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Easter Present

Lesson of the Master given to a group of young friends on Easter, April 24, 1927.

What is the best way to celebrate Easter? Everything man possesses must be actively used, must be applied. Without such use and application, things "become sour", as we say, or ferment. Feelings, for example, may ferment.

Now, with you young people great reforms may be undertaken. If you are not in touch with the laws of Nature you will get the same results as the old people. You must begin with your bodies. For example, do you know the results of the accumulation of uric acid in the human body? Or the meaning of feeble breathing? And do you know the cause of inner inertness, that laziness specific to man? There is a sacred laziness in man. Men call it sacred rest or sacred repose. There should be no difficulties, no sufferings. Man desires to be silent and relaxed, to be completely inert.

And thus, to you young people, I say: in order to be strong and healthy you must make use of the morning air and sunlight. For tomorrow, if one becomes sick, even a dozen doctors might not be able to improve his condition. A few years later he will have lost the chance to learn to become skillful. Diseases destroy the body. All the doctors are appointed to prevent diseases, but they have not succeeded.

The life of man must change from the roots. I notice on your faces, from the construction of your blood vessels that something is wrong. Here are young people of 22 years and there is premature aging. This untimely aging is due to the accumulation of certain uric acids and poisons in the body. Besides, there is also an accumulation of calcium. The aged person dies because of dust. This calcium hardens in the human body, causing sclerosis. The arteries harden, the brain cannot think, the lungs harden, and finally the whole body hardens. Then the person passes away. Old people say that one should not think much. He who speaks this way has sclerosis. They also say, "We must eat everything we find". In such cases food becomes only a source of all these morbid conditions. In order to eat correctly, the whole of man must participate: his mind, heart, his will, and each individual cell.

Living nature has created the home of man very intelligently. She has made millions of windows so that Tirana and vital energy may penetrate, and thus the body of man may be renewed. These windows must be kept always clean, and open, not clogged. Dust collects not only on the surface of the body, but also in the inner organs through the accumulation of acids and poisons. If you don't have sensible thoughts, there are inner congestions of the cells and pores. This is the source of all morbid conditions of the body, as well as of the spirit.

The first thing to do is to open the pores of the body, and this can be accomplished through water. First you learn the magic power of water. Without water no culture can exist. Do you know how much water you must use? Water is a good conductor of magnetism. When you study the different temperaments, you will notice, that the skin of nervous people easily becomes dry. In people who are skinny, evaporation occurs very easily and, as a result, moisture disappears. In people with a high rate of evaporation, a dry temperament is born. Such a person becomes nervous, restless; he cannot sleep well; he cannot think calmly. Therefore, he must use water. Besides, the water which must remain in the body must be the purest water. There are certain muscles, certain parts of the body, which must be absolutely clean. Man must be clean so that this water may be filtered. The inner moisture must be always filtered.

If this filtration is not properly done, all the impurities from the food enter into the blood stream, either as liquids or as gases. The gases pass through the pores and through the tissues of the whole body. Gradually, they condense and form sensitive hardenings. For this reason, water is necessary to wash away these impurities.

To free yourself from thoughts about the symptoms of diseases you must think about the beneficial function of water in the body. I don't like to speak about bad influences because I don't want to leave a negative image in your consciousness, an image of disease with which might be obsessed wherever you go. But I want to tell you that in this coining season after Easter, you must go out in nature each morning and for at least one hour, breathe deeply, and take for yourself food and water, and think your best thoughts. If you want to be healthy and strong you must do this every day. When you come back, then you start serious work and study. Every one of you must do this without fail.

Learn to breathe correctly, broadly and deeply. When I observe you, I think sometimes that you are trying to smell a flower, but in reality you are breathing. Yet everyone of you can learn to breathe deeply. Learn to be your own masters, to master your breathing. Sometimes you may feel as if something is obstructing you. In order to have complete respiration, all the pores must be opened. This can be accomplished with water. Respiration should occur not only through your lungs but through the skin and each cell, too. This then is a healthy person. According to the diagnosis of the iris of the eye, all diseases start from the clogged condition of pores which cause certain organs to be sick. The channels of the spinal column become blocked with these impurities, when these are blocked man's vitality diminishes. The vital energies which revive the human body come through the spinal column. The brain of the spinal cord has the capacity to absorb prana or living energy from the air and to conduct it throughout the whole body. You know how this occurs in plants -through osmosis, through imbibition. In nature there is one process which emits and one which receives. There are certain energies which flow in to the center, and others flow out from the center. Where these energies meet, there is the activity of life. When this inner flow is blocked morbid conditions occur, like nervousness, doubt, suspicion.

First, there is the blocking of energies after that there is the clogging of the circulation, either in the arteries or in the veins. When there is not enough" pure blood in the arteries to feed the body, the veins become clogged. Instead of being excreted, the impurities remain in the blood. Now, here are young people 25 years of age and in their organisms large quantities of impure matter is stored. What is accumulated is not living organic matter but layers of fat, excess semi-organic matter, which at the slightest weakness of the body supplies the right conditions for germs to enter the blood stream. In this way all morbid conditions come about. If there is fat behind your ears it must disappear. None of you should have a double chin. The bony part behind the ears should be visible and not covered with fat.

All of you should follow a Spartan regime. Cultivate your body so as to be healthy and strong, and the most favorable time is now. Each day in April is worth 10 golden coins. What you can gain on those days can be found in no pharmacy but only in nature. One might say about you that you walk in water but still are thirsty. Now you are stingy, but in one month you can collect such energy, you can become so vital and joyous so filled with new ideas, that wherever you go you will bring inspiration to people. Magnetic energy gives inspiration. It infects people, and all people want to be fresh, cheerful, and healthy.

The desire to work toward the application of these methods must be born in each man. Now, when you go out in nature, you remain slack, you retain a passive condition. When you walk again you droop. This is not right. You must learn to move with awareness alert. Tour consciousness must participate in everything. You must be brave and decisive, but still you are feeble and weak. You must remember that nature does not love feeble people, for she has set a rich table, and when one of her children does not enjoy the food she serves, she reserves her opinion, but to her such a one is not one of her smartest children.

When you gather together now there is a certain tension. This is not correct. Among you there must be vitality, health, and pleasant dispositions and a flow of common inspiration. If someone's morbid condition is pointed out to him he may be distressed, so we will start with the positive side. If one's heart beats fast, this indicates an accumulation of uric and lactic acids, as well as toxic gases. His inner nature whispers to him, "You need water. You must filter all these poisons, acids and gases". People fear that it is the heart that is sick, but this is not true.

You may feel restless and unable to sleep well. Get up; heat some water; drink one, two, three, four, or five cups of boiled water, drinking slowly and carefully and when you begin to perspire take a dry towel, rub your body well. Starting with your arms up to your shoulders and then gradually down to your feet. Give yourself a good massage. After that, get dressed, and drink one more cup of boiled water.

You may add about 10 drops of lemon juice. This will restore the heat in your body.

Do this experiment to learn what your condition will be afterwards. Do this not just once, but at least twice a week. You must do this during this coming season, so that you may be healthy. In this way, all the pores in your body will open, the circulation will improve, and an influx of prana will take place.

After that, sit quietly and start breathing like this. Uplift your thoughts and start receiving the magnetic flux from the atmosphere. Your achievement may not be the best right away, but if you persist, in a month's time, or maybe two or three months, if you drink hot water and do your breathing exercises, you certainly will feel renewed. One must go out in the fresh air and breathe. Each time you have free time, use it for breathing. If somewhere you can find pure water, don't be lazy, but go and get it. It may be far away but you should go anyway and bring for yourself the best water you can get.

There are no real diseases in the world, only morbid conditions.

The task of today's people, of all humanity, must be to learn to be pure, to be free of impurities, of residues and deposits. From time immemorial cleanliness and purity was taught. Drink four to five cups of hot water until you perspire. With a cloth wipe off the sweat and rub yourself well. If you do this twice a week, you will feel a great improvement. Let this be your assignment. Don't forget to dry your body well with a clean cloth. Do this for ten weeks, beginning on April 27th and ending on June 4th. After these ten weeks, you will see the results. You may do this in the morning or at night. When you drink warm water you will not get chills. Also, try to do breathing exercises for an hour or so each day. Ten minutes, three times a day, will do. In this way, you will store energy for the winter. And remember this, no laziness. When you rise in the morning, don't tell yourself that you are sleepy. This is laziness. When you do this assignment, you may loose some weight. This is to be expected. I want you to become thinner. You should not be afraid of this. This will give you a good figure.

The spiritual side of this assignment will be to avoid thinking about diseases. Keep thinking about a world where there need be no sick people, no diseases. All of nature breathes health and life. The sun is full of life which it is sending down to earth.

These exercises should become a habit.

How do you recognize true health? When two healthy people meet, they always become friends. A man, who loves is healthy. If he gets in a condition where he cannot love, know that this indicates a morbid condition, even though it may not yet be an organic disease.

You must come to the following decision — to love everything which lives. An exchange of love must come about. Your sacred rule should be: never want to be loved but always look forward to love. And when you love you should be glad that you manifest love. Everyone can love. Become positive. All people who love are positive, and proceed in an ascending direction. To love means to be like God, The law of love is to be like God. God takes initiative in everything. Let us embody God in ourselves. In this way all problems will be solved. Begin to manifest the qualities of God. Aspire to love and to be content. This must be your sacred rule.

When you enter the world let yourself be distinguished by your readiness to help everyone. This should be your new experience.



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