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Who wait the God

Now I shall read you 11th chapter from the Gospel of Joan. Today you will think over 11th verse from the read chapter.

“This he told and after that said to them: Lazar, our friend, has slept, but to go and wake him up.” There is no better thing than this, when God comes to wake up those who sleep – who get to sleep, he dies for the ailments of the life. Who can to wake up the man? Only that one who cares for him. When the mother and the father wake up their child, this shows that they care for it; therefore when God wakes up us, this shows that He cares for us; He wants to put us in the right way.

You say for somebody: “This man is asleep, we have to wake him up” – why? Because the sleeping man doesn’t do anything, he doesn’t show any activity. As they wake up the man from the physical sleep, as they have to wake him and in spiritual relation. Many people can wake up the man but it is right God to wake him up – why? Because God is the Sun of the Life. When this Sun wakes you up, it will open your eyes to see and understand the world correctly, to be able to work in it; when somebody else, he will wake you up in darkness – what you will do in the darkness? The waking up in the lightness of the day has sense, but the waking up in darkness hasn’t got any sense.

Now I shall make one analogy between the Sun and the three Divine laws: the break of day in the Life represents the Love, the sunrise represents the Wisdom, and the True is the zenith – the highest point of the Sun, from which it never sets. Bring these thoughts in your mind and through them check your states.

I say: everything what you have heard till now and continue to hear, is the Speech of the God. Who eats with this Speech doesn’t remain hungry; who doesn’t eat with it, always hungry walks – the Speech is the bread and the water which support the Life. In this case I ask which bread is better – the new or the stale, made from few weeks? The new, of course. Which water is better, this which springs today, or that which had sprung thousand years ago – the today’s water is better; which sun is most important for you, the sun which sunrises today, or that which had been risen thousand years ago – the today’s sunrise is most important. So most important for the people is the Speech which God speaks to them today. In the past God had spoken to the people according their level of development and in future He will speak to them again according to the level of their development. When the child is little, its mother speaks to it in one way; when it becomes big son or big daughter, she speaks in other way, but as for the child, who the mother speaks to, as for the man, who God speaks to, the contemporary moment is important.

You say: “One time our mother spoke to us as to children, her language was more severe, more edifying; now she speak to us as big, as sensibly people” – but between the first language of the mother and the contemporary there is no any contradiction. To the little child she speaks on its manner, she bends the words, adapts to it to understand her; a day will come when the mother will speak to her child on perfect language – this language is the language of the rising Sun, i.e. the language of the Wisdom. In the language of the Love it is allowed of the mother to chatter, to bend the words according to the development of the child, but in the language of the Wisdom it is not allowed any bending, any changes – the Wisdom corrects everything, its language is perfect. The truth appreciates everything in its fullness. In a way what was your life in the past is not important, leave this life aside – what your life is now, this is important for you. Don’t think for the future; when you set upright in front of the future, it becomes present – the past is past present, the future is future present. For these two lives of the present you don’t think – think only for your present life.

You say: “What is the most important thing for the man?” – most important thing for the man is to eat, most important thing for the man is to watch, most important thing for the man is to listen, most important thing for the man is to taste from the sweetness of the Speech of the God, most important thing for the man is to grow up, to clear his heart, to develop the mind etc. There are no nicest things for the man from these, all other things are transitional. Man grows up to some age, after that the growing stops; in this relation the growing of the man compares to the climbing of some mountain top – he hurries to climb, wants to be on the top as soon as possible, as a result of which he quickly sweats, gets tired. After he climbs on the top, looks around, stays a little and already thinks for descent – he sees that he can’t live on the top, doesn’t know the laws. And really, the laws on the high places are absolutely different from these of the low places.

And so, the climbing upwards represents the youth, the descent downwards – the old age. The young climbs on the top, stays a little, but sees that he can’t live there long time and gradually start to get down downwards; the descent downwards is the getting old of the man – he sees that his powers leave him, his body stoops, his eyes and ears is failing, he doesn’t have desire to eat, nothing more is sweet and pleasantly to him. In a way that till we climb on the mountain the life has sense – why? Because we are still in the youth. If we start to get down, the life loses its sense – why? Because we enter in the old age. The youth and the old age, i.e. the climbing and the descent are phases of the ordinary, of the temporary life. But in the eternal Life there is constantly climbing – in this life man can get down only when he wishes to help somebody, after that he goes back again, i.e. he continue his climbing upwards. As in the physical, as and in the spiritual life there is climbing and descent: when man discourages or when his life loses its sense, he had been got down from the top: if he gains courage, he climbs on the top again. In this sense the Love, the Wisdom and the True are high tops, on which, if man climbs once, he has to stay there – he has to withstand to the laws which exist on these tops; if he doesn’t withstand, he will get old, and simultaneously with this he will lose and his power, and his health – everything which he had till then. And then, when the Great mother – the Love, passes near him, will say: “To go to wake him” – when it wakes him, it will climb him again on the top. When you know that, you don’t have to discourage – who awaked once, let him watch not to get to sleep; who sleeps, let him wish God to wake him. Who climbs on the mountain, he has to examine the laws of the mountain in order not to get down; who gets down from the mountain, let him pray to God to wake him, i.e. to put him on the way to start to climb.

Now those from you, who will go for Sofia, will look to connect with the God, if they want the steps, as and their ways to be correct. Sofia is an emblem of the Wisdom – you don’t have to get down in Sofia, but to amount to it as a place of the Wisdom. Who will not go, they will stay here, on the high places. Who gets down, he gets old; who climbs, he becomes young again. If you want to understand the sense of the Life, you have to make inside connection between the three tops – the Love, the Wisdom and the True. If you understand the sense of the Life, you will be able to live and on the high places. Here, so much time since we live on the hills of Rila thanks to the Karakachans and their horses – they bring us bread, potatoes, beans, butter, cheese etc. After there are these things, there are and songs, there are and sermons. The Karakachan represents the Life which comes with its horses to bring something to the people on the Earth – till the Life brings us something, we will have what to eat and drink, and together with it will listen God to speak to us.

I say: What you have been heard till now, apply it without stopping on the past. Most important for you is to have the daily bread – the bread is the Speech. There is no better thing for the man but to listen the Speech of the God! It is said in the prayer to the God: “Give our daily bread today” – the Speech is the daily bread for the soul from which it needs every day. When the soul eats with the Speech of the God, it becomes powerful, great. Who had been eaten his soul with the Speech, today he is a citizen of the Kingdom of the God. Now and you prepare to become citizens of this Kingdom; if you eats with the Speech of the God, the door of this Kingdome will open and for you. For this aim you have to be absolutely healthy – to have healthy legs, arms, eyes, ears, mind, heart. Don’t think that if you are ill, they will bring you in the Kingdom of the God on stretcher – in the Kingdom of the God they don’t accept sick men. If the door opens once, inside will enter only these who are health and can get up; who are ill and can’t get up from their beds, they will wait till the door of the Kingdom of the God opens for second time. This means: who hear the voice of the God, they will survive; who don’t hear the voice of the God, they will remain for other times.

Therefore who have been climbed on the mountain, let him stay there, not to get down; who is already got down, to pray to the God to climb again. For this aim don’t tear your connection with the Karakachans, i.e. with the Life – let they get down and climb, to bring all these which is necessary for the supporting of the life in the mountain.

I wish you today to spend the day cheerfully – to plough, to sow, to reap and to be awake! When God comes, man is awake and ready to perceive. Where is God, it has and Life there, and Light, and Free; where God is being absent, nothing happens, without God the Life is fruitless – on this state everybody feel that it’s missing something important.

Now we have been waiting a little the Sun to rise – with the rising of the Sun and the power of the man increases. There why namely it is said in the Writing: “To these, who wait the God, their power will double” – it means: the Love, the Wisdom and the Truth will come for those who wait the God. This is said two thousand years ago, I say to you now: it is not enough only to wait the God, but to be perfectly ready – healthy, dressed, clear, when the door of the Kingdom of the God opens, to enter immediately. Every one will enter officially and free, he will not wait somebody to push him or to bring him on stretcher. Be ready because the door will open soon; as the light enters alone, free to everywhere, without invite it, as and you have to enter in the Kingdom of the God – that is the law. After the door opens, enter and don’t ask: ”Is it time, are they accept me inside?” If the door is not open, you will prepare and will wait till it opens; till you wait, you have to work, to acquire the necessary Free in your actions. Be as the Light if you want to enter without hindrance in the Kingdom of the God – this is the first condition for entering in the Heaven Kingdom.

10th of August, 1931, 5 p.m.



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