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White and Black Light

Twenty second lecture by The Master Beinsa Douno, to Youth Occult Course,

Given on 21st March 1923 in Sofia

Only the light way of the Wisdom leads to the Truth.

Meditation (reflection)

The essays on first and second lectures from the first year were read.

The summarized lectures are on the fear. What is the purpose for the fear? Darkness. When a child has been left alone in a dark room, he started to feel fear. What is the darkness due to? Or what is the origin of the darkness? Where the light is missing, the darkness is present. If there is a round and opaque object and it was lit; one side of this object will be light, and another – dark. The one that will have a look at it from far off, he will see only the light part, and could not see the dark one. Does this mean that the dark part does not exist? If the darkness or the dark, unlit part of an object could not be seen, this due to the fact that the light had not penetrated through it. Hence, the darkness does not exist. Is it so, in fact? In the Nature, darkness exists as a force. This force shows itself as a type of rays, that are different from the light rays, and we called them the rays of darkness. When the rays of Light do not manifest themselves, the rays of darkness occur. These rays produce some shrinkage in the person, thickening of the staff, as a result of it appear a number of negative emotions as hate, envy, malice, cunning, hypocrisy, etc.

Therefore, all sins of people are due to rays of the darkness or to, so called, black rays in the Nature. A person commits a sin (transgress if he falls under the influence of those rays. He, who falls under the influence of those rays, he has already their signs. Rays of Light or white rays have their specific signs like the black rays that have their specific signs as well.

Both rays interweave forming two triangles, one having its apex upwards and another points out downwards. White rays have ascending direction and the black ones – descending direction (See Fig. 1). The white rays form the triangle ABC, but the black ones – A1B1C1. Those triangles represent at the same time spectra of both, white and black Light. The spectrum of white rays builds, creates, it brings the Life; the spectrum of black rays destroys, demolishes and brings death in it. Just by this, occultists discern the black from the white rays.

Fig. 1

Black rays might be widely discussed, but they should not be handled because they are dangerous. They could be handled by strong, wise and good people only. The less talks about the evil, the better. Like occult disciples you have to talk about the positive things in the Life, and not about the negative ones. When your mind, heart and will become stronger, then you could study (investigate) the black rays. Sinner is familiar with the darkness and he does not need to study it specially. He looks on the things particularly: whatever he sees, he wants to appropriate it, to remain it for himself. This is why if you get in the black rays area anyway, you should react against them immediately, do not let them to absorb you.

How could man react against the black rays? In order to oppose to those rays, he should change the direction of his movement. Suppose that two living creatures A and B are moving along one and the same way, forming a straight line AB. This line presents the direction or the way along which the black rays are moving. If you fall in that way you should take a direction up the C perpendicular to free yourself from their influence. This is the meaning of opposing of a man to the influence of black rays. The man should move along the C perpendicular, but if it makes sense. Then, there is sense to change the direction of his movement. For instance, you are reading the philosophical ideas of some philosopher, who has formed the way AB, somebody is coming to you and starts to dispute those ideas. You immediately stand against him and start to defend that philosopher’s ideas – you come out of AB straight line and you take a position C. Are yours the ideas that you defend? They are alien ideas that you have nourished into yourself like cuckoo’s eggs and you are struggling for them. But you do not know weather those ideas are correct. If they are not correct, you shall leave the C position on the perpendicular and you shall descend again along the AB straight line. In any specific case, the person should know which idea is his and which is an alien one.

Fig. 2

Contemporary people defend the idea that God exists in the world without putting a question to them if this idea is their own or it is forced on them. They have heard for God from their mothers, fathers and preachers, but this idea is not their own, it is not sprouting from the depth of their soul. Hence, as today they could back up the idea for God’s existence so tomorrow they could renounce it. Until this idea is externally forced on them, they are in C position of perpendicular. Have they got love to God, do they know Him; is He a real creature for them? If God is reality for them, what is their attitude towards Him? If the people have attitude towards God, their first act will be the Love. It means that the Love is the first attitude, the first point of contact with the Oversoul i.e. with the Infinite Eternal source of Life. The second point of contact is the Wisdom, and the third -is the Truth. When a person found those three points of contact in himself, he self-determined himself towards the Oversoul as a thinking soul.

So, when you find the first point of contact to the Great source, you will achieve Life, movement; when you find the second point of contact, you will achieve Light and Knowledge – conditions for development of your mind; when you find the third point of contact, you will achieve your Freedom – first condition for development of volition. He, who has no Truth in himself, he is a man without volition; he, who has no Wisdom in himself, he is a man without mind; he, who has no Love in himself, is a person without a heart, without Life. It means, that if a person has lost his Love, he is vulnerable to death; if he has lost his Wisdom, the person is vulnerable to become stupid – he goes down gradually to the hell, in the life of apparitions; who has lost the Truth, he becomes a plaything and a figure of fun for people. Thus, only that man may say that he knows the God, who at his first touch to Him has achieved the Life, at the second touch has achieved the Knowledge and Light and at the third touch has achieved Freedom giving volition direction and impulse.

The Life is grounded upon these three conditions. The man, who does not believe in it, he should come out to compete with that man who tried and went through all these things. The dead man denies the Life, I put my hand on his head and he comes back to life. I am asking him: “Do you believe in Life now?” – “Yes, I do”. The stupid man denies the Knowledge and Wisdom; I am putting my hand on his head and he becomes wiser. “Do you believe in the Wisdom now?” – “Yes, I do.” At last I met the one who made himself a figure of fun for the people; I put my hand on his head and the volition manifests in him and starts to stimulate him for action: “Do you believe in the Truth now?” – “I believe”. What stronger evidence than that could be given? At one time crows cawed around you like craws around dead bodies but since the Love puts its hand over your heads, all the crows took to flight. Now you have Life and Freedom in you – these are the powers used by the occult science for solving the problems. It does not lead from reasons to effects and from effects to reasons, but it leads from reasons to reasons and from effects to effects. If somebody ask me whether God exists or not, there is no need to prove it in theory, and I just put my hand on his head – if he gains Life in him, the question is solved.

Now let us come to the knowledge, to the Primary life. When we come to this Life, we will defend all that is primary one. Some philosophers take copied ideas in consequence of that their theories lead into errors. We defend only such ideas that are of divine origin because they bring something valuable for our conscience. This thing is the ABC triangle, by which we express the white rays of the Light. This triangle should become alive in you, and you should connect with it. If this does not happen, you will have just the picture of this triangle that will be exclusively a theory but nothing experienced and went through.

What will you say for the parallel lines? They mean direction of movement between two rational beings. This means that two rational beings are moving, they form always two parallel lines between them – that means they understand each other. The least deviation out of this way shows that some disharmony has set in their relations. You say: “Should not people come nearer to each other?” Coming nearer to somebody means to come nearer to the aim pursued by that man, and not to approximate by distance. Approximating of people to the aim pursued means reconciling to the contradictions in their life. Approximating by distance means come up against new contradictions. Realize how enormous the distances between the solar systems are. This was done for the reason to avoid coming into collision between two solar systems. The Nature puts them at such distances so that each system could move freely in its way. With the equal reason, the human Spirit is free, brave and determined until it has at its disposal a large space where to develop. If this space starts to get narrower, the spirit starts to lose its courage and determination.

Many people speak about closeness among the people; they should realize what means closeness in the true sense of the word. Only some closeness of ideas among people could exist in accordance with the Love, Wisdom and Truth. Any closeness, outside of those three laws, causes the largest contradictions and troubles for the people. Misfortune of modern people due to the mistake that the Cosmic man has done in the past: he has curved his way, he has infringed the right relations between himself and God. Today new scientists, new philosophers and poets have to come for teaching the people to live rightly and to take them back to the right way. The right way is the way to God. You will say that you love only one man. Under the word one you mean the Only one, the Infinite, your idea is right as He includes in himself all beings. “Do you love me?” When somebody ask you this question, he already introduce the evil in himself. Because if you once have come to love the Only One you can love everyone, as He contains all the parts in himself. He is the Whole and all other beings are His parts. Keep yourself not to fall in the position of those who take as object of their love only one part and forget the Whole. The Mother says: “I love only my child”, the daughter says: “I love only my father and mother”, someone else says: “I love only my friend”. What does the Nature do in such cases? It takes the child from the mother, it takes the father and the mother from the daughter; it takes the friend from someone and in this way make them to think about, to realize that they are not on the right way. They could love the parts, but first of all they should love the Whole, that covers all the parts.

I am asking what the man imparts with his Love. What do you impart to the one who you love? When the Sun loves the trees, it gives them an impulse to grow, to blossom and knit fruits. What gives a person to another person when loves him or her? One person makes the other to move, to fall and to get up. What love is the one that make the person to fall and get up? This is not Love. Love that spoils the person is not true; it is not Divine Love. Somebody will say that he/she loves you and he/she will try to take something of you – today he/she will take one thousand leva, tomorrow he/she will tale one thousand leva, until he/she will pawn the whole of you. This is not Love. If you love your friend, say: “In the name of my friend I love all the beings without any difference.” This is a sacred rule. If you have said that you do not love everybody, you have opened a door for the evil in yourself, the door of your fall.

Giving you this sacred rule, I am warning you against making a slip and going wrong. If you have already made a slip, try to correct it. Always bear in your mind: a person could love only the One, only the God; come near to the people you have to love everybody. Let this rule becomes a law for you and not an idea only. Make number of attempts and exercises in the face of God to love everybody and in the face of the One to love everybody again. Observe closely yourself and find the difference when you love the God and when you love only one person. In the first case you will feel unusual completeness and expansion by mind, heart and you will feel the God so closely to you as if you have seen Him. In the second case, even if your beloved person is in your face you will feel empty as if you have never seen him. In the Holy book, in the wide Nature, he hardly could represent a little comma in some sentence.

Perform deep psychological observations on yourself for obtaining the required humbleness, realizing that you are little commas in the great Life book. – “How come, me, to be a comma? I am a son of God.” Everyone should ask himself this question. Besides, he should be aware what is his number as a son – first, second, third, forth, tenth etc. There is a first-born God’s son and there is an after-born son as well. Bulgarians call the last child of the family “iztursak” that means “the baby of the family”. Therefore, any person should know what is his place in the Life book in order to form a clear view for his position.

Now these ideas are necessary for renewing of your heart and your mind, refreshing of your understanding. Without these ideas you will soon become petty. When a person becomes petty? When he has no food to feed on. Go in the countryside to understand what means to become petty. Look at a brood-hen with fifteen-twenty little chicks – all chicks go around its mother finding food. The smallest one that hatched last cannot reach the food – it just see a grain and it is off to eat it, and the other chicks get ahead and that chick remains behind. As it could not feed sufficiently, this chick would be the weakest and less firm, hardly dragging itself. The other chicks will become large and strong but it will move among them as if alien chick. Each chick tries to have much food without thinking for its small brother that it is hungry and weak. Anyone who looks at it will laugh at it as it is very small, petty. The same happens in the school classes among the students. Every student wants to develop him, to become large, great and does not think of his brother who is hardly walking and cannot find food. The Nature has provided a specific share for any being. Therefore, everyone has right only on his/her own share and not on his/her brother’s share. Nobody has the right to trip up himself and hinder the other. He who tries to hinder his brother, he will be hindered too – someone who is stronger than him is surely to hinder him.

You are required to do only one, no hypocrite, absolutely no lie! At any of your thoughts, at any emotion and action, give yourself an account what is your attitude towards the God, towards your fellowman and yourself. Make an internal analysis of everything which passes through you. This analysis is necessary for you, not for the others. As far as it concerns to the Creatures that observe the man’s karma, they do not care of your analysis. They only observe all your external and internal behaviour and they notice, record your current and future life. Your current and past life determines your future life. Those beings are very strict and they miss nothing happened in your life. They take out the film of your previous lives, unreel it and review the forms you have passed through down to the last detail. They keep under observation your behaviour and acts and determine the conditions of your future life. Now is the time for liquidation of karma. You are saying:” How to confess my sins and crimes! I am not agreeing with this.” No, you have to confess all your mistakes and sins, you have to go to confession and so you will liquidate with your karma. If you do not want to liquidate with it today, you will do this tomorrow, in your future life. However, it is preferable to liquidate with it today – better today than tomorrow. It is better to put yourself on trial, by yourself, and to correct your mistake than others to put you on trial and to correct your mistake. As soon as you become aware of your mistake, immediately correct it. Only under those conditions the high-mindedness and sublime in you could show itself.

Now you want to put a steady foundation of your Life and to build up your Life on it. What a building is the one that includes the sandstones, the rotten beams and rusty nails? This is not a building. There would pass not long time after and you would be pressed under your house. This means that the foundation of your house should be made of sound and solid material. Do not delude yourself into believing that it is not important what material you will have, and it is important to have whatever material. It is not so, at building up your life it is not so important the quantity of the required material than its quality. When someone has made some mistake, he said:” There is nothing the matter; it will pass.” Yes, it is easy to say so, but sometimes the mistake does not pass; it is not easy to correct it.

The children often crack jokes, enjoying themselves. They used to take a thread and string on it some maize grains; when they see a hen, they throw the thread towards it, they give it to eat some maize. The hen throws to the maize, pecks it, but cannot swallow it. The children hold the thread in their hand and play with the hen. It again jumps to peck the grain, but cannot swallow it – the hen wonders why it cannot swallow the maize grain. And I am telling to you: before swallowing the grain, look at first, whether it has not strung on a thread. If it was strung on a thread, you should not swallow it. If you swallow it, you will find yourself in the hen’s position – you will jump, will swallow, but will not achieve anything.

Now as a disciple you are, you should be careful to use the knowledge given to you. That knowledge is necessary in order to solve properly the tasks and difficulties of your life. Difficulties, trials will be given to you, but you should solve them correctly. You should solve them this way so that you should serve as an example for the other people around you. The people from the world (not from the Occult School) should see in the face of every one of you a model of a person without hypocrite and lie, the person of deeds, and not of words. Once entered the Occult School, your task is to cope with your karma, to free from all your karma relations, to untie yourself properly.

If you have a look at the person with the clairvoyant’s eye, he represents the following picture: in the middle is the person and out of him are coming out a great number of threads holding him tied. These threads are alike the rays of Sun. His task as a disciple of the Occult School concludes in this to break these threads gradually one after another. When he breaks the final thread, he is absolutely free and could dispose with his life as he thinks best. Until the person is bound to these threads, he feels constantly to be hobbled: he wants to think – he cannot think; he wants to feel – he cannot feel; he wants to show his volition – he cannot show it again. He wants to cut these links – and cannot. Why? He does not know the laws how to cut them. He cannot cut them alone; he takes the scissors, deciding to cut them, but his fear tells him:” Do not break the threads, dangerous business is this!” Knowing this, you will pray, you will make efforts and you will break one thread after another carefully, until one day you will cut the last thread and you will feel a man of free thought, of free feelings and free actions. This means a person to create diamond volition in him.

Your current life, as well your living conditions, should not trouble you. They could not be an obstacle for your development. If you make up your mind to break your links, you will see that immediately a new way will be opened for you. So, you will realize that all in the world is reasonable. When you release from all ties of the past, you will set free and become a real disciple. The disciple should not be mediocre, but free, independent of the conditions. The Occult School considers preparing of disciples, people of the future race. The disciple could twist and turn in his way, to turn to the right and to the left, but always straight to the aim.

Now all of you should decide one of the essential issues:” To be or not to be”’ i.e. to be a slave or to be free. This means: to serve to the necessity or to the Freedom. The word freedom means awakening and serving to the Spirit. The Law of necessity means a Law of the primary act of Genesis. In the Occult School you will be given the following tasks: during a whole year not have an evil thought, not to address to anybody an evil feeling and to complete not once an evil deed; your relations during that whole year should be most distinguished and to be grounded upon mutual respect and esteem. Apostle Paul had told: “Compete in giving respect to each other”. This way you will put on sound foundation your life for solving your task properly, by the higher mathematics. There is no trouble in the Life which could not be solved by the disciple. It is sufficient to direct to the trouble your packing-needle, heated to thirty-five million degrees for melting it. There is no obstacle, no trouble which might withstand against that packing-needle. All obstacles step back meeting this packing-needle, either of physical, heart or mental character. The moment he copes with all hindrances, the Absolute peace will set in the disciple’s soul. He will enter already the Causal world, the world of the Absolute freedom, where the Truth reigns. Prepare yourself now to achieve the power of that packing-needle so that in whichever direction you turn it to produce the required effect. From the point of that needle could come out everything.

Listening that this packing-needle is much talked about, it seems to you a little bit contradictory. For the one that does not know the things, indeed there is some contradiction, but for one who knows and understands the things, there is no contradiction. For example, for an ignoramus it is a big contradiction the fact that if two thousand-volt current passes through the human body, the man will die. But if twenty thousand –fifty thousand-volt current passes through his body, he not only does not die, but also he will be purified and revitalized. However, this is not a contradiction for a scientist, as he knows the reason for this unfavourable effect of the high voltage. Such thing is the Divine heat that comes out of the packing-needle of the Love, who will be pinned by this packing-needle; he will be renovated and purified. All of you will pass through that packing needle, through that narrow door – there will be no man in the world unaffected by it. This is a question of time, only. The Holy Scripture says that all will pass through the fire. This means the Divine fire that lights a fire and melt without burning.

So, in order to pass favourably through the divine fire, you should have clean thoughts, feelings and actions. What larger bliss than that for a man? Christ had told: “Blessed be the pure by heart because they will see the God”. ”Blessed be the meek people because they will inherit the Earth”.

To inherit the earth, this means to enter the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of Love. The Love does not stand in the contradictions of the Life. The Love is an ideal that is an aim of everyone. Love takes care of everybody, it gives exuberantly to everyone. The Love is the potter making his forms, moulding them in slender and beautiful figures. The potter prepares the earth for the pottery and rain comes and washes it away; this is a bad fortune for him. He could knead the earth, and rain takes it away – this is a worse fortune. He could make the forms and the rain takes them away – the misfortune is still larger. However, if the potter has succeeded to bake his pottery and after that the storm comes and the rain breaks them, his misfortune will be very big. What should do the potter, in order not to meet with such big disaster? He should give away the ready pots. As soon as the pots would be burnt out, they should be distributed properly among the people, to be used by them. Real one is only the one, that might be applied and to satisfy all people. Our thoughts, feelings and desires should be applied, so that we would be content and the people around us would be content as well. This is the ideal towards which everybody should aim. In the Spiritual School are given methods for realizing of this ideal.

The main task of the disciples is to realize the Love towards the One, i.e. Love towards everybody. Now, I am giving you the following exercise for a week: every evening going to bed to think two minutes about the Love towards the One whom you do not know. Thinking about the God, imagine Him as a centre from which the Life comes out. After that imagine one little fly and direct your Love to it as a being that comes from the One. This is a contrasting position, but you will understand the idea for the God, for His greatness, for all created by Him in the Genesis, only near the Love that you could address to the Great and the little. Nevertheless, how little are some forms in which the Life is flowing, they are full of content. The Great, the Only One has put his thought in them as well.

Let us make the exercise all together. During the first minute you will think for the God, during the second – for some little microscopic fly as a deed of God’s thought.

Only the light way of the Wisdom leads to the Truth.



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