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Distribution of Energies

Twenty fifth lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno in the Youth Esoteric class on April 23, 1923, in Sofia

– Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to the Truth.

– It constantly cheers us up.


A summary of the paper “The Benefit of Sleep” was read.

The summaries of the ninth and tenth lectures from Year One were read.

The paper “Difference between Consciousness and Self-consciousness” was read.

Exercise: lifting your arms to the sides. You will hold your arms still in this position for five minutes while concentrating your thoughts on them. After that, while holding the left arm up pointing sideways, begin moving your right hand along the left arm by starting at its fingers, reaching its shoulder, passing under the chin, then bringing the right arm out to the side, to the front and down. You do the same circular movement around the right arm as well: lifting the right arm to the side, and moving the left hand along it. This exercise is repeated a few times by alternating the right arm with the left arm, starting fast and slowing down along the way.

The exercises you do are needed in order for the energies of your body to become properly polarized. When a person does not live right, the energies in their system cannot be distributed properly; consequently some parts of the body accumulate more energy, some – less energy.

Energy in Nature comes primarily from two sources: from the centre of the Sun and from the centre of the Earth. The predominant energy in Nature is the one coming from the Sun – it is positive energy. When the sun energy is mostly taken in through the head, the human brain becomes very active. If this energy is absorbed primarily through the stomach, then the stomach becomes very active; in this case, the brain becomes demagnetized, weakens, and a headache appears. For this reason the excess energy from the stomach needs to be redirected to the brain in some way. Sometimes solar energy can become concentrated in the elbow, the entire arm, the face, etc. In order to distribute this energy uniformly through all parts of the body, one needs esoteric physical exercises. If you have difficulty falling asleep, the reason lies in the excess energy in the brain. In order to release yourself from it, you have to do such exercises that help redirect it to the other parts of the body. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways: either through concentrating your thoughts towards the tip of the nose for five minutes, or through washing the feet in warm water in order to bring down some of the blood from the head. The accumulation of excess amounts of solar energy in some parts of the body, creates a series of painful conditions for the other body parts*. In general, disease comes to those parts†, which are demagnetized, i.e. those deprived from the amount of energy they need. In order to heal them, one has to mentally supply them with the needed energy. When a diseased body part‡ is supplied with the energy it needs, the body part recovers.

So, when you want to regulate the powers of your body parts§, do the following exercise: drop your arms down and concentrate your thoughts towards the centre of the Earth; after that, take that energy from the centre of the Earth and consciously direct it upward toward your brain. If you cannot do this, that energy will possess you and will have a destructive effect on some of your body parts**. In order to prevent this from happening, you have to direct this energy not only toward your head, but also toward the centre of the Sun. After that, you direct that same energy toward the centre of the Earth. These two types of energy, these two currents will meet somewhere. The point where they meet in people is in the pit of the stomach – you will feel a little warmth at this point, a sign of Life. If the crossing of these energies takes place in the brain, you will be experiencing an upsurge of thoughts; if the crossing of these energies takes place in the lungs, your feelings will be expanding; if this crossing takes place in the stomach, you will be feeling a great desire to eat; if this crossing takes place in the muscles of the legs and the arms, you will be experiencing a desire to move. Overall, regardless of the body part†† where the crossing of these energies takes place, a person will feel within themselves a particular pleasantness and a predisposition for something nice. This is why a person has to study their thoughts and desires, to see what role they play in the person’s life, to distinguish from where they originate – from the centre of the Earth or from the centre of the Sun.

Knowing this, it is expected from you as students to control your thoughts and desires. What does it mean to control a thought? To control a thought means to follow its course, its direction – where it is coming from and where it is going – and, according to your understanding, to either give way to it, transform it, or stop it. This is why you have to try to distinguish which thought is coming from where and where it is going. Without trying this, without applying it, you will accumulate a lot of unprocessed knowledge, which will cause you a lot of trouble. If there is a build up of a lot of unprocessed, unapplied knowledge, its energy will become accumulated in the back of the head where personal feelings reside. This excess amount of energy, will, in turn disturb the balance of the brain centres of the head. In order to restore the balance, a part of that energy has to be directed toward the front of the head. In this sense, the brain is a sensitive scale, which notes the smallest deviation, the smallest disturbance of balance. It has been noticed that proud people hold their heads up high. Why? Because the centre of gravity of their brain is shifted to the back side of the head. In philosophers, who work primarily with the front side of the brain, the centre of gravity of the head is shifted to the front side of the brain; hence, mainly philosophers walk with their heads tilted slightly forward, for they are always in thought. In religious people the energy is accumulated primarily in the centre, in the top side of the head where their religious feeling resides, on account of which they hold their heads straight, looking up. For such people it is said that they are mystical, and like to reflect.

Because the brain is connected to all parts of the body, any polarization taking place in some of the centres of the brain has an immediate impact on the corresponding body organs, which thus partake in an accumulation of energies. Knowing this, you have to look for ways to transfer the excess energy in your system from one centre to another or from one body part‡‡ to another. Once you master this art, you will be able to think right. By transferring the excess energy from one place to another, you will be developing your will. A strong will makes a person’s head around the ears wide. A person has to work to strengthen their will. They have to make many attempts in this aspect, in order to develop courage, determination, and self-confidence. Each positive feeling brings something nice to the person. For instance, if the religious feeling in a person does not reach fanaticism, they develop a noble character. A religious feeling developed normally brings sympathy, tact to the human character; it makes people put themselves in the shoes of their fellowmen, understand them and love them. Those, who have not developed the religious feeling within themselves, do not respect people, and treat the poor and simple people with contempt.

Consequently, you should work on yourself to develop your mental power, your feelings. For instance, the consciousness of a person is related to Justice. The more developed a person’s consciousness, the more just the person is. The religious feeling nurtures in people a feeling of regard and respect for others. Love nurtures compassion, and compassion makes people responsive and empathetic to others, understanding of their weaknesses. When the mind of a person is developed well, they can reason over the cause and effect of things. Considering this, you all have to work to develop in yourselves those feelings and abilities, which are now less developed. Some people have a less developed ability to reason, others – timing and tact, third – compassion, fourth – faith, fifth – hope, and so on. These are all defects, which spoil your life; they bring you doubt, hesitation, misunderstanding, discouragement, and so on. You have to develop within yourselves positive qualities in order to improve your character. Good character demands well developed reasoning, imagination, a sense of comparison, of music. A person with a good character means an open person, in whom excess moisture evaporates; hence this person is neither too moist, nor too dry. Such a person has to be firm in their ideas, friendly and social. These qualities enhance one’s mind. People are born with gifts and talents in a rudimentary state, and need to work on them in order to develop them. The more people focus their thoughts on these centres, the more blood enters the latter and the more these centres grow. Blood carries electricity and magnetism, which are transferred to these centres and help their growth. When some people fall behind in their development, they have to be directed to join some religious or spiritual society in order to awaken higher moral feelings within themselves. This way they will be thinking, they will be developing their mental abilities. It has been noticed that when some peoples fall behind in their mental development, the Invisible world sends among them scientists, spiritually enlightened people, who give a push towards science, enlightenment and culture – spiritual and mental. This has been the case in the nineteenth century, during the Enlightenment. Each century produces its own people, creators of new thought, new life, who push culture forward and upward.

Contemporary culture follows a spiral in its development, one ascending path. After this culture, which is the culture of the Fifth race§§, the culture of the Sixth race will come – the culture of feelings, of the heart – which is one of the sublime cultures. During this culture both the heart and the mind will be able to develop correctly. If a person’s religious feeling is less developed, the person will look for a few people with a strong religious feeling and will ask them for help with developing a strong religious feeling as well. Four people with a strong religious feeling will immediately surround this person: one on the left side, another on the right side, third in front, and a fourth one behind; each of these four people will place a hand on the spot where the person’s religious feeling resides, and will hold their hands in this position for about an hour. As they continue this effort for a week, they will have a beneficial impact on the person with the less developed feeling. The same practice can be performed on a person with a weak ability to reason. This practice is based on the principle of interconnected vessels. People represent interconnected vessels, and as a result, energy can be poured from one person to another, the same way liquids can be poured from one of the interconnected vessels to another.

In the development of contemporary life we see that some people are educated, others – uneducated; some are smart, others – stupid; some are poor, others – rich. What is the reason for this? To clarify this question I will give the following example: you see a mountain peak, which constantly produces abundant waters, which form a big, deep river, which waters gardens and orchards, powers water-mills, and so on. While the river flows heavily, life around it flourishes, both plant culture and spiritual culture develop; once the river is redirected, once it is given a new direction, life at this place ceases. Thus, the life of people develops well where energy is abundant – they have conditions to grow and develop physically and mentally; once that energy is redirected, life diminishes – there is a scarcity of energy, of developmental conditions.

It has been strictly mathematically determined what amount of energy can be used for each century. It has also been determined what number of students can be sustained with this energy. A tremendous amount of energy is required for the support of the brains of these students. The development of each brain centre is connected with a certain amount of energy. In this aspect, Nature keeps an exact account of the energy it uses. This is the reason why some students cannot finish school: when they get to first or second grade, they leave school because they do not have conditions to study further. Why? Because their fellow students consume all the energy and there is nothing left for them. They leave school and look for other ways to grow. And indeed, you see a miller working on his water-mill for a few years, work is going smoothly and he is satisfied with his situation; however, somebody else shows up, redirects the water his way, and the water-mill stops working. At another place you see that someone has made a vegetable garden by the river – he has dug ditches to direct the water from the river to his vegetables; tomorrow the river is redirected and the garden withers.

So, as long you have conditions, as long as Nature has provided you with a certain amount of energy, you have to use it wisely. If you do not use it, somebody else will take your place. There are others behind you, who are waiting their turn. Nothing in Nature and in life is arbitrary. If you can wisely use what Nature has determined for you, you will find yourselves in favourable Life conditions; if you cannot use it, you will find yourselves in conditions that are unfavourable for the development of the mind, heart, and will. As long as you have a desire, a stimulus for work within yourselves, you will have the opportunity to use the energy, and the conditions, which Nature has envisaged for you. The budget for each person, for each society, for each people, and for all of humankind is determined by the Sun. Nowadays, the Sun sends more physical energy to the Earth, i.e. today people are more capable of taking in the physical energy of the Sun, rather than the spiritual one. In the future, when the Sixth race comes on the Earth, people will have the ability to take in spiritual energy from the Sun as well. So, the energies are different; thus, we say that there are physical energies, energy of the heart, energy of the mind, and energy of the will. As you study people, you will see what energy emanates from each person.

Now, as you know this, do not think that you can achieve anything you want. There are certain conditions necessary for each thing. In order to use the energy of the mind from Nature, people have to know how to attract it. This goal requires specific centres – societies of people with mental, intellectual aspirations. They are capable of attracting this energy. In this aspect, universities act as such focal points, such centres, which attract the energy of the mind from Nature. This explains why a student feels a sacred excitement, an uplift of his mental powers, when he enters a university. He could study at home as well, but it is in the university where the mental powers and abilities of the student are stirred up and enflamed. The light of the mind is brighter in the schools and the universities than it is in the family. This is the reason why children are sent to school from an early age. If you look at some school or some university through the eyes of a clairvoyant, you will see that there is Light emanating from there. The more elementary or worse the school, the less its Light. The elementary school has the least Light, and the university has the most.

When we say that people have to live a pure, holy, wise life, we mean to say that they have to use the corresponding energies of the Sun. The more elevated aspirations a person has, the bigger their ability to connect with the higher sun energies. Otherwise, they will be connecting with the lower earthly energies, which will suck them into the dense matter, where the way out is very difficult. The more a person sinks into the dense matter, the more materialistic they become, and connect to the Black lodge***. The materialists deny the Spiritual world. Why? Because, subconsciously, they are exclusively under the influence of lower spirits-materialists, fooling people into thinking they are in control of the situation and not depending on anyone. These materialists have to study for a long time, to enlighten their minds, until they realize that they are surrounded by spirits with a different development and with a different influence, positive or negative. The sun energies are positive and have a beneficial impact on people; earthly energies are negative and impact people adversely. The former energies help the advancement of the person, and the latter – the fall. Connect with the energies coming from above, not with the lower energies of the Earth. Those forces, which oppose human progress, aim to cut off the communication between the higher energies of the Sun and the people, in order to place people exclusively under the influence of the lower earthly energies. As long as the sun energies prevail over the earthly currents in people, they have the ability to free themselves from the illusions of the world, from the distorted situations in their lives. The Sun brings new ideas, new inventions, new philosophy, new religion, and new science. The Sun will wipe out and burn the old, and turn it into ash. The Sun will bring the pure, holy Life to the Earth. For whom? For the souls that are ready. The person, who is ready, is like a bud waiting for the Sun to shine on it to blossom.

A person has to be like a flower, open for the Sun in order to take in its energy, only this is capable of bringing the flower to fruition. The mind of a person has to turn to the sun Light, only this can diffuse the darkness in their life and aid their growth. If a person takes in the sun light, Life unfolds correctly on its own.


Only the bright path of the Wisdom leads to the Truth. It constantly cheers us up.

* The expression to be translated from Bulgarian is “udove” The translator is unaware of the exact meaning of the word “ud”/“udove” as it appears to be an archaic form. From the context of the sentence the meaning is assumed to be “body parts”, organs etc., but could it possibly refer to “chakras”?

† “udove”

‡ “ud”

§ “udove”

** “Udove”

†† “Ud”

‡‡ “Ud”

§§ The concept of Fifth/Sixth race has been explained in other works by the Teacher but not in this particular one. The concept may require clarification if this specific text is presented on its own for any reason.

*** From Bulgarian “Chernata loja” – the reader may need an explanation as to the meaning of this concept.







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