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Divine Impulse


I will read chapter 19 from Mathew.

Which is the main task which the ill man decides? Whatever the other people are telling him, he wants to understand which the way that he could become health is. He is saying: “It passed so much time since I am ill. I don’t know how to cure myself. ” The poor man asks only for money, he searches a way to free from the poorness. But, he never asks how to free from his anger. The angry man brings his stick and no matter who he meets, he fights him with no reason. When he fights somebody, he says: “Thanks to God, my anger passed.” – His anger passes, but what to say that one who has spent the hits of the stick? He wasn’t anger. How will you define what the human anger represents? Which are the distinctive features of the angry man? He brings a stick with him, his face is frown, angrily and he just search a man who to put his stick on. And when he puts the stick on right – left on the back of somebody, he understands what the anger is. A day will come when he will feel the stick on his back, too. Then he will understand better what the anger is.

There is physical, spiritual and mental understanding of the anger. Someone writes one poem which he puts many his feelings and experiences in. The criticism expresses an opinion for this poem immediately. This is a mental way for expressing of the anger. The poet already feels the stick on his back. The critics are not else but angry people who put their stick on the back of the poets and writers. When they feel this stick many times, some of them already refuse to write. But after some time they start to write again, but they look around for the critic not to understand. They are asking where the critic is, and when they understand he has gone for somewhere, they start to write freely. – It is like that. When is being understood that there is a bear, people pass through this way rarely. After they understand that the bear is not there, they already start to pass through the wood freely. Therefore, don’t ask why there are bears in the wood. After they exist, there is a deep reason for this. They have its purpose. What their origin purpose was, I know, but I will not tell it to you. If you want to know it, I will send you in the wood in order to meet a bear. And then, if you are men who don’t understand life, it will spit upon you. With this the bear wants to say: I didn’t hope that you are so ignoramus and don’t know why I have been created. Your way hasn’t be pushed with mine. When I am passing, you have to step back. – “Can’t we pass first and after that the bear?” I will ask you other question: Can’t you, when you are hungry, first to finish the work and to eat after that? If you want always to be first, you have to turn all the order of things, to start going on opposite way.

Therefore, you will eat first, after that you will work. This is the correct way in life. The following has to remain in your mind: don’t be embarrassed from the bear, no matter which form it will appear in. Don’t be embarrassed from the poorness. Don’t be embarrassed from the illnesses. Don’t be embarrassed from the contradictions, either. Somebody has become ill – you are being embarrassed; he become well – you are happy. What your embarrassment and sorrow owe to? What the happiness owe to? Man is being glad when he frees from big evil, he sorrows when he loses the possibility to be glad. For example, everybody who loses his taste and can’t feel of what he eats, he sorrows. Till man is young, he is happy; after he becomes older, he starts to sorrow. – “Why does he sorrow?” – Because he doesn’t have teeth, he can’t chew; he has lost his taste, he can’t feel pleasant when he eats. It is not only this but and his stomach doesn’t work well, he can’t eat as it is normal. The food is being kept in the stomach where becomes sour. I am asking: if you become sour in your life, too, aren’t you old? The souring in life is a sign of oldness. When you become very erudite, you start to philosophize, you don’t believe in the happiness. – “Why?” – You are already old. You don’t believe that you can manifest the good in you – you have become old. You don’t believe that you can be noble – you have been old. When you lose faith in your present life, you postpone for the future one, for some other life. – “What we have to understand from ‘other life’?” It is the same if you postpone your bill, as is being made by these people who have to give back much. Do you think that when you postpone your bill, you will have more favour conditions in future? It is possible, too, but the possibility to have such conditions is little. Use the present conditions, don’t think for the future ones.

Man has to free from his personal life. Till he lives in the personality, he will always decide his questions personally. It means to decide them particularly. You want to be happy. You will be happy if you stop to think about the happiness. You sorrow – stop to think about the sorrow. You suffer – don’t think about the suffering. – “How to stop thinking about these things?” One evening, one poor Negro stopped under the window of one rich American and started to play. Without asking if they want to listen to him, he opened his harmonica and started to play in front of his house. The American wondered what to do – he couldn’t sleep from the playing of the Negro. He just had gone to sleep with his children and the music had waked him. The American thought: “If I take one stick and go down to fight the Negro, it is a long and wide work. At last he opened the window and started to wave with arms to chase the Negro away. But the Negro understood that the American is satisfied from the playing, there why he continued to play. The American threw him one dollar from the window, with desire to set free from him. The Negro continued playing. The American threw him one dollar again and the Negro still continued to play. He threw third dollar, but the playing didn’t stop. At last the American opened the window and told to the musician: “Go now. Come tomorrow again, I will give you another thing. ” In this way he set free from the Negro. I am asking: Did the rich American and the poor Negro could understand each other? – They didn’t understand each other. – “Why?” – Because their interests are different. The poor man wanted to play in order to earn more money. The rich man wanted to take a rest, there why he was ready to pay expensive price to set free from the Negro. They both serve with money: the American, in order to set free from the Negro, the poor Negro – to earn his living. Make a translation of this example to see what the happiness and the unhappiness represents, as and the suffering and the joy.

I am asking: On which back will you put the happiness, and on which – the unhappiness – to the Negro or to the American? In the case, the happiness is on the side of the Negro who plays, the unhappiness – on the side of the American who is ready to pay expensive price, just to set free from the musician in order to continue his sleeping. Therefore, the unhappiness is the one side, the unhappiness – the other side. There why, when the unhappiness comes to you, you are rich. – “How?” – Very simple. Who loses his money: the rich or the poor man? – The rich man. He has millions which he may lose in one moment. Because of the money, he may lose both his health and life. Only the rich man suffers. – “Who is being glad?” - Only the poor man is being glad. When you know it, don’t strive to change the present mode of things. It is impossible. You want to unit the suffering with the joy, the happiness with the unhappiness, but it is unthinkable. It is impossible for the poor man to become unhappy. He is always happy. Only the rich man may be unhappy. This idea stays in the mind of every man: To be rich! – if you are rich, you will be simultaneously and unhappy. Who wants to understand life, he has to know the inside side of happiness and unhappiness, of joy and suffering. He has to understand them as powers which function in life.

You are saying: “I want to be good-looking.” – What the beauty may bring you? – The beauty brings many things, but you have to know how to use it. If you are ugly, everybody will suspect you. Everybody gives to good-looking man, everybody gives him what he can. If you are good-looking and come in an eating-house, the people will give you food immediately. If you are poor, they will give you food again. The restaurant-keeper says: “Please! He credits you immediately. But, if you are ugly and come in an eating-house, nobody will credit you. It is like that with the Negros. There are special eating-houses, even and special churches. When Negro comes in an eating-house between white people, he has to sit somewhere far by all means. It owes to some hatred to them. The cause for the hatred is karmic. It is being supposed that according the law of the karma, the black people are wronged from the white people, since the white people have slaved long time to the black people. Today they repay in such way to them. Everything in world is being defined. For example, it is being defined what the son may want from his parents. It is being defines also and what the life of children will be. But, the parents never allow that their children may be ill, may be unhappy. If, in spite of their expectation, the children are ill or suffer, the parents don’t know where the reason is – in them, or in the children themselves. Actually, the child is a reason for its sufferings. With equal reason, don’t think that God is a reason for your sufferings. God doesn’t think for sufferings and unhappiness of people. When you study the Writing, you will understand which may rouse God. He has always being indignant when he has seen the delusions of people. He has being indignant when has seen how the Jews served to many Gods. Thanks to this retreat or diversion from the correct way, the sufferings and the punishments of people are being owed. You are asking: “Can’t God not to punish us, not to be angry?” – It could happen, too. Divine anger is a process which human heart and mind are being cleaned through. And so, in order not to soil his mind, man has to look out what images he keeps in him. What sense there is if you keep the image of the bear in your mind? Is there a sense to fall in love in bears, cats, dogs? – “Can man fall in love in animals?” – There are rich men who love cats and dogs so much, that they leave all their wealth to them. One Englishman leaved all his wealth to cats. – It is not important for you. There are question which are not important, but I note that no matter how understands things, man lives as he knows. For example, the Orthodox, the evangelist or the catholic tell what Christ has said, but, in the end, everybody lives as he thinks it is well. We have one model which shows us how we have to live. It is the image of Christ. You are saying, for example, that woman has to be respected. Who will give a model how to be respected? Man says that woman has to refer greatly to man, too. But which woman will give a model of nobility? I don’t speak for seeming nobility, but such relations are being wanted as from man to woman, as and from woman to man, in order not to have even one distorted feeling. When woman sees man, she changes so much that she loses her naturalness. Observe woman to see what change become in her when she sees a handsome man. Her eyes, the muscles of the face, everything changes in her. She turns around, become special. It is being said for such woman that she is very restive. When I am saying a “restive woman”, I understand that she has being put on a grill. Without wanting, she fidgets, turns around. She is in the position of a fish which is being put on a grill – she fries. I am asking: Why does this woman fry?

I am saying: If the beautiful woman and the handsome man may put each other on a grill, their beauty is useless. It doesn’t refer to those who have finished their development – to advanced women who we call angels. They don’t have a sex. Angel may take every form that it wants – male or female. But, the sex is being expelled for it, he is not either man, either woman. Angels, extremely intelligent and beautiful, when coming around people, in order not to be tempted, they immediately transform on lamps with big light. When they get sick and tired of lighting, they hide, i. e. interrupt their light. Then we say that the electricity has interrupted. Afterwards angels come back on the sky to take a rest. It is only for explanation. – “Is it real?” – “Can it be proved?” – It may be proved as much as your goodness is being proved. You want to be good but you don’t know how. You are saying that everything is being achieved with prayer. – No, the prayer doesn’t make man good. You are an invalid you have raised on the back of one hero, you want him to bring you. You pray to this man, to that man to give you something – you are passing for a poor man. No matter who sees you, everybody gives you something. You put everything on the back of the hero and pray to God the hero to bring you more. No matter what prayers you read, the hero will sick and tire from you and will take you down from his back. So, your prayers didn’t make you better. It is the negative side of the prayer.

There are religious communities in USA where people are being studied to pray for realizing of their desires. It is not bad, either, but the aim of the prayer is other. When man prays, he has to set free from the negative in him. You have forgotten to pray as it is necessary. The contemporary people have many desires, there why they are unhappy. They have to study to give, not only to take. And then, when the hero brings you on his back, to be ready to give something to all the people. You will deliver all that I have. As light you become, as much time the hero will bring you on his back. Many of you expect to acquire some gifts without working. But, without labour and work nothing happens. Those who expected to receive something free of charge, they went on the other world prematurely. What gift may acquire one pigeon, one turtle-dove, one sheep or one bear?

One of the essential things that has to remain in your mind, it is to live out of the personality. Still nobody of you knows himself. It doesn’t have to be proved. If I decide to prove it, you will insist that you know yourselves. I am asking: which is the first name which you have been christened with? You will say that you don’t know. It is truth that you don’t know. You don’t remember when you have gone out from God, what your first name was and who your first brothers were. You have known that you have had brothers and sisters, but who they were, you don’t remember. Which is the reason why you have forgotten your origin? You are saying that when you were on the sky, you have had big wealth; you were angels. If it is like that, I am asking: Which has forced you to leave the pretty father home and to get down on earth, to this poor life? These are question which you hardly could answer on. You are saying: “We will study it in future. We don’t know anything for now.” – You are right, the present man finds in special, hard conditions of life, without knowing why it has happened like that. It is the same if you were treating to different meals with mustard for a whole year, and only in one day in the year the meal is sweet. What will you do? No matter if you want, or not, you will have to eat this food.

Many people have come to me and everybody wants to study something, or from studiousness, or from personal interest. Nobody has come to bring something till now; everybody wants to take something. I am being compelled to manage with their desires. One ill man comes, he wants health from me. – “Why?” – He hasn’t understood his illness. The rich man comes, he wants something, too. He complains from his sons, they haven’t listened at him, they constantly have wanted money from him. He wants to know how to manage with his sons and daughters who know only to waste money. Some scientist comes to complain that time or recourses are not enough for him to finish his invention. Scientists, with big doubt in me, have come and they ask themselves if they are more erudite, or me. You, too, like these people, doubt in your knowledge and wealth. I am asking: Which stands on your way to be rich, erudite or spiritual? So, you want to say that you are poor, ignoramus, uncultured. If it is like that, it depends of you. Everybody is a reason to become a poor man or ignoramus. According to me, these are professions which man chooses by himself. Then, why do you complain that you are poor or ignoramus?

Don’t complain! According to me, the ignoramus is more interesting than the erudite man. – “Why?” – The ignoramus man is a thick wood which you will find everything in. The erudite man is an artificially cultivated garden. I would prefer to live with the ignoramus than with the erudite man. As more interesting people, I prefer the sin men, not the just ones. The just man thinks more about him or thinks for few things. But the sin man thinks for more things and for more people. One sin man decided to become a just man and to set free from his evil thoughts. For this aim, he had to deliver all that he had to the poor men. He delivered his property to the poor men, but his evil thoughts didn’t leave him. He said to himself: “I have done some new sins because my evil thoughts haven’t leaved me. ” He sits and thinks what to do in order to set free from his evil thoughts. There why I prefer the sin man. He constantly thinks what to do in order to clean up from hi sins. – There is big variety in his life. The just man sits satisfied from himself and say: “Thanks to God that I am not like the other people.” – When I meet the sin man, I am asking him: “Why have you become so poor?” – “Because, when I see a pretty woman, I am starting to think evil things.” And he has delivered a part of his wealth for every evil thought till in the end he has become a poor man.

I am asking: What the sin of first man consisted in? – In his desire to taste from the forbidden apple for a little. What is being told in the Genesis? – There it is being said that first Eva has tasted from the forbidden fruit, afterwards she has given it to Adam, too. I excuse the first woman for her mistake. She hasn’t suspected that the snake will lie her. But how will I excuse the present woman? They know that they will be lay, aren’t they? Why are they making mistakes? The first woman hasn’t got experience, but the second one has known that she could be lay. Why did she use from the experience of the first woman? Don’t they know that who has tasted from the forbidden fruit hasn’t achieved anything? Why do they repeat the same mistake again? In spite of the whole knowledge, people make mistakes again.

For justification of their mistakes, many people have asked me: “What will you do if you have starved for four-five days and some man offer you a fried hen? You are a vegetarian, but you are hungry. There is no what to be done.” – “What would you do?” – The question is absolutely decided for me. – “I will eat, I will not die from hunger.” – Then you are not a vegetarian. – “Well, what will you do?” – I will transform the hen to bread. – “Can the hen be transformed on bread?” – As the bread transforms in hen, as the hen can transform on bread, too. If from the wheat grain we have hens, we can have wheat grain from the hen. I know the law for transforming of the matter, there why I can transform even the lamb in bread. I deny the meat food because I know that all the crimes in world owe only to it. It is the deep sense why man mustn’t eat meat. So, the meat brings all the crimes in it. Who eats meat, he will suffer by all means. It is not bad that you touch to the meat, but with the touching you accept the evil in it. If the flesh is clean, man accepts only clean and bright thoughts; if it is not clean, he accepts only low and unclean thoughts. When you push the rich man, a desire to steal something appears in you. – “Where does this desire come from?” – From the rich man. He brings in him all the crime thoughts and desires. Therefore, in order to live well, we have to purge our flesh away, to weave it from clean, fine matter in order to accept bright and elevated thoughts. When I observe man, I see how much clean people are. On this way I guess the cleanness of both – men and women. I am sitting in the tram. If some woman touches to me, she withdraws immediately. – “Why?” – She is unclean. She is being excited from unclean thought. In this case, I am keeping the rule: in order not to worry who is next me, I get up from my place immediately. The behaviour of this woman may be interpreted in two ways: from one side, she is being afraid not to understand her secrets; from other side, she is being afraid not to catch the thought which has embarrassed her. You will give another interpreting. You will say that she didn’t want to worry me. – No, if her thoughts were clean, nothing would embarrass her.

I am asking: Does man have to be sorry that he has entered in clean water warmed from Sun? It is other if he enters in unclean water. I am saying: The conscious of man has to be purged. People are being gone down in mud which they have to set free from. In spite of this, they are speaking for good and clean life. It is a big art for man to live cleanly in these conditions. If man searches for a clean woman, he has to go round the whole earth. If he finds one such woman – an honest lady, he will understand the sense of life. The cleanness keeps the health. As much clean people you meet, as much time you will live. We have come on earth for the cleanness. Why man comes deep in earth – for coals or for precious stones? – For the precious stones. Why have you come on earth – to live? No, you have come just to dig something from earth, you need knowledge to do it. God has hided the treasures in earth and you have to dig long time in order to get them out of there. For those men, who are not ready, God has put some hindrances. But, who are ready, they have to recreate their origin connection with God. They will dig, will acquire wealth and will connect with God. Only in this way their prayer will be heard.

You are walking in the wood and are being afraid not to be attacked from robbers or bears. If the weather vitiates, you are being afraid again not to catch a cold. – Why are you being afraid? – Because you have interrupted your connection with God. When the conscious of man is awake, neither robbers will attack him, either he will catch a cold. Till the mind keeps the body, man doesn’t catch a cold. The unhappiness in life comes when the mind and the conscious of people leave them. As much the connection of man with God is stronger, as much the unhappiness is far from him. Then he can do everything. When I am saying “everything”, I don’t understand to get out of his possibilities. If you think that you can do everything, you will resemble to the millet which has imagines that is fit for everything.

One day all the plants, all the grain foods – wheat, rye, maize, barley, went on war, to fight for their freedom. They have cast lot which of them to remain for food of people. The lot felt to the millet, it had to remain to feed the humanity. It asked: “What to do? What to serve for? Do I have to become on a cheese pasty?” – Become on bread, don’t think about the cheese pasty – everybody answered in one voice. Really, it is impossible to be made a cheese pasty from millet. It is art to make bread from millet, it couldn’t be talked for cheese pasty. People will pass and without cheese pasty. Some people, like the millet, ask: “Do we have to become on cheese pasty?” – Become on bread, don’t think about cheese pasty.

Now I will ask you: Which is better – to eat bread or you to be eaten as bread? If you can answer on this question, you will understand the verse where Christ says: “If you don’t eat my flesh and don’t drink my blood, you don’t have life in you.” You are asking: “What Christ uses if we eat His flesh and drink His blood?” – The use is that when we live, Christ will live through us, too. And if we don’t eat His flesh and don’t drink His blood, we can’t live, too. Therefore, who wants to have life, he doesn’t have to refuse from the flesh of Christ.

I am not speaking about what’s hided in man, but for what he manifests and helps people with it. Remember: God manifests in us even with through the least incentive. There is Divine. So, every least incentive to the good has to be expressed outside. In this way you will give way to Divine in you. If you give place of this incentive in you, you are a smart man, you are in the correct way. Only in this way you may understand Divine. – “What to do with the big incentives?” – They will realize after the little ones. If you realize the big incentives first, you are far from Divine. For example, your desire to become rich is a big incentive. It will take you away from God. Your desire to become a scientist is a big incentive again. You want to become a big scientist, you work for many days, but near to you one little fly drowns which you don’t pay attention. You are saying: “I have important work, I don’t care this little fly” – No, save the fly and continue your work again. The nobility in man is in the interrupting of even the most important work but to save the fly which drowns. According to me, noble girl is this who is ready to stop in his way, to tie the shoe-laces of the shoe of the old and infirm man. If she says that she doesn’t occupy with such works, she doesn’t have any nobility. This girl is not smart, nothing could be expected from her. You are giving first place to the public opinion, too, and are not interested from what God thinks about you. No, put Divine in you on first place, on last place – your greatness and the knowledge which you have. Even the least manifested good in you is in power to bring you more goods than the biggest title.

I will deliver you one example for one eminent musician. He was extremely exacting and severe at his disciples. Who didn’t satisfy him, he has chased him away immediately. He accepted new disciples very hard. One little boy had strong desire to be his disciple. It went alone to ask him to accept it for a disciple. He promised that it will study well, will listen at him, only to accept it. The teacher has refused it. The boy came back at home but his desire to become a disciple of this teacher didn’t go out. After some time it went to ask again. The teacher kept silence, he didn’t answer anything. In this time the boy saw one spot on the shoe of the musician. He took out its handkerchief immediately, bowed and erased the spot with it. The musician patted it on the back and answered him gently: “You will be my disciple. ” One little action opened the door of the little boy. It won the heart of the musician and became his disciple. If it wasn’t cleaned the spot from his shoe, it wouldn’t succeed.

Now I am telling to you, too: It is not enough just to follow the way to God, you have to do something which to win his goodwill with. – “Doesn’t God see and understand our needs?” – He sees and understands everything, but you have to do something which to win His attention with. – “What we have to do?” – There is the key – to know what to do. – “We are doing many things for God.” – You are doing many things but they all are big, great. God pays attention to the little, microscopic things. You measure things according your understanding. Your measure is not a measure of God, too. You are saying: “I am unhappy.” – Why are you unhappy? – “Because I am poor and ignoramus.” – Will you be happy if you are rich and erudite? – No, the real happiness is in the health, in the clean heart and the bright mind. There why, till you think wrongly, you will never be happy.

It is already time to set free from the old views. I teach you the new with years but you still are being caught for the old. I am not telling to throw the old aside, but when the new comes, you have to know where to put the old. Put it on such place where it could be used, too. You have to know what the relation between the old and new is. – God Himself will separate the old from the new. He himself will clean us up. You will quote the verses from the Writing where it is being said: “God was in Christ and reconciled world with Him as not charging people with sins.” It is being said for Christ: “He endured the sins of the whole humanity.” I am asking: What do you earn if you know this, but you yourself don’t give a place to God in you and don’t reconcile with Him? What do you earn if you can’t endure the sins of people, either? – “I am a weak man, I can’t do it.” – It is not being wanted big power to give place of God in you. After you do this, God in you will endure the sins of people.

Remember: God works in man, not the man himself. God is an initiator for everything and man is just an executor of Divine thought. You are saying: “How will I bring the sins of world when I am bringing mines with great difficulty? – You are laying yourself. You even don’t bring your sins alone, others help you. If all the people have the conscious that they have to endure the sins of the humanity, this weight will be separated to everybody, so every man will bring only one kilogram. It is the same if you put one very long and thick post on earth. Do you bring this post? The earth brings it. Your work is o endure one little load which weights only one kilogram. You don’t see that many people are standing next to you and everybody raises one kilogram of the post. Everybody raises the post together and put it where it is necessary. Everybody thinks that he brings it alone, but, actually, the weight is being separated between the multitude.

The contemporary people finds in the state of Tolstoy who has telling one his dream. One night he dreamed that he will bear. He tormented, sweated, but he couldn’t bear. It would be born a big child, but it couldn’t. On the morning Tolstoy Hs told at his fellow-men: “The birth was a terrible thing!” If every woman has born with so torments and sufferings, life couldn’t have sense. It is not easy to be a woman. Tolstoy feels that he is pregnant, that he will bear, but the child hasn’t gone out on the white world. And you, like Tolstoy, feel that you are pregnant, that you will bear. You torment, suffer, but when you get up on the morning, you see that there is no a child. The whole humanity passes through big sufferings, but on dream. Every man passes through one hard state; every man is pregnant and has to set free from this pregnancy. Someone bears easily, someone torments much. Therefore, when big suffering comes to you, remember for Tolstoy. Know that you are pregnant, that you will bear on dream. On the morning, when you get up, you will see that the child is not there, it hasn’t been born. Tolstoy understood the state of woman and said: “If every woman has born so hard, her state is terrible.”

So, give a place in you to the little incentives. Divine impulse is being hided in them. If you give place to the big incentives, they will carry you off. You will say that you want to acquire the love of Christ. – Refuse from this imposing desire. How many of you now Christ? Who has spoken with Him? You don’t have even the experience of Paul. You have his experience only in one relation and namely: You all have gone away Christ in you, you have fallen from your horse and have blinded. More than 15 years ago, one sister from Sliven has told me her experience with Christ. One night she dreamt that Christ appeared at her and recommended how to eat. It was a special hygienic food. She asks me: “May this way of eating be applied?” – It may of course, it is one of the most good and hygienic ways. She applied this method of eating and remained extremely satisfied. After some time, the same sister turned to Christ to tell her what to do further. Christ has appeared her for a second time. He showed her one grave and said: “When you pass through the grave, you will come at me and I will tell you what you will do.” – “Is it true that Christ has appeared two times at this sister?” – It is true. The description which she has given for Christ corresponded with the reality.

Many people have dreamt Christ. After that they have described Him but their descriptions don’t correspond to the real image of Christ at all. They are saying that Christ was dressed in white cloak and with a fur cap on His head, like a shop. – No, Christ doesn’t wear white cloak and a fur cap on his head. – “But He resembled to Christ. The eyes, the mouth, the face were as His. ” – No, after you have to describe what the eyes, the nose and the mouth of Christ were, you don’t know Him. If and the young man starts to describe his sweetheart – what eyes, what nose and what mouth she has, he still doesn’t know her. Her eyes, her eyebrows don’t represent the girl. He saw only her outside dress. If you meet Christ, you will light from the four sides and you will burn as a lighted candle. After you don’t burn as a candle, you haven’t met Christ. The fact that you have seen His eyes and nose, it is still not recognition of Him. Man, whom the heart hasn’t lighted from love, doesn’t know God. It is being said in the Writing, too that till the heart of man is not lighted and doesn’t burn as a candle, he doesn’t have inside knowing of God and Christ.

I don’t want to say that you don’t know God and Christ at all. You know them but particularly. The real knowing understands to light from inside, without going out. What will you say for the fire which only smokes and fumes? Does this fire burn? The room where fire burns has to have clean air, without any fume. Said with other words: When man lights from Divine Love, every kind of arguments and misunderstandings, every kind of sorrows and sufferings disappear in him. His life already acquires another sense. Till you live in the human love, you change constantly: now you are satisfied, now you are dissatisfied; now you take heart, now you lose heart; now you believe, now you don’t believe. After Divine Love comes, all this disappears; you stop to think about the contradictions, sufferings and the difficulties.

Today I am speaking to those of you who understand me. They have to define Divine from human. You will say for some man that he is a saint. – How did you understand it? – “By his good life.” – It is not enough. If he is a saint, you don’t know. Man can’t say even from himself if he lives well, or not. Many people pretend to be saints without being such. Some people pass for sin men but in fact they are just, holy people. According to me, man can understand by himself how much his life is good. In spite of this, he has to live well, without giving an estimate of his life. According to me, a saint is only that man who has given way to every little incentive of his soul. If you are rich and give something to a poor man every day, you are a saint for him. Actually, are you a saint? You may try to be. If in one moment you ignore one of your little incentives, you lose your lightness and pass for ordinary man. Who gives place even to the least Divine impulse in him, he lights his candle. Who ignores one of these little incentives, he puts out his candle. So, if you give chance to the least flame in you to kindle and light, you are a saint. After you put out this flame, you lose your holiness. Even the weakest wind can put out human candle. But Divine candle can be put out only from you. Don’t put out even the least Divine incentive in you. Don’t think about your sufferings. After the sufferings come, sing! When you are in poorness and dissatisfaction, sing again! No matter what unhappiness happens in your life, sing! Someone offences you – sing! You lose your money – sing! You fall on exam – sing! You can’t sleep – sing! You haven’t eaten well – sing! “Sing and praise God” – it is being said in the Writing. When the just man sings even at his least desire, he is in the correct way, in the way of Divine. If you sing to your dissatisfaction, it is Divine, too. When I hear one man to sing to his dissatisfaction, I stop to listen at him, I stop singing and say: “It is a real singing.”

Now I will give you one rule for good singing. It is the following: When you sing, you have to know who you sing for. Therefore, only this man may become a good singer who knows who he sings for. And the bird has who to sing for. Generally, when you sing, you have to have some object. It is not important if the object is visible or invisible. It is important that you have to have an object. The law is such. After you lose the object, you can’t sing any more. Who is not ready to sing on this way, it is better for him not to start singing; who is ready, let him not postpone, let him start to sing. I am saying to that man who has slept well: “Get up, make the fire and start to sing”. I am saying to that man who hasn’t slept well: “Sleep more.” What the mother do? She gets up early, before Sun rising, makes fire, prepare a breakfast. In this time the children sleep. So, these of you who have got up before Sun rising, let them start their work. Who haven’t got up, let them sleep to 9-10 o’clock, let them sleep well. Give place even to the least Divine impulse in you. No matter what difficulty comes, sing. Don’t ask if your singing will have results. Sing and don’t think about the result. Sing and don’t think what you will achieve. Do you think that the little boy who has cleaned the spot from the shoe of the eminent musician thought about something? It didn’t think about anything, but the professor decided the question by himself. Clean the spot from the shoe of the professor and don’t think how he will decide the question – if he will accept you for his disciple, or he will not do it.

I will deliver you one example from life. One painter met on his way one bareheaded boy, barefoot, with torn, old clothes. He thought: “Here is one appropriate model for me.” He stopped the boy and told it: “Please, come tomorrow at my house, I want to speak with you.” He gave it his address, defined the hour of meeting and continued his way. The boy started to think: “How I will appear so ragged at this gentleman?” He went to fellow men and friends, he took a hat from here, shoes from there, robust, new clothes, to dress and to appear to the rich man like that. On the other day, in the defined hour, it appeared at the painter. He didn’t know him and asked: “Who are you?” – “This one who you invited yesterday.” – “Yes, but I wanted to come such as I saw you. ” If the question is for well dressed people, there are many in world. It is better man to appear at God as he is, not outside dressed and got up, in the way he is not him. What is the sense to represent at God with foreign clothes? If it is about truth, represent such as God has created you. It corresponds to the reality.

Several days ago I met one young man who told me the following: “I am not ready to accept the Christianity.” – “Why you are not ready?” – “Because now I can to look at girls freely and to smile them. When I become a Christian, I will have to restrict myself, to be severe at me.” – “You lie yourself, when you become a Christian, you will be more free, you will look at girls more. If you shake hands with your one hand now, when you become a Christian, you will shake hands with your both hands. You will catch the both hands of the young girl. But, as a Christian, you will be cleaner. ” What is the bad in the fact that you have watched the young girls? What is the bad in the fact that you have caught the both hands of the young girl? Is there anything bad in the fact that you warm your both hands on the fire? It is another question if you are not careful and sensible and burn your hands. But, if you don’t burn them, there is anything bad in this. Is it sin that you have put your hand on the shoulder of the young girl in order to warm yourself? If it is sin, how you dear to expect Spirit to visit you? It is so clean and holy but you want it to visit you. Isn’t it sin to want this cleanness to come in your unclean home? – “We need from Spirit.” – As you are indulgent to yourselves, as you will be such and to the others. As you want God to make such big sacrifice to you, as and you have to be ready to make one sacrifice for God. It can’t be without sacrifice. The sacrifice is a divine act. And man, in this sense, is an expression of something Divine. That what people attract us with, it is Divine. Human can’t attract. Where love appears, there Divine is. Therefore, love is manifestation of God. When Divine manifests, man acquires some price. After Divine loses, man loses his price, too, and becomes dissatisfied. There why, if you are dissatisfied, you will know that God has withdrawn from you. Till Divine is in man, every gift in him develops and grows. After Divine withdraws, the gifts in man disappear, too. He loses his inspiration and dispirits. The enthusiasm, the inspiration speaks about the presence of Divine impulse in man.

Test what I am speaking to you to see if it is true. If you understand one state when it is being said “hard life”, and another when it is being said “easy life”, it is still not real life. I know the reasons why one man is bad and another – good. After you are going at surgeon to cure your boil, he will become bad for you by all means. He will take out his knife and will make a section of the boil to pour out. It will cause you pain. It is very naturally that in this case the surgeon can’t be good. Therefore, after you say that some man is bad, I know that he is a surgeon. When you go at him, you tell him: “Please, help me, I suffer much.” – “Till when man will need of surgeons?” – Till there are illnesses. After the illnesses stop, the surgeons will disappear, too. All the bad people in world are surgeons. You have one boil in you – a result of big wealth which you don’t know how to use. It is necessary one surgeon to come and to section the boil. Till you think about your wealth, you can’t ever study. You think about this, about that and don’t know what to do. You are going at a surgeon. He takes the knife and says: “I will help you but you will give everything, to the last coin. ” When you go in the invisible world, there you will see many surgeons, too, with crosses for bravery. You are thinking that you have made big things. – You haven’t done anything special. If you have set free from your boil, i.e. from one big scourge, thank for this. Thank to the surgeons. Don’t think that all the people are always thieves and robbers. It is important to know how to behave with them.

The Turks have a special custom. Every Turk is being owed to turn at least one Christian to the Mohammedanism, i.e. to become a true believer. In Varna area, one Turk went to one Christian and told him: “Till when you will stay in the faithless? It is not good to stay in this state. You have to accept the true faith of Islam. ” The Christian had one Turk friend who has given him advice how to set free from the insistence of the other Turk to accept the Mohammedanism. – “When he comes at you to turn you to Mohammed next time, tell him: “Only in that world is being known who is a real true believer and who is not. When I go on that world, then I will know if I am a true believer, or not. ” – “Why only on that world the true believers may be known?” – Because there were 70 camels there which carried the true believers from the Christian graveyard in the Turkish; from the Turkish graveyards they carried the false believers Turks in the Christian graveyards, between the false believers. When I go in that world, I will see which graveyards the camels will carry me in. Then I will understand if I will become a Moslem. ”

Sometimes the imam comes at you and start to convince you to become a Moslem. This imam is the devil. He will say: “You have to become a true believer.” What you will answer to the devil? Tell him: “When I go on that world, the camels will come to carry me to the true believers. They will define my place.”

Remain with the following thought: To be conductors of Divine. Give effect to the little, beautiful, Divine in you. Give place of the least Divine impulse in you to develop. Future is in it. With the words of Christ “If you don’t become like the children, you can’t come in Divine Kingdome”, Christ had in mind the little children – bearers of the least impulses which have conditions to develop. All the rest works are exaggerated. The disciple of the Christianity or of the occult school has to be free.

Manifested love of Spirit, manifested wisdom of Spirit, manifested true of Spirit bring the full life of God, of the uniform, Eternal God of life.

19. Morning Speech from Master delivered on February 5th, 1933, Sofia. – Sunrise.



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