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Magnanimity And Chastity

I will read chapter 10 from the Gospel of Joan, from 22-42 verse.

There is one special way of studying the holy books. Many people have forgotten this way. It has to be known that the holy books are not being studied like the ordinary ones. But, the present people have wronged this way and they don’t know what to do. In this relation they may be compared to one our fellow-men who has got confused in the calculation. He has multiplied 6 by 9 and received 54. Afterwards he multiplied 6 by 10 and received 60. When he compared the numbers 54 and 60, he asked himself immediately: How is possible to multiply 6 by 9 and 6 by 10 and to receive numbers with a difference from six units? He deducted 9 units from 60 and has received 51. How is it possible to multiply 6 by10 and to receive 51, less than 54? As much he calculated, as much he confused, till at the end he understood that the mistake is in the nine which he deducted from 60. He has to deduct six units and will receive 54.

The present people often get confused since their mechanisms on earth are not managed in the same way as the spiritual ones. It is impossible. There is some likeness between the earth and the spiritual works, but there is a big difference. This difference is visible and between the people who live on earth. Some man has big desires, like the elephant. When he eats, he satisfies himself with 75 kg. rice. Others are satisfied with little – 200-220 gr. rice is enough for him. The first one has more earthly desires, like the elephant. This desire is a remnant from the past. The second one has more spiritual strivings, that is why he satisfies himself with little. Sometimes the elephant has eaten 75 kg. rice a day, but the contemporary conditions are different, it can’t be delivered as there is so much rice in it.

One young man marries a beautiful, young girl. On the day of the marriage an unhappy event occurred: the bridegroom felt lethargic and he spent 45 years like that. His sweetheart wondered what had happened to the bridegroom, but she decided to remain devoted to him, to wait for his recovery. It happened only after 45 years through which time, due to the sorrow she felt for him, she become so old that man couldn’t recognize her. When he got up from the long dream, he immediately remembered his sweetheart who he imagined still young and beautiful, as he had remembered her to be 45 years ago. In his consciousness 45 years compare to one day. When he saw her, he was surprised – she looked so old to him. The time and the conditions throw an imprint over the human face, as over the objects. The quicker things happen, the more energy has to be spent. Hurried works don’t happen well. This may be noticed especially in eating.

Some say: Eat in a way so that your ears crack. When do the ears crack? – While eating fast? Then the jaws move fast and the ears burst. Ask what will the stomach say? When you eat fast, he starts to protest. – Why? – It can’t manage with the fast thrown food. The intestines protest too. In fast eating the digestion doesn’t occur correctly. One part of the food doesn’t penetrate into the blood and can’t feed the cells. The undigested food lays down a kind of sediment around the joints, as and in the capillary vessels. This is the reason why man falls ill from joint rheumatism. You say: Where does this rheumatism come from? – Very simply, from eating fast and from the unchewed food. – What do I have to do? – You will eat slowly and will chew the food a lot. It is predicted in the Divine plan. After you execute this plan, the work will be arranged well. If you don’t execute it, everything will go backwards. There aren’t any exceptions to it.

Today everyone complains about the consequences of their past life. – There is no why they have to correct the bad consequences from the past. Many people have high aspirations, love to God, they pray several times a day, they look from outside like saints. But, after they start to speak, they immediately start to complain of illnesses, sufferings and difficulties. Here people detained them to pay their debts, there people detained them and they wonder what to do, where to pay earlier. When they can’t manage with their obligations, they refuse to pay under the pretext that their creditors are millionaires, there is no reason why they should pay them. It is not like that. Since in the past you have eaten and drunk, you haven’t thought about tomorrow, now you will pay: a little every time but regularly you will pay your obligations. If you are a saint outside, you will be a saint and inside. When you come in life, you say: It is easy to speak, it is hard to correct the mistakes.

And so, it is easy to theorize, it is difficult to apply the things. I can speak to you a lot about the music, but it is difficult to sing one tone correctly. Everybody can sing but the real singing is which corrects the confused human works. To sing well, means to chew your food well in order it to suck in yet from the tongue and mouth. The longer the food stays in the mouth, the easier it is to suck in part of the nourishing substances and the prana. In this way they go directly into the nervous system. Those saps, which don’t suck in the mouth, go directly into the stomach where the complete grinding happens. You say that you haven’t got no much time to chew the food for a long time and to keep it in your mouth. – If you fall ill, how will you have time to lie down? As an ill man, you will receive leave for two-three weeks and you will lose much time. It is preferable to eat slowly but to be healthy rather than to eat fast, so as not to lose time and be ill.

You say: Let’s love each other! What do these words mean? What does love give to man? You all know it. What does the mother do with her favourite child? She kisses it on the one cheek, afterwards on the other; she kisses it on one hand, afterwards on the other; on one leg, on the other leg, the knees – she kisses it everywhere. Who doesn’t understand the meaning of the mother’s kiss, say: Why does this mother kisses her child so much? Are her kisses appropriate? – They are appropriate. Every child, kissed from its mother and father, becomes a man in the full sense of the word. Therefore, if your works are not being arranged well, you will know that your mother and father haven’t kissed you as they have to.

When I speak about chewing food, I have in mind the young man who has strong teeth. What sense has the old, the toothless man to chew his food? If he has got any teeth, he can’t chew it. In order to chew your food, you have to have teeth. What do the teeth represent? They are an emblem of human goodness. And the dog often shows its teeth to man, barks at him. It says: Do you know that I have teeth? How do I manage with the teeth of the dog? I take out from my pocket a piece of pretzel, I give it to the dog and say: Your teeth have to be occupied with something. Here, I have enough little pretzels. Take this piece in order to become friends. When it shows its teeth, the dog wants to say: You have to know that I am just. I act equally with everybody. If you dare to cause some mischief to my master, you will test my teeth. – Be calm, I came here to empty my pockets of the little pretzels. What do you want to do for me? Make it to the little pretzels. When do you have from them, you will understand why I have come.

Some people say: God lives in us. – How do you know it? – He says to us to make something which we haven’t thought about. – Have you executed it? One evangelist, our fellow-man, now he is already in that world, said for him: I am very lazy. I want to get up early in the morning, but I can’t, I want to sleep. He has reproached himself alone, but originally he was lazy man. He had short, fat arms, his fingers were fat around the base, the legs – also fat. His whole figure was fat, it was disposed to laziness. The old man in him loved to sleep more; the new man incited him to work and said to him: Nothing can be achieved by sleeping.

I will deliver one case from the life of Edison, whose one fellow-men often said to him that he had to sleep more, not to exhaust himself. Edison thought for a long time over the phonograph but he couldn’t decide on it. One night he got up around one o’clock after midnight and he couldn’t sleep. He immediately got up and started to work. At this moment he decided the question which interested him. Satisfied from the decision of the task, he said to himself: If I continued to sleep, I wouldn’t find the phonograph. I said to you too: If you sleep too much, you will not decide anything. If you get up at midnight and you don’t feel sleepy, get up immediately. In this way you will decide the task which you haven’t decided at this moment. The tasks can’t be decided in a dreaming state. The dream is a rest, passing from one state to another.

Now let’s come to the singing, to see what is being missed from the present singers. Two men sing. If one has a clear tone but sings rudely, there is no softness. Generally as the singers, as the speakers need softness. This is missing from the present people. Every rude word is reflected in a harmful way in the nervous system of man. – Why? – Because it comes back to him. As the cart shakes the man, as the vibrations of the rude words, of the negative thoughts and feelings produce shaking of the nervous system and man falls ill. It is preferable to walk than to get up on a cart which will shake you to the last cell. As you know it, keep yourself away from thoughts, feelings and actions which shake the nervous system.

What does the cart feed from? – from a spring. The vibrations of the human words, thoughts and feelings also need a spring, i.e. from softness. And the singing needs a spring. A Smart man is that one who has put a spring on his cart. Every cart which moves fast in the mental world has to have a spring by all means, in order not to cause any shaking. The nervous system needs a spring. If there is no such spring, it is exposed to violent shaking. Some man says: I am not satisfied with myself, with my quick-temper. What should I do? The guilt is in my grandmother and my grandfather. They were quick-tempered and delivered their quick-temper to me too. – Don’t blame your grandmother and grandfather. They were poor, they didn’t have a chance to buy a spring. Today you dispose, you have funds to buy a spring. How much does one spring cost? – Two-three hundred leva. Even if it is a thousand leva, you can buy it again. You have money in the bank. Take out how much is needed for one spring, so when you sit, you sit in away which is comfortable for you. When I study the question about the rudeness of man, I come to the conclusion that in order for some softness to be acquired, what is needed are the correct conditions. I go into one home, I observe what the relations between the children and the parents are. The children are rude to their parents, they speak snappily, rudely to them. The parents wonder what to do with them. According to me, the reason for this rudeness is hidden in the superfluous energy of the children. If they know how to invest it, they will be softer and more careful. One day the little Ivan becomes a young man and his rudeness gradually decreases. He has found one Lady-bird, which he speaks to softly and gently. When he address it, he calls her little Lady-bird. Why is he grub to his mother but is soft and careful to the Lady-bird? The reason for the rudeness of little Ivan is in the mother. When she was pregnant, she couldn’t carry the necessary softness in little Ivan. That is why, a Lady-bird comes from outside, as a doctor, to cure little Ivan of his rudeness. It knows how to act with him in order to carry in the necessary goodness.

What does the softness and the rudeness represent? Rudeness is a bad meal, and the softness – a good and delicious meal. You are an educated man, you understand from a good meal. You go to an inn, to one old cook. You think that he is experienced, he knows how to cook well. But you remain surprised. He puts the meal in front of you, but it doesn’t make you feel good. You leave the inn, dissatisfied and never go back there again. The meal is bad, i.e. the cook is rude. You go to another inn. One young, disposed cook meets you. He puts your delicious, well-cooked meal. Even indisposed, you eat and feel well. The reason for it is the softness of the young cook. Something soft, pleasant is given off from him. To meet this rude man, means to enter into a dark, dusty, unaired room. To meet a soft man, means to enter into a clean, well aired and arranged room.

What are the conditions of the spiritual life? – Cleanness, absolute hygiene and airing. The spiritual man works with gold, not with paper money. Everybody knows the price of gold and strives towards it. Gold has a price every time, and paper money is temporary, they lose their price quickly. The points of view of the people for the present life is paper money which loses it’s price yet on the other day Divine in man is gold which never loses its price. If the Divine is in you, you never lose your price. Humans lose their price but the Divine – never. And human things are nice but they are temporary, light, like the paper money. Divine things are eternal; they have value like gold. Which is better?: To dispose with paper or with gold money?

There is one little cat here, which often stays at the door of my room, it waits for me to give it something to eat. It represents an example of softness. One day I opened the door of the room to give it something to eat. It gives a mew very pleasantly. There was a special softness in the mew. For this pleasant mew I got up several times through the night to give to it something to eat. For first time I have met a cat which mews so pleasantly and softly. A magical power is hidden in the mew of this little cat. How many times have I heard it mew, I always gave an ear, I listened to it with pleasure. In this way it showed its gratitude. It said: I am being chased everywhere, they don’t accept me; you have accepted me, you give me food. Its gratitude made it pleasant. And God listens with tremor to hear our gratitude, to hear out soft voice, an expression of love to Him and to our fellow-man.

I take this little as an example of softness and gratitude. Outside it is weak, gentle, with modest clothes, but there is something pleasant in its eyes, and in its voice – something musical. When I hear its mew, I become disposed immediately. It can be compared to a buyer who gives the baker a gold coin. Everybody understands the price of the gold coin and puts it in his pocket. Even an animal, brings something Divine in itself too. When I listened to the mew of the little cat, I say: if one little cat can express the Divine in itself, what remains for the man who has come out from God? Man can express the Divine not only like the little cat, but much better. Desire is wanting from man! If he has it, he gives a chance to the God in him to express itself in fullness.

When you read the holy books, you stop on the little and the big prophets and see the big difference in their characters. Some prophet speaks severely to people but with softness. He judges them, scourges as a judge, but it becomes hard to him. That is the way many of the present judges act. One judge spoke to me one about his experience. One case between rich and poor man is being examined. The last one owes one big sum of the rich man. By law he must pay his debt. By conscience the case in use of the poor man. If I don’t apply the law, I bring responsibility, they will judge me. I applied the law and I judged the poor man to pay the obligated sum to the rich man. But my conscience spoke to me: Now you will pay the half sum to the poor man to help him. I agreed and I took part in the debt of the poor man. It means to awaken the conscience which understands which side the right is. By conscience, the right is on the side of the poor man, and by law – on the side of the rich man. This judge is a follower of the New teaching and acts accordingly.

What do we do? – We produce one decision every day, we judge ourselves; it is correct by law, but not and by conscience. Be such a judge: to judge and the poor man, and the rich man after they are guilty. Once the Turkish judicial procedure became very quickly. There weren’t any defenders there. A poor man complains to the judge that he has worked for one rich man who doesn’t want to pay him. The judge calls the rich man and asks him: Do you owe money to this poor man? – I owe. – Pay him immediately, still now, without any delay! It means efficiency of the destiny. Today everyone, like judges, constantly postpone out cases. One judge postpones the case, the second one postpones it, the third one postpones it, the fourth – also till at last somebody decides to examine it and to give a resolution. There is such an example with one big case which came into the hands of one experienced German judge. He constantly postponed the case and almost his whole life was financed from the funds of this case. In this time he married his daughter. His son-in-law was also a judge. Instead of a dowry, he received from his grandfather this case with the words: Here, this case may rise you. You may spend all your life on it. The son-in-law took the case, examined it and pondered it for two years. When he heard about it, his grandfather told him: This case decided your destiny – you can’t be a good judge. If you work like that, you will go hungry a lot. To postpone the cases with years, is a wrong tactic which conceals some self-seeking. The uses of short procedures do not serve any useful purpose.

These are intimate works in the human life. If you don’t think correctly, you can’t use yourself with the blessing of the invisible sensible world. It pays attention to the essential of the things. If you think correctly, and there is not softness in your thoughts and feelings, your thought is not absolutely correct. It is necessary to have love in the thought, and in love – softness. It improves life. Softness is a healthy state of human life. He who has softness, studies easily, he educates himself easily, he educates his children easily. Everything may be reached with softness. Without softness man is dissatisfied by himself, from his thoughts and feelings.

When I make observations over the human manifestations, with this I study and the fruits. Still from outside I guess the conditions every fruit has ripened under. The Best fruits are those which have been exposed to the south; afterwards come those ones which have been exposed to the east and west, and at last come the ones exposed to the north. The same thing may be observed with the watermelons. Eat watermelons which have been exposed to the south to see what difference there is between them and those which have been exposed to the west or to the east. And eat only the upper part of the watermelon, not the lower part which has lain on the earth. Make this attempt for one month to see what result you will have. The same thing may be observed with people. Every man wants to be soft and sweet but he can’t. The more people are exposed to the north the less they grow. There is one place which man has to stay in, in order to be shone on from all the sides. Can man make a house without north windows?

In the house of one scientist the idea came to make a house either on the north, or on the South Pole. Only there will it be shone on from all sides equally. Since the man and the woman are the poles of life, man has to be born now like a woman, now like man, to acquire the necessary softness and sweetness. Then man will not live on the equator but will live on his pole which is shone on from all the sides. Some man hasn’t been shone on as he had to be. He says: it is cold to me. – You are in the North Pole. – I will go to the equator. – According to me, there is no reason to go to the equator, but you will stay in the North Pole to acquire softness as a man. In order to acquire the necessary softness as a man, you have to be magnanimous. In order to acquire the necessary softness as a woman, you have to be chaste. The pole of the man is the magnanimity; the pole of the woman is the chastity. If man is not magnanimous, he can’t acquire that softness which will carry the new in his life. If the woman is not chaste, she can’t acquire that softness which will carry the new in her life.

Remember: The softness will bring the new life. The magnanimity and the chastity are conditions for the acquisition of the softness. One of the beautiful features of man is the magnanimity, and to woman – the chastity. It is pleasant to meet magnanimous man. His walk is light, movable, flexible. It is pleasant to meet a chaste woman. She has a beautiful figure, well-knit, with nimble, light movements. There is no more beautiful thing than a magnanimous man and chaste woman. He, who wants to acquire the necessary softness, has to be magnanimous and chaste. The magnanimity demands an excellent mind, and the chastity – an excellent heart. The magnanimity demands a brisk, powerful spirit, and the chastity – unbounded, large soul. – Where are they? – In you. Give place to the mind, to the heart, to the spirit and to your soul to manifest. If you reach it, you will acquire the necessary softness. For this aim man has to be free. – Let us leave everything in the hands of God. – Leave everything to God but listen to Him and execute His will. He says to man: Be magnanimous by mind and spirit. He says to woman: Be chaste by heart and soul. What he says, they must listen to.

Man to be magnanimous and chaste, these are possibilities, put in him. When I say this, I come in your state. You live in a world of big fights and contradictions, of big adversities and difficulties. You load yourself with the responsibility to decide which necessary special conditions are. If you expect these conditions, you will know that they will not be given to you. If you think that the world may be managed easily, you are lying to yourself. You will wait a long time, as you wait to win in a lottery. The world today contains all the necessary conditions for you, but you have to believe in it. – Is there an exit from the state we find ourselves in? – There is, but it is demanding sensibility for it. One girl, the best daughter in the family, was the smartest, but in spite of this everybody in the house was against her. She wasn’t upset by it and patiently endured everything. One day the entire family went to the mountain, on a trip. Unexpectedly, the weather broke and turned to snow. They were frozen to death and looked at each other in wonder at how to make a fire to keep warm – nobody had predicted it. There were trees but a match was necessary. Their good daughter had predicted everything, she brought a match. In this way she helped to her family to escape from the hopeless state. Till this moment everybody had called her Maria, but when they saw her foresight, they started to call her Mariyka. Only the sensible man is provident.

And so, the bad states of life are nothing other than a possibility of God to manifest his Love. Mariyka will come from somewhere, will strike the match, will light the fire, and from this moment out of the soul will come happiness. There is no better thing for man than to be spiritually disposed, to be soul, mentally and heartily disposed. There are the tasks which expect its decision. – How will they be decided? – In an inside way. These tasks are important and for this, and for that world. A wealth hides in their decision making, which man will bring with himself in the other world. You will remain everything on earth but this wealth you will take with yourself.

It means that the only wealth which man will bring with him to that world, is the softness of his spirit, the softness of his soul, the softness of his mind and the softness of his heart.

-The good of man is in Divine Love.

9. Morning Speech from Master, delivered on 31 January, 1937, Sofia – Sunrise.



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