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The Place of the God

Many of the contemporary people occupy with the idea for the God but don’t have clear idea what is God; what form God has they also don’t know. Man may have idea for the form of the bodies only then when they are clear in his consciousness; after one object or one body is not clear in your consciousness you can’t have idea and for its form. You say: “We can’t grasp what God is but want to know at least where His place is.” The place of the God is this way where all live creatures with its waking up address their consciousness, mind or thought. As you start from the most little and you reach to the biggest all these creatures address their consciousness uphill – this way namely is the place of the God. This is happening simultaneously in the whole world – between all creatures from different hierarchies. There is no greater moment for the man and from every live creature from this – when wakes up in the morning to address the consciousness or the mind in that way, where are directed the consciousnesses and the thoughts of all the rest creatures. Only in this way man may perceive the good which comes from the God; who refuses to accept this good, he falls in darkness and loneliness. Some say: “Why I have to pray?” The prayer is necessary because then man addresses his mind to the God to perceive something from Him – in this sense the prayer represents the opening of the colors for the sun light and warmth.

I say: if you want to develop yourself constantly keep in your mind the thought for God as only place, as only focus where the consciousnesses of all the Sensible creatures gather. What the people think, don’t occupy with this – keep your thought to this only way from where the Light and the Warmth of your Life comes. If you deflect your mind from this place, you lose your way and stay in darkness. Man is a traveler in his life; if he says to deflect a little from the way, to have fun with this and that, he will get confused, will get lost and will not be able to overtake his companions. When all the creatures address their consciousnesses to the place where God is, with this they make a step forward, they already don’t go back to wait the latecomers or confused in the way. If they don’t address their minds to the God and in the second, and in the third day, they will stay more and more backwards till one day their life absolutely stultifies. Who think for the God and address their minds to Him, they walk more and more forward – this means progress in the thought, and everything is in the progress. Even in his bed man may address his thought uphill and to go forward – everything is in the thought of the man. Some man may go out for the morning walk but he say: “Why I needed to get up so early, to get tired, why I didn’t stay to lie little more?” Such man, even he came to prayer, he is backward from the others because his thought is not right. Do you want to progress, to develop your selves right, wherever you are, in whatever situation you are, spare half or an hour to occupy in your consciousness with the thought of the God – do you want to acquire Light of your consciousness, think for the God.

You say: “What will happen when we look to the way where the place of God is?” It is not important what will happen – look and don’t ask! – “What shall I see?” You don’t have to know this too – just look! You say: “We see that the day is clear.” Yes, the day is clear, all around is nice, but you have never looked how the Sun of the Life rises – you have been seen only the physical Sunrise but you have never seen the Sunrise of the Life. Sometimes you see the physical Sun through clouds and you are pleased, but if you see the rising of the Sun of the Life, you will never forget it and nothing will be able to replace it. In the Sun of the Life you will see the God who will talk to you. As the physical Sun rises, as rises and the Sun of the Life; the difference consists only in the places where these two suns rise – in the consciousness of the man these two things are perfectly different.

I say: the physical Sun stimulates the man in one way, and the Sun of the Life – in absolutely other way. When the physical Sun rises, man is glad, move, work – in him appears a desire to make his ways right, to plough up his fields, to plant his gardens, to build houses etc. After the Sun of the Life rises, in the man appears a desire to make the relations right with all the people; simultaneously with this all the people, as and the all live creatures, from the most little ones to the biggest ones, become dear to him, dearly loved. Who is lit up once by the Sun of the Life, he already enters in the condition of all sufferers, of all sinners, because he does understand them. The sinner is a prisoner for him who he wants to free – stop in front of him and says: “Brother, get out of this prison because you will die here hungry; if you stay little more in the prison, everybody will leave you – you will leave alone, will late in your way and nobody will look at you, there will be nobody to give you bread, there will be nobody to bring you water; without the other people want, the unhappiness will chase you because you are alone in the way, confused and deluded.” Man has to go forward; nobody has to stand in his consciousness to one place. For every day there is defined way which man has to pass in his consciousness; if man does not pass this way, he stands backwards – if he stands backwards, with this and the unhappiness comes for him.

This is the new philosophy of the Life. Some says: “What comes from I have passed one little way in my consciousness, what I will reach with this? “ Many things may be reached: no matter how little is the way that man passes, he goes forward every day, and after he goes forward, he comes near more and more to the God – with ten centimeters to advance the man in his traveling or in his movement to the God, this is equivalent to millions kilometers in the physical world. You say: “What comes from the fact I have looked to the God or I have thought for Him?” To look to the God or only to think for Him, this costs more than all material wealth, at which man have in the Earth – this one is one of the great truths of the Life. After you know this, don’t depreciate, don’t belittle these things! Some says: “I have so much work to do, so the last thing I need is to think for the God and for the place where He is! I must work, to care for my material needs.” I say: the only place where you may accept all necessary in your Life from, is the place of the God – if you think for the God, if you fuse with the knowledge of all creatures which address to Him, it is enough.

I ask what cost to the man to live for the God – he knows this science. Imagine that you are in front of one dry mill-race in which one mill-wheel stands; the mill-wheel wants to move, but the mill-race says to it: “How is possible to turn you when I have got no water”; when the water comes the mill-wheel starts to move. The water knows and can move the mill-wheel, it doesn’t have to learn this art now; the water says to the mill-wheel: “Listen, you will go in the way which I go.” The mill-wheel promises that will go with it, but after the water comes it first raise uphill and soon after that get downwards – its movement is upwards and downwards, not as the water’s forward. And the people as the mill-wheel often promise: “I shall go forward, I shall go on the stream of the water”, but when the water comes they immediately change to their promise – the water goes forward, and they move now upwards, now downwards and stand almost to one place. The water and the mill-wheel speak – the water says to the mill-wheel: “Why you stand to one place and work nothing?” – “How I don’t work, I grinded so much flour.”

I say: the mill-wheel represents the physical live of the people – if they don’t follow the way and the movement of the water, they will stand always to one place and only flour will grind. And the people, like the mill-wheel, do work, but their job is not as the water’s – the water had passed through many places, it had watered countless plants and animals, it had given life for many creatures; the mill-wheel grinded millions grains, had transformed them to flour and constantly boast: “Do you know how much flour I have grinded!” But if you compare the work of the mill-wheel with this of the mill-wheel, you will see the enormous difference between them.

Now many people imagine, like the mill-wheel of the water-mill, that they had been finished plenty of work. Their job is physical but the real work is of the water – it had watered many flowers, gardens, people and animals, it had increased the prosperity of all live creatures – wherever it passed, it leaved its blessing. The water represents the Life with which we all together have to walk. We don’t need water-mills, and the let the mill-wheel stands to its place; the water will not start to tell with the mill-wheel, it will continue its way. With this example I want to turn my attention to the two kinds consciousness in the people: the consciousness of the mill-wheel which turns only round one center – the physical consciousness of the man; the second consciousness is this of the water, which moves except round one center, more to one elevated ideal as a result of this everything goes forward and does work. The addressing of our thought to God is trend upwards; the opposite trend of this way is the trend of the water which gets down downwards – the stream of the river shows the movement of the Divine consciousness to us, i.e. upwards to downwards. When we think for the God we move upwards, to Him; after this He moves downwards to us as He sends His thought. In a way that God always sends us something upwards but and we have to send something to Him.

And so, every morning send your thought to this way where all sensible creatures send their thoughts – on this way you will participate in the common good. Some says: “I don’t want to think”; you may not to think for this one, for that one, for the trifles in the life, but for God you can’t not to think – you are indebted to address your thought to the God, to that way where all sensible creatures address their thought. There the space is wide, can’t come any dissension – this place will bring unity between all the people. When the people address their thought to one way, they come near to the God, and with this and their relations with the people get right; in this way the people will be health, jolly, will have Peace in their souls, will rejuvenate, will jump like calf. Who doesn’t address his thought to the God, he will be exhibited to various illnesses; who addresses his thought to the God will be free from all the illnesses. The illnesses represent parasites in the aura of the man from which he by all means has to free; the parasites are the negative thoughts which sap the man, there why he has to free from them.

Therefore if somebody says that he has got not to think for the God, he already falls in the position of orphan child without mother and father; you know what is the position of such child – if somebody don’t care for it, it goes barefooted, bare, ragged, unsettled; if you see its head, you will see that it whole is whitened from parasites, from filths, its face is yellow, sucked out from these parasites. It goes homeless and friendless till somebody finds to take and grow it; this child recovers immediately – its clothes are clear, the head – clear, the hair – well sleeked. Soon it become stronger, becomes jolly, it is glad to the life, to everything what surround it. In the way that if a man falls in the position of orphan child, he has to know that he already have stopped to think for the God – then the parasites one after other start to attack him and he lose the sense of the Life.

I say: one way there is in the Life and in this way all the people have to walk. Some says: “What we will do when we go in this way, isn’t enough to read the Bible and the Gospel?” You may read and the Bible, and the Gospel but in the reading of these books there special philosophy. When you read the Bible and the Gospel, where it is talking for the Christ, for the vices, for the good people, who had lived in this time, you have to connect with them and to address your thought to that way where they had addressed their thought. If you connect with these sensible souls, don’t ask if Christ understand you, if God will accept your prayer – after you address your consciousness to the common consciousness of all the creatures, in all cases you will receive something from the common good, independently from this if you deserve it, or no. It is enough to address your consciousness upwards to receive at least one loaf, said on human language; if you don’t address your consciousness to the consciousnesses of all creatures, no matter how much you cry and pray to the God, you will not receive anything. God doesn’t like to occupy only with one face – on your prayer He will answer: “You will wait for tomorrow.” In the other way you will get up early and will wait to come the definite moment when all the souls address their consciousnesses to the God – then and you will address your thought to Him and will not ask if you are in right way, or no, if you will see the God. These are secondary questions, for you it is important to address your mind upwards and to wait – in all cases you will receive something from the common good. And the blind man doesn’t see but when he look upwards, in all cases someone will come to put in his hand one loaf; he says: “I haven’t seen the Sun, but I received a bread” – it is enough to him. These are figures which clear up the idea well.

And so, all the people have to address their consciousnesses to the God. Where God is? God is in this place where all sensible and good people address their minds. Not only the people but all sensible creatures, from the smallest to the biggest, address their minds to the God. Some says: “On which place God is?” Get up your mind upwards and don’t ask.

When I talk you for the place of the God where all have to address their thought, this doesn’t have to throw you in contradiction with your work – whatever you work, everyone is on his place. In this sense and the mill-wheel is on its place, and the water is on its place; the difference between the mill-wheel and the water is that the mill-wheel turns around its center and think only for itself, and the water goes forward and think for everyone. Who thinks only for himself, he is a mill-wheel; such man through the whole his life thinks only for himself – that has need of money to dress well, the people to esteem and to respect him. This is philosophy of the mill-wheel but and it does some work – it grinds wheat; when you come near to it you hear “bur-bur-bur” – it grinds wheat, one after other the sacks are filled with newly flour which spread from the tradesmen for sale. This work you do in your life too but you are not pleased. Show one miller who became philosopher, writer or poet; till now at least I haven’t met either one miller who had written at least one book. Shepherds had written books but millers – no; the millers only wheat grind, they haven’t time for anything else. How the miller will save himself? As he becomes or shepherd, or ploughman; it is not need the wheat to grind – it is enough the wheat to triturate and to be eaten like that, the grinding of the wheat doesn’t allow the Life. If man may attain the right way in which the wheat has to be eaten, he will understand the sense of the Life.

These are secondary questions which will serve you only to clarification of the idea. The miller can manage alone: when the people stop to bring him wheat for grinding he will been forced to leave the water-mill; when he stays day-two without work, he will say: “This work will not be like this” and will start other craft. In a way that you have got no to worry what will happen with the old – the old will go away alone and the new will come. Your mission is to hold for the new.

You say: “Which is the new thought?” The new thought is the following: address your mind, heart and the will to the place of the God! When you get up in the morning, your first work to be to address your hearts and minds to that way where in this moment millions hearts and minds address. These hearts and minds vibrate with different vibrations, with different understandings, but one only place attracts them - the place of the God. And in the name of this place all live creatures unit: you see some king, ahead of who everybody bow, but when this moment comes, and he like a child, undisturbed from nothing, addresses his thought to the God – in this moment and the child, and the king are one; after that the king takes his warder, get onto the throne, start his daily work. On the other morning the king together with all creatures under him address his thought to the God again – in this place all people know each other.

Therefore, the real Love express through addressing the thought of all creatures in one way. When the consciousnesses of all creatures address in one way, they will have many common points between, but if man starts to turn only round his centre, round himself, everything is loosed. Some says: “For me the life has got no sense”; I say: if you want your life to have sense, address your mind upwards! It is not hard work – what easier of that man to think in one way? According to me it is harder for a man to think in two or more ways, as the contemporary people make, than to think in one way. Many times the people had addressed their thought upwards; they know the way of this place but didn’t come to their mind that there is one common moment when all creatures simultaneously address their thought to the God. Want or no, this is happening in one inside, implacable low; who doesn’t want to subordinate to this low, they will force him – how? Some illness will catch him and he will search the God, will address his thought to Him and will thank that he has become ill in order to think for the God. Not only through illnesses but and through many other ways the mill-wheel of the man may be stopped, in order to force him to search the place of the God. One hour, one minute or one second is wanted to address the consciousnesses of all creatures to the God – this hour of the day is great, this minute of the hour is great, this second of the minute is great!

Now I shall read 8th chapter from the Gospel of Joan, from the 31st verse downwards. “And Jesus had said to the believed in him Judeans: If you resist in my word, you really will be my disciples (verse 31). And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free (verse 32).” These verses, translated according to the language of the new teaching, mean: “If you all address your mind to the God, you are my disciples; and then you will know the truth which will make you free.” It means that when man addresses his mind to the God, he will connect with His Love; since God simultaneously is Truth, man will know the truth which will make him free.

“They answered him: We are seed of Abram and never have become slaves to anyone; how you say: You will be free? (Verse 33). Jesus answered them: Truth, truth I tell you: everybody who makes a sin, he is a slave of the sin; and the slave doesn’t stand in the house forever, and the Son eternally lives through.” Therefore the mill-wheel can’t exist long time; when it complete some work, it destroys and the water erases – it can’t stay on its place for long time.

“I know that you are seed of Abram; but you want to kill me because my word doesn’t put in you (verse 37).” Christ hadn’t understand only the outside murder, but and the inside. When man sacrifices the Divine in himself for a trifle, it is as he kills it. And then he is a son of murderer.

I speak what I have been seen in my Father and you also make this what you had been seen from your father (verse 38). They answered him and said: Our Father is Abram.” That is the way how the physical man speaks, the mill-wheel, and it doesn’t know its Father. “Jesus tells them: If you were children of Abram, you would make the actions of Abram (verse 39).” Abram knew the God – you believe in the Abram, and don’t believe in That one, who he believed in.

“And now you want to kill me, me, the man who told you the truth which I heard from the God; this Abram hadn’t made (verse 40). You make the actions of your father (verse 41).” If you make the actions of the God, why reproach His Speech? There why namely the harsh truth comes that you are from father devil – every thing which separate the man from the God, is from father devil; every thing which corrupts the beautiful, the elevated, the lofty in the man and remove it from him, is from father devil.

“You are from father devil and lusts of your father you want to make (verse 44).” “And I because I say the Truth, don’t believe me (verse 45).” But I know Him and I hold His word (verse 55).” It is not enough man only to know the God, but he has to hold His word, i.e. to execute His will.

“Then they toke stones to throw against Him; but Jesus hided and get put from the temple and passed through among them; and in this way he went (verse 59). Therefore who throw stones against the Truth, it will go out from him and he will leave alone. Since the Jews did threw stones upon the Truth, and till today they wander in the world homeless and friendless; from two thousand years they had been roamed in the world like no other nation, but today the Divine mercy is upon them. Every nation will be exhibit to the same experience who throws stones upon the Truth – if one nation, or one man will manifest like that, the consequences will be the same. If you want to have the Divine mercy upon yourself, every morning address your thought in the way where all creatures address their thought.

You say: “How to be understood the verse which says that Christ had skirl from the nation?” Imagine that I bring one lighted candle and show with it the way of hundred of people, but they don’t understand what I do for them and start to quarrel between, fight who of them to take the lighted candle. In order this controversy to be avoided, I blow the candle and they stand in dark – they already don’t see me, for them I had been skirl somewhere. That is the way Christ did – He blows the candle which He brought, and the consciousness of all darkened, they already didn’t see. That means the words “Jesus hided”. The power of the man stands in the Light of his consciousness; after they take his Light, he already loses his power. When mans stand in dark, he walks clumsy, he is not sure in his steps; after the darkness comes, and the movement stops – the stopping is restriction. The same holds true and of the thought, and to the consciousness of the man: till in the mind of the man there is Light, he thinks right and acts right; after the Light in the mind of the man fades, he already doesn’t know what is he doing – he remains without way of movement, without compass. The Turks have a custom when somebody comes to visit them, in the evening they close the door of the room in which the visitor will sleep, and in the morning, when he wants to go out, he has to knock on the door in order the master of the house of the house to come and to open to him. The same is happening and with every man who lose the Light of his consciousness; after he lose his Light, he remains in dark, can’t go outside; he doesn’t know what way to catch and wait the master to came to turn the key, to open to him to go out.

I say: for the man who had fallen in darkness, most important thing is the Light; for the thirsty most important is to come to the spring of the Life; for the ignorant, for the illiterate most important is to attain to the books of some library; for the worshipper most important is the temple – the temple is a place where God is, everybody searches this place. The people search this place here or there but can’t find it anywhere – the temple is on this place where all creatures simultaneously address their thought. Some says: “When I pray inside, it is enough” – this is the position of the mill-wheel which turns. A man to pray in himself, this is a level of consciousness, but not this great consciousness where all souls participate – in this position they simultaneously accept and give from the common good. It is enough man to addresses his mind to the place of the God to accept part of the common good – such is the low. When man address his mind to the God together with all, for half an hour he will receive the same good which would received if knocked whole day to the Divine door. Even if you are last, it is enough to arrive on time; if you can only for a moment to fuse with the common consciousness, you will receive again the Divine blessing – God doesn’t make difference if some had arrived first or last. And who came first, and who came last, always will receive part of the common good – the common good is for everyone. Everybody expect the moment when the Divine blessing will pour out upon them; it continues only one moment, after that the door of the blessing closes.

You say: “What we will do after that?” Everyone will get down working in himself. If God doesn’t get down with the man and the man doesn’t work upon himself, he can’t do nothing; if God doesn’t get down to the man, whatever he works, he compares to a woman who all day turn the distaff and spins nothing because there is no wave. Who have been to the God, he works in the whole day and earns something because he has enough wave for his distaff. As you know that, you will create clear imagine where the place of the God is and what man acquires when addresses his consciousness to Him. There are three moments in the day when the man addresses his consciousness to the God: in the morning sunrise; on lunch when the sun is on its zenith and evening in the sunset. The sensible creatures stay and in the three fields, in the three phases of the Sun but after they gather together, for them there is no already sunset – for the creatures who address their mind to the God, there is only sunrise. After God get out, all accept His blessing, through the whole day this Sun goes on to shine. If some say that he doesn’t know where the place of the God is, this shows that he remained back, he confused the way; nothing else remains to such man but just to walk on the stream of the river.

And so, who search the God alone, he is on wrong way. The Indus say that man has to concentrate in himself and to find the God there; this is wrong philosophy. And till today the people search the God in their selves, but can’t find Him. When it is saying that God is in the man, have to be known exactly on which place is He – ones search the God in their mind, other – in their hearts, but still haven’t find Him. Man can find the God as he stops his attention upon all the people who, like him, also are searching the God; they have to be in the position of disciples who watch to the teacher what he does. The teacher has appliances, with which he serves, and the disciples watch to these appliances, use from the knowledge of his teacher. His teacher watch to other teacher, he – to other his teacher and etc.; the disciple has to obtain knowledge from the place that his teacher obtains knowledge – from this place all creatures obtain their knowledge. If man addresses his mind to the way where all creatures address, he will acquire so much as if he knocked thousand of years on one place. This is the only way in which man may know the God; and after that he will say: “I already understand what is God, what is the Love!”

I say: The disciple has to address his thought in the way where his Teacher addresses his thought – in this the salvation of the world consists. If the disciples don’t act as their Teacher, nothing is in position to help him. Raise your mind upwards – there is your salvation! What other they speak you, don’t believe – address your mind upwards where and Gods, and Cherubs, and Angels, and saints, and fathers, and just men, and sinners, and animals address their thought! Watch the cricket to see how it, together with all, addresses its thought to the God, you see it – it stays in front of its tiny hole, think something – what is it thinking? It addresses its mind upwards. You say: “The cricket is a stupid creature, it doesn’t realize what it is doing.” The cricket is not stupid, it thinks for the God and says: “Only the thought of the God is in position to let me out of this hole.” Today it thinks for the God, tomorrow thinks till one day it finds himself out of its hole, passed in higher form of life.

Therefore only the thought is in state to take out the man from the restrictive conditions in which he finds; this thought will free him and from his debts. If God get down between the people, He will do everything, He will save them, He will put the things right – there is no other philosophy for the Life except this one. Some says: “How to understand this work?” There is no what to understand, you will address your thought there, where all live creatures address their thought – the understanding will come from above, as and the blessing. When in your home some traveler comes, gladden, thirsty, damaged by frost, do you ask him where he comes from? First you invite him to the fire to warm up, afterwards you give him a glass hot water or tea, to wet his throat, after that you give him to has his meal and at last, when he rests well, he becomes to talk alone where he comes from and what did he experience.

Let this thought – the place of the God – be for you something precious, something without which you can’t, let it be for you talisman. If you have this talisman in yourself, even if you drown and think for the God, you will save.

Tomorrow morning we will climb to the new top where we cleared the way – there to pray and thank to the God. After that we will go to the Kidney, the Fifth lake to wash our arms and legs from the long way. Till the man searches the God, his legs are always muddy; after he finds Him, he washes his legs. The washing of the legs not outside, but inside represents an emblem in the human life.

When the man finds the God, he already doesn’t think for anything, he reached everything – what will happen with the dead, with the poor, with the sufferers, he already doesn’t think for anything. In the Divine world there are not the dead, there are not poor, there are not sufferers – there everything is arranged.

5th of August 1931, 5 p.m.



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