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He Imprinted

Today you will think upon 33rd verse from chapter 3 from the Gospel of Joan: “Who accept his testimonial, he imprinted that God is real.”

Many want the Truth to be said to them. The Truth may be said only to this, whose heart vibrates from Love; the Truth may be said only to that, whose mind is full with Light. When in the heart of the man there is no Love and when in his mind there is no Light, he can’t understand the Truth – when the heart of the man is divided and when his mind is darkened, he can’t understand the Truth.

You say: “What the divided purpose consists in?” Imagine that you fall in love in one of the fingers of your friend and when you go to him, you always occupy with his finger – you say: “I can’t if I don’t touch the finger of y friend.” I ask what you win if you constantly bring in your mind the thought for the finger of your friend, what idea there is in this finger? First of all it is one small part of your friend – the finger of your friend is a finger of the God. Therefore when a mother falls in love in her child, she fell in love in the finger of the God; when somebody falls in love in his friend, he fell in love in the finger of God; when a master falls in love in his servant, he fell in love in the finger of the God; when a servant falls in love in his master, and he fell in love in the finger of the God. No matter who the man will fall in love in, he falls in funny situation. Some says that when he had fallen in love, his heart had kept and had fired – what happens after that? When his heart fires a little, it becomes on ash. What is this love, which transform the heart of the man in ash? Love which transforms the heart of the man in ash is not real Love – this ash may be used only as medicine in some cases, but nothing more can give to the man.

Therefore if you want to love the God, you don’t have to fall in love only in His finger; everyone may catch the finger of the God as a result of which will appear a controversy between the people – you have to fall in love in the eternal, in the unlimited beginning of the God, i.e. in His Spirit. Who falls in love in the finger of the man, he may steal this finger: young man falls in love in girl and steal her, a girl falls in love in young man and steal him. The finger which the people fall in love in is a symbol which has to solve. Some says: “So and so love me.” Where you know it, today he loves you, tomorrow he betrays to you. Love which appears and disappears, it is not real; Love in which the frogs croak, it is not real too – it is marsh. If you drink from the water of some marsh, in which the frogs leaves their filths, you can’t become a man. If somebody examines some religion in which the frogs croak, do you think that he will attain to the Truth? If some man goes to preach the Truth, what Truth will preach he, if first come to you to want bread to have meal – this preacher is not sent from the God. And Christ preached the Truth but he haven’t wanted bread from anyone, on the contrary – with five breads and two fishes He had meal a few thousand people, after that some baskets with fishes left.

I say: in the Love the people come upon to number of delusions, which they have to free from. For example is there a right the first finger from the arm to subordinate all rest fingers and to order them as a master? It hasn’t that right, of course – the five fingers have to be always together, and when their master orders them to do one work, they have to execute it simultaneously: they will flex, will reach to given object, will catch it and move from one place to other; through repeatedly execution of this process they finish the work defined from their master. If only the one finger wants to finish the work, and the others don’t take part, it can’t reach anything alone. If man, as the one finger of the arm, thinks that can finish everything alone, that there is no other like him in the world, he is on wrong way; thousands people may think the same for their selves but they all are far from the Truth.

Two men fight; the one brings down the other to the earth and says: “You have to know that I am stronger than you, you can’t fight with me”; Third comes, he brings down and the two men, saying: “You have to know who I am and who you have work with”; fourth comes, he brings down and the three men; at last the master comes who brings down them all and says: “Get down soon!” These heroes are the fingers of the arms which rise upwards and each thinks for itself that it is some special, but when their master comes, he says: “Everyone down!” – the fingers one after other go to their places. Let this example use you as a theme of thinking.

Now all people want to be free; I ask if they serve to their passions, could they be free? For example some man spends all day in the public houses and wants to be free; such man can’t be free – he is slave of his passion. If the people serve exceptionally to their selves and to their nears, could they be free? What earns the servant, who work all the day in the field of his master – he raise and take down the hoe in the whole day, gets tired, sweats and in the evening he comes home exhausted, toil-worn, already capable for nothing. The master earns much and the servant – little; isn’t the state of this servant slavery? With this I don’t set against the work but it has to be moderated. When the father sends his sons on the field, has the one to work and the others to rest at his expense? All sons have to work harmoniously – everyone according to his powers. Before the fall of man the people hadn’t work on the fields; then the wheat had grown alone and it had come to the man, and not the man to it; also the pears, apples, all fruits had grown alone and had gone directly to the man – man had had only the care to leave the basket under the tree and the fruits had entered alone. Now, if I go on to talk on this question, you will say that these are stories from “Thousand and one nights”. Today these are stories, really, but before the fall of man these things were facts.

You say: “What thing is the life, why it is so dear to us?” Imagine one young man who wants to live, but lies seriously ill from some illness; he wants to turn to one or other side in his bed – he can’t, he lies always on his back; wants to raise his leg a little – he can’t; to open his eyes – he can’t again; he starts to cry and say: “Nothing can become from me, I shall die – nothing more!” Why this young man cries? He wants to work, feels that he hadn’t finish his work – how could be helped to him, who will raise him from the bed? It has to come to him some man to convince him that he can get up from his bed, he can open his eyes and to eat something. If the man makes it, he starts to move, to walk in the room, to eat a little and his grief transforms to joy – he convince himself that God hadn’t put him on the bed to lie on his back with months, but send him in the world to work, to solve some questions. Therefore the life of the man is mill because he realizes in him that he hadn’t finished his work, and has to go away to that world unprepared.

Some says: “I sleep as a horse” – what he wants to say with this? He wants to say that he is too awake; it means: as the horse is awake when it sees his master, as and he is always awake. I say: in the real Life there is no sleeping, who sleeps, he is not in the real Life. The horse sleeps upright but with the first appearing of the master, he is awake. Man sleeps more; when he lies down, he winds well in his quilt and when his master comes, he can’t wake up, can’t unwind immediately; through whole night he turns now to one now to other side, looks outside if it is dawn, again he covers to sleep till at last it dawns well and says: “There is no what, I have to get up!” This is unnatural sleep; that is the way how many of you do – lie, get up, sleep again, look if it is dawns and say: “How it wasn’t arranged to get up lately, after the Sun rises?” But in one moment they start and say: “Let’s get up, if we continue to sleep, something bad may happens to us” – such people are early-rising only from fear; these are mankind works. The real dawn of day in the Life is the moment when man stand up on his legs and feel that he is in connection with all the people in the face of the Earth: the real dawn of day is the moment when man thinks, feels and acts free – then he can understand and look at the sense of everything which God created. If in the life of the man the real dawn of day doesn’t come, he will live one interrupted, broken life, separated from all the creatures. But the sense of the Life stands in the uninterrupted ness – man to see the connection between all the phenomena.

And so, first man has to serve to the God – it is said in the Writing: “Don’t be slaves to the men!” The people fall in slavery very easy, if they meet some man who knows little more than them, they say: “This one is big authority.” He is not any authority – one authority there is in the world, this authority is God. Some says: “Who man may be called a brother?” Brother is only this who in the Love of you leaves you absolutely free; if he restricts you, he is not any brother. It is said in the verse: “Who accept His testimonial, he imprinted that God is real”; therefore only that one may give you Free, who had imprinted in himself that God is real. And then, if God had free somebody, the brother has got no right to enslave him. Who gave right to the master to enslave his servant and to the servant to enslave his master? You say that God arranged the things in a way that he defined the relations between the people; this is a lie – it will turn out that God created one people masters, others – slaves; ones he created healthy, others – sick; ones created to live in joy and happiness, and others - to be raped; this is not any creed.

So when you say that had created the world with all the restrictions, contradictions, illnesses, forces and number more negative phenomena, this is a delusion – God is free and you may be free like Him. The son asks his father: “How I can be free?” – As you do like me. The daughter asks her mother: “How I can be free?” – As you do like me. It means that if the son and the daughter do this what the mother and the father do, they will be free. The little chicken which walks after its mother, digs whole day, searches food; some says: “What to do?” Look what the little chicken does. – “This is hen’s work.” It is truth that it is hen’s work but the little chicken knows what to do – it walks after its mother and after she pecks at, and it pecks at; but man doesn’t know what to do. You say: “We don’t want to be like the hens.” You don’t have to be like the hens but as they listen their mother, so and you have to listen your great mother – the Love. Go and you to this your mother as the little chicken goes to its. – “How to find the God?” If the little chicken finds its mother, enter under its wings and acquire knowledge, why man can’t find his mother, to hide under her wings and to acquire Knowledge? Man finds some Petko or some Dragan, hide under his wings and stays there, nothing learns – this place is marsh, only frogs croak there, in it you can’t find the God.

Christ says: ‘I am the live bread, I am the live spring.” If you eat from this bread, you will never become hungry, but knowledge will receive; if you drink from this spring, you will never get thirsty, but knowledge will receive. Man has to realize that God put in the Truth in him – the Truth consists in this man to realize that God lives in him and he lives in the God. If man doesn’t realize this, he will live in Petko, in Dragan, in Stoyan and will wait only to the people. Go to the mousse and learn one lesson from them – do they stay in empty barns? If they enter in some empty barn, they immediately go out; but if the barn is full with wheat, they enter in it and whole day and whole night squirt, do work. After the barns empties, they leave it and say: “We can’t live here any more!” It is wonderfully how the people live in empty barns – the mouse doesn’t remain in empty barn, and man stays inside, doesn’t go out from the barns. I say: “Live in full barns where there is wheat, where there is what to be eaten and drunk – there is the sense of the Life! Said in other way, the Life is where God had put the man – the Life is in the Divine Love, in the goods which he gives; the Life is in the Divine Wisdom and Light; the Life is in the Divine Truth and Free.

The first work which is imminent to the man is to free from all negative features of his character – in this number and his self-education. For example, if the clerk or the violinist doesn’t move the fingers of their arms free, they can’t do anything – how the clerk will be able to write if he doesn’t move his fingers quickly; how the violinist will be able to play if he can’t move his fingers quickly; what you can do without fingers? Some says: “I can’t live without the finger of the God – if I don’t see it, I can’t do anything.” Well, you may have opportunity to watch the finger of the God whole day, but in this time not to take bite mouthful bread and not to swallow drop water. – “Ah, it can’t be like this.” So, not everything is in the finger. Christ says: “I am the live bread. Who eats me, he never will become hungry.” The live bread is the live air which man accepts in him. The first finger of the God, the forefinger, represents the Divine low – when God raise this finger up, with this He says to the man: “You have to subordinate to My low!” The low doesn’t search Love but execution.

I ask can the man fall in love in the low – it means can the man fall in love in one stick. Man has to stay at least four-five meters aside from the low, not to touch it; the more little breach of the low leads and to the friendship relations with it. It is necessary to observe the Divine Low in order the Love to come; the Love doesn’t bear any mistakes, it shows itself only in the perfect ones – God shows the Love because He is perfect. On equal reason who wants to show the Divine Love, he has to be perfect – said with other words, when man wants to shoe the Divine Love, God has to live in him and he has to live in the God. These are two important states for expression of the Love: to love somebody, you have to penetrate into him and he has to penetrate into you. For example the light loves us because it penetrates into us; the bread loves us because it penetrates into us – in general every thing which penetrates into us, it loves us. One stone falls upon us and crush us – is this stone loves us? The stone doesn’t penetrate into us and there why it can’t love us. Every thing which penetrates into the man and brings Life in him, it loves him; if it doesn’t penetrate into him, if it doesn’t bring Life in him, it doesn’t love him. God penetrates into us because He loves us – when somebody is sad, burdened, God penetrates into him and says: “Don’t discourage, everything will be fine!” Some took the finger of the God and thinks that only he has right of it; nobody can keep the Divine finger only for himself – why? Because this finger is a spout of the great spring of the Life from which constantly water is running, therefore everybody has right to take part of this water. The water of this spring represents the great Life of the God, i.e. the great Divine lows. When I say that God penetrates into us, I understand the Divine Spirit – it means that the Divine Spirit penetrates into us and there why it loves us.

Christ says: “Who loves his father and mother more than Me, is not worthy of My love” – what this verse means? Some says: “I love so and so, I can’t without him.” I ask if you want to enter in the Divine Kingdome, have you to take with you and your sweetheart? – “I can’t without him.” What you will do if your sweetheart can’t enter in the Divine Kingdome together with you? – “Why and he can’t come with me?” Because every one enters in the Divine Kingdome alone. But every one has to strive to the Divine Kingdome because there is the real Life. The ordinary life is a life of the wheat grain – the light and the dampness which enters and come out from the planted in the earth wheat grain, represents the Divine Kingdome for it. On the same way everybody who love us and who we love, have to enter and come out from the Divine Kingdome – there we all have to be in unity, in unanimity.

Some men will say: “We don’t think like this, we have other opinion on this question.” It is very naturally that our opinions will differ. If two painters paint same kind of picture, their pictures by all means will differ – for example the one will put darker, other lighter colors, afterwards the shades in the picture of the one painter will differ from these of the other; which picture will be closer to the reality? First of all, none painter can paint the image of some man – why? He can’t represent his features such, as they are in reality, there is no way in which he can paint the man as live. Who is master, let blow this picture to revive the man who he had painted. The good painter may do the following: upon the picture of some man he may express the lows and the powers which worked for his creating – these lows and powers express the inside life of the man. The nose, ears, eyes, the forehead, the mouth, the chin of the man are important points which characterize the man, there why when some man don’t like to listen, he has to catch himself for the ear and to say: ”Listen, you have to be sensible, to listen attentively in the advices of the more advanced than you!” If he had hit on wide life, he has to catch himself for the nose and to say: “Listen you have to think right, to think what you are doing!” In general, man has to examine himself, to know his character features and where it is need to correct himself.

Often between the scientists is talking for the physiognomy as science, but it exists ordinary and unordinary physiognomy. The ordinary I call physiognomy of the prisoners, and the unordinary – physiognomy of the free people; except these two physiognomies exists and third which I call physiognomy of the Sons of the God. The physiognomy of the prisoners examines the features of the criminal types, the physiognomy of the free people examines the features of the just people and the third physiognomy examines the features of the Sons of the God. But if man wants to examine whichever from the three physiognomies, he, by all means, has to examine them comparatively – to make comparisons the three types and after that to draw his conclusions; only on this way man will grasp the difference between the three types and will attain to one positive science.

I say: and in the biggest difference between these three categories people always there is something common – they all strive to the Free. The prisoners looks to the chains on his legs, looks to the iron bars of the windows, looks to the guard who stay in front of his door with drawn knife, and sighs deeply and say: “I can’t set free, may be here I’ll finish my life as a prisoner, deprived from free forever”; I hear the sufferings of this prisoner, enter there and ask him: “Do you want to set you free?” – “How?” – “I shall light you to burn out and in a mode of gaseous body will go out through some tiny hole without see you anyone.” If this man doesn’t agree and prefers the prison, I shall leave him to lie there, but if he agrees, I strike a match, light him and as a gas I let him to free. After that the guard enters in the room and what to see – the chains lie on the ground, the door is locked, the windows are closed but the prisoner is not there. Where is he – nobody knows it. Afterwards I come back the life of this prisoner but already free, far from the prison, from the pains, from the iron chains; after that I say to him: “ Now you will live correctly and will say to nobody that you are from the free people, acquired your free through burning.” You say: “How you restored the life of this man?” There are methods and for that, as there are methods for the transforming of the man in gas.

And so, when you ask why the people die, I say: the people die in order to free from the prisons on the Earth. Everything has to be burned out to be cleaned – and the people have to burn out in order to purge away their selves and to free from the prisons. It is said in the Writing: “The Earth will burn out to purge away”; if you believe, or no, it is not important, but when this time comes, everybody will believe – when the Divine fire comes, it will remove all conditions which restrict, torment and enslave the man. Sometimes the people come upon to their thoughts, desires and actions which enslave them, they can’t free from them – who may free them? The Divine. That is the way how the Russians did with us in the Liberation war – they came and where they found Bulgarians and Christians in the prisons, they set free them and left them out. In the same way one day your friends from the Invisible world will come, will crush the doors of your prisons and will say: “Go outside on free!” Today all contemporary people find under the spiritual slavery of the Turks, which they have to set free from. It is said in the verse: “Who accept His testimonial, he imprinted that God is real.”

You say: “It is good man to set free from the chains and the prison but it is dangerous to catch him again.” No, if man set free once, he has to define himself to serve to the God and there why every morning, when he gets up, he has to ask himself: “Does God live in me and do I live in the God?” – there is no more beautiful thought from this one. If you check yourself on this way, you always will be free, the whole day you will be joyful and happy – what work you start, it will goes well. Only on this way man will think right and will have correct relations to the God and to his nears, only on that way he will understand that God is real and true. If God is in you and you – in Him, your life will have a meaning and you will start to live in a new way. This new life I call Life of the just people – Life on break of day. It is said: ‘The way of the just is a way of break of day” – think on this thought and will understand that this is the only way which you have to walk on.

Some says: “I believe in the God” – what comes from that you or I believe in the God? We have to believe that God is Love, Wisdom, Truth, Pravda, Virtue, kindness, forbearing, charity etc., we have to believe that God is all-powerful, all-knowing. If the people really believed that God is all-powerful, they would hope to him, even and they are fallen in the hell – they will know that God is in power and will take them out from there; when He takes them out will say: “Who gave you right to mistake?” As you listen me to talk like this, some says: “We haven’t lingered on still, we haven’t our sleep out as we have to.” Eight thousand years time already how the live and sleep more than it have to, but what did they acquire with this? They reached nothing. There why I say: if the people don’t wake up and get up after five minutes, all the quilts, which they cover in, will burn out; all the houses, which they hide from the outside conditions, will burn out; all that the man had created, will burn out – everything will burn out, will reduce to dust and ashes! Who thinks that there is more time to sleep under his quilt, he lies himself – the sleeping was to now. It is said in the Writing: “Get up, you, who still sleep!” – the time of sleeping have finished.

Now and I am telling you: when you come home, strike one match and light your quilts – let the old quilts burn out! But if you burn out the old ones, and start to search new – with them to have your sleep out, you haven’t understood the sense of my words. If you haven’t understood me, I’ll sorry that I have become reason to burn out your quilts. Under the words old quilts I understand all that which bring death in the body and dismay in the heart and in the mind of the man – the old has to be burned out! Who burns out his old quilts and his old house, he has to give a treat to his friends and to thanks to the God that he have set you free from everything old in himself.

I shall adduce the same example in other form: imagine that some man is being ill ten years with leprosy but God wants to help him to cure him – what this man has to do? After he sees that God comes to the assistance of him, the first work is to take one box of matches, to strike and to light his clothes to burn out. After he burns out his clothes, has he sorry for them? No, he has to thanks to the God that he have set free from them, because till he is with them, he will do harm and to himself, and to his nears. If you want to walk straight, you will walk straight; if upwards, upwards; if you want to think right, you will think right – no compromises are allowed in the new life. This is the new philosophy of the Life, this is the way to the Truth. The Truth disposes only with one method; when I say that the Truth, I understand that this method includes in itself all the rest methods – the Truth understands Free which includes in itself all kind of frees; the Truth disposes with such Knowledge which all the rest kinds of Knowledge include in; who has this Truth in himself, he has all rest in the world. After God is with the man, and Angels, and saints, and just people – they all will be with him; if God is not with him, he will be alone, left from everybody. Do you know what thing is the loneliness – there is no more awfully thing in the world from the loneliness! The lonely man may compare to finger, cut off from the arm and threw somewhere away from it – there is no bigger unhappiness for this finger than that, to stay far from the whole. And there is no bigger happiness for the finger to stay on the arm, to do its post in the whole – if this finger raises up, all put eyes on it, it uses with esteem and respect.

Now I wish you all to be free! Today I give you on one match, and when you go in your home to light your old quilts, to liquidate with them. But don’t hurry up, think if you are ready to do this or no. If you are not ready, keep the match for other time when you will be ready – I don’t want to act too hastily, to burn out your quilts and after that to sorry that you have got no quilt and to go to search another’s quilts. You say: “How to understand this thing?” You understand as you wish – to understand or not to understand, this depends from your inside preparation.

Who doesn’t understand how he has to act, he will find in the state of one king from the antiquity, who didn’t know how to eat cherishes and because of this, he couldn’t taste them. One gardener from his kingdom decided to bring to the king in one baking-dish from his best cherries to taste them and try: as he walked on the way, from time to time the gardener tasted one of the cherries to enjoy, they were very nice. When he reached the palace in the baking-dish remained only one cherry, but the gardener said to himself: “Nothing that only one cherry has left, I shall bring it to the king to see how beautiful cherries I have in my garden.” When he entered to the king, he bowed and said: “Happy king, have some from my cherries to see how beautiful and sweet they are!” The king took the cherry, looked it from here-there and said: “I don’t know how to eat cherries.” The gardener took the cherry, put it in his mouth and showed the king how to eat cherries. The king already learned how to eat cherries but it was late – the last cherry went again in the mouth of the gardener.

I say: if you ask me how to understand this thing, I shall take the last cherry, I shall put it in my mouth, but you will taste nothing from it. There why, take this what I present to you, even and only on one piece, and taste alone how to eat – don’t ask the other how to eat it because you will remain and without it. If you hold the match in the arm, don’t ask how to light; till you ask this one and that one, I shall take the match, shall strike, shall light your quilt and all will finish - your quilt will burn out but you will earn nothing. If you want to learn something, you have to be free, brave. If till now you haven’t learned much, it is because you have been enslaved; today I open the doors of the prisons and like the Russians say: “Brothers, go out, throw your dressing-gown, take down your fetters from your legs, go to the bath to wash yourselves and be free!” If you stay longer in the prisons, others will come to light them outside but you will burn out together with them. It is time already all the prisons to be burned out, there will not remain a prison in the world which will not be lighted and burned out – this is the Divine desire, and what God wishes, He will execute it.

Now, look what redness there is on the sky; look what cloud there is with image of sword – it is the Divine sword, directed to north. Simultaneously between the clouds on the sky clearly had been delineated one door – it is the door of the prison. This shows that the time has come to go out from the door of prison; if you don’t get out voluntarily, the sword shows what waits for you.

And so, leave the Divine name, thanks the God for all goods which He has given to you from times immemorial to now! Let your hearts today be joyful and happy and say: “Let the Name of the God be blessed! Let we walk on the Divine ways!” Only on this way God will be with us through all the centuries and we will be with the God through the whole eternity, and we will taste from all His goods – the Divine goods will be our goods.

Remember the today’s picture of the sky – it is one of the most beautiful pictures which you have ever seen. None painter can paint more beautiful picture from this one.

Now you thank to the God for the water, for the air, for the light and for everything that He has gave you.

Secret prayer

8th of August 1931, 5 p.m.



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