to be Divine, you should take the least. When you are given a lump of sugar, you should carry the lump all the day long and be pleased [delighted] with it. I have watched a child: he would lick the sugar lump and would put it back in his pocket, and he would rejoice at it and then he would take it out again and have another lick.

What have we gained till now? You have been beautiful, but one day you look at yourself and see that you have grown old. You have loved everybody and everybody has loved you. But a day comes when no one loves you. Your sons, your friends, your sons-in-law say about you – the old man – let God take him, to leave this world. There is no greater suffering than that.

Now I would like to suggest to you the following: not to be rich, because you are rich. No one could give you greater wealth. Not to give you knowledge, you have a lot of knowledge, you have a lot of libraries, books, scientific works, but you do not know how to read them. You also have freedom, but you are tied up. Sometimes children tie up a bug, the bug flies up, but since it has a thread tied to its leg it falls down. You want to be free, but some child has tied you up by your leg. You fly up, and then thump, you fall down, because you are tied up by a child, who is playing with you. You love somebody, but you have been tied and you suffer all day long. You have money, you have everything, but you say: I will not go out today because I do not want to get robbed. You are tied to the money. You say: I have money but I will not go out because I do not want my safe to get broken into. I am asking: does the money need protection [guards].

The only thing that does not know Love and knows all people is money. For the money it is equal if it is in the pocket of a gypsy or in the pocket of the king.

Stop deluding yourselves in Love! Years ago, a young man came to me and said: I am looking for someone to love. I told him: Why don't you get to love your father and your mother, who have given you life. He answered: They are ignorant, I do not like my mother's character.

Your mother has carried you nine months with love. If you do not love your mother, you cannot love anybody. A person, who does not love God, cannot love anybody.

Somebody would say: I love you. I know how much he loves me. If I am a hen, he would come one evening to me and would cut my head, he would pluck my feathers and would grill me. If I am an apple, I know how he would love me. What do you do to the things that you love? You eat the things that can be eaten, you ride what can be ridden, and you burn what is for burning. You burn the firewood. This is love.

This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent.

So, this is an eternal life, to see from a distance the sunrise of life and to be delighted. When it comes to the zenith, to be delighted again, and when this sun is setting, this is human Love: to be delighted again.

Now, in the present conditions you say: who could save us to free the people. Only God can free the people.

How difficult it is to understand life. We, contemporary people, do not live the present life, but we live a life in the past, a life thousands of years back. These are past notions, with which we live. Sometimes you are dissatisfied, you want to take revenge and so on. All that is a life of the past. God is Love, everything in the world is beautiful and nice, and we are dissatisfied this is because of the past. Because you have been rich, but your wealth has been taken; you have had knowledge and you have lost it; in the past your memory has been good, but now you forget; in the past you have been strong, but now you feel your strength has left you. Where has your strength gone? These are delusions of the past.

This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent.

This is eternal life to get free of all past delusions and to come to the New that God gives you.

God wants us to understand the life that he has given us on earth. For example, to give a man a glass of water and the entire day you are happy that you have given somebody a glass of water; to give someone a fruit and be happy that you have had the opportunity to give him a fruit. This is serving God.

To be happy the whole day that you have met a person and you have told him a good word.

Now we talk about the existence of angels, about the existence of the other world and so on; all these things really exist, but this knowledge is not enough.

In order to understand Love, ask for the least. Two of Christ's students came to Him and asked Him the following: one of them to be seated at His left side and the other at His right side. They wanted something big. Christ told them: „You do not know what you want“. They said: „How don't we know?“ Christ told them: „The deeds that I do, you can also do... I get baptised, you can also do it. You can drink up the cup, which I use to drink, but to sit at My left or right side, this can be permitted only by the Father.

God gives the least. In the world God gives the least. God has given the most: He has created the world and to us He has given the least. You say: „It is very little“. A wheat corn is little, but if you sow it for ten successive years, it will grow and increase, and become a lot. The little thing grows, while the big one cannot grow.

If you do not have the least of Love, you cannot understand it.

If you do not have the least of Wisdom, you cannot understand it.

If you do not have the least of the Truth, you cannot have freedom.

Be happy [satisfied] with the least that is given to you. This is a very difficult thing. Someone gives you a little corn, you throw it away, saying that it is very little.

Put the least of Love in your heart. Put the least of Wisdom in your mind. And put the least of the Truth in your soul and you will acquire [learn] the following piece of knowledge: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent“.

If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you.

„I am the Path, The Truth and Life“.

And then you should say: „God, You Are the Path, the Truth and Life and I will follow this Path together with You“.

A song: „I can love“.


Then you should do the following exercise: Both hands are joined above the head in the form of a sharp angle. They get down to the head and rise three times and then are lowered slowly downwards as a pouring. After the exercise, the Teacher said: The first movement is connected with the words: „This is the eternal Life, to know You, the Only one, the Real God and Christ, the one Who you have sent“. The second movement is connected with the words: „ If My words live within you, you live within Me, my Father and I will come and will make a home within you and I will be manifested for you“. The third movement is related to the words: „ I am the Path, The Truth and Life“.

At each of these three movements the respective verse should be pronounced in your thought.



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