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Now some of you say that today is cold, there is wind and they consider that the time has come. The cold shows that in the atmosphere there is gathered much electricity. What have to be done in such case? I ask, when the trader has heaped up much capital, what he has to do? He has to invest his capital in trade, in turnover. The stagnant capital is as stagnant water; what happens with the water which stays long time on one place? It begins to smell bad. On the equal reason, when on the fingers of man heap up more capital, and he begins to smell bad; and every beginning to smell bad produces pain. If man may imagine that he has nothing on his fingers, he will not feel any pain. It is not enough man just to think like that, but he has and to feel the same; if he just thinks but doesn’t feel, he will feel some pain by all means. This state is similar to the relations which exist between two good friends when some outside element comes between their relations: in first time they live in piece, in agreement, they understand each other well; but one day between them appears some outside reason which force them to become a clash. From this moment the harmony between them breaks and they feel themselves embarrassed, in a hostile manner disposed each other.

I say: in the same way every man has came in clash in something with his friends and wonders why he doesn’t understand with them now. He says that nothing is sprung up between him and his friends, but in fact there is something. You will say that the electricity is the reason for this, but the electricity doesn’t solve the questions. You pray but something tightens your fingers, you can’t pray as you have to and interrupt your prayer. If you pray, you have to forget everything – the fact that there was something on your fingers which tighten you means nothing; the tightening in the case is given for self-control. The sufferings, the difficulties, which the Invisible world or the Sensible Nature send to man, have for aim to educate him, to study him on self-control. After man acquires self-control, the sufferings and the difficulties in his life disappear by themselves.

Now, who are dissatisfied from the wind, let they make attempt to stop it. If your state changes, becomes ideal and if your Love to God becomes irreproachable, the wind would stop instantly. The most little disharmony in Nature owes to a number of reasons – it is a consequence of some breach of its laws. If man is absolutely harmonious with Nature, it will be in harmony with him too. Man is not sent on the Earth to lord it over Nature, but Nature has to be a school for him. Therefore Nature answers for man – as man is, as and it will be in attitude of him; the outside life of man correspond to his inside states. When I speak for the connection between man and Nature, I don’t understand man individually, but have in mind the whole humanity, the common harmony in life of all the people. To be in harmony with God means to understand the complete Life. For example, from your viewing, many people say: “We will become better in future.” If man is not good today, he can’t be good and in future. Some says: “In the past I was good man, now I have become bad.” This is wrong conclusion; if man has been good in the past, he will be good and now – otherwise a conclusion will be rushed that in the past he was rich and now he has become a poor man. May one man has been rich in the past, and in the present to be a poor man? If man was rich sometimes and after that became a poor man, it shows that he hasn’t real wealth – his wealth was some load which he brought on his back; afterwards they take down his load and he becomes a poor man. This enrichment and becoming impoverished represents mechanical processes. The Good which God has given to man nobody can deprive from him; if some may deprive the good from man which God has given to him, it means that he is stronger than god. But to be thought like that, it is wrong thinking, wrong conclusions. The Good which God has given to man, is essential for his Life, and the essential no one can’t deprive to anybody.

And so, in conclusion I say: if in past you were good, you are good and now; if you are good now, you will be good and in future; if you are not good now, don’t think that you will become good in future. This is the way how it has to be thought; if you don’t think like that, you will come upon some contradictions. The contradictions owe to inside dissonance in man, independently if he realizes it or no. But wherever he is, in life of man always will have some contradiction, some misunderstanding; this contradiction may come on inherited way, may be and a result of some wrong human understanding.

I say: three important factors exercise influence over the human life: The first factor is his personality, the human egoism; the second factor is the society and at last big influence over man exercise and Nature itself. For example, as you are gathered here, you influence each other and there why some of you say: “What we acquire when we get out every morning on prayer?” As an answer of this asking I shall put the following situation: if you have one big boil somewhere on the hand or in your leg and it causes you big pain, which state will be better for you – this boil to continue to fester, always to take, or to become generous, to give all what it gathered in itself? This boil is rich trader and in the case for preference is he to give something from himself, to credit the people than to take from them. Therefore when man gets out in the morning on prayer and thinks that he has to take something with him, he doesn’t understand the law – he has to give something from himself by all means. Greater man is this one who gives than that one who takes. If somebody says that he prayed so much years and he won nothing, he is on wrong way in his life. Who gets out in the morning on prayer with aim to win something, it is better for him to stay at home and not to pray – with prayer trade can’t be done. If we get out in the morning to meet God and to thank to Him for everything which He gives to us, this prayer has sense and is always accepted. Some says: “It is cold, there why we don’t want to get out.” I would like you to explain what thing the cold is and if you want to sell it, I would buy it. But there are things in world which either can’t be caught, either can’t be sold; the cold is namely from these things – it either can’t be caught, either can’t be sold. It shows that any cold doesn’t exist; when we say that outside is cold or warm, these are our notions for the things – we think that it is cold or warm. As I say that cold doesn’t exist, I have in mind this cold which you imagine; it even doesn’t exist such cold which the scientists imagine. There is something in world which influences are similar to the cold, but it is not cold. For example, if you have little trees and the stove doesn’t burns strongly, you will say that your room is cold, but if you have enough trees and the stove burns well, you will say that your room is warm and will feel yourself joyful and disposed. If your heart is health and the circulation of the blood becomes correct, then and your arms, and your legs will be warm; if the circulation of the blood doesn’t becomes correctly, the limbs of your body get cold and you will feel cold. If you send little more blood to the limbs of your body, they will become warm. In the same way you can say to the wind not to blow and the whether will become warm.

Now many people say that these things are not so important. I ask, from your viewing which things are more important? According to me the most important thing for the organism is all its parts, all its organs to be on their place; the second important thing is, when it comes time for work, all the organs to take part in the common work of the organism; third important thing is these organs to take something from the goods which are acquired from the common work. Therefore the most important thing for us is to be on our place. Which is our place? This which God has put us on. Afterwards – we to take part in the work which God does, and in the end – to participate in the goods which will be acquired from this work. These are the most important things for man. Who understands the important things in his life on this way, he will never come upon contradictions. Between the contemporary people many contradictions appear by the only reason of that they don’t understand which things are important, and which – unimportant. The contradictions appear by reason of that the people are not on their places, don’t take part in the work which is defined for them, and don’t use from the goods which this work may bring. After man doesn’t understand these three things, he will come upon three kinds of contradictions; who understands these three things in his life, for him every kind of contradictions disappears. To be on your place, to take part in the work which is defined for you, and to use yourself from the goods of this work, in this the new teaching stays, in this the new philosophy of Life concludes. If you say that this work is not for you, you alone come upon contradictions. You get up in the morning, turn on one or other side and say: “Who will climb now on the top, I don’t want to go on prayer, it can pass one day and without a prayer.” No, the prayer is the most pleasant thing which man may do – there is no more beautiful thing for man than the prayer, from his talking with God.

Some meets you and says: “What have you risen to walk on the mountains, how you can walk so much way in these high places of Vitosha, on Rila; it is better to rest, this work is stupid!” This man advices you to stay on one place, not to go on the mountains, because he himself doesn’t like to move. He is an aristocrat, he likes the easy life – he gets up in the morning, dresses well and go in some café to drink coffee, tea or milk. He considers our work as stupid, but we think his work for stupid. If we are on his place, we also may go in the café but we will act in our own way – we will take part in the work of the cafe keeper and after that we will use together with him from the goods of this work. If man decides to come in the café on warm and to drink a coffee, he has understood only the first important thing in his life – the café keeper will come to him immediately and will ask him what he wishes. And this state is good – he will order a coffee, tea or milk, but after that the café keeper will come and will say: “Now pay!” If you acted correctly, the café keeper hasn’t to want anything from you - he will only bow to you and will say: “You are welcome and other way!” If you want, you will give something to the café keeper; if you don’t want, you are free to go out.

But today there is nor one place of resort in which to be acted in the new way. If every man who goes in the café, brings his milk or coffee and pours out it in common vessel, the café keeper will deliver to every visitor how much milk he wants; this café keeper will have the only care to warm the salon and to accept everybody with joy. If all the people went in the café to give something, not only to take, the situation would be absolutely different – then neither the visitors of the café, neither the café keeper would come upon contradictions. If we go out in the morning to pray to God and we think only to take something, but and not to give, in the descent of the height the café keeper will catch us and will say: “Now pay!” The cold which you have today is nothing else but this café keeper who says: “Now pay!” You say: “It is cold” – no, this is café keeper’s work. If you think on this way, you will explain many of the contradictions of Life.

Now, when I observe some science question or science situations, I smile a little because I see that the phenomena in Nature are absolutely other from what people understand. The scientists understand many natural manifestations and phenomena in perfectly special way, they are far from the Truth. They interpret many of the manifestations of Nature in original way till the aim of Nature in this case is perfectly different from what they interpret. For example many of the disharmonic manifestations of Nature are not its. You say: “How is possible some of the manifestations of Nature not to be its?” I shall explain this with the following example: imagine that you have a child which you dress always with clean new clothes; till is with you, this child is happy, he joys to its new clothes. But the child go out on the street to play with its companions, but in this time near it passes one dyer and soils its cloth with his brush; he starts to cry and comes back to its mother but already with soiled, unclean clothes. I ask has the mother soiled the clothes of her child? No, she herself wonders who has soiled the clean clothes of her child and asks it: “Who soiled your beautiful clothes?”

Often and in Nature meet manifestations which are imagined as disharmonic to us, not correct. This shows that people have to change their old viewings for Life. Till they live with these old viewings, it can’t have any progress in the world. Till man lives with the old, no matter how much he prays, whatever efforts to make, everything will be in vain – a day after day will pass and he will not see how he gets old, the legs will start to hurt him, they don’t hold him anymore and he sees that the oldness has come. Some thinks that how much they climb on the mountains, as much better they will feel, but it doesn’t happen always like that. Therefore the rejuvenating doesn’t stay only in the climbing of the high places, but mainly in the new viewings, in the new and correct thought. I say: when man becomes to get old, it shows that he has enriched much, he is very loaded up, as a result of it he moves with big difficulty; if he gets down his load from his cart, he will start to move easily.

Now, and you write something over the theme reasons for the growing old. Some scientists say that one of the reasons for the growing old owe to exhausting of the nerve system, exhausting of the general activity of the organism, as a result of which it becomes big heaping in the muscles, in the joints and etc. And this is truth but for the old man is important that he is loaded up with many superfluous things. Now the old ones represent a point of conversation because they can rejuvenate – every thing which can be set up straight and rejuvenate, has to be examined, to be explained. If I examine the mistakes of people without to explain them, they don’t use at all. If all the people are good, I would be glad because there will have what to take from them, but if they are poor men, they have got no what to give me – the poor man knows only to beg, the old man is loaded up with many contradictions. Therefore if you want to rejuvenate yourself, you have to set free from the contradictions in your life. Some sits and occupy with unimportant works – that this hadn’t become as it has to, that his clothes was very thin, they let through wind, that he hadn’t this, that he hadn’t that, that so and so hasn’t looked him as it has to and etc.; this man occupies with thousand unimportant works but he forgets the essential. Which is the essential? The essential is that he is not on his place, he doesn’t take part in the work which is defined form him, and at last he doesn’t use form the goods which this work may deliver to him.

Now, when I exhibit you to the wind and speak, you will say: “The Master tests us how far we may stand on the wind.” I say: if I test you, I test me too, This thing is happens and in the contemporary schools – the pupils come in class, after them the teacher comes in, it doesn’t pass much time and in the class come inspector, director, in order to listen how the teacher teaches. The pupils embarrass themselves, but and the teacher is not absolutely free. After the commission gets out, the pupils say: “The teacher examines us much, he tormented us much”; and the teacher says to himself: “They haven’t tormented and me less.”

And so, the first thing for which we get out early in the morning is to set free from the unnecessary luggage – we have to set free from this luggage! You say: “How we can set free?” There are many methods through which man may set free from the unnecessary luggage, but it is still not time these methods to be given, because the people are not in state to accept them with absolute faith and they will start to ask why it has to be acted in this and not in other way. Who asks without applies the methods, he will compare to the Czechs which was come between us and asked what has to be done with the melon – is it boil or it can be ate directly. One sister brought to them one big cut melon and they asked her what has to be done with this thing, has it to be boiled or it can be ate raw. – “It doesn’t boil, it can be ate directly.” – “How it can be ate?” People are right to ask – they haven’t eaten a melon other time, they don’t know how to eat.

So the methods which I would give to the contemporary people, are so new and wonder for them that and they would asked what to be done with these methods, have they first to boil and to be ate after this or to be ate directly. The real science stays in unloading of the human consciousness – man has to know how to unload his consciousness from the unnecessary luggage which comes from three places: from his personal life, from the society, from people he is surrounded with, and from Nature. For example we go from Sofia to Rila seven-eight men and we order to send us the needed number of horses; after little time few other men join to us – we become totally twenty men; they walk with us and they don’t think of that they have to order horses – they think that after there is for us, there will have and from them. But when they got down from the train, they found themselves in wonder – they will go, but there are no horses, and their luggage is big, it can’t be brought easily on heights. On the same reason if you get out early in the morning on prayer, you have to say to yourself still from the evening: “Tomorrow morning I shall climb on high place there why I need a horse from my luggage.” If you don’t order a horse yet from the evening, on the other day you will remain without it. It is not easy man to climb on high mountain places with big rucksack on his back. Who hasn’t brought big rucksack on his back, he may philosophize as much as he wants, but who has walked with big rucksack on the mountains, he knows what the rucksack represents in this case – the whole his philosophy remains backwards. Who climbs on the mountains, he has to bring little luggage on his back.

Now I shall not speak any more, in order not to hear the café keeper, because he is a man from the old teaching and he will say: “It can’t happen on this way how you think.” If we stay longer time here, he will catch us and will say: “Please, pay – you have drunk at least on five coffees and you have to pay!” You say: “Can’t we pay other time?” – “No, you will pay just now!” this what I tell you from the old café keeper is a sketch, but if he hears what we speak for him, he will touch – it is good that he is occupied with work and he doesn’t hear. Anyway, if you will pay just now, or no, it is important for everything to set free your consciousness from the unnecessary load. For this aim you have to attain to the respective method; this method is very difficult – there is one easier method which has to be applied in first time.

I say: everyone has right to want, but if he comes to some place, every kind of wanting stops. For example you want to receive one book, they give you the book – with this the wanting already stops, then you close yourself and start to read the book. Therefore if somebody says that he wants some book, they give it to him immediately and let him free; if he takes this book, he can’t want other till doesn’t read this – when he reads it, he will start to want something else. In general, the object of the wanting changes constantly.

And so, as I observe you, I see that the old café keeper has caught all of you and you just thrust in your pockets to pay him what you owe. Some people look round when he will come to them to want and they to pay their debt – you all are on the alert as soldiers ready for fight.

Now I believe that you have understood the main task which is given to you – to set free, to clean your consciousness from the unnecessary load of the past, to set yourself free from the surpluses of your personal life, to set yourself free from the surpluses which have remained from the society, from the people who surround you, and at last, to set yourself free from the surpluses or from the unnatural, disharmonic manifestations in Nature.

30th July, 1931, 5a.m.



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