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Good Conductors


I will read chapter 17 from Mathew.

Sometimes it is useful for man to starve. It is not useful for man to eat always or to be fed. Now you, too, after listened so much, what have you earned? I put the question concrete. I speak for the real acquisitions. You say for someone that he is a religious man. If he is religious man, or not, it doesn’t mean anything for me. – “But he is an erudite man.” – It doesn’t mean anything for me, either. The fact that someone is religious, erudite or strong, these are notions for me. Deep understanding for things is necessary. What do you use from one simple explanation of things? What sense the good and much baked bread have for you if you don’t have teeth? Can you eat this stale bread? – You can’t eat it. You say that Speech of truth is as hard as a bone. So, you can’t use it. In spite of this, you think that know much. If your knowledge is being subjected to sifting, you will see how little you know. And from what you remain with, you use very little. Sometimes you think that you are very strong, that you can do everything. I agree but it is only when you are health. Out of health, if you think that you are strong, you delude yourselves. If I put you ten days on hunger, your state will not be the same as when you are fed up. Who starves, he walks with bent down head and think like a wise man. He stays and thinks only for bread and water. The conclusion that I will make is that you have to have correct measure for things. Often people come to one contradiction which comes to the verse where Christ says: “Sooner camel will pass through needle’s ears than the rich man to come in Divine Kingdom.” In spite of this, all the people wish to be rich. There is no man on earth who doesn’t crave for wealth, to have money. What was the idea of Christ when he said that the rich man can’t come in Divine Kingdom? If you examine this verse in literal sense, it will come out that only the poor men will come in Divine Kingdom. Therefore, it is a big privilege for man to be a poor man. In spite of it, nobody wants this privilege. – “Why?” – Because they don’t believe in God. Even and the religious men, who pray three times a day, don’t believe in God. Everybody says: “I have to spend well on earth, I am a bit interested for that world.” Isn’t it denial of things? Although people believe in that world, actually, it remains undecided question. Many people say: “Who knows if there is another world. We haven’t been there. It may exist, it may not exist. ” Some Christians say: “If we believe that there is another world, we don’t lose anything; if we don’t believe, we don’t lose anything again.” – How you don’t lose anything? You lose much. – “What do we lose?” – You lose that world.

The contemporary Christians haven’t any philosophy. It is not enough just to be spoken. It is not a question truth to be denied. What you deny, it has to be confirmed with something. The sin and the evil, out of good, are unthinkable. And good, out of the evil, is unthinkable. You can’t speak for the good if you don’t understand the evil. And opposite: you can’t speak for the evil if you don’t understand the good. It is antithesis. These are two contradictory thoughts which exist simultaneously. Generally, there are contradictions in nature. What is a poison for man, it is food for the plants. What will you tell about it? Therefore, the evil which is a poison for people is food for other creatures. Then this poison, when pass through the plants and is being remade, it becomes food for man. What will you tell about it according your philosophy? You have one ordinary philosophy which doesn’t exist anywhere. Man has to be adapted to come in the other world where angels will sing and play on guitars. Few people know how to play on guitar. That place’s guitars don’t resemble to ours which are very simple. When saying “guitar”, I understand an instrument which contains all the rest instruments. It is a grandparent of all the instruments. If it is not like that, it is one ordinary idea. Therefore, if you understand the guitar as an ordinary guitar with six cords, it is a simple work. There why the singing of the angel is being distinguish by the number of the vibrations. They are even more than the vibrations of our light. What will you tell to it? When the angels sing, our Sun lights. – “Why it is like that?” – And when the angels stop to sing, darkness forms for us. Then they are having rest. When the angels start to sing again, the light comes again. The singing of the angels is light for us, their rest – darkness. This statement is for the wise men. You say that you know many things. What your knowledge use you? But, when the angels sing, the light comes and you use from it. Till there is light around me, I can walk everywhere. After the light goes away and the darkness comes, I am already restricted, I can’t do anything. I am telling to you, too: “If you are sorrowful, sing.” When you sing, at least one light will come. In this sense, singing is a conductor of light. Everybody can try it and will understand if this statement is truth, or not. After you stop singing and tell that singing doesn’t cost anything, you will see what darkness will catch you. When you start to sing, no matter what song, a little light will embrace you right away. Singing is a bearer of some light.

Now, let’s come to the state that people fall in. They want someone to prove them if there is God, or not. Till you search God out of you, in form of a man, you can’t find Him ever. The same law is for Sun, too. If you search it only by one ray, you can find its direction. But Sun doesn’t express only in one ray. Milliards of rays come out of it. They come out from one common reservoir. Therefore, if you want to catch God only from one ray, too, it is a seeming truth. God is in the milliards of rays which have to get down to you. You will use them only from this way. If only ray of Sun comes to you, it will not use you anything. In your life you explain your knowledge only from one ray. You have father and mother. These are two rays of God. You are the third ray. You say: “I love my mother and father.” – It is good that you love them, but you have several others brothers and sisters. When you have about ten rays, you say: “It is enough.” I ask: What concept will you have for God with ten rays. Animals have as much rays for God as you. When you love your mother and father, you are like the calf which loves its mother and father, too. The calves love their mother more. They don’t love their fathers as much. – “Why?” – Because father comes rarely. It is a whole aristocrat. It is the same and with the birds. Even the least bird knows the voice of its mother. It knows its father a little bit. The Writing says: “The ox knows its master who feed it, but Israel doesn’t know its Master, its spiritual Father – God.” If you ask yourselves, too, how much of you know God, what will you say? If you expect me to tell you something about God, it is another question. What I know about God, it is for me. If you believe in me, there is a sense to tell you something. If you don’t believe, you will listen to many people but you will be divided. You will ask yourselves: “Which is correct – what I speak to you, or what the others tell you?” And then you will separate on two camps and will ask who is on the correct side. I am saying: “You all are on the wrong side.”

Where there is a quarrel, truth doesn’t exist there. If you come at me to prove you the existing of God, I will show you just a little bit. You will ask me: “Is there God. Do you know Him? “I will not answer you to this question but will ask you: “Do you see Sun?” – “We see it.” Afterwards I will wave with my arm and Sun will disappear. Big darkness will set in around you and you will ask me: “Where Sun went?” Afterwards I will take you to the wood and will ask you: “What do you see?” – “Trees.” I will wave with my arm again, the trees will disappear and one desert will remain. I will lead you to the springs, I will wave with arm and will ask you: “What do you see?” – “Water disappeared, the springs are not here.” – I will lead you to the mountains. – I will wave with arm and they will disappear. I will lead you to the seas. I will wave with arm and they will disappear. You will ask: “Where are the mountains? Where are the seas? ” Everything disappears. It is a negative way of prove. You will ask again: “Is there God, or there is no?” When you see that everything around you disappears, you ask: “Is it possible?” – It is possible. You see that there are no trees, mountains, rivers, seas around you. What account will you make?

Now I am starting the opposite process. We come to the dry sea, I wave with arm. I am asking: “What do you see now?” – The sea came. We go to the crags. I am waving with arm and the crags come again. I am waving with arm and Sun appears on the horizon. – “Can it happen?” – If it can, or it can’t, it is another question. Imagine that I do this. If, in some case, I can do it, it is another question. As you see, it happens in nature. It is a way for well-ground. Actually, if you believe or not, it is not important. Almost there is no difference between believer and unbeliever. They both stay on the same sphere. The one stays from above the sphere, the other – under the sphere. And they speak like that. The unbeliever says: “Everything is from the above the surface.” The believer says: “Everything is from below, in the inside. Everything is under the crust. ” The unbeliever says: “It is not like this. Sun shines only on the surface, there is nothing under the crust. Sun doesn’t shine there. ” Everything that is being shines from Sun, is from outside, from above.

The religious people think that everything is inside the sphere. They say: “There is another world.” The unbelievers say that everything is over the sphere, there why they deny the existing of another world. Here is everything, there are meals and drinks here. The wheat, the maize is here. The believer wants to convince you that even without wheat and maize you may be happy. He maintains this but he can’t prove it. I am asking: Why these people who have live far in the desert had need of bread? They want to receive bread without working, because of God. Then, why they don’t receive wheat from the sky? In right sense, all the wheat comes from the sky. When saying “sky”, I mean the sensible in world. So, man is simultaneously in the sky and on earth. The hell is being created from your misunderstanding, from your distorted thought. Everything depends from your spirit, from your correct understanding. Man can create both the sky and the hell for him – it depends from him. When you come in a contradiction, you create the hell. When you come in harmony with yourself, you create the paradise.

If I prove this in a historical way, you know the history, there is no why speaking about it. You say that Christ has appeared two thousand years ago. You know this on the grounds what is being said from four evangelists. You say that Christ has preached many things. How many of you, who listen to me, have the live experience, have spoken with Christ? It will be pleasant for me to hear that there is one such man between you. I don’t want to tell me that you have dreamed Him. I don’t occupy with dreams. If we speak about dreams, I dream much more than you. If we speak about suggestions, I make more suggestions than you. If we speak about imagination, I have bigger imagination than you. But I consider all this for unreal. What is real for me, it is when I wave with arm and to happen what I wish. Sometimes I want to see Sun bigger, I am waving with my arm and it becomes bigger; I want to look like a stack and it becomes such. Sometimes I want to see it like the earth. I am waving with my arm, I come in it and walk around there. I say: “There is big heat here, but I walk without burning.”

Now, with your correct thought, you say: “How is possible man to go on Sun in these conditions?” – You are right, in the present conditions, as I am telling you now, if I go to Sun, nothing will remain from me. If you go with your present understanding, with your present frame of mind, nothing will remain from you, too. Who would try to go on Sun today, this is what expects him. You way of thinking carries big disturbance in human soul. You say: “What is the end at last?” I am asking: “Don’t even the best things in world produce some disturbance?” For example, you are a poor man. You have prayed thousands times God to give you money. Here, one day the happiness smiles at you, you receive two millions leva from lottery. After you receive these money, first you are being glad and after that you start to worry how not to lose these money, or not to be killed because of them. You start to search a bank where to deposit your money. After that you will worry if this bank could go bankrupt. Money are really a good, but what is which worries you? If you have one teaching which you can achieve everything with, why do you need these millions? You have possibility to provide yourself as much money, as you want. We need a hundred leva. I am waving with arm and money comes. If they are much, I am waving with arm again and the money goes back. I don’t need any kind of banks. You will say that sometimes I wear old clothes. – It is like that, but when I am alone, I dress my best clothes. After I wave with my arm, I am being dressed like a king. – “Is it possible?” – It is not possible in the present conditions, but it is possible in other conditions. There is no a thing which man thinks for and it is not possible. What I am speaking you for, it is possible for advanced creatures. What is impossible for the ant, it is possible for me. I can think better from the ant. What I am doing, it is impossible for the ox.

You want to progress. You are right. There is one succession in the laws of nature and, if you observe it, everything will be possible for you. If you are a five years old child and you bring load from five kilograms, it is impossible to manage with it. I am asking: As a sensible man, what load I have to put on the back on this child? I will put him mostly a load from a half or one kilogram. It means a sensible man. When I have in mind the weight of the child, I will understand immediately what weight it can bring. “How much does the new-born child weight?” – About three kilograms and a half. – “How much this weight can increase for five years? How much one five years old child could weight? – Mostly 20 kilograms. – “What weight responses to a child which weights 20 kilograms? If I put one kilogram weight on ten kilograms, so I will put mostly two kilograms on 20 kilograms. With the equal reason, there are difficult ideas in mental relation which are being decided hardly. To you, since you are not children, I can put more difficult ideas. Who can decide one difficult task, let him listen at me. Let him use the possibilities that are being given to him. I don’t speak about the outside possibilities, I don’t make illusions. What I can do in future, I don’t rely on it, too. In this case, I rely on what I can do now. I know why some things don’t happen and why they can’t happen. It is so simple. I am going in one house and am saying: “I can’t have a lunch now.” – “Why?” – “The bread is just kneaded and I can’t eat dough. I will eat after an hour.” It means that they will offer me the baked bread after an hour. – “Can’t you do it now?” – “I can’t.” There are things which are impossible. Not so much impossible but they just can’t happen in the moment. Imagine that you suffer from something. Your pain can’t take away from once. In order the pain passes, you have to observe some laws. For example, temporarily, for several seconds or minutes, you may lose consciousness. In this time your thoughts and feelings may be interrupted. Here what I understand when I am saying “loosing of consciousness.” It is nothing else but taking away of the consciousness of this object that burdens you. You say that somebody has lost consciousness. – No, the consciousness is never being lost. This object that makes you impression, may remove and your consciousness may remain free. When I am saying “loosing of the consciousness”, I understand and when the consciousness stops to function. When saying “an object”, I understand the results of the activity of the live creatures which behaves on us.

There is one temporarily philosophy, which you want free yourselves from the sufferings and unhappiness through. It is not a question to free from them, but you have to think, feel and behave correctly. The torment, the suffering is something objectively. It is a relation to things. When you don’t put yourself as it is necessary, you suffer. If you don’t put things as it is necessary, you will have torments, sufferings and failures in your life. After you start to behave sensibly, your life will improve. Now, for example, the thought that your father and mother are being owed to leave you something stays in you. If your father is rich, you expect him to leave you something from his wealth. - “Why?” – Because he is your father. Simultaneously and you father thinks that after you have come on earth by his goodwill, you are being owed at him. He expects that you will respect him and to bring him something. It is not enough just to respect him.

And so, after you believe in God, what do you understand when you are saying the word “faith”? You are saying that you have a father and you believe in him. What relation do you have at your father? So, you expect to receive something from him. You believe that you have a part in his wealth. This faith is not empty but you have to go at your father to test your faith. Is your father a real thing? If your father can give you what you want, he is a real father; if he can’t give you what you want, he is not any kind of father. Really, if the father can’t deliver his qualities to his son, he is not his father; if he can’t deliver the wealth, the power to his son, he is not any kind of father; if he can’t deliver health to his son, he is not any kind of father. We must have one ideal, one measure in life. I make up the following conclusion: God is our Father only when He can deliver us what He brings in His. The sensibility is a quality of God. If he can’t deliver it to us, He is not our Father. Goods that God have are being delivered to us, too. He delivers His thought, His power to us and makes us free. So, what God has, we have to accept. Otherwise we can’t be free. If you don’t understand His thoughts, what he has created – the plants, the animals, the people, as and the whole nature, you are a man without faith, you are weak, feeble man.

I don’t want you to remain with your old views, but you are still not ready for the new ones. I don’t want your views to come in battle with mines, I don’t want to become a reason for some battle. I don’t want you to tell that what you have had till now is useless. – No, everything that you have got is on its place. You will strive to the wealth, but to the sensible wealth. Here what I understand when I am saying a rich man. I think objectively. I imagine the rich man as a loaded man, he brings 70-80 kilograms gold on his back. This gold will play his skin, will graze his back. – “But there is no normal life without it.” – No, it is not practical to bring wealth which will ruin you. You are saying: “Someone has to come at me to give him the half of my wealth.” Really, one man comes to you to preach you a new teaching, which man may live with less. Therefore, you will give him the half from what you have. You will not lose anything. When you give him the half from your load, you will feel better. You are making this attempt. You take down the bag from your back and give the half gold to man. When you free from your load, you are saying: “This man is right, I feel better now.” You meet another man who tells you: “It is possible to live with less. 30 kilograms are enough, you may use even 15 for living. ” When he convinces you in truth, you are saying: “You are right. Here, take the half of my load. ” You put something in his bag and get right. This man starts to convince you that you may live even without load. After you make this attempt and you free from the whole load, have you lost anything? – “I haven’t lost anything. It is not only that I haven’t lost anything, but I even earn. I walk calmly, my back is free, I don’t feel any weight. ” From your view, you are saying: “But if you become hungry tomorrow?” – This man who taught me how to discharge, he taught me to deliver what I want. He says that when I come to a three and wave with arm, I will receive what I want. When I wave with arm, the table is full. After I eat well, I raise my arm again and the table disappears. If I don’t have shoes, I raise my arm and the shoes come. When I wish to get them away, I do it with one waving of my arm. After all these, do I need load on my back? You are saying: “Tell this art to us, too.” – If I will tell it to you, or not, it is another question.

You are asking: “Is it possible?” – For men who know, it is possible. – “When we will teach this art?” – In the state that you are now, you will need about 2500 years. If you believe, you will need twice less. In the same way I can take down these years from your back. It is a question of consciousness. – “We can manage with these years easily.” – one day, when you wave with your arm, you will be able to do everything. It is a fact. You raise your finger and say that you can do everything. – You raise it but nothing happens. After that you raise two fingers and say to the baker: “Two breads!” – We don’t have bread, everything is sold.

From everything that was saying till now, this idea remains in your mind: “What we have to understand?” – You will understand what God understands, what angels understand, what the sensible people understand, too. – “What we have to do?” – You will do what God does, what angels do, what the sensible people do. – “How it will happen?” – Leave this question aside. You have desire to free from the weights of your life. It shows that you haven’t made one positive philosophy for life. To free from the present weights in life, it means to free from everything. What will you do if you free even from bread? – “It is impossible. ” – But you have to wait a little more till the bread bakes well. The state which you are now is the same as to the unbaked bread. You are still unbaked bread. You will come in the oven to be well baked. Then you will become loved, favourite. Who hasn’t been baked in the oven, he can’t be loved. Till you are in the bread-trough, as dough, nobody will love you. After you have been baked, you will be taken from the oven and will be cherished. You will be brought on hands. If these men who bake you become hungry, they will eat you.

You are saying: “I am useless.” – It is misunderstanding of life. In order to free from the oppressive state of life, you have to become on a bud which the fruit will develop from. You will ripen gradually in this way – whole process will be acted in you.

All our believing has to be changed, to pass in a new form. We don’t have to free from our sufferings, but to transform them in joy and happiness. What your state resembles to? – It resembles to a man with dislocated leg. I started to preach him. He said: “Don’t speak me about God, about that world. My leg hurts, I dislocated it. ” – What else to tell you? I can repair your leg if you listen what I am speaking to you. If you listen me when I am speaking about God and you feel pleasantly, you will not feel any pain after half an hour. – “But my leg hurts. First help my leg to become health, after that I will listen what you will speak me about God. Don’t play with me. Haven’t you ever dislocated your leg? ” – If you were on my place, and I was on yours, I would listen to you. – “But my legs hurts, understand it!” – I want to understand me, too. – “You want to play with me. Can you understand me? – And I am asking you: “Can you listen to me, or not? What interests me that your leg has dislocated? You weren’t careful, there why your leg has suffered. What did you think when your leg has dislocated? I will tell you what the reason is. You had to take ten thousand leva from one poor man and went to judge him. He has one field from ten decares and you wanted to sell it. Is it truth? – “Well, it is. ” I am saying: Or you will refuse from money that you have to take, or you will suffer more. Do you refuse? If you refuse, I will cure your leg.

And when you get out of here, you will not feel any pain. But, you will sign that you will not want your money, you will not want even the half of them. The curing of the leg costs exactly as much as you have to take. – “But if I sign and you don’t cure me? My money will go just like that.” – Then you will find a confidential man who we will give the contract to. I will have faith in this man and in you, too. When your leg becomes health, then you will sign that you refuse from money.

How do you think, did this work finish well? Has this man refused from its money? I leave you to make the conclusion. And you, when you come to the sensible world, you will find yourselves in the same position. You want to achieve something. If you don’t refuse from one thing at the expense of other, you can’t achieve anything. Your unhappiness owe exactly on your misunderstanding of life, of the habits which God has created. You are saying: “Man has right of living, to breathe free.” – It is correct but there is one measure in this right which has to be kept. How many of you are ready to help each other? When I look at you, I see that everyone has gone deeper in him, thinks how he will spend these critical times. You are right but if man concentrates in him and live only for him, what will he achieve? Nothing special. He will be happy in some moment, but in the next moment the happiness will turn against him. There why, when you live, you will think for other people, too, and will sacrifice. Man can live without sacrifice.

When I am saying “sacrifice”, I understand a sensible process. The sacrifice gives power, upsurge. To sacrifice yourself, it is not violence. Where there is violence, there is crime there, no matter in what form. To sacrifice, it means to make the most sensible thing in your life. For example, you are bringing bread. You meet a man who has starved three days. You break up the bread immediately and give him the half of it. It is sensible sacrifice. Therefore, you will sacrifice the half from what you bring in you. In this way you will free from the surpluses in your life. You are sitting, torment, every kind of thoughts attack you. There is no why to torment. Life is beautiful. The beauty is being in mutual helping. If the whole humanity had one thought that God lives in everybody, that His thought is our thought, would you worry how will you live, how will you maintain or dress?

Now everybody works for himself and worries what will happen with him. As much man worries, as much he is lonelier. If you don’t worry, you will not be lonely. When I am saying “lonely”, I understand big inconvenience. When peace sets in you, you connect with all the sensible creatures which appreciate your life in the way how they appreciate their own. This is what I call faith in god. Faith gives all the possibilities to man. It leads to felicity, to happiness. It is an acquisition in life. I don’t speak for that empty, blind faith – to starve, to suffer and to tell that you have faith. The real faith understands realizing of everything what you dream for. With such faith, it is enough to raise two fingers and everything arranges. I am speaking about me, not for you. When I raise one of my fingers, I understand God in man Who makes everything. The uniform can do everything. – “How it is possible to achieve everything when you raise your finger?” – When I raise my finger, I understand the Sensible One, Who has created world. Everything is possible for Him. When I raise two fingers, I understand that I live in Him and I can achieve everything through Him. He puts, I raise. Then there is agreement between me and God. If I don’t observe it, the disagreement between me and God breaks. Who doesn’t know how to raise, he can’t behave Divine will. Only God can put, and we – to raise.

Now you take both serves: you put and raise. You are saying: “I can put.” – You can’t put anything. – “I can do this-that.” – You can’t do anything. You can do only what is already done from the Great Sensible Nature. You can only to raise. – “I can light the stove, to make a fire.” – The fire has been lighted millions years ago. Who has lighted Sun – the fire of life, He has done everything before you. You can only to raise the fire, i. e. to light the stove. What you do, it is not lighting of the fire but carrying of the fire from one place to another. That one, Who puts, is God. This One, Who gives life, Who gives thought to people, is only God. That One Who gives an impulse to them to work is only God. When you think like that, you will create a correct philosophy. Don’t think that you can take the power of God and to play with Him. – No, such relations between God and people can’t exist.

The prophet says: “The ox knows its master but Israel doesn’t know its God.” The word God is being compounded from three letters. On Jewish the first letter means That one, Who has created and penetrates everything. The second letter understands That One, Who organizes things and keep them. The third letter represents That One Who keeps the equilibrium in world. Therefore, That One, Who creates everything and penetrates everywhere; Who preserves and keeps everything in equilibrium, is God. It is the outside side of the notion God. If you don’t have this notion in you and raise your finger, God will not listen to you. So, you don’t have faith in God. When you raise your finger, the joy has to come. When you raise two of your fingers, the sorrow has to go. Make an attempt. Raise one of your fingers to see if the joy will come. You have pain, suffering. Raise two of your fingers to see if the pain will go. You don’t make this attempt but you call one doctor, second one, you go to the baths. – You will go to the baths if you are health. But what will you do if you are not health? If your leg is dislocated, how will you walk? It is other thing if you are a rich man. But if you are a poor man? You don’t have five leva in your pocket. Which doctor will come to cure you? I am telling you things that could be done both from the poorest and the richest one. Who can’t raise two of his fingers? Now both the rich and the poor man raise two of their fingers, but they don’t achieve anything. Both the poor and the rich man raise one finger each, but nothing happens again.

Your knowledge has to be as strong as the sign of the King. The Kingdome sign is valid. And our speech has to become as strong and valid as the Kingdome sign. You have to acquire such knowledge. You are asking yourselves if I am talking you truth. It is not a question if I speak you truth. Sometimes I am asking myself: “Do I speak truth to myself?” Ask the same question to you: “Do you speak truth to yourselves? ” I don’t want to discuss this question. – “Why?” – If I touch it, your life will darken. You will start to feel such embarrassment that all the stars that you can see will darken. Your Sun will disappear and will come such darkness what you haven’t expect. Since I know that you are very cowardly, I don’t touch this question. I observe only questions which produce light. For example, I see one of you sits and thinks: “Master has done this. Master has done that. ” – I have done something but with some conditions. I bury dead people; those who have been conceived, I born them; I am giving food to the hungry men; I am giving water to the thirsty men; I fight the affluent men and I free the enslaved. What do you understand when I am saying the word “fight”? You are saying: “How to fight?” Here how. When I find one affluent man, I take one churn and start to fight him till he let his butter out. After half an hour, his butter starts to get out. I put the butter in the frying pan, I push two-three eggs and make one good meal. I am saying: “How sweet this man is! He is an excellent thing. When I come to the affluent man, I graze him perfectly, till I take all his butter out.

Now this thought remains in you: if I am speaking you figuratively or literally? – I am speaking you literally, in the way how in nature is. Often I come in the churn place and am paying to someone to fight me. When I become a little affluent, I am coming in the churn, too when he hits 25 times, he will stop to fight me. After I get out of the churn place, I am feeling fresh, renewed. I am doing this voluntary but you are being put by force. When one suffering comes, aren’t you in the churn place? You are in the churn place but you don’t know it. You don’t know and why you suffer. You darken, you downcast as like the whole world destroys. When you are being put in the churn place and fight you up, you get out refresh, brisk and tell: “I feel better. ” The useless butter in you gets out. People eat it and satisfy. Both you and they remain satisfied. They eat, drink well thank for the butter which you have given them. And you use from their gratitude. Therefore, your sufferings have great sense. If they don’t bring anything, they are useless. If your happiness doesn’t bring anything, it is useless, either. So, your happiness and sorrows are useful for people. It is not important if you conscious it, or not. This is the new way which you have to think on. When you know it, don’t strive to free from the sufferings. Don’t mechanize them. Know that it is a great law which you have to work through, to perfect yourselves, to walk in the right way. If you don’t keep this law, you can’t have any achievements. You have much knowledge, but you have to add more. Your knowledge has to be put on attempt, to be realized. You don’t know if what you work with is truth, or not. You don’t know how much it may be useful for you. One day your knowledge may use you, but not yet.

Years ago one our friend has gathered ten thousand leva and has put them in his Bible as he thought to use them in something useful. It didn’t pass much time, he was called in the other world. His fellow men needed money, but they didn’t know that there was some sum in the Bible. After three-four years they found the money, but they were already waste. Another our friend has bought bonds to earn something from them. But, till he changes it, their date has expired and they were already useless.

Every kind of knowledge which is not being used on time depreciates. What sense this knowledge have? Therefore, every good, every kind of knowledge which may be used on time, brings something to the whole humanity, for the good of the whole Living.

I am wishing you to have correct understanding for life, to be bearers of Divine thoughts, of Divine life, of Divine Love, of Divine Wisdom and of Divine Truth. If you achieve it, you have acquired much. Those who rules the destiny of the whole humanity, of the advanced souls, defines respective method for every man. Everybody can’t acquire the goods in one way. May somebody pass near the rose oil and not to start smell? May man be a conductor of Divine thought and it not to be expressed? It is impossible. Many people are bad conductors, thanks to which and the results of their life are bad, too. Let the only desire to be conductors of Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth remains in you, not a single time but n continuous period of time. No matter how little you are, everybody can be conductor of Divine thoughts. It is the good of life. It is the new for you. If you can’t achieve it, all the rest is a load in your life. It will cause you sorrow.

I will give you chapter 13 for thinking, Message to the Romans, from 11-14 verse including.

17. Morning Speech from Master, delivered on January 15th, 1933, Sofia. – Sunrise.


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