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Warm Feelings and Bright Thoughts


I will read chapter 15 from Mathew.

It would be a great unhappiness for people if all of them were breathing through one mouth. It is the same if you imagine one long building which many people live in, and air is coming in only through one window. Those men, who are near the window, will feel good. What will be the state of those men who are far from it? Sometimes people live in such rooms, they want to breathe through one mouth and to look through one pair of eyes. They want to have outside unity, outside propriety. Everyone wants to be health. There are many sick people in world, there why and many of them die. I ask: What is the use of the efforts which the scientists do when both scientists and ordinary people die? Both scientists and ordinary people suffer. All the people, on an equal footing, pass through sufferings. Both the just and the sin men also suffer. Actually, there aren’t really just people. From outside all the people look like just ones. There why David says: “My mother has conceived me in sin.” The sins and the crimes of people are being written on their bodies, i. e. on their cloth. You wear woolen clothes but they have been taken from the sheep. They are clothes of the sheep. People slaughter and kill sheep and after that wear clothes from them. In this sense, people rob sheep and wear from them. In the end, everybody justifies himself and says: “God has given us the wave and the hide of the sheep and other animals.” In this sense, people rob sheep and wear from them. In the end, everybody justifies and says: “God has given us the wave and the hide of the sheep and other animals.” You wear comfortable shoes from the hide of the animals and don’t think about the robbery and the murder of these animals. For justification, you say: “We are children of God.” – Yes, children of God who wear the hide of murdered and dead animals. I say: “Free yourself from the hides of the dead animals. – “What, do we have to walk naked and barefooted?” – You better be barefooted, than with shoes from dead animal. – “How to understand it?” – Understand it as you wish. In the way how life of present people goes now, nothing different from sufferings and unhappiness expects them. World is being exposed on destroying. It is said in the Genesis: “And God has repented because of creating of man.” – “What is expecting us then?” God will destroy world in the way how He did create it. The present world will be destroyed, nothing will remain from it. When saying this thought, I mean that there will not remain even one evil man on earth. The evil and the evil people will disappear, there will no remain a memory of them.

Now, you want me to tell you something about the New Year. What New Year do you expect? Thousands of people kill themselves, thousands of people dies. And this you call New Year! As you see, the year was dry till now. You will see what the new spiritual year will be. I will not speak anything about the New Year. When Sun rises, then I will see what will happen. Evening is not time when have to be spoken about the New Year. You have to see how it is dressed. Why people meet the New Year in the evening, in the middle of the night? Only robbers come in this time. What do you expect from one New Year which comes in the middle of the night? It comes to undermine: it will steal 40 millions men, 200 millions bulls, one milliard sheep, two millions hens and it will not bring anything. It is the outside, the physical side.

You say: ”We want to hear something comfort.” I reply: When 100 men are being led to be executed, what comfort may I tell you? In this case I will tell you to read Father’s prayer, so when these people go to God to find calmness and peace. Their death will be easier. What will you comfort one man who doesn’t have anything? What will you preach to him? You will resemble to that man who is being hit with several bullets. Other people fight but he pays. You ask: ”Is his karma such?” – When man gets drunk, his karma is to be fought by the tavern-keeper. If he is on airplane and don’t do anything to stop it on time, he will start flying with his head downwards. This is karma, too. Where the misunderstanding of Father’s low is, there is the karma. What I speak is on principle. When you can’t decide one question, you become sad and say: ”My karma is such.” – Don’t think about the karma. Water doesn’t think at all. Whatever you do with it, it runs, it doesn’t care. Can you wound or insult water? You can’t do anything to the air, either. You can’t do anything to the fire, either. If you poke it with weapon, it will melt but the fire will remain in the first state.

Today people serve with modern, improved weapons, but they don’t behave everywhere. How will you fight for example with the warmness? All the people who have tried to fight with it, have come back naked and barefooted. Till man doesn’t become bare, he will never become better. When you go to bath, you undress, don’t you? If you don’t get naked in the bath, you will not have a bath. Who comes in the bath with clothes? Clothes are useless inside. You undress the foreign clothes there and remain with yours, which you have been born with. You undress the foreign clothes to wash them, and yours – you will wash and clean. You may wash not only the outside clothes but and all the delusions, traditions and beliefs – they are foreign clothes. I call them clothes from coat. Before people has worn clothes from coat as good conductor of the warm and bad conductor of the water and air. Till you bring one thought in your mind which breaks your equilibrium and worry you, what your clothes are: warm or cold?

And so, every unstable thought and every unstable feeling which worries man is torn, ragged cloth. They are foreign and have to be undressed. Man has to set free from them like from something foreign even if he remains naked. Sins of man are nothing else but foreign clothes which he has been stolen from somewhere. Is it a right for man to take foreign things, i. e. to make crimes? He will take money from the foreign pay-desk and will put them in his. Is it a crime if you drink a little and embrace one man or one woman? If you look to the woman like your left hand, and to the man like your right hand, there is no anything crime in it. But, still nobody looks to woman or man like a part of himself. Generally, every thing which is out of man and doesn’t give him some use, is foreign. Told in scientific language: “There is a matter in Nature which can’t enter in building in any way. Imagine that you have stepped on one low field, with ten meters under the sea-level. If you stay there for some time, the water from the sea will pour you on. But, if there is a high wall which stays in water’s way to come inside, you will remain there and will be dry, untouched from the water. What will happen if people take stones from this wall to build houses? What will happen as a result? – The wall will disappear, the water will pour the field and everybody who is there will endure the sequences of their unreason. Here is one useless work.

Therefore, when we act against Divine law, against the sensible nature laws, we produce disharmony between the powers, i. e. matter which doesn’t get in the new building. On the same base, there are useless thoughts, feelings and desires in man which don’t get in the new building. For example, you don’t have hearing, you are not musical, but some desire to play on piano or violin comes in you. This desire is not on its place, it is not useful. You say: “I love God.” – Why do you love Him? Why do you strive to him? – You want to take something from Him. That is the way how and the little child loves his mother, not because of her, but because of her milk. The child still doesn’t have love to its mother. She has love to her child and is ready to sacrifice for it. There why she gives her milk. During the first seven years the child lives and is being supported because of love of the mother. If she refuses from it, it will stop living. Mother can melt her child, i. e. to deprive it from life when she wants. It is a law. The consequences of this law lead to death. – “What is the death? Where does it come from?” I don’t want to answer to this question. If I touch it, people will not use anything from it. Contrariwise, they will die more. There are some ideas that can be exposed at world, but there are such ideas which still don’t have to be exposed. Such is, for example, the idea for death. For example, the question about Isaac is one hard nut for the humanity. If one wants to understand it, this question has to be thoroughly analyzed, to be made psychological analysis.

When I stop on the psychological analysis made over life and the character of great people, I come to the conclusion that man has to study more for long time. It is easy to say something about the character of Tolstoy for example, but why he has such character? It is easy to be said that all the people bring crime ideas in themselves, but why it is like that? Who hasn’t killed at least one fly in our days? How much hens, lambs are being slaughtered? How much houses are being cried! The psychoanalysis proves the hidden crime in man but why it is like that? – The science hasn’t said its last word, as and the atom is not the last and the smallest part of the matter. What it is in atom, it is still not known. The atom decomposes to protons and electrons, but if sometimes these parts will decompose, it is not known today. A day will come when they will decompose, too. The science still hasn’t found method for their decomposition. According to me, the protons and the electrons are being decomposed thousands years ago, but the real scientists keep silent about this question. In the end, it will be reached and to the most little parts which can’t divide to less ones in any way.

You say that these things are not being understood for you. – They are not being understood not only for you, but for some scientists either. For example, the painter speaks for the beauty, but what in fact the beauty is? You say: “This man is beautiful.” – Where is his beauty? Separate the beauty line from him in order everyone to see it. Where is the beauty of this line? The beautiful line emanates special power, special rays. The fountain that gives water in abundance is beautiful. Is the dried fountain beautiful? A face that doesn’t express anything, it is not beautiful. It is a mask. People say for somebody that has noble soul. – It is like that but for some people the question for the soul is philosophical. They ask and till now if there is a soul, or not. The existing of the soul is not proven in a scientific way, but it is being said that the soul was noble. You, who believe in its existing, how do you imagine it? Some scientists say that the soul was a sum from powers, sum from experiences. I ask: What is what the soul analyses? People say about Tolstoy that when he has searched God, he had felt inside fear. – Well, who don’t search God, don’t they feel fear?

Today all people are cowardly. They afraid mainly from law. Their fear appears in two ways: one people submit strictly to the law from fear; other people avoid the law from fear again. So, one people submit to it and other avoid it. One man eats from fear, another doesn’t eat from fear again. – “Are we guilty that we have fear from the law?” – According to me, only the sin man is being afraid. – “So, we are sin men.” – May you call yourself a just man if you judge your brother for nothing serious? You represent yourself for a judge and he takes the position of the accused. You abuse him that he had stolen something – shoes, hat, clothes, clock or something else. In nature the question for the theft is the different from how it is being put between people. If you allow to yourself to steal two-three apples from one garden, you will be caught immediately and will be indicted under responsibility. But nature doesn’t keep you responsible for this theft. It says: “If somebody has to judge you, it is the tree.” The apple has worked till it works out its fruits. After it doesn’t keep you responsible, nature will not judge you at all. If somebody steals one apple, he is being fined a hundred leva immediately, he is being put in the prison for three weeks. I ask: If one kilogram apples costs 30 leva, why he is being fined a hundred leva? What law is this fine being based on? Somebody complains that someone has stolen five golden coins. – Who can steal them? From the view of nature, a theft is only what can’t be found never and in any place. Is there something which is out of earth? For example, you steal gold. It means to take it from one place and to put it to another. In this sense, all the people are thieves. The masters, the workers are thieves; they constantly carry their materials from one place to another. It is not crime that you have taken one apple from the foreign garden. The bad there is that the theft leads to lie.

I ask: How will you steal something that can’t be stolen? How will you steal Sun? It is impossible. You want to make one mischief on Earth and you start to dig holes. You say: “I made big mischief on Earth.” – This mischief is made to people, not to Earth. Some traveler will pass and without seeing, will fall in it. As it is possible to steal Sun, as it is possible to cause some mischief on Earth. Don’t lie yourself, nobody can dispose with Sun and Earth. – “But I will dig gold from Earth.” – Why do you need this gold? Do you know that people kill themselves for the gold? Then, why do you need such gold? From time immemorial till now, thousands and millions people have become victims for one false idea – acquiring of gold. Why gold is needed for man: to load himself? If you bring on your back load from one hundred kilograms gold, other people will always take it from you. You say: “It is good that they turned down this load from me. Other way I would be offended from robbers or I would find myself on the bottom of the sea with this gold.” – In such case, I say: It is better that people set you free from the gold.

Two saints stayed in one monastery. Once, when they walked, the one of them walked thoughtful forward. Suddenly he saw something on earth which let him step over aside. Another one, when saw this, said to himself: “Which is the reason why my comrade stepped over aside?” When he came to the place, he saw one pot with gold. – “Wonder. How stupid my comrade is. Why does he need to run away from the gold? He has the chance to make so many good things with this wealth.” He decided to take the gold and to use it for charity aims: he built hospitals, schools, churches. He sheltered many poor men, old men, orphan children, he created them good conditions for good life. When he spent all the gold, he turned with a prayer to God with words: “God, I executed your will. I put the money in work. What do you think about good things which I made with the gold?” One angel came and told him: “All the good things don’t cost as much as the jumping of your brother.”

Now and you, when you go to God, He will tell you that even the greatest works which you did, don’t cost so much as the jumping of the saint. If contemporary man starts to tell to the real scientists what Kant, Decart, Platoon, Socrates, Buda have told about the creating of world, he will fall in the state of the child in front of the scientist, or in the state of the saint who expected praise from God for his charity. What the ordinary man knows about the creating of world when we compare his knowledge with the knowledge of these creatures who have participated in this epoch? Whatever he knows, his knowledge is relatively. What is being understood with the words “everything in world is relatively”? For example, you drive with a car to the coast of the sea and stop? – Why? – You can’t decide all the questions with the car. Very naturally, if you want to travel on sea, you will get on a steamer. When you come to one harbour, you will get down from the steamer and will stop. If you want to travel in the space, you will get up on the wings of the light, but you can’t travel forever with them, too. Where will you go to? You may turn around Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn. You will travel thousands of years, but you will stop somewhere, on one Sun system. As you see, the travelling with car, steamer, with light, these things are relativities. You will travel all the time, but, from time to time – you will stop. There is no eternal, absolute movement.

Which things in world are unattainable? – Which gives sense of life? In the striving for the unattainable, man feels pleasure. After he achieves it, this striving to it disappears. Till you still don’t know your friend, you idealize him, strive to him. After you know him better, the charm of him disappears. He stops to be your ideal no more. Generally, the attainable things bring sufferings and death. So, death is attainable and the immortality – unattainable. If man makes mistakes, it is attainable; to be just, it is unattainable. To be fool, it is attainable; to be wise, it is unattainable. The unbounded wise come in front of the stupid and fool man; the stupidity comes in front of the wise man. These are contrasts which are being liable to psychoanalysis. I have listened some eminent professor, with big knowledge, when he speaks, suddenly his thought hardens, stopped, and, when he doesn’t know what to do, he takes out his glasses and start to scrub them with his handkerchief. When his thought comes again, he turns them on his eyes again and continues speaking. Some other man starts to speak, puts his hands in the pockets and rummages in them till he recreates his thought; then he starts to speak again. Many of the movements of man are unnatural. They owe to the fact that he doesn’t know how to start talking. Some man keeps his hands folded, another – bended on fist. It is a special alphabet which I interpret things on. In this way, I can define what kind of thoughts occupies you. Every thought, every feeling has defined lines of movements. Every action has its deep reason.

I come in one room where well-dressed people stay. I take one pitcher with water and start to spray. This action will produce different results: ones of them will be offended, others will be angry that I spray them – their new clothes will be wet. Some of them will refresh themselves: if they were indisposed, they will start to feel better. You are a psychoanalyst, aren’t you, you can define by yourself what results produce the scattering with water. Some man looks that I wear long hair and asks: “Why do you wear long hair?”- Ask women; they can answer to this question. Ask the animals, they have long hairs, too. If you ask the sheep why its hairs are long, it will answer you that it owes to the unfavourable conditions which it has lived with. – “Why the hairs of the ox are short and thin?” – The thin hair represents aristocratism. The ox is a big aristocrat. – “Is it truth?” – Its hair speaks. As I see, you are very credulous and superstitious. No matter who tells you anything, you believe. Some days ago two sisters, from the advanced ones, came at me, and they told me: “Yesterday we went to one big fortune-teller to tell us what is being imminent to us to live.” – What was this fortune-teller? – “He led one medium with him who felt in trance and spoke. The fortune-teller interpreted his words.” – What did he tell you? – “Nothing special. He told us that we have to give him 500 leva in order he to connect with the Brotherhood. He would tell us many things.” – Did you give him this money? – “We decided to think a little.” I say: This fortune-teller is a swindler. Only who is in state to free his consciousness from all the useless thoughts is able to say truth. Till the consciousness of man is not free, he can’t accept truth. Woe to this one who thinks that he has to start sleeping in order to accept truth. When the consciousness is awake, then it may be talked about truth. Till you are loaded, you are far from it.

What the new teaching represents? It liberates mind, heart and consciousness of man from every load. If you are a poor man, it will turn down the load of the illness from your back; if you are hungry, it will free you from the hunger; if you are cowardly, it will free you from the fear; if you are proud, it will free you from the pride; if you are vain – from the vanity; if you are covetous, it will free you from the covetousness. Till you bring these negative states in your consciousnesses, you can’t do anything. You are vain, you want all the people to glorify you. Even this can happen, but temporally. They will glorify you today, tomorrow they will depose you. – “What will remain from us when we free from all this?” – After you free from the negative thoughts and feelings, you will put positive thoughts and feelings on their place. For example, if you lose the outside wealth, you will start to search the inside wealth. This law of polarizing behaves in the whole our life. It is being noticed, for example, that when one man sorrows, another man is happy. Why will you cry for the lost wealth which makes you unhappy? In some case the wealth is a good, in another case it is unhappiness. In some case the beauty is a good, in another – unhappiness. The same may be said for the ugliness, too. Not always the ugliness brings unhappiness. Sometimes it is a good for man. Every fat and fattened hen is being judged on death earlier than the weak and lean hen. When sees that it is fat, the master will be tempted from it and will say: “I will take the knife to slaughter it. I want to taste its meat.” If it is lean, he will not pay it attention. It has chance to live longer.

When I teach you, I see that many of you are not satisfied from your knowledge, you want to be scientists. – You are scientists but in comparison with the scientists from the past times. In attitude of the present scientists, you are lower than them – you still have what to teach. One sister told me: “I want to tell me something about God.” – Why do you want it? – “I love God, I want to serve Him.” After half an hour she meets one sister and offends her, she says her bitter offended word. The second sister, who passes for clairvoyant, complains from the first. I say: “You are a clairvoyant, you predict to people but you can’t guess that this sister will offend you.” What is the conclusion from these examples? – I don’t have conclusions. – “Why?” – It is being said: “You don’t have to lock, neither to unlock. If I lock, I have to unlock, too and this will take me a lot of time. I have to lock and unlock during all the time. I am a servant and if I have to lock and unlock all the time, I will never take a rest. There why, I remain my friend to replace me and I go to breathe clean air. He starts to unlock and lock the door till tire and leave this work. – “Does he have right to leave his work?” – Yes, he has. – “Why?” – Because this door is being created from people, not from nature. People live in the relatively reality of things, not in the absolute reality. There is no any relativity in nature. After it is like that, I am free, I will not become a door-keeper, to unlock and lock doors.

When you came on earth, you live in one house. When saying “house”, I mean both the physical body of man and the house for living. You will live temporally in this house, not eternal. So, you are in the world of the relatively reality: you live relatively and you leave the house relatively. You will stop somewhere, you will not live always on one place. In relation of the absolute reality, the entering and the going out of the houses are similar to the processes of the thought. You have a house, you go to sleep; you get up on the morning, you don’t have a house, it disappeared. Your house may be big or little – it is relatively. But, in one moment it disappears. – “How it happens?” – It can’t be explained with words. Every man can test it, to see how the house decreases or increases. I explain it with the thought. What you think, it happens, it is important to have knowledge. Absolute real is only what you know. What other people know, it is not real for you. The reality doesn’t belong to everybody. It belongs only to One. Real is only God. There is only one real idea. – “Why?” – Because there is no reason which to change it. We don’t know what God thinks. If we can think like God, we will be together with Him. Then we can say that there is something out of God. It can appear a competition between God and man. After the thought about who has created God appears, then man doesn’t have idea from the reality. It doesn’t create. Under “creating” of something, I understand creating in time and space. So, every thoughts and feelings which appears in time and space we call relatively. This relativity refers to the human life exposed on constant changes.

Now, all of you expect to tell you something about New Year. I may entertain you but all the entertainments are based on false. I know how many ships will sink this year; how many people will die; how many people will go bankrupt. If I tell you all this, you will be unhappy. Till I don’t give one negative truth, it may not happen. After I tell it, it happens. For example, if I say that somebody will die, but he doesn’t want to die, it is better not to predict this. If he dies, who wins, me or him? It is better for him to live. Therefore, there is sense to tell you only what may happen and what you may use from. For example, I lead you to one clean mountain spring, where every drop runs musically, rhythmical. You stop and start to listen to its music. Many drops will bedew you but be awake not to miss even one of them. If you don’t use these drops, you will sorry that you have missed the case. – “Will we test them?” – First you will watch the drops of this spring and after that will test them. The question is not only to look; you may use from them but on time. Some man uses the drawing of my attention away and pushes without permission.

Often people suffer because that they push where it is not necessary. Therefore, keep the rule: don’t push where it is not necessary. – “Why?” – It is dangerous. One man comes and tells you: “There are two rows buttons. The ones are connected with the basement and the others with the upper floors. If you don’t know which button to push, you will go down to the basement. You say that when you push the buttons one after another, you will find the button that you need. It is not the same which floor you have to stop. Imagine that you are in a foreign country and want to get up to one of the upper floors of one building with twenty floors. In order to go exactly on the floor that you want, first you will look the buttons well to find the one to the respective floor. As there are forbidden zones on earth, so there are forbidden zones and fields of the thoughts and the feelings. There are also forbidden zones in love, wisdom and truth. What your state will be if somebody raises you with elevator on 40-50 kilometers in the air? After you see yourself in such height, you immediately will want to go back on earth. In one story it is speaking for one of the old rulers. One day he went to walk out of the city. He passed near one river and saw one poor man, half-naked; he stayed on earth and played in a care-free manner. His wife did the housework around the fire and his children played around her. The ruler said to himself: “Here is one happy family which deserves to receive help. Their life has to be improved. If all people are happy and gay in this misery, what will be if their state improves?” He sent them money to repair their finances a little. And really, the poor man made a little house, all of the family dressed with new clothes and started to live better. After three years the ruler went to visit them, to see how they live now. But he remained extremely surprised from what he saw. They had everything – a house, food, clothes, but the health and the joy has left them. His wife lied sick on one side. The children stayed quietly and noiseless. What the woman became ill from? – From idleness. Since all their needs were satisfied, they stopped working, they felt aristocrats. The woman has become so much delicate that when one packet cotton felt over her, she was strongly injured. She started to be ill from this moment. This packet with cotton behaves both in the sensitive and in mental world. One offended word said to man produces the same effect like this packet. “What the offended word is?” – Someone has called you a simpleton. You answer to the offend: “You are a first-class ignoramus.” They both start to attack themselves till they initiate proceedings for offend, for insult. There is a law which regulates human relations. If you were judged according this law, you will be in prison two-three months because you had said a simpleton to someone. But according to me, there is no judge for such an offend. It is another question if you call man vagabond, thief, murderer and etc.; everybody may accuse and judge you for these words.

Study the new philosophical thought without worrying from the sick thoughts of philosophers, saints, just men. What doesn’t bring life in itself, it is human. What doesn’t bring peace, freedom, joy, it is human. What brings life, peace, joy, freedom, it is Divine. In such case, put aside every bad thought, no matter where it has come from. Even if an angel has said this thought, don’t pay attention on it. You meet one man with big knowledge, well dressed. Don’t accept immediately his knowledge till you don’t understand where it comes from, what value it has. If the knowledge doesn’t bring happiness for him himself, put it aside. If and the saint is unhappy, don’t rely on his saintness. The saint is the first who has to give example, to show people how they have to live. It is not important what the saint speaks from outside, the essential of things is important. People say for somebody that he is a sin man and for another one – that he is a just man. Who is just man in fact? It is hard to be defined with words. – “We will know him looking at his face.” – It is hard, too. People say for somebody that he is a sin man, but they don’t suspect that this sin man repents unsatisfied from his sins. He is ready to go to confession to anybody. He says: “I am extremely unsatisfied from myself, from my sins.” It is said in the Writing: “Don’t kill!” it means: Don’t put hindrances on the way of Divine Love. Don’t put hindrances on the way of Divine Wisdom. Don’t put hindrances on the way of Divine Truth and Just. Don’t put hindrances on your life, on the light and the freedom which are given from God. Don’t restrict the high consciousness in you. – “I want to become better.” – Don’t want it. It is not necessary to be better exactly now. – “Why?” – Because you live in a transitional world. After you have earned some money and have put them in a bank, don’t think more if you are just or not. As much you think, as much you will be accuse yourself. Think about Divine Love, for Divine goodness. Don’t ever think about yourself. When you come in the unbounded nature, think about the air, about the light, about the springs, about the stars, but never think about yourself. If you think about yourself, you can’t develop in the correct way.

The temporary people are very absorbed in themselves. Everyone thinks what he is, if he has become better. Who has become deeply absorbed in himself, he finds in a dangerous, slippery way. In order to know how good you are, you have to have an ideal which to compare with. If I compare with you, I am on a wrong way. Man can’t be a measure. It is another question if I rule myself from the beauty in nature, from its greatness. When I think about that world, I forget myself without losing my individuality. To forget you, it means to free yourself from the unnecessary load. – “But I want to indulge to my master.” – How will you indulge him? He wants many things from you. Are you ready to clean his room, to wash him, to clean his clothes, shoes? You may do and his outside work. Are you ready on it? As a servant, you will do both his upper and lower work. You will satisfy him only when you have in mind his interests and his good. If you execute everything conscientiously, he will be satisfied from you. If one day you start to think more for you, the master will tell you: “My servant doesn’t like me any more.” Therefore, the quarrel and the misunderstanding of people owe to the fact that everyone thinks more for himself than for the others. The children use more time about themselves than about their parents. And the parents think more about themselves than about their children. This “self” has confused the world.

You ask: “How world will be corrected?” – When people come back to their primary life and stop thinking about themselves; the worst master in world is man. I haven’t found worse master than him. Even and the worst master, when comes at himself, says: “At least, I found the bad master. I haven’t suspected that he has hided so deep. What to tell him, who to deliver him to? Do you know what will happen with you if I deliver you?” and this master started to promise that he will proceed well, that will not torment his servant. Promises! – I say: If you search the ignoramus, you will find him in you again. If you search the scientist, you will find him in you again. Everything is hided in man. You will find every kind of stupid and erudite men there. All they speak each other. You ask me: “What do you mean with it?” I want to tell you to eat well today. To reconcile all the creatures in you. But you will eat in a way to be a little hungry in the end. If you are satisfied from the eating, you have understood my teaching; if you are not satisfied, you haven’t understood it. What meal do I offer you? – The live bread. It is the essential food for man.

Now, when I look at you, I see that not all of you are happy. One has turned on left, another – on right and says: “What to do?” I ask: Why you are not happy? – “We can’t arrange our works.” I interpret: Who turns forward, he need water. I advice him to go to the clean spring and to drink there. Who turns back, he refuses from all his desires – he has decided to die. No, you will work over yourself. Let it be your only desire. Who turns left or right, he wants to take a rest. – “Who do you mean when you speak like this?” – Myself. I don’t speak about you. You are big saints. I haven’t met more holy, greater people than you. This is the way how I make psychoanalysis to the things. When I speak to you, I see that you become ignoramuses, but me – a scientist. As you see, I am sincere, frank to you. And I prefer to offend me with my words, not you. According to me, it is a decision of the question. What do I win if I call somebody a simpleton? Does he become a simpleton with it? It is another question if he acknowledges alone that he is such. So, he misses something. Till I look to people from high, I will never influent them. There is no why to look to the child from high; I will come down at it, I will become a child like it, and it will start to listen me carefully. In this relation the grandfather and the grandchild understand each other very good. The grandfather gets down to the level of the child, plays with it, bring it on hands till he delivers it his state. You look, the child has started to laugh – it cheers up. If and you, in some case, don’t enter in the state of the sin man, if you don’t penetrate deep in his nature, you never will be able to help him. – “Well, God will help him.” – God helps through people. If we can’t be conductors of Divine Love, what else will we do?

Many people come at me, knock strongly on the door; they want to be accepted at any cost. I am saying: “Today I am deciding an important question, I can’t accept you. But he waits. Second, third man comes after him. I am saying that I can’t accept them, either. But I respond to both of them: “Wait for few minutes.” Why did I decide to accept them? Because I thought: As God accepts me, as I have to accept them, too. They say about me: “He is a good man! ” – I am not so good. Thank to that One in me Who I depend from. I think: these people became a reason God to accept me and to speak with Him.

One thing has to be known: Nothing in world is arbitrarily. You can’t proceed as you wish and not to endure the consequences of your actions. Even if you walk upon one fly, you will endure the consequences of it. If you cut the trees arbitrarily, you will bring consequences for this, too. If you cause sufferings to people, other people will cause sufferings to you. What causes you cause to the others, such sufferings will be caused to you, too. There why, in order not to bring the hard consequences of your unwise actions, whatever you make, make it for God. And then, when you make good, you will receive good. What good you make to one creature, included in Divine world, this good will come back over you. Bring this thought in your mind. Then, we have to live well. – Not only this but do the will of God. It is not necessary to make good to everyone who you meet on your way.

The good understands to send man one good thought or one good feeling. In this relation, we have to be awake. Don’t refuse even from the less serve that you have to do. – “So, it means to help to all the poor men.” – Support them without taking their poorness. There is one poorness which brings blessing to man. If you take it, together with it, you take the blessing, too. There is poorness, ignorance or one suffering which are given to man on place. They bring blessing to him. Everything which the sensible world has defined for people is on place. Help to the poor man to endure the poorness; to the rich man – to bring his wealth; to the scientist – to apply his knowledge on place. Help to all people without free them from their trials. – “How the world will be corrected?” – Don’t think about it. The world for itself is corrected. I speak for that world of joy and happiness which is created from God. If you can just to peek in it, you will see that it exceeds the stories of “One thousand and one nights”. – “How to manage with difficulties and sufferings of life?” – they are temporary, transitional things. These are tasks which your character is being examined and hardened through.

I didn’t think to speak you this morning. I told to myself: After we make the prayer, I will go out. Let the year speak alone for itself. What will I speak to you? But, as you see, I have been tempted, and spoke at you again. In 1933 year the one is on first place, after that the number nine comes – the big brother, after it there are two threes, the more little brothers. The mother absents here – the number two. She has left. The father – the one, is a widower with three sons. The one is bigger and smarter than others two. But, the three of them are idealists – dreamers. None of them works. The big brother just dreams and says: “I hope my father remains me something.” He dreams for good things and, what he receives, he is ready to deliver it. And the more little brothers resemble to him, there why their pockets are empty. You ask: “Why the number 13 is dangerous?” – The danger is in the three which deliver everything. I will tell one curious case with one our brother. He bought one cock. “Why did he buy it?” – He found it for cheap. He bought it for 30 leva. From other side, he wanted to save the cock not to be slaughtered. “And what did he do after that?” He brought it at the village again and gave it back to the woman who he has bought it from. She looked and wondered how it is possible someone to buy one cock and to give it back to the owner with request not to slaughter it.

Now, I wish you during this year to proceed like this one our friend, too: to buy a cock and to give it back to the woman who you have bought it from with request not to slaughter it. After that, turn at God – the Master of world – and say: “Master, I arranged my bills with You.” Here is one good example. First, I thought that he has bought the cock for me, to crow me, and I felt a little unpleasant. I already have one cock. When I understood that he bought the cock in order to save it, and to give it back to the woman, I remained satisfied. So, he paid 30 leva in the bank of the cock. It is an only case when man pays his capital in one live bank. Do you know in what sum will transform this 30 leva after two thousand years, especially if they have been given under a complex interest? One mathematician makes the following calculation: in what sum will be transformed 25 stotinki if they have been given under a complex interest, from the time of Christ till now? He says: “If every day, on every nine minutes, one gold earth like ours felt in the counter, it would be necessary nine years of falling of such earths in order this debt to be paid. Imagine then, what sum will transform these 30 leva in after two thousand years. When you know it, let everyone of you put 30 leva in one live bank in order to receive big wealth after two thousand years. Only in this way you will liquidate with your poorness. Nothing will remain from it.

The New Year still hasn’t come. It is far from us. When Sun rises, then it will come. We have to go on Vitosha, to meet it there. Otherwise, we can’t see it in the mist. It comes to rob the foreign pay-desks. Since nobody wants to see it, there why the weather is misty. There is no what to speak to you about the New Year more. According to me, when one warm feeling visits you in heart, one bright thought in mind and one noble impulse in will, it is the New Year. After one warm feeling and one bright thought don’t visit you, any kind of New Year will not come. You had hard, liquid and gaseous feelings till now. This year pay attention to the warm feelings and to the bright thoughts.

- The manifested love of Spirit, the manifested wisdom of Spirit, the manifested truth of Spirit bring the full life of God, of the One, Eternal God of life.

15. Morning Speech from Master, delivered on January 1st, 1933, Sofia – Sunrise.


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