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These three things

The Love is a way for everybody who lives for the God; the Wisdom is a way for everybody who God shows to; The Truth is a way for everybody who learns to serve to the God.

For thinking through the day you will take 25th verse from chapter 5th from the Gospel of Joan: “Truth, truth I tell you that it’s coming hour and now is when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of the God and who hear it, they will revive.”

Let this morning remain memorable, unforgettable image in your consciousness. As the sky is clean and brightly, as the morning is quite and pleasant, like that to be and in your soul. The nice in this morning speaks for the Divine presence – this day is Divine day and there why it has to remain for you live image, as the Sun is live. Let in your souls be so brightly, so clean and clearly what is the today Sun.

I say: if the Love is away for everybody who live for the God, if the Wisdom is a way for everybody who God shows to and if the Truth is a way for everybody who learn to serve to the God, it will be as I wish you, without any exception. If clouds appear on the sky, this show that it’s meeting two or more opposite air draughts, i.e. in the atmosphere become some collisions or deviations. The same may be said and for the Life of the man: after man deviates from the God, i.e. from the way he is put to walk, he by all means will get confuse in some dwarf pine or bushes, as a result of it his clothes will start to tear. If man walks in the right way, every day of his life will be as the today’s; said with other words, every day from the life of the man has to be a day in which the Love reigns – the Love is the way of the Life. Every day from the life of the man has to be day in which the Divine Wisdom shows; every day from the life of the man has to be day in which the Truth teaches him to serve to the God.

Now all have to know that this hour in which we have gathered, is the hour in which all the creatures direct their mind to the God. After everyone accept what is necessary for him, the sky covers with soft clouds; the clouds are necessary for protecting from evaporation of this which is acquired. Therefore when the weather is cloudy, this shows that the people had taken something from that which goes out of the God and get down on the Earth to work. In this relation the clouds are an emblem in the Life – they are good for the people, because before them everyone had taken what is necessary for him and rich, satisfied comes back on the Earth to develop the acquired. After it get cloudy, not only the people is being glad, but and the animals, and the plants – in general who grows rich, he is satisfied from the clouds because they cover him from the looks of the people.

Now, when I talk for the nice day, in many in old habit appear the thought: “For whom this nice day had been created?” I say: be glad that God had created such day as the today’s; be glad that all alive, sensible Creatures are gathered hear in order to give glory to the God; be glad that and you participate together with them in giving glory of the God! Some says: “Which place I take in the meeting between the Sensible creatures?” Every man takes exactly this place which is defined for him. You say: ”Will we have such a day tomorrow?” Why you have to think for tomorrow – only one day is need for you, and not many days, the many days are Tovar for the man. How many springs are necessary for the man – one spring is enough for him; it is better man to drink water for spring in which the water is clean, crystal, than to drink water from hundred best cisterns. This nice day, only in your Life, you have to bring everywhere – if you go in Sofia of another city, if you go in Bulgaria or another country, bring this day with you. If you can’t bring it everywhere with you, it is the same as you never came to Rila. It is not enough to bring this day in Sofia but Sofia has to live in this day; it is not enough to bring this day everywhere in the world, but the whole world has to live in this day – this day includes everything in itself. What we acquire this day, we have to bring all with us, to scatter it between the people. You say: “But if the Sun sets?” If today the Sun sets, this shows that this day was an ordinary. The Sun of this day will never set – for this day namely is said in the Writing: “And the sun will not set anymore.”

And so, I wish you three things: let the Love in you be lighted in order to bring life; let the Wisdom in you be lighted in order to bring the Divine light; let the Truth in you be lighted in order to teach you hoe to serve to the God! Who serves to the God, only he can be free. Nobody can enslave the free man, nobody can shake the free man. Man may live as he wants, he may work as he wants, but man may be free only if he serves to the God. The man to be free- this is the sense of the Life. Who serves to the people, he is not free man; who the people serve to, and he is not free. It is said for the God: “He felt in love the Truth in the man” – why? Because the Truth understands the inside serving of the God which is in position to make the man free.

Therefore the new Life will come – the Love, the new Light will come – the Wisdom, the new serving will come – the Truth; these three things includes in the today day.

Now we will come down on the bivouac to breakfast a little, to perpetuate this day in order to remain memorable for us; after that we will go to the Lake of the cleanness.

Here, to this lake, I shall read some verses of the Gospel of Mathew, 19th chapter. “And Jesus said to his disciples: I tell you the truth, it will be hard for some rich man to enter in the heaven Kingdom (verse 23).” Why Christ says that the rich man will enter hard in the heaven Kingdom? Because the rich man, according to the wealth which he has, acquires many sins – when man wants to become rich, he starts to have many sins. In a way that this verse, translated in other language, means: sin man will enter hard in the heaven Kingdom – why? Because his sins and crimes will hold him, they will not let him in the heaven Kingdom. In this sense the word rich understands a man full with sins and crimes – this Christ had understood in the cited verse. Therefore with such wealth anybody can’t enter in the heaven Kingdom, this wealth removes the man from the God. The wealth is the biggest good which the people in the world strive to, they don’t have bigger ideal from this – in the world only the rich man uses with the respect and the esteem of the people, but if the man with the earth wealth decides to enter in the Heaven, the camel will outstrip him in his way. There why namely Christ says: “It is easier a camel to pass through needle’s ears, but not a reach man to enter in the Divine Kingdom (verse 24).”In the Heaven the reach can’t use with such respect and esteem what he has on the Earth.

And so, it exists two diametrically opposite lives – earth life with ordinary understandings and heaven life with higher understandings. I will not explain these questions but you have to have in mind that all in the world is strictly defined, and not mechanical. For example the Sun goes in defined way, the plants grows in defined way, the rivers run in defined way, the winds blow in defined way, in general all which happens in the life of the man, is exactly defined. But the people consciously, for their personal benefits, change this defined way of the things; for example they meet some streamlet and when they see that its water is good for water-mill, they deviate it from its way to use it for work. Some tree is a sorrel in natural, wilding, but experienced farmers and gardeners engraft it with some noble tree and with this they change it – they can change it in what they want. In the same way many people are grafted with grafts which don’t answer to their origin natural; many ancestors had worked upon them and they had changed them in a way that they wonder to their selves, can’t know their selves. They compare to brood-hen which they set with hen’s, duck and drake’s eggs; when the eggs hatch, the little start to go after it and it wonders what is this various nation which follow it. When they come to some river, the little ducks and the little drakes throw into the water and start to swim, the brood-hen stays in the coast, wonders and says: “It is Divine work”; afterwards the little drakes go out from the river and fly away in the air. In the same state and the contemporary people find: they think some work, take into account number conditions, but in the end they find their selves in front of surprise – their little ducks enters in the water, some of their little drakes fly away in the air, and with them remain only the little chickens.

I ask what the little ducks and the little drakes represent in the life of the man? They represent his rude desires which enter in the water. But there is no bigger sufferings from the life in the water, there is whole hell; in the water big criminals are making for which there is no any law-court, there is no any culture there, any moral – the fishes for example swallow whole ones others. The contemporary people use the water for different aims, and also and like means for cleaning. Why the people drink water? To clean them from these crimes which they had made once in the water. It cleans in special way as a result of this, it represents redeeming means.

I say: in the end in the man has to remain only the Divine; all rest things in him are appliances given only for some time. The soldier has to have rifle and knife but only when he goes on the battle field; if he goes in church to pray, rifle and knife are not necessary. The clerk has need from feather and ink when he is in the office; after he goes in church, feather and ink are not necessary any more. When the trader makes his trade operations, he has need from bag full with money, but if he goes tin church, way back outside the guards takes his bag and say: “You will leave your money here, in the church trade is not making.” In a way that if you look at the entrance of the church, you will see whole heaps from weapons, from feathers and inks, from bags with money, etc. Who goes to the God, he has to free from all crafts and arts which he acquired in his life and to enter to Him only with what God sometimes gave him. What God gave to the man? One lighted, bright mind and one lighted, lofty heart. Therefore the wealth of the contemporary man stays in what the mind and the heart consist in their selves; all the acquisitions out of the acquisitions of the heart and mind, remain aside. When the soldier goes out of the church, he takes his knife and rifle and use them where there is need; when the clerk goes out of the church, he takes his feather and ink and goes in the office to write; when the trader goes out of the church, he takes his bag with money and again start to trade; when the ploughman go out of the church, he takes his wooden plough and hoe and start to ore the earth.

And so, one is important for you: to know that all people together constitute one organism on which they are organs, as the roots, the stem, the leaves and the branches are organs of the tree. Every man has to know for himself what organ from the tree he is, and on which place is put; for example if he is a branch, he has to know is he big or little, in which direction he looks – on east, west, north or south. If man knows this thing, he will know and how far he depends from the other people – the dependence of one man from other defines from the contact between them and from the function which they execute in the common organism; one man is important for other in so far as he has some relations with him. The little branches are important for the big in so far as they accept the Divine blessing from above and deliver it to the whole three – the Divine blessing which comes from below, from the earth, deliver to the whole tree through the roots, as a result of this the whole is in dependence of its roots. So in one case you may be useful for somebody, and in other case he may be useful to you; if some branch decides to separate from the whole three, the independence breaks and this branch in the nearest future dries. In the equal reason if man decides to separate from the whole, and he already dries, can’t be useful neither to himself, either to others – the post and to the little and to the big organs in the whole is equally important. Why the little branch has to exert itself by all means to reach the big branch – for every branch is defined how much it has to grow. Besides its growing is in dependence of the whole tree, as and of the big branches – if they grow, and the little branch will grow; if their growing stop, and the little branch stops. No matter how much exert the little branch to become as the big, it will never reach this – this its desire will not use it in nothing; it is better to be little branch on the top of the tree, but always to have fruit, than to be big branch without any fruit. It is better to have in your mind one sacred idea and in your heart one sacred feeling which you be glad to, than to wear on your back big wealth like loaded animal – the loaded man is not free. The free understands humaneness, and in the animal states there is no low; and for the animals itself there is no a low. Today they load one donkey, they load it tomorrow and every day they increase its Tovar without to has a low which defines how much they it has to be loaded; also they may beat it how much they want – there – there is no low and for the beating.

I say: every man is exhibited to torments from his old masters. If you want to set free from them, you have to confess that the only master in the world is God. If you confess the God for your master, the halter from your heads and the fetters from your legs will fall, then you will do your work without goad, without outside violence. This means Free – the master only will ask you: “Have you plough up the field?” – “We have ploughed up.” – Have you reaped it?” – “We have reaped.” Namely to this Free all the nations strive today, as and all the people in the World, but this Free acquires with right understanding of the relations in the parts to the whole and to the whole to the parts. If man learns what place he takes in the whole, i.e. if he understands his relations to the God, he will set free from all restrictions. Only in this way the man will come to the majority of his Life or he always will be in the state of little helpless child or in the state of ill man. More you give to the ill man, more he gets upset, but if you chose for the ill man food which fits him, he will improve with every new day.

Therefore as the food for the man has to improve every day, as and the Knowledge, and the Wisdom have to improve every day; if they don’t improve, you will come to the situation in which Salomon had fallen and you will say like him: “Vanity of the Vanities, everything is vanity!” I interpret his words: Knowledge without Love is vanity of the vanities – in this knowledge there is no any achievements. The real Knowledge achieves for every man in special way. As the sun goes in its defined way, as and you have to go in the way that God had defined for you – no one has right to deviate from this way. Till you are in the way, you will have the Divine blessing; after you deviate, number of unhappiness will come on you – every unhappiness owes to some deviate. Till you are in the Way, you are free; if you deviate, you lose your Free and don’t know where you go. Till your finger is on your arm, the arm uses with your respect and esteem; if you cut your finger, and your arm loses its respect and esteem. In a way that the respect and esteem of the man depends from his consciousness that he lives in the God, takes a place which is defined from Him and does his work.

. I say: the main thing that you have to bring in your houses as a memory from your spending on Rila is to penetrate into you the idea that as the Sun, the stars, the Moon and the rest planets have its defined way of movement, as and you have your defined way which inevitably you have to follow. The Sun for example rises every morning in exactly defined time and evening it again sets in defined time; it never rises and sets earlier or more late from the defined for it moment. So much thousand of years when the Sun rises and sets, but never till now it deviates from its way – neither it acted too hastily or late in its movement. Do you know what will happen with the life of the Earth if the Sun deviates from its way? Big crash will set in on the Earth even in the more little deviation of the Sun from its way. In the base of the same law, a big crash will set in the life of the man if he deviates from the way which God defined to him. When man finds himself in front of such crash, everything for him is loosed and he lives like in desert – he deprives of his nicest thoughts and feelings, from all lofty and sublime. There why namely any power hasn’t to be in position to deviate the man from his way – this position of the man speaks for his absolute Faith in the God. If man walks in his way, every work which he has to do is sacred; and every work has to bring its fruit. This Christ had understood when he had said the verse: “Every stick which doesn’t give fruit has to be cut and to be thrown aside.” In this relation and the Life is been given meaning in so far as we bring fruit in the whole.

When one man works for the God, he is valuable and for the Light spirits of the Heaven, as and for the good people in the Earth – then everyone is ready to help him, to come to the assistance of him when he is in straitened circumstances. If he deviates from his way, everyone leaves him, everyone forgets him – isn’t it the same and with people who live and work only for their selves? Till one man is reach, everyone bows, respect him; if he become poor, everyone leaves him. If one man has some goods in himself, and the people crowd around him; if he loses these goods, everyone leaves him. Who is the reason the man to lose his wealth and goods? The Devil; for him it is said in the Writing: “The robber doesn’t come, but to steal, destroy and slit.” He gives bad advices to the people till he pushes them in some uncertain undertakings, they lose their wealth and remain perfectly poor, homeless and friendless for everyone. After that he remains them to pay their debts alone – how much shelves the devil had signed, they are all at their expense. This shows that this old master loves his subjects – with his love he had stripped till now at least two hundred skins from the back of every man. The fact that he loves the people can be sawn and when he takes down their skins – there is what to be taken from them, many sandals ha had been made from the human skins; but I don’t know why the people love their old master who had led them to extreme reducing to poverty with his advices.

I say: if in the present life the people knew what there is to happen, they would discourage. The present life is built on false base, on inside absence of rights; from outside this life is built upon number of rules and laws but in it is missing inside lawfulness. The banker for example gives money to the people, he does a service them, but in him he has in mind that he will take one big interest for this, at least twenty five per cent; it means that behind his service it hides some self-interested desire. And this is not bad but it is a crime when they perfectly use some man; when one man works all day, he has right to expect some reward, but he has got no right to use the others.

Now the thought which I want to leave, is your consciousness to wake up, to be thankful to everyone who does a service or give something from Love – this Love comes from the God, this man is conductor of the Divine Love. But if someone comes to you and start to boast that he has made some service or some good to you, this man doesn’t speak the truth. Christ says: “I haven’t come to execute My will, but the will of the Father who had led me. I came to tell you what God has taught me – from the good which He has given me, I give and to you.” And after that some will come to tell he has given you so and so money or that he has made you so and so good, etc.; this man hasn’t stayed on sure soil, he works with foreign capitals which he represent for his. One preacher says to one of the worshippers: “Do you know that I have turned you to the God?” – “I know, what you want after that?” I thank you but and you, from your side, thank to the God that he gave you possibility to manifest yourself; but every day to tell me the same, I can’t bear.”

Many of the contemporary preachers act with his followers as one adherent acted with one his disciple who he had occupied with the occult sciences. When he taught to his disciple some lesson, he had put on the table in front of him one of the most beautiful meals and said: “This is a dish fit for a king, but you are still not worthy of it.” The adept stayed on the table and had eaten the meal, and the disciple only looked to it but he had known that he is not worthy of such dish fit for a king. The disciple often asked his teacher: “When and I will be worthy to eat from the dish fit for a king?” – “I don’t know, we will see; if you was worthy, you could receive from this meal.” Today and preachers, and philosophers, and writers – they all speak for the Love but everyone holds it for himself, they consider that the others are not ready to taste from it – the Love is a dish fit for a king. Who speaks to somebody for the Love, he shows him one dish fit for a king, as he adds: “Your time still hasn’t come to taste from this meal” – so for this who listens the time still hasn’t come. What this disciple had made in the end? One day, as he sat in front of the full plate of his teacher, he turned to the God with the following prayer: “God, already ten years how I zealously serve to you, am I not still worthy to taste from this dish fit for a king, till when I shall be only spectator to this king’s table?” One angel answered to his prayer in the following way: “Tomorrow, when you go to your teacher and he put in front of you a dish fit for a king again without giving you from it, raise carefully your teacher from the chair, sit on his place and eat the meal in the plate.” The disciple liked this advice and he made like this: when he went to his teacher, the last put a plate with a dish fit for a king in front of him again, but in the moment when he prepared to eat, the disciple softly raised him from the chair and sat on his place, saying: “Teacher, in the name of your worth today I shall eat from the dish fit for a king – I am already from the worthy disciples.”

Today in all contemporary people hide one of these adherents, who says: “God is far from the people, the Love is still not for you, you are not worthy of the dish fit for a king, the Knowledge is not for you, you are still little children, you are not ready for the beautiful Divine works.” I say: raise your teachers from their thrones and sit on their places – after that start to eat with the meal of the Love; raise your teachers from the thrones of the Wisdom and start to use from the Light of the Knowledge; raise your teachers from the thrones of the Truth and start to serve to the God – the time for this had come! Your first serving will be to your teachers who you took down from their thrones because they are invalids. I ask who man is invalid. Who discourages and things that from him will not become nothing; this man gives his discouraging and to the other people. What the farmer does when the first sowed seed doesn’t grow, is he discourage? No, he ploughs up the field well, throw out the old seed and sow new. I say: it is time to liquidate with the old, to be thrown out and to be replaced with new – everything which till now had worried the man and had put smut in his soul, has to throw out and replace with something new.

You say: “What the new will introduce?” The new will introduce Peace, Joy and Fun in the soul of the man. If you want to reach this position gradually, every morning direct your mind to the God! This moment is great because then little and big, good and bad creatures direct their thoughts to the God and acquire something. In this moment and the wild beast is good; after that every one appears his nature. Therefore when some man is good, this shows that or he directed his thought to the God, or without doing that he is good, because his nature is such. It means that the man can be good in two causes: or when God works in him, or when the man works in the God. For example you meet some mother and watch her relations to her child: she is tender, attentive, good to her child; afterwards she meets some other child but to him she is not already so tender, so attentive and good – why? In the first case God works in her, and in the second case she doesn’t work in the God; said with other words, in the first case she direct her thought to the God, and in the second case she doesn’t direct her thought to the God.

And so, two standings are necessary to the man: to be good when he directs his mind to the God, and to be good when he doesn’t direct his mind to the God. The first standing is especially necessary, in order the second to come. When one man feel that he is not good, let him direct his mind to the God – as much more often he directs his mind to the God, as he becomes better. For the man to direct his mind to the God, this understands to change of the states; in this way man acquires perfection. Perfect man is that who and when doesn’t think, and when think for the God, is always good; perfect man is that for who God is always good, but and he is always good for the God. When God is in us and work for us, we are always good, but from us it is wanting and when we are in the God and work for Him, to be good again. In the second case it is noticed that namely then most people are not good; in this relation man has to teach from the God, to be good and then when he works in the God, as he is good when God works in him. Most people today are always good when God works in them, but are not always good when they work in the God; when you know this, you will distinguish the natural good man from the temporary good one and will strive to acquire the first Kindness. After you know this, you will work consciously, will acquire, will learn as from your experience from the past, as and from your knowledge which you acquire now.

I say: for the man are important the strivings of his soul and of his Spirit, for the man are important his gifts and abilities which have to be developed every day and to grow up. These things may be reached when you walk in the way which God had defined to you – there is no easier way from this. It is harder for the man to make bad than to walk in the way which is defined for him for ages. Imagine the standing of a man who think to steal from some rich man one sum from two hundred leva; where he goes, he always plans, make plans how to attain to these money – he walks whole year, go about around the house, watch to the windows, always thinks how to make the theft without catch him. He finally decides to make the acquaintance of the servants of this rich man; he makes the acquaintance of one, with second, with third, studies them, wants to know who from them could be bribed – the whole plan costs him time, efforts, anxieties, fear. But if one man decides to make good, it will not cost him anything – neither fear, neither anxieties, neither disturbances. The robber worries that they will find his plan, that they will catch him, etc.; if a man who thinks to make some bad or crime would use this energy and this time for some good, useful work, he would wonder the people with this which he can make. If he decides to serve to the evil, in the end they will catch him again, they will imprison him to lie around ten years; what this man earns with the evil? He loses, and don’t earn.

And so, the way which God had defined for the people, is ten times better from this which they now walk and live on. And now from the contemporary people is wanted heroism, in order to walk in the new way – said with other words, to come back in the way they had been deviated from. Only in this way they put strong base of their earth life. Then and if they fall in the worst conditions, they will always keep their equilibrium – their ship will toss amid the roughed sea, but the waves will not pierce it and it will reach the port safely, it will step upon solid ground safely.

6th August 1931, 5p.m.



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