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The Voice of God

Lecture of the Master given in the General Esoteric Class on August 26, 1930, Sofia, Izgrev

An inner philosophy of life exists which defines the human path. In order to attain this philosophy one has to make conscious effort, to work upon oneself. If you should be asked why you have come to Earth, for what purpose, you will say that God knows it; He has created you - He knows your predestination. This is a general assertion, this is how someone who does not think may speak. Yet manhas to know why he has come to Earth, what his special work is. If an oxen, a bird, a fish is asked this question, each one of them will answer according to the degree of its development. The oxen will say that its special work is to move from one place to another and if attacked, to defend itself with its horns; the bird will say that its purpose is to fly, the fish - to swim. What will man say to this question? If he has thought about it, he can give himself a satisfactory answer. Everyone who has answered for oneself the question why one has come to Earth can be called a happy person who has attained inner peace and tranquility.

Therefore,those who understand the meaning of life have reached an enlightenment in their understanding,as a result of which they can evolve correctly. With security and open eyes they walk on their path. They easily resolve any difficulties and contradictions they may encounter; they are interested in everything in life. The sick also open their eyes but only for the medicines and foodupon which they rely for the restoration of their strength. As soon as they take the medicines and food, they close their eyes and start groaning again. Why is one groaning? - Because one is passing a difficult path. So, the sick groan because the path they are passing is dangerous. Looking at what they should endure, they close their eyes not to see. The sick are faint-hearted. When a healthy person walks, they walk with open eyes. Why? The path on which they are walking is beautiful and easy. As long as one does not run into difficulties, one is not afraid. As soon as one faces some difficulty one closes one's eyes and starts to groan. The wise person who understands the meaning of life notwithstanding the difficulties goes with open eyes and without fear.

Everyone has come to Earth to leam. As a student of life one has to aspire for positive knowledge which can impart in him profound inner peace. For this reason we say that one's first task is to come to know oneself and then one's neighbors, to start working first with oneself and then with one's neighbors. one The improvement of the world is not in one's power and possibilities. Can someone look after the nourishment of all people? Can someone answer the question of what is happening with the dead and where they go? Can someone keep account of the life of all who were born? Why is one born, why does one die? What life brings to man, death brings the same. Life as well as death simultaneously bring man certain blessings as well as misfortunes. For someone death is happiness, for someone else - unhappiness. Happiness and misfortune are relative things. It rests with the individual to make one's life happy or unhappy. If a person lives consciously and observes God's laws, it will lengthen his life. Not obeying God's Laws shortens one's life and makes one unhappy.

While living one is to view life as a great blessing. In order to make the best out of this blesseng one has to fulfill God's Will. As for religious people they say that they are fulfilling God's Will. What is to be understood by the words "fulfillment of God's Will?" Only this one who is healthy, strong and mindful fulfills God's Will. He is connected with God and his prayer is always accepted. What would you say about someone who is bragging about having a millionaire friend and has an empty purse? It is impossible to lack shoes on your feet, to be hungry and in rags and to have a rich friend. It is impossible to be fulfilling God's Will while at the same time you are sick and living in poverty. In spite of whether one fulfills God's Will, God has not deprived anyone of the good things of life. He provides an abundance of water, air, light, and food for people, but many are sick and suffer hunger and deprivation. Who is to be blamed for that? When someone's jug is cracked, whatever you pour in it will run out, but who is to be blamed for that? The jug. Who cracked the jug? Either the potter or whoever has been using it. Neither the first nor the second situation saves that person. Themportant is that his jug is cracked and must be replaced. A person has the right to exchange the broken jug for a whole one.

And so, when you hear someone complaining that his affairs are not going well, you will know that his jug has been cracked. Whatever he pours in it is running out. At the end of all ends the human being constantly loses. Sometimes the losses are great, other times - small. If you pour water in a cracked jug and it runs out, the loss is not great, because there is plenty of water in nature: from one side you can pour in, while from the other side it flows out. However when it comes to rose oil for example, the smallest loss of it reflects badly not only on the individual but on his whole family. The human body is nothing else, but a pot that is given to the person for work. This pot shall be sound so that it can hold the precious attar for a longer time. The precious attar which is poured in the human body represents life itself. When the pot is cracked the attar runs out and one starts to age. Once life starts to run out, a person becomes indisposed and starts to complain that his legs do not hold him, that he feels dizzy, his chest is hurting, he cannot think sensibly, his eyesight is failing, etc. This indicates premature aging, which shows that someone has lost the right attitude to the Intelligent Nature. What should one do under such conditions? One should restore one's right relationship to the Intelligent Nature, thus starting to rejuvenate.

Everyone, rigtheous or sinful, can disrupt one's relationship with the Intelligent Nature, but this one can also re-establish it. The righteous person can disrupt his relationship with the spiritual world with some wrong act. And with a good deed the sinner can re-establish his connection with the spiritual world. This is very natural. If a sinner breaths clean air, he will by all means be healthy. If a righteous person breathes polluted air, he will become sick. However, the first as well as the second can be temporary, but it can also be permanent. It is impossible for the righteous person, who lives right to remain in an unclean atmosphere. It is impossible for the sinner to sin and always make use of pure air. If the righteous lives in worry, he will lose his health. If the sinner does not worry and maintains his inner peace, he will always be healthy. God gave mana mind so that he may think and not worry. "But why is the world created this way?" It is none of your business. Which is the right creed? These are questions which cannot be solved only theoretically. They need practical application. In order for one answer the question which creed is right, one should follow the results of a given creed when it is applied in life. In the Scriptures it is said, "By the fruit you will recognize them" The same can be said about any creed. If you are healthy and strong your creed is right. If you are sick, ignorant and weak, your creed is not correct. Though you could explain the reason for your debility and ignorance; this would not be of help for you. Whatever explanations and excuses you may give, the weakness and ignorance do not disappear.

There is a connection between God and the human soul which one should realize any moment and observe not to interrupt it. If this connection is absent, one cannot form an idea either of God or of oneself. This person sees people and oneself, but has no idea what the human being represents. He knows that humans have eyes to see, ears to hear, noses - to smell; mouths to speak, but this is not enough. One should know the purpose of each organ of one's body. You may say that you have hands and feet; but you have to know both the external and the internal functions of the hands and the feet. The purpose of the hands is not only in the work that they perform. The purpose of the feet is not only in walking. All parts of the human body have their external and internal purpose.

Christ spread with mud the eyes of the blind man, and he began to see. The learned of the time gathered around Christ and started to question Him how it happened that the blind man could see. They wanted to know if he was blind by birth, and if so what was the reason: had he sinned or had his parents sinned. Well then, according to the philosophy of that time it was impossible for someone to be born blind without any reason for that. Christ answered, "Neither him nor his parents have sinned, but so that God's Deed be manifested." The people of those days lacked understanding of what Christ spoke to them, but contemporary people also do not understand. Some people understand Christ's Teaching, but for the most part they do not understand it.

After having asked Christ, people wanted to know why he had opened the eyes of the blind man. It makes sense to ask such a question in case that someone has taken someone else's eyes out, but to ask Christ why He had opened the eyes of the blind man was out of place. Blindness is a limitation which shall be eliminated. Christ met a blind man and opened his eyes. Can there exist a more natural act than this? At that time there were many blind people in Israel, but Christ did not open the eyes of all, but only of one. Why? He had a relationship to him. Indeed, after his sight was restored the blind man became Christ's disciple. Christ came to Earth to help those who externally or internally were blind, but at the same time were ready to fulfill God's will. Those who are not ready to do God's Will will listen, will look, but will see and hear nothing. Well then it is not destined for everyone to have his eyes or ears opened to see and perceive God's Word.

Now relay the fact about opening the eyes of the blind man into your spiritual life and see if there does not exist such blindness in you also. When do one's spiritual eyes open? When in the depth of one's soul one has the desire to have one's sight restored in order to serve God and fulfill His will. The born blind man, whose eyes Christ opened, was bearing in himself the desire for the fulfillment of God's Will. Because of this desire he was waiting for someone to come and help him.

According to Hindu philosophy one may say that this man has paid his karma and for this reason should start seeing. Yet we say that the karma abandoned him. What does it mean for the karma to leave someone? When does the karma abandon someone? When it sees that there is nothing more to take from him. Looking at him the karma says, "It will come to nothing with this person." Does not a wolf act in the same way? When it meets a sick sheep it pushes its belly and leaves alone. The wolf says, "I do not eat sick sheep." However when it meets a healthy sheep, quickly it gets the better of it. The sick sheep is free as the wolf does not attack it, but the healthy one is exposed to its teeth. This is a figurative explanation of the karma in order to make it understandable.

Each understanding of a certain question represents a circle around which all remaining questions are arranged. Around a person, too, concentric circles are formed, such circles exist also in Nature. Where in Nature do we find concentric circles? When we look at the cross section of a tree trunk we see that it consists of several concentric circles. From these circles we can judge about the age of the tree. Why are circles formed there, not squares or any other geometrical forms? Because the circumference as a curved line meets less resistance than the straight line. It indicates that when growing, the plant searches for a path of the least resistance. This is one of Nature's methods. In order not to consume its energies uselessly, Nature always searches for the path of the least resistance.

And so, by proceeding in the path of the least resistance man obeys one of the moral rules of Nature. Modern people, alsospeak of morality, they judge or approve the actions of their neighbors, but if they examine their own actions, they will see that only few of these will correspond to the moral rules. Morality also exists in one's speech. If not observed, the speech is rough, unpleasant, lacking expressiveness. Only that one speaks according to the moral rules who possesses the necessary softness. It is said about such a person that he speaks sweetly. If one lacks softness in one's character, whatever one may say, it will all sound the same. Whether this one will say to someone else that he loves or hates him/her, it will all sound the same. Whether you tell someone that you wish him all the best or tell him that you despise him - both will sound the same. One needs gentleness,.which will give expression, modulation of one's voice and the content of the words will become notable. Such was the prayer of Prophet Elijah when he wanted to prove the pagans that only one God existed in the world, Who was listening to people's prayers and answering them. Every word of his prayer contained gentleness, power, proper intonation. When God answered his prayer, fire came down from Heaven and lit up the sacrifice which he had placed on his sacrificial altar. The pagans were also praying to their gods, but in vain. They were shouting, boasting,and stabbing themselves, but their gods remained deaf to their prayers. It is said about Elijah's prayer that it had come from the depth of his soul. For this reason we say that one's prayer is to come from the bottom of one's soul.

When will one pray with all one's heart and soul? When one is on the stake where he will be burnt. In such a moment he will forget everything around him, he will see and hear nothing. His consciousness will be occupied exclusively with the thought of God. There will be no barrier between God and his soul. He will have a direct relation to God's Consciousness. When you stand in prayer before God you shall take the position of a child ready to confess, to admit all its mistakes without justification before oneself. Why have you sinned? It is not important. You are required to confess. As to justification, to acquittal, this is God's Work. He knows that humans cannot always understand things with such clarity, as to make no mistakes whatsoever.

Encountering their sins, some excuse themselves pleading that man is aweak being and it is impossible not to sin. It does not solve the situation. When sinning, one should rectify one's mistakes. If one fails to correct one's mistakes, one comes to an inner state of sinfulness, whereby one loses one's dignity and strength. This one realizes that he/she has lost that which was giving him/her power and impulse to grow and evolve. In this situation, whatever people may think of this person, what is important is his/her inner state. Once someone has corrected one's mistakes, this one restores one's connection with God and feels strong and courageous. Calmly this one can look into people's eyes, not being disturbed by their opinion.

Modern people need new conceptions, which create new understanding and creed. Today all say that they believe in God. What kind of faith is this, which makes no sacrifices? Someone says that he is prepared to jump from a rock in order to prove that his faith in God is strong. Easily said, but not everything one is saying can be fulfilled. Reasonable and not foolhardy faith is required of humans. When Satan tempted Christ, he asked Him to jump from the temple to see if Angels will really hold Him, so that He mightnot fracture His leg on a stone as it is said in the Scriptures. Christ did not give in to the temptation and answered: "Go away and do not tempt God!" If it was a question to try out God, let him first jump who tempts others. Humans should be sensible. To jump from a rock for God - -this is an internal process. In some case a person can jump from a rock and remain unharmed. It can be achieved by changing the body weight. It is based on physical laws which people have not yet learned. Therefore each human action must be reasonable. If one wants to gain some kind of experience, in this case it makes sense to jump from a rock. But if with this jumping one will kill oneself, then one tempts God. Such jumping is irrational, and there is absolutely no sense in that.

And so, true faith, true love imply work. If you believe in someone you will work for this one. If you love someone you will work for this one. Love is a law of life. Because God loves us He is constantly working for us. He has created the world so that we might learn and evolve. Under the same Law we, too, should work for Him and do that which He wishes. It means to fulfill God's Will out of love for Him. This is a law: if you love someone you act toward this person in such a way as to please him/her. If you hold one's image in your mind and keep your heart pure, this person will be pleased with you. If you do not love someone, you are not ready to do something for this person. People enjoy life, health, power thanks to Love and Care of God and of the Advanced Beings for them. If God should stop thinking of them, they will melt and disappear from the face of the Earth. A person's life is sustained thanks to the love of his mother and father, brothers and sisters, as well as of his friends. Because they love him they want him to live, and in this way they support his life.

And so, Love supports Life. Where there is Love, there is also Life. Where Love is absent, there exists no Life. As long as your family and your friends want you to live, you will live. As soon as they wish you to die, you will lose your life. This is one of the inner Laws of Creation. Knowing this, maintain your connection with God. If you should discontinue your connection with God, your life,will also discontinue. And when Life is interrupted, misfortunes come one after the other. Therefore if you suffer do not search for the cause of your suffering outside of yourself. Know that you have broken your sacred relationship to the Primary Cause. What shall you do then? Restore your connection with the Primary Cause. As soon as you restore this connection your life will flow normally again.

You have studied mathematics at school and you know the law of ratio: when one quantity is changed the whole ratio changes. If this law is valid in the physical world and should be observed there, how much more should it be observed in the mental life where the matter is more refined and requires greater organizing. When you are given a straight and a curved line, you should know if there is a ratio between them and if so, you should know the ratio. Straight and curved lines have an application in life. When you meet a magician you will see that he carries his magic wand, i.e. the straight line. When you meet a soldier, you will see that he, too, carries his wand-the sword, i.e. the curved line. The devil also carries his wand --his arrow, and shoots whomever he meets. Today all people fight with straight and curved lines, which they use as weapons. Whether they fight for the right or the wrong cause, whether for good or evil, but they fight unceasingly. All people fight with firearms. There is not a person on Earth who does not have a firearm at his disposal. The human tongue is also a weapon, which can be used for bad or for good. If someone wants to insult you, immediately he puts to work his firearm - his tongue and injures you. What can one win if this one injures one's neighbors using one's tongue - the firearm in one's mouth?

It is said in the Scriptures: a personwill account before God for every empty word. When will this happen? At The Judgment Day, i.e. on the day when the destiny of humanity will be reviewed.

Man is responsible for every word of his, because he lives in a harmonious world, in a world of complete and systematic order. When you find yourselves in God's Court you should answer why you have created words like firearms, with which you infringe upon the harmony of the Divine world. By itself The Divine world is harmonious by itself, but humans with their ignorance and lack of understanding have brought disharmony into this world thinking that it is disharmonious in general. The human world is disharmonious but not the Divine one. Because these worlds are intertwined it seems that the world altogether is disharmonious. No, the disharmony is partial and belongs to the human world. In order for this disharmony do be removed, humans are to pass through sufferings, through their karma-determined destiny, in order to see their mistakes. A writer will be judged for his bad books through which he implants temptation and impurities in life. An artist will be judged for the pictures, with which he has introduced something depraved in people's minds and hearts. Some artists paint Love in a human image, in the image of Cupid- the God of Love, with an arrow in his hand. No artist has been able to present Love up to now. Whatever form they try to give it, they are far from the idea of Love. What kind of love is that one, which is using an arrow? It represents the human love, which any moment can stab you with its knife. As soon as one does not like something, immediately this one is drawing out a knife. When I speak about the unsatisfactory work of poets, writers, scientists, philosophers, artists and musicians, I have in mind the future work, which will represent the fruit of the intelligent inner life of humanity. Every thought, every feeling which comes from the depth of the human soul, is reflected on one's face, on one's whole body. It gives the lines which one has created alone and determines one's bright or dark future. One can improve the conditions of his body organs by one's way of thinking. For example, if one worries constantly and keeps in one's mind and heart monotonous thoughts and feelings, in short time will one's sight weaken. People who have wept a lot, who have passed through immense worries and anxiety have weak eyesight. A mother's child has passed away and she is mourning away her whole life. What will she achieve with her crying? Will she help herself? As much as she may cry she will achieve nothing.

Weeping does not solve the problem. Someone loses his love and begins to weep. Love cannot be gained through crying. If you wish to attain Love, turn to Him in Whom Love lives. God is Love. Therefore search for Love in God and you will find it.

As disciples, you should know that the relationships of people are defined by their relationship to the Primary Cause of all things. People cannot have right relationships to one another as long as they do not have right relationships to God. Since rising from sleep one is to turn to the Great consciousness of Life, to come in touch with Him and to perceive at least one thought of His, or one feeling of His. When one makes this connection one's daily work will be good and this person will be joyous, ready for serving all his friends and acquaintances. There is nothing greater for a person than to have God speak to him through his thoughts and feelings and to give him an impulse for work. That is to say, to give someone's life true meaning. For that one who has given meaning to life, all doors are open. Wherever he should knock on a door it will be open for him and people will say, "welcome".

Modernpeople need a new philosophy and a new concept for life. They need a creed, which will bring them in touch with God. If they cannot make this contact their creed is not right. They move on the wrong path, the path of delusions. In order to resume your contact with the Primary Cause, with the very wake-up think about Him Who has given life. You will search for Him, you will think of Him until you perceive at least one of His thoughts. How will it happen? Read something from the Bible, or from the life stories of the saints, of the good and great persons. After that you can start your work. As long as you have not given food to your mind and heart, do not start any work. Should you start a work without God, do not expect any success. This advice concerns those who wish to start conscious work upon themselves. Those who are busy, who have dedicated themselves to home,children,personalaffairs,theyarefree.

In my view, every work should be preceded by a thought and a feeling for God. Modern people do not succeed in their life because they start their work without a thought about the Great in the world. They are born, they marry and die without God. If you wish to give birth to something or to get married, ask Him Who has created you. He knows what is necessary for every one and gives every one what is needed. You say that a young girl has to look out for a rich, learned, healthy young man, and what concerns love will come by itself. However, I would advise the young girl not to marry until she has found the young man whom she loves and who loves her. How would you know who loves you? He who loves is prepared to give everything which he has. Therefore, if the girl and the young man are prepared to sacrifice everything that they posses for one another, then they love one another. Should one of them try to conceal something for oneself, they defile their love. Love does not tolerate any kind of deception, falsehood, doubt, mistrust. Love is pure, sacred, immaculate.

As the relationships of people loving each other are, the same must be the relationships of humans to God. By loving us, God constantly thinks about how to help us, how to provide for our needs. Knowing this, humans should be ready to sacrifice everything for God. Seeing one's readiness to sacrifice oneself, God helps this person. He may tell him one word, but this word will help him rise in life, will give meaning to his life. If one cannot make this sacrifice, this one is doomed to death, not physical but spiritual one. Spiritual death implies loss of Love. When one loses one's love, this person starts to search for it anew. You hear someone say that he has lost his first love, but has found a second one. The second love is the beginning of strife and misunderstanding. The first love is pure and selfless. It opens a world of bliss for someone. Losing this love a person falls into error. He thinks that he will find it, but finds himself deceived. He finds himself in the position of a ship rocked by the sea waves. A long time has to pass before he gets matured and gains Love again. Once he has attained it, he can no longer lose it again.

Now the question is not to make you discouraged, but to give you a clear concept of things as they are. Why to deceive yourself that the stone on your ring is precious? Why to deceive yourself that your love is true, pure and sacred? Listening to what has been told them about Great Love, many say that it does not interest them, that they do not wish to become monks. The question here is not about the monkhood. We are not interested in the monkhood, because it is deprived of any science, of any progress. In contrast to these people there are others who say that they are ready to leave themselves into God's Hands. It is not true as well. It is a distorted speech. Why should they give themselves up in God's Hands? They are not criminals. Service is expected of you-to serve God with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your heart, and all your strength.

Therefore one may give oneself up into the hands of that Angel, who is in charge of taking the souls. If one has passed through this process this one has been initiated.. The young girl gives herself up into the hands of a young man. When? When the young man is stronger than her. Christ too, gave his soul into God's Hands, because God is strong. Christ said, "God, into Your hands I lay my spirit." In other words, Christ turned to God with the following words: "Lord, because I was karmically bound with the people's sin, I took it upon myself to bear it. To a certain place I carried it on my back, but then I understood that there was no need to carry it to the end. Here, now I turn over my Spirit laden with the sins of humanity." After this difficult trial came Christ's resurrection. Christ's resurrection marks a new epoch in the world-eradication of the karma. Christ Himself could not solve this problem, He conceded to God. In the name of God, Christ wanted to make the Jews believe in God, but He could not. He said to God: "1 did what I could, you will finish the rest." Therefore the human work is to sow out the seeds in the garden, and (leave the rest to God) the rest is God's Deed. You should know that God makes things grow, that He uplifts and purifies things. One day, when you accomplish your work on Earth, you will also say like Christ: "Lord, into Your hands I lay my spirit."

One can lay one's spirit into God's Hands, when one possesses faith as steadfast as a diamond. Before one has come to this faith one should have trust in one's neighbors. Today people have lost confidence in their neighbors. Today people have lost trust in each other. Whomever you meet, you see lines of contradiction on their faces. On the surface, one presents oneself as a person of faith, but he lives in inner contradictions which fundamentally shake up one's faith. This is not a pure life. Purity implies the same life from within as from outside. Why should a person doubt? Why should a person waver? By itself, Life is pure and sublime. Hold on to this Life and not to the human one. The human life is changeable like the human being by itself, but the Divine is stable and harmonious. Make use of the present conditions to make your way into this Life so that you can put your own life in right order. If you do not put your life in order today, you will never be able to do it. But we will pray so that we may attain this Life. Praying implies work. If you do not work, no prayer can save you. If a student is not studying but only praying, his teacher will not be able to promote him to a higher class. The Teacher has the same attitude toward all souls and as a consequence of this he demands from all students to learn and to apply.

As disciples you are supposed to work consciously and every day to attain something new. This knowledge which you have today is not sufficient. The achievements to which you have come are not sufficient. Who of you can by compressing a stone in your hand make a fire come out from above, and water - from below? What does this concept indicate? The stone represents the hard human thought, while the fire and water - the living conditions. Therefore, if you cannot hold your hard thought tightly in your hand, and if water and fire, the conditions for life do not come out, you have achieved nothing. Under such conditions, you cannot pride yourself with either faith or knowledge.

This is not meant as a discouragement. If a physician should spend from ten to fifteen years in studies in order to become a good and acknowledged doctor, do you think that a disciple of the esoteric science should work less? In order for one to be acknowledged as an esoteric disciple, this one should work upon one's mind, heart,and will and should become a master of conditionsof life. If a disciple stands in front of an agitated mob, only a wave of his hand is enough to calm it down. Should a storm overtake him, only one waving of his hand will calm it down. Should his head start aching, with one waving of his hand the headache will go away. This is a disciple of the esoteric. What he says - ithappens. But if he will say one hundred prayers and only one of them will be accepted, it indicates that God has not been listening to him yet. He has not become a saint, he is not ready to help others. A saint works for the whole humanity and his work is blessed.

Modern people need purification. They shall purify their thoughts, feelings and desires, and free them of all layering of the past. They shall clear their consciousness and make it shine. This means a pure life. When one purifies one's consciousness, one's life also becomes pure. Do not dwell on people's outer manifestations, thinking that they are not pure. Purity and impurity are inner processes. If you do not think this way about things, you will fall into false piety, you will look only at the external devotion. No, humans should be devoted externally as well as within themselves. Do not pay attention only on the external, but see if something has been done for God. Everything done for God is pure and sacred. Whether someone is a poet, a preacher, a scientist, this is not important. If a poet does not glorify the Great in life and does not live it, he is not a poet. Poets, scientists, preachers are those who glorify the Great, teach it and also live for it. In this sense every one can be a poet. If you cannot use your tongue like a pen,

according to all rules of poetry, you are not a poet. If you cannot use your mind like a pen, according to the rules of poetry, you are not a poet. A true poet writes with his tongue, with his heart and with his mind. He pours out, he gives generously from the wealth of his heart and mind. A poet describes the experiences of his heart, of his mind and soul and for this reason people like his poetry.

I wish you to meet Christ so that He may open your eyes. When you begin to see, He will ask you: "Do you recognize Who I am?" If you get to know Him, you are ready for work and applying. This will say that in the process of awakening of the consciousness there are two important moments: opening of the eyes - to start seeing, and then perceiving and applying the great Laws of Life. Some have come to the first phase - opening of the eyes of consciousness, while others - to the Law of Service. Service implies an act deriving from Love. Those who apply the law of Love are strong persons. It is said in the Scripture about such people, that the righteous will rule the world.

Religious people say that God will rectify the world. God has created the world, but if there is any disharmony, it is due to the distorted human life. Humanity has spoiled the world, humanity will set it right. Even today God is working and creating new worlds, but for these worlds rational people are required, so as not to ruin the new, which is being created. By saying that humans have ruined the world, I have in mind the human world. Noone can damage that which God has created. It is impossible. However, misusing thought one can ruin the world of one's neighbor, saying to him that he is ignorant, that he understands nothing, that he is on the wrong path. Every person is susceptible to one's neighbor's influence and can become distorted. If someone tells you that you are a nonbeliever, do not be disturbed; rather ask him what he has achieved with his faith. If your "godlessness" providesforyou food, clothing, living quarters, then you are on the right path. And if with your "faith" you stay hungry, barefooted, and in rags, then your faith is not a true one. True faith nourishes humans, makes them strong, healthy and rich. The true God helps humans to get out from their misconceptions and places them on the right Path. The true God takes humans out from sins and crimes and places them in conditions which will raise them. Everyone else who degrades humans, who pulls them down from their present position, is no God at all. The true God imbeds in the human being the conditions for spiritual, intellectual and emotional health. He cleanses the human being of all poisons, which rob him of his peace of mind and make him discontent.

I wish you upon wake-up in the morning to hear God's Voice, as did Adam in the garden of Eden. God said to Adam, "Adam, Adam, where are you?" – "I am here, Lord, but I cannot come." Why was Adam not able to appear in front of God's Face? Because he was naked. I say to you as well: should you hear the still Voice of God, immediately respond. Say, "Here I am, Lord!" Be courageous enough to appear before His Face. There is nothing greater for the human soul than the moment, when one hears the soft and gentle Voice of God. Upon hearing this Voice, Light will appear in one's soul and this person has been already prepared for work, for serving God. Without this Voice, any one may easily fall into darkness. Strive for a pure life, so that you may come in touch with God and you may hear His Voice. Become like a good soil, in order to receive His Word. If you are like a stone, the Word will pass by you and leave no trace. It is easy to irrigate a good soil, but the stone diverts the water away from itself. To be a stone and not be able to imbibe the water in oneself, represents a life filled with contradictions. One has to be a good swimmer in order to free oneself of contradictions. Entering the stormy sea of life, one should hold his head above the water, not to drown.

Contemporary people fear life and wonder what will happen to them.

If a disciple asks such a question, it indicates that he is afraid. What will happen to a disciple, when his master passes on to the world beyond? This kind of fear is out of place. The conscious master is like an experienced captain of a ship. He will never stop the ship in the middle of the sea. Once on his way, he will lead safely his passengers to the designated harbor. If the master leaves, his students will find themselves in the same situation as they have been with him. The good and conscious master imparts Light in the minds of his discipless, due to which even without his external relationship to them, they continue to study. If we can say this about the ordinary teacher, how much more can be said about the Great Master, Who represents the external relationship of God to humans. The Master transfers a part of his light to those around him, as the candle gives out a part of its light to everyone who wants to make use of it. The Master is a manifestation of the Divine Light. The more one absorbs of this Light, the more is one connected with the Master, not by form but in content and meaning. The Word comes from the Master but belongs to God.

Christ says, "Believe in God and believe in Mel" This is to say that if you believe in God or in Christ, it is sufficient. If you believe in this or that person, in the saints, or in the good people, your faith is limited. Believe in One so that you can see Him in all. The One Whom you should believe in is God. Believing in God, you will believe in all people as well, much more that He reveals Himself through them.

When hearing about someone, people ask themselves who he is, where he is coming from, and who has sent him. Some people are asking me, "Who are you?" I say: if you are sick, I will tell you who I am. If you are disciples, I will tell you who I am. Therefore, if I am a physician and can cure you, my knowledge will be tested. If you are a disciplet and I can teach you, my work is in place. Whom is the Sun created for? The sun is created for those who can make use of its light arid heat. This sun is created by God. If you cannot benefit from its light and heat, the sun is not created for you.

Remember: one Master exists in the world. If you wish to enjoy His blessing, keep his Name sacred in your mind, heart and soul. This should be the ideal of the human soul. One God exists in the world Whom you should never doubt. Do not doubt His Love for you. People doubt Love, because they want more of it, more than it can be given in a given case. God's Love is the only measure which we should measure things with and distinguish between good and evil. If you apply this Love in your life, whatever you wish will come true. After you know this, be careful in your wishes, because every wish, good or bad, comes true.

Now, knowing what is essential in life, attend to preserveyour connection with God. If you have interrupted it, restore it. This is the way in which the New in life is coming. The old has been already leaving and it is being replaced by the New. The Turks have a saying, "When the downpour passes, the mud remains." At the beginning the mud is wet, but gradually it dries out. What is important for you is what you can make of the dried out mud. Hearing that the old life will flow out, many people are afraid that something terrible will happen to them. There is no reason to be afraid. The old knowledge will give up its place to New one. The old life will be replaced with a ew one. What is so terrible about that?

Christ said, "He who wants to be my disciple let him lift up his cross and let him follow me. He who wants to be my disciple let him renounce his mother, his father, even himself." For man, self-denial means freeing his soul from all contradictions and obstacles which he meets in life. And so, self-denial implies internal freedom for the soul. Someone says that he has denied himself and at the same time he dies. He who has denied himself of the old life, does not die but departs. When the time comes for his departure, he invites his friends for a feast, converse with them, takes letters to the people close to them who are in the world beyond, and after taking his leave with all, he heads towards the mountain – far away from the world where he lived.

And so, you are all required to maintain a conscious connection with God, in order to enter the new Life, to hear the quiet Voice of God saying, "Adam, come out! Leave the old life and enter the new one where Love, Light, Knowledge, Freedom and Abundance reign.

Translated by Ernestina Staleva

Edited by Maria Braikova

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