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The Language of Nature

Ninth lecture of the Youth Esoteric Class, given by the Master Beinsa Douno on 16th December 1923 in Sofia

- Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth.

- It constantly rejoices us.

Summary of the works on topic “The difference between fear and conscience” was read.

You should write on topic № 11 “The difference between moral man and spiritual man” and topic № 12 “The distinctive features of myth and fable”.


These two lines AB and BC that you see on the drawing represent two ways in Nature, which differ one from another. Which one you see to be easier to you? (-AB). What about BC? (- It is a more terrible way.) The curved line AB and the broken line CB are two ways passed in Life. The way CB is a rocky place; all these broken lines form rocks. What have been the reasons for the curved line AB to be formed and what – for the broken line CB to be formed? What ways, in general, the heart likes? – Smooth ways. When the heart speaks, it wants everything to be smooth, to have no obstacles, everything to go on wheels. If we are in a society, we want to be met and seen with bays, with bunches of flowers, with congratulations, with speeches, with banquets – this is the way from A to B. So, the way AB is a way of the heart. The way CB is the opposite way – the way of the mind, the rocky way. Why is this way difficult? As personal interests are involved too. Where there are rocky places, people are also similar in character to the rocks. For example, people who live at the north mountainsides look like that places. And people who live at the south mountainsides look like the places there as well. In general, many of the features of the mountainsides have an effect on the character of the people.

Well, looking at the broken line BC, how do you explain the breakings it has undergone so that the angles 1, 2, 3, 4 were formed? You know that when light passes through media with different density it is refracted. For example, if you want to ennoble someone, you should not speak to him mildly; you should not show yourself weak-willed towards him. If you are weak-willed, this will cause the results of the red colour in that one. Some say that we should be mild to people, in the sense of weak-willed, always ready to yield. Do this experiment with a child and watch the result: start to caress that child and you will see that the colour of its face is becoming rosy, red. Electricity gathers in it – energy of the red color – and the substance becomes unstable. This substance is still in its primitive development. Explosion may happen at the smallest joggle of this substance. Such bursting happens in animals too, as well as in plants sometimes. You would say, “Why is this not noticed in plants?” As red color is passive at times and active at times. You should visit mountain places to see in practice how even the smallest deflections of light happen when falling at certain conditions. Only thus, you will comprehend that even the smallest deflections of light, the smallest light energies are waves of different lengths. Once these waves meet a certain resistance they are refracted at once. This very law, refraction of light, explains the forming of the rocky way that the mind makes in Life.

Contemporary physicists have not yet examined at what angle of refraction of light, at what collisions of light the red color is formed; they have not yet examined at what angles, at what collisions of light the orange, the yellow, the green, the blue, the purple and the other colors in general are formed. For example, if some discontent arises within you, the red color appears and you become active. When someone wants to offend you, you open your eyes wide and listen before even you have heard what that one is saying. When you hear the offending words, you perceive the corresponding color. After that, you knit your brows a little and an internal reaction starts within you. If you are stronger than the one offending, a desire to beat him conceives but if you are weaker, a thought conceives at what circumstances to revenge him. You have not examined what angles are formed when opening the eyes, when closing them, etc. All these things are interesting to be examined.


When watching human eyes you will see that a beam is going out of them from the direction of which you can determine a human character. Point O on Fig.2 represents the apple of the eye. Suppose that the straight line CD determines the field of view. The beam going out of the eye has different directions for the different people – in some this beam is above the straight line CD and in others it is below the straight line CD. The beam turns perpendicular, i.e. goes to direction OA, when someone is put into a magnetic dream of forth or fifth degree at that. Then the eyes turn with the apple up and if you could open the eye of that one at this moment, you would see this position of the eye and the beam turned perpendicularly to the head. From the direction of this beam – whether it goes upwards or downwards – and from the angle that it forms, the moral power of man depends. This angle varies and takes position +1, +2, +3, +4… above line CD and position -1, -2, -3, -4… below line CD. As long as this beam is above line CD, man is good in the manifestations of one’s mind, one’s heart and one’s will. As soon as this beam turns and goes down below line CD, whatever promises makes, that one is not able to keep them; he or she is under other people’s influences. Whatever decisions for good that one makes, he or she will not fulfill them either – from one hundred promises hardly three or four will be fulfilled. When the beams are directed upwards such person is able to fulfill almost all their promises while when the beam is perpendicular the person fulfills all their promises.

These angles are formed in the brain substance of man. They perceive and refract the Light and colours depend on their size. Therefore, examined from this point of view, brain is different in different people. Many of contemporary physiologists and physicians consider that all folds of human brain are alike. They have not examined the angles of these folds. An internal process takes place in the brain. The angles represent certain folds only, through which we could transform certain energy, eliminate certain centres, convert others and accept those colours only which contribute to our development. You should know that Light is one of the great factors not for the mental development of people only but for their character and long life as well. You should watch yourselves, should study the influence of the different colours on you. I have large statistics on this matter but cannot give any of these diagnoses, as you are very cowardly. Some of you are so cowardly that you fall into the situation of those faint-hearted students of medicine who, while studying the symptoms of the various diseases in the third year of their university studies, fall ill themselves – then they experience all the diseases. If a student of medicine falls ill, critical is the third year of their university studies when studying the symptoms of diseases. As soon as this year passes, the student is out of any danger. The same is in the esoteric science: there are certain symptoms, which if said to you, will generate opposite processes in you and you will be frightened instead of making use of them.

When I talk about red colour you should not think that it accumulates in you to do you harm. No, it forms from excess; it is a result of unused energy. In your organism, many unnecessary substances are being accumulated which you do not use and after a time they will make a number of troubles to you. You are still young, that is why you should aim at giving a right, a natural expression to your face. As disciples, you should be careful of all unnatural grimaces, you have much of such grimaces. For example, you contort your body; scratch your head from here and there, fidget and so on. However, if you knew what every motion could bring you, you would be careful of your motions. For example, I keep the following rule: I cannot nail two trees crosswise. Why? You may say that this is superstition. No, whoever disciple, studying the esoteric science, would never nail two trees crosswise. Often, you make a cross by your fingers, hand it to someone and say, “Kiss it!” No, the cross is the greatest contradiction in the world. If the cross has some sense in certain cases, that is for special considerations. The two lines in the cross have sense as much as the rocks dressed in vegetation. The cross shows a wrong, disharmonious state in Nature. In the esoteric science, the cross is a place of fall, torment and suffering. The cross and a number of other symbols represent the language of Nature.


Often, someone says, “I am a good person.” This means that he takes only a quarter of the cross forming the right angle A, that much is his good nature. Then he says, “I became better” – this means that he takes two quarters of the cross and forms the straight angle B. After that he says, “I became the best”, i.e. he takes three quarters of the cross and forms the reflex angle C. Finally he says, “I became very good”, i.e. he takes four quarter of the cross, forming the revolution angle D of the circle. That person is not quite good yet; he learned only to rotate that wheel. The danger of this wheel is that after the evil causing the torment of all people in the cross has gone out, another evil, the special evil comes. What is that evil? – You know it.


You all know the gear wheels (A), don’t you? If such a wheel catches you by its teeth what would happen to you? Some people write the cross in another way – not as in drawing B but as in C. Then some people are inspired by it, putting a small circle C in the middle and beams around it; they imagine it as luminous sun (D). No, this is a dangerous circle; these are burning energies. Do you think that you can live in such a world? The stars inspire people today and when they admire someone, they say his eyes sparkle and he has shining eyes. No, these eyes, from which sparks go out, are dangerous. These sparks are not beams; they are intermittent. Long, continuous beams of Light should go out of your eyes, going to the object or to your friend. This Light should be harmonious, nice and should not just go to your friend but also come back – should do a circle. The motion of this Light should be circular. When watching, some people move their eyes very quick and dart glances from object to object. These are focuses in Nature that It punishes. They are a gear wheel. Why exactly you would lift your eyes upwards, would glance and would take them down right away; what are the reasons for that? Someone says, “It is a habit with me.” It may be a habit but where has it come from? Look at that pianist who moves the hands over the keys so proficiently, so skillfully, how has he acquired that habit? He had studied long time, he had played the piano much and finally he has acquired this habit, this art of playing the piano so easily. He sits at the piano and does not think of the fingers but plays and plays. He says, “I do not look at the keys, I do not think of the fingers.” Yes, you do not think but your fingers work according to certain laws. You have been playing hard all ten years and your consciousness has already been transmitted to the muscles of your hands. You do not think but the muscles of the hands are under the direct government of your consciousness. Someone says, “I do not know what to do.” You do not know what to do! – Learn to play.

So, you should not justify yourselves for being simple all these habits that you have today, but you should know that you had studied long time to acquire them, you had played until finally they became unconscious. In the beginning, you had played and you had known the sense of your playing; but now you have lost it. Do you know what happened when you lost the sense of the inner original? Have you ever relied on your mind only in order to see in what state you would be? Someone comes, erases a note from the original and you say to yourself, “One note is missing, but which one was it?” – You do not know which one it was. You put another one in its place but you distort the original. Someone else comes – he erases a note too; you look in the original and say to yourself, “My memory does not fail me, there was a note here, it is missing. Which one was it?” You remember as if, you just put another note instead, but you distort the original even more. After a time you see that you have completely distorted the original, i.e. you have completely distorted your character and you differ radically from that initial person, from that initial way that you have been going.

Often, I take you out for summer tours, but summer tours are very dangerous. In what respect exactly? – By the verdure in Nature. Green color predisposes to dreaming up, and thus people acquire idle habits, imagination in them works very much. Coming to a spring, their imagination begins to speak, “Oh! If only there was a lamb here, well baked, some wine; to settle down around this spring – it will murmur so nicely and we will eat, would have a good time.” Someone would say, “What should we think of the lamb?” How is that, there is what to think! Until this lamb is roasted, first, it should be stuck, then you should see how its blood flows out, after that, you should skewer it and should revolve it over the fire to brown it and finally you would put it before yourself, would eat and would fancy about this and that, would discuss on various ideas. This does not concern you but some others who would be pleased with the roasted lamb. However, do you think that such a tour can bring good to you? Then, you are walking along a forest and tell yourself, “This place is very good, just for hiding – when someone chased, he would hide here.” Yes, but chasing someone would not be for an idea, who knows what that one had done! It could be for an idea but would be one to hundred. For that reason, winter tours are recommended for the esoteric disciples – when the whole field is covered just with snow, no thought about any lamb, about any hen will occupy your mind. You will bring only one thought in your mind – the blue sky and the white snow! You may say from time to time, “Oh, if it could be a little warmer!” But when you take a look at the white color, it will generate a spiritual thrill, a spiritual lifting of your soul and you will tell yourself, “No, it is nice as it is – everywhere blue sky and white snow!” Who wants to have good influence on oneself, winter tours with snow are preferable to the others. From purely esoteric point of view, you may make imaginary tours in order to transform your states. For example, you are in low spirits, you are passing a crisis; then sit down and make a nice winter tour in your thoughts: going, return, the way you will pass – do all this in your thought.

What thing are crises? They are not a bad thing, they are inevitable on the way of the disciple and depend on the place through which the disciple passes. Imagine that you are walking on the way AB. The climate here is temperate, no storms arise and you pass it without any crises. But you should pass the other way– CB, too, which is with an extremely changeable nature. Imagine that you start from C and walk upwards to B: it is summer time, you are dressed in light clothes, you have not taken into consideration the sudden changes, which you would meet on your way. As you are climbing to B, a strong draught appears, slush, you begin to shiver, catch a cold and pneumonia, with which you are ill three-four months. When you get well, you tell yourself, “Thank God that I got off with little. I will not go to such a tour another time.”

All of you, the young, should know that storms arise in the sea that you are passing. From the first day of the first year up to the last day of your life, during the whole this circle, you will pass through crises. I call these crises moral crises. Some people befall smaller storms, others – more and bigger. These moral crises are out of your nature, they are not connected with your nature. They will come but you should not explain them in philosophical way, tell yourself, “This is a moral storm.” If a temptation comes, say, “This is a moral storm.” If any bad thoughts rush into you, do not be confused, say, “This is a moral storm.” If you are sensible, you will take safety measures – you will shelter yourself from the wind in your boat, in some saving place. If you are exposed somewhere in the open-air, you will suffer. Therefore, you should know that these are crises - moral crises, which take place in Nature, as well.

You should know, however, that there are certain instruments within you, by which you are warned for what will happen to you in life. Such an instrument is your intuition, for example. It often warns you, it tells you, “Be careful, something is going to happen to you!” In what should you be careful? If you are in a city, you should walk in the end of the roads, not in the middle as, if you walk in the middle, some car may run over you. You should develop the intuition within yourself! It does not act as a thought in the mind but as a deep inner sense, as an inner whisper. It does not come out from the larynx either; it is a feeling coming out from somewhere under the pit of the stomach. It whispers gently and calmly to you, it only tells you to be careful. In what respect should you be careful? – You should keep away from bad friends. You have bad friends who do not want the good of you; they want to distract your attention in order to make you break your contacts with the source of your Life. This is the harm, which they can do to you. Wherever you go, whether you pass a sea or whatever road, you should keep a rule: not for anything in the world you should break the tie with which you have come down to the earth and with which you will go up not for the world. As long as you hold this tie, you may turn ten times around it and nothing will happen to you. If this tie is broken, you will be a feather already and may become a ball of fortune. When can this tie be broken? – When your consciousness is not awake.

Now, when you examine life, you will notice that those people who like drinking; they get together, fill their cups, raise them, cross their arms and say, “Come on, my friend, I will drink from you cup and you – from mine!” They want to show that they love each other. Yes, this is the love of the fire crackling and showering sparks far away. There are certain places in Nature, to which is dangerous to go. It is lucky that you still do not understand the language of Nature. In the trees, in the springs, in the rivers, in the woods, in all mountain places, everywhere in Nature are recorded all virtues and all crimes and disgusting sins that people have done from the beginning until now. Some people say, “Let us understand the language of Nature!” There is no more awful thing than opening your eyes prematurely and seeing what bad things are written in it. There are nice things written in Nature but there are bad, too! You will ask me, “How to recognize where in Nature good things are written? In each one of you, there is an inner instinct, hinting, “Stop here, pass here, do not go pass there!” You should obey that instinct. You travel through a mountain place and tell yourself, “I do not like this place.” Why, how, do not philosophize any more – do not stop there! You should continue on your way, you should walk round until this feeling hints you, “You can stop here.” You may say, “But why not I stop there?” If you could read the history of that place, you would never stop there. Therefore, when traveling at the present conditions on the Earth, at the present culture, there are few places where we can stop and take a rest freely. What do I mean under rest? To take a rest in the middle of Nature means to feel an inner relief in you and to have a great thought gleaming in your mind. Sometime you want to have a rest but coarse thoughts rush in you. This is not a rest.

One of the important points in this lecture was the point of the angles of eyes. First, you will start correcting your eyes – this will be a task for you. How will you correct them? You will take a clean, a clear mirror and will watch the direction of the beam going out of your eyes. No matter in which direction you look and how you look, your consciousness should be awake. You are looking towards the ground – your consciousness should be awake; you are looking upwards - your consciousness should be awake. When you direct your eyes upwards, you should think of God, of the Eternal, of the Infinite, of saints, of all disciples who have passed before you, of all disciples who are engaged in science; also, you should think of knowledge, music, and poetry – of everything elevated in the world. When you look down to the black ground, what does it mean? – The black ground, these are the sins of all beings. There are sins on the Earth and that is why it has become black. It is a life of powers; of thousands and milliard beings that have lived bad life and for that reason they are bound to it and cannot easily get free. Sometime we say, “How nice these young trees are!” Sometimes, a coincidence happens in Nature: the angles formed by the beams of your eyes, coincide with the angles of the substance in the Earth and that is why it happens someone to fall asleep in the forest and not to wake up anymore. Therefore, in mountain places, you can lie, but should not fall asleep. You should not be afraid but your consciousness should be connected with the Invisible world. You will lie down and get up but should be awake if you want to be in safety. If possible, you should choose south or east mountainsides – they are the healthiest places. There is more energy of the blue color gathered there. And, in the north sides there is more energy of the green, orange and red color gathered.

Also, you should pay attention to your hats, to your hairs. You are buying a hat - you should see that the hat is round, if possible, to have no many folds, to be not much pleated or broken. A broken hat can bring you much harm. When someone breaks his hat, he breaks his character, too. I see that a poet has disheveled his hair; there is nothing worst than that. You should observe that your hair is tidy, if possible. Sometime it knows its way better than if you adjust it. When falling, every hair forms a certain angle. These angles of the hair play very important role in breaking of the light. You may consider these things very petty, but you should know that Life is united by petty things only. If you want to create strong-mindedness, you should know that these petty things in your hair create it. If your hair does not obey your will, once your thumb does not obey your will, you should keep your eyes open. Every move of yours should by under the control of your will. For example, you say, “I do not know what happened with me but I cannot bend my finger.” You should bend it; you should not remain it in this state. Also, you say, “I do not know what is going with my hair, but it is too much bristling, I cannot adjust it.” No, you should order your hair! If you cannot order your hair, who will order then? Do you know when a hair bristles up? – When man cannot control himself. Then anger gets the upper hand in him, he becomes impatient and his hair bristles up, does not want to obey. Once he becomes calm and quiet, once he becomes patient, his hair is put in order. Have you noticed how great people are portrayed? – With smoothly dressed hair and with straight parting. Some women have their hairs smoothly dressed and with straight parting. This is a good sign. The hair should fall the same way from both sides. Depending on the angle at which falls, every hair influences the character of people. Hair has its origin. Some day I will give you a topic, “When did hair appear in the world?” It is an interesting essay, but it is quite difficult. In fish, there is no hair and mustaches are rare to see.

You need all things that I tell you, as you are still young. Do you know why I give you these precautions? As the sea you are passing now is rough and some of you will pass through crises – back and forth, up and down. The ship will not sink but the passenger may cannon anyway.

Therefore, you should keep the connection with God! You should be careful that your eyes are in normal state, you should not make unconscious movements, by the hands, for example. What should be your gestures? You should make gestures that are pleasant to you – to be pleased at them by yourself. When you make a natural gesture, in accordance with the laws of Nature, you will feel a great pleasure within yourself. While, when you make an unnatural gesture, you will feel a sudden sharp pain. You should be very careful in the look of your eyes and in the behavior to the other people. You need it not for the others; you need it for your inner development. As esoteric disciples, you should be different!

Sometime, when someone becomes frightened, he opens his eyes and when he wants to get less outside impressions, he closes his eyes. Sometime man holds his head bent to the left, sometime – to the right, sometime backwards or forwards, but all these gestures are not accidental, they are a result of something. These are all angles showing certain disharmony in man. The esoteric disciple should not be, as the French say, a dandy. What is dandy? That is when someone dresses up, makes oneself smart, tiptoes and just looks around. However, this is a contortion of the character. When walking, your gestures should always be in harmony with your general thought, with your general feeling. Under general I mean the human in you. Your will should be in harmony with your gestures, too. This is the language of Nature.

Now, you should keep your consciousness awake and should keep your connection with God! This will be a task for a month (until 16 January 1924). You should think on this fifteen minutes everyday while walking your way at that. You should walk freely, your consciousness should be awake, without attracting the attention of people – you should be natural. You can pass from one pavement to the other, you will walk among people and no one will notice you.

Awake consciousness and right movements of the eyes! According to this law, do an attempt to see how your look influences on the others. When you meet a sister of yours – look at her by directing your look upwards, to God, smile at her internally, faintly, escaping notice and see how she will feel. Looking at her in this way, she will see a soft, tender smile in your look and will be pleased. When you meet a young brother, look at him as if you know him. These looks have an excellent influence both on you and on the surrounding. Some day you may make an unsuccessful attempt – instead of directing the beam upwards, you direct it downwards. Then you will be fined. While attempting, one may make a mistake, but this should not get you confused.

Secret prayer

- Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth.

- It constantly rejoices us.



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