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The Desired Peace

Lecture, given by the Master Beinsa Douno, August 28, 1938, Sofia, Izgrev

Nowadays, more than any other time, the contemporary world needs peace. Why? Peace has provided conditions for the greatest acquisitions of culture and the fifth human race is on its way to assure it.

Nowadays, more than any other time, there are reasonable people who have come to the awareness that the first condition for the normal development of humanity is peace. That is why, today, all conscious and intelligent people are working for the attainment of peace.

In the past ages and races the leaders of humanity considered that the world could be arranged only by means of a war. Later on, all leaders of humanity became convinced in the falseness of this view. The fifth human race – a bearer of peace – is fighting for peace, so that it can become the mother of the sixth human race – the race of brotherhood among nations. The sixth race will be the bearer of Love among all people and nations. Then all nations will live for one another: big nations will be the elder brothers in the family, and small nations will be the little ones. Both of them will live in peace and consent among themselves. This is the Will of God, the Creator of the Universe. When will this time come? In the very near future.

Contemporary humanity is at the entrance of a new age, as the Solar system has already entered into the area of the Divine dawning. When this time comes, no conditions will exist for the life of evil people. One after another they will perish and the Earth will be released of them. The new conditions, which are coming, will not stand evil. They themselves will destroy it. The darkness will raise its curtains and go to another place. The evil will take its capitals and go to another place, where it will establish its banks and offices. If you read the Scriptures, this alone is enough for you to get convinced that the future age is not so remote.

Today all people need reasonable and conscious trust. How will you get to know that the new age is coming? As you know the rising of the Sun. Do you need a proof that the sunrise comes after the break of the dawn? When the dawn of the new life breaks, the Sun has already begun to rise. It is mentioned in the Scriptures, that with the coming of this age on Earth, the Sun will begin to darken and the Moon will lose its light – and then the Son of Humanity will reveal His knowledge on Earth. "The Sun will darken" – these words concern the period of time when people will cease to think that it is possible for one nation to dominate over another one by force. "The Moon will lose its light" – it concerns the period of time when the religions and the religious systems will cease to consider that it is possible for them to arrange the world.

So, when all nations, religions and states cease to think that they are empowered to arrange the world, then the Son of Humanity will appear on Earth with His knowledge. Everyone will see Him without the need of any proofs. How will you prove to someone that the Sun is rising? The sunrise does not need any proofs. It is enough for you to look through the window or to go outside and you will see and get convinced in the fact, that the Sun has really risen.

One should give way to the new heart, which is made of soft material, not of stone, as the present one is. The soft heart is woven by the material of kindness. Therefore, the kind-hearted person is a candidate for the new race. The softness of heart is one of the signs for the representatives of the sixth race. It is said in the Scriptures: "I shall take their hearts of stone and give them new hearts." The hard, stone made human hearts will be used for paving the streets, while the soft ones will remain to ripple, to show the world the greatness and beauty of the Divine life. About that day specifically the Scriptures say that God will impart His Spirit in the soft hearts of humans and that everyone – both little and big people and nations – will get to know Him. The consciousness of humans will be gradually awakened in the same way as the buds of the flowers break open in the spring in order to blossom and bear fruit.

The great in human life consists in the awakening of consciousness and in the liberation of humans from their present hardships and adversities. There are thousands of things in human life which may bother you, but there are also thousands of things which may bring you joy. Whoever comprehends the great laws of God will be glad to meet a good, clever and learned person; to meet a poet, a writer, a musician, an artist, a farmer, a stone-cutter and so on. Rejoice, when you meet someone who is working for the elevation of humanity. Without the understanding what a person presents indeed, you will behave slightingly, saying: "This one is a farmer, that one is a stone-cutter." A farmer is that one who cultivates the ground. A stone-cutter is that one who cultivates the stones. An artist is that one who cultivates the human faces. A sculptor is that one who rectifies the human mistakes. However, everyone who creates something valuable in order to cultivate, elevate and make the others joyful, is on his/her place. A mighty power is hidden in the word of all writers, poets, scientists and philosophers! The word is a mighty thing!

Once a youngster fell in despair and decided to commit a suicide. He put a revolver in his pocket and went to a forest in order to fulfil his intention. But a young woman had followed him without his knowledge. And when he wanted to commit the suicide, she came to him and quietly whispered a word into his ear. After the young man heard this word, he threw his revolver away and said: "I will not commit a suicide. I will live for myself, for my fellowmen and for humanity. Life is worth living, for it is full of sense!"

Which is the word, that the young woman whispered to the young man? You know this word, I will not tell it to you. In some cases only a word is sufficient to take someone out of his hard situation. It is not necessary to tell this one many things! One word will work, but it should be Divine. And what is said, it will be. God said: "Let there be light!" – and there was light. During the six days of creation of the world, God said one word each day, but these words were so mighty, because they were words of the Divine language. What God had said, everything happened. On the seventh day He said nothing, because He wanted to rest.

It is time for uniting of all humans in their minds, hearts and wills, so that they can work together for the implementation of peace. All humans – believers and unbelievers – should be penetrated by this idea. It is mentioned in the Scriptures: "Who will stand to the end, they will be saved." or in other words: "Who will win the war for peace, they will be saved."

Contemporary believers speak about Love, but they do not apply it. Whoever has Love within, they can raise and lower their body temperature by whatever number of degrees they wish and whenever they wish. Who can oppose a person, whose temperature is ten thousand degrees? Whatever obstacles may such persons meet in their way, they will instantly overcome them. Thus will they show others the power of Divine Love. Everywhere they pass, their way will be open. The persons of Love are able to increase not only their warmth, but also their light, making it a thousand times brighter than the solar light. Such light will blind even the most numerous and powerful army. People cannot imagine such light, which is a thousand times brighter than the solar light. But with such light everything can be attained. Everyone who has warmth of ten thousand degrees and light, that is a thousand times brighter than the solar light, can melt the safes of all bankers, warm all frozen hearts and remove all barriers, which the human egotism has placed in their way.

Great warmth and light are coming into the world. These are Divine powers, which will warm and enlighten the human hearts and minds. When warmth and light of Love come into the world, they will melt and burn all evil, criminal people, so only good and righteous persons will remain to live and it will become clear that one cannot play with Love. One is not allowed to play with Love. Today people are terrified by the thought of being submitted to a temperature of ten thousand degrees. But what will be their state, when Christ comes to Earth? Then the temperature will be much higher than ten thousand degrees. Christ said: "May My peace be with you!"

So, Christ is also for peace. He is for that peace, which is based on Love and brotherhood among all nations, societies and individuals on the face of the Earth. Brotherly love and sisterly love are nothing else but branches of the future culture. These two kinds of love are more elevated than motherly love. However great motherly love may be, there is still a little egotism in it. Take for example love of the tigress to its cubs. Out of love to them, any moment the tigress is ready to kill each living creature who will cross its way. In this sense, motherly love presents the roots of life, while brotherly love and sisterly love present the branches of life. Divine love presents the fruits of the Tree of life.

The fruits of Divine Love come from the roots of motherly love through the branches of brotherly and sisterly love. Future people will eat these specific fruits and attain immortality. These fruits will bring the new life. Anywhere you go in the world, you will meet representatives of the new life. They can be distinguished by the soft and pleasant light coming from their eyes. We call them "brothers and sisters of humanity", bearers of the inner Divine source. Christ is a new person. He said: "I did not come to do My will, but the will of That One Who had sent me. I came to bring peace to the world." By the time of His coming, the Jewish people followed the letter of the law of Moses. By that time, the Jews killed lambs, sheep and oxen and offered them as a sacrifice to God. But their life changed radically with the coming of Christ. Christ destroyed the old life at one swoop. The Jews came to the awareness that the real sacrifice consisted in the good thoughts, feelings and deeds.

What is the new religion? Its first article reads: I believe that love of my mother and father represents the roots of the Tree of Great life – that is the life of Love. The second article reads: I believe that love of my sister and brother represents the branches of the Tree of Great life – that is the life of Love. The third article reads: I believe that Divine Love represents a fruit of the Tree of Great life. Everything, which comes out from my mind and heart, will be transformed into fruits of Love. Whoever eats from these fruits, they will attain immortality.

Christ said: "Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life". That means, whoever eats from the Tree of life, i.e. from motherly and fatherly love as well as from brotherly and sisterly love, they have life in themselves.

Now, after you have understood the essence of the new creed, you should be brave and decisive enough to apply it. Many people are waiting for something new. The new is to be found in the reconciliation of humans. The new will reconcile all contradictions. How will the reconciliation among people occur? It is very simple. Whoever has something to take, let them forgive the debt of their brothers. Whoever has something to give, let them be ready to pay their debts. When they go to pay their creditors let the latter tell them that they have forgiven their debts in the name of brotherhood, acknowledging them for their brothers. When two persons fraternize, their debts fall away, their disputes cease and all misunderstandings disappear. I would like people to argue only about one thing: who will give more in order to help his/her brother. If you notice that your brother is very tired and cannot lift up the hoe anymore, you should take it from his hand and do this work instead of him. If you notice that your brother breaks down under the weight of his burden, you should take off the burden from his back, put it on your own back and continue your way together, speaking in a brotherly manner. When you meet your brother in the street and realize that he is hungry, that he has eaten nothing for three days, you should invite him at home, treat him well and invite him to come again. These are brotherly relationships.

Nowadays people expect the second coming of Christ on Earth in order to set the world right. No, the world cannot be set right from outside. Christ will visit the inner world of each person. Only in this way will the world be set right. If you put millions of iron shavings all together, they will not unite in order to form a whole. But if you put them under a certain temperature, they will melt and fuge with each other, forming a liquid mass. In this case, fire is that inner power, which solders the iron shavings and makes them form a whole. Therefore, Christ will come into the hearts and minds of humans as an inner power which will unite them in a whole. Love is this inner power, which brings life to the human souls. People can work in an integrated way only through Love. Those who do not understand Love are ready to criticize it.

Now, when I am speaking about Love, I know what you can apply. I know as a whole which things are applicable for contemporary people and which are not. For example, never mind how much contemporary people are told about the Sun and the possibilities of visiting it, they are not able to do it. Why? The conditions on the Sun are very different from those on Earth. By no means a person can go to the Sun in the present body. If one's weight is 60 kg, his body will weigh millions of kilograms, when he goes to the Sun. How could one move there with such an enormous mass? The life of the Sun is beautiful, but it is not accessible to earthly people. One can go to the Sun in a mental way, but not in a physical one. Do you know how the Solar beings live on the Sun? Do you know what their language is? However, it is enough for us that we have the possibility to benefit from the solar rays. If you want to heal yourself, expose your back to the early morning solar rays. If you want to attain inner peace, expose your back to the setting sun with your face turned to the East. In this state, you will feel deep inner peace and realize that it is not worth to worry about trifles. The citizens of the Sun live in great abundance, as a result of which they do not bother about anything. Their task is to send goods all over the Solar system. They determine the budget of all beings, of all states and nations, of all inhabitants on all the planets.

When I talk to you about the Sun, I do not want you to believe me at any cost. I am not interested in whether you believe me or not. I am interested only in one thing: in the truth of what I say. Believe in that which God has created. If you believe that God has created Heaven and Earth with all luminaries, with all living beings, then you should believe in their Creator too. If one believes in these things, one should investigate both Heaven and Earth. One should investigate the Sun, the Moon, all the stars in the sky, as the astronoms and scientists do. In order to understand the life on Sun, people should first find their own suns in themselves. All have small suns within, situated in the center of their brains. The size of these inner suns is different for each person, depending on the size of the other planets in this person. Through the inner sun namely, the soul attains knowledge. There is something in common between the astronomic Sun and the planets in the sky and the inner sun and planets in humans: in their rising, setting and so on. If the inner sun of a person ceases to rise, the physical Sun also loses its sense for this person. It means, that there is a certain dependence between one's outer and inner sun. If this dependence ceases, one will not possess any inner light. When the inner and the outer sun shine together, one has conditions to see. If the inner sun goes out, a person becomes blind. This person is deprived of the conditions to see, to accept Divine knowledge.

Therefore, the Divine knowledge, which many strive for, has the aim of teaching you to appreciate the inner sun in you, through which your soul learns and develops. If someone says that his soul is in the darkness, it shows that his inner sun has ceased to shine. As long as the inner sun shines in humans, they think and feel right. If the inner sun ceases to shine, both the mind and the heart become dim together with it. That is why one should live properly in order to avoid darkening of the inner sun. The vicious life, revealed in ill thoughts, feelings and deeds, causes big difficulties, which darken the sky, in which the inner sun of a person shines.

Many – both learned and unlearned people – do not perceive the great influence of thoughts and feelings on the inner life of a person, and consequently on the human health. That is why they seek their happiness in an abnormal way. They want to become rich, to marry a beautiful woman, to attain a lot of knowledge, without even suspecting that in this way they themselves prepare their misfortune. It is not bad to attain knowledge, power, beauty, wealth, but one should know how to cope with them. There is a Turkish saying: "It is a blessing to look at beautiful things." Indeed, it is natural for a person to strive for beauty, to be inspired by beauty, but not to appropriate beauty. In Nature both beauty and ugliness have their places in the same way as light and darkness are necessary. Light reigns when the Sun is shining. After the Sun has set, the darkness comes. But without the darkness stars cannot shine. So, the darkness is necessary in the human life, so that virtues or stars may be revealed.

Now, when I speak about the Divine in the world, some of you are discouraged, because they think that they cannot attain it. God promised He would enter them, so that they would not be discouraged. The future kingdom will be created from within, not from outside. All the plans of God will be realized through Love of the entire humankind. To achieve this, workers are needed. All should work nowadays in this regard, in order to become bearers of the Divine ideas, so that when God enters their suns, He would be able to reveal Himself outside. A special mission is given to each person – to be a bearer of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Light, Divine Truth and freedom in a specific manner. Only in this way can people fulfill all their desires. All hardships, difficulties and sufferings, through which humanity is passing today, will become conditions for the acquaintance with God, with the Great in the world. God will be with you in all your ways. Then you will say: "We are glad that we live in an age when we may taste and know God's Love, when we may become workers in His field."

Be joyful and merry, so that you may attain the ideals of your soul. It is up to you when you will attain them. You can attain them yet today. One Divine day is equal to a thousand years. So, after a thousand years you can attain what you wish today. A conscious work is required of everyone! The Divine is already on the threshold of your home. Open the doors of your hearts and minds, so that Divine light and warmth may visit them.

Translated by Maria Braikova

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