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The Ideal of a Man

In life on the Earth there are three important things. We live on the Earth and there why, in the first place, we have to understand man if we want to understand the Life which he spends. Without man and Nature it has got no sense.

The second most important thing which we have to understand, these are the Angels which, translated into ordinary language, represent human mind, human thoughts. When we say Angel, we understand Light creature, but we will translate the Angel with light thought.

The third most important and misunderstood thing for a man is God. This word, translated into understood language, represents Love which brings Life and immortality for the human soul. There why and in the Writing it is said: “God is Love.”

Therefore the ideal of man is to understand himself, to understand the Angels, i.e. light and clear thoughts, and in the end to understand God, i.e. the Love. If he understands these three things, he will be able to work one positive philosophy for Life.

Contemporary people suffer from a lack of understanding, from a lack of knowledge on how to juxtapose things. When man can’t juxtaposes the things, how Nature and God had created them, he finds himself in a big dilemma. It is the same as making fire in your house, not in the fireplace where its place is, but somewhere on the floor. What happens then? The whole house smoulders and burns, and together with it, you burn too. In this relation the feelings of a man play the role of fire. If a man knows how and where to send his feelings, he will create the biggest goods in Life; if he doesn’t know this, he will cause the biggest sufferings and unhappiness by himself. In order to direct the human feelings the right, thought is necessary. There why most importantly, the greatest thing for a man are his thoughts and feelings. For the Angels there is no greater thing from the Clearness – clear feelings, clear thoughts. In the Divine world there is no greater thing than Love. Therefore the most important thing for the human world are thoughts and the feelings, for the Angel’s world – the Clearness, and for the Divine world – Love.

I say: no matter how important these things are, they stay not understood for contemporary people because they need to be proved if God exists or not. If this question remains to be proven, it already loses its meaning. Every evidence for the existence of God is a mechanical process. What sense it has it for someone to prove to me if I think or not – I know this and by myself. It is useful to prove to me that I have Life, that I have thought – I live, I think, I feel therefore every kind of outside evidence is surplus.

Thoughts have to be learned as organic circumstances. If the chemist wants to make one reaction, to form some combination, he has to know the characteristics of the elements, as well as and the laws which they obey. If he has in mind these things, and the reactions, i.e. the combination between the elements, will become right; if the chemist doesn’t bear in mind these things he will give rise to big explosions, he will create misery. In this relation order and Life represents chemical combination, formed from many elements. And if man knows how to combine the elements in his life – his thoughts and feelings, he will be able to form the chemical combination correctly, i.e. he will create a correct, harmonious Life. For example, if he combines in himself one unnatural desire with one unnatural thought, i.e. if he combines one human with one animal desire, one explosive substance will form and will produce an explosion. In this relation a man still hasn’t come to the position of the real man, the real man from now on will manifest himself. Contemporary man still can’t restrain himself, he has many animal manifestations in himself. All crimes, from the smallest to the biggest ones, which contemporary man makes, are due to the animal in him.

Now, under the word man, I understand totally from all Virtues. Who has got no this total number of Virtues, he has bigger or more little superiority of the animal in him. When I speak for the animal in a man, I have in mind all the animals – tiger, bear, wolf, fox, the different herbivorous, insects and etc. What is life between all these animals? A Life of mutual destruction – they swallow each other. But from the birds only the dove makes an exception – it is clearly vegetarian, feeds exceptionally with grain food. The nightingale, which passes for an excellent singer, is carnivorous – it swallows hundreds of flies a day. It is pleased at its position, the more so when its hunt is good, but the flies which it swallows don’t think like it.

Contemporary people boast with religion, with science, with arts. I ask what this religion is which can’t teach them to love each other; what is this science which can’t find the low slaws of human thought, either to explain the reasons for the existence of the bad and of the Good? What these social sciences are and what is this social system which can’t show to people how to realize their life? Since neither the religion, nor science is in a state to give a man the necessary thing for his right development, then and his life stultifies. And really, we see that the Earth is covered with monuments, and always to dead people. On the Earth had come and great people like Christ for example, who is always between the people from two thousand years; they talk for His sufferings, cry for Him, but even till now they go on to crucify Him.

You say: “What is the sense of the suffering?” The sense of suffering is great. Who suffers, is a hero, from him a man will become; who doesn’t suffer, is an ordinary man and nothing is expected from him. The great people are people of suffering. Christ endured big suffering but with this He left to the world one great, sacred idea which never will die. His idea didn’t die, but and Christ doesn’t die. Christ was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice – they crucified Him, put Him in a grave. And on the third day He was resurrected. If Christianity stands till today, this due to the fact that and till now Christ still lives between people and will go on to live forever. If in the Life of the Christians some disharmony appears, the cause for this is that many of them, which pass for Christians, don’t believe that Christ had been resurrected. They pass for believers without being such; they are in the position of people who pass for men, still without being real men. And actually, you often meet between the people such who call each other with the names of some animals. For example one says to the other: “You are a wolf, fox, bear, tiger” etc. When they want to show that some man is stupid, they say: “He is a whole sheep!” Plenty of people think the sheep is a stupid animal but in fact it is not like that. When I learned the construction of its head, I found that based on the data and measurement, it is one of the most intelligent mammal animals. Who occupies himself with the teaching of the physiognomies of animals, will see that after the man on intelligence comes the elephant, and afterwards – the sheep. But this begs the question: where is man?

Today everyone wants to be healthy, happy, to realize all their desires etc. All this may be acquired; how? As they acquire a healthy body, a good heart, a light mind and become completely virtuous – without these things they are sentenced to sufferings. In this sense the sufferings are exceptions in Life – why? Because they have to be understood and to be well used. That is why for the sensible people suffering increases faith, but for the stupid – they are the biggest causes of unhappiness which may meet them in Life. According to the understandings of contemporary people it is saying that man deserves to die. What sense has death got? If man after his death goes onto a better life than on the earth, then it has sense. The pious to die there makes sense, but for the sinful to die there makes no sense. One flower to bloom or some fruit tree, this flowering has sense, but one bomb to bloom, i.e. to crack and explode what sense is there in that? There is sense to light a fire in the fireplace and to put fuel on this fire, but to light it in the middle of the house and to become fire, fire like this has got no sense. There is sense for churches to be made for worshippers, there is sense for schools to be made but what is the sense or bombs to be made, shells with which people destroy each other? And after all this you say: “God to put the world to rights!” God had created the people once and had written the laws in their hearts to live in accordance with them; He already had put the world to rights. Thousands of years to live more(or, thousands of years from now?), the people will divide between scientists and the ignorant, to rich and poor, to religious and non believers. And actually, if they examine themselves carefully, they will see that everybody resemble one another – and the religious serves with money, and the unbeliever serves with money. The evil is not in the fact that he people serve with money but when they strive for money, they want to dress well, to live comfortably and in this way they forget their mission on the Earth. When they have the desire to dress well, they have to strive and inside to be dressed well. Everybody may dress with nice, light inside cloth. Light thoughts and lofty feelings are in a position to dress the man inside and where this man passes, they all will say: “There is one real man!” In whichever home he enters, he will bring the Divine blessing – he will cure sick men, will console sorrowful men, will feed hungry men.

Now, what is the most important in the rise of the Sun? The Sun itself, i.e. its light. What is the most important thing behind the Sun? The sun light and warmth which creates light thoughts and lofty feelings in a man. But at the same time, this warmth and light awaken mean feelings, thoughts and desires in the wolf. Behind the Sun light and warmth stays one great, powerful hand which the people don’t see. You say: “Where is this hand?” It is visible so much as you see the man – what you see outside and call man, is image only to some thoughts, feelings and actions. What dies is not the man – in the man the bad thoughts, feelings and actions die. Sometimes they die, and sometimes they banish them like a tree.

I say: since you now build your Life, that’s why you have to live with light thoughts and feelings, with lofty and right actions. If you don’t observe these things you create your unhappiness by yourself. The building of the human Life may compare to the building of one steamer. How the steamer builds? To build one steamer as duly, it is necessary to be taken in mind all technical rules and laws from the area of the contemporary science – only in this way the steamer will stand to all storms and rough sea which happen in the sea. If all rules and laws of the technology are not taken into consideration, this steamer will be exposed to big dangers, and together with it – the passengers.

Therefore and contemporary people find in such excitedly sea – in the world, and if their steamer is not well constructed, they will be exposed to big dangers. If their ship – their body – and their feelings and thoughts are not solid, steady, upon them may assemble big unhappiness. In a way that when some steamer sinks, the cause must not be looked for only in it but and in all these people who constructed it. In the future, when people reach a higher development, they will act by all the rules and methods of the New teaching to create well constructed bodies with which to perceive light Divine thoughts and feelings. As some rules and laws in the creation of the human organism must be respected, as must be acted and in the choice of ministries and deputies for one country – they have to be the most intelligent, lofty and disinterested people. Only in this way they may be spoken for the prosperity of one country, only then may be spoken for Great Bulgaria. But this is which now happens in the countries which talks for the lack of understanding of Life.

Many people think that they have come to the Earth to spend their life anyhow and to go away. That way and the wolf thinks – it looks to attain to some sheep pen, to steal one sheep, to eat it and nothing more. If and the man thinks in the same way, then what is the difference between him and the wolf? However, if the wolf eats one sheep, they blow its brains out and everything with it ends. If one Christian kills on the battle field ten-twelve men, they immediately reward him, they give him a cross for bravery and acknowledge him as a hero. And after that this man boasts that he can kill without batting an eyelid. To kill, to destroy, this is a crime but not a science. To create, to build, this is science.

I say: contemporary people have to think correctly, to live correctly, as God demands. The correct life understands the brotherhood of life. However it is not necessary that all people have to be equal outside image and equal convictions. Take for example the little kid and the old man – they differ outside but as people they always have something in common. Sometimes the young will get old, and the old man may rejuvenate. In this relation the alchemists had made a number of attempts: an old man may be put in one retort and after he passes through some processes will go out from there perfectly rejuvenated. Man may rejuvenate not only in an alchemical way, but and through his thought. Many European scientists support the theory that man may rejuvenate, to renovate his life through the thought. The light thought of a man creates around him a pleasant atmosphere which makes him able to perceive the nice and the beautiful from the Live Nature. If there is no light thought man doesn’t know how to act toward the Sensible Nature and in this way he comes upon to number contradictions and unhappiness. Owing to this, these people show themselves up as bad; this shows that they are bad only on will, but not on nature. You often meet people who on the inside mood, on this so called evil will don’t execute and this which even for themselves is good.

Contemporary culture has the task to examine the manifestation of human thought, to define the concept man. Man is a combination of Virtues but not and of crimes. When he feels in himself raging about something bad, this shows that he came upon some bad features, inherited from a number of generations. And today man has to make many efforts to free himself from the evil hereditary features, as and from some animal manifestations till he comes to the position of a real man.

And so, if man comes to manifest the Sensible start, he will be strong and free from all evil and mean manifestations in himself. If the pious man lives in some mountain for example, the time will be what he wishes – if he wants snow, it will rain snow; if he wants rain or sun, and the time will be such. But, if some sinner lives in the mountain, the time will be such what it wishes; and then he will adapt to the time, and not the time to him.

Many excursionists, when they journey in the mountains, they are afraid of the rain –so as not to catch a cold. You have to know that the rain in the mountains in July is a big blessing. Such rainy bath levels to a hundred ordinary baths – every drop of rain in July is full with electricity and magnetism.

Now keep in your mind the thought: man is the greatest creature on the Earth. Be glad that you bring the name man, strive to answer to this name! Man has to be good, to think, to feel and to act right. And then everyone will say: “My life hasn’t got to be in detriment of the others. When I want happiness for myself, I have to wish happiness and to the others. My thought has to be as the Divine’s!”

Now, I wish to everybody to be clever, good, happy and what you desire to achieve. From now further to become new people!

12th of July 1931, St. Peter’s day, 10 o’clock



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