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The Beauty of the Soul

I will read chapter 15 from the gospel of John.

As it is being spoken about the Life, we see that in one respect, its value goes up, and in another it is falls down. So, as the price of the goods at one moment goes up and at another it falls down, in the same way Life itself sometimes goes up, and sometimes falls down in value. This refers to the outer part of the Life. There is no human on the Earth, who had not over- or underestimated themselves. They take a look at their life and say: “Why have I come to the Earth, I could not do anything.” Sometimes they overestimate themselves, they think they have done a lot. How do you explain to yourselves the fact that sometimes you encourage yourselves and sometimes you discourage yourselves? It takes little to encourage or discourage the man. You have some desire; if you fulfil it, you encourage yourselves, if you cannot, you discourage yourselves.

I am asking why people discourage themselves, why they are discontented. You have a big, beautiful house but you are still discontented. Many people have told me: “Our hall is big, let’s make it wider and bigger.” Why do you need a bigger hall? One has three billion and six hundred million cells in his/her brain. They are located in a hall – 19 cm long, 15 cm wide and 15 cm high. In this small space are located such a profusion of factories, chemical laboratories and astronomical towers for observation of the sky! How many works are being done in that small space, and all cells are contented, they do not complain as people do. How would you live in this space? You are not contented with the hall in which a thousand heads, like yours, can be accommodated. What would you say if you were placed into this tiny head? So, understanding makes the people contented, not the large place and a lot of possessions. Which are smarter – the cells of the human brain or the cells located outside of it? Brain cells know such things, that many people do not. There are things people know, they even pass for experts. However, there are such small things that only the brain cells know. You will say that humans know plenty of theories, do scientific research. Here I will introduce to you a theory of the pessimism. You read the theory of a philosopher – pessimist who takes a gloomy view of things. He says: “Life has no meaning, everything will disappear. One day the Sun will be extinguished, the people will vanish. The earth will be destroyed.” He goes on: “The family will not exist any longer, the children will vanish, the young will grow old, the old will die and become ashes.” I am saying: if this is true, there must be something left. Could everything disappear at the same time?

The pessimist is a man, who has become poor, he has nothing: his clothes are ragged, his shoes are broken, and every single part of his clothes on his back is worn out. He is right for himself to take a gloomy view of life. He knows that his clothes and shoes were once in good condition, but now they are worn out. When he sees that somebody wearing new clothes on, he says: “My clothes too were new once. Yours will get worn out too and we will see what you are going to do then.” It never occurs to the pessimist that he will be able to put on new clothes again. So according to this philosopher, once you put your clothes on, you will not be able to take them off any more; or once you take your shoes on, you will not be able to take them off any more; once you sin, you will not be able to put your life back on the right track any longer. Such is the philosophy of the pessimist. Whatever he is told, he says: “My work is done, there is no turning back.”

One Turkish imam preached to a drunker: “Listen, brother, give up the drinking, your situation is dangerous, do you know what awaits you in the next world?” – “What is it that awaits me?” – “All the kegs you have been drinking of, will be hung on your neck.” The drunker asked him: “Will they be full?” - “They will be full, of course.” – “It will be fine, then, there will be something to drink there too.” The imam meant to intimidate him, to show him the gloomy side of his future. In this case the imam is a pessimist, and the drunker - an optimist. He says: “As long as there is something to drink, there will not be suffering. What does it matter if I carry around kegs hanging on my neck?” The imam presents to him the bad side of his future life, and he sees something good in it – there will be kegs and he will be drinking.

It is an art for one to see the Good in life and use it. Everything, which in a given moment he/she cannot make use of, is a certain burden to him/her. It appears as an obstacle in his/her life. A thought occurs to you, but you do not accept it. You want to free yourself from it, but you cannot. Wherever you move, wherever you do – it comes after you. In order to free yourself from it, take it out of your mind! Once it is out of you, somebody will see it, will come to like it and will take it. You have a golden coin, as long as it is in your safe, nobody sees it, nobody thinks of it. If you take it out and keep it in your hands, as somebody sees it, they will covet it. As soon as they covet it, they will find an opportunity to take it out of your hand.

A sister was saying to me: “I am tired of bearing a thought in my mind and it was not until I realized it that I set my mind at rest. One day I was passing by a shop window when I saw unusual hats, such caps, that one wears on the top of the head, and are hardly attached on it. I thought: “I will buy me such a hat”, but I passed by without buying one. From this day on, the thought of the hat did not leave me alone. I bought it finally I fulfilled my desire. Before I bought it, as I walked, it seemed to me that the cap was already on my head and it would fall off. I felt my head with my hand – there was no cap on my head.” This sister wanted to know why the thought of the cap did not leave her alone for so long. I told her that this thought was disturbing her because she did not like the hat. Despite this she bought such a hat, it was fashionable. As a whole, what one does not like, one starts carrying as a burden. As one comes to like it or reconcile with it, it falls off their back. Why do people suffer? – Because they do not like the suffering. Once they conceive a liking for it, it sets them free. – “I do not like suffering.” Since you do not like it, it takes a central place within your heart. The suffering never takes the last place. “How long will it stay in my heart?” – Until you come to love it. As soon as you come to love it, it leaves the place it has been taking. Otherwise you will go around sighing, you will bear it within yourself and molly-cuddle it.

I am saying: ”I have sorrows, it goes hard with me.” Chase away the sorrow. “I cannot”. The sorrow is a greater expert than the suffering, when it takes a grip of the man, it does not let go of him easily. If one tries to chase it away, it becomes even more firmly rooted down. It will tear a part off the heart of the man, but it will not leave. – “How can I free myself from it?” – By coming to like it. – “This is not possible.” There is no other cure. This is the first cure. If you cannot come to like it, put into practice the second cure – calling for the Joy and setting it in the same place, together with the Sorrow. I often experiment this way. As I see that the Sorrow has obsessed the man and does not think of leaving him, I invite the Joy to become a guest of his for some time. It goes to the same place where the Sorrow is and they two commence a conversation. The Joy asks the Sorrow: “Sister, how are you?” – “I am fine, I have been busy with my master. He is not often in a good mood, but he puts up with this.” – “How long have you been here?” – “For two-three years. As I see that he becomes carried away a little, I squeeze him a bit and remind him of myself. He comes to his senses and says: ”Thank you for shaking me up”. That is how we pass the time.” – “How long will you stay here?” – “There is little time left for me. Since you have come, I will leave him.”

You ask whether this is real. Real or not, this is a matter of reasoning. However, it is real that you suffer. Can you deny that you suffer? You can argue whether the Joy and the sorrow converse and how they converse. This is a philosophical argument. I can say that I have listened to how the Joy and the Sorrow converse – they hold an excellent conversation. How they carry on their conversation I will not say. In spite of all, sorrow is a reality. Sometimes, as you grieve, you say: “I will not forget this sorrow”, but as soon as the Joy comes, everything vanishes, as if you have never had sorrows. Why don’t people like the sorrow? I find something very nice and valuable within the sorrow. It is like a mother who encourages her lazy daughter to study. She says: “Study, my daughter!” However, the daughter does not like studying; you can talk to her about anything but science. What does the daughter want? – Nothing but a servant who cooks and keeps the house tidied up, who washes and irons clothes, and she, dressed up with a new pair of shoes and with a new hat on, looking at herself in the mirror and going out for a walk to show herself off. When she comes back home from the walk, she sits down to eat and rest. In this situation, she is not contented either. Why isn’t she contented? – Either because she walked on foot, or the car jolted her. I have listened to many such complaints. It is all the same if they come from worldly people, but spiritual people complain as well. Even intellectuals complain, too. Whomever you encounter today, complains. I am asked: “How do such matters get resolved?” – They have no resolution. – “How can we cope with the sorrow?” – While you are a young lass, you will have a hard time; while you are a young lad, you will have a hard time; while you are either a mother or a father, you will have a hard time; while you are either a master or a disciple, you will have a hard time. And when you die you will also suffer. “What should be done?” – I do not know either. The young one says that it is not worth it to be young. The old one says: “Being old is no good.” Neither is being a mother, nor a father. Then what should you be? – “ Nothing?” Then what? This is no solution of the problem. Not to be anything – neither young, nor old; neither a disciple, nor a master; nether a father, nor a mother; nether a son, nor a daughter; neither rich, nor poor. This is not true – the new philosophy requires a new way of thinking. You say that life has no meaning. No, you will be suffering and you will be learning – that is meaning of the suffering. This is nothing but work. As you study the suffering, you work.

There comes a quarryman and offers you a stone which weighs three kilos. He thinks that the stone is ordinary. The scientist knows that inside this stone there is something valuable hidden. You ask him: “How much does it cost?” – “It hardly costs a lev1 - it is an ordinary stone. How much will you pay for it?” – “Five levs”. He takes the five levs and is contented that he gained something by the ordinary stone. “It is good that there are stupid people who are willing to pay five levs for the ordinary stone”. The scientist breaks up the stone, takes the gem out of it and in some time, he sells it for a few million levs. When he finds out about that, the quarryman remains discontented with having sold something so precious for five levs. He meets the scientist and asks him: “Why did you lie to me?” Contemporary people get in such situations, as well. Plenty of precious things pass through all of you, without being recognized. Great are the goods that are given to you, every person is encompassed with vast wealth. Your thoughts, your feelings and your deeds conceal vast wealth, which you do not appreciate. You sell them away at a low price and then you remain discontented.

I explore all philosophical systems and find a flaw not in them, but in those who preach them. The philosophers, the masters of the humankind have introduced excellent ideas. There is no ambiguity in their knowledge. The distortion of this knowledge stems from the disciples. Every single one of them has given a specific interpretation of the ideas. Hence, the idea about a true and a false prophet was created. The true prophet would bring up the ideas the way they are; the false prophet would bring them up, contrary to the way, they are in reality. The true prophet would cut and make you clothes, which would precisely fit your body; the false prophet would cut and make you clothes, which you would never forget due to the discomfort they would cause you. Then, he would be convincing you that the more you wear these clothes on; the better they would fit your body. Therefore, do not wear clothes that are not well cut and made. I know that rule from a long time of experience. I apply that rule also when it comes to eating. Whatever meal I would be brought, I do not rush into eating it; before about ten people have tasted it, I do not eat. There might pass four or five hours – it would not matter. First, I seek the opinion of the rest about that meal, and then I taste it too. In other words, I always avail myself of the experience of the others, who have done something before me. In my opinion, these ten people are smart people. The first one, after having tasted the meal, says that it is not any good, I give it to the second one; if he also says the same, I give it to the third one, then – to the fourth one, and I continue until I get to the tenth. Finally, I, too, taste the meal. I do the same when the meal is good. If the first one said that the meal were good, I do not stop there but I let the other ten people taste it too and if there were something left for me, no matter how little this would be, I taste it too. I say: “This meal is good.” You would say that this is something original. Indeed, until this moment you did not know that there were ten people, of whose experience you should avail yourselves. Whether it refers to a meal, or something else, it does not matter. I have suffered a lot until I found these ten people. Sometimes they would eat up everything and there wouldn’t be anything left for me, while sometimes there would be little left. It is important that I would be the last one to eat from the same meal. Since I began to apply this rule, everything goes smoothly.

Apply this rule you too, it does not exclude anything. I have applied it both in the physical world and in the spiritual one. It works the same way everywhere. So, if ten people speak their mind about a thought of yours and say that it is not good, then put it aside. Keep only that thought which you have already tried. Remember: God, who has created thousands of universes, is all wise and aware of everything. Do you need to say then that this world, which was created by God, is not beautiful? Those who dare say this are wrong. Everything that is a work of the hand of God is precious, and nothing compares to it. However, understanding is what is needed! Otherwise, one cannot become convinced of the value of the deeds of God. A boy is born to you – you do not appreciate him; a girl is born to you – you do not appreciate her either; you have a servant in your house – you do not appreciate him; you have a father, a mother, friends – you do not appreciate them either; you have a garden with fine fruit-trees – nor are these appreciated. You have plenty of goods, none of which you appreciate. You look at rivers, springs, grass, and little flies, and you do not appreciate these either. You watch the rising of the Sun, of the Moon and the Stars and you do not appreciate it. That is what your misery is about. What does one search for? Why are they discontented? “The Sun – that is nonsense!” “Grass and little flies –nonsense!” You do not know yourself what you want. If I asked you what you needed, you would say: “We do not need anything.” I am saying that I need these ten people, these specialists, to taste the meal that I am given and to tell me whether it is good or not. This way they would try your thoughts and feelings too and would tell you whether they are good or not.

Now I am talking about the small exceptions. There is one contented Life, which has to be studied. Let the discontent cease! How can I be contented when I have no incitement? Do not be search for the incitement outside, search for it in the very contentedness. Love everything that surrounds you and you will be contented. “How am I to love everything?” – Love – nothing more! – “Could I love all the people?” – This is no concern of yours. Love! If you love one person, your knowledge reduces to one; of you love two people, your knowledge reduces to two; if you love three people, it reduces to three, etc. Therefore, the number of those whom you love defines the degree to which your knowledge extends. “How am I to love ten people, how am I to love all these people? Where shall I find so many people to love?” Follow the example of the cells of your brain. There are three billion and six hundred million cells accommodated in the head and they live in harmony and unanimity. With one look you can see them all. – “Is that possible?” – You would say that you can love only one. You know that God has only one son, Whom He loves. In spite of this, you pray to God, you want Him to love you too, to answer your prayers. If He does not answer then you take offence at that. How could you want God to love you and to answer your prayer! If you are consistent, as you say that you can love only one person, do not demand from God to love you as well. He already has One, Whom He loves. People would like to convince me that God thinks about everybody and loves everybody. You say that He loves the sinners too. If you think that the Only Begotten Son of God comprises all living creatures, you are right to say that God loves all living creatures. Both the sinners and the righteous men live within the Christ. No single human soul lives outside the Christ.

People are discontented, because they place the Christ outside of God, and place themselves outside of the Christ. That is how you doom yourselves to suffering. You say about God: “He has one son, whom He is busy with. I am not a son of His therefore the son is outside of God.” This is a wrong idea because of which you suffer and endure time of torment. You ask: “How can I love this man?” – How can God love you? If you cannot love the man, how could you demand from God to love you? If you did not love your neighbour, how could God love you? If you loved the man, God would love you too, if you did not love Him, God would not love you either. In whichever moment you say that you cannot love, God cannot love you either. Each suffering shows that you have not fulfilled the law of the great Divine love. God loves everybody. If you do not admit that, you will suffer. As soon as you admit it, you will rejoice. Joy is a sign that God loves everybody, while sorrow is a sign that you do not love everybody. You would say: “I love God, the Angels too, but how am I to love the people?” – You will think in a right way and you will love everybody. People cause themselves suffering through their own conceptions.

Not long time ago a young secular lass came to me. She wanted me to give her a piece of advice in order to cope with a contradiction. I see that the lass is young and beautiful, but poor. She said to me: “I fell in love with a handsome lad, but I often get into a contradiction, I do not know how to handle it. For some time now, when meeting my beloved, he starts looking at me as if he sees me for the first time. Then he says: ”I am looking at you because I find that you have started growing older.” This hurts me and I do not know what to tell him.” – “Here is what I will tell you: I can make you younger instantly, and he will at once admit that you have become younger and more beautiful.” – “How?” – “By depositing three hundred thousand golden levs to your account.” The same refers to the health, to the mind and to the heart of the man. Someone is said to be ill, this means they have no capital. As soon as they recover, they gain capital. Someone is said to be ignoramus, therefore he lacks something in the Mental world. – “This man is cold.” – He lacks something in his heart. The Light of the mind and the Warmth of the heart are capital, which makes the human being young and beautiful. You could always find something about the human, which could be a reason for your not loving him/her. Whether he/she is poor, sick or simple, these are false states of affair, not real in fact. One disposes of vast wealth.

Remember that each soul bears great wealth in itself. Even if some animal, a cat or a dog, comes into your home, it, too, brings about some good to the human. People are aware of this and when for example a swallow comes and makes a nest under the eaves of the house, the owners are happy. It is said that the stork brings luck too. The cow, the horse – they bring luck to the people as well. The ray of the Sun is a bearer of a great good. And each ray that comes out of God brings great blessing to the people. It is alive. I am not saying that the light is only a vibration, motion of the air – this is the outer part of the matter. The light is a force, that is alive and reasonable, that penetrates into the human being and revives him/her. You say that Life brings joy and revival. Not only the Life, but also the Light and the Warmth, bring joy and happiness. Do not think that someone brings you misery. No, every single human brings happiness and good, both to themselves and to those surrounding them. This is what the new teaching maintains.

Why do people suffer? – Because they do not appreciate the human soul. The Christ came to the Earth to raise the human soul, to set it free and to show us that it is endowed with vast wealth. The Christ is said to have come to save those who perished. But I am saying that the Christ came to save the human souls, to bring out their hidden wealth and show us their real value. When somebody commits a sin, they do not appreciate their own soul. Then they go down to the hell, to the world of suffering. When you realise that do not search for happiness outside, within different people, search for it within yourself.

By saying “yourself”, I mean the God within the human being. If you pursue your happiness in God, in the Divine within you, you are on the right track. Realize that there is vast wealth that you are endowed with, which you should value. Between God and your soul there has to be an inner connection. As you realise that, you will always be grateful to Him. Today you listen to what I say to you, and you raise your minds towards God and say: “We are spiritual people and we cannot go without a prayer.” I do not know how you have been praying. Have you thanked God for the goods and the wealth you have been given? Have you thanked God for His attention to you? What do some people do? As soon as they get up from bed, they start grumbling: “God, why did you give more goods to my neighbour and less to me? Why did you leave me still crawling on the surface of the Earth?” – You delude yourselves. The fault lies with you. Restore your connection with God and everything will turn out well.

You would say: “How am I to love this human, if he/she does not love me?” – This is a wrong way of understanding it. How would you explain the opposite to yourself: he/she loves you without you loving them? Somebody cries because people do not love them; sometimes they cry because of the love of their beloved. How would you explain this to yourself? You cry because of being loved; you cry because of not being loved. In order to avoid contradictions, you will love the soul of the human, which never changes. The beauty of the soul is namely about that that its Love is eternal and invariable. It is sufficient only to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the soul for a moment in order not to ever forget it. Those who have loved had seen the beauty of the soul at least for a moment. No human being cannot help falling in love when he/she sees it. The trouble for us is that as we see it, it hides away straight away. You go around crying, you look for it but you cannot find it.

Therefore, what one searches for, and what one cries for, is the beautiful human soul. It does not stay at one place. From time to time, it only pays a visit to the human and then it disappears straight away. It is worth it to live thousands of years on the Earth only for this moment – to catch a glimpse of the beautiful soul, to enjoy the beauty of Life and see what wealth the soul disposes of. It is a great moment to see your own beautiful soul! The whole world will pay a visit to you, all the people will swarm around you in order to take part in your Joy. How would you manage all these people? Millions of people would take their turns in order to see your beauty. What would you do then? You would pray God to hide you in a way so that you could take a break. That is why God has hidden the beauty of the man away even from the man himself and left it as his future heritage. You say that there are beautiful people in the world. No matter how beautiful one is outwardly, their beauty cannot be compared to the beauty of the soul. Its beauty is immeasurable.

You hear that somebody is tired of his/her life; they do not want to live. Why don’t they want to live any longer? – Because they have not seen the beauty, they have not realised the value of the true wealth. To catch a glimpse of the beauty of the soul means to see the Christ. He is within every single human being. It is not enough only to catch a glimpse of Him, but you have to be like Him. What should we do in order to give the Christ way within ourselves? – Do not stain your soul! Do not throw a shadow on face of the beauty! This means that do not commit a sin. The sin is a darkness, which hides the bright face of the soul. Why don’t people live in their own soul? – Because they do not learn. One thinks he/she is poor, another thinks he/she is bad, or that they are weak, sick, ignoramus. This is partly true. It is important how one can become rich, healthy, strong, learned. – By learning. The greatest foe of the man is the laziness – he does not want to learn. Great efforts are required to compel the man to learn. I have met few people who learn on the account of Love. Without Love, nothing can be achieved. A true work is only that in which Love participates.

One day I was on my way to the mountain. I stopped at one spot before a heap of sand and I started probing into it. At the same time, a peasant passed me by and asked me: “What are you doing here?” – “I am studying something.” – “Why are you wasting your time?” – I did not answer. In his opinion, those who work and use up their time are only those who do ploughing and hoeing. In order to turn his thought back, I asked him: “What do you do? Are you married?” – “I am married. I had a wife but she went to the next world. I had a boy and he went there too. Only a girl is left to me and she is limping.” I know the reason why his wife and his boy went to the next world, I know the reason why he is left only his limping daughter, but I did not say anything to the peasant. He asked me: “Are you married?” – “All of my relatives died, it is only me who stayed alive. I have come here to find the last thing.” The peasant was staring at me and was wondering what I was probing for, what I was searching for in the sand. I told him: “Your region rich.” – “It is rich but it has to be ploughed. Farewell!” We shook hands and I told him: “When we meet next time I will tell you what I am searching for. Now go home and know, that your situation will improve: your wife will come back, you will have better and more beautiful children than the first ones. Those who have met me once their things sort out.” – “I hope God hears what you just said.” An year later I met the same peasant, who told me: ”Brother, everything came true. It happened so as you said. I got married for a second time and I have a beautiful and healthy child.” I told him: “Know that your second wife is your first wife. If you get married for a third time, it would always be to your first wife.” These are souls, which have come out of God.

God manifests Himself through each soul. He is both within the unity and within the multitude. We know and understand God in the multitude. In the unity, the oneness, He is unmanageable for us. Let us thank God that He shows Himself to us through the multitude of the chosen souls. Let us rejoice because He shows Himself to us. And, I tell to you: know that whatever you have lost, you shall find. The old shall rejuvenate, and the ignoramus shall become learned. Whatever anyone wants to achieve, they will achieve. When? – When you adopt the idea, that God has endowed your beautiful soul with vast wealth. God’s only wish is that you learn. Only this way you can serve. Since you serve, you will have achievements. We have come to the Earth to know God. It has been said: “And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent”. To know that God has endowed you a beautiful soul, with vast wealth. God manifests Himself namely through this soul.

Now I will occupy you with the simple calculation, which conceals a great philosophy. We say: 1 multiplied by 1 equals 1; 1 multiplied by 2 equals 2; 1 multiplied by 3 equals 3. However 2 multiplied by 2 equals 4; 2 multiplied by 3 equals 6; 2 multiplied by 7 equals 14, and so on. In this calculation is hidden the law of the growth. The distinctive property of the Life is growth. That which grows, it gradually manifests itself. What grows is what is only real. Wherever there is no growth, there exists no Reality. The Real things have future. That is why, rejoice even at the smallest acquisition, at the smallest growing. Rejoice at the Divine within yourselves. The future knowledge is built on it. Rejoice at the capabilities, with which you are endowed and which gradually manifest themselves. You are discontented, you do not want to grow old. It is a law: you cannot rejuvenate, without growing old. Everything that rejuvenates is bound to grow old. You want to rejuvenate, but you do not want to grow old, this is impossible. Old age is an capacity for rejuvenation. It conceals the Divine good – the Youth. Both as one grows old, and as they rejuvenate, they acquire something. People suffer because they think that they acquire something only when they are young, while when they grow old, they lose. This is a wrong way of understanding.

When I was in America, I listened to Padarevski2, who was performing the Moon sonata. Then he was a young, handsome man with a nice round face. The American women were crazy about him. They used to take his albums to him for his signature. A year later, I saw in a movie theatre “The life of Padarevski”. He was already quite old there. They showed him both from a great distance and at a short range, from all sides. I saw him well as he was playing the piano. It stroke me that he was playing with his eyes closed. His attention was focused, nothing distracted him away from the music. I said to myself: ”Padarevski, your youth is gone!” With his closed eyes he wanted to say: “Now, at least, I am free from the chasing of the women. I can do nothing but play.” Indeed, there was greater concentration in him now, greater depth, greater musicality. Padarevski is unique, a second one cannot be born. In the Nature things do not repeat themselves, but what the human soul bears in itself, surpasses Padarevski. The capacities of the human soul, manifested through Padarevski, stand for hardly one millionth of what it has been endowed with.

What does the “Moon Sonata” represent? – Love of the Moon, of the cold. Therefore, there are two possibilities: to love in the evening, in the Moon and to love by day, in the Sun. There are no conditions for Love in the evening. Only the soul is able to love in the evening, there is no night to it. It has been endowed with all the beauty of the Life. To the beautiful soul, the moonlit night is like a day. The “Moon sonata” shows that the Life is not understood properly. Even those who play this sonata, they do not understand Life either. Actually, the “Moon sonata” is a Sun sonata by its contents but it is shaped in the form of a Moon one. The Sun is behind the Moon. Without the Sun, you cannot see the Moon. Therefore, everything that exists on the Earth is lunar3, but behind the Moon, is hidden the Sun. This way, behind our life – which is the life of the Moon – is hidden the Divine life, which gradually manifests itself. The life on the Earth is a “Moon sonata”. Despite that, our life is beautiful.

Today I played a moon track to you, a moon sonata. I am glad you have come to this concert. When you go back to your homes, let everyone play this sonata on their own pianos. There is nothing more beautiful than being peaceful and calm, bearing Peace within oneself. Look at the sky and thank, within your soul, for everything that you are given. Whomever you meet, search for the presence of the One, who has created the world, within their being. It is good to see God everywhere. To see hidden, the Divine beginning, even in all contradictions. This is the new teaching. It requires that everyone open their hearts and minds, to see the truth endowed to them for centuries ago.

“And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.” This is the true teaching – to know the vast riches with which our souls have been endowed. This is the Christ, the manifested God. How should I love? – To know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. To know my beautiful soul, that has come out from God. He has given it great capacities. This is the meaning of my life; this is the point of the human Life.

The Christ is the man of the abundant Power.

The Christ is the man of the abundant Faith.

The Christ is the man of the abundant Love.

February 6th 1938, Sofia4

1 Bulgarian currency

2 A renowned Polish composer and a masterly piano player, (1860-1941);Poland’s Prime minister and a Minister of the Foreign affairs (1919-1921)

3 A moon character, moonlike

4 The morning speech ”The Beauty of the Soul” has initially been published in the collection “The Beauty of the Soul”, Sofia, 1948







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