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Blossoming of the Human Soul

A lecture given by the Master at the opening of the First Youth Council Gathering

July 2, 1923, 7 p.m. local time

The detachment of the human soul from God is one of the most glorious moments of the Genesis. In the World of Angels it is known as the dawning of Life, whereas in our human world it is related to just one Divine breath, as enlightened souls come into being each time God inhales and exhales. With every breathing in worlds are created and with every breathing out they are absorbed. Thus, the souls enter into the physical world. So, with each Divine Breath or that is, with the exodus of the souls' primary source, a soul goes out into a straight line as a Divine ray of Light and enters the great Cosmos or the vast Universe to fulfill its destiny or high purpose.

Now you, who have gathered here, are feeling this inner Divine impulse as an inexplicit aspiration. People nowadays call it youth. But do you know which way youth should be heading towards? You will find it in the direction of plants. Modern people have lost the course of their adolescence. Sometimes they would choose to stray aside to the left, sometimes they would go to the right. And the youth shall be found neither to the left, nor to the right. The adolescent years are like a resultant line, which is a line that determines all paths of Existence. Being young is to know your course and to posses what is most elevated and noble. Christ said: "Blessed are the children for theirs is the Kingdom of God." The King of God belongs to the young and sinless, to those have gone neither to the left, nor to the right.

Now, all of you have to posses the noble features, which were ascribed to the character of prince Hussenfrakh. There is a myth about him. He was considered to be one of the most snobbish sons of the kingdom, unapproachable and unfriendly. One day he went out hunting in the mountain and there he found a poor shepherdess, who was attacked by some rascals, leaving her injured and running away with her sheep. This was the first time when he felt compassion for someone. As he saw her abandoned in this way, he dressed her wounds, put her up on his horse and took her to his palace. Then he put himself in service to her, waited for all her wounds to heal and when she fully recovered, he brought her back to the mountain. Afterwards, he found the villains, got back the sheep and returned them to the young shepherdess- so that she will keep working in the mountain. You would say: "This shepherdess should have stayed with the prince." No, she had had to experience one of his noble features and then go back to the woods to mind her herd, so that the sheep would also encounter the same qualities of the prince.I think that you are all like the prince and you will find many shepherdesses. By "shepherdess" I refer to the abandoned human souls, regardless of their gender. In this case the gender is not important. It is only a method of achieving perfection.

And I wish that all of you, youthful people, would grasp the idea that you are living souls, you are profound souls, who shall achieve one great goal in the world. And if you do not plant the idea in your minds that you are souls, and if, on the other hand, you keep perceiving yourselves as being only brains or hearts, men or women, boys or girls, you will not be able to fulfil your mission.

Everyone has tried these methods. But if you instil into your consciousness the thought: "We are living and enlightened souls", I think you will bring something new into your life and you will give it a new direction. This is so, as at the present stage of man's development, there is no higher state than that of the soul. It is a state which carries along all conditions and all potential for Divine Love. It is only within the soul that God can manifest Himself in His completeness and capacity. Love can find an expression only through the soul. If you seek to manifest it through the heart, then your Love will only be in half, and so it will be, if you choose to manifest it through the mind. And all the weaknesses in the world result from this dichotomy.

Do you know how the Nature reconciles the halves? How does the stalk of a cherry fruit form first and then is followed by its blossom? Do you not think the stalk represents the number one? Therefore, the path the soul has passed, after it has left its primary source and has reached the end, makes a circle. This circle is split into two halves by its diameter. This is how a blossom is formed; the number one serves as a stalk to it. If you run another diameter perpendicularly, a cross will be formed and the blossom, that has previously had the shape of a bud, will open up and bloom. One can see the stamens in it, which together with the blossom aim towards the centre of the Sun or also, Love. If you take the stalk off, everything that remains, is the two mini-hemispheres, which are projected in a new direction. The number three is then formed, by means of which you can make up a triangle. Hereby, this blossom represents the human soul at this stage. We can state that it is only now that the human soul has begun to bloom. Until that moment it has existed in the form of a bud, but for the first time it has started opening up. The blooming of this bud is remarkable as it is one of the most magnificent moments in this universe, which is called blossoming of the human soul, and which has been awaited by all Elevated Beings. The chalice, in which the soul will appear, will show its beauty, its magnificence and God will imbue it with His Light and Love.

Hereupon, you are all at the doorstep of one of the greatest eges of the word - the blossoming of the human soul. And you all should know that you are souls and as souls you should bloom. When you do so, a fragrance will come out of you and it will spread all over the world. This is the only way it can attract the little bugs, flies and bees to your chalices, as there will be juices for them to feed on. Once the human soul starts to bloom, all the Angels, who are God's servants, will come. For millions of years, since immemorial times, they have been waiting for the blossoming of the human soul and for the divinity in man to shape, so that they can gather from it these juices. And once they have come, they will introduce the new culture which we refer to as the culture of Divine Love. So, I want you to keep in mind one significant thought: to know that you are like a bud and your consciousness should be extremely focussed on it, for this is one of the most important moments in your life. There is nothing greater than this: to see the world of God, together with the hidden possibilities it holds once your soul have blossomed. This is not an illusion; this is something which you will experience. This is why I am telling you that you should all be pure in your heart and pure in your aspirations. Now you, the young people, are carrying the burden of the sins of the elderly, but this lies only on the surface. Sin appears only as dust on the surface of the human soul. Just remember one thing: that on the inside you are impeccable. Do not let anyone mislead you, as you have dust only on the outside. Someone may come along and say to you that you are sinful and they may even quote the verse: "In sin has my mother begotten me." No, the human soul is conceived elsewhere, it is conceived in Love. You are souls, not bodies - you should remember this! You are souls, who were conceived in the Holy Spirit a long time ago, and now you are given the opportunity to blossom, to bear fruit and your fruit will then be favoured by God. May this significant idea lay its roots within you as a solid foundation. And if it may not, Life's purpose will not be understood. Whatever your philosophy is, whatever science you study, you will not attain the great Truth you are seeking. There is only one way. If you understand this, you will not mind which side you are on -right or left, up or down. You will find unity in yourselves and you will know that God is everywhere. If you grasp this concept, you will not be fearful of hell. Wherever the soul is, there is paradise. The soul creates Paradise, while hell originates from the place, which the soul escapes. Thus, hell is the place with no soul presence, whereas Paradise is the one where souls belong to.

Now, I turn my attention to the weather outside, so that you can see what is being said about you. It is a very beautiful day, the sun is shining brightly, the sky is clear and it is an overall very good forecast. You are the only ones who can spoil this day; no other power can do it. This day is for all of you and it is the same for anyone. If you perceive the idea that you are souls, who have come from God, and you wish to serve Him, this is what your lives will be like. This sun will shine within your minds and souls and your Soul will see God. The Great Divine Spirit will dwell in you and you will become strong and fearless to accomplish everything that you desire.

Everything in this Universe will be possible, if you know one thing: that you are souls and God abides in them. Only by this understanding you will feel within yourselves the deep warmth, the strong connection that exists among all beings. Then not only Earth, but Heaven too, will no longer be unknown to you. Only in this way, your present life on the Earth, which represents a minute particle of the whole totality, will become meaningful through this idea. Probably many of you have some inherited imperfections. However, they are only external, because all diseases and handicaps are only on the surface of your minds or hearts. On this great day which is now coming into the world, your flaws will disappear at once. When you open up to the Divine Light and the Divine Warmth permeates through you, all your past shortcomings and every evil will disappear without a trace. You will then sense within yourselves a special scent of Life and you will become so strong and powerful, so happy and joyful, so young and lively as you have never felt in any of your lifetimes, in any of your incarnations or reincarnations. This blossoming will come in the moment when you break all the chains of slavery binding the soul. As soon as you break them, the Divine Spirit will inhabit your soul and a connection will be established - between you and God, between man and God.

I would like to present to you the idea of Heaven as something close to you, something accessible- you should not think that it is a distant place. No, it was made for us. When the Divine Ray illumines you, even in the first evening, when you go out and look at the sky, all the stars will start speaking to you sweetly, gently. That is how you will come to know that the stars can speak, too. All these words will be combined in such a way as to write a new book of your life. You will then have the whole and all the rules and laws, all the methods and ways, by which to live your lives. All this will be so clear to you that when you wish to accomplish some work, each star you look upon, will smile and encourage you. In this way nothing will be impossible. After that you will accomplish everything with joy and gladness.

Now I wish that you consider yourselves disciples of the Great Universal Brotherhood of Light and you are preparing yourselves for it. May the temptations not be hindrances to stumble on, but rather turn you into heroes. Do you really understand the meaning of a hero? A hero is one without fear and without darkness, one filled with Love and Light.

So, may you be successful in the work which needs to be done at this gathering of yours. You need to write only a few lines, but try to write them beautifully. Now you are laying a foundation, so try to do it well. May there be unity, may there be agreement, and may everything among you be performed with Love. Do you understand? Lay the following as a basis: everything that you think, everything that you feel and everything that comes from your will, may it originate from that Great Principle of Love and be ruled by It. Feel this Love and let It reveal the Great Divine Thoughts upon you. All of you should be abundant with ideas and you should have such deep thinking, that anyone in your presence may sense that you are bearers of something new. Each one of you should bring something unique from within, something which your soul is anticipating with a sacred exaltation. Keep this sacred fervent - there is nothing more beautiful than that. Whenever your heart shrinks, whenever your mind falters, do not be afraid. Do you know what the wind means to the blossom when it gently sways? This swaying is one of the most blissful moments. Some of you are afraid of such trepidation but when your heart skips a beat and your mind quavers, these are some of the most beautiful moments in your life.

Try to accomplish everything according to the law of Love. As I mentioned to you yesterday, try to set an example for the elderly. If you do that, you will always stay young. If you do not do it, then other young people will and you will grow old. If you yourselves give this example, you will stay young forever. I wish you to be the last generation, the generation which will break the order of the old man. Do you not think that the old man should die? The old man is the man of sin, of delusion, of all high-handiness (?) and misfortunes that exist today in the world.

The young man is the new man, born by the image and likeness of God. I say, that the young man is the man, who will blossom by the image and likeness of God. I give you this idea not only for the time while you are gathered here, but also for you to remember it after you go back home. There is no greater idea than this one. You should say: "We are awaiting that great moment when our soul will bloom. We will accept the Divine Light and the Divine Warmth. We will bear the new fruit to heal all defects of the contemporary humankind."

Now my wish for you is to receive the guidance and the blessings of the whole Universal Brotherhood of Light, together with the blessings of Christ, being the leader of this Brotherhood and may you experience God's Love that gives the meaning of Life. Let this all stand as a foundation within your souls, so that you may become bearers of the New Teaching about the coming of the Kingdom of God and the fulfillment of God's Will on Earth!

Translated by Elica Mincheva

Edited by Maria Braikova and Daniela Pavlova

September 2005

All members of our translation team work for free and on a voluntary basis.

We will appreciate any assistance, especially in editing, publishing and distributing these translations.

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