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John 4 ch.

The greatest thing which we know in the world is life. It is not a question, how we conceive life, or how we feel and think about it. These are all particular and incomplete conceptions. We are speaking about life as a whole, which consists of that which we see outside, as its manifestation and that which is to be its future manifestation. Contemporary humanity is in the state of a child. People have an indefinite idea about life itself as well as about its manifestations. By the word 'life' we understand that which man desires. Man desires life. Knowledge, wealth, power, and all the external settings are pleasant only when life exists. All these things are only the conditions of life itself. If life did not exist, they would be of no purpose. Light is of no purpose without the eyes. Music-sound is of no purpose without the ears. The word is of no purpose without the human tongue.

Today, all people speak about the new in life, but wherein does it lie? You see a picture and you say: There is something new in that picture. - But you do not understand what is new in the picture. In order to realize the new in the picture, you must paint it. Another person says that the picture is beautiful. What is beautiful in the picture? You say that a person is beautiful. In what does his power and beauty lie? One must have tested everything he speaks about. It is not enough for you only to say that sugar is sweet, but you must have tasted it. Only the white colour does not distinguish the sugar from the other things of the same colour. There is an inner quality which determines the sugar. It is its sweetness. Therefore, every man has certain feelings in himself by means of which he recognises reality. As far as reality is concerned, you will find a number of philosophic conceptions according to which reality is something incomprehensible, just as Cod is invisible. I have an entirely different idea about the word "invisible" than the philosophers. When they say that God is invisible, they are expressing their literal conception of Him. That God is invisible is but one side of the question. He is visible, at the same time. Where is God visible? - In His smallest forms. For instance, all men see the sun, but who has seen it in its grandeur? The sun is one million and 500 thousand times larger than the earth. Who has seen it in that size? We all see the sun as a small ball, which we can carry under our arm. You say: How beautiful is this light ball! If I could take it into my house that it might shine there! - There is a great difference between that which you perceive and that which exists in reality. When the philosophers say that God is invisible, you understand exactly that which you have no conception of. You have no idea about the inner construction of things. Often times scientists speak about things which they do not know on the inside. For instance, someone starts speak about the sun and makes an analogy between the sun and the earth. He says that on the sun there are mountains, valleys, great oceans, rivers, planets, beautiful gardens and people similar to those on the earth, only much more beautiful and stately. As you hear that man speak about the sun you ask him whether he has seen that which he is speaking about. He has no seen anything, but supposes that all is as he says. And after all that, there will be people who will believe that. Many people believe in the assertion of some philosophers that God is invisible. And they repeat that assertion. On the one hand this is true, but on the other hand, it is not true. Every truth is halfway true and every falsehood is halfway false. But there is truth in every lie and in every truth, there is some falsehood. This is an aphorism. When I say that in every truth there is some falsehood, I do not consider the truth in its absolute sense, but I rather consider it as a fact which is regarded as a truth. Here is a state considered by people as a truth. They say: life is unhappy. This is not a truth. Why? There is absolutely no unhappiness in life itself. Only the life of some people is unhappy. Thus, in that truth, there is something false. You also say that the water is muddled. No, the water can never be muddled. It can contain different sediments and admixtures in itself, but these admixtures can by no mean change the constituency of the water. These elements may only dim the external appearance of the water, but absolutely no change can take place in its essence. Some years ago, I listened to a talk of an American professor who spoke to a great audience about the purification of water. He wanted to demonstrate to the public by a number of experiments, that no matter what admixtures are put in the water, it can be purified in such a way as to remain pure water again, without changing its chemical properties in the least. There were several bottles of water on the table, taken from different dirty places in New York and Boston and through a process of distillation he obtained absolutely pure water. As a proof of that, he drank of that already purified water. By those experiments, he proved that water can not be polluted.

On the basis of the same law, I say: We are in such a phase in which life can by no means be stained. Certain material admixtures, as man's thoughts and feelings, can temporarily and only externally stain the purity of life, but the essence of life can by no means be stained. For instance, some man is unhappy for the sole reason that the thought of being persecuted by someone, has entered into his mind and he is always expecting to be killed. Day and night he thinks that someone is pursuing him with the desire to kill him. He says: They are persecuting me. - Who is persecuting you? - I do not know, but someone is after me. And now, someone must come and try to take that thought out of his mind and convince him that no one is persecuting him. How will he convince the man? He must try to convince him by a number of proofs that no matter what a blow his enemy might inflict upon him, his knife could never stab his body. That knife is of such a nature that it cannot harm the human body.

Contemporary men are under the same delusion, that death can drive its knife into our bodies and we may die. At the same time, people preach that we can resurrect. However, how can one convince in the resurrection those ministers who maintain the idea that only the upright will resurrect, while the sinful can not resurrect since they are condemned to eternal fire and torment? On my part, I add: only those who have not died can not resurrect all who have died and who die will resurrect. How can you resurrect now while you are living? The resurrection implies a new life in a new form. Can the worm turn into a butterfly while it is still living? So long as it is worn, it can not become a butterfly. As soon as it stops being a worm, it turns into a butterfly. Consequently, man, such as he is, can never resurrect. The idea of the resurrection is not abstract, but it is difficult to speak about it, since every one has his own views about it. When people discuss a certain question, they do not consider the facts, reality itself, but rather their own personal views and theories and give their opinion whether their theory is right or not. It is not of importance to me whether a given theory in physics, chemistry, or some other science, is right or not. For me every scientific or philosophic assertion is true to the extent that it is an expression of the truth which exists in nature. If a certain theory is in accord with the truth, it throws light on the mind and satisfies men to a certain extent. However, if it does not throw any light in people's minds it may be excellent outwardly, but it does not satisfy people. Every theory of this kind is like a well-prepared meal, pleasant in appearance, but after half an hour causing certain reactions in the stomach, which shows that the food had not been as good as it had looked.

Therefore, every teaching must have a calming effect on man. The new direction of life is in a position to produce such an effect. There is a danger for the religious people in that they deny knowledge by saying: We have no need of knowledge. If we love God, love will give us everything. This shows that they do not understand love. Love does not exclude knowledge. He who excludes knowledge has no love in himself. You will quote the verse in the Scripture where it says that knowledge is the cause of pride. Yes, knowledge without love makes one proud, but knowledge with love imbues life with meaning and beauty. How you can answer that knowledge limits man. On the contrary, it gives man freedom. The truth can not abide in man without knowledge. Life, knowledge and freedom must become an indivisible whole. Do not allow any one to drive a wedge into your conceptions. No power in the world, be it of the physical, the spiritual, or the Divine world, is in a position to disintegrate the composition formed by life, knowledge and freedom.

I say: no matter what you think or how you philosophise, this is the foundation upon which you must place your life. If you do not have this philosophy, whatever you think will come to nothing some day. Today you think one way, but on the next day you say that you will die. Then you look upon your house and become sorrowful. There is sense in having a house, but if you do not die. Today you have children, but tomorrow they die. There is sense in having children, if they do not die, but if you and your children die what is the use of your coming into this world? You will say that God has created the world in this way. No, God has not created such a world as we have today. A world in which men die is not the creation of God, but of men. When God created the world, He wrote an inscription which He gave to Adam. It stated: You will live in the garden of Paradise through all eternity and you will never die. On the basis of these words, Adam was figuring out how many thousands of years, he would live. God said to him: Do not think about the years. If you can imagine a number composed of the number one with 15 zeroes after it and live through these years, I shall tell you after that how many years you will live. Do you know what an enormous number that is - the number one with 15 zeroes? It is something more than quintillion. This is all fine, but in life there must be something incomprehensible, i.e. unattainable. There exist two contrasts: the small and the great, i.e. the whole. The small can never envelop the great, i.e. the whole. That is an impossibility for the small, that is why it has ah eternal aspiration toward the great, an aspiration toward learning and obtaining knowledge. The small always studies.

Therefore, when a man can not put himself in the position of a small child, but thinks he knows much, or that he is strong and great, he loses his beauty and exposes himself to great and unpleasant surprises in life. When anyone tells you, you are strong, do not admit it until you have tested your strength. Make an experiment and see what weight you can lift. If you can raise a stone of 50 kilos weight, your strength is not great. The horse can carry a load of 500-1000 kilos. Therefore, the horse is much stronger than you. The elephant, on the other hand, is much stronger than the horse. Thus, you must avoid to make comparisons between different things. If you compare things, you spoil their beauty. When two maidens compete about their beauty, they lose it. People lose their beauty for the sole reason that they admit in themselves certain elements foreign to the nature of beauty. The beautiful girl who wins the beauty-contest, becomes proud, while the one who loses it, is embittered. In the first case, the pride and in the second - the anger are the foreign elements which spoil beauty. The girl who loses in the contest, says to the one who wins: You will see what I shall do to you! - How many famous beauties have lost their beauty, on account of jealousy! What misfortunes in life have come upon so many beautiful girls and men! You read often in the papers of people who attack beautiful girls in many different ways, in order to spoil their beauty, as throwing sulphur acid in the face of someone etc. It is good for a beautiful person to wear a veil on the face, in order that other people may not see him. Beauty is an inner quality. The only place where the real worth of beauty may be rightly evaluated, is the rational world. By the words rational world, I mean - the Divine world. Beauty may be appreciated properly only in the rational world. Beauty is something living. The external side of beauty is expressed by power. Therefore, the power of man lies in his beauty. The power of man is determined by the degree of his beauty. There is a certain correspondence between power and beauty. This correspondence is due to a harmonious combination of the forces operating in man. The beautiful person may not be conscious of the harmonious combination of his forces, but nature has already given him credit. She herself takes delight in his beauty. Wherever the beautiful person goes, all doors open before him. Wherever he goes, all bow before him and say: - Come in! The beautiful person sheds happiness to all people. And really, only the beautiful people bring happiness in the world. Beauty has several qualities which distinguish it: goodness, power, delicacy and wisdom. The beautiful people are wise. Some may answer that the ugly people are also wise. No, an ugly person can not be wise. If he is wise, his wisdom is due to the beauty which he has possessed at sometime in the past. His present ugliness, on the other hand, insures his future ignorance. It has been note that when a person loses his knowledge, and becomes ignorant, he begins to grow ugly.

I shall cite an example from life, to show you how a handsome young man gradually lost his beauty. Many years ago there was a handsome youth in the High school of Varna - almost the nicest looking person in the whole school. When he walked in the streets, people turned to look at him and to admire his beauty. What was my surprise when several years later, I saw that man in Sofia - his face grown rude, his eyes swollen, his body grown stout - there was not a trace of his former beauty! When he saw me, he stopped and began to speak to me: See what life did to me! I am no good. Nothing remained of my beauty! Where are those happy years? I missed something in life, which I can never find now. He suffered from heart disease and his days were numbered. Until he had not lost his beauty, he enjoyed perfect health - he was a healthy, strong and stately youth and very talented at that. I say: when a person loses his beauty, he falls into a peculiar state in life.

By this example, I want to make you consider the fact that Providence has deposited certain things in man, which he must guard carefully, in order not to lose them. He can preserve these qualities only when he understands the material world. The material world is composed of all those things which are mobile. From the human point of view, all those forms which comprise the material world, are in a state of rest, i.e. they are not organised. Therefore matter in itself is inert, immobile. The slightest movement, on the other hand, is a sign of life. Life gives an impulse toward motion to all matter. Therefore, when life penetrates matter, it cultivates that immobile inert mass and produces numberless different forms out of it. That is why we may rightly say that life gives form to matter, as a consequence of which a process of refining and ennobling begins to take place within it. In a word - the immobile, the indolent begins to evolve. Wherever there is evolution, there is movement. Wherever there is movement, there is life. Life, on the other hand, is one of the elements of the spiritual world. The Divine world is characterised by thought and rationality. Thereby we draw the conclusion that every kind of movement includes an element of rationality. Thus life imbues that which is inert and irrational, i.e. matter, with rationality and motion. When you connect an irrational form with motion and the conscious life, it becomes significant for you.

Thus, man is composed mainly of three elements: of an inert element, which is matter; of a mobile element, which is life and of a rational conscious principle. These three elements represent the idea of life. So long as you connect motion with life, you can heal yourselves and be healthy. But as soon as you admit the thought that the motion can be stopped, you will come to the inert element in life. And then you begin to ask the question whether matter really exists. Of course, matter exists I do not maintain the theory that matter is an illusion. The material world is a real world. Matter is a reality which serves as a foundation for the manifestation of life. Motion, on the other hand is the foundation for the manifestation of rationality. However, this does not mean that motion depends on matter, or rationality upon motion. They do not proceed one from the other, but each element serves only as a basis for the manifestation of the other. The beauty of matter lies in that it is immobile. When it acquires mobility, its nature changes. In the same way when motion becomes immobile, it changes its nature.

Often men have a desire to be more in a state of rest than in motion. That desire, however, is dangerous. Why? Man can not remain in a single position, as only in rest. If he comes to such a state, he must know that such state is proper to matter. Only matter rests and remains immobile. When he comes to life, he must be happy that he works and moves, because motion is the quality of life. And finally, when thought comes, he must be happy for that element. It shows that his thought, his reasoning powers become active. Man must be happy about the three elements in his life: rest, motion and thought, and know also, that he has not come to earth to solve all the questions of life. The Creator of the universe has not sent man to earth to give an explanation to life, or to determine the bounds of this world, or to figure out how many worlds exist. No one till today has solved these problems, neither you can solve them. According to the occult science, the present universe has existed for millions of years, but one day it will disappear and will be replaced by a new universe. This is to say that throughout eternity, numerous worlds have existed and disappeared, and new worlds will be created. Therefore, in the situation as it is, do not attempt to count out the number of those worlds. There are millions of worlds in the universe and you can never count them all. Do as the Turks do when they come to so difficult problem. They say: "Seven storeys up and seven down" - and then they stop. How many are seven storeys? If you take one storey as ten metre you will have 70 Meters in all. How high is 70 meters? Even if you take one storey as one thousand meters, you will have seven thousand meters. What height is seven thousand meters?

Now let us consider the question of education. Why? Because if you do not come to the new outlook of life, yon can not rectify your present life. All men are frightened by the crisis and the catastrophies in life. Whether you read the papers, or talk with, people, you always hear them tell of different misfortunes and losses: a car had run over a person; a train had killed a man; so many houses had burned up; so many ships had sunk, etc. All men are under the spell of a terrible insinuation and every one expects something awful to happen in his life and to listen to his funeral-speech from his grave. What sort of life is this when you are expecting your last hour like a man condemned to death by hanging who is expecting the executioners to enter his cell and to lead him out to the scaffold? If you are man of learning, yet you tremble at all times at the thought that you are going to die, what sort of knowledge do you possess? Real knowledge is that which can set man free from the eternal fear and anxiety about his life and to make him say: I am one of those men who do not die. I can change, but I can not die. And in fact, we are continually changing. You see a beautiful child today, but you meet him after several years entirely changed - he has become a grown up person who has lost his beauty. The child has changed, he has matured. The apostle Paul says: "We shall all change, but we shall not die."

I ask you: what life is this in which men always suspect one another? The son meets his father with a young girl and immediately suspect him. The daughter meets her mother with a young man and suspects her. The sister meets her brother with a beautiful young girl and suspects him. The nobility of man lies in this: when he sees his mother, father, brother or sister with young men or girls, to feel his heart throb joyfully and to think the best and the finest about them. Why must you think the worst? You say: It is impossible for man not to sin. What an absurd idea! How have you coma to the conclusion that man can not live without sinning? - But we see that he commits sin. - Man sins, because he wants to sin, not because God has created him to sin. Man is good by nature, but he stains himself. He stains himself at least, ten times a day and God constantly cleans and washes him up. As soon as he is washed, he goes in the mud like the buffalo, and becomes muddy again. Why does the buffalo roll in the mud? He says: If I do not roll in the mud, the flies will bite me. Thus, the small flies have forced the big buffalo to roll in the ponds and become muddy. What sort of philosophy is this? The great buffalo with horns and hoofs is frightened by the small flies and has gone into the muddy ponds to keep them off his back!

A new philosophy is being given to the world today, which man must begin to study. In this respect, every man must ask himself what is his pre-destination and what place he takes in nature. As soon as he comes to this state, he will stop to worry. Worry is a secondary thing in life. Man must ask himself each day and solve the important question for himself: why he has come to earth and what work he must accomplish. Each man has a certain work assigned to him which he must accomplish, by all means. Let every one ask himself what is his position and work in life. If you observe the life of the bees in a hive, you will see that there, the work of each one is strictly determined. The queen lays eggs, while the workers gather honey by going away and returning into the hive continually. There are other bees which produce music and they also fulfil their work by that. They are musicians. During hungry years, the workers kill the players and say: We have no need of lazy players; however, when fruitful years come and they become rich again, they give place to a greater number of musicians and do not kill them. People call the players in a hive lazy bees, but I call them 'the beautiful musicians of the bee-hive'. So long as these musicians make music in the hive, you can take honey from it. When the workers begin to kill them, it is bad for them, but it is bed for the people as well. You must wish that there might be players in the hives, for there will be honey them; but as soon as the workers begin to kill them, it is not good both for them and for the people - there will he no honey.

Therefore, so long as beautiful people exist in the world, there will be honey; but when they begin to disappear, the honey decreases. Why? Years of crises have come in life. As long as there are strong men in the world, there will be freedom; But as soon as the power and strength of people decreases, slavery comes into life. While rationality exists in the world, happiness visits mankind. When rationality is decreased and disappears, all misfortunes come. Someone asks: Shy am I unhappy? - Because you are not wise. Why am I weak? - Because you have no strength - you are not beautiful. Every man must desire to be beautiful. For this purpose, he must bear in his mind the image of some beautiful person. As you walk along the street and see a man with a beautiful forehead, or eyes, stop your attention upon him and try to paint his picture. In this way, you will learn to retain beautiful image in your mind. As you walk in a mountain, stop your glance upon some beautiful landscape and try to paint it.

Therefore, if you want to develop some noble qualities in you, stop like the painter upon some beautiful image and work upon yourselves. Only in this way you can advance. If you go to heaven among the angels, you will find yourself surrounded by beauty. The angels are very beautiful beings. If an angel should come down to the earth, all men and women, all men of learning will begin to follow him. The beauty of the angels is great and no one can stand it. And if the angels do not want to come to earth today, it is because they do not want to cause unhappiness to people. In this respect they are high and noble. Since they know that man cannot attain their beauty at one breath, they keep themselves out of their sight, in order not to disappoint them. When hey must come to earth, they put on the humblest clothes, in order not to tempt people. However, there are cases when angels have visited earth in all their beauty and glory and he who has been able to see one of them, has immediately fallen prostrate on the earth. Deniel, a famous prophet of Israel, upon seeing such an angel, had lost his consciousness and fallen on the ground. The angel had been forced to approach him and make him stand on his feet. This shows that people can not yet bear, the powerful, the noble, and beautiful in the world. The angels are men who have lived on _the earth at some time in the far past, and who have passed through a special zone of suffering and conflict before attaining to perfection. Therefore – they have passed from the human race into the race of the perfect, or into the state of angels. The perfect people, or the angels serve as models for humanity. There are not artists today, who could paint an image of angelic beauty. Why? Because beauty is an intangible quality. The beautiful man has self-assurance and never gets discouraged. He does not know what discouragement or loss of faith is. And being conscious of his beauty, he is as natural as the really rich men who has no fear, whatever, of impoverishment. However, the day that man loses his beauty, he falls, into a state where only a good outward appearance is maintained without any wealth back of it.

To sum up: we said that matter is distinguished by inertia, life - by motion, while the spirit - by rationality. Hereby we can draw some rules by which man must live. In certain respects, man must be inert like matter. When must he be inert? When it is a question of crime, of temptation and evil. As soon as he falls upon one of these states, he must be inert and not move from his place. But when he falls upon the good, he must be mobile like life. This is the true moral. However, if he should do the contrary thing, namely be mobile as life in the evil and inert like matter in the good, he will cause the greatest misfortune to himself, as he will thus give way to the evil in him. Immobility is one of the good qualities of matter; mobility is one of the good qualities of life, but if both are not employed in their own place they will give rise to the evil in the world. Therefore, in time of sorrow and suffering, be immobile like matter; in time of happiness and joy, be mobile like life. Then in time of joy say: May all Bulgarians, all Englishmen, all Americans, all men on the face of the earth live in the good! By the word 'good' I understand that which is mobile. If all people lived in the good, life would of itself become meaningful. In this way, people would attain to an inner liberty in life.

Now, you often come against contradictions in life which you can not deal with and you say: What does that person think of me? - If you wont to know what a person thinks about you, observe his eyes and his mouth. If his eyes move much and if his mouth moves, he has, by all means, two opinions about you: so long as you give, you are good for him, but when you stop to give, you become bad. If you smile at him, there is no better man than you, but as soon as you become serious, there is not a worse man than you. If you meet a person whose eyes and mouth are calm, he wants to tell you by that calmness: Look calmly upon all things created by God. When you meet a sage he will not tell you to look at him, but he will attract your attention by the calmness of his eyes which speak to you. They say: I acquired, this state of calmness by looking upon all things in nature created by God. Since God is calm, why should I be unquiet? - But I owe to such and such a person ten thousand leva. - In that case, you must apply your prudence.

Here is what you must do: you should go to the men who has lent you a thousand leva several years ago and which sum has increased to ten thousand with the interest and say to him: Brother, you want your money back and you are right in that. However, I can give you only one thousand leva - the mother of the money, but the remaining nine thousand leva and the interest, is impossible for me to pay. You are a rich man; agree to accept the thousand leva. If he does not agree to that, by any means, invite him to go with you into the forest, in order that you may dig out your wealth and. then pay him. When he is in the forest with you, say to him: Do you agree to give up the nine thousand leva, and to accept the one thousand which I am offering you? If you do not agree to renounce that sum, I shall take out my revolver. He will immediately give up his desire for the interest and accept the sum of one thousand leva. As you see the question is easy to settle. The rich man will see that he has dealings with a good man. If the debtor was not a good person, the life of the creditor would be taken. You will say that the debtor threatens him. I ask you: does not the creditor frighten his debtor by requiring such a high interest of him? - Yes, but that is a deceitful way of acting. - The creditor is using deceitful means also. Therefore, the acts of both the rich and the poor men can be wise, but they can also be extremely senseless! Intelligence and sense is required of both poor and rich. The eyes of both the poor an£ the rich men must be immobile while they are facing evil, while they must be free, i.e. mobile, while looking at the good.

This is the teaching which present-day people must be taught. The preset education does not give men a way out in their life. Why? Because they have no foundation upon which they could place their life. All the experiments 1 have made till now for the rectification of humanity by the old methods, have proved unsuccessful. However, all the experiments I have made according to the new methods, have turned out successful. You say: Which is the new method? In order to learn the new method, you must put yourself in the position of a horse, while the one who will give you that method, should mount you, put a bridle on you and start to direct you, observing you whether you will subject to the new teaching or not. If he should leave to wander wherever you want to, you will be lost, by all means. The Divine principle in man constantly liberates him from the limitations of the old life, but much time does not elapse before he takes the old way again. Then the Divine bridle comes again and puts him back on the right road. Which are the Divine reins? They are the constant sufferings, births, death and reincarnations. - Man's hair has become grey from reincarnations. You say: - How long shall we be born and reborn? - Until you learn to subjugate yourselves voluntarily to the Divine laws; until you become as immobile for the evil as matter and mobile for the good as life; until you become as intelligent as the spirit which has come out of God and works within man. As soon as you have attained all this, all the chains which oppress you, all mischance, failures and unhappiness will vanish and you will find yourselves in a world where you will have at your disposal all the wealth which nature has bestowed to this world. This wealth is the universal inheritance of all the beings created by God. He knows the needs of these beings for which reason, He has provided a special budget for each being, in order that every one may live a peaceful life of growth and development.

Now I want to give you hope and tell you upon whom you may rely in life. You may rely upon a rich man who loves you; you may rely upon an intelligent man who loves you; you may rely upon a strong man who loves you. Thus, you can always rely upon a person who loves you and never upon one who does not love you. If you rely upon those who do not love you, you are on the wrong path. Rely only upon those who love you, no matter how small they may be! Do not be angry with those who do not love you, neither reproach them or want anything of them. You say: Are there people in the world whom we can rely upon? - Of course, there are.

I shall cite an example from life to show you that men are not such as you sometimes think them to be. Some years ago I travelled from Varna to Sofia by foot with an acquaintance of mine - a man who was an extreme pessimist. He had very perverted ideas about the Bulgarians, especially about the military officers and said that he had never met any officer in his life who was capable of doing good to a person. I listened to him without answering anything back. We passed across the river Kamtchia and reached Messemvria (Nessebar) at 12 midnight. I said to him: This night we shall go to the officer on guard. - How is that? Are you joking with me? They will arrest us immediately at that spot. - Never mind, let us try it. We went to the house of the border-officer, knocked at the door and immediately a young office- core out and invited us pleasantly to enter in. He asked us where we came from and a long two-hour conversation thus began. After that he offered us tea and a light supper and invited us to spend the night with him. In the morning, we prepared ourselves for the journey. The young officer walked a certain distance to see us off. He walked with us as far as one kilometer outside the city limits. Then my friend turned towards me and said: There are good people among the officer class as well. I say: There are good people everywhere in the world, but you must find yourself at 12 midnight by that young officer, in order to be convinced in this fact.

Therefore, rely upon the good people in the world who are inert like matter in regard to evil; mobile like life in regard to the good and wise like the Spirit which is working within them.

4. Congress Talk of the Master given on the 3rd of September, 1933.

Sofia, Izgrev.



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