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Signs of Manifested Human Consciousness

Eleventh Lecture held by the Master in front of the Youth Esoteric Course, 27 December 1922, Sofia

Fir-fur-fen Tao Bi Aumen

Secret Prayer

A summary of the topic “Elements of human speech" has been read.

The works on the topic “Signs of manifested human consciousness in its highest form” have been read.

For next time, write on the topic: “Distinguishing marks of the physical body ".

Imagine a certain point signifies the consciousness of man or the manifested Universe. Out of this point is the Universe which has not yet been manifested. Furthermore, suppose the matter of the outer, manifested Universe, has different densities and thence different states. After that, assume that different kinds of beams go out of that particular point, i.e. we say this centre, this point starts to radiate. Every beam represents a separate being. When these beings get in touch with the external environment which has different densities and different states, they will change their character. This change in the character of these beings is the reason for the difference existing between them. There is distinction not only amongst people but amongst the spirits, amongst the Angels, as well as amongst all Advanced Beings. What is this difference due to? It is due to a number of outer reasons. Therefore, every beam is influenced by the environment to a certain point. The infinite determines the relations as well as the forms of the finite.

So, when a certain peculiarity shows in you, you should know it is owing to the primary environment you have fallen into. One day, when you return to the given point, your nature will change. Then, you will finish your evolution the way it has been initially fixed. Therefore, you should know that whatever deviations you make in your life they will not alter your way at all. Many people think that by zigzagging to one side or another they could change their way. No, the esoteric disciple must know that there is no way to change the initial course of his Life. Not only the disciple, but no being is capable of changing the initial course of its way until it gains its purpose. When the snake zigzags, coils its body, does it change its course or its nature? No, it does not. Why does it coil? In order to move. Why does the lightning twist? Because it meets a medium of different density compared to the one it moves in. Therefore, each deviation in the human character is due to the fact that he meets on his way a denser medium than the one he moves in. The denser medium shows him big resistance; therefore he cannot withstand and turns off to one side or another. He lives with this deviation until he meets another obstacle to make him return to the right track. Finally, when you draw a straight line between these deviations, this line determines the direction towards which consciousness moves. As long as he is young, one moves by zigzagging here and there, and thinks he is changing the course of his way; when he grows old, one thinks he is smarter, and has already solved his tasks. The old man has solved his tasks as much as the young one has. Both the old and the young man are far from the Truth.

Such difference exists not only among people of different ages but also inside one and the same person. For example, the eyes of man represent two circles: the left eye expresses the physical world, and the right one, the spiritual world. That is why the beam that goes out of the left eye of man is always directed towards the Earth; the beam that goes out of the right eye of man is always directed upwards. In its evolution, one moves from the physical to the Spiritual and from the Spiritual to the Divine world. If someone moves with the speed of lightning from the Spiritual to the Divine world and moves several billion kilometers away from the Spiritual world, you might think this man is close to God. However, if he is observed by telescope from the Angels` world, they will say this man moves very slowly, like a star in the sky observed from the physical world. For the Angels, this man is far away from God and for the people, he is close to God.

You should know one thing: whatever speed he moves with, a man should have the striving to go upwards, to the Divine world. For that purpose, he must develop everything that is put in his consciousness. Go up and forward, do not be afraid of the deviations you make. Deviations are not falls. Think philosophically on that issue. When the beam of light passes from a thin to a dense medium it will inevitably refract and deviate from its course. The consciousness of man experiences such deviation when it passes from a thin to a dense medium. Therefore, at the present development of man /in his individual and social development/, a number of deviations take place in his consciousness. When he knows that, one must be careful and be aware of these deviations.

Present-day people, societies and nations are organized the same way as material worlds are. They all move in circles concentrically situated around a center. For example, ten – fifteen people make one link and influence each other the way planets influence each other. Usually, the ones closer to the centre move faster than those that are further. Knowing this, you will notice that no one can escape the influence of those individuals who enter the same system as his own. In this sense, no one can be self-autonomous. People represent big groups of individuals, concentrated in a centre, who influence each other. When the Divine consciousness in man awakes, he can already define his attitude towards those who enter his system. In his conscious attitude towards them he will not counteract but assist them in a Divine way. Usually, to every system of higher Beings corresponds such a system of lower Beings; consequently one should be careful, to know how to influence the beings from his system. Beings from one and the same system not only influence each other but systems also influence each other. In this interaction of the systems, the Cosmos grows and develops. In the centre of all systems lies the Divine consciousness, the Divine spirit that regulates all things in Nature and Life.

Everyone should determine his own status and realize to which system he belongs, how many people enter this system; with what speed they move in physical, cordial and mental respect; of what material their system is made and how many million years ago it was formed. Therefore, the mental level of man will depend on the state of the whole system – this is a fixed law. So, in order to change the mental state of man, the mental state of all the beings with which he enters in one and the same system should be changed. There is a certain connection between all the beings in one and the same system: if one of you is in America among unknown people and he is being attacked by somebody, a person from your system will immediately appear to protect him and defend his right. Why will he protect you? For the sake of the whole system. The larger the system is that you enter; the larger will be the number of sympathizers you may have. If you enter among a small group of people, you will have a few sympathizers. It does not restrict human will at all, but shows that the direction of the human Spirit is strictly fixed and he must walk in this direction because here are given the opportunities and conditions for the development of his activities. If someone opposes this order of things, he must turn back and be swallowed by the common centre. When it is said that the Earth will fall to the Sun, it should not be understood literally. It means that the Earth should enter new conditions of development and fall under the influence of some other Sun.

Now let us do a mental exercise: imagine you are moving at a great speed and entering the Sun. Watch yourselves how far each of you could reach. This exercise requires a huge amount of concentration. How many of you managed to reach the Sun? With their thought, some of you reached the middle of the road. It is hot on the Sun; not everyone is able to go there. Some other people remained in the so-called icy, cold area. Others rose up to a magnetic zone made of thick and porous matter. One of the zones between the Earth and the Sun is called Death River by which all souls pass going to the other world. Everyone could try to pass by this zone. It is enough for a man to concentrate deeply in his thought and detach himself from the environment; he will immediately enter a completely dark area, with not a single sunbeam. He can check by his watch how much time it took him to pass by this area. Whoever makes this experiment, must be very careful, and should not be afraid of the big darkness. When he goes out of this zone, he will enter the next one, the so-called astral zone where the light is mild and pleasant like the break of dawn. On his way back to the Earth, man passes by the same zones. As you see, there are different areas, different fields between the Earth and the Sun, and each of them contains specific forces, energies. Between the Astral and the Mental world exists the so-called icy or electric area. It contains a huge reserve of electricity that could completely replace coal that we use nowadays for heating. The race to come will dispose of methods by which it could get this electricity to work for lighting and heating of the entire Earth.

While doing this mental exercise you must be concentrated so that not only your thought will travel but also the whole consciousness. Then, you will feel two currents: one coming from the Earth to the Sun, and the other going back. Thus, a correct exchange between the solar energy and your energy takes place. It is good to do this exercise when you are spiritually indisposed.

Second exercise: direct your mind, heart, Spirit and soul to the Divine Spirit that encompasses everything in the world and ask for its assistance in the realization of all that is elevated and noble in you. This Spirit encompasses all consciousnesses, and acts inside and outside of them. Because of that it is said in the Scripture: “The Spirit of God floats all over the Earth."


Tao Bi Aumen



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