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The Sixth Sense

I shall read chapter three from the Gospel of Joan.

One Bulgarian proverb says: “The repetition is a mother of the knowledge.” This is partly true. Old works to be repeated, it is not knowledge. Not all things which are being repeated are true. Absolutely true are those things in which there isn’t any exception. You say something but deliver it exaggerated, or watered down. When you don’t deliver it as it happened, in both cases, there is something false. Some people want to pass the false works for truth through the faith of people.

Now you have entered the School with the aim of developing some gifts and abilities. If you don’t work as you have to, your entrance into the School is pointless. If the child manifests a gift for painting but doesn’t work, nothing will become of it. Firstly the mother is glad of its scribbling, of its pictures. But these are ordinary things. They don’t have any artistic value. These are ordinary lines. In order to acquire art lines on the arm, the child has to study, to work upon its gift. It is not easy to be drawn art one line. It is wanted an arm for it.

Man has to work 20-30 years in the area of art to paint one line in order to recommend him as a painter. Outside one line may be correct, beautiful, but if you increase it and study it, you see that there is something wrong.

The same refers to the human face, Outside it is beautiful but if you increase it, you see that there is something that you don’t like. Really, a human face is not as beautiful as it seems. – Why? – Because it is being watched from a short distance. Every object which is watched from afar, seems more beautiful than it actually is. For example, from afar Vitosha is more beautiful than from a short distance. The closer I come, the more it loses its beauty. Its lines are being drawn in detail and it starts to lose that beauty that it has from afar. The beauty has an attitude to the sensibility and the harmony. Only the sensible man is beautiful. If we compare man, as a sensible creature, with animals, we see the big difference which exists between them. Man, for example, makes from him a big, comfortable house in which to live freely, and also to have a place for guests. What is the house of birth? In its nest there is room only for a bird and for its offspring. If some guest comes to it, there is no room for it. Such are the houses and to the rest animals. By analogy of it, I say: The worldly man makes a home only for him and his children. In the house of the spiritual man, there is room and for outside people, but not for all.

The hearts of the present people are not very wide. In them several people may enter. If one more than the defined enters, the state becomes oppressive. It is not easy to serve too many people.

When I speak to you like this, you have to observe things scientifically, to treat everything what is said in a critical way. People say to me something for some man. I say: I can’t give my opinion for this man, I don’t know him, I haven’t tested it. Whatever they say to me – bad or good, if it is true, they have the right to speak, if it is not true, they don’t have the right to speak. All false things are written on account to that one who tells them. Every false thing is written on the back of that one who distributes it. And the interests are putting again at him. From the spiritual world, with the help of radio, listen to everything which is spoken on the earth, and they write it. If somebody delivers a lecture or talk, they listen to it too; - Is that true? – You may check it. The one, who has a well developed sixth sense, may see what is happening in the invisible world. Even and if the sixth sense is developed in the third stage, he can penetrate in the invisible world again, to see how beautiful it is. Between the physical and the spiritual world there is some resemblance but people still haven’t taken down everything which exists in the spiritual world. In future it may be reached. Then the Divine Kingdome will come to earth. And the animals have taken many things from people, but the difference between then and man is big. Look, what the clothes of the animals are! It is so natural! They live in extremely thick matter, in bad conditions. Their coat serves as self-defence against the bad conditions. Man had already left the most crude and hard conditions and gradually walks to more favourable conditions. The body of man is already exposed to Divine light. He accepts it and frames in himself. If you observe man with the eye of the clairvoyant, i.e. to that one who the sixth sense is developed in, you see that besides a physical body, as an outside cloth, man has and other bodies, one more fine than the other, from thinner matter. The essential in man is his Divine body.

And so, study in order to acquire more knowledge. You may criticize yourself, I don’t have anything against criticism, but it has to be based on respect. Here, the present scientists make attempts to understand if another world exists, or not. They have come to the conclusion that in order to prove the existence of the other world, man has to have a respective sense. This is the sixth sense. You can’t penetrate into the other world without it. That world is real. But, in order to accept the reality, you have to have the respective sense, a special sense. How will you know one object if you don’t have touch, sense or striving to it? Without these things, the world will be closed to you. In this relation, the scientists are sincere when they say that with the senses which the present man has, any spiritual knowledge can’t be required. The physical world is three-dimensional. It is adapted for the fifth senses of man. Out of this world man needs one more sense – the sixth, i.e. a sense which answers from the four-dimensional world. Otherwise we couldn’t explain how between a thousand men he only one sees things which the others don’t see. You will say that it is hallucination, a shadow of life. – It is possible. I ask: How will you explain the prediction with which somebody forewarns something? Someone says to you that after ten days your house will burn down. Believe it, or not, it happens. The same man tells you that after time you will travel by train. In the way an accident will happen, the train will run off the rails and you will be injured. It happens too.

The predictions don’t refer only to negative things. The same man predicts to one extremely run into debt trader, who finds at bankruptcy, that after two months his state will be improved. Money will come to him from somewhere. He will pay off his debts, he will improve his state and he will give his children the chance to finish school. Where these possibilities will come from, he doesn’t know either, but the fact is being near at hand. As he says, as it happens. You say: there is no reason why we listen to the spirits, they set our things right. I say too: Don’t wait for the spirits to set your things right. You have to care for your works alone, but if you don’t do anything, they will order you. If someone doesn’t pay his debts, he leaves other people to pay for him. When he doesn’t pay his accounts by himself, the invisible world will force him to pay. – How? – They will send some illness to him or some unhappiness and he will say: I had one debt, written off long ago, I shall pay it off. People are not obliged to pay my engagements. When he hasn’t remembered, the spirits have urged him to go and pay his debt.

You say that you don’t have to listen to the spirits. – Sometimes you have to listen to them. Is it better to prosecute you for not executing an engagement? When you don’t pay, they will judge you. They will judge you for many things without you suspecting it. You gather stones from the mountain, make houses and don’t think that you will pay. You don’t have the right to take stones indiscriminately from the mountain. There is no case in life, when you make a stone house, and don’t pay for it. Far or close your relative or someone from your family man will pay with his life. When know this, people make an offering, they pay with the foreign life. Generally, it is paying from every undertaking. Voluntarily or by force, you will always pay something. As you know it, don’t look for the reason for unhappiness in life. Some unhappiness is due to the carelessness of people, others are cause by extra terrestrial creatures. They are like people. When they don’t like someone, they are ready to cause him some mischief. If they love him, they make him good. God serves and with the good, and with the bad spirits. He sends the good spirits to help those who prepare for the Divine Kingdom. It is true which you alone have to verify. Whatever I say to you, verify. Otherwise you will deliver my words without having any experience. If and that one, who listens to you, has got no experience, your words remains in vain. Everything which you say has to be informed and verified.

Some people are indignant that one Turkish professor spoke the Turkish language in its original form. Understood or not, they deliver the words of the professor. In fact, he wanted to say other things but they understood him wrongly. People speak like that and for the new teaching. They say that it has gone beyond the borders of Bulgaria, that it has many followers and etc. They are deluding themselves. How many men followers it has they don’t know too. How many of them are real believers? How many of them may be relied on? I ask: How many men between you are real believers, who really may be relied on? I rely on everyone of you as you hope to God. Who doesn’t hope to God and lives out of Him, is similar to all people. You say that you have a high opinion of me, that you hope to God. – Till when do you hope to God? Till you have wealth, possessions, health. After you lose everything, you lose and your hope. Every thing which is being based on the material can be easily lost.

You will say that you honour me. Why do you honour me? I am a poor man, I have got no anything for change. – You are a Divine man sent from Heaven. – I have to prove it. How I shall prove it? – You speak well, preach nicely. – Who can’t speak? – We believe in you. – What does your belief rests on? Peter said to Christ: “You are the living son of God.” Christ answered him: “You don’t uncover it by body and blood but by my Father Who is in Heaven.” If God has uncovered something to you, thanks. If you think that somebody else has whispered in your ear, you don’t speak truth. If you come to the reality, you can’t doubt it. You will believe in the reality as you believe in the light. – I don’t believe in the light. – You will start to believe. – How? – We will walk together on a way on one dark night. We will walk, will toil and moil without knowing where we go. I take out one candle from my pocket, light it and say: Do you see the way? – I see. – Do you believe in the light? – I believe. I blow out the candle and say: Go forward! – I can’t, I don’t see the way, I stumble. I light the candle. – Do you see? – I see. – Do you believe in air? – I believe. – In the water? – I believe. – In the bread? – I believe. – The light, the air, the water and the bread ARE real things which always may be tasted.

Apply your faith in order to be increased. Taste the things in order to enter into the reality of life. You love to exaggerate and to decrease the things. Sometimes it is necessary in order to make things understood and accessible. You say: I saw God. – How did you see Him? – As an old man, in white clothes, with a white kalpak on the head. It is an ordinary man, not God. If God comes down to earth, even it will not withstand His face, it will melt. What will happen to you, the ordinary man, if you see God? You wouldn’t withstand even the face of one angel. The angels are light, powerful spirits. It is enough just to see the face of one angel to fall on the earth. Even the prophet Danail, one of the enlightened ones, when he saw an angel, fell to earth. I don’t say that nobody has seen an angel. Many people have seen angels but few have withstood their look. When the high priest Zachary saw an angel who told him that a son would be born to him, he didn’t believe it. Because of his disbelief he became dumb. After it Zachary wanted to say that he has a vision but he couldn’t speak.

Now, let us leave aside the past and your old belief. – Sometimes God has spoken to man. – God speaks to him and today. – Sometimes man has seen God. – He sees Him and now. Today people dispute who sees more, who knows more and who can do more. All the people don’t see equally, don’t deliver things equally because the sixth sense is not developed equally in them. Two painters paint one picture from nature. They dispute which picture is more beautiful. The more beautiful and truer picture is that one which is closer to nature. Closer to nature means closer to reality. The good man paints the human face as it is in reality. This we call a real, true image.

A Human face is hardly ever painted. – Why? – Because it is put under to constant outside and inside changes. Today you have one point of view, one opinion, on the other day you change. Sometimes the change is in a good sense, sometimes it is not good. You say: I had a good opinion of this man but I changed it, I already don’t think so well of him. – Why did you change your opinion? – I felt it like that. – The feeling is not something scientific. You have to base yourself in a scientific way why you have changed your opinion of this man. Your opinion, your point of view has to correspond to the reality. You say for someone that he is a good man. Have you tasted his goodness? You give him two hundred leva as a loan on condition that he gives them back to you after two months. It is not only that he doesn’t give them back after this term, but he doesn’t even apologize. The Bulgarian is not correct. In this relation, for example, the English man is an example of accuracy. Before the war I was wrote several English books. I sent the necessary sum, but it turned out that the books are cheaper with one shilling. I received an account for the books. On the account it was written that one shilling remained at my disposal. When the war started, the shilling had already gone. The accuracy has relation to nobility. The English man knows what accuracy is. He knows the laws of the spiritual world, he knows what accuracy represents in this world. From the spiritual world say to you: Get up and pray! – It is cold, I don’t want to get up. – Get up! – I don’t have a frame of mind. You wrap yourself up much better in the quilt and start to sleep again. You don’t know that if you don’t get up to pray, on this day some unhappiness will happen to you.

One of our brothers related the following experience. He had a custom of praying every morning. Besides, when he had to go on his way, he always prayed. One day he had to travel by train but since he hurried a lot, he put off his prayer. He came back on the same day and what did he find at home? The children who played with stones, by accident hit one of his children in the eye. It nearly caused the loss of his eye. The brother connected this unhappiness with the postponement of his prayer. With it he interrupted his connection with god. After this case he never missed his time to pray.

One day I was a guest in the house of the same brother. I found a serious condition there: the brother was ill, he was going to die. I came into the other room, I sat facing east and started to think. After a while, the comrade of the brother and said to me: Master, he leaves. I hope that God will help him to live ten years more to bring up the children. I came into the room of the ill man. I see that he had been transported somewhere but his mouth whispers prayers. I bowed closely, I hear to whisper: God, give me back my life. If I get well I promise to serve you, to execute Your will. When I heard that he prays I said to the sister: Don’t be afraid, tomorrow the ill man will be better.

After he prays, he will not leave. Really, on the other day the brother was better. When he prays, the ill man connects with God and his prayer is being accepted. It is a fact. The sister will say that when the Master came, the ill man got well. I say: the ill man prayed well, sincerely, and that is why he got better. When I went to him and heard his prayer, I already knew that he would get well. If he hadn’t prayed, he would leave and in my presence. There was strong desire to live in him, to execute Divine will, that is why his prayer was accepted.

And so, if you want your work to go well, don’t get carried away with material things, don’t succumb to false hearings. Every work which you start has to be pleasing to God, or in agreement with the laws of the sensible world. Work only what is defined for you from God, i.e. for what you have been born to do. If you have been born to be a painter, paint; if you have been born to be a musician, play; if you have been born to be a doctor, cure people. What you have been born for, you will work as. When you know it, don’t impede either yourself, nor your fellow-men. Everybody has to work in the way which he has been born to.

Christ says: “What is borne from the Spirit, it is spirit; what is borne from the flesh, it is flesh.” Said with other words: What is borne from Spirit is sensible, unrestricted; what is borne from the flesh is unreasonable, restricted. Man is sensible, the animal – unreasonable. Man can think, man makes inferences and conclusions; the animal doesn’t think it doesn’t make any inferences. Besides practical, man has theoretical knowledge; the animal has only practical knowledge. For example, when one cat wants to jump from one place to another, it uses its experience, it knows how far the distance is between the two places, and jumps successfully. When it wants to catch its victim, it knows what jump to do. It is neither knowledge, neither success, nor progress. All the crack and criminals have long arms. If today they are not such, they were such in the past. When they have made attempts to steal, they have stretched out their arms and because of it they have become long. The thief constantly brings in him the thought to reach out his hand for something and stretch out his arms. That is why namely his arms are longer than to that one who never steals. It is proved scientifically. People who think more and feel less, have long noses; those who feel more and think less, have short and wide noses. They are healthier. Those ones, who have longer and narrow noses, are more hot-tempered. The irascibility and the nervousness of man are due to superfluous mental energy which accumulates in the nose. It means that the superfluous mental energy disorganizes the nervous system. When you know it, don’t overload your thought with superfluous cares. Some says: What should be done with this house? It is already old, tomorrow it may collapse; it is dark, it doesn’t absorb enough light into it. – Very simple. Prop it up with two-three beams, you will fix it a little. Open one-two bigger windows in order to absorb more light. Your house will be lighter and more hygienic, and you – healthier. Don’t worry about your houses. Really, they are appliances, object teaching but they are not an aim in life.

Someone says: Why do I come here to waste my time? – Who let you come? Nobody forced you. You compare yourself to a trader who stays all day in the market-place, expects someone to come, to buy from his commodity. Two-three hours pass, nobody comes; lunch time passes, still nobody comes. He closes his work-shop dissatisfied that he hasn’t earned anything. But he always believes that his work will go forward. On another day he opens his shop again, expects clients. At last one of his friends, who is always lucky, comes and after him one after another a number of clients start to alternate. His faith increases and he is glad that his good friend took after many clients. It happens and the opposite: one mister comes into his shop, after that everything deteriorates. Nobody enters his shop now, and not only for one day but for several. This man has a bad step, he doesn’t lead clients after himself.

Two firms exist in the world. They oppose themselves mutually. In order to manage this opposition, every firm has to apply its mind, to think. Only like that may they correct their life. If he doesn’t think correctly, man resembles that American, millionaire who paid 400 million dollars for the building of the railway line between Chicago and Buffalo. He built the line and after that he went to see what the real situation with the work was. What did he see? Another American, a multi-millionaire, has already built the same line parallel to his. It means that a concurrent appeared. He thought what to do for a long time. At last he decided to kill himself. His woman noticed that he was very thoughtful, decides to do something. She came into his room and asked him: Tell me, what is the problem? You think something is bad. Tell me what you are thinking of doing? How your material works are? – I am in a dead-end. I can’t stand the disgrace which expects me. My saving is in death. She said to him: You will give me the right to arrange your work. After one week everything will be ready, but you will promise to listen on me. What did this clever American woman do? She went into the office of one big multi-millionaire in Chicago and said to one of the officials: Please, call the director of the office. – it can’t, he is busy, his time is very expensive. - I want just five minutes of his time which I shall pay for. At last he accepted her. She said to him: We built one railway line from Chicago to Buffalo. I ask you only one thing: Let you be the first traveller who will travel on this line. We will pay the expenses. We don’t want anything else from you. He watched her, smiled and set the day of the journey. She thanked the director, paid him the time she took up, and went to home. On her way she turned aside in visited casually the office-building of one of the daily newspapers and left a message that so and so multi-millionaire would travel on the newly built line Chicago – Buffalo. The concurrent of her man, when he learned about it, said: I give 600,000,000 dollars for this line. In this way the clever wife of the American made a contract with the concurrent and saved the state of her man. What would have happened to this American if his wife wasn’t clever? Therefore, if your wife is clever and can save your wrong material state, give to her all your rights for it. She believes in her power. Man has to be sincere in himself – to acknowledge if he can complete one job, or not. And then you will know which things happen as you wish, and which can’t happen. When something doesn’t happen, you will try to find the reason for it. I say: Whatever happens in your life, don’t lose your faith but increase it. Your present faith is a base of the things but it has to grow. Everything is put under counts on growing. And your body grows. Every thing, which doesn’t grow, doesn’t develop. If the child doesn’t grow, it can’t develop. If the adult doesn’t grow, he can’t develop either. People say that man grows only to the age of 25 years and afterwards he stops. From 25 years old upwards he stops to grow in height, but he grows in width. If in height, or in width he grows, it is important that in the organism there is constant change. From the age of 25 years upwards it grows and develops the brain. It continuous to grow old, even and to the age of 120 years. Until it grows man may be useful. God has invested a large amount of capital in him, which has to be developed. From this capital and he, and his fellow-men will use it. As disciples, you have to work over your character: to remove the unclean, to work with the clean as if with hard cash capital. If you have a bad feature – to speak about people’s behind their backs, don’t you have to free yourself from it? If you want to point out one bad feature of one sister. Don’t speak behind her back. Call her and say: Sister, what you do is not in the interest of your spiritual development. You exaggerate some things, you said something bad about your friend. Before you speak and exaggerate the facts, verify how true they are. In this way you distort your character. Don’t speak badly about anybody. Be just to everyone.

Now I say and to you: I want all of you to be sincere, just, good. Who wants to live only for his interests, let he go into the world. We will help him and there. If he wants to become rich, there is his place. You came here to study, not to quarrel. The School is not a place for trade. The rise is great teaching. Everything which comes from outside is an appliance for this school. Nobody has the right to appropriate the things. It is not allowed to have parties in School, to co-operate yourself. If you co-operate in the name of God, to execute His will, I understand it. To co-operate and to pull to you, it means to collapse alone. You are cashiers of god that is why you will be honest. If you are on the Rise, or in town, everybody has to work for God. I don’t want you to be poor. Be rich but use your wealth for God. In it your goodness hides. I wish your good too. Don’t criticize yourself. Only the brave and decisive may criticize because he knows how to criticize. From the one, who knows much, very much, is demanded; from the one, who knows little, little is demanded. Who has much, he gives much; he who has little, has little.

Now, whatever I say to you, whatever advice I give you, you will act in your way again. Somebody asks me for something, wants my advice and after that he says: Why did you allow it to become like this? If I don’t give him any advice, it is bad; if I give some advice to him, it is bad again. I prefer to be bad but to advise him rather than not to tell him anything. If I haven’t given him any advice, his state would be worse. Who has decided to execute the will of God, puts his interest aside. One sister will go to preach my teaching. How she will preach? What will she say to people? Does she have some gift to prove to people that she predicts things? She will say that she knows one Master who sees everything. It is not enough. People want scientific evidence. It is not important who knows what and can; it is important what you know. Divine one always succeeds and humans pass and leave, without leaving deep traces. This is how I know things. For me it is like this, how you look at them I don’t know. Everything I speak about is tasted and verified from me. I haven’t got any doubt in it and I say: This is the truth because I have tasted it. What I haven’t tasted may be truth and false.

Some says: Master gets down very low to us. – I don’t get down but I make attempts, I verify the teaching I preach. For me is important if I am able to get down and to raise myself; am I able to get down to people without being tempted and to be carried away from something. May I listen to offended words aimed to me without touching me? Everybody who says false things is already prosecuted. It is not only for me, it is for everyone. Soon the sentence of those who speak false things will be passed. It is what love demands. Crimes are no allowed to be committed in the name of love. It is already time for everybody to make a confession to him and to correct his mistakes. If it is me, or you, the law is the same. I am ready to correct and my littlest mistake. If I have made a mistake I shall say: I have made a mistake but I am ready to correct it. It is justice. It is chivalry. It is what human dignity demands. Reveal the things as they are really. A character is wanted from man. Why will you hide the truth? Somebody will come to praise me that I am a good man, that I do good. Why are these words? Afterwards he will say that he wants me to help him, to lend him money. He will praise and get me to Heaven in order to give him some money. I already think how to act with him. I say to him: I have money but it is not mine. I don’t lend money. Come after four-five days, I shall do something and will give you some from mine. I cure ill men from time to time, but I don’t take money. Some give me money to give to poor or ill men as I find. With this money I make good for their account. I say: When somebody gives you money, take them. Otherwise you will show your pride. One sister came to me, she needed money. She didn’t want anything but I knew that she needed money and I decided to help her. I gave her 6oo leva. She took the money but she gave them back on the other day. – Why did you give the money back? – I don’t want any money. Tomorrow the others will hear and they will say that you have given me money. I want to be independent, not to depend on anyone. She was afraid and from me, not to tell sometimes that I have helped her. It is her vanity. She wants everyone to think well of her. I took the money back and set her free. The reason for giving back the money may be some other. This sister may be poor, with little children, without work. When she looks for the money, she thinks that they are little. What will she do with 600 leva? On another day some man comes to me asking for money. – Why do you need money? – I have an ill wife and children, they have got no coal, they stay at home frozen and hungry. Afterwards he says that he himself is ill. One of his children fell ill from meningitis, he doesn’t know what to do. The doctors wanted to give him two injections. I say: I advise you not to give injections. Leave it to Nature. If it leaves, it is better to leave naturally. It may remain on Earth but it will be in height of the fellow-men by all means. If its illness is not meningitis, let them buy it milk to drink. I give 600 leva to the father for milk and bread of the child. These are material works which define the relations of people to God.

Look to God as your father in order and I look to you as children of God. I tell you how you have to love and help each other. You say that you are children of God but you don’t love each other. Those who have blood connections love themselves more than those who have spiritual connections. Today the spiritual love works little between the people. Many feelings act into man. They interrupt and restore but in the end they change and interrupt. Love is the only power in man which never changes. It remains with man and always follows him. To love man, means never to interrupt your feelings for him. One feeling is strong till it doesn’t interrupt. It may change outside but never interrupts. If a man who you love speaks badly of you and causes you mischief, your feeling hasn’t to be interrupted again. If you see that he suffers, first you have to come to his assistance. It is love. If you don’t help him, you don’t love him. Love corrects all the mistakes. If you see one of your mistakes, don’t keep it to yourself for long. As soon you correct it, it is better for you.

Now I advise all of you to confess your sins, not one to another, but to your soul. Open your hearts and minds and make a confession of your sins to the sensible world. Even one mistake hasn’t remained in you! Before you lie down open your heart to God and make a confession of your sins. Only in that way will you manage with the difficulties and the misfortunes in life. We live in a world full with trials. Don’t think that you are very strong. Every moment of your life hangs by a thread. Nobody knows how much time is defined for him to live on earth. Till you are here, look to win something, so that when you go to the other world to have what to bring with you. There is no greater thing than to enter into the new life, into the Divine Kingdom as its citizens. That is why it is said in the Writing: ”Search first for the Divine Kingdom and Its justice and everything else will be applied to you.” You have come on earth to develop the good and the beautiful which is put in you. Have you to put off this work for another regeneration? All the favourable conditions are being given to you to develop one thing – the sixth sense. It is not demanding more from you. From you demands to see things clearly, to feel them correctly and to develop them on place. The Sunrise has to be a model of cleanliness, of light thoughts, of elevated feelings and to noble actions. Help these people who suffer and have need. From the Sunrise has to come out people of the new! And when they see things clearly, to know how to help. We have to be a model in everything. Be models not in words but in actions. If you are not models your words will be a voice in the desert. Which thought has to remain in your mind from today’s lection? – Doubt, apply your critical mind, test the things but keep the good. It is said and in the Writing: “Test everything but keep the good!” I tell you too: Test everything but apply Love! Test everything but walk in the way of Truth! This God demands this from you.

4. Morning Speech from Master delivered on 18 October, 1936, Sofia – Sunrise



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