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Movement of the Sensible Forces

Twenty-eighth lection of the Teacher, held to the Youth occult class on the 9th May, 1923 in Sofia

- Only the bright road of the Wisdom leads to the Truth.

- It is constantly gladdening us.

It is being read a resume of the fifteenth lection from the first year.

There are read resumes of the themes „ What are symbol of the lime-place and the ash" and „The distinctive characteristics of the strong will".

For the next time you write about the theme „The difference between the wisdom and the knowledge".

What definition gives the relative geometry of the circle? The circle is a geometric place of points, which are equally removed from one inner permanent point, called a centre. The circle is the outmost limit, to which the conscious of a man can be broadened for every given moment.

Imagine that you have two small circles. One of them looks like a seed of an oak - acorn, the other – a seed of a maize seed. Have you computed how many times bigger and larger is the acorn than the maize seed? Where is the difference between the acorn and the maize seed? The difference is in their functionality -the circle of the functionality of the acorn is larger than that of this of maize seed. As is concerned richness, the question is asked in another way. Often the pigs are fed with acorns, but that does not show, that they are richer than the maize. Which is older by origin - the oak or the maize? The maize is older than the oak. According to the temporary scientific can you say whether the acorn contains the same possibilities as the ones of the oak? Two theories exist on that question: the one affirms that every seed, in that case the acorn, contain in them all possibilities as in the whole tree; the other affirms that the seed contains in it the conditions but not the possibilities which it has.

What is your opinion on that question? For the clarifying of that question we shall take the following example: imagine you have one thought; when a thought is expressed you appraise already its properties. Are its properties in the given thought? Every thought expressed outside defines its inner content. As you know that, you have to inspect, to study the thoughts, their properties and acts.

As students you have to study, to acquire knowledge. The contemporary scientists are children of the science. In relation of the past they are scientists, pass for capacities, but in relation to the future science they are still children. In relation to the manifested they are genies; in relation to what is up to being shown, they are children. As you know that you have to carry the responsibility for recognize your ignorance in a certain area, to admit your errors. A lot think that if they admit errors, they will pass out for sinful people. No, a man must be sincere inside himself, to know the errors and to admit them. The artist, painted the portrait of a man; some come, look at the portrait, it seems to them that the nose is little curvy, they pay attention to the artist to make right his error, but he denies – he maintains that the nose of the man has been curvy. As some people line up to look at the portrait, which the artist has painted, all say out that the nose is not well expressed. At last the artist is engaged to make it right. After he does the correction, he remains contented with the portrait. As the artist works on a portrait, until he paints exactly accordingly to the original so the student must work on every own thought, until he makes it right. Many of your thoughts are curvy, distorted. You must work on them, in order to make them straight. Some consider that every their thought is Godly and as it is Godly, it is faultless. It is not so. Not every their thought which passes through the head of a man is Godly. You have to study the thoughts to come to the situation to say apart which are Godly and which are humanly. In the humanly thoughts there are errors, in the Godly – there are not. As you analyze your thoughts, you strive to apply them. If you do not apply your thoughts, ideas, you will look similar to a man, who wants to paint: for that aim he has bought brushes, colors, screen and is preparing to start his work. To all he tell, that he has an idea he is ready to paint, but still it does not start to work. Therefore ideas make sense only if they are applied in the Life. Somebody says that he wants to be good; this is an inapplicable idea. What does it mean a man to be good? Other says so that he wants to be кротък - this is another inapplicable idea. What does it mean a man to be placid? Which are the distinctive features of the placidity? When you paint a chicken, you will place her legs just exactly three fingers in front and one behind. If you paint a man, you will place five fingers on his hand –nothing more, nothing less. Every thing, which the Nature created, is exactly defined. These are the distinctive features of the placid, of the merciful man and so on. The one who wants to get to know if he is merciful, he can put to that test: you travel on a long journey and take in your bag a kilo of bread; the entire day you do not eat, but keep the bread for the evening, when you reach a the certain place. If during the time of travel you are overtaken by three men and they wish that you give them bread, because they were hungry, tired, but they do not have bread, what will you do? Suppose that you give them a little piece each, and the rest you keep for yourself, you are not a merciful man. If you break the bread in parts, so that you give everybody a quarter, you are merciful. Somebody wants to check out how much your thought is philosophical and asks you the question the chicken or the egg came first. These are two relative, but not absolute values. These are symbols, which do not solve the question. Some philosophers picture the Universe in the form of an egg, ready to be hatched, but this is just a symbol.

Let's go back to the question if the qualities of the expressed thought are contained in the same thought. To be asked such a question, is the same as to ask whether the tones going out of the violin, are contained in the same violin, in the strings or in the bow. From the strengthening of the strings, the shortening and the lengthening are produced different tones. But the violinist who knows the laws of the music, as putting fingers on the violin, makes the same tones. The skilled violinist can make the same tones even without strings. It is enough to concentrate his thought to your hearing, in order to hear nice, pleasant tones of some song, going out of the violin. But this does not happen in the physical manner, by means of oscillations of the air, as usual is conveyed the sound, but in another way – by the thought. Hence we can infer the following conclusion: as the violin is a condition for conveying tones, which the violinist produces, so and the thought is a condition for conveying the qualities of those who produces it. Because the violin produces neither tones nor the thought contains in it the qualities of the one who produces it.

These are a series of cogitations, needed for the developing of your thought, for wakening of the activity of different brain centers. Without these cogitations, the thoughts which go through your brain will remain just a theory without any practical application. And then when different thoughts pass by your brain without stopping, without reflecting on them, at all ends you will fall asleep. It is easily noticeable when the occult students study the law of concentration or collecting their thought, they often fall asleep. Why? That is why they are not used to wakening the activity of their brain centers yet. As a result, when they reflect on any question and they cannot follow their thought, they fall under the influence of the law of the suggestion, of the hypnosis and they fall asleep. Therefore, when the student thinks on any question, he must напряга his brain to waken the activity of all brain centers or at least the larger part of them. If in the process of thinking wakens only one brain center, a man definitely fall asleep, will hypnotize oneself. This explains why the rich man loses sense because he despairs when he is informed that the bank in which his money are invested, is bankrupted. During his whole life this man has directed his thought towards the money; as a result he has hypnotized himself. In that day he hears about the loss of that money, he loses sense, and the wish for living, for work. The sleep of that man is an especially mesmeric condition, which the Nature often imposes on him. If it places him in such a hypnotic condition, he is asleep. In the meantime, it takes him through the physical in the astral world, which creates different images, changes scenes with others. In this way it builds a variety of life, from which he will keep a memory of his alert condition and to begin thinking. By dreams the Nature wants to create the human thought in a man. The thought develops in a great variety.

Thus all are demanded a conscious work – gradually to develop in you good qualities and abilities. For example if you want to develop patience, make the next experiment: 10 people, friends of yours, to pin you with a needle on ten different places one millimeter deep and follow during this time will you lose balance or will you keep it. In this way you will become steeled. Besides this experiment you can make another: take off your shoes and pass across a field, on which there are gipsy. As you pass from the one to the other end of the field, you will see how much you have kept disposition of your spirit.

A man is run into the same situations in Life. People's bad thoughts and feelings are nothing except some thorns, stuck on a millimeter deep in the man's skin. Bad thoughts and feelings are like the biting of a mosquito or a flea - here you are pinched by one bad thought, there you are pinched by one bad feeling until you run off the rails of your patience. If your balance is not disturbed, this shows you possess patience. If your balance is disturbed, you will take а brush and paints, you will paint the portrait of your patience. You will repeat twice, three times the experiment, until at last you keep your balance and you will always be cheerful. Once you keep your balance, you will know that you finished the portrait of your patience.

These experiments refer only to the students and to only those which are strong. The weak should not make the experiments, not to lose artificial disposition of the spirit. For them are only enough the experiments which Life imposes. The people's life is so arranged that they without go through hardships –such hardships will they have, that they will jump from the pain. Moreover they will not be pinched by friends, but by such disposed unfriendly towards them. All present people are put through such experiments. In Life these experiments are nothing else, but the hardships, pains and difficulties, which people experience. The invisible world constantly subject people to such experiments, in order to see how much they can stand. Nobody can covet whatever force of Nature, until he develops in himself the relevant qualities. For example somebody thinks he is honest, noble man, and nothing can seduce him; they give that man ten golden sterling and send him somewhere to do a job with them, later they give him ten thousand more golden sterling to do some other job. He takes the money, but as the money become more, grows the seduction with them. This man begins to think: „Can’t I take that money and do some job with them?" This means a man can be honest to a certain degree, as much the element of honesty is contained. Imagine that an honest man is jailed and has a death penalty; he gave a promise that he won't come out of prison, until the sentence is not fulfilled. But a very good friend of his goes in jail and proposes to him to go out – opens the door and says he can leave the jail free. This man begins to fight and to hesitate to go out or not, but cannot make up his mind, wants to keep his promise. If this noble man is a follower in the same time, and has plenty of knowledge, he can become dematerialized, but once he gave that promise not to leave prison until the day of his sentence comes, he will not take advantage of his knowledge. Still in the day of the executing of his sentence he becomes dematerialized and instantly vanishes in front of the eyes of everybody. In that way the judges, rulers will understand that they were wrong when they convicted a totally righteous man. The righteous can be convicted by nobody to death, as a law does not exist for him.

Therefore, as the law has to different relations – to the common and to the righteous man, so and the moral has a two-side expression: the absolute moral – to God and the relevant moral – towards the people. This means: the absolute moral knows only the relations of the man to God. If there stands a question about the relations between a man and the people, it is used relative moral. The relations between the man and God always have one and same price, they never change, the relations of the man to the people and all living creatures are changeable. If the relation of the man to God is right, it is in force to cancel the rest of all relations to anybody. But all these relations are not able to cancel the relation between the man and God. For example, somebody wants to help his mother, father and the entire mankind, because of which he is ready to give up the Truth, thus to depart from his relations to God. This is a wrong thought, this is a wrong conclusion. It is impossible with one good deed only a man to help his mother, his father or the whole mankind. When the relations of the man to God are right and stand in first place, only then will he be able to help the people, as well as all living creatures. Keep in your mind the thought, that only the relations between the man to God have one and the same value for all times and, and the rest relations are lust relative and changeable.

As students be careful with yourself not to accumulate in any part of your organism more energy than you should. Keep yourself away from gathering energy, the Nature does not allow any excesses. When a man accumulates more energy inside oneself? When he begins to think he is secure. Meet a man lean, bony; at some time his things go well and he gets rich. When he is rich, he starts thinking he is secure and lacks nothing. Getting rich he stops to think. You see – this man is gradually fattening, putting on weight, becomes like a boss, accumulates excessive energy in himself. Why a man wants some time to get fat, to become corpulent? Just to occupy larger space, to become more imposing, to pay attention to the people.

In fact which defines the space? - The thought. The utter limit, to which one thought can spread its activity in space, defines its strength. The time defines its inner content of the thought, i.e. - its durability. The man's feelings determine the sense – the thought's spirit. This means every thought is examines first by volume – the volume it occupies in the space, i.e. the kind of her outer form; then it is examined as inner content of the thought and later – her meaning. The thought moves in a straight direction. Her inner content, i.e. feelings that carry out the thought give her a circular form. So the straight line defines the form of the thought, the circle defines the content of the thought. In such case you have an idea of the time and space. The explanation of this idea will serve with the verse, which apostle Pavel said: „The love is fruit of the Spirit." Love is the form; Life is an explanation, i.e. the contents of this form. The Spirit is the meaning – It gives sense to things. When we say: „God is Love", we understand the enlightened, manifested world. So that it is expressed the God's Love, means it is expressed in the World of God. When we talk about Life, we infer the special expression of God's Love to all living creatures. All living creature shows Love in its own way – this is its life. God is Love – this infers целокупния Life, the fullness of Love. Life, seen through all living creatures, represents partially, individually showing of Love.

Now we express the idea for time and space in the following form: the entire man represents a т of time and space. The head represents the space, boundlessness, that's why it is insatiable. With the head a man thinks what and which place to occupy. The unsuitability of the head is seen from the man's lust for knowledge: as much knowledge it has, he wants more to acquire. He wants many houses, barns, but the clever sees he can live by even in one room. The man's body represents the time. So the body re presents the outer contents of the head. Actually the development of the head is projected by the body; the shown activity of the entire body represents the meaning of the head. The stomach, compared to the head accepts much little by little. As much food eats a man, his stomach easily fills. The head nevertheless takes more and always stays insatiable – as much is given to it, it desires more. And so, when it lives in his thinking, a man is always moving in space; when it lives in the heart, he is moving in time, in the things' matter.

How do the present philosophers look on the conceptions of time and space – as reality or as relevance? Some say that things exist out of time and space. This means that things exist out of the world of three dimensions. For example, draw a picture of a canvas; this picture is placed on a плоскост, means it is extends in the world of the second dimension. But the same picture can be molded, made as a statue, to be presented in the world of the third dimension. At last the same picture can be presented outside the three dimensions – to be painted in the thought. This is called by the philosophers a condition out of time and space. What represents the circle, anyway? The circle does represent, but a small, microscopic part of the whole idea, of the reality. The circle is a part of the sphere, and the sphere is a body of a three-dimensional world.

These are abstract idea leading into a misunderstood area by you, without any practical applications. These ideas of any application only in the man's conscience. For example, with the help of the man's conscience can a man guess if an individual is coming near or is going far off him. Why? - Because a man approaching another is not an outer process, nor inner. One man can physically come close to you, but вътрешно, spiritually to move far away and vice versa – he can physically, to be estranging outwardly, and to be coming nearly inwardly. This points the physical closeness always does not respond to the intimacy among the soles, brains and hearts. On these outer and inner estrangements and approaches of the people to one another are owed the conditions of happiness and grief, which they everyday experience. If to you comes near a man, who is not sympathetic, and you feel annoyance, and sometimes grief, especially if that man succeeds to take away something from you against your will. If that man moves away from you, you feel pleasance; you are happy, that he is not close to you physically, neither by brain nor heart. And the way round - when a man is close to you, who is pleasant to you, you are happy; if he moves away, you begin to grieve. So both of them produce in you happiness and grief, but only in totally different situations. When the unsympathetic approaches you with one and only aim to take away something, you feel grief; when he goes away you feel happy. When the sympathetic approaches you, you feel happiness; when he goes away you feel sorrow. What are these conditions due to? – To your mind. The man's mind carries a somewhat vague, distant memory, that the one, who is not sympathetic and sometime, caused trouble, some evil and today comes with the same thought. This can be a somewhat illusion or somewhat deception. Where would you know that the unsympathetic man comes to cause evil? Maybe today he comes to you with best intension to do one good thing, with which to surprise you most pleasantly. You are not sure for the hidden intensions of the people. Often the one, who has done to you the greatest evil, is in the mood of doing you the greatest goodness.

The friendship is of the kind stable and unstable. Suppose that you build a friendship with a man. Do you know how much time this friendship will last? It can last for a year or two, three, five, ten and then to be spoiled. Why? - Because the friendship does not at all base on feelings.

And every time, as feelings command, there are formed astral combinations, which are remarkable for their great instability. In order not to be stable, friendship must respond to the following formula: R.М.S.Т.S.E.F. The letters S представляват one element, so in the formula of friendship comprise of six elements. Every element is taken into a strictly definite percentage relation. In order to be your friendship stable, the reasonableness R must compounds of three percents of the whole, the милосърдието М- five percent, the conscience С – nine percent, the toughness Т – six percent, the self-esteem SE – seven percent, the friendliness F - seven percent. The same numbers can be taken as numerators of fractions, which denominators are: 6, 8,10,12,15 and 16. The total sum of the numerators are 3, 5, 9, 6, 7, 7 е 37; total sum of the denominators is 67. Then you will have the fractions: 3/6, 5/8, 9/10, 6/12, 7/15 and 7/16. You will put these fractions under a common denominator, which served as a method of work. The total sum of the numerators - 37 и the total sum of the denominators - 67 give a new fraction - 37/67. We sum numbers and get:

3 + 7 10 1+0 1

------- = ------ = ------- = -----

6 + 7 13 1+3 4

We sum the numerator and denominator: 1+4 = 5. This is a philosophical reducing of the fractions. So that, to be found the reduced formula of the friendship, you have to collect the numbers 1 + 4. As you collect them, you will get the number 5 – the man. The one is seen as the God principle, the four – the animal principle, i.e. a man, in whom the self - conscience is still not awake. In order to work out that formula of the man, he must find the Godly in himself – in that is found the sense of Life.

As you are aware of that you start to work. You already have the foundation – the number 5, on which as a ground you can sow, i.e. build up your life. In the fraction 1/4 and the two numbers are acids: 1 is an acid of a first degree, and 4 –acid of a second degree. The degree hints the intensity of the acids and the bases. The number 5 stands for a base of a second degree. The acid – the one dissolves everything in it. And as the real friendship is made out of a fraction which has a numerator one and denominator – four,

about the fractions 3/6, 5/8, 9/10, 6/12, 7/15 и 7/16 we can say this: 3/5 means part of the God's sensibility, 5/8 – part of the God's mercy, 9/10 –part of the God's justice. I take the word justice instead of conscience, because for God cannot be said he has any conscience – God is just, but not conscious. The fraction 6/12 means part of the God's patience, which by the language of a man we call firmness. Only the firm man and not the stubborn can be patient. The fraction 7/15 means part of the self-respect of the man - such a man can never break his word. The fraction 7/16 means part of the friendliness of the man, i.e. from the Law of Love. Now we gather the numerator and the denominator apart, we will get the following numbers: 3/6 -3 + 6 = 9; 5/8 - 5 + 8= 13, and 1 +3 = 4; 9/10-9+ 10= 19, and 1 +9= 10; 6/12-6+ 12 = 18, and 1 +8 = 9; 7/15-7 + 15 = 22, and 2 + 2 = 4; 7/16-7 + 16 = 23, and 2 + 3 = 5. The numbers work in the creating of the friendship between two people. In order to see if the friendship between two people will be stable, you must run through what the combinations of the planets in the moments of creating that friendship was. The friendship can be stable, but in the moment of its creation took part Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun. When Mars, Saturn and the Moon make their way into the friendship, they will certainly its bases – there won't take a long time, you will see that the bases of the friendship begin to shake. When Mars comes into your friend, every your word can provoke him; when Saturn enters in your friend he will begin to doubt every your word and later, when the Moon inters in him, he will begin to get into trouble. The Moon will see how Mars acted, how Saturn acted, will add some tails to all that and will more mess up things, after I the friendship disappears. When the Moon shines, they stop their process of growing; when it hides they begin to grow. Most quickly the flowers develop in the sun light. Because the Moon wakes the envy of a man, the flowers hide from it, in the sense that – they stop to develop. Therefore, when a man is envious, we say that the Moon has taken prevail over him.

The student must study the astrology, to know the influence of the planets on him and to object to them consciously or yield – according to the bad or good influence. Sometimes a man is disposed warlike, ready to fight, to a knife – he is under the influence of Mars. And if in that time comes the Moon with its negative influence on the man, it will right away put tails, delusions and lies in its state an d he, as he is disposed warlike begins to draw a knife, everything becomes right. These are delusions, exaggerated states, which come from the Moon – it loves to delude, lie to people. That is because with its negative influence, its credit is in the lies and delusions. Saturn brings the doubt, suspicion in man. But you must know that every planet exercises good and positive influence on the man, not only negative. Venus as a planet of a female gender has a weakness to Love: if it falls in love with Mars or Venus, it takes their qualities, messes them with its own and then shows a descending influence on the man. When Saturn is in е с Венера, he has an influence on her and then in the love comes the negative element of Saturn - doubt, suspicion in the love. When Venus is in its ascending state, it influences Saturn – he obeys, pays attention to her and walks in her steps.

A Reflection

- Only the enlightened road of the Wisdom leads to the Truth. – It will constantly amuses us.



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