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The saps of the Love, Wisdom and the Truth

Now I shall read 10th chapter from the Gospel of the Joan.

“Truth, I am telling you truth, who doesn’t enter trough the door in the pen of the sheep, but creeps from other place, he is thief and robber (verse 1). And who enters through the door, he is a shepherd of the sheep (verse 2).” These verses were not understood and in its time, they are not understood and today. In general every thing is understood for the man in so far as it has relation to him. For example the world is understood for us in so far as we have relation to it and as far as it has relation to us.

Now I shall give you some important rules for the life. First rule: every thought which brings for the human soul the saps of the Love, it comes from the God and opposite – every thought which doesn’t bring for the human soul the saps of the Love, it doesn’t come from the God. Therefore every thing which doesn’t come from the God brings in itself poison, death; from there – every man who doesn’t accept the Divine thoughts, he by all means will come to the death, where there is no any progress.

Second rule: every thought which brings for the human soul the Light of the Wisdom, it comes from the God; every thought which doesn’t bring the light of the Wisdom, it is not from the God – this thought brings darkness and death.

Third rule: every thought which brings for the human soul the Free of the Truth, it comes from the God; every thought which doesn’t bring this free, it is not from the God – this thought brings slavery, restriction; where is the slavery, there is the death.

I say: if you know these rules, you will test your thoughts, feelings and actions where they come from and what they bring; after that you will check what are the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of the other people who you are in communication with. If your thoughts, feelings and actions, as and these of your nears, don’t answer to these three rules, you are in front of the death – there why it is said on the Writing: “The Truth enlivens, the lie deadens.” If somebody comes to talk you in the name of the Love, check if his thoughts bring the saps of the Love – if they bring, accept them; if they don’t bring, put them aside, don’t torment yourselves to make them sweet. Can you make the turned rancid, the rancid butter sweet – whatever you do with it, you may only to disguise its bitter taste a little, but no to transform it in jam; a man with delicate taste by all means will catch the smell of this butter. If you buy such butter, nothing else remains but to throw it out – no matter how much it costs, don’t feel sorry for the money, such butter is not for eating. If somebody loves you, but his feelings are bitter butter for you, have you to accept his love? Put this love aside because it will cause you some disorganization; I ask, if you become ill from the bitter feelings of this love, what you have been acquired?

Some says: “I love so and so”; to love the man whose thoughts and feelings bring the saps of the Love, I understand, but to love the man whose thoughts and feelings bring restriction, slavery, I don’t understand. The evil, the hate, the lie, the criminal can’t be loved in any way – it is impossible for the man to love the negative phenomena – why? Because they are qualities which bring death – the death can’t be loved from anyone and in any conditions. No matter how different the people are, but there are common states for all without difference; as in the mathematics there are common states for all times and nations, as and in the understandings of the people there are equal states for all times, nations and people. For example man can’t calculate as he wants – there are established rules, actions, on which he has to lead. Can you say that four plus five is fifty six? You may say that it is like that, you may and to write these numbers, but when it comes to apply this arithmetic in the trade, you will see from the consequences if it is right or wrong.

Therefore as in the life, as and in the science there are number of rules and laws, from which can’t and don’t have to deviate. For example can man cut somewhere his blood vessels and to say that the blood will not run out – no matter how much he will prove this, the blood will run out on an equal footing; can man cut his finger somewhere and not to feel pain – the pain shows that in the organism of the man some law is broken. No one has right to break in any way the laws on which his organism is built; the organism is composite from countless little live little souls which watch the work of their master. If he makes some mistake from which all the organism to suffer, they say: “Our master is not clever”; it doesn’t pass much time and the whole partnership of live cells gradually starts to fall apart.

“Who doesn’t enter through the door in the sheep pen of the sheep, he is thief and robber.” Every thought which doesn’t bring in itself the Light of the Wisdom, it is thief and robber; every feeling which doesn’t bring in itself the saps of the Love, it is thief and robber; every action which doesn’t bring in itself the Free of the Truth, it is thief and robber – in this relation the law is merciless.

Now some says: “I want to serve to the God, in order to live well” – such philosophy doesn’t exist. Man has to know why he wants to serve to the God; and if he says once that he wants to serve, he has to begin to the realizing of his desire without postponement. You say to some hungry man: “Wait few days, I shall bring you hot new bread to eat” – till you get round to bring bread of this man, he may die; there why namely the Bulgarians say: “Be silent, horse, for green grass!” If man says something, he has to do it – in this the Divine stays. God says to the Sun to rise and it rises exactly in the defined time for it. All desires and promises which are not executed in the defined time for them time, they are crack and robbers.

You say: “When we die, we will go to the other world and then we will know the Truth” – this is delusion. If you want to find and to know the Truth, search it till you are still on the Earth. To think that after you go to the other world will find the Truth, it is the same as the fettered in chains prisoner to think that in this way he will find the free or it is the same as the prisoner to think that in the prison he can become a saint – if this is true, then all cracks and robbers are always saints. Man can become saint only if he executes the Will of the God; if he doesn’t execute the Will of the God, he is thief and robber. Where he goes, the saint shines of all, as the lighthouse in the sea shines to all ships which comes and go away form the port; the thief, the robber shines only to his ship – if other ships come, he immediately die down his candle and they remain in darkness. And notice, when the thief goes to rob the case of some reach man, he lights candle only for himself; if he robs the case, he blows the candle, takes the money and goes outside. Why he go out the candle? Because he doesn’t do the Will of the God. Who does the Will of the God, he lights his candle to shine to everybody; a thought which dies down the Light of the man, it is thief and robber.

So if you want to walk in the way of the True, you have to give place of the Spirit of the God in you – He to lead you and direct. Outside or inside of you, the Spirit watches, observe everything what you do; if you decide to judge somebody in the name of the His, He observes and express an opinion about your action. Many people think that nobody sees what they do – no, the Divine eye is awake; God watches everything and express an opinion trough the people. If you don’t take under attention His words, one day this your father will catch you for the ear and will say: “What do you do on the Earth, did I send you for that – you came to learn, but do big self-wills and forces.” You say: “Does God have right to treat like that with us?” If you think that God has got no right to treat like that with you, you have to live according to the laws of the God; if you don’t live according to His laws, you will lose His goodwill. There is no more awfully thing for the man than to lose the Divine goodwill – with this together he loses and wealth, and power, and health, and friends, and at last – and his life. If all leave him, and the warms will give up from eating his meat; can you rely to a man who had loosed everything? Will come one such man to show you the place of the God – it is the same as to enter in the home of a man who light in front of you one candle and start to convince you that this candle is the Sun; afterwards you will say: “I saw something which lighted as a candle, but was it the Sun or no, I don’t know, how to understand the truth?” I say: if the fruits ripen on this light, it is sun; if the people warm on this light, it is sun; if the whole earth lights up from this light, it is sun – it means that what you have seen that light, really is the Sun. If the fruits don’t ripen, if the people don’t warm and if the Earth doesn’t light up, this light which you have been seen is a reflection of the sun, nut it is not the Sun itself. Therefore if man wants to be free, he has to know the True, to defer it from the lie. There is no more disgustingly thing for the man than to lie in the name of God, and after that to justify.

Some says: “The world will put the world to rights alone, by itself, there is no why to worry.” That is the way how one saint thought who understood soon that he is not on right way. Two saints lived together in one wood, where they worked spiritual. The one of them, when he did some mistake, said to his companion: “I made one mistake, but it couldn’t be without this – even to be a saint, I always will make a mistake, but nothing, the mistake will set right alone, by itself.” The other saint wasn’t agree with this way of thinking, there why he decided one day to prove him that the mistake can’t be corrected by itself till man don’t wish and don’t make some effort from his side. For this aim one day he boiled bean, but consciously didn’t put salt in it; they sit together to eat but the eating is not going, there is no salt in the bean. The first saint said:

There is no salt; bean can’t be eaten without salt.

No problem, it is one mistake but it will correct by itself.

How, salt must be put!

Nothing, we will wait, the salt will come alone.

Only now the first saint convince himself that for the correcting of one mistake man has to make efforts – to work consciously upon himself to correct this mistake. If man wants to boil bean, he has to pour alone water into the earthenware pot, afterwards to put the bean, the onions in the water and to put the earthenware pot on the fire; when the bean comes to the boil. He will put salt and he already may eat it. If he waits these things to come by them selves, he will starve. In the same reason the people are on wrong way when expect God to put the world to rights. I say: the outside world is put to rights, but everybody has to put to rights his own world. Who boils his bean by himself, he can put his world to rights, but who waits to the other – they to boil the bean, and he to eat without making any efforts, his world will remain not put to rights.

It is law: everyone alone will boil his bean. If you go to one saint, he will not give you from his bean – what will you do then? The saints has rule: when they boil bean for example, they will cook only so, how many people they are; if some of them wishes to feast you on, he has to give the whole bean to you, and he to starve; if he doesn’t want to feast you on, then he will eat, and you will watch. You will say: “What saint is this – I watch him, and he eats, he doesn’t want to know.” If the saint gives this bean to you, then he will say: “This man is not good!” In the case the bean takes as a symbol of the Life.

Christ says: “I came to give them life and that superabundant.” Therefore man may sacrifice his life for somebody, but with free, and not with force. In a way that nobody has right by force to let the saint to give from his bean; if he alone wishes to give from Love, it is other question. When the saint doesn’t want to give from his bean, he will take him in his garden and will say: “Please, take from which fruits you wish; in my garden it has and unboiled bean, take how much you wish.” The boiled bean represents remade thought which is given only to the worthy, because he can accept it and to apply; who is not ready for this thought, he will boil bean by himself, i.e. he will remake this thought by himself. The bean is big egoist; the Bulgarians love the bean and there why they eat it – who eats bean, he will learn the law of the generosity. In order the beans to give something from itself, you have to carry it through number of sufferings – to bake it, boil, crush till it becomes more soft, better; the same holds true and of the man – when man suffers, he becomes more soft, better, he compares to boiled bean.

Some says: “I want to serve to the God”; I ask how you will serve to the God – through sufferings or voluntarily, by Love. Many children don’t listen their parents, but they take the stick and magnetize them; after that this children become obedient – what their parents let them, they do all – go for water, go to the bakery, sweep in the house, clean. It is better these children to listen their parents without magnetizing, therefore it is better man to serve to the God from Love, voluntarily, but not through sufferings.

And so, the sufferings are good thing, but they are not the only factor for the putting of the world to rights. The sufferings are something similar to the severe speech, but the severe speech, severe words can’t put the world to rights. Only the Divine words are in power to put the world to rights – every Divine word is ripen fruit which everybody alone can pick from the garden of the God; man has to feed with Divine fruits. Some says: “I can feed with all kind of food”; I say: feed yourselves with what you want, but not and with boiled bean – the bean represents the human promises and dreams, for which it is wanting many efforts till they be reached. Can you boil bean on the Sun? You can’t; after the bean had been ripened long time on the Sun, he again didn’t understand the laws of the light – why? Because you can’t eat it raw in any way. Till it is young, it could be eaten, but after it gets old, it can’t – it says: “Till I am young, you may taste me in my natural sort, but when I get old, you can’t; after I get old, you have to boil me long time to be able to eat me.”

Similarly and some people, till they are young and reach, they always can give something; when they get old, when they become destitute, they give nothing. When man loses his knowledge, he is old bean; when man deviates from the right way of the Life, he is old bean. The heart of such man hardens, he becomes tenacious, self-will, everything around looks wrong to him. He gets old and understands that the reason for his state owe to the reason that he have fed with thoughts, which don’t bring the saps of the Love, the Light of the Wisdom and the Free of the True. Therefore, if he wants to get out from this state, he has to come back and to start to eat thoughts, which bring the saps of the Love, the Light of the Wisdom and the Free of the True – in this stays the salvation of the man. If he has these things in himself, he will be loved and respected from all. We search the right Life, and he comes from the God; we search the real knowledge which comes from the God; we search the Free which also comes from the God. Have we to search the Life, the Light and the Free where they are not?

I say: if you want to be strong and to reach everything what you want, hold in your mind the three rules – the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of you to go on the laws of the Love, the Wisdom and the True. And then, if you come upon to some contradiction, say: “It is better to indulge to the God than to the people.” Christ says: “How the Father knows me, as and I know the Father (verse 15). There why Father loves me, because I lay my soul in order to take it again (verse 17). I have power to lay it and I have power to take it again (verse 18).” In this stays the power of Christ, in this way He gave example of the whole humanity.

It is said in the Writing: “The true will make you free” – when? When your thought brings the Free of the True. The Love will bring Life in you – when? When your thought brings the saps of the Love. And at the end you will acquire the Knowledge – when? When your thought brings the Light of the Wisdom. If you don’t live according to these rules, and after thousand years you will remain such what are you now; without these rules whatever you do, you will compare to thread, through the water will come in and go out without leave anything. You will say: “How much water had passed via me, how much money had passed via my hands!” I ask, from all these does something remains in you – it remains nothing. One day the donkey boasted: “I carried many icons of Christ” – yes, but this donkey didn’t become a saint, and it remains again a donkey.

One is important for the man: to have fear and reverence to the God. The contemporary people fear ones from others: the son fears from his father; when the son becomes stronger than his father, then the father fears from the son; the daughter tremble with her mother, but sometimes the mother tremble with her daughter. I say: “till the people fear one from other, they don’t go in the right way. Christ says: “I am the door of the sheep, I am the good shepherd” – this means: Christ is the way in which the Love, the Wisdom and the True come. Who walks on this way, he is one with the God and God is one with him.

Now, who understand and apply the Speech, they will survive, will rise from the dead; who don’t understand, they will understand in future, in the Last Judgment – ones will rise form the dead in conviction, and others – in Life. Who hear the voice of the Truth, they will rise from the dead. When Josef was in the prison, with him together was arrested the baker and the cup-bearer of the king; they dreamed some dreams and asked Josef to interpret them. The baker dreamed that he wore on his head three white baskets, in the upper basket it had from the all Pharaoh dishes, work of baker’s – birds came and eat them from the basket; Josef said him that after three days the king will convict him to hanging and his body will be torn from the birds of the Heaven. The cup-bearer dreamed a vine in front of him, on the vine it had three sticks which bloomed, and the grapes on them ripened; the glass of the pharaoh was in his hand and he gave it to the pharaoh; Josef said him that after three days he will be caressed from the king, who will put him on the same post which he had earlier. In a way that always some will come to let you out from the prison, but it is important what your destiny will be – like this of the baker, or of the cup-bearer. I want, when they let you out from the prison, to have the fate of the cup-bearer, but not this of the baker. Christ says: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” – who has ears to listen and to understand, he will walk in the way of Christ.

The today day I call for realizing of your Free – it is the first day in which you take new books and start to live on new way. What thoughts come in your mind, they all to run out from the Love, the Wisdom and the Truth. If you live on this way, you will compare to this English bureau which during of ten years had only losses; when it changed the way of its operations, for one year it had so big profit that it covered all the losses. After you liquidate with the old life, you will liquidate and with the crisis which impede you. Why the contemporary banks go bankrupt, why they bear so big economical and financial crisis? Because all their operations are put on inside lie and fraud. The lie and the fraud are the old life with which it already has to liquidate. After liquidate with the old life, it will come the New life – with new systems and regulations, which rest on upon the laws of the Love, the Wisdom and the Truth.

And so, the main thought which have to remain in your mind, is the thought of the three rules. If you live according to them, you will hear the voice of the God – God speaks only there, where are the Love, the Wisdom and the Truth. When God speaks, everybody has to keep silent; if they don’t keep silent, there will have sufferings. If they keep silent, there will have Joy and Gaiety; who doesn’t keep silent, the sufferings come up on his back, like the kids come up on some horse and he want or not wear. The same is happening and with the pear: when some pear produced fruits, the people heap up around it, pick its fruits, break its branches and after that they say: “Come on, next year we will come to pick you again!” If and you be pears which the people pick, you will not earn anything, but how I see, any man doesn’t want to suffer; in spite of this all suffer because they want the people to understand and to love them. Till they wait understanding and love from the people, they always suffer – everybody has such experiences and knows that the Truth is not in this philosophy of the Life.

Therefore if you want to be understood and loved, you have to love first the God. You say: “How to guess where God is?” I ask this morning, for example, had I to prove you that this what you see is the Sun? After you see that the Sun rises, don’t expect other sun – this is the Sun on which all the fruits ripen. All knows this Sun, but after it comes to the God, they say: “How we will know the God?” After God rises in the soul of the man, all clouds, illnesses, sufferings and contradictions disappear – then it sets in Peace and Joy in the soul of the man, such what he had never imagined. So all sufferings, contradictions in the life of the man owe of the fact that he is far from the God, far from the Divine light. Who doesn’t warm from this Light, he lives in damp dark house, as a result of it and he, and his wife, and his children constantly is being ill. How they will not being ill – let the Divine Light enters in this house, to see what will happen with the illnesses. Where the Divine Love and Light is, any bad thought doesn’t penetrate into the mind of the man; if the Divine Love and Light don’t enter in some house, there constantly will have sufferings and contradictions.

I say: because you want to rise from the dead, to find the God, you must live according to the three rules. Or in whichever church you go, they will say you everywhere: “Come to us, here you will find the god.” I ask, if somebody bears from mother rabbit, what happiness will bring to him this mother – it constantly will say him: “Son, your legs have to be long, so when something utter a sound in the wood, to run immediately.” If somebody is born from mother pig, it will teach him to dig, to search wealth in the earth. If man passes through all animal forms, he always will acquire some knowledge, but he will not have Free – which rabbit, which pig, which bird and who man are free, who woman or who man are free, who teacher, who king or who priest are free? Any man is not free, and even he says: “Come to me, I shall tell you the Truth”; all people die, and they speak for free. Really free general for example, is this one through whose greatcoat pass countless bullets and shrapnels, and any one of them doesn’t touch him – he passes calmly close to them, sing some song, he doesn’t confuse from anything. There are such generals in the world.

It is said in the Writing that after Christ speaks t the Judeans, they wanted to catch Him and to kill Him with stones; Christ run away from their hands and went beyond Jordan, i.e. Christ blew the candle and they remained in dark. At last they crucified Him, but in the third day Christ rose from the dead – the power of Christ appeared in the resurrection. Who comes from the God, even they put him in grave, in the end he will go out again, will rise from the dead. The resurrection – this is the great aim, which every man strives to.

Now I wish to all every your thought to bring for your soul the saps of the Love, the Light of the Wisdom and the Free of the Truth – in this the real Life stays.

9 August 1931, 5 p.m.



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