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The Little Stalk

Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno Given on July 13th, 1925 At the Mussala Lakes

Every stalk coming from the ground will see the rays of the Sun. You may ask why we are sitting in the rain. This is an object lesson. The rain is a blessing when the field is sown and a disaster when it is not sown. If the rain falls after the field has been sown, the wheat will sprout. If it falls when the field has not been sown, only thistles will grow. Consequently, when the Divine blessing comes into your life, but you haven't sown anything, just thistles and thorns will grow and sufferings will come one after the other as the shadow runs after the wheel. Do not delude yourself! Life is not revealed in the external manifestations. Good is not brought by the outer appearance of things. It is something inner. One has to be good at heart. If you cannot love the Life that God has lodged in you, if you cannot value your soul and if Purity as its essence is beyond you, how can you teach others? If you cannot achieve Purity for yourself, how can you pass it to others? People are strange when they want to know everything, to become clever, even to be a genius in order to astonish the world. God has given A mind to everyone. Why are some wise, others – unwise? Because the first have cultivated their minds, while the second have not. Those who have not put their God-given minds to work proceed on the wide and sleepy way. Of them we say that they are not wise. We have come to the Earth to study. The Earth is sacred, it is important for this to be understood. Humanity has stained it with its sinful life. Due to their failure to understand what the Earth is, people say: "The Earth is impure and sinful." Therefore, they assign their sins to the Earth. But this sinful Earth, on which all the crimes and sins are being committed continuously, draws precious things out of its bowels such as wheat, apples, pears, potatoes and so on. It gives us all the blessings it is receiving from above. But nevertheless many say: "This sinful Earth", spitting on it. Why? Who is wrong? Is the Earth to be condemned? No, one should not spit. What is spit? It presents everything bad that has accumulated in your mind and your heart. It is a poisonous sap that is thrown away. Human spit is poisonous, especially when one is irritated or angry. Why did you climb Mt Mussala? Why were you welcomed by thunder, rain, snow? This is the language of Heaven. God is saying: "Tell these people that if they do My Will, I will pour all my blessings on them. If they follow you and go up, they must be pure. They cannot serve Me with their meager wishes, meager thoughts and egotism, no matter how little of these has been left in them." Now you are better than other people, but in comparison with the angels who perform the Will of God, you are weak and cannot serve God. You can become either demons or winged angels. These are possibilities for you. The angels are excellent servants. They bring the Divine Blessing all over the world. It is beautiful to fulfill the small talents which God has lodged into our souls!

It is beautiful to do what God wants from us. You will say: "How has God spoken to you?" It is not important how God has spoken to me, but you should know that these are the words He is saying to you both literally, and figuratively as well, in meaning. I see that noble jealousy is arising amongst you. Jealousy may be positive when it is for good. If it comes from a sown field, it is blessed. But if it comes from a field that is not sown, it brings grievous sufferings. The virtues of many of you are unrevealed, i.e. many of your seeds have not sprouted in your field. Now I am speaking only about virtues. In my opinion, your shortcomings are due to underdeveloped virtues. We are all so connected in life that one's sins are the sins of all and one's virtues are the virtues of all. What is a sin? The sins come as a result of withholding the Divine gifts. Human beings always serve as conductors of Divine Kindness. That is why, if a preacher does not do his duty, if he does not come on time when God has called him, everyone will suffer because all are connected with his life. If he does not want to fulfill the Will of God, another one will come to do it. In God, other possibilities always exist. In this case, you, who are chosen to be a carrier of the Divine blessing, open your heart and your soul, so that the Kindness of God may pass through you and go to everyone! God wants His Kindness to go to every soul. Do not think that you are a little, immature, useless creature, that you cannot do great things. This is A misunderstanding of life. It is true that you cannot do great things, but little things you can do. Accomplish them and it is enough. You have to say: "Now I will open my heart and my mind, so that the Divine blessing may come." This is the Will of God: for His Goodness to come as the sunrays do.

Do you think that, if someone nails the shutters of your windows, you can see the sunlight? If the shutters are closed from the outside, I will open them. But if they are locked from the inside, this is bad. Some people say that humans are not good. What philosophy is that? I interpret it in this way: for thousands of years human beings have sealed their souls. Excess energy has been accumulated in them and as people do not use it reasonably, they cause harm to both themselves and others. What should we do? We should put this energy to work and make use of it in the way we use the pine-scrubs now to make fire. They will say: "These people climbed Mussala. And we helped them, enduring many casualties – we sacrificed our lives for them. Let us see what they will do now." The pine-scrubs will be witnesses of your life. They are sleeping creatures now, but one day when you go to God, you will meet them and they will start talking with you. Remember – they are living creatures. You think that crimes can be hidden. No, nothing can be hidden in Nature. Even the stones will say what good and what bad things you have done. You think that Nature is dead. She is alive. Everything you see around you – these are sleeping creatures. When they come to talk, they will say: "Once we were also stubborn and selfish like you, but now we are studying the first lesson of silence and humility." For millions of years the

Divine hammer has played on these stones here, but they have not learned their lesson yet. You will say: "We are not sleeping creatures, we are alive." You, who have been revived, why are you brought to Mussala? – To get to know God. He is speaking to you from above, but you do not understand His language. His language is not difficult, but you do not understand it. He tells you: "You have to love one another!" – "How should we do it, God?" I am to ask you how you should love one another. – "As we forgive all mistakes and offences" – This is half-way correct. Can you forgive those who do not repent? Now I want to interpret your words. What will happen to a dead donkey, if it is exposed to the Sun all day long? It will start to decay and smell. What will happen to a dead person, if we keep the corpse for long? Even if we pray for this person, the corpse will start to smell unpleasantly. We should either bury the dead body or carry it to a remote place where all the matter can be decomposed and dispersed in space. After some time God will reassemble this matter to create a new body. Sometimes a living person may also smell badly. It is a sign that this person is dead in some aspect. How should we behave towards him? How can we show our love to him? If a donkey is alive, we will give it some food and water. If it is ill, we will heal it. When it is healed, it will bray and its bray is a sign that it is healthy and can work. You ask it: "What is the problem? Why are you braying? -"Now you can put A load on my back." And what should you do with that person? – Give him what he needs. Today we climbed Mussala. That is good, but it is only an outer achievement. Some of you went back. That shows that not all have full readiness yet. If we do not know how to climb up, those who went back will hinder us. When can someone hinder us? If someone who climbs Mussala has many virtues, but at the same time just one big vice, it will paralyze his good deeds as well as his aspiration towards God. So, this vice has to be turned into virtue, so that you do not hinder yourself and others. I have said that a person can have some vice. This is true, but when? – When this person is under the law of development. If one comes to serve God, one should be perfect, with no imperfections. When I speak about serving God, I mean that sacred moment of the Soul, when we go to God with all our Purity and Perfection, with Purity and Holiness in our thoughts, wishes and actions. Only when we possess Perfection of the Spirit and Purity of the Soul will we perceive what God wants from us in any given moment. I ask, how will you spread the New Teaching in the world? – Your souls have to be open. If you enter the world with your imperfections, if you have the same wishes as the people of the world, what blessing can you bring to them? If I preach the Word of God with the expectation of being paid for it, so that I could be dressed in nice, fashionable clothes, do you think that God will be pleased with me? Do you think that is the right way to preach the Kingdom of God? Tell me, which hostess puts her wedding dress on, the one who works at home or in the field? The smart woman goes to work in her old working clothes. This is right. The new clothes she keeps for special occasions. For when? – When we go to God. We will go to God with our best, purest clothes, with no spots on them. Remember, when the field is sown, the rain is a blessing. Why is it raining today? Because people have a lot of imperfections; they are egotistic. Are human beings bad? No, they are good, but only for themselves. Let us be good then. To whom? You are good to yourselves – there is no doubt. What is important is to be good to God and for God. Good is manifested in three ways: one can be good to oneself, to one's neighbor, and the most ideal situation, which is to be good to God. People have learned the art of being good to themselves as well as to their neighbors; now they have to learn the art of being good to God. This is the most important thing that is expected from us. Look at the mother, who is looking after her child, isn't she good to it? – She is. The little bee, that flies kilometers to find pollen and make honey for its neighbors, isn't it good to them? – It is. But the bee has not yet learned the great law of being good to God. If you take a little honey, the bee will sting you- it does not give anything for God. It has settled everything perfectly for itself, its house is clean and tidy, it is industrious alone, but it does not know the law that it has to be good to God. We too are like the bees. We are very good to ourselves, to our neighbors, but when God comes to us to ask for even the least thing from us, we show Him our sting. Therefore, from now on, you will study the law of being good to God. This is the greatest thing. When you learn and apply this law, your life will become meaningful, the Living Nature will start talking to you and you will draw a conclusion from all that. What will happen, if these stones start talking? – Your hair will bristle with fright and this beautiful area will become too narrow for you. Do you know what frightful things you would hear and see? That would be just hell for you! If these mountains could tell you their history you could not find A place in the whole town of Sofia. Here you can see two giants coming from the past who killed each other. What can you learn from that? – You would only get terrified, nothing more. It will take thousands of years until these heroes of the past could raise themselves. Everything around you âЂ" these are the bones of dead heroes, of gods, who lived in the past. And now the Sun has to shine for thousands and millions of years, a lot of rain should fall down, so that the sins of people will be erased and they will learn the law of serving God. They have served themselves, they have also served their neighbors, but they have not worked for God. You say: "We have come out of God, haven't we?" There is coming out downwards and coming out upwards. "Then, what should we do? The science says this, does it not?"-

Yes, there is human science, but the science I am speaking about is not human. There is the science of the saints, the science of the angels, but there is the science of God, also. You say: "I know a lot." I am glad that you know, but this knowledge is human. Did you learn the science of the saints? Did you learn the science of the angels? The science of the angels is for the remote future. What about the science of God; have you learned it? I do not begin with the science of the angels, nor with the science of the saints, but I begin with the highest – with the science of God. This is one of the most reasonable methods which makes my science distinct. I start with the most difficult science. People start with the smallest numbers. The teacher asks: "John, say how much is one plus one? – "One plus one is two" – "Two plus two?" – "Four" – "Three plus three?" – "Six" – "Three times three?" – "Nine"- This is the easy way – the method of the easy science. For thousands of years we have been proceeding along the easy way and that is why we have not succeeded. Whoever follows the easy way can hardly achieve results. One has to possess the mind of God in order to start with the small units. Only God can work with the small units. We humans have to work with the big units. I will make my point clear with the next example: take a child that is crying; do you think it will stop crying if you give it a small apple? No, it will not. But if you give it ten kilos of apples, no matter how angry it is, it will stop crying. This is the science of the Divine Life, of the Divine abundance. The numbers speak alone in this science. It is enough just to call number 1 by name and it will come out to deliver to you an excellent lecture. When I call number 2 by name, it will come out to deliver to you another lecture. All the numbers speak in this way. They will teach you the meaning of the Divine science that keeps the whole universe in harmony. The grandour of God is that He works with us – the small units, the babies – and acts upon us with His abundance. Before we left Sofia, God had told His servants about us: "Prepare the way for these little children, clean everything around and welcome them up on Mussala." That is why there was rain, snow, hail. In the Divine science that works with the small units, there is no eating and drinking. In the human science it is the opposite – everywhere there is eating and drinking. People are good when they eat and drink. You say that we should forgive one another. It is good to forgive. This is the first thing. It is Great to forgive. This is a characteristic typical of God, that He is patient and forgiving. It is also important for you to love the way God loves and not the way people love. If you love the way people love, you will distort yourself. If you go into the Divine world with human love, you will not achieve anything. So, when you enter the Divine world, you will love the way God loves – you will forgive and will work only for God. If the thought of God is always present in your mind, you will be blessed. Whatever you do, think always of God. If a thought comes to your mind that you are sinful, say: "I know that I am sinful, but I know something more: there is One in the world Who loves me. As God loves me, I will fulfill His Will, I will serve Him properly!" If someone asks me why I love God and why I serve Him, I will answer: "Because He also loves me." Love is responded to with Love. And Love is manifested in serving and working. If you do not love God, you will not serve Him. Love works. Consequently, those who work, they are in Love. Those who do not work, they are our beloved. God works from above, we from below. So, the high peak that you see from here is Mussala. Work consciously to understand the Good that is deposited within you.

If you study the Great Divine science, you will advance in your development, you will learn a lot of things that are necessary for you, and you will finish as was planned for everyone from the beginning of one's Being. How will you finish if you start with the science of angels and saints? (The Master picked up a blade of grass) – You will grow up like this blade of grass. Every flower has its double meaning. If I pick up a flower and put it on, it shows that I live according to the science of angels and saints. If you study this science, you will come to the law of growth, selflessness and self-sacrifice. The little blade of grass that I have just picked up is happy now, because it is an object of study for you. One day this little blade of grass will meet you before God and will say: "I will testify for these people." What will it be a witness of? That it was spoken to you about God and the Great Divine science. This little blade of grass alone will speak. That is why you have to open your hearts to purify them, you will repent and correct whatever wrong you have done. Open the book of your life and make a detailed revision of all your good and bad acts. Correct all your misdeeds that you will find. In spite of your efforts and concentration, if you cannot perceive some of your sins and cannot correct them, we are going to correct them. Sometimes the Master corrects the mistakes. It does not matter who corrects the errors. If the disciples correct their mistakes, that is fine. If the Master corrects them, that is fine again. If the disciples cannot see and correct their mistakes, the Master will correct them. There must always be someone to correct the mistakes. – "But I have many vices." – It does not matter. Just think that God has admitted these vices. For example, you get very easily offended. Why do you get offended? When you go back to Sofia, what will you take with you? – To correct our mistakes. We will love our brothers the way God loves us. We will work on the Divine field and will make a little streamlet to bring the Divine blessing to Sofia. All you think about has been projected already. Everything you say is coming true. This is in the Divine science. The streamlet will come to Sofia, but the field should be sown. Who will open the shutters of our windows? – This morning I opened them. I opened not only the shutters of your windows, but also the roofs of your houses. I even took away your thick walls. If you look around you will see that you have neither shutters nor walls, nor roofs. This is Light. This is Freedom. I want you to keep your Freedom, not to put your head in the yoke and to say "Oh, my God, how long will I have to carry this life, this burden, these vices, these sufferings; did my mother give me life for that?" Now, try to remember Mussala. You will know that here and on the whole Balkan Peninsula there are souls, imprisoned for centuries who wait for their liberation. They cause you harm. Who does not want freedom? If two people fight, quarrel, what is the reason? – They fight for freedom. When they stop beating one another, they say: "Do you know who I am now?" Sometimes the spirits, who create the quarrels, come to you to ask for help. When you do not know how to help them, you start quarreling and fighting with one another. That is why you need more Light. When you go somewhere, start opening the shutters of the windows, the roofs and the fences of the houses. Today I will give each of you one little blade of grass as a remembrance. It will be as a symbol for you. Regardless of how small it is, when you look at it, say to yourself: "I have to study the law of growth, the law of angels." Every little blade of grass hides within itself the formula: "The Great science of Life is serving God." Here, I give all of you little blades of this grass. Can you give others blades of this grass? – Give them, but first take their promise of serving God. But you have to understand the law of "serving God" as an important law son as to fix your attention on it. If you do not have this idea within you, the blade of grass alone is meaningless. For I can pick up a whole bucket of grass. So, in the Great Divine science you all have to serve God. If you say that you will serve God, you have to sow something.

When you pick up a leaf, it should represent an image of the idea of "the Divine Word." This little blade of grass should be an image, a symbol for you of the idea about "serving God". If you carry with you this blade of grass without the meaning of these words, it will be like a sacred book without the content of the Word in it. It will be valuable if it is written with the Divine Words. In the future, when you sit down on the grass, you will have in mind the idea of "serving God". It will speak to you about the law of serving. If you understand this law, when you sit down on the grass, it will tell you: "Welcome." So, those who have these little blades of grass, should also have their windows and roofs open. Those who take up the study of the Great Divine science, should have their roofs and windows open so that the Sun will shine on them from all sides, and the Earth will be their foundation. So, to whomever you give blades of this grass, tell them the words that I have just told you. Now, let us finish our work. In the light of that sacred science – the Divine science – the word "finish" is understood as a beginning of a new undertaking. And when I say to finish this work, I mean to start another one. When we finish some work, we will not rest, but go to the vineyard to dig. After digging there is another thing to do. Some day we will go to the vineyard to taste the grapes. When we finish the mundane work, we will start the great work for God. You say: "Let us get free from the world." There is no means of liberation. If we work for God, we are free citizens. But if we do not believe in this science, the world will exercise influence on us. Therefore, if we support the idea of getting free from the world, we consider ourselves weak. The main idea of this lecture is "serving God". We will start with the most difficult science – the Divine science that will teach us everything our soul is longing for and our spirit aspires to. Why are there so many obstacles in the world? Where are the most solid bridges built? – Over the big rivers. Why? – Because heavy cargoes are carried along the big bridges. The stronger the bridge is, the heavier the loads that are carried on it. The healthier, the stronger, and the wiser someone is, the more difficult and responsible work God will give this one to do. You say: "I will not be a bridge" If you can become a bridge from God to the human beings, angels will pass on your back; is this bad? Every angel that is passing will leave you a blessing. We will become bridges not for the human, but for the Divine. If we become bridges for the human, we will distort ourselves. If we become bridges for the Divine, we will be reborn. The word "bridge" means a connection, a link between the Divine and the human. Hold in your mind that you serve God. Repeat this thought. Your consciousness has to take part in every action, even the tiniest, and you should know that you serve God. Do not say that it is not easy to serve God, that knowledge is necessary for this. Those who go to serve God may be unlearned. It is natural: when you go to the spring, will you take water with you? When you go to the orchard full of fruits, will you take food with you? But when you go to the desert, you have to take water with you.

Science is food for the people. When I say that we go to God, I mean that we do not need science. Under "science" I mean the Living science. I mean that we do not need human knowledge, but Divine – knowledge of the Living Nature. You say: "I do not want bread." I understand that you do not want ordinary bread, made by people.

That means: from now on I want bread from God, I will eat from Him.

"I do not want science." I understand that you do not want the mundane, human science, but the Divine one, in which Light you will develop. When you think like that, you will understand the Great and the Divine in the world. Now, I am not telling you to be good, but every one of you should be such as God has created you. In the human world, when you do not love someone, you do not give him anything, you do not give him food, you send him away. This is how the mundane science deals with the question. In the Divine world it is the opposite: when you do not love someone, you nourish him best, and you take care of him; and when you love someone, you give him a little. In Heaven it is A privilege for the few not to receive food. On Earth, if you are not nourished, you will complain and will tell to everyone: "They left me hungry, they did not give me to eat, they sent me away." If they do not give you food in Heaven, you will be happy. This happens rarely, once in thousand years. This is a special privilege. How will you understand this deep Divine science? – Those who did not receive food have everything in themselves; they can give to others. They say: "Give to all others and what is left is for me. Let everyone be full. I am happy that they will receive the Divine blessing." Translated in our language this means that we have to yield. In what way should we yield? The Scriptures say: " Pray for one another." For those we love we pray God to send them His good. And for those we do not love we also pray God so that this and that may happen to them; we always send them a blessing. So, we pray both FOR those whom we love and for those whom we do not love. But there are people who are in the middle, and we forget them. I want to remind you of the forgotten ones – you should pray for them. As far as I know, you pray a lot. Your prayer should be from your whole heart.

Absolute sincerity in the prayer! You should pray like that! You say: "Effort, struggle is needed before we achieve that." You will struggle until your virtues gain mastery. Say: "I can serve God through all the centuries and in all conditions." You will become a real servant when you overcome all obstacles in your life. We have also overcome a big obstacle – we climbed Mussala in rain, snow and hail. Those who know that will wonder how we could start our climb to Mussala in such weather, so early, still in the darkness. They say we are crazy. But we think otherwise about that. Everyone can climb Mussala in good weather. It is important to go in bad weather. If you are asked if it is so necessary to climb Mussala in that weather, you say: "This is an object lesson." I want you to keep that excursion in your mind as a unique and important thing for you. If this excursion remains like a dead memory for you, like the monuments in the graveyard, you did not gain anything. You read on some monument: "Here rests in peace a young hero, who took part in twenty-five battles." – I do not want such monuments and inscriptions. The monuments of our heroes are alive, they are not made of stone. When we go to some of our heroes, we say: "Come out and show your bravery!" I want you to be living monuments. I want you first to get up; this is an uprising, or a process of growing; then to become alive and finally – to resurrect. When I take you once again to Mussala, say: "We have learned how to get up and become alive!" If they ask you who you are, say: "We are of those, who have gotten up." As you see we are surrounded by fog. What does it mean? – When Moses climbed on Sinai, he was hidden in a thick cloud, thunder could be heard, but no one saw what happened there. It was better this way. God says now: "The external world is not ready yet to see My face, neither to see what is going on here." That is why the fog is spreading in front of us. The Divine plough has to work long on you, so that you can receive the Divine Light. Such a shaking is coming upon the world, that there will be no roofs left on the houses. What roofs is this word referring to? These are the chains, the fetters of humans. When all the roofs will disappear, when all the shutters of the windows will be opened, then God will come and you will be free. Is there anything bad in that? The chains will fall down from your hands and feet ! What is it bad that the horse grazes free in the forest, without any reins and bridles? Where can we find the horse? – In the forest. When I see it, I pat its back and say: "I am happy that you are free from the reins and the bridles." While grazing, the horse looks at me, raises his head up and again goes on grazing. This is its speech. I am talking with the horse. Lifting its head the horse wants to tell me: "Did you learn the science of saints and angels? Do you eat grass like us?" The ox says the same. I ask you: if you have studied the science of saints and angels, do you know why horses and oxen eat grass? It is said of someone that he is chewing and eating like an ox. In my opinion one should learn to chew and not to swallow one's food. Chewing is a symbol of Life. When you see a horse in the forest, go to it, stop in respect, pat its back, turn your eyes to God and continue your way. If you see an ox, do the same. "What will happen to us?" – Funny, what will happen to you! The Divine in you will be awakened and God will start to speak to you. Your soul will open TO the Great in the world and you will rejoice. This is the only way to get to know God. Your ears will open to His Word and your minds will accept it. Only then can you be brothers and sisters together. I do not speak about the present brotherhood and sisterhood, which disappears in four generations and there is nothing left of it. I am speaking of that brotherhood and sisterhood, which in no way can be erased. This is brotherhood! And friendship that in no way can be destroyed is a real friendship. May the Divine blessing come upon you! May the Divine Love be with everyone! May you go with this Love the whole year through! Now, you may kiss my hand. Why do you kiss it? – This is a contract that you will serve God. Why do you shake hands with the right hand? – That means: when two conscious persons gather in one place, they can do anything. – "We want to have this talk." This is already done. When you want something, it comes true. "To whom can we give this talk?" – To all who apply the Divine science. Said and done. The little blades of grass that I have given to you should not be lost. They will always speak to you. When you look for them with all your hearts, you will find them. Be vital, joyful and happy. You are required to serve God. Let us be meek like children. This talk could not be held on Mussala. Your feet were frozen. But when we got down, the talk came. The good in you is that you are brave enough to climb in bad weather. Since you managed to climb Mussala in such bad weather, it shows that you can also overcome in the spiritual aspect all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. I am happy for this achievement of yours. From the viewpoint of the Divine law, the one who gives, always achieves something. Whatever you want, it comes true; what is important is for your mind and heart to be open. We decided to go to the top – and we did it. Despite the bad weather, we managed to climb. The higher we climbed, the more the thunder gave way and gradually disappeared. It said: "Whoever climbs up on the top should be as clean as snow!" See, it is sunny on the top. We have to climb once again to see the Sun. Usually people fight for leadership; everyone wants to be first. Those who do the Will of God are first. Those who do not do the Will of God are the last ones. From that point of view everyone can be first. When we were climbing to the peak, some of you became afraid of catching a cold and went back. Others wanted to go down to Chamkoria [The Turkish name of Borovetz, a resort in Rila]; they were afraid to stay a little longer with us. They asked me: "Shall we go back, or stay here?" As I wanted them to be free, I said to them: "If you are afraid of getting cold, you had better go back." I could have told them: "Stay here, all of you, there will be a talk tomorrow." As I did not tell them so, they went back. I acted according to the law of Freedom. There are no go-backs in God. Whatever He promises, it becomes true. God is the only Being Whose words have no back turns. He never changes His promises. He does not know what is "cannot be." If God does not show His mercy, it is because He is waiting for the moment when everyone can understand Him. If God is patient with humans, it is because He wants them to wake up and to understand why the world has been created.

For example, you do not know why the grass has been created. It is not a sin that you do not know. Today I opened one page of the Divine book for you, but how many pages are still left!

You did not know until now why oxen and horses eat grass. What philosopher would have told you that? You say: "How wonderful it would be to be always with You!" There has never been A time when I was not with you. As you have seen, the weather started to get better. The weather smiled and you rejoiced. When you are joyful, the weather is also joyful. If you are crying the weather is also sad and it is crying. A lot of people complain that no one loves them. There is one Being Who loves you – it is God. If you say that no one loves you, it means that you have not found the One Who loves you. When His Light comes and fills your souls, you all become happy and joyful. What is important for you now is to assimilate everything you have heard. These things are important: sunny day, happy day, Divine day. When the day is happy it is always a day of God. When you have one day of God, all days will become like it. Some complain that their feet are wet. What do wet feet mean? – Until people's feet do not get wet, the Divine cannot be acquired. Wet feet present the bad conditions in Life. You want to accomplish something, but a lot of hindrances appear; they are all like the wet feet.

You decide to build a house, but you do not have money, this is a hindrance. When we start to live in tune with God, we will have better houses than those we have today. We will make the houses we need. We will have as much Light as we need. Very often you lose courage and say: "We got old. "What does old age mean? When one loses one's faith, one gets old. When one loses the meaning of Life and the aspiration for God, one gets old. When a child is happy that its mother takes him outside, that is good. You are happy today and should be happy. Why? – Joy is such a "taking outside." Those who climbed Mussala did very well. Those who did not climb it also did well. Finally we all will get down. – "How wonderful it is to stay here." "Here" means with God, and we will always be with God.

Translated by Dimitrina Daskalova, Bulgaria

Edited by Maria Braikova, Bulgaria

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