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Israel and Bulgarian

And this is a life eternal, just to know You, one and only God. When we remove the word eternal, remains the verse: "This is a life eternal, just to know You, one and only God."

"What you bind in the heaven, will be binded also on the earth; what you untie in the heaven, will be untied also on the earth." [1] This has relation to those people, who have known God, and not to those, who don't know Him. This has relation to those grains, which are on the field, and not to those, who are in the barn.

Now I will talk about two positive things: about the belief, which is a relish to the Knowledge, and about the Love, which brings Life. Without belief one can gain nothing. Without belief one cannot tickle God. Every impulse of the sole shows you, that the belief appears. This, which people nowadays call belief, is the materialistic notion of belief. Somebody says: "I don't know if that, which people teach, is necessary. ”Every time you can check that. The food, you eat, every time you can make sure if it is good or not; the air, you breathe, every time you can check it; the light that comes into your eyes, every time you can check it; the road that you walk on, every time you can make sure if it is straight or twisted.

Time has come already, when we must sow our knowledge. Everything is important, but in a certain case not everything is useful. When you sow the wheat seed, for the first time you are not interested in it. As it comes up, fruits and begins to mellow, you are interested in it: you are making it into sheaves, thrashing it and putting it in the barn. From time to time you take the wheat out of the barn and you use it. Part of it goes for your body, part - for your heart and part - for your brain. Those, who don't know how to eat, send the wheat only to the body, leading to their fattening. They eat more, than they should. There are others, that also don't know how to eat and as a result they consume less food, than they should. Therefore they are thin. One should be neither thin, nor fat. When you pore down some liquid in a vessel, be careful not to over fill it, leave some free space. Some want to be full, to know all. They want to be full kegs. What do they need so much knowledge for? If there is a little room, one can move freely; with no room, one cannot move at all.

Now you are faltering over the words fullness and emptiness. Every word has elements from which it is made. Going through these elements, you will find the meaning of these words. You are Bulgarians, but you don't know what the word Bulgarian means.

The first element is b, which means sowing of the seed. The second is the letter u, which means the burden, which the Bulgarian carries. The third - l - means that, which the Bulgarian carries from the world above. The fourth element - g - is the eternal beginning, which the Bulgarian has seized. The fifth is the letter a, meaning that the Bulgarian is burdened with something. The sixth element - r - shows that, once he has seized something, the Bulgarian never gives it up: with nine pairs of bullocks to pull him, he will never stray from his idea.

In the physical world the Bulgarian needs one homeopathic dose of hope; In the Spiritual world he needs one homeopathic dose of belief, and in the heavenly world - of Love. When there's hope, he will be healthy; he will fight all diseases heroically. If he catches a disease, he will throw it on the ground and say: "Do you know who I am? I am Bulgarian!" If he believes, he will cope with all conflicts in the Spiritual world, and will tread down on the ground and say:” Do you know who am I? I am Bulgarian!"

What does the word Israel mean? What are the elements of Israel? Israel is that, which comes out of Paradise, but the Bulgarian - goes in to Paradise. Primarily, you were Israel, you went out of Paradise; then you become Bulgarians, you will enter Paradise. This is how conflicts are reconciled.

How little does a man need to be happy? Today Bulgarians are happy, that the Dobrudja [33] was given back. A whole holiday. Up till now the Bulgarian has been out of Paradise, due to being Israel. As he became Bulgarian, he entered Paradise. The one, who enters Paradise, takes all without a war, in a friendly manner.

Now I preach the belief. Believe in that which God has put into you. Until now you have gone out of your soul, but as Bulgarians you have already entered your soul, not to sigh any more. The soul is the Paradise of a man. Everybody who is out of his soul sighs, he is out of Paradise. The one, who sighs, is Israel; those who don't sigh, are Bulgarian. Now if people are preached to by God, many will say, that these are not unreal things. Which things are unreal and which are real? - This, which is lost, is unrealistic; this, which is gained, is realistic. If you lose your thoughts, feelings and deeds, then they are unreal. Therefore, if you lose things, you are Israel; when you gain them, you are Bulgarian.

The one who loses, who discourages, who suffers, who can't live without his neighbour, he is Israel. When Jesus comes among the Israelites, did they accept him? No, they did not. But not only that, they racked him. They thought that without Jesus, they would exalt more. Did they exalt? They did not accept the one, who carried Gods benediction, but they did not exalt as they expected.

Therefore, if you have inside you one godlike idea and you throw it aside; do you think that your situation will be better? Once in your brain enters a godlike idea, you will embrace it - nothing more. In it is hidden your future happiness. The happiness of man sits on that to become Bulgarian. Today you are all in Israel; there isn't a man that isn't in Israel. That means you are all out of Paradise and from now on you have to go to Paradise, to become Bulgarians. For now the first who are put into Paradise are Bulgarians. How are they put in? - by means of a whip.

Every man who is German, French, English, who copes with his problems, is a Bulgarian. If he can't cope with his problems, he is not a Bulgarian. What the Bulgarian is to the physical world is not important. We go through the elements of the Bulgarian in the Spiritual world. From a physical point of view the word Bulgarian has come up from the word bulgur, which means the Bulgarian used a lot of bulgur for food. In the physical world the Bulgarian sings and moves, plays and works on. What he sees, he always gives his opinion, and thus his head aches. He thinks that if he is a minister, he can put the world in order; every Bulgarian thinks he can put the world in order. He is Israel. When the real Bulgarian comes and tells the stones to rise, they will rise. He, who says to the stones to rise, and they stay where they are, is Israel. He, who says to Dobrudja to return and it returns, is a Bulgarian. And he who says the same and the Dobrudja, doesn't come is Israel.

I take the word Bulgarian in the meaning of a man, born by Love. Every European nation must be born by the Love. With all respect to all nations, but they must believe in what God has implemented in themselves. Only then can nations really come to know each other. This is not for encouragement, but is the truth which one day you will check. For example, the word love is not the same in all nations, but the idea of Love is one and the same. Love brings everywhere one and the same elements. The same can be said for belief: it is not the same in all nations, but the elements, it brings, are one and same.

The nations nowadays can be named with one name: Godlike nation. And in that case there will be one Bulgarian Godlike nation, one Turkish Godlike nation, one Russian Godlike nation, one French Godlike nation, one English Godlike nation, one Italian and so on.

One is important: in the future there will be one new nation, which will unite all nations in it. We support the idea that on one tree there must be only one branch and one leaf. One tree may have thousands of branches, and the bigger they grow, the lesser they become. As far as the leaves of the tree are concerned, they are numerous. However, the tree can't bear as much fruit as it can leaves. The leaves represent the mental world of the tree. The more leaves the tree has, the smarter it gets. The fruits of the tree show the stage of its development, it has reached. Really the tree knows its fruits. If the fruits are sour and acerb, it has one development; if the fruits are sweet and aromatic, the tree has another development, an other culture. The fruits of man are his deeds. From his deeds we judge his development and culture.

Today many people seek God, but they do not know where to find him. Every man can be a window to God. God created the Sun and the Earth, but he alone can be neither the Sun, nor the Earth. They say God is everywhere. In fact, he is in human thoughts, feelings and actions. He is in human suffering, happiness. Somebody suffers. Why? - He had a friend and he went away to another world. He should be happy that his friend went away. God has come to love him and he has invited him to be his guest. When he walked on the Earth, God liked his friend, gave him an invitation to visit him. He went to visit God, and you are crying and suffering for him.

All people need a new understanding of Life. Some time a child is born to a household and nobody knows why it is born. It can be a boy or a girl. And if there are three or four girls born to a household, the parents want to have a girl. Why? - Because the boys bring one of the hardest elements in themselves. And so, if a man bears manly thoughts, this will lead to the stiffening of his muscles, brain and lungs. And for this not to happen, man should make a change in his thoughts, first to accept a manly, then one womanly and at last - one childish. On the other hand, if in the brain of a man is born one thought, then in the heart is born one feeling and in the will - some deed.

The right exchange between thoughts, feelings and deeds infer the right development of the human soul. If the mind, heart and will don't bear, they are damned to suffering. Which Turks tortured the Bulgarians: the poor or the rich? – The Rich. Why? – Because they did not bear, i.e. did not give anything from them. In that respect they look like fruitless trees. Which trees are cut off – the fruitful or the fruitless?

One of the handicaps of contemporary people is that they avoid bearing. Due to many reasons they are afraid of bearing. The man says: “It's good, that I am not a woman to bear” When man was born on Earth, in any way man is still bearing, cannot be freed from bearing. If he is a man, he will bear with his mind; if he is a woman, she will bear with her heart; if he is a child, he will bear with his body. If you are a master or a slave, a king or a queen, you will bear again. Whatever situation a man occupies on Earth, by all means he will pass through the process of bearing. A man lives, until he bears; when he stops to bear, the Life goes through other processes.

Now, as I talk about bearing, I do not have in mind that condition, accompanied by suffering. I have in mind that bearing, which is accompanied by Happiness and Joy. I do not talk about bearing, accompanied by suffering, but about that bearing of the human brain, which is expressed in Happiness; I talk about that bearing in the human heart, which brings Love, health and favour; I talk about this bearing in the will, which makes man free. Wherever man bears – in the mind, in the heart and in the will, it is not easy to bear. Conditions are necessary to bear. Earth bears, only if it is under the influence of the sunny rays. If it is not under their influence, birth is impossible. Besides that, the position/configuration between the Earth and the Sun is important. This is the reason, because the poles of the Earth are almost fruitless.

Few are interested in the question about the bearing of the three worlds – Mental, Hearty and и Will – and they ask what to do, to become rich. The gaining of riches is one process. A man cannot become rich right away. The quick enlightening is an artificial process. When a man has become rich quickly, he will become poor as quickly. In order to acquire eternal richness, man must become rich simultaneously in the three worlds – in the Mental, in the Spiritual and the Physical. When all people get rich in that way, the Earth will turn into Paradise.

Let's get back to that symbolic notion of the Bulgarian. Every Bulgarian, who knew God, can enter in Paradise. Every Bulgarian who can get things together on the Earth and on the Sky and to tell them apart on the Earth and on the Sky, lives in Paradise - him you can listen to. Why? – Because God has christened him. The name Bulgarian is not just given. It implements a great Godly idea. When he is ready to accept that idea, he carries already that name. Somebody will say he is a Bulgarian. This is not enough. The Bulgarian must have three elements in itself: body, which is guided by the hope and works without any restrictions; brain, which is guided by the belief and works without any restrictions and a brain, which is guided by the Love and works without any restrictions.

Therefore, if you know what the Bulgarian can be, do you have to discourage him? Do you have to repine, that you were born Bulgarians? When the Spiritual world wants to steel a man, to give him over more firmness sends him on Earth among the Bulgarians. When he wants to give over to some Great Spirit rigidity, he will again send him on Earth to be born as a Bulgarian. The one who wants to cope with the difficulties, to acquire hardness, becomes a Bulgarian. The Bulgarian is the professor in hardness. In that meaning, when it is concerned the determining of some Godly idea, a man must be Bulgarian.

In order to reach something, a man must possess in him a certain quality. If he says, that he wants all his sins to be forgiven, he has to answer against that with another thing(unclear). With what? – With kindness. Тhe law of generosity infers abundance. To be abundant, most of all a man must be rich inwardly, not to be afraid of any destitution and restrictions. Can one claim to be rich, if he has millions of kilos of grain in his barn, but is afraid that starvation might come, that the conditions of life might get worse? How much grain does he need for a year? When he spends a year calmly, the following will bring to him again its good.

Today you are all gathered to hear something for the present moment. This, which you call present, is past. You still don't live in the present. Your ideas are of the past; in them there is no reality. They are dams, which every flood, water can wash away. One of the ideas of the past is a man who can become grand. A marvellous thing! A man who is great, but does not realize that, aims towards some imaginary greatness. The elephant is great, big, but cannot bid the man? The man, the tiny being, is getting up on the back of the elephant and is directing him. Why? – Because he is smarter and better than he is. He sits upon the elephant, rules him and talks to him: “Big and great you are, but you are sent to me to teach you.” This is how all those, who eat chickens, ducks, lambs and others. They butcher, eat them and say, that they are sending them off to school in their stomach, they’re to teach them.

When they do not know themselves, people want to possess qualities, for which they even do not suspect that they are hidden in themselves. Somebody for example wants to be good. When he wants to be good, he strives towards the physic world, wants to study his laws. When he wishes to go into the Spiritual world, a man is striving already towards the Truth and the Freedom. But neither the good is the real Good without the Freedom, nor the Freedom is precious without the Good. If a man cannot apply the Good freely, likewise, his barn is full with grain, and his stomach, cannot work. How can his grain be used? How will he get use of the Good, deprived of the Freedom?

A man must be healthy, to transform the energy of the grain into work. The grain makes the poet, musician, artist, scientist, patriot and so on. Without grain nothing can be achieved. In the spiritual sense the grain infers the idea, which Jesus has told in verse: “If you do not eat My flesh and you do not drink My blood, you do not have life in yourself.” In other words, if you do not understand that, which is input in the wheat grain and if you do not know how to fix it in your brain, with your heart and in your body, you can’t live the Godly life. When a man acquires the Godly life, he goes out of the world of constant changes. He looks to everything from the good side. Whether his friend is well affected or not, for him it is all the same. Even in the cloudy and in clear sky he looks with the same disposal.

Therefore, until they live in the world of changes, people often fall into deceptions. For example, when they have joys, they say, that God loves them, takes care of them. When sufferings come, they say, that God has forgotten them that something has come in their way. This is deception. God does not forget the people, but they forget Him. The mother does not forget their children, but the children forget the mother. It is said in the Bible: “If your father and mother forget about you, I will remember you.” In other place it is written: “I wrote about you on My palm.” When you look towards Your palm, God sees where is the place of the Bulgarian and remembers him. All can tread on the Bulgarians, but when you look towards your palm, God says: “Here they are.” It is worthy of a man to be humiliated by the people, but his name to be written on the hand of God. This means to be under the ferret eye of the Love.

“Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven”. When? When the forehead, the nose and the mouth are right and beautiful. The belief has created the forehead, the Love – the nose, and the Hope – the mouth. That means by means of the forehead, i.e. by means of the brain a man perceives energies of the higher worlds, by means of the nose – spiritual energies, and by means of the mouth – energies of the physical world. A man can't understand the laws of the Earth, if his hope is not developed. Once he gets the meaning of these laws, he looks consciously on the phases, through which the human life passes and reasonably uses them. A man has been young and will be again; he will be old and again will be. Nevertheless, in order to use all these ages as conditions for work and study, a wake consciousness is needed.

The people of our time are afraid of adulthood and when they reach fifty-sixty years of age, they do not dare to undertake any kind of work, nothing new, because they think, that their time has already gone. Who will work then? – The young and the children. This is a deception. The people of the present evince the life of the past generations; their life is a result of the past. But the life of the future generation will be a result of the present life. Then what heritage will be left to the future generation, because you have given up working so early? The future generation will show what you were and what you left behind.

Strive for what is not becoming old. What the new is concluded in? – The new infers brain bright, full with virtues; heart pure, full with virtues and body healthy, full with virtues. You can say, that the body dies. There's one body, which every time goes with the man on this world, and on the other world. This body never dies. It undresses only the old dress and freed from it continues its way. Also in the Godly world the man is not accepted without a body. In any other world they do not take the man without sense, without heart and without body. He is left somewhere in Space, but very miserable state. In order not to fall into this miserable state, a man must keep his physical body, not break its clarity and entity. What will happen with the still milky core of the nut, if in the mean time get hurt the upper two covers? The nut is destined to death. He cannot go on with his existence. When his upper covers are kept, the nut develops correctly. Every cover falls off as time goes and when the nut is planted, from it new life grows. As said in the Bible: “And as the earth was not organized and desert, and Spirit of God flies over the Deep.” The Spirit of God, this is the light of the world. Therefore until the Sun of Life shines use its Light to organize your earth, i.e. your body, to turn it into Paradise. In the Godly World the Sun shines every time and lightens every one, who wants to get use of it.

Now, I speak for those Bulgarian, who are in the Godly world. There are Bulgarians also in the Spiritual world. When you are in a certain trouble and you cannot help yourself alone, turn to the Bulgarians of the Spiritual world and they will help you. If they also cannot help, ask the Bulgarians in the Godly world, they will by all means recall. Whether you believe in that or you do not believe, it is not important. If it is true, on my account, I win; if it is not true, you will thank, that I have given to you one rich treat.

Now, believe in that, which God has planted in your brain, in your heart, in your sole and in your Spirit.

In them hides the Great One in the world, they come from Him. Serve to the Spirit and your sole, to the brain and to your heart as teachers of your life. If you do not listen to them, whom can you listen to? If comes from outside and tries to influence, you say: “I do not become a slave of nobody!” Who does not serve to God, only he is a slave? Who does not love, who does not believe, who does not hope, only he can be a slave. Everybody, who has embraced the Truth, he is free. The one who has embraced the Love, the Knowledge, is a free man. It is not easy for a man to apply the principles of the Love and the Freedom, to give up the old. Just as you sit for a pleasant and nice lunch and there comes a hungry man; something whispers: “Share up your lunch with this man!” Looking at the lunch, looking at the poor man, you do not feel like giving anything. Again something whispers: “Share your lunch with this poor man. Call him to come to you, as God is in him.

If you do not the lunch with him, you will be sorry.” After a long exhortation you agree to give something from yourself to your poor brother. Nothing can easy melt down the human iron heart.

It is not a question of doing good, with which to exhibit us to the people. I am on the side of that case, when a man feels the presence of the God, to get to his feet with all his respect and observance. From thousands of years up to nowadays God has supported you, giving all favours to yours disposition – you will rise and bow. For His sake you will do all that with sacrifices. It is preferable to be the last man in the world, with God, better than the first and without God. It is preferable to be the last slave, but with God, better than first king without God. If the king is with God, the better it is. If you are a man and God is with you, feel happy; if a woman and God are with you, feel happy; if a child and God are with you, feel happy. At all, in whatever position you are, it is important that God is with you.

When he goes into the bathroom and finds the one, whom thirty-eight years was lying ill, Jesus cured him. Why did he cure only him? – Because only he was awaiting Jesus. Deep in his sole he believed in him. This means that in Israel in that time there was only one, who was awaiting somebody to save him. Who will save You? Today you are in the bathroom, but if you cannot be cured, you will enter in the lap of the death. Who will save you from there?

One day I was observing how a falcon who lowered upon a blackbird, who was sleeping quietly and seized him. Right away I directed my thought to the falcon, and told him: “You release the blackbird!” He set him free and flied away. Some another time I was observing how a woodpecker was knocking with his on beak on a tree, pecking and looking worms. A worker is that woodpecker, doing his job. From somewhere showed up a falcon right in the on the woodpile set free the woodpecker... Many falcons are there out in life. One of them is the human disbelief. When it comes to you, it says: “It is no the time to do that work, you can leave it for later.” If the work is good, do not listen to the disbelief, but bind it.

“What you bind on Earth, the same is bound in the heaven. What you unbind on Earth, unbidden will it be in the sky.” What will bind on Earth? You will bind your disbelief, hopelessness and unloveliness on Earth, not to be unbidden in the Sky. What you must unbind on Earth? Unbind the belief, hope and the Love on Earth, so that they are unbidden in the Sky.

You wish to you as Bulgarians to be an example to all nations. What are the Bulgarians in fact? They are neither the chosen for the God, neither the top, who refused to attend the dinner for the king under different excuses, that they have bought fields and have sowed, that the ox have tried, and have married. When the called have rejected the invitation from the king, he said rigidly to his slave: “Go to the crossroads and bring to me all lame, game, handicapped and blind, to dress them in new attire, to sit beside me at the table.” These are the Bulgarians. Lame and game are they to the sins, and crimes. Blind are they to the evil – they cannot see it. They are paupers for the old and sinful life; they have given up all delusions and looking for a new and bright day, in which the Sun always shines, and the Justice builds new roads.

Blessed is that nation, which can say: “That, which was not a nation of mine, found me. My nation yet was left outside.”

Read now “The good pray”, which will be the symbol of the new creed of the world.

8th September, 1940, Sofia [34]


1 Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven) Mat 18:18

33 Returned Dobrudja– it said a word about the Krajova agreement, made 7th September 1940, according to which Romania returned South Dobrudja to Bulgaria.

34 The discourse “Israel and Bulgarian” is published for the first time in the collection “Godly and human world”, Sofia, 1940.



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