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The Power Of Light And Darkness

The 21st lecture from the Master, held on in front of the Youthful occult class on 14th of March, 1923, Sofia.

Salute: The only way of Wisdom leads to the Truth.

The truth.


We are read the resume of the theme “The use of the rivers, seas, oceans.”

I will give you in the future the following task: You will get two lectures from last year, you will take out resumes in writing and you will read them in class. Two disciples by wish have to be engaged with the two lectures. Meanwhile you will repeat the exercises, given in the lectures. If you find something you can not understand, we will add it here. The lectures must be studied well, applied, and they have to be able to give the necessary result. If the disciple is not ready, he cannot be used by Nature. This is especially necessary for the occult disciple. The brain of the disciple must be developed, well formed; it has to be able to come into connection with the forces of Nature, to make use of them. If he does not work for himself, he cannot use the knowledge, given in the School.

Imagine that you are travelling at night with your friend, he gives you an apple, but you cannot see it properly through the darkness - is it healthy or decayed and immediately you spit it out. Therefore what the rotten apple is for you, such things are your unclear thoughts and wishes for the Invisible world. It is enough for you to design such a thought of feeling in the Invisible world to spit it out quickly. That is the way to make use of the forces of the Nature, by the Knowledge, given to you, it is essential an absolutely purity of the hearth by your side. The one who understands what purity means will make use of it, the one who can not understand it, will have to take an exam and to experience himself the uncleanness of his hearth and to get purified. Everything, given and which requires from the occult disciples at its place, nothing is arbitrary here. Many people think that the occultism is something dangerous. On the contrary, the occult science makes sense of the Life, it gives a stimulus, impulse to Knowledge, it shows the disciple the way to the Truth, it teaches him how to use the forces energies of Nature and how to get them transformed. Figure one shows tree shames, which represent the different deeds or movements of the energies in Nature. The first shame represent the harmonized energies of the mind, hearth, will. The man in whom those energies are well balanced is distinguished by a big sensibility - before he starts setting any work or before he says something he rationalizes everything good and then begins the work. The second shame represents the young energy of a young man or a child for whom everything is shining as gold. They look at things optimistically; they think that everything is blooming. The third shame represents the energy of old. If you observe an old tree and an old man, you will notice that they resemble the old tree branches are hanging down as the energy of the old man. The old tree and old man are much more under the influence of the forces of the Earth, then under the influence of the Sun. It is said for the old tree and old man that they have lost their flexibility and quickness and that is why they are hanging down. By the understanding and ideas of the man depends if he is going to be young or old, if the energies of his body will be rising or decreasing. That is so you can see by the cases in life: you meet a young, twenty year old man in whom the physical energies are rising, but his spirituality is decreasing - he things, feels and acts as an eighty year old man. This man will speak only about death, about negatives things of life. The energies of that man are taking a direction to the Earth; they say for him that he became old prematurely. And the opposite: you meet an old man, but with eminent ideas, with a high ideal, he does not bend with age, but he walks standing upright and lively. Why? His ideas attracts him to the Sun. Therefore in Nature there exists two main kinds of energies: descending, called the energies of darkness in Life (scheme three), and ascending or energies of Light (scheme two). Shame one represents cross energies of Light and darkness. Where these energies are equal, there starts the sensible Life. In this Life there are Light and dark places, peaks and valleys, and as a consequence, shades appear. The shades are the subjects, which a man has to study.

How we can understand if a man is living in Light or darkness? If I have to answer this question, I will use the following explanation. At shame two the rising forces of Nature are represented, or the Life of the Light. The highest point of the Sun is the zenith - then the sunny rays are the strongest and they fall exactly perpendicular to the Earth. If at that time a man looks at the Sun, his eyes could not stand up to this Light, they will go straight away to screw up, they will have an elliptical form. Simultaneously, with his eyes he will screw up his eyebrows. The one who looks at him will say that this man is a very serious one. So the serious man lives in Light, in the day of Life. It is true, that if a man is born during the day, when the Sun shines brightly he has elongated eyes, not too much opened. If this person comes into a dark room, he will strain his eyes; will open them to be able to distinguish the subjects. From here, we say that everyone born at night has big opened eyes. All the people who live in darkness have opened eyes and high eyebrows. When they want to tell a person to be careful, they advice him to open his eyes on the fourth. This is a proverb in which something is missing, it is not completed enough. A man has to open his eyes on the fourth, but in the evening, when it is dark, during the day there is no way for him to open his eyes on the fourth. Therefore, this proverb is related to people, who live at night. If a man lives for long time at night, his eyes are going gradually to stand out. People, whose eyes are opened wide and stand out, are very rude. The cold, hail, snow, frost, are all due to the dark forces of Nature. The hatred, envy, malice - in general are all negative feelings and are due again to the dark forces in Nature. If someone’s eyes stand out, but are elliptical, not too much opened, this thing shows that this man is born in darkness but he has a desire to come in the Light. He understands his rudeness, but he restrains, he has an aspiration to reveal his softness. Some people are born in darkness but live in Light, working for their kindness; others are born in Light, but live in darkness, working with the rude forces of Nature.

When you know all this, try not to change your condition - to fall from the forces of Light into the forces of darkness. When you fall into the dark forces, and then start working to transform them into positive ones, into forces of the Light. This means to harmonize the forces in your body, keeping yourself away from the darkness without being afraid of it. The forces of darkness are necessary to grow - all life existences grow, they collect energy and rest in darkness too. To allow your thoughts to develop you have to move by any means between the forces of darkness and Light - the first one will form the reflection, the second will give power and movement of the thought to be realized. The dark forces are related to the white rays of Light, but the light forces are related to the white rays of Light.

Now, keep in your mind the idea that the Natural laws are not overbearing. They are sensible and strongly defined. There are laws of the necessity, but there are laws and of Freedom. Both of them and of course the others are sensible as a result of which you have to reckon with them. The task of the occult science is to show the disciples the methods of how to cope with the forces of Nature and laws. When you arrive on the Earth, you will have sufferings, probations, unhappiness with which you must deal reasonably. There is no point in being disappointed or dispirited. Discouragement does not bring anything. Be glad, that a light is given to you to understand the things and to know how to solve your own difficulties. If you did not have this Light, the difficulties could deter you. As disciples, you could reasonably liquidate with your karma. The karma of man represents a sum of the forces of darkness, which you have to destruct.

When a man deals with his karma, he will live according to the low of diharma.

What is it diharma? The diharma is the God’s blessing, for which Jesus Christ says: “Everybody will be saved by bless.” The diharma is a sum of the forces of Light, it represents the Light of Life. You are the architects of your fortune - the iron is in your hands, the fire is among you. What remains then? Nothing else, except you to take the iron, to put it in the fire, and carefully to turn it from one side to the other, taking out something from it. What are you going to take out from the hot iron? Whatever you want - nails keys, door’s locks and ploughs and hoes. When you work with the hot iron, you have to be careful. Attention is required from you! If you are attentive and sensible, you will liquidate well with your karma and will enter in the diharma. If you are not attentive and reasonable, your karma will carry you off.

Now we are coming to an area, called the black area of amusements. If you remain more time in that area, the creatures which are living there will stop their development. They are creatures, who have not fully evolved; they are creatures without any moral, without any culture. Whom do they see, they are starting to praise, to say, that he is a hero, a talented man - they will tell him some different legends, traditions, while they knot him. When they have knitted (unclear use of words knot/knit!) him, they will leave him alone to recount. When he finds himself among them, he will get into a situation of the cock, for which is said in the legend “The cock and fox.” A cock found a piece of cheese on the ground and it took and took it up a tree - to eat it there. At this time a fox saw the cock and began to think how to take the cheese from its mouth. To carry up on the tree next to it - it cannot. Then the fox went under the tree and started to talk with the cock. “Cock, you are a pretty bird! When I look at your comb, red, fleshy, as a crown on your head, I am wondering who made you so pretty, so bonny and sprightly. I haven’t met such a pretty bird before like you. But you are and a song - bird, your voice - is a whole music. I am happy, if you could sing to me, to hear your voice.” Flattered by the words of the fox, the cock opened its mouth and crowed, the cheese feel over the ground. The fox was waiting exactly for this - it came down to the cheese, grasped it and run away.

Now I am telling you: do not yield to endearments and praise, because as the cock you will crow and you will drop the cheese from your mouth. In this case the cheese represents the conditions, necessary for your development. You may not loose the conditions, but how much you lose, after that you must wait a little bit for the same favourable conditions to come again. The favourable conditions come periodically. The occult science gives a lot of mathematical formulas, from which calculations can be done, to determine in which year, which day and hour during the day the favourable conditions will come for each separate person. These conditions will be expressed by sort of increasing energy with a determined intensity and quickness of movement. This energy will raise the man and will give him a life. This is determined and by the favourable combination of the planets. As disciples, you have to study those things, to guess inside what will come and to create the good conditions to use for good, with the bad ones - to deal reasonably. Someone comes from outside or inside you and tells you: “Do not stay at that place!” - “Why?” - “Do not stay at that place, nothing else! This place is dangerous.” - “Improve, that it is dangerous.” How could it be improved? If you do not listen you will try it. You are sitting on a stone in the middle of a dry river, playing quietly and you do not want to know about anything. But in the mountain it is raining heavily, which gradually is going down. From the slopes of the mountain big torrents are starting to come down and soon the river is rising, pouring over the surrounding area. While you run away, the water will take you away and will drag you off with its current. – “Now, do you believe at my words?” Therefore you must know, that such dangerous places exist in the occult sphere as well. There are also dry rivers, which can rise from the big torrents. When you know this you have to be obedient. When someone tells you to leave the place, where you are sitting, to stop playing and to go to a safe place, do not ask why and what for, do not even wait to be improved. Once you are in the School, you have to study the occult forces, to fight, to take predominance over them. Some of these forces are like the fox: when someone starts to praise you, you have to know that your cheese will go. Listen to him carefully, but do not hurry to show your voice like the cock. Say: “Now I am busy, I have some work. When I finish my work, then I will sing to you.” Eat your cheese in tranquillity and then crow. Do not hurry up to crow; do not hurry up to show your voice. If you first eat your cheese and after you crow, then the works are going to be good.

Now from everybody obedience is required. Obedience is the first quality of the occult disciple. He must show obedience to the sensible laws and forces in Nature.

Obedience is a condition for the disciple to become strong. It enforces his belief in the great laws of Nature, among which God works. When you know this, everything you do, has to be in God’s name, so you can use yourself, and your relatives from His blessing. The disciple must work consciously, to achieve a perfection, to which he strives. Everybody could be perfect. It is said in the Scripture: “Be perfect, as is perfect your Father, who is in the heavens.” When you gain perfection, only then you will find out what Love, Wisdom and Truth are. If you want to become perfect, you have to obey the great law of God.

When you gain perfection, you will understand the words, put into the salutation, which I gave this evening: “Only the light way of wisdom leads to the Truth”.

Work, study is required from everybody. Study your acts and movements consciously. Study your handwriting, because to be able to find out in which forms you are expressing your energies. When some people write, they start well, but finish badly: in the beginning, their letters are big, when they get to the end, they become smaller. Such people at the beginning are strong, but at the end they are getting weak: you cannot rely on them. The letters have to be if possible more oval, but not monotonous ones. Each shape of the letter has to be equivalent to the energy of man. When there is coordination between the shape and the energies of man, he is satisfied alone from his handwriting. The handwriting has to be legible, not to be necessary to be made out. As disciples of the occult school, you must have nice handwriting. If your handwriting is not processed well, you must practice your writing everyday from ten to thirty minutes. If in your youth your handwriting is not nice, then when you get old it will remain the same. You have to know, that the handwriting reflects the character of man. Work consciously by yourself, to be good disciples.

Only the light way of the Wisdom leads to the Truth.



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