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The Key of Life

Lecture to the General Esoteric class, held by the Master Beinsa Douno on August 22, 1928 in Sofia (Izgrev)

I will read the 20th chapter of Revelations. I will not interpret it to you. Let everyone understand it in their own way. However, there is a basic law that says: every being uses the food that is given to it according to the level of its development.

Pay attention to the fourth verse: "Then I saw thrones and seated on them were those to whom judgement was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony to Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshipped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life, and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

Today all people want to rule on Earth. As you see, there is a contrast between their understanding about the place of ruling and about the ruling that is referred to in the verse. Where should this kingdom be: on Earth, in heaven or in space?

Often people belonging to a society of any sort are like little children who look forward to what food their father will bring them in the evening. Those who love entertainment, when they are going to the theater, they also look forward to seeing what the actors will perform on the stage. The farmers, after sowing their fields, look forward to the fruit they will yield. The vine growers, after planting their vineyards, look forward to the grapes they will produce. Everyone at all times anticipates something. When people are given what they expect, they are happy. When the performance turns out to be pleasing, everyone says: "They played well their parts; they acted well!" When the field yields good fruit, they say: "This field did well!" When the vineyard produces good fruit, they say: The grapes are good!" When the father brings home something delicious, the children are happy and say: "Our father is good!" However, this shows one side of Life; this is the understanding of people today.

The other side of Life is that sometimes the father brings nothing home, the field yields nothing, the vines do not produce grapes, the play on the stage does not go as expected, and so on. Then people get completely disappointed with Life. The first situation, in which people receive from everything, fully corresponds to their requirements; in this case, all are pleased. Even thieves are happy when they manage to steal what they want. If they cannot steal what they want, they too will be unhappy. The righteous are also happy when they acquire what they desire and are sad when they cannot acquire what they want. I ask, in what way the joy and the sorrow of the righteous differ from the joy and the sorrow of the thief? Both of them have desires. You have to distinguish whether your joy is like that of the righteous or like that of the thief, or the sinner. These are two different states which you should consider. Someone may say "I am happy." You must ask yourself whether your joy is like that of the righteous one or like that of the sinner. If you are sad, you will ask yourself the same thing: is your sadness like that of the righteous one or like that of the sinner?

I say, you should not live with illusions. You should not have the illusions of those Bulgarians – shopps (peasants from the region of Sofia) -- who went once to conquer Istanbul with their shepherd's sticks. The people of Istanbul caught them, gathered their sticks, put them in a pile, scattered the shopps and forced them back. I ask, can a city like Istanbul be conquered with sticks? – It cannot be. If your beliefs, your convictions, your prayers and tears are like these shepherd's sticks, those who are stronger than you will take them and put them in a pile, and you will not achieve anything. When someone sets out to conquer something, they have to be fully armed! – With what? If the worldly people are armed with the best and strongest weapons to achieve their goal, I ask then, what should the weapons of righteous, spiritual people be?

I will give you a comparison to show you what you should rely on in your life. A rabbit stands before you with two holsters and tells you: "While I am with you a hair will not fall from your head; rely on me--have faith in me!" After the rabbit, a bear comes – also with two holsters. It stands before you and tells you: "While I am with you, no one can touch you; rely on me!" I ask whom you should rely on – the rabbit or the bear? You will say that you must rely on the bear. Indeed, if you trust the rabbit, once it hears the first shot, no matter whether the danger has appeared or not, it will run away. The rabbit will be the first, while you will be the last to run away. If you rely on the bear, when the danger comes-- when it sees a bigger bear appear before it – it will face the danger and will not run away. Then you will be the first, while it will be the last. I ask, what is being achieved in the first and in the second case, if you rely either on the rabbit or the bear? If you think that a rabbit or a bear can protect you in Life, you are mistaken.

The rabbit and the bear are symbols that express certain external manifestations of human life. You can interpret these symbols. To rely on the rabbit means to rely on the pleasures of Life. In that case just as the rabbit runs from even the smallest danger, the person of pleasure cannot bear even the smallest sufferings and trials. It is easiest when people want everything in Life to please them. But the legs of pleasure are as long as those of the rabbit and it runs like the rabbit. The bear on the other hand symbolizes the common life, which I call hard earthly labor. However, neither the life of pleasures nor of earthly labor can save the world. Those who enjoy too much ruin their stomach; those who work too much ruin their hands. What is the point of ruining one's stomach and hands? That is the external side of the issue. Think about the inner side; think about the deep meaning of this question.

Today, all people need true awareness, true understanding of the Life that God has given them. What should human beings strive for? Eating and drinking are not goals in Life, science is not a goal in Life, a home is not a goal in Life, sons and daughters are not goals in Life, to be rich is not a goal in Life. Then what is the inner meaning of Life? If in the present conditions you want to solve one of the great challenges of your life you should know above all the meaning of Life as a whole. Some say: "Can we live without eating and drinking?" – Do not discuss this issue. Eating and drinking are only conditions for sustaining Life and the conditions are outside us; there is no need to talk about them. Everything that is outside us is not so important. Consider this thought until it becomes clear to you.

Imagine a person who has one thousand kilograms of wheat in his barn and keeps them locked away; he does not use them, does not grind them to make bread, but he fasts and starves, saying: "This wheat is for hard days. Let it stay in the barn; I will not eat from it." Another person has only one kilogram of wheat in his barn, but takes it out, grinds it at the mill, makes bread out of it, bakes it, eats it and says: "I will eat what God has given to me." I ask who has acted correctly – the one who has only one kilogram of wheat and uses it, or the one who has one thousand kilograms of wheat and seals them in the barn and does not eat? – The one who has one kilogram of wheat and eats.

Someone may say: "I want to become a person of knowledge, a saint in the future." These are empty things. This is the person who has one thousand kilograms of wheat in his barn and fasts. The power of a person resides in what one acquires every moment and in what is hidden in their consciousness. God reveals Himself in the consciousness of everyone. Outside of a person, outside of one's consciousness, God does not exist. Even if God exists outside our consciousness, we do not know Him; we do not know what this God could be. We know about God as much as He reveals Himself in our consciousness.

You often say: "God can do everything." It is true that God can do everything, but that depends on the possibilities that have been invested in you. Imagine that you are in front of a well and you hold a bucket tied with a thin rope with which you can hardly haul out ten liters of water. I am a strong man; I can haul out with my rope not ten but one hundred liters of water and I observe what you are doing. You drop your bucket with the thin rope and you take out only ten liters. The rope is conscious, living, and is not pleased with this small quantity of water, so it says: "Can't I also take out one hundred liters of water?" I say: "Try!" You take another bucket, which can hold one hundred liters of water; you put it on your thin rope and drop it in the well. You pull the bucket up, but the rope breaks and the bucket remains in the well. You wonder why this has happened and you say: "Could God not take out one hundred liters of water with this rope?" With this rope God cannot take out one hundred liters of water; He can take out only ten liters. If you think that with this thin rope you can take out one hundred liters of water, that shows that your consciousness contains one wrongful logical conclusion. When you say that God is almighty, that means God in His entirety, not God in His parts. In each separate part, in each human being, God is as powerful as the capacity of each one to accept, understand and reveal Him.

Consequently, a reasonable person needs time to do a job that is harder than their abilities and possibilities. They have to drop the bucket ten times into the well in order to take out one hundred liters of water. If they want to do this job at once, to shorten the time, they must find another way. Otherwise the rope will break.

Often people make mistakes in their lives because they are in a hurry – they want to shorten the time. Someone may ask: "Why didn't God give me a fortune? Why didn't He make me rich?" – Your rope is thin. God can take out for Himself millions and billions of liters of water, but the rope of your consciousness is so thin that if you drop it in the well to take out more than ten liters of water with it, it will break.

Then the second process comes: you ask whether this issue cannot be solved in another way. There is another way out. What I am saying to you is a philosophy that has application in your current life, in your present consciousness with which you live. The way out is the following: the reasonable person may take ten thin ropes, bind them together, hang on this now-thick rope a big bucket, drop it in the well and take out a hundred liters of water. The results here will be the same as in the case in which the thin rope goes ten times into the well. But the acquisition will be different. When you do your job on your own, your joy will be bigger than if you use someone else's help. All ropes, which take part in taking out the water, are conscious and that is why each of them will want its share of the fruit of the completed work. After you take out the water, you will want to keep everything for yourself, but the ropes will argue among themselves over their share of the acquisition. One rope will say: "If it was not for me, you would have not done anything." The second rope will also say: "If it was not for me, you would not have done anything." The rest of the ropes will say the same. – Yes, all the ropes have participated in drawing out these one hundred liters of water, but none of them is able to take out these liters of water on their own. So the ten ropes together, just like the one rope individually, will get one and the same profit, only in the first case the profit will be divided in ten – each rope will get ten liters of water.

Now you say: "Let us gather a couple of people to do some work together: to draw out water together or to work in the field." – From the acquisitions each one will receive as much as if they had worked alone for the same time. I ask: "In fact is there any profit from the shared work?" – Yes, there is. The real profit is in the encouragement that you will give to one another. All of you will be happy and joyful, will work assiduously and will come back singing. That will be the small added value in the profit. If you work alone, you will spend a silent day. That is why when good people work, they should work in small groups together. When bad people work, each one has to work alone in order to avoid conflicts. Someone may say: "I want to work alone." I suspect that the people around this person are bad and he is also bad. When all the people want to work only for themselves there is something negative between them: there is no agreement among them. This shows that the understanding of these people is not right.

Often people criticize each other; they say these ones and those ones do not live well, they do not follow God. I ask what is the measure according to which you know which thing in the world is good and which is bad, which job is being done in line with God and which isn't. I say, no one can do a job in line with God. Why? – A person doesn't do one's work on his own. When you work at something, say: "God, do my job the way You understand!" Why? – Every work that God performs is very good. After this say: "God, this time I will do my work in You. And when I finish my work in You, You, God, will judge it." When I finish my work, I do not judge it, I leave God to judge how well it has been done. When it comes to God's works I have not two opinions, but only one, so I say: "God's deeds are always good." All philosophers, all educated people in the world may gather to persuade me of the opposite but they will not succeed. I know for sure that all God's deeds are good. No matter in what way and from what direction you look at His deeds, I say: "God's deeds are perfect." The consciousness in a person, the Divine beginning within, can judge the Divine deeds, while God judges the human deeds. If you want to know what I can do, ask God instead of asking me or others. Consequently, do not wonder what people think about you; it is important to ask yourselves what God thinks about you. It is a law: if you judge yourselves on your own, i.e. if God in you judges your deeds, you are blessed.

Today many people have a certain philosophy, certain convictions, and in order to please the world they say: "We will go out in the world to show it what we are like." I ask, what new thing has the world had to say about good people for many years? No, only God has the right to judge human actions and only the conscious person has the right to judge Divine actions. Why? – Because one does not have a personal interest in God's actions, while in human ones the personality is involved. When it is said that we will be judged it means that regarding our actions, our life, all that we do for God, He is the only One Who can judge. As I do not worry about what to say about God's actions, in the same way I do not worry about what God will say about my actions. I have only one opinion about God's actions. From that, I conclude that God will judge me the way I judge Him. If doubt comes to you, say: "God can judge us in another way." Yes, if God judges you in a different way, that would mean that you have also judged Him in a different manner; you have had two opinions about Him. The law is the same.

I say, first of all you will restore your initial conceptions about what God does in your soul. The grandeur of the soul, the grandeur of the genius, of the capable, talented, righteous person is to realize that everything that happens within us at any given moment is thanks to God, Who works within. Christ says: "My Father works." Where? – In me: in my soul, in my consciousness, in my heart, in my mind – He works in different places. As a result of this work there is a striving in all people to do something good. Many ask: "What should we do now?" – There is one great law according to which you cannot do the smallest good, if you do not love God. The first important thing for you is to love God. If you love Him, He will reveal Himself to you and then your love will become one with His.

Now I will give you the following rule: work with the positive laws of Wisdom and with the positive methods of Love! So far you have had negative results in your work, because you have applied the negative laws of Wisdom and the negative methods of Love. There are no laws in Divine Love. It is a law unto itself. There is no law that can limit Love. If you live according to certain laws of Love, you will fall into a number of mistakes and delusions. In Love there are methods, and they are the best ones. So, in the life of Wisdom there are laws, while in the life of Love – there are methods.

Now the never-ending questions will begin – what are these laws of Wisdom and these methods of Love. They are written in our soul: look for them there and you will find them. When you ask this I suppose that you have one kilogram of wheat in your barn and you have started eating it, but you want to gain one thousand kilograms. If you strive for the thousand kilograms, you are of the type of people who fast. Some say that they have fasted a lot. I ask, what does God gain from this fast of yours? – He loses. When you eat a lot, God loses again. If you eat moderately, you do God's work. If you eat and thank for the food, God is also pleased with you. If you overeat, you torture both yourself and God in you. You say: "My throat has dried!" God tells you: "I have given you much water, drink from the purest water so that your throat doesn't get dry!"

I will give you a law with two methods of application: one is negative, the other, positive. Imagine that a born drunkard is in front of you. You want to help him go in the right direction, and you say to him: "Do not drink wine!" He says: "I cannot do without drinking wine. I have inherited this weakness from my mother and my father. It is not easy to give it up all of a sudden!" And so this man continues to drink. In this way you use the negative method. Afterwards, you apply the positive method towards the man by telling him: "Drink the purest nectar that exists in the world!" This is the method, which can save the drunkard. Do not tell him not to drink wine but tell him to drink the purest nectar. If he drinks it, he will never think about wine. You often say: "We should not hate!" That is the negative method of the world. That is like telling the drunkard not to drink. What can be acquired with this method? – Nothing, i.e. it gives negative results. Apply the positive method in your life. Do not say that you should not hate, but apply in your soul the best Love which the most elevated and noblest souls have applied on Earth.

You say: "We must believe!" No, apply faith! Apply that elevated and noble faith, with which saints, righteous and good people have lived, with which forests and mountains can be removed. Apply that strong faith, go with it to a mountain and say: "Move!" If you tell Vitosha mountain to move, go to it! In the beginning it will seem to you that it has not moved at all, but when you reach it you will see that it has moved a bit. Have you tried such an experiment in order to check the strength of your faith and your thought? In fact the biggest mountain is the person who has to move! If I move, Vitosha will also move. If Vitosha does not move, that means that I am dead. The living, conscious person always moves. In that case Vitosha is me!

If you understand me literally, you will have one result; if you understand the substance, you will have quite another result. If your faith and thinking are strong, you will check this law and will see that Vitosha has moved. If it has not moved, that is simply because your faith is weak. As long as Vitosha has not moved the rope that you drop in the well is weak. That does not mean that God is weak, but that your rope is weak. That is why you will find the strong rope which when dropped in the well will not break and Vitosha will be moved. If you have that faith, you will not only move Vitosha but you will also make the Sun rise in the West, not in the East as it has always done. If the Sun rises in the West, the order in the world will not break. On the contrary, the world will be better and more harmonious. What is the philosophy of the Sun rising in the East and going down in the West? If the East is the image of all good in the world, while the West – the image of all evil in the world, then what has the Sun contributed so far by rising in the good and going down in the evil? Then will it not be better for the Sun to rise in the West and set down in the East? In this way it will lead the world from the bad to the good. Where is the person who can make the Sun rise in the West?

When I talk to you like that, you will say if you understand me literally: "Does this relate to the physical world?" – The physical manifestations are a reflection of the manifestations existing in the Spiritual world. When Christ says that strong faith can move mountains; that is where the core of the faith is. Vitosha mountain also exists in the Spiritual world. If the place of Vitosha or any other object changes in the Spiritual world, the place of their shadow will also change. When an object moves, its shadow also moves. However, if we want to move the shadow of the object, that is a hard job. The shadow is being moved by another law. Only the Sun is able to move the shadow of objects. However, if I understand the law, I can put up my hand and move the shadow wherever I want. Once you lift Vitosha, you can move its shadow wherever you want.

So application is required from you. Inner, deep thinking is required from you. If you have this thought, you can complete your development in one day, in one minute. You say: "When we complete our development what will happen to us?" You will go back to Earth again and you will work for others. If you have forty days to harvest all your fields, you will do that for only one day, and the remaining thirty-nine days you will use to help your fellow men. One day you will work for Ivan, the second day – for Dragan, the third day – for Stoyan and so on. You will go to Ivan and you will tell him: "Ivan, haven't you harvested yet?" – "No, I haven't." – "Come on, I will help you." In one day you will finish his work and you will go to Dragan. "Dragan, have you finished your work?" – No, I haven't" – "Come on, let's finish it together." You will start working together and in a day you will finish everything. On the third day you will go to Stoyan; you will help him too. In these thirty-nine days you will finish the work of everyone. They will become perfect and in the same way they will go on to help the others. Work is wanted from all of you both in that world and in the world beyond! Some people think that when they go into the other world, they will be met with wreaths and songs, sit down together with the angels and play the guitar. No, there also work is awaiting for you!

Many say that they have finished their development, that God Savaot has talked to them directly, etc. They have finished their development, but they cannot take out ten kilograms of water from the well! God Savaot has spoken to them, but no one wants to give them bread. How is that possible? Do not have any illusions! That is a delusion! That is the situation of the drunken person who gets drunk and says: "Do you know who I am?" "Bum!" and he breaks a window. To liberate oneself from these states, one has to reach the Truth that will set them free. You still do not know what Freedom is like! The Scriptures say: "Do not be a slave to people!" Do not be slaves of certain beliefs that delude. Praise God and be free! Whoever wants Freedom should liberate others.

Often people look at the negative manifestations of Life. It is true that Life has negative sides, which are the results of karma, of the law of cause and effect, the reasons and consequences of things. Karma has to do with fate, but people have to be set free from that fate. God says: "I will erase your sins, your past life, your crimes – nothing will be left! And after that I will bring the new into you." The first thing: to realize Life in its positive side, you need Freedom. You ask: "What should be done with the world?" You should know that outside you, the world does not exist. God who lives in me, He is the creator of the world, that is why I should not look for the world outside myself. God Who has created the world, only He knows the true ways and methods for its correction. Consequently, there are no reasons why I should worry about the world and its salvation. The salvation of people and of the entire world is not my business. Only the Strong One can correct and save the world.

People ask the question: "What will be the results of our life?" – If you have lived with the negative methods of Life, you will also have negative results. If you have suffered all your life and you have not understood anything from these trials, these will be also the results of your life. Someone who fasted ten days says: "I tormented myself with this fast; I did not understand anything." – Yes, if you have fasted and only tormented yourselves without learning anything, that fast is not right. Fasting is not a bad thing, it is useful, but only when it is used reasonably and gives good results. The meaning of Life is not in fasting, but it is necessary as a conscious attempt. Christ also fasted forty days. He went to the desert where He spent forty days fasting and praying. After He finished, Christ acquired a great enlightenment. When He went back to his disciples, they asked Him: "What should we do now?" Christ replied to them: "One lives not only by bread but also by every Word that comes from God." So, there is another way of eating. The fast shows that people can eat in another way – with the Word of God. The New Life is hidden. In this way of nourishment is the New Life.

I will make a comparison between eating in the old way and in the new way. Take a rich man, a gastronome who enjoys rich food. He sits at lunch and immediately roasted hens, geese, ducks, different kinds of fruit and a number of other dishes and drinks are placed on the table. Ask what he has not eaten throughout his life! He says: "This is the way to live!" That is eating in the old way. However, one day the stomach of this man becomes deranged; he begins constantly to lose weight and calls a doctor to examine him. The doctor says: "Starting today all geese, ducks, hens, lambs, pigs, apples and pears are fired and you will eat only rice soup – two teaspoons every two hours. Only in this way can you be healthy again." When he sees his wife entering the room, he asks her: "Woman, what is the time? Is it time for soup?" He is punctual; he is careful not to miss the time. He wants to save himself. He knows that his salvation is in this soup. When relatives of his drop by, they ask him: "How is your health? "Thanks, I feel better now. The doctor told me that if I continue to eat in the old way – with hens, geese and ducks, I will go to the other world." This is the new way of eating. I take the rice soup as a symbol of the new eating. It represents the pure food of ideas.

Today, people fast and limit eating only when they are sick. One says: "The doctor ordered me to eat every two hours two spoons of rice soup." That is neither reasonable fasting, nor a new way of eating. This person eats like this out of necessity. Do not interpret this literally. Only the healthy, conscious person of ideas can eat in the new way. If you eat in the new way, it will bring Peace and Power into your soul. What can you do in this world if you do not have Peace and Power? Many say: "Let God be on our side!" If they say so, they exclude God from themselves. God is not outside us. Someone says: "I have a tough task to solve." The Scriptures say: "God constantly works within us." If God constantly works within us, our consciousness has to be awakened, to observe how God in us thinks, feels and solves our problems. If a hardship comes, do not be in a hurry: start thinking and observe how God within you will solve it. Less than five minutes will pass and you will see that the problem has been solved. After that you will say: "My problem has been correctly solved. I have only one opinion of God and now it is being confirmed: all God's works have been accomplished!" You say: "In theory that is so, but in practice it is not the same." No, practically it is also the same.

I will give you an actual example from life to illustrate that for the one who listens and does what God tells him from within, theory and practice are one and the same. Two brothers fight for the heritage left by their father. The older brother takes more, while the younger brother takes less. They have been fighting for fifteen years, hating each other. They do not want to look at each other and each of them talks badly about the other one. One day the Divine wakes up in the older brother and says to him: "What you did to your brother is not good. Go, reconcile with him, give him everything. You may work and make a living with what you earn by your work." He listened to this voice inside him and went to the home of his brother. At this moment, the Divine starts talking to the younger brother and he says to himself: "I am tired of this fighting! I have been cross with my brother for such a long time! What did I gain by that? I will go to him, we will reconcile and I will tell him that I am giving him everything from our father. What I earn is enough for me." Said – and done! He heads to his brother to reconcile. They meet each other on the road. The older one says: "Brother, I come to reconcile with you. I give you everything that I took from my father. I will make my living by what I earn from my own work." "Is that so? I also decided to do the same," the younger brother said. "Then let us both work together. "The two brothers get together, reconcile and start working together. I say, this is the way to solve all problems and misunderstandings within oneself. I ask, should we divide the Divine in us? Should we fight for It? No, let us sanctify the name of God Who lives in us! Let us place God high within ourselves and in our consciousness so that He can work there.

Many wonder what the New, the Divine teaching is. Many are interested in knowing more about the New, the Divine Teaching. The Divine teaching is in the following: to allow God to work in our consciousness and for God to allow us to work in Him. Someone asks: "What is the New teaching?" It is God to work in me and me to work in Him. How will you understand this? – Only after you attempt it. You cannot define the New teaching if you do not attempt to follow it. Someone says: "I have made an attempt." – How many attempts, only one? In the Divine teaching the experience is constant, without interruption. The Divine reveals Itself all the time.

Now I will tell you the difference between the Divine and the human. The Divine manifests Itself and stays forever; the human manifests itself and stays for a day. What is forever and constant within us is Divine; what is for short time is human. Happiness and joy that disappear quickly are human; happiness and joy that never disappear are Divine. The goodness that appears and disappears is human; the goodness that appears and does not disappear is Divine. Knowledge that cannot solve the difficulties in your lives is human; knowledge, which in all difficult moments in your life solves all problems is Divine. The Divine lives forever; there is no interruption in it. It is the Great, which works in the souls. Only through the Divine can all your strivings and ideals be achieved.

I say, may those of you who want to walk the Divine path, put the bags on your backs and go ahead! Do not look back to see what is going on behind you! Do not deal with old things! God who lives in us will create the New world, the New Heaven and the New earth. The Scriptures say: "The Earth and the Sky ran away from His face." Which are the Earth and the Heaven in question? – The old Earth and the old Heaven, i.e. the old beliefs and understandings. Now the New Heaven and the New Earth are being created, i.e. the new beliefs and conceptions. When the old background falls, the new one is erected. When the old Sun sets, the day is not over; the new Sun rises. Today's Sun will go set, it will die; a new Sun will come tomorrow. Every day God creates a new Sun. Do you believe in that? Every belief that goes down is not a true faith, but it dies and is buried.

Contemporary people say: "What times we are living in! Once upon a time when we were young, we used to love each other, we got along; today nothing remains of that love." I will give you an example of a grandfather named Stoyan from the village of Golyama Mogila who often boasted of his boldness and courage in his youth. When he was ninety years old, he took his stick, went to a big pit and said: "Once upon a time when I was young, how well I jumped over even the biggest pits! Let's see whether I will be able to jump over this pit now!" He started running and oops – fell inside the pit! When he saw himself in this situation, he told himself: "That is strange, when I was young things weren't like this! When a man gets old, he becomes a joke in the mouths of people." When he got out of the pit, he looked around to see whether someone had seen or heard him: "What was so when one was young, it is the same when one is old." That is true. A strong person cannot become weak. Also a weak person cannot become strong. The weak person is weak in essence. The one within whom the human is strong is weak; strong is the one within whom the Divine is strong.

From this we draw the conclusion: if your love is human, it is weak; if your love is Divine, it is strong and constant. Divine Love, both in youth and in old age, is the same. Human love is passionate in youth, and cold when old age comes. Divine love goes the opposite way: in the beginning it is weak, in the end – strong. Only love of the mother for her child is one and the same during all its ages: starting from the time when the child was in her womb until the time of its old age. There was a ninety-year-old priest who addressed his sixty-year-old son with the words "my boy" and tapped him on the back. He did not see an old man with a white moustach and a beard, but a little boy. The same relationships exist in Divine Love. It tenderly addresses its children with the words "My son, my dear little boy!" – If people are misled by the external form of things, Life has no meaning.

Everyone who grows old in the Life of Love, proceeds along the human path, everyone who weakens in Knowledge, proceeds along the human path, everyone who makes mistakes in their life, proceeds along the human path. There are two paths in Life: human and Divine. Someone apologizes, saying: "You will excuse me; I am a bit harsh, rude. I have weaknesses." There is no need to apologize, just say the truth: "I walk on the human path." A person's nobility can be seen in their constantly applying correction. When noble people occasionally make a mistake, they say "this is human" and set it aside. Even the most renowned philosophers and learned people make mistakes. There is no human in the world who does not make mistakes. A famous writer wrote an impressive novel but he wished to print it without any mistakes. And truly, the entire book was printed without any mistakes; but in the title of the novel, in big letters, a mistake was made. What is the problem with this one mistake? You will correct it! In the human path, mistakes are allowed and inevitable. If you want to usher perfection into the human path, you have taken the wrong way. Perfection exists only in the Divine. The human represents a method for the application of the Divine. If you do not understand things like that you are on the wrong path and in the end you will achieve nothing.

All great, righteous people, whether in religious societies or in the world, have believed in God's way. In my opinion, there are two types of people. One type go in God's way; they are within it, no matter whether they are in some religious community or outside in the world. The second category are the ones who walk along the human path; they are outside God's way, no matter whether they are in a religious community or in the world. The results from the human way are of one sort, from the Divine way – of another. These two roads have to become one. When the weak, the human, comes under the control of the Divine, it will strengthen and straighten up. Only God within us has the power to free us from our weaknesses and only we are able to use God's power for good. Everyone wants to use and can use God's power but they must have only one opinion of God: everything that God does within them is for good. If one says that what God does is not good, everything is over. Whatever may happen, tell yourselves: "It is for good!"

Some contemporary people ask themselves why things happen in this and not in another way. I say, everything takes place according to the great laws of Conscious Nature. Others ask what is the correct way to pray, where we should gather to pray or how to solve some questions. I say, see where the birds gather! They make their meetings and gatherings in the air. Many birds gather, exchange important thoughts and then disperse. Can you not, like the birds, have your gatherings in the air? A woman who was Samaritan asked Jesus the same question two thousand years ago. She said to him: "Sir, I see that You are a prophet. Our fathers worshipped in these forests, and you say that we should pay our respects in Jerusalem." Jesus told her: "The hour comes when neither in this forest, nor in Jerusalem, you will pay respect to the Father. But the time comes and now is, when the true pilgrims will worship God in Spirit and Truth; because that is how the Father wants his followers to be. God is a Spirit and those who pay their respects to Him, they must do that in Spirit and in Truth." The real service to God is not in the outer form, in the physical aspect. As far as serving God is concerned, we must be perfect! Whoever pays respect to God, must do that in Spirit and in Truth! In the meantime, if you want to be happy on Earth, you must not look for happiness in the sand, which some put in bottles full of pure water which they constantly stir and thus wash it away. There is absolutely no happiness in that.

So, the one who wants to serve God must know that God lives and works in all people. If you think in this way, your mutual relationships will be correct. Many say: "Time is required for everything, evolution is necessary to bring everything into being." Yes, I agree with you – time, evolution are necessary, but for whom? – For weak persons. Evolution exists for weak persons – but not for strong ones. The strong person evolves by helping the weak to progress in their way. The reasonable, great people in the world are strong. If a person has a thin rope, with which they can remove from a well only ten liters of water, but they need to take out a thousand liters, what will they do? – That person is weak; they need time to throw the rope in the well one hundred times, in order to remove a thousand liters of water. If their rope is thick and strong, they will immediately remove one thousand liters of water from the well. This means that evolution is necessary for the weak, not for the strong. Things happen immediately for the strong person.

I believe that you have already understood my thought. To those who have not understood me, I will say to them: enter the well once, twice, three times, one hundred times! When you emerge, I will ask you what you have learned in the well. If you have learned something, you will no longer want to enter and emerge from the well. This shows that you have acquired a certain level of experience; you have received a certain understanding. If you have not acquired the necessary experience, if you have not attained the necessary understanding of Life, you will still enter and emerge from the well. The following law exists in Nature: for reasonable people water will not be extracted in a mechanical way with pumps, but it will emerge on the surface of the earth in the form of a spring. I say, water comes by itself to reasonable people; there is no need for them to go down to it.

Our attitude towards water is similar to our attitude towards God. When we love God, He will be inside us; when we do not love Him, He is outside us. Then we will look for Him right and left, up and down, and we will find Him nowhere. Then, like the psalmist, we say to ourselves: "My pillow is wet from tears, but you are gone, God." What is the reason that we do not find God? – God is inside you; do not look for Him outside. Everyone understands things the way they have been placed within them. I say, it is correct to understand things as God has created them. Observe yourselves and you will see that just as your consciousness expands every day, so do things acquire a newer and newer expression every day. The good in the world as well as the world itself – everything is hidden in the human soul and in the human spirit.

Now, do not think that anyone is able to extinguish the small, microscopic light that shines in your soul and in your spirit. It is the Divine Fire in human beings that never goes out. No matter what conditions one falls into, that Fire never stops. The human fire is like the fire from dried hemp and linen stems. The young women from some villages, at their gatherings make a fire from dried hemp or linen stems, the flames of which go high, but after in ten-fifteen minutes it goes out. You must know that everything, which, like the burning hemp and linen stems, goes up high and soon goes out, is human. It does not last for long. That is why you should not base your faith on the human. If you want to be strong, rely on the Divine within you! Put your faith in It. The moment you start doubting it, you are weak. The moment you start believing the Divine inside yourselves, you are strong. Once you cut your connection with the Divine, you enter the human, and the law of evolution. When you connect with the Divine, you enter the world of God's manifestations. The human world is a world of incarnation, of entangling with the material world; while the Divine world is a world of inspiration. I know two worlds: if you are strong, you enter into the manifestations of the Divine world, and the law of inspiration; if you are weak, you enter the law of incarnation or going down into material world. Someone says: "I believe in evolution. Only through evolution can our ideals be achieved." – That is true; evolution is for weak people but for strong people, the Divine must prevail over the human. Do not mix these two worlds; undertake purifying your consciousness to be able at any moment to discern at every moment in which world you are living.

I ask you, which is the most important idea of everything you have heard? I say, the most important idea is that one, which every one has understood best of all and can apply in one's life. This idea is like a kilogram of wheat for him, from which he can prepare bread to eat. The rest, which he has not understood are those one thousand kilograms of wheat, which will stay in the barn. The same law is valid in mathematics and in the other branches of science. Whoever understands the numbers from 1 to 10 will also understand all rules and manipulations in mathematics; whoever does not understand the first numbers cannot also manipulate with the rest.

All religious people speak about serving God. There are two ways of serving God: the first is serving with beliefs, the other is serving with that devoted faith, which contains no doubt and hesitation. In such serving, when sufferings and trials come, the person will smile a bit and will say: "This is the Will of God, everything is for good." When Poverty comes to him, he asks it: "Listen, who has sent you to me?" – "God." – "Then I will tell you why you are poor. You are poor, because you do not obey God." One has just coped with Poverty, when Ignorance comes to him. – "Who has sent you to me?" – "God." "You are ignorant, because you do not obey God, you do not want to learn." After Ignorance, Disease comes. – "Who has sent you to me?" – " God." – "You are Disease since you do not love health, you exclude it from yourself. If you want people to love you, you should bring them health. Come on, go away now, good luck, I have no free time to deal with you." Finally, Sin comes to this person. He asks it: "Who has sent you to me?" – "God." – "Go to serve Him, to do His Will and soon you will have wings." – "But I am a sinner." – "Leave and do not sin any more. Do what you have not done so far!" – "See, I have a weakness. I drink." – "It does not matter. Drink from the best nectarine water." In this way namely the man of selfless faith copes with all negative situations in life. This is the right way to act thanks to which every one can acquire one's freedom. Every one who wants to acquire one's freedom shall apply this way.

Many think that their life is empty and meaningless. No, your life, no matter how small it is compared to the whole life, has some meaning but not the meaning of the Whole. In the same way as the life of an ant does not arrange the whole Life of Creation, the life of one person does not arrange it either. Only the Divine in man arranges Life in all its phases. There is nothing better, nothing more beautiful than to live in God! Only then you can understand what Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth, Divine Justice, Divine Virtue, mercy, gentleness, restraint, etc are. All who meet such a person will smile at him. All beings who live with God and in Him are smiling.

In one of the deserts there was a lake, which water was as clean as a crystal – everything was reflected in it. In the hottest weather all animals: bears, tigers, lions, rabbits, snakes went to drink water in the evening, but none of them did wrong to the others. Why? – Every animal bent to drink water and after having enough, pleased went to its place. The big thirst was prevailing in all minds and that is why no one of them had even the slightest thought of harming the others. Tigers, wolves, bears, rabbits and snakes – all drank water together. I say, there is one place where all people can get along. Which is this place? – The clean, crystal lake. Go to this lake, all of you! This is Divine Love, from which the human souls should go to drink to their fill. You will ask: "How can we find this lake?" – " Go to the animals, they will tell you how they are finding the good springs in the mountains. A thirsty soul will find this spring on its own. A soul that is not thirsty cannot find it.

Now I am not going to draw any conclusion. Remember the following: when God starts to work in your consciousness that is the beginning of things and that beginning is good. When God starts to work the beginning is good and the end is good. What is the beginning, the same is the end – the fruit of work. God said: "I am alpha and omega, beginning and end." When man works in God, he is the beginning, God is the end. In the Divine God is the beginning, man is the end. In the human man is the beginning, God is the end. That is why it is said in the Scriptures: "And God will be your guard from the back!" In the Divine it is the opposite: we will be the guard from the back, while God will be the beginning. If you understand these thoughts and apply them, you will have the best results; if you do not understand them, you will remain in the old life. I say, begin to work and do not think about the old life. Do not ask what your past was. Live in the present and in the future where the New Life is hidden. If you are reasonable and live in line with the laws of Great Nature, you can change your destiny. After the Divine takes over within you, your life will improve. A wise person can make everything be beautiful, while a stupid one can ruin even the most beautiful things. It all depends on us. If God abides in us, we will be strong and can do everything. Do not show off before people that God is living in you but apply your power in practice. If God lives in you, you can immediately solve even the most difficult task. You are asked what the square root of a certain number is. – "It is so and so." – The Divine solves things immediately.

What should a disciple of the New teaching be? – A disciple of the new Teaching should have: heart as pure as crystal, mind as bright as the Sun, soul as noble and spacious as the entire Universe and spirit as powerful as God and one with God! When some trouble comes to your heart, take out the rule for your heart and say: "I am a disciple and my heart should be as pure as crystal without any filth in it." If some trouble comes to your mind, say: "My mind should be as bright as the Sun, without any dark in it" When some trouble comes to your soul, say: "My soul should be as noble and spacious as the entire universe without any limitation." Finally when some trouble comes to your spirit, say:" My spirit should be as powerful as God and one with God!" Every day when you are in a difficult situation use the relevant rule for the situation and pronounce it several times during the day. If Evil has come to you to tell you that you "can trespass a little", you may answer it: "No, I should have a heart as pure as crystal!" After you have read the rule, put it in your pocket. Evil comes to you again to tempt your mind: "That work can be done in another way."- " No, I should have a mind as bright as the Sun." – " "Can it not be a bit less – like an electric lamp?" – " No, it cannot be!" After that Evil comes to tempt your soul, but you will tell it: "My soul should be as vast as the universe." Finally Evil comes to tempt your spirit, but you will tell it: "My spirit should be as powerful as God and one with God." After all these attempts Evil will be in a difficult situation and will say: "These people are learnt, I cannot tempt them with anything."

Pure heart, bright mind, vast spacious soul and powerful spirit – this is the chain with which you can fetter evil and be free.

I want you to be absolutely free. It means: free in your conceptions, in your beliefs, in your feelings, thoughts and actions. Suppose that you lived when Christ was on Earth and His companions tried to convince you that He was the expected Messiah. Others convinced you in the opposite. A disagreement appeared in your soul, you looked for Christ, but you got confused. I say, believe in your inner faith, in your deep conviction. Do not look for Christ here and there, He is in you, in your soul. Only a free person can find God and have one opinion for Him. When I see you and you see me, we must have only one opinion of one another. Why? – Because God lives in both of us. If you think like this, you will say: "This brother is excellent, because God works in him. This Master is excellent, because God works through him." As long as we are heralds of the Divine, we will have pure hearts, bright minds, vast souls and powerful spirits. Only God in you can do this.

You say: "Our life is difficult and hard." -" Stop torturing yourselves! – "Yes, but it is hard to love one another." – Why do you torment yourselves with loving? When God enters to live in you, He will show you how to love. He will show you the methods of Love and the laws of Wisdom. Then you will love and your Love will be sacred. It will be a blessing for both your beloved and the person who loves you.

So, I address every one: young and old, those who started to work and those who did not do it and I say, begin to work, all of you! Some say: "We have not learnt anything yet." – " Yes, Knowledge, as well as Virtue cannot be poured in your heads as if by a funnel. Allow the Divine to work in you and when it will be revealed, act as the two brothers did: sacrifice your own good for the Divine in you. If you do not act in this way, a disagreement will appear in you. Many ask: "Should we be educated?" – Of course, you should. We are not satisfied with the general knowledge, love, wisdom, truth, virtue and justice. If it is a matter of knowledge, we strive towards the Knowledge that God has; if it is a matter of love, wisdom, truth, justice and virtue, we strive to acquire Divine Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue. Ordinary things do not exist in our dictionary. Our ideal is towards the Divine, the Elevated, the Great, the Real, towards That Whole, which creates the shadows, but It is not a shadow by Itself.

You say: "I am ignorant." – Do not speak of ignorance. – "I am sinful." – Do not speak of sin." – "I am weak." – Do not speak of weakness. Paul said: "We, the strong ones shall carry the weak ones." It means that God Who is strong can carry our weaknesses. Every one whom God lives within can carry the weak ones. I say to the weak one: "God can live in you and then you will be strong". God can live in all of you and you will be strong. Consequently, give freedom to God in you, do not limit Him, do not give Him rules how to act. Do not ask clothes, shoes, hats from God, but start with the basic, with Life. Clothes, shoes, hats will come on their own. Once the Divine Life comes to you, everything will be added. This Life is beautiful! It brings Freedom to our souls. When you wake up happy in the morning, you should know that it is the Divine face smiling in you. There is no bigger blessing than that: to see the face of God happy and joyful.

Many of you are buried in the tomb shouting, moaning from underneath. I say, pull up the stone of your tomb and go out! When they put Christ in the grave, they put a slate over Him and a huge stone above it. Could He move away the stone above the slate of his tomb by Himself? – He could not. Christ got 80,000 hits from the Roman soldiers and four big nails in His hands and feet, as a result of which He was weak to move away His own the stone above the slate of the tomb. An Angel came from Heaven to move the stone away from the tomb and Christ resurrected. Today you are also weak as Christ was then, you are all crucified, you have nails in your hands and feet. However, there is an essential difference between you and Christ. Christ died and resurrected, while you are crucified without having yet died.

I will give you an example clarifying my thought. A preacher in America spoke to his listeners about generosity. He told them that one should sacrifice for God in order to be saved, i.e. one should sacrifice the human for the Divine. One of the listeners who was there – a very rich man – said as he listened to the sermon: "No, one can be also saved without sacrifices or great generosity. How did the rascal nailed next to Christ at the cross save himself? What sacrifices did he do?" The preacher answered him: "The rascal at the cross was a dying man, while you are still a living rascal." It is the same with you. You are crucified at the cross but you are not still dead. When you die, it is another issue. The whole difficulty is while you are at the cross. You are crucified and you yell, make noise. Christ too, when He was still alive at the cross, yelled: "God, why did you leave Me to be mocked at and profaned by the people?" God told Him: "This work has already been finished." – "If so, let it be Your will! In Your hands I surrender My spirit." After Christ passed away, they took His body down from the cross, put it in the tomb, closed it with a stone slate and that is how they left Him and there He spent three days. At the third day an angel from Heaven came, moved the slate away, took it up from the tomb and Christ resurrected. You will also yell like this at the cross: "My God, my God why did You leave me to be mocked at and profaned by the world?" God will say: "Everything is over." After that Nikodimus will come, will ask for permission to take your body down from the cross, will wrap you in a cloth, will put you in the tomb and will close it with a slate and a stone above it. After that the priests will come to seal your tomb as an obstacle for your disciples who might come to steal your body. Three days after that an angel from Heaven will come, will move away the stone, take the slate down and you will resurrect.

So I say: the question is easy when they take you down from the cross, but difficult time is while you are still living on the cross. Finally you must die! By "death" we mean the transformation of consciousness. When Christ died on the cross, His consciousness was transformed; He received enlightenment concerning the great order in the world, the new Life which is coming. When the New Life awakens in you, the old life will leave its place to be replaced by the new one and you will climb down from the mystic cross of suffering. After that, an angel will come down from Heaven, will remove the stone slate from your tomb, and you will enter the freedom of the New Life – "the resurrection." Only in this way will God enter you to live in you and you will begin your work on Earth. After the resurrection, Christ spent full forty days with His disciples, invisible to the world, and during that time He continued to preach. The Gospel says: "And He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures." Only the resurrected one acquires the real, eternal, essential Life – the Life of immortality.

Now, I believe that you have understood all that I talked to you about. These are words of liberation. Those of you who have understood my words form among yourselves one Divine wall of harmony and unity: unity in thoughts, unity in feelings and unity in actions and strivings in all directions. We constitute the Great Life, which reveals itself in all directions-- in the physical, spiritual and Divine Life as parts of the common Divine organism. Be carriers of this unity! The Divine teaching is in this which you must apply every day in your life. If you apply this Teaching, you do not need any other philosophy or teaching. After you apply and try it out, may each one of you tell other people how you have found this Path.

So, work hard this year to apply the Divine teaching. I call this year Divine-- a year of purification. Last year was an year of Love. After a mother gives birth to her child she starts cleaning it because it is weak, frail, and cannot clean itself on its own. It might become a genius, a saint, a great scientist but until it grows up the mother has to clean it two-three times a day. Cleansing is also necessary for grown-ups until the Divine grows stronger in them. Cleansing is as natural and necessary for the grown-ups as it is for the little children. When the Divine in you increases and takes over the human, you will become strong and will live an elevated and ideal life. Until this time comes, you should cleanse yourselves constantly. All people have weaknesses. Human weaknesses are conditions for the manifestation of the soul. When the soul turns up in these limited conditions it starts wandering about here and there, just as a bee hits itself against the closed window of a castle until it is free. It does not see that there are obstacles. The obstacles in the world are necessary for our progress. When the Divine comes to us, it will liberate our souls from all the obstacles and limitations.

I say you all need absolute, positive faith! No matter how difficult this Teaching seems to you, say: "We can all understand and apply the Divine teaching." – "But our faith is weak." – "Do not say that. Your faith is not weak". – "Do we have to leave the world in order to serve God?" – No, you will live in the world. Everyone will solve their problems wherever they are. – "What methods to use?" – The methods of the Divine teaching. You all know what the old methods of the past have contributed. People of the past lived in forests, served in monasteries and worshipped God in churches, but still their problems remain unsolved. Now serving based on inner freedom remains to be applied. May every one listen to the voice deep inside where one will find the real methods for service. In this way one will be liberated on one's own. If the Divine awakens in the person, only it is able to liberate them.

I will give you an example of one of the American criminals, who was arrested for a number of thefts and crimes. They tied his legs and hands with ropes and left him lying in bed with the conviction that he was not dangerous. The guard who kept an eye over him entered one night with a candle and as he was in a hurry he forgot the candle in the criminal's cell. The criminal looked at the candle and shouted: "There is a way for my rescue!" He stretched his legs to the flame of the candle, burned the rope and freed his legs. After that he held the rope in his hands to the flame and it burned. So being free from the ropes – the conditions that limited him, he opened the window and escaped.

If evil in the world has tied your arms and legs with ropes, but God has left a candle in your room, should you ask what to do? – Burn the rope! – "But is this allowed? – "It is allowed! Was evil allowed to tie you up? Everyone by his own will, can put the rope on the candle, in order to burn it and to set oneself free." – "Should I go out through the window or through the door?" – Through the window. If the window is closed, go out through the chimney! Go out from wherever you can. You do not need any other philosophy. Everyone must fight and win their soul's Freedom. This is a whole process. In acquiring one's Freedom, a person will re-educate themselves, will grow up, will come to the great morality of Life when evil will not be able to tie their arms and legs with ropes any more.

Only in this way will the New Life enter the world and will you be able to realize all that the soul and the spirit wish. Only in this way will we satisfy God and will God satisfy us. Only in this way will we rejoice with God and will God rejoice with us. For you to be liked by God and for us to like God. Only in this way will we be rejoicing in God and will He rejoice in us. – When will that take place? – When God comes to live in you. If I ask you whether you will give room to God in you it does not mean that I do not trust you. I believe that you will do this, because I speak the great Truth to you. I transfer to you an experience of mine. I acquired my freedom in the same way.

Remember the following: I have only one opinion of God: everything that God does in me is good. Also God has only one opinion of me: everything that I do for God is good and righteous. Christ said: "God lives in Me and I live in Him." I say that this is the Way to acquire inner spiritual Freedom and to implement all good things in the world. There is no other way. If not today, then tomorrow or whenever else, only on this Path will you acquire your Freedom. Whoever you address, if they know the Truth they will tell you the same. If they do not know the Truth they will beguile you with this or that, with these or those words. Christ said: "The Father and I are one. My Father lives in Me and I live in My Father. God works in Me and I work in Him."

I want you to be free because only then will you be able to manifest and develop your abilities and talents. Then all the Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue which you manifest will be in the right place. If you apply this Teaching you will be fresh and joyful, you will be deep as the sea and the sky. You need depth now! If you live in this way, no matter what sufferings may come to you, the thought that God is with you and you are with Him will stand out in your mind. If you think in this way, He will take you down from the cross on which you are crucified.

Now you will ask: "What should we do, should we not pray?" I ask, should one pray for one's freedom? Get to work! Put the rope on your arms and legs to burn in the candle flame! – "Won't we sing?" When does a person sing? – When they have finished their work. When do the reapers sing? – When they go and return from the harvest but not while they are working. When you went to work you sang. Now you are already at work. The person who works does not sing. When you finish your job you will sing again. You cannot always sing. If I send you to go to Vitosha Mountain for some reason on a hot summer day, will you be able to sing? While you are going up you may sing only in your soul, but after you have climbed up Vitosha Mountain and have accomplished the given job, you can freely sing. There is definite time for everything; for singing there is a definite timing.

Today is a day for work – the first day of your awareness, the first day for Divine work. So far you have not worked. Today's work will define your future for the entire eternity. You will know: the day today defines your future. It is one of the most beautiful days of your life in the eternity.

Christ says: "My Father works and I work." I now want all of you to work. We are now in the day of work. Do not say that you will work in the evening. No, this day has no night. It is an eternal day, without evening, during which the Sun does not go down. It is a day of eternal dawning and rising of the Sun – a day, in which things have no beginning and no end. It is the most beautiful eternal day of Joy and Happiness. The Scriptures say: "When I see Your face, my soul will rejoice." This verse is mainly about this lovely day of work. Only when one works for God can one see the face of God and one's soul will rejoice.

Now you will say: "Well, it would be nice if all brothers and sisters from the country were here!" I say, all are here. Why? – Because every brother and sister from the physical world who are enlisted as members of the Brotherhood of Light have two delegates each to represent them – one in the Divine world and one in the angelic world. So, if one thousand people come here, in fact they are three thousand powerful heroes: one thousand in the physical world, one thousand in the angelic world and one thousand in the Divine world. The power is not in you who are in the physical world, but in these three thousand people gathered together. They are the workers, not only the people of the physical world. Do you know what these helpers from above can do? – They will accomplish God's work. He works through them.

So – no songs, no prayers, no hand-kissing! All go to work! From above they will follow whoever is prepared for work and who has started to work.

I congratulate you on the great day of work. Be all of you, heroes and co-workers with God's work! This day has already come. Begin the Divine work because it defines your life in the future!

Translated by Martina Iovcheva

Checked by Maria Braikova

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