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A Law Of Interrelations

Ninth Lection of the Teacher, held to the Youth Occult class on the13th December 1922, Sofia

Ng-Shmel Таи-Sh-аиtеl

Secret prayer

The writings on the topic "The Function of the respiratory system" were read.

For the next time write about the topic: "Elements of the human speech".

Now, let's take the first straight line АВ. It is not formed randomly, but has come from some rational source, from some rational being. In that case its formation is due to a known cause. How is defined in geometry the straight line? (- The shortest distance between two points is called a straight line.) Or the straight line represents a process, done with the smallest expenses. From the line AВ down we draw a perpendicular ОС. After that we draw the curving МИ, as we suppose, that it comes out from the same centre, from which the straight line ОС goes. What is the length of the line МИ compared to the perpendicular ОС1. The line МИ is longer than ОС, because it is curving. Let's assume that the line ОС represents a propeller of an airplane. What happens to the airplane, if the propeller amplifies, accelerates its motion? The airplane begins to go up. What happens to the airplane, if the propeller slows down its motion? The airplane begins to go down. What is the relation between the energies in the two cases? When going up the airplane passes through gravity; when going down, this gravity already does not resist.

Assume now, that the curves А and В (Figure 2) are conditions, in which Life can evince. We assume that the curve А presents a mountain place, exposed to strong winds. One friend of yours planted plums at that place and says that as the plums begin to grow and ripen, will give you some. The curved line В represents a valley, in which some other friend of yours planted plums and promises that when they ripen, he will give you some. Which of the two friends of yours has a bigger possibility of fulfilling his promise? - The one living in the valley. What are the chances from one to a hundred of fulfilling his promise? If you thus have one sick, where must he live, to be cured sooner – on the hill or in the valley? On the hill, he will recover sooner, than in the valley. Therefore the unfavourable conditions in that relationship are favourable in other relationships; and the favourable conditions in one situation are unfavourable in other relationships. Hence, there can be issued the law that: after bad luck good luck comes.

In explanation of that law, I will give you an example: you are sick, and expect plums from your friend, which he promised you. Your friend lives in a mountain place А. You wait a day, two days, a week, two, a month, he sends you nothing. One day, you decide to go to him by yourself to check why he does not send what he promised. You go to him and fall in explanations (not clear meaning!). He guides you around his estates, shows you his gardens, and retells you under what conditions the trees are cultivated and in these explanations and walks you stay with him the whole month. Meanwhile, under the influence of the pure mountain air your illness disappears, you totally recover. I ask which costs more in that case – plums or health. Here, one misfortune of yours is followed by one fortune. The law of interrelations works everywhere in Nature and can mathematically be defined as an interrelation of one quantity to the other. Assume that somebody promises to do you a favour with something. The phrase do a favour is positive. In that sense, can you define what are the chances from one to a hundred of someone doing you a favour? Sometimes, out of a hundred promises only one or two can be carried out; this proves that the individual, who promises, finds himself under conditions of the physical world. Sometimes, out of a hundred promises, ninety-nine can be carried out; this proves that the individual finds himself under conditions of the world of Angles, where the possibilities for realization of the given promises is greater. At last, out of a hundred promises a hundred and one can be carried out; this means that the individual finds himself under conditions of the Godly world. Hence, you see what the possibilities for the realization of ideas in the physical, Spiritual and the Godly world are. There is a certain interrelation between these possibilities. This can be easily defined if a person knows beforehand from where this certain energy flows out, where it will be harnessed into work. The source of the energy defines the chances. This means that between the energy and the possibilities, which this energy contains, there's a certain interrelation. Therefore, the possibilities of the physical world for the analysis of one promise can be one or two to one hundred. For example, you want to meet one rabbit in the wood; the possibility of meeting is only one to one hundred. Thus, meaning although there is a small possibility of meeting it, many conditions can prevent this meeting. You want to meet somebody, who promised you this meeting; the possibility is only two to one hundred of meeting him, all of the rest of the cases to one hundred are exceptions. And this is why we say, a man who promises a lot, carries out less. If you come to the world of Angles, there of a hundred promises, ninety-nine are carried out. In this world even the most sublime Creatures are under conditions, the chances of carrying it out successfully are ninety-nine to one hundred, and with an exception of one to one hundred. But in the Godly world, there is not even one exception of unsuccessfulness, there out of a hundred promises, one is carried out. The angles deal with the life of the plants. If somebody starts out to dig a field and to plough it and sows ninety-nine years ahead, the field will yield crops just as many times as he has sowed it; at the hundredth time, this man refuses to plough and he does not sow the field. Do you think that this field will yield crops? It will yield nothing. That namely is one exception in the world of Angles. In the Godly world, if somebody refuses at the hundredth time to sow the field, a hundred men will make him sow it. Want or not – this man will sow the field and not only a hundred times but even a hundred and one times. In the Godly world no exception are permitted. Whether a man or spirit, if you deal with the laws of the Godly world, no exception is allowed.

And, so, after every happy occasion in Life comes one unhappy. To every mountain, corresponds a certain valley – this is the law of Nature. So it is when somebody descends, that means, that he is standing on a high place; when he climbs, he is in a low place. The climbing up of a mountain demands an upsurge in the human Spirit; the going down in the valley demands a man’s attention. In the two cases there are obstacles, but these, which make man climb up are bulging out and protruding; and these, which make the man go down, are concave. The obstacles will make man find a spring. - "What if I lean to the left or to the right?" –Nothing can happen. One is possible: either to climb up or to go down. In that relation, there is a law in Nature, and namely: after every happy occasion comes unhappy, after happiness follows sorrow. Sorrow and Happiness are two different states, through which the human soul must inevitably pass. Can Sorrow and the Happiness be provoked by one and the same cause or to be experienced by one person? Happiness is a mountain peak, and sorrow – a valley. Therefore it is said, that the one who suffers, goes down into the valley. As he reaches the valley, a man begins to plough, to hoe down, to sow, as a result of which his hands are covered in blisters. The difference between the mountain peak and the valley is the same as is between Happiness and Sorrow. The mountain air is diluted, pure and cold; the air in the valley is dense, impure and warm. Planting in the valley is more luxurious, exuberant, and on the top - weaker, rarer. Can a man always be happy? He cannot. If you look at the notes, you will see, that they are whole, half, quarter, octant and etc. Each of them lasts for a strictly defined time. Among each note and the time, there is a certain interrelation. On the basis of that law, happiness and sorrows have a set time duration. Some happiness and sorrow lasts only a moment, equal to the duration of 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 note. Sometimes, their duration is longer, equal to quarter, half and a whole note.

Some happiness and sorrow have an echo, due to which they last more than the defined time for them and we say they are long lasting. Happiness and sorrow in Life are only fleeting, and we say when they last long this is because of their echo. For example, somebody hits you; the pain you feel is a result of the first strike. If the pain is still there, it is a reflex of the first strike. So, between the intensity of the energy and the continuance of the time there is an interrelation. As we are aware of that, you can estimate mathematically how much time - hours, minutes or seconds – a certain pain will last. This is necessary to know the strength, with which the strike hits. It is noticed in this case, that the pain gradually lessens – in the first moment it was strongest, but this moment does not repeat itself.

The law of interrelations is applied everywhere in Nature and Life, but you have to study it, so that you can sensibly make use of it. You know for instance that suffering lasts a moment only and after that comes its echo, which is goes on for hours, weeks and months. Right here you will apply your will! When a tooth aches, you will know that the pain lasts for moments only; that’s why with the strength of the will, will take away the reflexes of this pain. What do people do nowadays? When a tooth aches or when they get diseased, they say: „I know that I will be ill a least a whole week." And this is happens - they consciously wield to the mirror of the disease. No, a man must be aware, how long the reflexes of the illness lasts only few moments, and it depends on the mental state of the man how long will be present the reflexes of the illness. It can be determined mathematically what part of the second will continue a given suffering or a certain pain. Thus, when you are overcome by a kind of a suffering, you remember that that it lasts for a short time, not to let it be forgotten for hours and days. As you say so, the pain will go away. The same happens also with Happiness – it is a short-term one. Even if you want to keep it for a short time, it leaves, because in your mind the thought is already well formed that it will leave soon. And indeed it becomes so.

As you watch, there is an interrelation between thoughts and wishes: after each strong thought there comes an instance of personality of man, after every noble feeling some weakness is expressed. As you know, you must be ready to face these things in a calm way everywhere. As you climb up the top, you know, you must get down at any cost. It’s for sure that some of you want to be careful, to be on the alert. And then, if you have taken care you will get down slowly, calmly; otherwise you take the risk of falling. Every bad feeling and after every bad thought you will show some strong, lofty thought and a noble feeling. In this manner, Nature is bringing in balance in all missions of Life. The cause of these abrupt changes is due to the fact, we are interconnected with worlds, higher or lower than ours, who influence us in one or other way. When we are sorrowful or we break the balance in Nature, from the world of Angles comes help, so long that this balance is regained. As lifted up our distribution place is lifted up, from the Lower world come beings to rob us and we lose all the gains. Therefore, with every breaking of the Godly arrangement and order on behalf of you Sensible beings come to recover that balance. If you are dignified or not for that help, they will not ask to pay. The purpose is to put order in Nature, to restore its first condition.

Then to what is success owed to and the bad luck of people? Before answering that question, you must ask yourself what success you expect - material, spiritual or mental? Have you questioned yourself exactly what you would like to be or what you want to obtain? Often come to you thoughts, wishes and feelings, which are not yours, and as you do not know that you want to make them come true at all costs. For example, you read some author and when you finish his book, you feel a strong wish to be a poet or writer like him. This is not your thought, but this was a former wish of the author of that book to become a poet or writer. He wished that so strongly and achieved it, but you cannot become a poet. Why? You are not assigned for these sufferings, for this road, through which this author passed. Be sure that this wish will disappear soon – so this was a wish of another person. Until this author became a poet, only he knows what pains and sorrows and hardships he overcame. How many times he discouraged and again encouraged, how many times he despaired and was so near to suicide, how many times he was catcalled and mocked! This nobody knows – we are in front of a result. We read a book, admire and we dream to be poets like him - how, in what way can we achieve if we are not interested. The poet must go through much suffering, there's not a poet in the world, who has not suffered. And here the law of interrelations has been adhered to, and namely between the suffering and the achievements.

Therefore between the physical, hearty, mental and will-powered life of a man there exists a certain interrelation. With regard to this interrelation, it can be precisely evaluated, after how long the extreme materialist can turn into an extreme materialist. Years ago, a lawyer came to me from Varna, a socialist by conviction, and we discussed different questions, I told him, that after four years there won't be a trace of his present convictions. - „No, this is not possible, I am a convicted socialist!" - „Write that, which I say, and you will check whether I speak the truth.“ After two years, he got married, he had a girl. He lived with his wife well, loved her. One evening, he went to a meeting and got home a little later than usual. His wife was home, working on something; as she felt sleepy, she went to bed and left the light on. By accident, the light fell over in a way, so that the gas spilled on her bed and she was burned. The sorrow and suffering for his wife changed him totally and he became strongly religious, forgot all his socialist ideas. Soon after that, he got expelled from the socialist course. As he met me one day in Varna, he said to me: „Imagine, what you predicted to me, this happened! Nothing was left from my first convictions.” I say, as you know the law of interrelations, all of you must be very careful, not to break the great laws, because you will fall under other laws, which won't spare you. In the Script it is said: „The one, who stands up high, must know that he will fall. The one who falls, must know he will stand up."

Now you are required to reflect correctly, maturely, to know that, with regard to the occult science nothing happens by accident, arbitrarily. The occult science is positive, it considers all elements, and Nature works with it. If it complies with the laws of this science, a man can avoid many troubles in his life. To what are these troubles owed in Life and in Nature? They are owed to a certain violating of one of the great laws.

Now I will present to you the four graphical regions of the manifested Life (Figure 3). The straight line А is showing the physical life, the straight line В- the hearty, the straight line С- the mental and the straight line О – the will-powered life of man. The Energy, which is developed in the first cycle of man's life when he grows physically, is exactly distributed in quality and time of duration. After that, this energy goes in the second cycle of a man's life, when he develops emotionally. From there on, the energy goes into the third period when man develops mentally. At last it is entering in the fourth period – in the man's life of will power. When it reaches down, the energy takes a turning movement upright and makes a circle, one turning of the powers. As it is known about this thing, it can be calculated mathematically after how many years, how and where this energy will be seen. Also it can be said to what extent this energy will be visible and what results it will produce. This explains why the wishes, upsurges, strivings of man show up periodically. Some young man wishes to learn, to evolve mentally. He begins to learn and work in this direction two-three years before. After that, his upsurge for studying is gone, and he moves to another desire. After a certain period of years, he is again in front of his first desire to study. This thing depends on the law of interrelations. The time is dependent on the will, the strong thought, the strong feeling. For example, the length of time during which the man will study is dependent on the intensity of the wish to study. If some special obstacles appear for the fulfilment of this will, man suffers, feels unhappy. The obstacles are a reason why some laws are broken. When you are young, you must do research, to estimate how long a thought will last in you and after how long it shows again. So, on account of the law of interrelations that after happiness will follow unhappiness; after every sickness will follow health. Under the meaning of the word illness, I do not understand the normal illnesses, when a man aches physically, but I speak about these conditions, which are provoked by breaking the harmony between feelings and thoughts.

Everybody of you must ask himself whether he defined himself by the law of interrelations. You must be self-defined. Who has not self-defined, stays forever in the barn. Who stays in the barn, he wins nothing, but he loses nothing. Do you know what the self-defining is? If you do not know, write next time about the topic „Self-definition in Life". You must define yourself, because soon you will be face to face with occult customs, where they will examine you narrowly. When they find that you wear stuff, for which you did not pay duty, they will take them away and they will fine you. They will examine you with a roentgen device, to find out what you carry in you. So because they will examine you outwardly and inwardly, they will take away even the finest excess, to be found in you. Therefore, throw away all waste, so that you are not fined. In this sense, to define yourself means to throw away all your excess, unworthy stuff, which cause to you suffering and pain and trouble, and to keep only those matters, which cause you Happiness and Joy and with which you can work.

The occult science with which you are so interfering, is positive, but at the same time a dangerous science. Once you have enrolled into that School, you have the privilege to be taught that science in the lightest, perceptive form for you. If you were in some other time, in no way would they not take you into the School. In ancient times they did not accept pupils younger than 33 years old. That's why you must be cautious not to play with the laws of Nature. Nature’s laws are alive, conscious, they cannot be overridden. If some of the occult forces come, to occult laws, the pupil must know that he must not play a game with them. This should serve to scare you. The fear is necessary, but not that usual fear. The pupil must have a reverent feeling to the Great, to the Godly in the world.

If this feeling is not developed in him, it should be replaced with fear. This fear is namely called Godly, sensible fear. In such fear, all noble feelings in man can grow. Who consciously studies the occult science; develops in himself bravery, decisiveness, initiative, diligence and hard-work. As you make some fault, do not excuse with the conditions, with your mother and father, but always be ready to correct your mistake. Leave aside your mother and father. As you work consciously and with Love, you are in a state to use the conditions and to create out of yourself what you wish. As you make any mistake, right now make it right. As you correct your mistake, walk again straight ahead. As pupils you must study the occult chemistry, to know what elements your blood needs. If iron is not necessary, there is not enough iron in your blood, in some way you must provide it. Otherwise, the lack of iron in your blood will impart more feebleness, variability to your character. If there is little gold in your blood, you will be deprived of nobility in your character. So this means that every new element, imported in your brain, in your heart or the will power of man, gives a new direction in his activities. Study the chemistry well, so that you can convert your forces inside yourself. Then you will know how to temper the iron in you – from soft iron to turn it into steel. Some of you need hardness in your character, others - softness, third - nobility, fourth - consistency, fifth – Love in God, sixth - mercy, prudence, imagination and so on. Everybody can say about himself: „One is enough. " He must find out what he lacks, and then to seek a method of obtaining this element which he lacks. Everybody needs one thing, but this thing is not of big importance for his development. This is the important thing which he learns from the law of interrelations.

Secret prayer

Fir-fur-fen Tao Bi Aumen



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