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Only the light way of Wisdom leads to truth. It amuses us all the time.

A Thought

The theme “Methods of correct breathing” were read.

Do you know how to breath in the correct way? You will tell me that the right way of breathing assumes breathing with Love: another would say that the right way of breathing depends on the relevant thought. When you breathe, you can make different examples: to breathe either with your two nostrils or with one nostril. The natural breathing is when you inhale the air through the two nostrils. In accordance with science, during deep breathing in the human organism two modes of breathing are noticed. If one of the two modes prevails over the other, then a certain break in breathing occurs, in such case breathing is not efficient, nor is it correct.

When you are nervous, in a rage about something, do the following exercise: put the thumb of your right hand on the right nostril and inhale air through the left while you count to seven in your mind. Then do not take more air and count to ten in your mind. Then put your hand on your left nostril and inhale the air slowly and rhymically through the right nostril while counting up to nine. This exercise helps for regulation of nervous agitation, for relaxation of the brain and for the reinforcement of the memory. This is essentially necessary when you are studying some subject. In the morning and before lunch take air through the light nostril and inhale it out through the right; in the evening take air through the right nostril and inhale it out through the left. Do this exercise twenty and one times per day – in the morning, before lunch and seven times in the evening.

Many laugh at this exercise, it seems a trifle to them. They don't know that the one who can't do small exercises or can't solve small problems, that man can't solve big problems too. When you do the exercises correctly, you will experience especially pleasant feelings, a cheerful disposition of your spirit. When you inhale air into your lungs and hold it for some time, you will experience a kind of suffocation but this effect shows that you have benefited from the exercise.

The breathing science is a great science. Many books are written on breathing, which you have to read as to see what methods for breathing are recommended there and which of them you can apply. In order to apply whatever method, you ought to have inside you at least one point of support. For instance, the point of support of the electrical lamps is the spot where energy comes out. Points of support are needed either in Life and in Nature. When you know that, you can comprehend the function of the occult schools. The purpose of such schools is to prepare students, who are to serve the reasonable forces in Nature, to God's designs. Therefore, whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, ask yourself the question whether you are points of support of God's intention or whether you are not.

What is the difference between God's and human thought? God's thought differs from human in its intensitivity, in its breadth, longitude and depth, as in its content. To make the exact difference between these two thoughts, you have to know God's thoughts in that pure state in which they come into men’s souls. To perceive a God's thought means to climb the highest mountain top and from there to perceive it. If in your mind comes one God's thought, it will be Light for your soul during your whole life. God's is Mighty! The one who lives with God's thoughts, he or she are always strong. If he or she falls under the influence of human thoughts, one begins to lose his or her strength - he or she will lose the connection between the God's thoughts and him or her. This man is exposed to constant doubts and hesitations. This is the reason for abnormalities in the life of contemporary people. All contradictions, each disharmony among religious people and societies is also due to the interruption of God's thought. Once you know that, you have to be careful in respect to God's thoughts because anyhow they don't come straight to you. While they reach your mind, they go through the minds of a number of Creatures of higher hierarchies and, in the end, only one ray from these thoughts comes to you. Moreover, remember that God's thoughts come to man when he or she finds himself or herself in the most unfavourable conditions in his or her Life. Someone can be King but it comes so that during his whole life not one God; s thought comes to him, someone can be a simple, poor, humble person but God's thoughts come to him or her flowing one after the other. This depends on the spiritual condition of a person.

In one village during the summer a great draught happened, as a result of which all the crops were destined to burn, to dry up. The priest along with the villagers decided to call for a common prayer for rain where all the village would take part. On this occasion, a father took his ten year old boy so that he might be present at the prayer too. The child took with himself only an umbrella because he expected as an answer to the prayer some rain to fall down, the father went out of the house without taking an umbrella. Why? Because he said to himself: “ It might rain, it might not. ”He didn't believe in the strength of this prayer. Contemporary people don't succeed in life because they don't believe in the thing they are praying for. They don't have points of support in life as a result of which they hesitate and doubt in everything. However, the one who lives with the faith in the positive, he always has points of support in life. Where there are points of support, he or she will have good results.

Figure 1

Imagine that you have two points A and B, connected with a thin silk thread (Figure 1). Under present conditions can a person walk on that thread? They can't. Under different conditions, however, this is possible but today no man can walk on such thin thread. A fly, an ant, a mosquito can but not a man. If by some manner the cohesion among the particles of this thread increases, then a person can walk on it. If you know the thickness of the silk thread, you will calculate how many such threads must coincide in one so that a person can walk on them as if he or she walks on a thick rope. It is measured that the thread of the silkworm is double and 0,026mm thick. Therefore the single thread is 0,013 mm thick.

You have all written about breathing, each one of you has given at least one method for correct breathing because you think that you breathe correctly. However, if you trace the breathing of each one of you separately, you will notice that one of you breathes too quickly, the other – too slowly, the third – with big interruptions and so on. To certify the validity of your methods, do a test with them: you will apply the methods of such people, who do not breathe correctly and you will see what results you will get.

When you study these different methods for breathing, look for the reasons at the same time for incorrect breathing. Why sometimes you feel the broadening of the lungs and sometimes a shrink? Have you noticed in which cases you feel wide and free, masters of the situation and in which restricted and constrained? When you find yourself among kids, you feel yourself above them, you talk freely, you think freely: this reflects on your breathing. When you are in the society of scientists, professors, you are at once refracted, you restrict yourself and can't think freely: this is reflected in your breathing. This constraint a man owns to his or her personal feelings, the personal feelings are connected to the human consciousness. The elderly man thinks that he or she knows much and when he or she finds himself or herself in the company of scientists, professors who know more than he or she does, they begin to restrain, shrink so as not to expose themselves. Before scientists, the personal feelings of people make them humble so as not to give out their ignorance, if they come among children, who do not know more than they do, they feel free, masters of the situation.

Therefore, when you want to do exercises for breathing or whatever attempts and exercisesm you ought to have such consciousness the children possess. Only in this way, will you earn something. If you shrink the way you do before the elders, you will acquire nothing. For instance, if you want to apply some natural method of breathing but you worry about the results, you restrain and get nothing. Others then do breathing exercises but hurry to finish as soon as possible. No, no hurry is permitted: make the following exercise relaxed, concentrated in order to achieve results. Otherwise, you will mechanize it and will acquire nothing. Do this exercise for about five-ten minutes for breathing and think of nothing during this time. If you are in a hurry, you will resemble old, elderly people. Children are never in a hurry: when you give a child an apple, he or she will turn it that wards and up and down, look at it, have some fun and the eat it. If you give the apple to a philosopher, he or she will look it, will put it aside and will say: “I don't have time to attend to this small business, all great matters are waiting for me.” This philosopher knows that through the apple he or she will come in touch with a number of philosophical questions. For instance, when he looks at a leaf, its colour and form, he may trace the origin of the apple – an important philosophical question. However, if he looks at it in a slipshod manner and says: “This is an apple constructed from atoms and molecules: it belongs to the world of objects and I am involved in great, abstract matters.”

The contemporary scientists want to convince us that they know what the apple is made of. The tests show that what the materialist scientists do are similar to those a simple, ignorant man can do in one scientific book. He takes the book but because he doesn't know to read, examines it from outside and says: ”This book is bound with such and such leather, the paper it is made of is Indian, inside it is printed with ink.” However, what the contents of this book are, what thoughts it contains, he doesn't know.” This is nor a scientific investigation. To examine an apple from the outside and to tell only what its matter is, what elements it contains, this is not a full test. The apple doesn't restrict itself only to its matter, it brings Life in it, which everyone can taste. The fresher the apple is, the more Life it contains. The one that tastes an apple and connects himself with her Life, only he knows what it in fact means. All plants are connected among themselves due to which Life pours itself from one plant to another. Each astrologist can check this thing. The whole realm of plants is on the other hand connected with God's world. So that no matter what fruit you take, know that it is connected with the Whole – with the fruits of God's world. When you keep this thought in your mind, you will use the fruit, from them you will draw sublime energies. Therefore eat fresh fruit each day. Chew it well, slowly so as to draw out the lively juices from them. Thus absorbed in the organism, they will initiate in you a strong reaction for a new life.

In this respect, you have to make a series of attempts so as to verify the truth of my words. They have not to stand only as a theory but have to be put to the test. When you are not well-disposed, you have to make the following test: take half a kilo fresh, large, nice cherries and go out at 10 a.m., turn your face to the Sun and start to eat slowly and quietly to eat the cherries. Eat them for an hour so that from 10 to 11 you have to eat them all up. Apart from the cherries, you don't have anything else. After a half an hour, you have to notice a change in your condition, in your disposition – this is the result from the cherries. Those of you, who are officials, you will make this attempt earlier, from 8 till 8. 30 a.m. You have to know that for this attempt Nature determines only half a kilo cherries. If you do this attempt in good disposition of your spirit, you won't notice the result from it because you were nevertheless well-disposed. This attempt makes sense only when you are not in good shape.

Now that I am observing your faces as the ones of the contemporary people on the whole, I find that you are strongly restrained as loaded guns, which at the slightest push are ready to discharge. You have to be work consciously on yourself so as to master this energy. If you want to get use of the knowledge given to you in the School, you have to transform your brain energy, to partition it correctly in all your brain centres. This is not easily achieved but the student is required to do the work. When you take the hand of a healthy person, whose thought is an intensive one, you will feel the discharge of energy from him. If a person is not healthy and his thought is not intensive, when you hold this person's hand, you won't feel a discharge of energy from him – his hand will be loose, passive, with no energy and life in it. This man is a stuffed tap. The healthy person, however, is an open tap, a flow and outflow of energies happens in it.

An exercise: close your eyes and imagine a cherry tree of large cherries of good quality and think about it for five minutes. If, this time your condition hasn't changed, this shows that your test has failed. To achieve a better result, try with the cherry tree, clustered with ripe, large fruit. In this case the thought is more picturesque, more effective so that it can act upon your spirit. Because the atmosphere outside is strongly saturated with humidity, the exercise may not be very successful. Usually, the damp obstructs the flow of mind.

For the next time you will write on the theme: “The influence of the strong and the weak words”. You will list only the strong and weak words in the positive sense. If you examine the words love and devotion, what do you think, which one of the two words will exert stronger influence on the person and the influence of which one of the two words will last longer. And the straight, and the contrary reactions of Love are stronger than those of Devotion. When you say to somebody be kind or be good which one of the two counsel will play a stronger effect on the person? Or if you say be merciful or be lenient, which would have a greater effect on the person? Being merciful will have a greater effect than being lenient. To pronounce on the influence on the words, for the degree of their strength, you have try them first on you. Say out loud the words: good, kind, merciful, just, patient etc. and see what influence they will play upon you. Make this test mainly with such words, which have content and a sense only for yourself.

Now, when you do this exercise in the morning, before lunch and in the evening seven times, and at the same time write down in your notebook 3-rd lines from 3-rd chapter of the Gospel of Joan. This means that you will write these lines three times a day. With each entry, you will draw a line. Everything you write down, try to write neatly – on nice paper, equally large for all the entries. You will write carefully, cleanly and legibly. Once you have finished the exercise, you will give me your papers to make my notes on them. Write the lines before starting to breathe. The line you will write is the next:

“Truth, the truth I am telling you that if someone is not born again, they cannot see the Kingdom of Lord.”

Only the light way of wisdom leads to Truth.

It amuses us all the time.



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