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Four Rules

Lecture given by Beinsa Douno

August 13, 1937, 05:00 a.m. local time

The Rila Mountain

All people want to be successful in life, but in spite of this they are not. Why? – Because they do not observe the essential rules, without which their life is meaningless. If you want to be successful in life, you should apply the following four rules:

Protect the freedom of your soul!

Preserve the power of your spirit!

Sustain the light of your mind!

Maintain the goodness of your heart!

These four rules represent the music, art, wealth and strength in the human life. Without them, people can express neither love nor knowledge, neither wealth nor mindfulness. In order to be a good person, one should preserve the freedom of the soul, the power of the spirit, the light of the mind and the goodness of the heart!

Many people reject the existence of the soul and the spirit. There is no reason to reject them. They should know that only the free person has a soul. Whoever is strong has a spirit. If one is not strong, this one has no spirit. While one rejects Light, this one has no mind. When one admits Light – then one has a mind. While one rejects Good in the world – this one has no heart. When one admits Good – this person admits the existence of their own heart too.

What kind of person is that one who has no soul, no spirit, no mind and no heart? The true human being is one who possesses these four: soul, spirit, mind and heart. When someone loses the freedom of their soul, they become gloomy and indisposed. Having a hard time, they blame the devil for this. Who is the devil? The devil is a spirit. As a spirit he could blow away everything a person is holding in their hand. And then such a person will complain that they were robbed. Whose fault is it that you were robbed? If you were holding your hand closed, no one could rob you. If you have kept your hand open, the guilt is all yours. For example, if you place a volatile liquid under open air, the wind will easily blow it away. Who is at fault in this case – the wind or the person who opened the bottle with the liquid? Everyone should know the values of their precious things and protect them with great care.

One has to contemplate all matters and then think in the right direction. Right thought needs several conditions: freedom – to give it space, and power – to make it active. Without strength, thought is deprived of movement. Right thought needs light to encompass and to master things. The purpose of the mind is to master. The purpose of the heart is to restore the natural shape and order of things. The heart means Good in the world.

Why do people suffer? – Because they are not free. Why are they weak? – Because they have lost the power of their spirit. Why are people poor? – Because they have lost the goodness of their hearts. The one who lost their joyfulness has turned off the light of the mind. Sick people have lost the power of their spirit. Whoever has become a slave of any negative habit has lost the freedom of their soul.

God bestowed on people four precious things to be kept very carefully: freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart!

People are still dissatisfied even though they have such enormous capital. What could the disciples expect from their master? Is the master capable of giving a disciple another head, new eyes, ears, nose, hands and legs? Whatever one may expect, the master can only stir the air around the disciple. Thanks to this movement of the air, the disciple can hear various sounds, through which the master can give knowledge about the external world: he speaks to the disciple about the letters, about the syllables from which words and sentences can be formed. Later on, the master writes on the blackboard and explains different invisible elements – nitrogen, oxygen, etc. Then the disciple will go back home and will say that he has learned something.

The art of a teacher is in the style of teaching. If teachers are skilled in teaching, they will bring light into the minds of their students. The art of a painter is in the lines they paint in the right place. Whoever does not understand could state that it is not art, but rather daubing the canvas with paint. The art of a musician and a singer is in the precise definition of the vibrations of tones. The real musician can specify the number, strength and quality of the vibrations not only of the tones, but also of the words as form, content and meaning. For example, freedom, power, light and goodness have their specific tones. Freedom has the highest tone in the musical scale. It is expressed by the note B (si). The note B (si) is part of music, but in speech (in the Bulgarian language) it represents the verb 'to be' in its singular form: "you are". What are you? You are rich and strong, you are a knowledgeable person. When I say "B" I mean that I have good understanding and deep insight about issues. In order to reach the musical tone B (si) I have already passed through six tones B. Every person in a good mood is like the tone B. So, when I have freedom, I am like the tone B. When I have power, I am the tone B. When I am good, I am the tone B.

Therefore, freedom is a quality of the soul, strength – a quality of the spirit; light reflects the mind and goodness reflects the heart. Without a soul, one cannot be free; without a spirit one cannot be strong; without a mind one cannot possess light; without a heart one cannot be good. This morning you all should check your status; you should see whether you have freedom in your soul, power in your spirit, light in your mind and goodness in your heart. As you can understand, the number four has a very important role to play in human life. This is the reason why Pythagoras gave a teaching to his students about the meaning of the numbers one, two, three and four. In reference to the term one he places the meaning of solidness. He means that a person should be so strong and solid, that no one could move them away from their place. When one grabs something in their hand – even if the whole world fights against them, nothing can be taken away. Solidness is a quality of the earth, of solid matter. In the term two Pythagoras places the quality of movement, which is typical of water. Even the slightest slope can make water flow downwards. Water meets a new environment and new surroundings. A person should be movable like water to get acquainted with those met along the road being ready to study them. An alive person means that one who is able to move along and to be master of their life. In the number three Pythagoras implies the quality of expansiveness, which is a quality of air. In the number four Pythagoras places the term pervasiveness – a quality of light. Therefore, the solid matter has one tension – downwards, where the mass is. The liquid matter has two tensions – downwards and aside. The air-like matter has three tensions – downwards, aside and upwards. Light, e.g. the ray-spreading matter has four directions of movement, four directions of tension. One cannot understand Life well if one is not stable like the solid matter, movable like water, expandable like air and penetrating like light. To penetrate into matter means to bring light into it.

Contemporary people argue on the issue of whether there is God in the world or not. Only people deprived of light in their minds could argue on such a topic. Is such a person able to accept and to teach knowledge? To deny God means to give room to ignorance and slavery in the world. If someone keeps the godless attitude inside them – it means to keep ignorance, slavery and herd mentality. In the distant past, when humans had no light in their minds they were characterized by herd-mentality. But from the moment when God granted the living breath to humanity, human beings received light into their minds and got out from the herd mentality. Since that moment they realized they had a Father, they realized they were born. Which is the first quality characterizing a daughter and a son? The first quality of a daughter is to recognize her mother. A daughter who does not recognize her mother is a herd-girl. The first quality of a son is to recognize his father. A son who does not recognize his father is a herd-boy deprived of light in his mind.

It means that before arguing about whether there is God in the world or not, one should first ask oneself, "Do I have light in my mind?" If they have a mind – then God exists; if they have no mind – then God does not exist. "And the mindless man said in his heart that God does not exist." Unbelievers are distinguished by the fact that they have no light in their minds and because of this they live in darkness, in prison. Unbelievers are not able to think in the right way, because they are deprived of light in their minds and freedom in their thoughts. A person who is not able to think is a prisoner deprived of light. What should be done for proper thinking? Light a candle in your mind to obtain light. High school students do not believe in God, but when the final exams come they go to church and light a candle. Even they come to the understanding that they should ask someone for help; they need light in order to understand and study well. If people are in difficult situations, they recognize God. Lighting candles means that people need light. If someone is in a contradictory situation, they say, "There are no good people, no goodness exists in the world." But it is not the proper time to ask the question of whether there is good in the world or not. The important question to ask oneself and to answer is, "Is there goodness in my heart?" If there is goodness in my heart – then there is good in the world too. If there is not goodness in my heart – then there is not goodness in the world. Nastradin Hodga[1] said, "When my wife dies, half of the world will die. When I die, the whole world will die." As a matter of fact, if a person loses freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart, life becomes meaningless for them; they are dead. They should resurrect!

What is the meaning of resurrection? To be resurrected means to become alive. Who can resurrect? Everyone who has gained freedom of the soul, they are resurrected. Everyone who has gained power of the spirit, they are resurrected. Everyone who has gained light of the mind, they are resurrected. Everyone who has gained goodness of the heart, they are resurrected, they become alive. It is enough for a person to gain freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind, goodness of the heart in order to resurrect, to come to life. When is it possible to happen? – Even today. One may die four times, but four times one can resurrect as well. When only freedom is lost, one dies for the first time. When power is lost too, this one dies for the second time. When light is also lost, that person dies for the third time; and when finally goodness is lost – the person dies for the fourth time. If someone dies four times, they are good for nowhere, they cannot even become herd-men. When someone loses their power, they become the laughing stock for all. When light of the mind is lost, they become one of the herd-men. What happens to a person who has lost goodness of the heart? You will answer yourselves.

So, you have to be solid, but active like the Earth – your mother, who carries you on her back. The Earth is moving with great speed towards her ideal. The Earth is moving faster than any new aircraft created in our century. Be flexible like water and spread like it. Through evaporation water ascends to the sky and spreads around converted into countless tiny drops, which fall down again as dew-drops, fog, rain; in this way water caresses people, it waters and refreshes any plant and satisfies the thirst of all living beings. Water washes and removes dirtiness. A person's dissatisfaction is nothing else, but a kind of impurity or dust stuck to one's consciousness that is causing irritation. In order to release all filth from their physical and spiritual bodies, and from their consciousness too, people should wash them very often. To reach this goal, one should utilize both visible and invisible water. If you say to yourself that you are sinful, bad, unjust, it means that you have become dirty. Take clean water and wash yourself. You are good, fair people. Is it true? It is equally true to say that a person is both good and bad. Therefore, it is recommended for humans to keep positive thoughts in their minds. It is much better to think you are a good, fair person and to become such, instead of affecting yourself negatively through your own thoughts. It is better for a person to think that they can believe. "Well, but my mind is not able to accept the idea of the existence of God." How can you allow unbelief to enter your mind? First of all, unbelief was created from faith. It is the second wife of man. When man was not able to live well with his first wife – faith, he got married to the second one – unbelief. If he was not capable of living well with the first one who was good, tidy and clean, then with the second one he would live even shorter, because she was absent-minded, wasteful and careless. The falling of man started from the moment when unbelief entered inside. Even when man was still in Heaven, unbelief had penetrated inside him, so he said: "It is possible to live differently, not only following the way God has told me."

If you want to get free from unbelief, keep the four treasures God has granted to you. You should protect freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart! All achievements depend on these four qualities. You should have only one opinion, when you think of freedom, power, light and goodness in humanity. The meaning of Life is hidden in freedom of the soul, power of the spirit, light of the mind and goodness of the heart. These are the Divine qualities towards which humans should progress. It is the New teaching preached today.

All people want to obtain a very concrete idea of God. Freedom, power, light and goodness inside humans are nothing else, but paths for gaining Divine qualities. What more concrete than these four qualities can be obtained? These are the four powers in the human being through which the Almighty God expresses Himself. These entities are the creative principles. The world has been created through them. Human beings have space in their movements, when they are free. They can do something, when they are powerful. They can penetrate into matter, when they have light in their minds. They can keep things inside themselves, when they are good.

So, I wish you when you go back home to take your knives and to cut down the threads of the cobwebs that have enveloped you by now. You can become free only in this way. Then wash all dirty dishes you have at home with clean, fresh water. It is a sign that you are actually powerful people. Afterwards light four candles in your four rooms and let them burn all day long. What will happen to the candles? Do not worry about them! Let the candles give light! Later on, when you see that all four fireplaces are not burning with fire, you should place wood or coal in them and light one match – so, let the fires burn to warm up your rooms. These four activities are required of all people. Tear the cobwebs that envelop you; wash the dirty dishes; light the candles and set fires in your fireplaces.

All I have said to you today is coming from God. He speaks:

My children protect the freedom of your soul!

My children preserve the power of your spirit!

My children sustain the light of your mind!

My children maintain the goodness of your heart!

[1]Nastradin Hodga – hero from many folk stories; an artful, smart joker

Translated by Varbinka Hristova

All members of our translation team work for free and on a voluntary basis.

We will appreciate any assistance, especially in editing, publishing and distributing these translations.

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