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The place of God

Many people today are interested in God, but they hardly have any idea what exactly God is; what is the shape of God, they do not know. A man can have a clear idea of some shape if those things are clear in his mind. When an object or a body is not clear in your mind, you can not have a clear idea of its shape. You can say: “We can not understand what exactly God is, but we would like to know where His location is.” The location of God is where at the moment of waking up everybody directs their consciousness, mind and thought. All creatures from the smallest to the largest, everything directs their minds in one direction upwards-this direction exactly is the location of God. This happens in unison everywhere in the world-among all living creatures in all levels. There is not a greatest moment for a man and for all living creatures from that moment, when they wake up to address their conscience upwards-where all others have already directed their minds. Only this way can a man accept the Good, which comes from God; that man, who refuses to accept this Good will stay in darkness and loneliness.

A person will say:” Why should I pray?” A prayer is necessary, because when praying a man directs his mind towards God, in order to derive something from Him-in this case a prayer can be compared with colours which are ready to accept light and warmth from the Sun.

I say: if you want to develop yourself, always keep in your mind a thought of God as the only place, as the only focus where the consciousness of all Sensible creatures congregate together. What do other people think, it is not your business-you just keep your thought in that only direction, from where Light and Warmth of your life comes. If you redirect your mind from that direction you will lose your way of life and will stay in darkness. A man is a traveller in his life- if he decides to stop somewhere and enjoy himself he will lose his way and will not reach his mates any more. When all creatures address their minds in the direction of God, they move forward a step; not retreating to wait for that man who was late or who got lost. If these people on the second and on the third day do not address their minds towards God, they will stay behind all others, and one day their life will not have any value. Those people who think about God and address their minds in His direction will go ahead, this means big progress in their minds and progress is positive. Even in bed a man can address his mind towards God and think about Him, and this way he will go ahead- everything is there in man’s mind. If somebody who goes out very early in the morning for a prayer, but regrets about that and says: “Why did I get up so early, I have got tired, why should I do that. I could stay in bed longer instead.” This man, even he has come for a prayer, is behind the others, because his thought is not right. If you want to progress in your life, to advance in life perfectly, wherever you are, whatever situation, just spend a half an hour or so to think about God- if you want to achieve a Light in your consciousness, think about God.

You can say:” What will happen if we look in God’s direction?” It is not important what will happen just do it without asking any questions!-“What I will see?” You do not have to know that, too- just stare at it”. You say:” We see that the day is clear.” Yes, the day is bright and everything around us is nice, but you have never seen how the Sun of Life rises- you have just seen a physical sunrise, but you have never seen the dawn of the Sun of Life. Sometimes you see a physical sun through the clouds and you enjoy it, but if you just once have the opportunity to see the Sun of Life, when it rises you will never forget it and nothing will be possible to cover its place. In the sun of Life you will see God, who will speak to you. How a physical sun rises is the same manner as the sun of the Life; the difference is just in location where those two suns are-in man’s consciousness these two locations are in completely different places.

I declare that a physical sun affects a man one way while the sun of Life – in an entirely different way. When a physical sun rises a man is happy, he moves, works and he has an ambition to correct his lifestyle, to plough his fields, to plant his gardens, to build a house and etc. When the sun of Life rises he wants to get on well with all people; at the same time all living creatures from smallest to the largest become loved and dear to him. Only a man who has been warmed from the sun of Life can understand all people who suffer, he can understand all people who commit a sin and he will try to help them. For him, that man who has committed a sin is as a prisoner who wants to get free; he will stop and will give him the following advice. “My brother, get out of this prison, because you will starve here; if you remain in this place even a little bit more you will be left behind others-you will be late for the train in your life and nobody will come back for you, nobody will give you bread and water, even other people would not want to do this to you, but it will happen, on all your way problems will follow you one after another. It will happen because you are alone on your way, you are at a stand, and you are in a fog.” A man must go ahead, nobody must stay on the same level in his consciousness, and nobody can do this. For each day there is a certain limit which a man must walk in his mind; if a man does not walk it he will stay behind the others and all troubles will come to him.

This is the meaning of a new philosophy of Life. A person can say: “What will happen if I travel a short distance in my mind, what I can achieve from it?” You can achieve a lot: it does not matter how small is the distance that one has travelled in his mind, if he goes every day forward he will draw closer and closer to God –even if a man travels every day 10 centimetres or he draws closer to God every day by 10 centimetres, this is equals to millions of kilometres in a physical world. You can say:” What will happen if I look at God and think about Him” To look at Him or to think about Him is much more valuable of all the material goods that one has on Earth- this one is of the greatest truth of the Life. If you know that then do not make them less valuable, do not devalue them! A person can say: have too many things to do and to think of where God is or to think about Him I am too busy. I have to work and to look after my material necessities!” I insist that the only place from where you can get all you need in your life is the place of God-if you start thinking about God, if you join your consciousness all other creatures that address theirs to Him, this is enough.

I’ll ask you:” how much does it cost for a man to live for the sake of God- a man knows this knowledge. Imagine that you are staying at a dry artificial stream where is placed a water-wheel; a water-wheel wants to move, but the dry stream says to it: “How can I turn you around your axle if I do not have any water running” but after water comes a water-wheel starts moving and turning around. Water knows how and is able to move the water wheel, water does not have to learn how to do that; water then says to water-wheel: “Listen to me and follow that direction I will show you.” Water –wheel promises to obey that but it does not do it. When water reaches it first thing it produces is to rise up and then it goes down- its motion is up and down, it does not follow the motion of the water forwards. People do the same like water –wheel: they often promise:” I will go forwards; I will follow the motion of the water.” However, when water comes closer they immediately change their promise and go up and down while water goes forwards they stay at the same place. When water and water-wheel talk-water says” Why you are staying on the same place and do not work anything?”-“How can you say that I do not work anything, look how much flour I have grinded.”

I compare water-wheel with a physical life of people-if they do not follow direction and action of water then they will stay at the same place

Forever and they will just grind flour. People like water-wheel really do some work, but their work is not the same as water does; water has passed trough many places, it has irrigated countless plants and animals, it has given life to a million creatures; water-wheel has grinded millions of small grains, has turned them into flour and always boasts: “Do you know how much flour I have grinded?” However, if you compare that job with the job of water you will make a big difference.

Not a few people today get a similar idea in their heads as water-wheel does, that they have done a big job. Their job is physical, while the job of water is the real one-it has irrigated many flowers, gardens, people and animals. It has improved conditions of all living creatures-everywhere it has passed it has left its blessing. Water means Life that all we must follow. We do not need water-mill, lets water-wheel stays in its place; water will not stop its action in order to talk to water –wheel, water will continue its way. Using this example I want to focus your attention in two type of consciousness that people have: the first one is a consciousness of a water-wheel, that turns around its axle-around the physical consciousness of a man; while the second is the consciousness of water, that turns not just one centre, but also goes up to a higher ideal and in a result it goes forward and does a good job. Addressing our thoughts to God is a stream upwards, while the opposite stream is downward, when water runs downward-the stream of water shows the Divine consciousness toward us, from up to down. When we think about God we move upward, after that He moves downward and sends us His thought. This way God always send us something from a higher level, but we also must send something to Him.

So, every morning you should focus your thought upwards, to Him where all living creatures direct theirs-this way you will take part in common prosperity. Someone can say:” I do not want to think”; you do not have to think about one or another person or thing, for the small things in your Life, but about God you should think- you are obligated to direct your thought to Him, in that direction where all the living creatures address their thoughts. There is enough room there– it is not possible to appear any disagreement-this area will bring unity and a harmony among all people. When people address their thought in one direction, they draw closer to God, and their relationships get on with better; this way people will be healthy, cheerful and they will have Peace in their souls, they will become younger and will jump as young calf does. That man who addresses his thought toward God will get free from all illnesses. Illnesses are parasites in human’s aura, nothing else, and a man must break free from them; parasites are negative thoughts that pump out a man, and he must get rid of them.

In conclusion we can say that if somebody says that, in his opinion, he does not have to think about God, he becomes in a situation of an orphan without mother and father; you know very well what the status of that child is –if nobody takes care of him he is down and out, dirty and hungry. If you look at his head, you will see that his head is full of parasites; his face is pale and exhausted from them. He walks in poverty, until somebody finds him and decides to bring him up. After that he gets over very fast-his clothes look washed and tidy, his head is clean, his hair well brushed. In very short time he strengthens, becomes cheerful and enjoys everything around him, everything that surrounds him. So, if a man gets into a situation of an orphan, he must know that he has already stopped to think about God-then parasites begin attacking him and he loses the meaning of Life.

I say: there is just one right direction in life and everybody must follow it. A person can say:” What will we do if we go this direction? Isn’t it enough to read the bible and the new scripture?” You can read the bible, the new and the old scripture, but in reading these books there is a certain philosophy. When you read about Jesus, about the prophets and about good people, lived that time, you should make a spiritual connection with them and direct your thoughts in the same direction where they did. When you have this connection, you do not need to ask weather Jesus understand you or not, you do not have to ask whether God listens to your prayers or not-when you direct your mind in that only right direction where all sensible living creatures do you will gain something from that common goods, it does not mater whether you deserve or not. It is enough just to direct your mind upwards in order to gain “a loaf of bread “. In other words, if you do not direct your mind there you will not receive anything, no matter how hard or how long you will plead for something. God does not like to deal just with one person. To your prayer He will say: “You will wait until tomorrow.” On the next day you must wake up early and you must wait for the right moment when all souls direct their minds towards Him and do not ask is this the right direction or not, do not ask whether you will see God. These are miner issues, it is important for you to direct your mind there and to wait-you will receive something from common goods anyway. A blind man can not see, but when he rises his head upwards, always somebody else will come and will put in his hand a loaf of bread; He says:” I have not seen the Sun, but I have got a loaf of bread” –this is enough for him. These figures explain the idea very well. So, people must direct their minds towards God. Where is God? God is where all the sensible and good people direct their minds. Not just people, but all living beings, from the smallest to the

Largest, direct their minds towards God. Somebody asks:” Where is God?” Do not ask; just rise your mind upwards!

When I speak about the place of God, where all you must direct your minds, it does not mean, that you have to be in contradiction with your work-whatever you do everybody is in his place. In this meaning even the water-wheel is in its place, water is in its place as well: the difference between the water-wheel and the water is, that a water-wheel revolves around its own axel and thinks just about itself while the water goes forwards and thinks about everybody else. That man who thinks only about his own necessities is a water-wheel; this man all his life thinks just about himself-about money, he needs, about the clothes, he thinks that other people must respect him and look up to him. This is the philosophy of the water –wheel. However, it also does some work-it grinds wheat; when you go close to it you will hear “brr-brr-brr”-wheat is grinding, one after another bags are filled with fresh grinded flour, which is transported by traders in order to be sold. This job you also do in your life, but you are not satisfied. Can you give as an example even one worker in a water-mill who has become a philosopher, a writer or a poet; I have never met such a person who has written a book so far. Shepherds have written books, while water-mill workers-haven’t; water-mill workers grind wheat, they do not have time for anything else. How can this water-mill worker save himself? When he becomes a shepherd or a ploughman; it is not necessary to grind the -wheat –it is enough to bray it and eat it this way. Grinding wheat does not solve the problems in Life. If a man is able to understand what is the right way of eating wheat, that man will be able to understand the meaning of Life.

These are secondary questions which just can be used to clear up the idea. A worker in a water-mill can solve his problems solely if people stop bringing him wheat for grinding. In this case they will be made him leave this job; when he stays one or two days without a job, he will say: “I can not go on this way” and eventually he will start a new job. For that reason you do not have to worry about what will happen with the outdated people or things; the outdated will leave by them and the new ones will come. Your tusk is to follow the new things and ideas.

You can say:” Which is the new thought?” The new thought is the following one: Focus your mind, your heart and your will on God! Getting up in the morning, your first work is to direct your heart and mind in that direction where at that minute millions of minds and hearts direct theirs. These hearts and minds have dissimilar vibrations, different understanding, but all they are attracted by one thing-God or the place of God in there lives. And for the sake of this place all living creatures integrate: you can see a king, to whom everyone worship, but when this

Moments comes he focuses his mind on God like a child does, nothing is able to disturb him. In that moment a child and a king are in unison; after that moment a king takes his sceptre, goes up to his throne, starts his daily routines. On the next day, the king again does the same thing in unison with all other creatures that are subservient to him, the king focuses his mind to God- on that place all people know each other.

Therefore, true Love manifests in focusing thoughts of all living creatures in one direction. When the consciousness of all living creatures directs in one direction, then all they will have a lot of common points, whereas if a man starts going just around his own centre, around himself, everything is lost. Somebody says: “Life does not have any meaning for me”; I say: if you want to fulfil your life with meaning, then direct your mind upward! This is not so difficult job at all- what can be easier from that to focus in one direction only. In my opinion, it is much more difficult to focus your mind in two or three directions, which most of contemporary people do, instead of focusing in just one direction. Many times people have been focusing their minds upward-they know very well this direction, but they have never thought of the fact that there is one moment, when all living beings in unison focus their minds towards God. Whether they want or not, this happens as a result of an inner obstinate law; that man who does not want to obey this law will be forced to follow it. How? He will catch an illness and will look for God, then he will focus his mind towards Him and will thank for having this illness, because it made him think about God. It is not just an illness that can force a man to think about God, there are plenty of ways with the same result, to focus on God. One hour, one minute or just one second is necessary in order all living beings in unison to focus their minds toward God-how great this hour of the day is, how great this minute of the hour is, how great this second of the minute is!

Now, I am going to read chapter eight from John, the Apostle, starting from verse 31. “And so Jesus went on to say to the Jews that had believed him: “If you remain in my word, you are really my disciples” (Verse 31). And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. (Verse 32). These words, interpreted during the language of a new teaching, mean: “If you all focus your minds towards God, you are My disciples; and then you will know the Truth which will set you free.” It means that when a man focuses his mind towards God, he will be in touch with His Love; because God at the same time is Truth, a man will take in the Truth that will set him free.

“They replied to him: “We are Abraham’s offspring and never have we been slaves to anybody; How is it you say, ‘you will become free?(verse 33). Jesus answered them: “Most truly I say to you, every doer of sin is a slave of sin (verse 34). Moreover, the slave does not remain in household forever; the son remains forever (verse 35). This mean: Everybody, who does not focus their mind in God’s direction is a slave of sin, and the slave does not remain in household forever, the Son remains forever” Therefore, the water-wheel can not stay forever; when it finishes certain work, it destroys itself and water carries it away-it can not stay for a long time on its place.

“I know that you are Abraham’s offspring, but you are seeking to kill me, because my word makes no progress among you (verse 37)”. Jesus did not understand just killing the body, He meant inner killing. When a man sacrifices his own divine feelings for nothing it is as he kills it and after that becomes a son of a killer.

“What thing I have seen with my father I speak and you, therefore, do the things that you have heard from /your/ father (verse 38). In answer they said to him: “Our father is Abraham.” A physical man speaks this way, water-wheel-man, and he does not know his Father. “Jesus said to them: If you are Abraham’s children do the work of Abraham (verse 39).” Abraham knew God-you believe in Abraham, but you do not believe in That, in whom he believed.

“But now you are seeking to kill me, the man that has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do this (verse 40). You do the works of your father (verse41).”If you do God’s work, why you blame His Words? That is why you come from father devil-everything that keep a man in a distance from the God comes from father devil; everything that depraves beautiful, high-descent and noble characters in a man and removes him from God comes from father devil.

“You are from your father the Devil and, and you wish to do the desires of your father (verse 44). Because I, on the other hand, tell the truth, you do not believe me (verse 45).” “But I do know him and am observing His Word (verse 55). It is not enough for a man to know God, but he has to observe His word, he has to fulfil His will.

“Therefore they picked up stones to hurl /them/ at him, but Jesus hid and went out of the temple.” Therefore, that man who throws stone at the Truth will remain in loneliness, because the truth will hide from him. Since Jewish People has thrown stones at Truth, they have wandered all over the world in disgrace. For 2000 years they have been rambling in the world like no one other nation, though today God’s mercy is on them. The same experience will have every man who throws stones against the Truth-weather a man or a nation will do this, the consequences will be the same. If you want to have God’s mercy you must focus your mind in His direction every morning, where all the living beings direct theirs.

You say: “How we can understand the verse in which Jesus hid from the people?” Visualize that I was holding a candle and was directing hundreds people to go out of a tunnel, but they did not understand my mission and started arguing and fighting who of them would take the candle. In order to get rid off this argument I would put off the lighted candle, they would not be able to see me, for them I would have hidden. The same thing did Jesus-he blew the candle that was carrying and their minds went dark, they did not see anything. This is the meaning of the words” Jesus hid.” Strength of a man is in the Light of his mind; when somebody takes this Light, a man loses his strength. When a man stays in darkness, he walks clumsily, he is not confident in his steps; when darkness comes, the motion stoppage is a restriction in one’s progress. The same things are valid for a man’s mind and consciousness; as long as in man’s mind Light exists, he thinks correctly and behaves appropriately; when the Light in man’s mind dies away, he does not know how to behave; after that he stays without any direction in his motions, aimlessly. Turkish people have got the an old custom, which is: when somebody visits them they lock the door of the room at night where a guest sleeps and in the morning the guest must knock at that door, the guest must wait for the owner to come and to open his door.

I say: The Light is the most important thing for a man who has been left into darkness; for the thirsty one the most important thing is to come closer to the spring of Life; for that who is ignorant, who is bad educated the most important thing is to get closer to the books of a library; for a man who prays to God the most important thing is a temple- a temple is the place where God is, everybody looks for this place.

People look for that place here and there, but they can not find it-temple is on that place, where all living beings direct their minds in unison. Somebody says: “I think that having a silent prayer is sufficient”- this is the situation with water- wheel that turns round its axes. Having a silent prayer is a kind of consciousness, but it is not that great consciousness in which all souls take part in-when they at the same time derive and offer benefits from general goods. It is just enough for a man when directs his own mind towards God in order to get a piece from general goods-this is the law. When a man directs his mind towards God in unison with other people, just for half an hour he will receive the same quantity from general goods which he would obtain if he was knocking at God’s gate all day. Even if you are the last person in a queue it is sufficient when you arrive on time; if you just for one moment join collectively consciousness, you will receive God’s blessing-God does not make any difference whether somebody arrives first or last. Everybody will derive from general goods-that person who arrives first and that who arrives last - General good is for everybody. Everybody waits for the moment when God’s blessing will come upon them; it lasts just one moment, after that the door of Blessing shuts down.

You say:” What shall we do after that?” Everybody should go and work on his own in order to progress. If God does not get down into the man and a man does not work on his own, he would not be able to do anything; if God does not get down into a man, whatever a man works he will be in a situation of a woman, that all day round works in her loom, but does not produce anything because there’s not any thread. That man, who had visited God, will work all day and will produce something valuable, because he has got enough yarn in his loom. Having this idea in your mind, you will form a clear picture of God’s place and what benefits a man will gain if focuses his consciousness in His direction. There are three moments during the day when a man focuses his mind towards God: in the morning, when the sun rises; at noon, when the sun is in his zenith and in the evening, at sunset. Sensible beings are in these three areas, in these three phases of the Sun, but when they congregate together, sunset does not exist for them anymore- for the living beings, which focus their minds towards God just Sunrise exists. When God comes out, everybody derives His blessing; this Sun remains shining for all the day long. When somebody says that he does not know where the place of God is, this mean that this man is behind, he has been lost; there’s not anything else for that man except to keep on walking along the stream of the river.

So, that man who looks for God by himself has taken the wrong way. Hindu people say that a man must concentrate his mind in his inner world and he will find God; this philosophy is wrong. People have been looking for God this way so far, but they could not find Him there. When it is said that God is inside the man, you must know where exactly He is-somebody looks for God in man’s mind, other looks for Him in man’s heart, but they have not found Him there. A man will find God, when he pays attention at all other people who like him look for God at the same time; they must be like students who look up at their teacher. The teacher has got some materials which uses, and the disciple looks at these materials and learns, the disciple gains from master’s knowledge. His master looks up at another master, that one –at another and so on; the disciple must take in that knowledge from the same source where his master does- from that place where all creatures gain their knowledge. If a man focuses his mind in the place where all living beings do, he will derive as mush as he would have derived if he was knocking at God’s gates for thousands years. This is the only way for a man to take the knowledge of God; he will say after that:” I know what God is and what Love is”.

I say: a man must focus his mind in the direction where his Master’s mind is focused –this is the idea of salvation of the world. If a disciple does not do the same as his Master does, nothing will be in a position to help him. Raise your mind upwards-there is your salvation! If people speak to you otherwise do not trust them-just focus your mind upwards, where gods, heruvims, Angels, Saints, mothers and fathers, righteous and wicked people and animals focus theirs! Observe a cricket and see how it in unison with others focuses its mind upwards; just watch at him and see how it is sitting in front of his small hole and is thinking of something special-what exactly it is thinking of? It is focusing its mind upwards. You can say: “Cricket is a mindless creature, it does not realise how it acts.” Cricket is not mindless; it thinks about God and speaks to itself:” Only the thought of God is in power to get me out of this hole”. It thinks about God one day and another day and eventually it will find itself out of that hole, turned into another form of life.

Therefore, only the thought of God is in power to help the man to get out of restricted conditions in which he is at that moment; this thought will set him free from his debts, too. When God comes down to the people, He will do everything for them, He will salvage them, He will salvage the world-there is not another philosophy in the life than this one. Somebody can ask: “How can I understand this philosophy?” There is nothing for understanding here, when you focus your consciousness in the direction where all living beings direct theirs-the knowledge will come from higher level following by the blessing. When a traveller comes to your home, hungry thirsty and cold you do not ask him where he is from? First of all you invite him to come closer to the fire, to get warmth, after that you give him a cup of hot tea or hot water, next you give him some food to eat and later, when he gets relaxed well he starts talking about himself, where he is from and what he has experienced in his life.

Let this thought-thought about the place of God in your life – be for you something very valuable, something without you would not be able to sustain, you would not be able to cope, you would not be able live, let it be for you as a talisman.

If you have this talisman inside your mind, whatever situation you are you will survive, you will be safe, when only you think about God.

Tomorrow morning we will climb up the new peak towards which we has cleaned the path where we will pray to God and will thank Him. Then we will go to the Babreka (Kidney - it is the name of a lake in Rila Mountain), the fifth lake in order to wash down our hands and feet after the long way. As long as a man looks for God his legs are always muddy;

Once finding Him, a man washes his legs. Washing legs not outside but inside is a logo in a man’s life.

When a man finds God he does not think about anything any longer, because he had already achieved everything-what will happen to dead, to poor, to those who suffer, he does not think about this. In God’s world there is not dead, there is not poor people, there is not people who suffer; everything is settled down.

5 August 1931, 5 a.m.

Translated by Maria Ivanova



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