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Love For God, part 2

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People now have things before them that are passing, so they say: “Why has God created the world as it is?” I will give you an example to help you to explain who has actually created this world. So, someone made a nice pigsty for his pigs and fed them few times a day and you went to see as he was feeding his pigs. I ask if you need to be angry for he didn’t make such a nice place for you too? Do you need to be angry that this man didn’t give you food? People watch the world now and look at the pigs eating from their wooden bowls and say: “It is wondering why has God created the world like this and some people have what to eat plentifully and others have to strive?” I ask what kind of philosophy does your complaining containt? This world, where, according to your opinion, some people eat plentifully and others have to strive had not been created by God. Someone goes into a car, drives around the town and you feel angry that you have no got such a car. You do not need this car – it is like pig’s wooden bowl where they eat from. You would better walk by yourself than going into such a car – if you do this you will not be a man. It is all right when pigs eat from their bowls but it is out of the right order of things if you feel jealous of them for that.

By the word wooden bowl I mean all man’s unnatural thoughts, feelings and wishes that lower his worth. One should be strict with himself about this and say: “As I see the food eaten by pig, I am glad she is satisfied and I shouldn’t be angry that I have no her food – mine is different.” Would pig be jealous of the man? As she sees man’s food she only would say: “This food is not for me.” Therefore, one should not take part into deeds that lower his worth.

You say: “Let us go and raise the world!” What would happen to you? When you die, there will be a nice tombstone and the words on it: “A great man, such and such, who wonted to make the world right, is resting here.” Is God interested about someone who eats several times a day and drinks and does nothing useful in Life? What will he do if he is only digging? If one diverts people’s heart from their path and put them later in the earth, what good had he done? You can say that one contributed a lot for people because he taught them how to pray, how to read Lord’s Prayer and how to understand it. The most important thing is whether you yourself believe in our Father?

A poor man went to a preacher who told him:

You have to pray, to read Lord’s Prayer.

How can I pray when I have not eaten anything for three days!

First you have to learn how to pray and God will feed you later.

You are not the first person who advises me how to pray. Ten preachers had taught me and I am still hungry.

This person had prayed and waited for God to come and feed him. No, you who teach him how to pray, invite the man into your home and tell him: “We will eat first and after that will read the Lord’s prayer together.” You read: “Forgive us our sins as we forgive our debtors” but you do not believe in these words, why? Because you have been set at odds with the people close to you and cannot forgive them; you also feel angry and discontent because of others who are rich, educated, etc.

So, when Christ came on Earth, He suffered for the sins of people in order to save them. It means that the righteous man has to suffer to save the sin one and this is one of the greatest secrets in Life. What will your inner professor say about these words? He will say: “It is a hard work, who of the righteous will come to save us? As we can see, we will prove nothing, we have tried for many years and have achieved nothing. It would be better for us to go back into the world. We got old and can not climb the mountains any more, to renew, to develop. God is merciful, even if we go wrong, He will save us one day.” It is truth that no one will stay unsaved, because God’s desire is to be known by everyone. However, the salvation will come through the law of Love. The day you love God, the burden will fall down from your back. Unless you love God, you will lose your salvation even if you achieve it. Man will need to struggle a lot for a long time until he is ready to be saved and to accept the Divine. And then he will become powerful and will not lie, will not feel alone and will have lots of brothers and sisters.

I say: today’s man wants to have at his disposal servants and slaves – and why? To carry his burden. He has taken a lot on his back and because of not being able to carry it, he says: “Let someone come and help me!” And a servant comes, another one, third, fourth – they try to take up the burden but without success, it stays on its place. It is because it can be done only when there is a mutual aid and they work altogether. Many people think: ”How will my things go this year?” They will go well, if you love God.

So, I say both to young and to old people: you should be first of all sush a reality by yourselves that nothing from the outside world could shake or move you. If there is a force being able to remove the Divine from within you, it means you have no Love. There are thousands of trees around you, do not touch them, do not cut them but say: ”We can live without them – life is not outside but inside.” You have had many experiences about this. Can you show me, for instance, who of the young women is happy after she has sacrified her sacred, Divine idea because of some young man; or can you show me a young man who feels happy after he has sacrified his sacred idea because of a woman. When a woman says to a man she fell in love for him, he should take her to his father and say to her: “If you love my father and he likes you, I can marry you.” The same should be about the woman – if a man tells her he loves her, she should say to him: ”I would like you to meet my father and if you love him, I will agree to marry you; otherwise I will not give you my heart – there were many young men who lied me and I do not believe them any more. The same happens to every your thought or feeling you like, you should first present them before the eye of God for His approval and if He says they are good, then you can keep them inside you. Of course you can also chose not to do this but you will delude yourself and will suffer. You will not be able to know who is talking to you, who is wrispering and impose thoughts and feelings to you.

An English preacher went to the office of his friend, a rich trademan and began to teach him; ‘It is necessary to serve God!” He suddenly heard a voice behind him: “Beyond doubt!” He turned and sow a parrot. It seemed the parrot had repeated: “No doubt, we have to serve God!” The preacher liked the parrot and asked if he can by him. The man agreed and sold the parrot for two hundred and fifty еnglish pounds. The preacher took the parrot home, showed him to his wife, and told her: “You know, this parrot approves that it is necessary to serve God and the meaning of life lies exactly in this service.” One day the preacher made a big mistake and said to his wife: “You know, I made a great foolishness.” The parrot repeted again: “No doubt!” So, what is the parrot? It is nothing but the conscious of man giving opinion about good and evil, what one thinks, feels or does. The man’s conscious shows him where and when he can hasitate or suspect. For instance, one can hasitate about Love or to hasitate about the luck of love, on the other hand ant this is something different.

I say: everyone has a professor within who teaches him every day what to do and what not to do. This professor can say to you, for example: “One who wants to become a man and to impose respect to people should be strict, sullen, dissatisfied, etc.’ If you listen to this, you will feel sorrow, sadness and you will suffer. I ask why do you feel like this, there are no reasons for suffering. – “But I feel sad.” Why? You have these feelings because you ate a hen yesterday, which is still in your stomach and is crying there, because you ate it without Love.

Someone complains that after being married for only a year he feels he is not able to live with his wife any more. This man has really made a great mistake being married with no Love. When he married his wife, he was not loving her and he is complaining today that she does not understand him and wants all her needs to be satisfied, but he is not able to do this and has to steal. I ask what makes one steal? These are the ravenous human desires that make one steal and do many crimes. There are wishes commit to man every day and making him lose his peace, his high light thoughts and feelings. One can say: “There is nothing wrong in desires.” No, human’s wishes are good, it is not good that man’s love for his wishes and desires is greater than his Love for God. Due to this one loses the meaning of Life.

I am clearing now the false side of Life. If you understand it you will comprehend the right side. And you will know that one’s salvation depends only on Love. The moment your love for God becomes greater than the love for your wishes, you will be in the realm of eternity. And if you fall into hell, it will be enough to grip on the machine that produces Light and you will be out of hell. Your enemies from hell will grip you too but you have to be still and keep getting up. As stronger the light becomes you will feel free and your enemies will leave you – until you free yourself completely. While moving up your Love becomes much stronger. As soon as you free yourself you will say: “Thank you God, I am free now and no one can torment and pursue me.“ So, if you have no love within, everyone can get on your back and suck you like a bug.

You say: “We want to know if Christ loves us or not.” Christ has already proved if He loves us or not – what is important now for you is to prove your own Love for Christ. It is important now to check if your love for your wishes is stronger or weaker than the Love for Christ. And do not feel flattered when someone loves you or not but tell yourself: “The most important for me is that my Love for God is stronger than the love for this man.” You shouldn’t also feel worried about your money if they had gone or your house has burnt. It is important that your Love for God is stronger than money and the house, than all material goods and wishes. The real benefit in Life is in people’s Love for God – when they love God, they will benefit. You can not lose in this Love.

So, the Love for God is the great Truth in Life. Who agrees to this philosophy should apply this love in his life and his things will go right. When Love comes into human soul, the true Life will begin. The world will go well when people start applying this Love.

Today’s people live in a world that is closed, locked like the life of the egg in the shell. They nor know what will happen to them, neither what their things will be. Many people ask themselves: “How will the world get right, how and when will our things go well?” It depends on you – if you love God, he will put you under His brooder and in twenty one days you will make a hole into the shell and will go out of the egg, will look at the God’s world and will be free. If you achieve this Freedom, you will be free from the fear as well. Who has got out of the shell he has set himself free from suffering, so he will not fear anything. This is the meaning of the words born by God. Such a birth is the right one – it brings the blessing of God.

One can ask: “Was God amongst Adam and Eve when they sinned in Eden?” What do you think, would the first human beings sin if God was next to the Tree of knowledge of good and evil? The very fact they have sinned means that God was not there. They yielded to temptation because their Love for God was weaker than their wish to gain knowledge and to become gods. This is the obstacle to people today. The Love for God should be understood as an inner meaning – it shouldn’t be expressed through words only but through pure, enlightened thoughts and feelings and high acting. This is the only way one can be strong and powerful. The happiness of the powerful man lies in the Divine – the whole world has been created according to this law. It applies to Angels, people, animals. Animals are far from this law, but the Divine has also been put into them yet unexpressed. Man has been placed in a realm where the law of Love needs to be learned, so whatever you do must be penetrated with Love. The idea of God should be in your mind, in your heart, will, soul and Spirit. All your things will go in a right way if you concider the Love for God. Without this Love you will suffer a lot. People’s suffering indicates to hell – where God is absent, hell is there.

As I watch today’s people I see them as they laugh at each other. There were American millionaires who went bankrupt and decided to meet to a treat, and everyone to wear the shabbiest clothes they had at home. As they saw themselves in this funny and pitiful situation, they began to tease: “How nice your dresses are, you couldn’t find anywhere something like this!” “And your shoes – look, they are so smart!” “And look at the hat of that one – he is like a prince!” So they were joking and laughing at each other for the whole night about their shabby clothes and wondering how all this had happened. The people today also are likely sitting down and discussing facts of life of this and that man and saying: “He is such a sinner!” But what about you – are you less sinful than him?

Another situation in people’s life can be illustrated with an example. In an ancient kingdom the beggars organised a large partnership of beggars, of poor people who set up some goals in their life. When the king learnt about this association, he gave them part of his riches. The beggars were informed about the king’s decision and they met together to a feast to divide among themselves the money. All they came to the meeting well dressed but with the beggar’s sticks in hand. As they saw each other with the sticks, they smiled and said: “We know what had we went through to achieve this state. Thanks to our sticks we deserved these new nice clothes.” Which one of the two situations is better – to put on your shabby clothes like the American millionaires or to put on the best clothes like the beggars? The second state is preferable. The beggar should put on nice clothes and take away the beggarly ones.

I ask what the beggar’s shabby clothes present. They are the man’s wrong conditions. So have as a task for today to make no mistakes in order not to be expeled from Eden. You are in front of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil now and ask if you can go to Paradise. You are in it and it is up to you not to eat from the fruits of this tree in order not to be expelled away. You can say: “God will help us, He knows everything.” Yes, He knows but the important thing is what you know. “God is merciful.” Yes, it is truth, but what about you? – “God is Love”. Yes, God is Love and He loves all of you, but what about your Love for God? - “God will give us His Love”. This is a begging and you can do nothing in this way. You should not be beggars, begging is laziness. This means that someone realies on others to work for him and he can only stay waiting and wanting to be given this or that. If people want the world to be right, all the preachers, bishops and rulers should take off their rich garments and put on aprons to get down to work to be in service of other people. The world is not going to be put in order until nowadays people are wearing their parad clothes, have their crowns on heads and wait others to work for them. Also, mothers and fathers should behave in right way. You can meet now a mother carrying her child in her hands and saying: “This is my child, I gave him birth.” You meet her the next day crying because her child has gone to the other world. How could it have happened happened if the child was hers? You can also meet someone boasting of his richness; the next day it disappears, he robbed. How has this happened? His riches went where they belong. – “Devil robbed me!” I say: only someone who was your partner can rob you.

I would like you now to understand my thought in a right way because I show you facts and experiences from Life itself. By talking to you about the devil, I mean the temptations you meet on your path every day. You need to be very careful to keep away from them. You ask: “Have you seen the devil?” I do not want to see him neither to have any partnership with him. When I meet him on my path I will ask him:” Have you learnt how to love God?” –“Is there God in the world?” – “Go your way, I do not want to deal with you!” He wishes to lie and that is why he asks if there is God or not. He asks me: “Is there Love in the world?” – “Go your way!” – “Is Life meaningful?” – “Go your way!” He wants to come and to teach me if there is God or not, is Life meaningful or not, etc. I do not need his philosophy, let him go his way! If one comes to point to discuss about the existance of God from reasons to consequences, he will be ended – he will come to nothing and will be dispelled away from Eden; you have lost God you knew before and now you can do nothing but to go your way.

An unbeliever went to an American preacher and said to him: “Prove me the existance of God!” The preacher caught him and beat him. – “Please, brother, oh, God, leave me! There is God in the world, have mercy on me!” I do not want to laught at you now only to say that you are being often in the situation of this unbeliever. Unless suffering will come to you, you will keep going to some high Spirit to ask if there is God or not. As soon as suffering comes to you and you are being beaten, you say: ”Oh, Lord, have mercy on me, yes, there is God!” If you deny God and do not believe in Him, suffering comes; as soon as you accept Him and believe in Him, suffering disappears. If you ask if there is Love, suffering comes again. – “Does God love me?”- this is the doubt in you. You do not need to have any doubt about God but see if Love for God is greater than the love for your wishes. If the Love for God is weaker than your wishes, your deals will go wrong; if your Love for God is stronger all your things will go well. Compare your Love for God and for your wishes every day to understand what your success and unsuccess in life is due to. There is no other settlement of the things. If you look for another solution you will have more problems. You do not need to stop before temptations in order to understand them – when it comes just say: “Go your way!”

I say: if you keep on this endless philosophy of discussing leading you not to positive results, you will be in the situation like a Bulgarian during the Turkish yoke, who used to boast of himself before his fellow-villager about knowing everything including Turkish language and he used to say he could even speak to the sultan. One day a turkish bey came over to the village, so he needed someone to translate for him. That man was asked to do the translation. However, he was not able to understand what the bey was telling him and did wrong translation. And when he went into the room the bey fought him and told him: “You should learn the language well, you do not speak good Turkish!” When people waiting outside asked the man why he had been fought, he said because of the fact he outtalked the bey. No, one can be beaten only when he doesn’t know what he is talking and how. And after all this, one says he is suffering for God. Man suffers because he does not know how to speak - this is the truth.

Someone can say: ”Why do I need to disput with people if they do not understand me?” Can you show me at least one person in the world who had been understood by other people? There is no such a man. Christ did not say that people didn’t understand him but said: “This is the Will of God.” Pilate told him: “Do you know I possess the power to crucify you and the power let you free?” Christ answered: “Every power has been given by God. It was given to you to test Me but I am not from those people who decline – I am ready to bear all consequences. My Love for God is so great that I can bear this cross.” As you know, Christ had to bear so much suffering and humiliation but today’s people want to live their life without any suffering. Well, It is possible to avoid suffering, but when? When one will love God from the whole his soul, from the whole his heart, with his whole mind and power and to work consciously to transform suffering into Joy, i.e. to bear suffering and sorrow with Joy. If man will not Love God, his suffering will be inendurable burden for him.

Let now come back to the main point – the Love for God. Many people ask constantly: “Does God love us?” You will test this from the first to the last day of your life. However, you will test yourselves too. If your Love for God is stronger than your wishes, you are on the right path. However, if the Love for God is weaker than your wishes, suffering and contradictions be unsolved in your life will. The Love for God is a mystical, inner experience which one understands in one way and someone else - in another way. The magic power of this experience is the moment when man directs his mind, heart and soul to God without hesitation and doubt. When one achieves this moment, he can do anything. Only then he can understand the meaning of Life – only God can reveal the meaning of Life. If you hold in your hand a seed deprived of soil, of moisture, of light, of warmth and air, how can it grow? How can you understand what kind of fruit the seed is without giving it the conditions to grow, to bloom and to give fruit? Out of these conditions you will not be able to understand the seed. According to the same law every thought, every feeling and every wish can grow only with God’s Love and Warmth and only in these conditions you will see their power. Therefore, every thought, every feeling and every desire are seeds where God’s Love and Wisdom are in. And these seeds are waiting the good conditions to grow.

So, whatever I am telling you now, unless you come to love God you will never understand the Word of God and this is what is required of you. The same will be if I do not love God, I would never be able to pass you on His Word. So the law is the same for me and for you. When you love God, you will understand if what I am telling you is Truth or not. If I love God, I will tell the Truth. When you do not understand the Word, it means not that you do not listen or hear but that you have no Love for God. And if you do not love Him, the love for your wishes is very strong. And whatever you can be told it will be useless. So, when I speak and listen to you, the Love of God must be inside me. If I am speaking with this Love, I can transfer on everything; when I listening with this Love I can accept everything. The same happens to you: if you listen with the Love of God you can understand everything and if you speak with the God’s Love you can express everything.

All the people want to listen and talk having God’s Love inside them, but what do they do instead? They take an empty pitcher, put it under the spout of a sourse and listen as it fills up, murmuring. After filling up the pitcher, they put a cork on it, put a label on and write a diplom: “In this pitcher there is such and such quantity of water from this or that sourse at this or that date.” Professor comes, opens the pitcher and begins to teach the students. When the water from the pitcher finishes, the professor also will finish his lecture. Now, he becomes a student again and has to go to the spring to put the empty pitcher under the spout and to listen as the water is sounding: ”kul-kul-kul’. The professor takes the pitcher to the university, where he will have his second lecture the next day. This is an object-lesson teaching.

Let us now put aside the topic about the meaning of Life, that young people ask so often about. What is important for you is to speak and listen to God’s Love when you enter the world. However, what happens? One enters the world wishing to improve it, to set it right but gets into contradiction with other people. If you go to the world you should first of all deal with yourself and check if your Love for God is stronger than your wish and thought. As soon as you get to terms with yourself, as soon as you try, only then you can talk to people. You will tell them then, that if they want to be joyful and gay and to have on their side all elevated, good and reasonable people, they should Love God more than all their wishes.

One sister told me: “I came to the Lakes to these high places and this pure air to refresh myself, to solve a problem.” I asked her: “How will you solve it?” “I will pray to God constantly.” I say: you can pray during the whole day but it is an external prayer. The true prayer can be expressed through Love. You need to ask the question: “Am I able to Love God more than my wishes?” The meaning of Life is in the Love for God. Man was born to Love God and to make an inprint of this Love upon his life and not to be people’s servant. If you achieve this, all your problems will be solved. This is the meaning of the verse of Christ: “ This means everlasting Life to know You the Only true God”. When one has Love for God, wherever he goes the path will be always open – even into hell among the sinners he will be joyful and gay forever.

I will not wish you to achieve this now but will ask you if you love God. You say: “How can you recognize who loves God?” If you do Love God, you will be like that boy, riding a donkey and catching up by an old man, who began talking to him:

Let us boy have a talk about things that can be possible.

The boy replied:

All right, we can have a talk.

Well, my boy, come down from the donkey and let me ride for a while, because I feel tired after the long walking.

Alright, it can be.

The boy got down right away and the old man got up the donkey. After a long walk the boy felt tired and said to the man:

Let us talk again about things that are possible. Let me now ride the donkey to have some rest and you can get down.

Oh, no, my boy, it is not possible!

So it was possible for the old man to get on the donkey but was not possible to get down.

I wish you now to be young like the boy and ready to get down from the donkey when someone would like to talk with you about possible things. I do not wish you to feel old like that man and not be willing to get down from the donkey if someone wanted to talk with you about possible things. Who has learnt only to get up on the donkey and not to get down, he can not achieve anything. If you can get up, you will know how to get down and this means humbleness. You will come down, will stand on your legs. i.e. on the law of Love and will say: “For God I am ready to do everything.” When you say you are ready to do everything for God, this does not mean that you are angaged for thousands and millions of years but right now in this moment for one thousand part of the second. If someone is thinking to do something bad to another person, he will be fighting within himself, will be thinking and in the end will decide: “My Love for God is stronger than any of my wishes or thoughts.” This is what means one to Love God. What would cost him to choose the right, the good path? What is better than being young? The old man will meet you and will say: “Son, let us talk about possible things.” – “Well, let’s talk.” Can we love God? - Yes, we can. Can we win through the world? - Yes, we can. Can we overcome all the difficulties? – We can. We can do everything when we have the Love of God inside us.

God is Love – the Reasonable source, that has given everything in life. If we keep this thought in mind constantly, we will realize that our mind, heart, soul, Spirit have been given us by God. Being aware of this fact we will be as right before God as He is before us. What would stop us from loving Him, realize all this, why not love That One who has given us everything? When we have mind, heart, soul and Spirit, whatever more would we like? The mind given us by God can be supported only through Divine thoughts; the heart, given us by God can be supported only by Divine feelings; the soul given us by God can develop only with the beautiful and good things that come up from God. This is the only way our minds, hearts and souls can give fruit.

I say: the first relation of man is for God and the second is for his fellowman. If the first one would not exist, the second will not exist too. A young man meets an ugly woman and goes by not looking at her at all. She says to him: “You do not look at me and do not love me because I am ugly”. – “I do not love you not because you are ugly but because you are not virtuous.” And there is actually an ugliness in the world which you are not able to love. The same young man meets later a beautiful young woman, looks at her, thinks for a while and goes on. She asks him: “You looked at me because you love me and you love me because I am beautiful.” The man replies: “It was not because I love you, I only looked at you and thought because you are beautiful but not virtuous.” Therefore, there is a beauty in the world that you can not love. The same man meets later another woman and says to her: “I can love you because you are virtuous.” So, man should be virtuous. By the word virtuous I mean the Divine in man. One can be ugly outside but he must be virtuous inside. The ugliness is nothing but a test for man and there is something beautiful hidden behind. There exists everywhere something deluding people and deceitng them to change their opinion about things, because things are not as they appear to look like. The true beauty as well as the power of Life is in Love.

One can say: “It is cheap to stay in Rila /mountain/, we have spent very little money.” The matter is not about money – whether you have spent a little or a lot. What is important is do you use time properly. If you stay here not doing the Will of God, your coming here is useless. You came because of the pure air but you also have to express your Love for God. Does this cost a lot? First of all, you are now on the crossroad. What costs you go in the direction leading to the right path? You say: “It is a long way!” If one goes without Love, the path is long and difficult and the desires are unattainable. When you keep the Love of God within you, whatever happens in life will be transformed as Good.

I am telling you now how Angels, sents, good and reasonable people live. I also describe you, in a very light way what the Divine world is like. There are very few people on Earth whose live is Divine. If there are these kind of people, even if they are few, you can also live like them. I am not interested how today’s people live. True man for me is who has Love for God within. The very moment one has identified himself and get loving God, he has defined himself as man. Such a man attracts the attention of others how are good and sensible people who say: “There is something Divine that happens today!” Who has not Loved God has not became true man; he can eat and drink but no one will be interested in him. The moment you feel you have Love for God is the most glorious in your life. This means to flourish, to scatter your fragrance; it means to burst as a source that only gives. At this moment all reasonable desires will be attainable.

You say: “This work is very hard.” Why? Because you have aslept, i.e. have put a lot of soil above your seed. I say: put on only one or two centimetres of soil, do not dig it and you will see it growing in some time. Do not bury your desires too deep! You say: “We wish to be scholars”. Too much studies makes you suffer. – “We want to be powerful.” You are, any way. You need one thing - to have Love for God!

There were two fishermen coming to fish over the lake few days ago. We were working nearby and could look the fishes playing in the water. Some fell a victim to the fishermen and were caught into their fishing nets. I say: there is a sense in sacrificing the fish if she moves to better conditions; however she goes into one’s stomach. The next day the fishermen went to the lake again and were trying the whole day to cach fish but they couldn’t – the fishe did not make the mistake to come out. The fishermen were evangelicals but materialists. They said: “Now we will stay hungry.” We gave them some food and they became calm. I say: who goes with God, will have fish and bread too; without God there will be nothing.

Someone says: ”I have converted one to God.” How have you done this? – like the fisherman who takes the fish. You have taken the man into your net, baked him and then ate him. If you have improved the conditions, the life of this man, the conversion is meaningful. You may do the same with your wishes – take them one by one into your net, put them on fire and eat them then. They will process inside you and come out later.

The fishermen represent the old life’s people and Christ used to tell them: “I will make you menhunters since now.” You are also preaching now a new teaching but you are still staying at the lake’s beach with your fishnets and saying: “Let us take at least one fish!” You think that if you take three or four kilos of trout you will be provided for. No, you will not be provided for but will be fishermen forever and will stay hungry. In the New life man should live according to the law of Love. Who goes this Path, will be content by taking only one sheatfish.

This lecture that I am giving you now, is a serious one. If you have understood it, you will be able to apply it to yourselves and tell it to others as well. If you apply this lecture, it will make your life significant. Life can be meaningful only with God’s Love. It is like a small sparkle of fire, shedded in time and in the right place. When it will be like this it produces happiness in Life. If it would fall not in time and in place, it produces unhappiness.

July 12, 1931,

St. Peter’s day, 5 o’clock



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