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A Solid Rock

The Good Prayer

We have to read the entire Gospel of John and to apply the smallest [piece] of it. It reads, ‘In the hour he had said his son was cured’1

Students have to study. If one does not study, one is not a student. The way you behave now, you will soon get old, and then what are you in for? What will happen to you? You are students; however, you do not study. You are like the young people who get old, while I want you to be like the old people who rejuvenate and like the young people who study.

God has to come and live within you and only if God lives within you, you will rejuvenate. There is one thing that you lack – the same what Christ was talking about to the young person. And I will tell you: it is Love you lack. When Love comes into you, you will then rejuvenate and all the good will come. Love will rejuvenate you. But when will Love come unto you? When God starts living in you. I do not mean that physical love, but that Love, which endures everything, that Love, which is a solid rock and all the misfortunes are suffered with Joy. It is Love when everyday you are grateful and you say, ‘This is my best day! I have never had a day like this!’ Tomorrow you will say the same. If we are not content and [if] every day we are sorry for this and for that, we shall grow old. Being grateful – this is Love. When we go to work in the world and when we are asked what we have to do, we shall tell every one, ‘We have to live like Christ!’ ‘You should first look for the Kingdom of God and for His Justice and everything else will be given to you. You wait for Christ to come. Who knows how you wait for him! It is said, ‘The Kingdom of God is within you.’ Christ will come within you. For those who implement God’s Will because of Love, the Kingdom of God has already arrived.

The angels and the saints would prefer to have our suffering. This is considered a privilege by them. Now you live like the children – you eat, drink and sleep, while you have to study. You think you are doing spiritual work, while the important thing is to live like Christ.

Now, as I am looking at you, you have one window. You have to make one more window in order to let more light in. Light does not break the door and the windows, but it waits to be freely let it in, in order to enter.

Now, as I am looking at you, you will soon grow old. What are you waiting for now? You will be growing old day by day and you will be called up above. Because you do not study, God will say, ‘Call these recalcitrant students to Me!’ You should not be thinking that you will grow old, but that you have to study – This is God’s law. The young one who studies does not grow old, and the old one who studies rejuvenates. It’s not Divine for a newly wed woman to make her husband not love her mother-in-law. Because a day will come when she will get her son married and she will be treated like this.

The mother, in order not to torment the child, does not make the child study. What will happen with this child then? If Heaven spoils us a lot, nothing will come out of us. This world is a reflection of the Invisible world. This world is like the bears, lakes and nature painted in pictures. You are not afraid to touch a painted bear, but if you go to a real bear, you will be afraid to touch it. The true reality is up above, and the physical world is a reflection of the Spiritual world. The spiritual world is a real world, and here everything is [painted as] in a picture.

When you want to give something to a person you will ask him to empty his bag and you will then fill his bag with what’s in yours. You will tell him, ‘Mine is better, get rid of that, in order to take some of this.’ If someone has bread in one’s bag and says that he is full, you tell him, ‘No, mine is better!’ As soon as he takes from yours, he will be convinced, which means he will free himself of his old convictions. Make an experiment in some villages if they can give you a whole pita-bread; if you are with God, you will be given a whole pita-bread; if you are not with God, you will not be given a whole pita-bread. If you are going somewhere and the door is open, enter, but if the door is closed, do not enter. In other words, if one’s soul is open, talk to this person; if however, it [he] is not open and he does not receive, do not talk to him. When you get into a house, you will clean it, you will sweep it, you will knead pita-bread, so that the hosts on coming back be surprised [for the hosts to be surprised on coming back]. Put in other words, if you find a prepared soul, work within in a way that one can surprise oneself and say, ‘What’s happening with me?’ Sometime you eat to your heart’s content and go to a place where a pastry is made. Do not take a bite, you have eaten to your heart’s content! You start for a place and something tells you, ‘Do not go there!’ In such a case do not go!

Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

Lecture delivered by the Master On 2 June 1932 16.00h, Sofia, Izgreva

1 Incorrect quotation from John’s: 4; 53: ‘So the father knew that it was at the same hour in which Jesus had said unto him, "Thy son liveth." And he himself believed, and his whole house






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