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Outside and Inside Faith


I will read chapter 16 from Mathew.

Many of you cough today. The cough is an object teaching. It shows that man has superfluous matter in him, i. e. superfluous wealth which has to be delivered. After you cough, it shows that you were unwise, you have broken the laws of nature: you have stayed sweated on draught, or you have drunk cold water when you were sweated. In other relation, the lungs are being cleaning with cough. Someone wants to be very rich, erudite or strong. And it understands heaping of superfluous matters in brain. – “Why this heaping happens?” – Because he can’t achieve what he wants. The cough is a sign of dissatisfaction which is being delivered from man to man. In this sense and the cough is being delivered from one man to another man. Everyone may cough, i. e. to be infested. It is a question if man has to cough or not? – He has to cough, the unclean things to be thrown out. It is bad when you don’t know where the cough has come from and why it has come. In order to be health, you don’t have to lose either the physical, or your psychical warm. The cough comes as a consequence from losing the warm of the organism.

Many people, when they listen other people to cough, complain that the cough confuses them. They are confusing from the cough of the others, but what to say these men who cough? If they pass through a wood and somebody chases them, they afraid to cough and their traces to be found. You say that you have faith. Who thinks that has faith, let him apply it, let him manage with his cough. – “But we believe in God, we understand the New teaching, too. If you really believe in God, but you can’t manage with your cough, you haven’t understood anything. In this relation you resemble to that servant who works hardly at his master but with the hided desire to receive money for this. So, he doesn’t work with love. He writes every day: today I worked so much, tomorrow – so much. For 365 days he has to receive so much. I will work to my master ten years and after that I will free myself. This desire is on its place. – “Why?” – If he doesn’t free, his master will play his skin. I will give you one example in order to see how you can free from the restriction of people. You have a house, a yard, a little garden, but you don’t have water, you can’t water your flowers. Your neighbour has a fountain in his yard and draw-well where you can draw water, too. But, sometimes he is indisposed. – What will you do then? Where will you draw water from? – You don’t have other choice except to build a water-main, too and to pour water directly. Otherwise, if it remains to take water from your neighbour for long time, sometimes he will be indisposed – he doesn’t give anything. What stands in your way to build a water-main in the yard? – “We don’t have recourses.” – You will find the recourses easily.

Let those from you, who smoke, refuse temporarily from the tobacco. What you will save from the tobacco, you will use for the water-main. Use at least the half of money from the tobacco for this aim. “May we manage with the restriction on this way?” – You may, but faith is necessary for this. You believe in me, who you see from outside, but you don’t believe in me, who am in you. The power of man is in his outside and inside faith. You believe in God Who you see from outside, in everything which He has created. But, you don’t believe in God in you. Just the outside faith can’t save you. You have to believe both outside and inside. For example, you believe that I have made one good fountain which water runs strong, but you can’t drink from it. What use from this faith? Therefore, if you believe in God, you will believe simultaneously in Him, as a Creator of the outside world, but you will believe that He lives and in you. This is the way which you walk on. – “But our credo is such.” – No, you believe in God only from outside till you have listened to be spoken about Him. You have read the Bible, the New Testament and repeat what Christ said. But, you still don’t believe in God in you. If you had outside and inside faith, you would order to cough to go away. The cough is a special kind of speaking. It speaks when you don’t speak. If you speak, it will stop speaking.

There are many speakers in man. If he speaks, they keep silent; if they speak, man keeps silent. When you know it, speak, let them keep silent. There why, in order to manage with cough, you will believe in God both out and in you. Only in this way you will try my teaching. The cough is a test stone which the power of your faith is being tested through. It is a big enemy of man. – “Why?” – It is so good organized that you have to fight a lot till you free from it. In order to manage with the cough, first start to make attempts with the little sorrow or indisposition which have attacked you. You are indisposed, say: “I believe in God out of me; I believe in God in me, too”. “Me and Father are one.” This has been said from Christ. If after that the indisposition disappears, you are on a right way; if it doesn’t disappear, you are on a wrong way. Very simple, may you warm on stove and not to be warmed? If you don’t warm yourself, the guilt is in the stove: it is from matter which doesn’t warm or it is an imaginary stove, unreal. The real stove is this one which can warm you. The cough comes with aim to test you. It is a professor who ploughs the weak disciples, not the strong ones. When disciples know the material, the professor keeps silent; when the disciple doesn’t know anything, the professor speaks and shows his dissatisfaction. Now, I am asking you, too: What do you know, what you have applied from what you have studied? I am not interested from how many years you have gone on school; how rich you are; what your father and mother were, your grandfather and grandmother and etc. It is important how you live. – “But I am a millionaire.” – How much do you give to the poor men? – “Five leva on man.” – it shows how much you are a bringer of Divine ideas, of Divine plan. – “But I have my ideas, my plan for realizing.” – Till you execute your plan, you always will be unhappy. You create your karma on this way, also and karma to the whole humanity. Some man thinks how to make his life happy and starts to arrange his material state: he buys a house, fields, vineyard. He is glad of his children, of his wife, he is satisfied from life. Tomorrow his wife becomes ill and dies and he becomes unhappy. His children die, he is more unhappy. – “What have to be done?” – You will change your life. You will live first for God, after that for your fellow men. Then and your children, and you wife, will be health. – “Why my house is being destroyed?” – Because it wasn’t strong. – “Why do I suffer?” – You haven’t been health, there was something sick, unstable in you. If your head or a stomach hurts, you will know that you have something weak in your head or stomach. Don’t be sorry that you have suffered, but watch to strengthen the weak place in your organism. Eat health, prime food. Always drink clean water. Breathe clean air. These are three rules of the physical world. If you execute them, you always will be health. When you come to the world of feelings and thought, always feed yourself with health thoughts and feelings. If you accept one rotting feeling in your heart and one rotting thought in your mind, you will be ill by all means.

Often the religious and spiritual men, even the disciples of the occultism, expect to see God from outside, to see His help in this way. It is a mechanical process. It is the same as if you heat up the iron in fire: you heat it up, it starts to become red – you take it out from fire. When it stays out of fire a little, it gets cool. You heat it up again, it gets cool again. Now you heat it up, now it gets cool – it is a mechanical process – outside heating. Till you put coals in the stove, you will warm yourself; after you stop putting coals, the stove gets cool, but you get cool, too. And the stove burns well if the coals are good, coarse. If you put dust, the stove will go out. In order to warm you, put coarse, good coals. On the same reason I say: Don’t occupy with little, small ideas. It is better to have one idea, but Divine, than many ideas, but human. – But the coarse, good coals were expensive. No problem, you will put less from them. What is the sense to fill the stove with small coals which just smoke and don’t warm?

You ask: “Who do you speak today for?” – I speak for all men that have cough, for all the unsatisfied, for all the discouraged ones, who are felt spiritually; for all men that complains that they don’t have clothes, shoes, coal and trees. For those men, who have everything and don’t complain, there is no what to speak about them. They have decided their questions. I speak for those who think only for their old clothes. There is no why to speak about those who have new clothes – they are on a correct way. Those men, with the old clothes, ask: “What our state in that world will be?” – If you go there with your old views, too, it will be the same as in the earth. – “How the poor Lazar was accepted in the bosom of Avram?” – He was outside poor on earth, but rich from inside. He stayed in front of the door of the rich man with years, but he never murmured. He didn’t envy to the rich man, he didn’t confuse from his relation at him. He showed example of patience and humbleness. It understands a man who doesn’t think about his old clothes.

One painters paint Lazar unsatisfied from his state, with tears on his eyes; he watches how the rich man passes near him, always well dressed and fed. Other painters paint Lazar with a smile on his face. Mentally he said to the rich man: “Don’t forget yourself, think well because one day you will find yourself in my state.” On earth Lazar was an object teaching for the rich man and in the other world is the opposite – the rich man was object teaching for Lazar. Lazar stayed quiet and calm in front of the door of the rich man and patiently accepted his destiny. I say: “If you force your bad thought, bad feeling or bad action to lick your wounds and to cure them, you are like Lazar. He managed with the dogs, i. e. with his low thoughts and feelings. Therefore, what kind of man you are if you can’t force the low in you to lick your wounds? It means your wounds to be tied up and to be health.

The temporary people have to get in new phase of life in order to free from all the ordinary manifestations. Only one difference has to remain: between the light and the darkness, the good and the evil, the justice and the injustice, love and hate. And then, when you speak about love, you have to know that you live in love; when you speak about the hate, you have to know that you live in it. It means to distinguish things. If you don’t distinguish them, you will ask me if I love you, or not. – Here is one question which I have never thought on and never have asked myself. God is Love. Therefore, how will I ask God if He loves me? You can’t love one man out of the Entity. It is unthinkable. How will you love the finger of your arm, out of the whole arm? If it separate from your arm, it loses its value. If you separate from God, nobody can love you. We love man so much as he is a part of the Entity, i. e. from Divine. After he separates from the Entity, any power is not in state to let me love him. Two men may love each other if they have common ideas, common centre. Two branches may love each other, two leaves, but if they are on one common root. Till you are in the area of love, you will be glad and happy. Out of love, it doesn’t exist any joy. The joy is not something separate. It is like the rays of light. One ray passes near you, light you up and you are glad. This ray comes from Sun. – “Can I catch it?” – No, you can’t. You can catch the cloth of the ray, but not the ray itself. Light is elusive. It brings life. But the cloth of light is a reflection of life. If man has to warm on moon light, everything is over with him. You will stay long time on this light but you will receive anything. If you want to warm yourself, go out on Sun light. It brings life, joy and freedom.

I will make one analogy. If you accept one teaching by reflection, you will warm from it long time and will not be warmed. This is the way how many people accept Christ’s teaching. They don’t search it in their mind and heart, but want to know what the preachers, scientists, philosophers and teachers are saying about him. You tell to somebody: “Listen what I am telling you. This is how Master has told it.” – It is important what you have heard and how you have understood it. If your cough has stopped, you have understood my words. Then you can speak to the others, too. If cough can’t pass, you have heard my words but you haven’t understood them.

Yesterday, one sister came to me – joyful, happy. She said: “Master, I am very happy.” – Today you are happy, tomorrow you will be sorrowful. Your convictions are being changed easily, you are very credulous. – “But I am ready to do everything.” – You are not established, you will change your conviction easily. I look at her, her face became sad. It is misunderstanding of things. I want to tell her that when it starts to rain, starts to thunder, the sky starts to rattle, she immediately will search a place to hide. I know one priest, extremely pious man, one of the best priests, but after he hears that sky starts to thunder and rattle, he immediately hides at home, lights ten candles, as it is Easter, and starts to cross himself. He said about himself: “When I hear the thunders and see the lightning, I forget everything. The fact that I am a priest, that I comfort people – everything disappears from my mind. I just cross myself and pray. When everything passes, I say: “It was a terrible work! I don’t know how to explain this fear. And in the end of all, I have to light ten candles.” – These are ten feelings which you have put out in you before. You light candles from outside, but you have to light them from inside. Many people, when they hear that it thunders, they light candles immediately. They think that they are already in safety. The real safety is inside man, not out of him. The safety is in our faith and love to God. The outside things are only appliances which the disciple walks on. They change in the way how the faith of man changes. As a child, he believes in one; as an adult, he believes in another; as an old man – in third. It is important for man to come to the real faith which brings joyful and happiness, freedom and inside peace for man. – “Tell something about us.” – What to tell you? You still don’t know your real name. Everyone of you passes with some pseudonym, nobody brings his real name. When I look at you, I see that everyone is dressed with foreign cloth, with foreign name. And the Eskimos bring foreign clothes, from animal hide. When you know it, answer yourselves why one man is pleasant for you, another – unpleasant. You meet one man and say that he is unpleasant for you. Have he made you some mischief, no he hasn’t; have he told you some offended word, no he hasn’t. You wonder why he is unpleasant for you. There always have some reason.

You say: “I love this man, I don’t love that man.” Why do you love the one but you don’t love the other? – “Because the one helps me, serves me.” So, you love only those people, who help you, serve you and who are useful for you. It is a self-interest, not love. The real love doesn’t endure any self-interested thought, any self-interested feeling. To love because for love itself – it is truth. What stove do you prefer – iron or gold? – “If it is winter and is cold outside, I prefer the iron but full with coals. I will scratch one match and will light it. But, if it is summer, I prefer the gold stove.” Said with other words: You will use the correct thought when nothing else can help you. After it comes, everything will correct. It is the same for love, too. After love appears, man becomes health. There why it is being said that it doesn’t appear in the painful states of man. Where love is, there are no contradictions, difficulties, illnesses there. Love strengthens the will. If you are weak-willed, it shows that love doesn’t behave in you. It is a diagnosis. Where love is, there is boldness and determination there. When all the people are desperate, the loved man is happy. He emanates power from him like the spring which waters all the flowers and plants around it. There why he can help to everybody. – “Is it possible?” – Everything is possible for the health man, but not and for the ill man. Everything is possible for the thinking men. But, for those who don’t think and feel, everything is impossible. Be glad to your feelings and sufferings. Angels are not being ill, they don’t suffer, there why they can’t help to sufferers and ill men. But they help to health men. – “Who will help to the ill man?” – The saint. – “Why?” – Because he has suffered, too, he has passed through this way. Therefore, the sufferer may come in the state of the sufferers. Christ came on earth to suffer, to come in life of people and to know their sufferings. After passing the way of the suffering, He knows how to help people.

Now, you will want to be bearers of Divine, to help people. – How will you help them when you don’t know their sufferings? – “We have to believe in God!” – Where is this God? – “I see him in everything which he has created.” – you see Him because you have health eyes. How the blind man will see all this? No matter how much you will speak at him for sky and earth, for Sun and stars, he says: “I don’t see anything. It is a big darkness on my eyes. What God do you speak me for?” So, your first work is to open the eyes of the blind man and to speak him after that. – “How to open his eyes?” – you will spit on earth, will make a little mud and will smear his eyes with it. Afterwards you will ask him: “Do you see the sky?” – “Yes, I see”. I will not speak about God to the poor and hungry man but I will tell him: “Do you want to come with me?” – “I want.” We are going together and walk two-three days till his legs refuses to serve him more. He starts to remain behind me. – “Why you don’t walk?” – “I can’t, my legs became weak, they can’t keep me right anymore.” – Here, this is the state of man who lives without God. Come to sit at this spring to have a rest and to wait for God. – “How it is possible God to come to us?” – You will see. We sit and speak. Suddenly we see a man with white clothes, with bag on his back. He stops in front of us, leave the bag and go. We open the bag – there is white, good, well baked bread. – “Here, this man is a messenger of God. Did you see him? You have to know God. Look what he remained in the bag”. We both sit, he already takes another direction. If you enter in the new direction of life, you are in state of this millionaire who paid several millions in his case and had felt sure. Or you are in the state of that man who has entered in the steamer, has paid his ticket and had ensured his travel. Or you are in the state of this farmer who has sowed his field and had expected good wheat. The connection with God has to be recreated! Otherwise, if you are a poor man, you will suffer, you will doubt and hesitate in your thought. If you are a disciple, you will go at one, second, third teacher to receive lessons, but in the end, you will be far from the main. There is one essential lecture. It is you to know the main in life. You need many lectures but if they don’t contain the main, they are without content.

You ask: “Which credo is most correct?” – It is not a question about the correct credo. But, if somebody teaches you how to think and what to do, it means him to restrict you. If somebody teaches you one, but he applies another, he restricts you. Actually, he has to show you the correct way, as and the way for liberation from the restrictions. If I go to the ox and don’t show him what to do, have I taught it anything? I see that its master has entered in tavern to drink. I come closer to the ox and say to it: “Look, use the case to get free. Take out easily your head from the halter and go in the wood. Let the master search for you.” I will not preach to the ox which is correct and which is not correct; I will not tell it that its master has fed it during the whole life. It is not truth. Its master has tormented it more than feeding it. You will say that you are a master of the ox. – You are not any master. Who drinks in the taverns and leaves his bulls alone, he can’t be a master. Who harnesses his animals unmercifully, he can’t be a master. Today people become more and more clever and practical. They serve with tractors. You will say that earth gives more when it is being ploughed with ox. It is a question. If you take down the hide of the ox through immense labor, what have you acquired? If you worry during the whole day for nothing, and ruin your health, what have you acquired? The anxiety and trouble don’t contribute anything.

The main idea which has to occupy your mind is to connect with God and to recreate your harmony with Him. From this point of view, I say: One love exists in world – love to God. Who can’t love God, he can’t love either himself, or his fellow man. It can’t exist any other love out of Divine love. Every other love is a ray from God, from His Love. If you give way to Divine love – the spring of life in you, your love will be normal, too. Without this spring in you, human love is abnormal.

I am asking you now: Did you understand me or not? It is easy to understand me. I am giving you a piece of bread. Don’t investigate it but taste it. When you put it in your mouth, you will chew till it becomes on mess and you will swallow it after that. When it comes in your stomach, you will understand what it brings. You will feel its power on this way. The same law is being applied with love, too. You will accept it without pick it. If you ask what love is, where it comes from, what it brings, you will not achieve anything. I haven’t met neither one writer who, when speaking about love, can clear it up. In order to show that the girl and the young man love each other much, the author makes the girl to faint from love and the young man kills himself. It is delusion. Who kills himself, he hasn’t love. You say that Christ has died from love to the humanity. No, people caught Christ, crucified Him, used violence over Him. And Christ sacrificed for the sins of people. So, He has suffered from love. He has endured the sins of people from love, but hasn’t died from love.

You say: “I am ready to die for you.” – if you die for me, who will serve me? I prefer the ox which serves me to live than to die and to show me that it loves me. This thought has to remain in your mind. Only the warmth can oppose to the cold. After you come to the bad conditions of life, decide them with love. When saying “love”, I understand that completeness which decides all the contradictions. And after decide the question about love, then you will start the real work. Till you haven’t accepted love, you are in a prison: your legs are chained, your arms – also. You have to get out the fetters and to go out of the prison. - “What will I do after this?” - You will be free to work for God – without chains, without scars on the arms.

The bangles, the rings, the strings of woman are fetters, too. The girl and the young man put rings to show people that they have become engaged, if somebody decides to snatch them up. These are fetters. When you see a ring to somebody’s arm, you say: “This ox is foreign, I don’t have right to it.” Nobody has right to put a ring on the hand of the young man or of the girl. The fact that people put them rings, it is another question. The present credo is such. You put a ring to your sweetheart as a sign of faithfulness. Show me one woman who is true to her man. The ring has to be inside, but people wear it outside. They understand this question literally. The diamond rings, necklaces, bangles, worn from outside, don’t contribute anything. It is one truth. But, if it is being forced from outside not to wear decorations, it is another restriction. Who has forced you to wear decorations, he has made you evil. But who forbids you to wear, cause you bad, too. You say: “When I listen this, I am afraid to wear a ring. I want to wear ring but it will be like I owe to be true on my word. Both if you wear and if you don’t wear ring, you always restrict yourself. If you wear a ring, do wear live ring. If your faithfulness is in the ring, when your sweetheart dies, will you be free? When your man leaves, you say: “My man went on the other world”. – Stop thinking that he is your man. When the bishop dies, will he be a bishop in the other world, too? God doesn’t need either from bishop, or from professors, or from traders, or from rich men. He doesn’t need professors who don’t know by themselves how world is created but they teach the others. This knowledge passes for good on earth. But in the other world you will not be accepted with such knowledge.

First, you have to have relation to God, to Love. Your son has finished secondary school, wants to do Divine will, but he searches higher knowledge. He wants to acquire the correct thought, to understand how and why world has been created. – You will teach the real science from now. What you have taught till now, it is nothing. The real science will make us happy. It will show us the way of the immortality. It will show us the real wealth without having desire to appropriate it. Consider that all you have, it belongs to God. Let it becomes your blood and flesh. Consider that all the people are one. People say that only the poor people can apply Christ teaching. – Not only the poor man has to be ready to execute Christ teaching. It is being wanted from everyone. When I speak like that, I am the first who is ready to execute the teaching of Christ. I meet one poor man, he hasn’t five leva in his pocket. I am telling him: “Brother, I will share with you everything that I have.” I count my money and give the half to him. After that I am saying: “As you see, I shared my wealth with you but be ready you to share your wealth with the others, too.” When I preach truth, I have to be free from every self-interest and egoism, not to have in mind my personal interests. The good of all the people, not only for me, is important for me. If you want to raise yourselves, give way to Divine. It units the parts in one close entity as the tree units all the leaves and branches in close, harmonious system.

You meet one man with good social state. You say: “God loves this man more than me.” – It is your conclusion. God loves everybody and wishes from us to live in unanimity, accordingly His thought. If we live according our thoughts, the consequences of our own thoughts accumulate over us. God leaves us to reap the consequences of what we have created by ourselves. There why, strive to free yourself from your own creation. I don’t want to understand me wrongly, how David has understood Saul a long time ago. When went to Saul, David asked him: “May I fight with the Filistims?” – “With your sling? – You can’t fight with your sling.” They have given him all the armaments: chain-mail, shield and spear. Dressed like that, David told to himself: “I am in a serious trouble. He threw these weapons, took his bag and the sling and went to fight with Goliath. And he won the battle. The contemporary people resemble to Saul’s soldiers – they are armed with helmets and rifles. – Let’s free from the new armaments and take only the sling. It is the clean Divine thought, the clean love which can do everything.

One is wanted from man: first, to live for God. After knowing God, then he will live for himself. People say: “Know yourself!” – No, first know God and afterwards – yourself. This is the way which truth comes from. Who starts in an opposite way, first to know himself, after that his fellow man and at last - God, he will never acquire truth. God has created man, man hasn’t created himself alone. Therefore, first you will start to love God, after that – yourself. When apply this, you will have good results. It doesn’t happen by force, but with inside frame of mood. Make an attempt to see what result you will have. Your mind will start to light, your heart will improve. In this state, you will be prepared for the other world. There is no bigger good for man from entering in the other world rejuvenated, purified, as a child. There why, till you are still on earth, work over yourself, let you free from old views and understandings. When somebody dies, his fellow men cry, they sorrow for him. But I see that he stays near to his body, he is happy that he has free from the prison. His fellow men ask: “Does our passenger think about us? – No, he doesn’t. Who has passed are telling you: “Get out of your body and come to us to see how beautiful is here.” – “What to do? How to achieve it? – “How we have to achieved it?” – “So, it means to die.” – “You will undress your old clothes as we undressed them.” – “We don’t want to die.” – “Want or not, you will die. Even Christ died. But, after the death, the resurrection comes.” – “The death is horrible.” – “It is horrible when man dies without love and knowledge. After he dies with love and knowledge, the death is a privilege. Where God is being present, death is a privilege.”

Let this thought remains in you: God, Who is out of us, let Him come into us, too. Try to start loving God inside you. I will give you one diagnosis, to guess if you love God. You cough a lot. Tell yourself: “I love God.” If the cough stops, you really love God. If it doesn’t stop, you don’t love Him. You are a poor man. Tell yourself: “I love God.” If the poorness leaves you, you love God. If it doesn’t leave you, you don’t love Him. You are an ignoramus. Tell yourself: “I love God.” If the ignorance leaves you, you love God. If you remain an ignoramus, you don’t love Him. Somebody thinks that when he loves God, he will become ignoramus. Contrariwise, when you start loving God, your mind will become brighter. Adam was dissatisfied from the knowledge which he had and listened the snake, he ate from the forbidden tree, with the aim to become like God. When he breaks Divine law, he lost and what he had and became an ignoramus. Contemporary people have much knowledge but people who can use it are not much. You are ill, some serious illness torments you. Turn to God with the words: “God, till now the illness has told me that it orders. Therefore, it will leave me when it wishes. If it is like that, I will submit to it. If You order, please, tell me truth. Then, in your name, I will tell it to leave me.” I am telling you in the name of God, too: “Let the lie goes out of you and truth remains. Let the ignorance goes out and the knowledge remains. Let the illness goes out of you and health remains. Don’t allow these things to be only as rules in you and to be afraid of them. When love comes, treat it. After the opposite of it comes, don’t chase it away, but give it from the crumbs of the table. Let it stay far from the table. Treat the good but give only crumbs to the evil. Treat the generosity but the miserliness – let it just lick the plate. Keep the following rule in your mind: Let love always be on the table and keep treat to it, the hatred to be under the table and to give it to lick the plates. This rules refer to those who want to be free. This is the way to freedom. There is no another way. It is absolute and unchangeable. Any efforts are not in state to change it. Nobody can force God to change, in sense to start to hate man or to start loving him more than it is necessary. – “Why?” – Because there is no stronger than God. – “I don’t believe in God.” – If you believe or not, it is not important. If God gives you one pretty girl to marry her, will you believe in Him?” – “I will believe. I am ready to do everything for Him. I am ready to serve Him in everything, to believe in Him.” – Naturally, God is in you. The unbelievers are strange people. They don’t believe in God but believe in their wives, children, in scientist or philosopher. It was shame for man to believe in God! Is there bigger ignorance than this? If you don’t believe, don’t believe in anybody. Believe in you. Why you will believe to this or that authority? What the prophets has decided? They haven’t decided anything, either. People say that Christ has endured the sins of people. This idea is not understood, either. – “Why?” – Because, when you think that Christ has endured the sins of the humanity, nothing remains you but to sit on the table and start eating and drinking with pleasure. – No, you will endure part of the weights and the sins of people, too. Why only Christ had to bring the sins of world? Were they His? Did he create them?

When I speak about your faithless, I don’t want to convince you in this, but I say: You still haven’t free from your old convictions, from the believing of your grandfathers and ancestors. If one angel tells you to deliver all to the poor men, will you agree? Will you believe it? You will say: “How to understand this angel? He may test us.” I ask: Won’t you believe to the engineer who you called to build the house? He is experienced, he knows how to build it. If he doesn’t know, I can show you how to build it. – “How?” – First I will show you how to love God. You will love God in a special way, not as you love your friend. To love God, it means to forget yourself without loosing your consciousness. When I come to one rock, I look at it with reverence. I know that it may fall over me and to crush me. It is stronger than me in this case. There is one state from which I know that I am stronger than the crag. In this case, if it bows at me, I tell it: You will stay right. I order. If it starts to fall, I am weaker than it. And then, if it sweeps me on its way, I am a toy in its hands. May I imagine that I am some kind of great man after that? If I am a list felt from the tree, and the wind brings me, have I to delude myself, to think that I am a great man.

You say: “I have conviction, power.” – If you can order to the rock, and it listens you, you have power, you have conviction, too. So, there is something in you which you may rely on. Christ has said: “If you have faith, you will say to this mountain to move and it will move.” So and you, if you can tell to the crag to move, and it listens to you, this is what I call faith, sensibility. You have many crags in you, too, which you have to move. Who can’t do anything, says: “I am weak, but I will raise myself in future. I am an ignoramus now.” – It is wanted from all of you to be erudite. I will test you to see what you can do. – “We can’t right now. In future, when we come on earth, we will do many things.” – It is a delusion. God has created the world. He has predicted everything, has made everything, there is no why to say that you will do many things. It is important what you are doing today. When you come on earth for second time, you will think again what you can do. – “We have done a lot of things in past.” – I know what you have spoken in past. You have postponed for the next regeneration, too. You will say that you don’t remember anything. Who is wrong that you don’t remember? I remember. – “Then convince us.” – I can convince you. – “How will you convince us?” – When I give you several million leva. Then all of you will believe. What I order, you will do it. No matter which country I will send you, you will go. This order is being executed with money. If I send you somewhere without giving you money, you will not go. – “Why?” – I want something impossible from you.

Now you ask yourself why I speak at you like that, what I want to tell you. Faith is wanted from everybody. If your faith is weak, I will tell you what the results will be. One rich man made an attempt to check the honesty and faith of his debtors. He wrote in the newspapers: “I have decided to execute Christ’s teaching. For this aim, I invite all my debtors in defined day and hour to come at my house to forgive them all the debts. Let everybody brings his shelf to me to destroy it.” He had 500 debtors. Before coming at him, 499 from them have gathered and started to think: “What the intentions of our creditor may be?” He wants to test us. In the definite day and hour, in the house of the rich man came only one of the debtors and asked: “Is the master here?” So, from 500 men only one believed in good intension of his creditor. The others still think what intention does their creditor have.

We think and till now what God wanted to say. – There is no what to think. You will knock and will come inside. Love has to be applied, but by freedom. When God comes to live in you, everything that torments you, which discourages you, which make you dissatisfied, will disappear. Then the real happiness will come and you will say: “Now already I understand everything. I understand that God lives in me, too.” – yes, but you still haven’t started to love Him. You haven’t found the door to God. – “Which is the door to God? – Faith. Christ says: “Everything which you beg in my name, it will be given to you.” – “How will we beg?” – With faith and love. This is what is being demanded from you. You have achievements but they are temporarily. What you have is good, but I want to acquire something even better. This namely, nobody can’t take away from you. What is being wanted from you is to be big heroes.

Now, when I speak you for faith, I don’t want to force you to believe. Test and see what faith represents and what – truth. What can set you free, to recreate your health, to make you happy, it is truth. What balances your thought, which gives sense of your life, it is truth. The new that we have to accept will take us something, but it will give us another thing: it will take one, it will give ten. Love also takes but it gives more. But the delusion takes more than it gives. Therefore, keep yourself from what gives less but use what takes more. In order to manage with all the delusions, strengthen your faith in God, from outside and inside. Faith in God makes man rich, the faithless leads to poorness.

You ask: “How to proceed with the rich man and how – with the poor man?” – Never give money to the rich man. If you want to give him away something, send him one good fruit. – “But what about the poor man?” – Help with money. I wish to all of you to receive for the New Year at least one good fruit – the fruit of love. From the invisible world has sent one letter for everyone with the first fruit of love. I wish you, when receive it, to be glad and to spend well this year.

When you walk on streets, be awake some brick, tile or stone not to fall over you. Don’t hurry to get on the tram immediately. Wait to stop well and then get up. This year demands from you to be smart, to apply love which is missing of you now. Live in the areas of love in order to be free from the unnecessary sufferings which may befall you from carelessness. Did you understand me? Let everybody cut off one piece of his fruit and to send it to other people.

Open the Gospel of Joan, chapter 14, verse 21: “Who has my orders and keeps them, he is who loves me; and who loves me, he will be loved from my Father; and I will love him and will show myself at him.” Let this verse be as your motto during the whole year.

- The manifested love of Spirit, the manifested wisdom of Spirit, the manifested truth of spirit bring the full life of God, of the One, Eternal God of life.

16. Morning Speech from Master, delivered on January 8th, 1933, Sofia - Sunrise



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