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Unity of the Consciousness

Lecture eight read by the Master to the Youth Occult Class on the 29th of November 1922, Sofia

A secret prayer


The essays on the theme “The Function of the Respiratory System” were read.

Figure 1

In Figure 1 there are two parallel lines СВ и DА, which are moving in opposite directions, crossed by the third line АВ. At the intersection of the two parallel lines with a third straight line, angles of 30˚ are being formed. Upon the movement of the parallel lines the consciousness also participates. It is denoted by the intersection line АВ. It is the main line. In the living geometry these lines are lines of force. Each of their movements have a strictly fixed sense. When you bring your right hand or your left hand forward, these movements have a special significance and a special meaning. If you move your hand in the direction of the straight line СВ, this movement also denotes something. After you pick up an apple seed, you bend your fingers, you reach to the ground and you plant the seed. As soon as you make this movement, your next step will be to make the opposite movement – you rise upwards again. In a few years the tree will grow and bear fruits. In order to pick these fruits from the tree you reach your hand upwards and then you lower it. Upon these movements – the lowering of your hand when planting the seed and the reaching of your hand upwards to pick a fruit from the tree that you have planted – the letter И is formed. This letter is the first letter of the word Truth1. What does this word mean? The truth tastes of the fruits you formerly planted. Now you have two other lines which denote movement of an opened circle. This circle is formed by the two curved lines АВ and ВС. The movement of the curved lines АВ and ВС points downwards – it points to the dense matter. In this way the Hebrew letter W (vav) is formed – this letter represents a person with lowered hands, a person during a process of thinking, a person in a process of contemplation. These two curved lines can also move upwards within the thin matter, the result of which is a diagram opposite to the first one. The diagram in Figure 2 represents the state of a man who involuates (spirals downward), i.e., who descends into the thick matter. If you join the two diagrams the result will be Figure 4, which represents two beings turned upside down and two other beings turned upwards. If you turn the letter W upside down, the letter М will be formed, which was formed as a result of the movement of the human consciousness in its evolutionary state. In Hebrew this letter denotes the beginning of the human intellect, or the beginning of the human mind. In other words, this letter denotes conversion of the energies from one state into another. And indeed, by the help of the thought, man attains the ability to convert the energies.

Figure 2

A great knowledge is hidden within the letters, which is why they have to be studied explicitly. Each letter is a key of a certain order of energy which man has to convert – if it is low, he has to convert it higher. The Cabbala studies the letters. For instance, a man has a name that he does not like and he is not successful in his life at all. What should he do in order for his life to improve? He has to change his name and to think of such a name for himself that will be in harmony with his state. Indeed, if you listen to the names of people, you will notice, that some names contain such combinations of sounds which definitely offend your ear. When a man passes through a certain dedication, they assign him a name that corresponds to his astrological aspects. If you examine the letter а, you will see, that it was formed from the symbol of infinity, (that is the lower-case letter a, not the capital letter A) it is loaded; pregnant with something. This denotes that in this letter the infinity is limited by something and gets pregnant.

Figure 3

As the letters denote a certain order of energies, likewise every limb of the human organism is connected with a certain order of forces, with a certain order of energies. For instance, the human nose is an expression of man’s intelligence and of his intellect. Consequently, the stronger this human’s intellect is, the longer his nose is. If from the middle of the face you drop a perpendicular towards the nose, this perpendicular determines the size of the angles formed by the lines of the nose. The lines of the nose are the two rays of the angle, while the width of the nose represents the size of the angle. The more the rays of these angles depart from the perpendicular, the more the intelligence of the man decreases. The smaller the angle gets, the more man’s intelligence increases. In general, the intellectual force of the man is projected by the help of the nose. The smaller this angle is, the stronger the intellect of this man is - the brighter his mind is. The larger this angle gets, the more his intellect decreases, while the natural, the objective mind of this man becomes stronger. The stronger the human feelings are, the wider the lower part of the nose at the nostrils is. Generally speaking, the length of the nose is connected with the intellect, while the width of the nose is connected with the human feelings. Having in mind these general principles, you should observe and study the form of the human nose in order to see what variety of deviations from the normal position determined by Nature were formed.

Figure 4

All the lines with which we denote the human nose, the human eyes, and the human mouth are lines of force. These lines of force determine the intensity of the very forces that function within man. Studying the eyes of the human you will arrive at the conclusion that the wider the opening of the eyes is – the greater the sensitiveness, and the capability of the human for perceiving. The narrower the opening of his eyes is – the weaker his sensitiveness. The human sensitiveness is connected with the observational capability of man. The more observational the man is, the better the lower part of his forehead up to the eyebrows is developed. This part of the forehead is well developed within the natural scientists, because they observe all the phenomena in Nature. Within the philosophers, who are occupied with abstract ideas, with the so called metaphysics, the upper part of the forehead is more developed than the lower one. When the lips of the man are thick and well developed, it denotes that in this man the appetite or the sensuality is well developed. If his lips are tight, then his sensitiveness is not well developed. Consequently, the outer symptoms or marks of the human face show especially well with what this person has to cope within himself and in what way he has to proceed as to regulate the forces of his organism. Knowing these symptoms the man will be able to shape his nose, his ears, his mouth, and his eyebrows. For this purpose he should study the movement of the lines of force, as well as their outer and their inner projections.

In order that the movement of the lines of force within the human being can be proper and harmonious, man should protect his consciousness, i.e., he should not tolerate any kind of split in his consciousness. The slightest split in the human consciousness brings within man two equal opposite forces which mutually neutralize themselves. For instance you feel a desire to do some good which is linked with some material offering. Immediately the fear appears that your interest might be violated; this fear quickly opposes your desire to do good and these two forces mutually cancel and neutralize each other. As long as you run into these two opposing forces, you say, “I will postpone this good deed till the conditions become more favourable.” On another occasion you begin to feel a strong drive to make a scientific research, but suddenly you imagine that this research will need years of hard work, so you drop your investigation. After that you enter some spiritual society, as you like to work for your spiritual development, but as soon as the thought that this is not the right time for a spiritual life crosses your mind, you leave this society. Today you neglect one good desire; tomorrow you suppress a certain drive within yourself, so finally your consciousness splits up. No, in order to develop your spiritual power you should never give up your good desires and strivings, you should never block and split your consciousness. The spiritual forces in man develop only upon union of the consciousness. You should know that all of you are exposed to the influence of all the outside beings that have the desire to lead you away from the way. Having all this in mind you should take safe measures for recovering the initial state of your consciousness. If you retain your twisted philosophy, though, you might think that upon split of the consciousness there is some science or an acquisition. No, as regards the split of the consciousness there is not any science, any philosophy, or any acquisition at all.

Consequently, whenever a desire arises within you to do some good, do not put off doing it, no matter what or how much it costs you. The desire to do good is a positive force, which gives something to the human being and never takes away anything. As soon as a desire to do even the smallest good arises within you, realize it. If you refuse to do this good, then you will feel some sadness or an indisposition. This sadness, this indisposition is your punishment because you haven’t done the good. A person who refuses to do at least the slightest good and who throws off the grief he has suffered as a result of this, will run across some misfortune. Not long after that he will, through carelessness, slip and break or dislocate his leg. This misfortune is a result of the split in his consciousness. And after that he will call a doctor, he will pay him, and then he will lie in bed for two or three months. What has he gained from all this? So all the misfortunes, all the sufferings in the human life are due to man’s reluctance to do the Will of God. In life nothing remains unpunished. – “Well, we will pay for this in some other life.” – You will not pay in any other life, though – you will pay now. Less than a week, a month or a year will pass and you will see the results from your lapse. Therefore, knowing all this, be careful of even your slightest strivings and desires. Do not neglect the small desires, do not block their manifestation.

As disciples of the occult School you have to be careful and you must never block your consciousness. No matter what mistake you make – no matter if it is a small one, or a big one – be ready to make an inner confession. You have to be honest before yourselves. For instance, some young man enters a university, wants to study, to receive some education, but he is poor, he has no resources. At one time the Providence submits him to an examination in order to see in what degree he is ready to withstand his own honesty. The obstacles are being combined in such a way that he finds himself in front of the open safe of a wealthy man, he looks at the safe, then he looks at the door of the room, because he is afraid that somebody might come and see him, and after he makes sure that he is alone, he reaches in the safe, takes out two thousand levs and says, “I’ll use this sum to graduate, and after I start work I’ll help some poor students so they also can graduate some university.” What happens next? The theft is revealed and he gets caught. He starts to excuse himself, saying that he didn’t know what was in store for him, that he didn’t know he will have to bear responsibility, he thought that because he had to graduate university this was the assistance rendered to him by the very Providence. It is impossible for a man to know what the consequences will be from a theft. If he doesn’t know what these consequences might be, he will learn them in prison. Man should be honest before himself, he should confess, he should admit the mistake he made. In this way he will free his consciousness from the useless burden. This means: do not block your consciousness!

So, do not neglect in yourself even the smallest Divine desire. As soon as such a desire arises into your heart – realize it. Each Divine desire is like a small seed, which you plant into the soil. As soon as you plant it, it will grow and give fruit, which you are free to pick and taste. Whenever you hold some Divine desire within yourself you are consciously blocking yourselves as a result of which you expose yourselves to the influence of many diseases. All the diseases are a result namely of this blocking caused by the failure to execute the Divine desires, which are driving you to do good. You should know that you cannot play games with the laws of the Wise Nature. Nature does not allow anyone to play games with her. Whoever tries to play games with Nature even once, will get his punishment very soon.

As disciples all of you should have unity of consciousness. If you do not have such unity, then you cannot be disciples. Even if you attend the class here, you will not be accepted by those above. Unless you gain unity of consciousness, you cannot be any disciples at all. In the School disciples with a bright mind, noble heart and a solid back – to be able to bear - should be accepted. Feeble and ill disciples should not be accepted in the School. Let those who are feeble and ill stay at their homes; let them come after they recover their health. The disciple should have a diamond will, and should be able to put things into practice. No one expects from you great feats, no one wants you to save the world. You are required to do only the smallest and microscopic application of the Good. Whenever you feel some noble impulse, no matter how small it might be, give effect to this impulse. Just a minute will be necessary to realize this impulse. For instance, you go to work and on your way you meet a poor beggar; suddenly you feel a desire to say a kind word to him. Stop for a minute and ask him how his things are going. You might say, “Why should I waste my time to stop by this beggar and talk with him? If you are not ready to stop for a minute, then they will make you lose one hundred minutes.

Unity of consciousness is required from you. As soon as you attain such unity, you will be able to regulate the forces within your organism. If you lack unity of consciousness, you will be led out of your way, and you will go along the left road. It is dangerous to split the human consciousness. Imagine that someone is descending to the ground with a parachute. Upon his descent the parachute must be opened by any means; if it is not opened, then death is inevitable for the one, who is using it. The opening of the parachute resembles the unity of consciousness. Why? Because Life resembles the opened parachute. By analogy with this we say, that Life resembles the unity of consciousness. Only upon this state of consciousness will you be able to control your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. You should make experiments and you should try to control yourself and to test the strength of your will. For this purpose I will suggest that you make the following experiment: we will take a big needle – a packing needle and we will stick it to a certain depth into your hand till the blood comes. After that every one of you will see how long it takes until he is able to stop the bleeding of his hand by the help of his will. After that everyone will see how long it takes to stop the pain in his hand by the help of his will. This pricking with the packing needle is just the insults and sorrows, caused to you by your relatives. If you are able to forget and transform the insult quickly, then you are a person with strong will. Only the strong people will subject themselves to this experiment, i.e. the fearless people - we will leave the timid people aside. Nature does not like timid people – it sentences them to death. It has respect towards the bold people and it is always ready to help them. Only the person, who possesses a strong will in the laws of the Wise Nature, can be bold and fearless. The timid person transgresses these laws each time – for this reason Nature has a special opinion for Him.

Each person should strive towards unity of consciousness as a method of healing, as a method of work upon yourself. No matter what illness you get, it is enough to regain the unity of your consciousness, so that you get up from bed healthy and cheerful. The higher forces of consciousness are being directed towards your organism and begin to influence it until they cause a turn in your body as a result of which all the energies start to flow upwards and start to move in opposite direction. In this situation the foreign matter in the organism, which cause the diseases, immediately disappears as the dust disappears from the surface of the drum. If one of you catches cold, let him apply the same method in order to see how long it will take to restore his health. Usually, the cold lasts, at the most seven days. Sometimes it lasts for three weeks and in exceptional cases it lasts for three months. By the help of this method, though, you can cure someone of the cold in five minutes; if you do not succeed to cure yourselves of your cold in five minutes, then try to free yourselves from it within at least two or three hours, or within two or three days.

Many people complain that their memory has become poor and has started to fail. The initial strength of your memory can easily be recovered. In what way? Through recovering the unity of your consciousness. In what way can this be done? As you throw out from your mind and heart all those thoughts and feelings which are disturbing you. The consciousness split is a reason for memory weakening. At the same time the consciousness split generates fear within man. Some child steals an egg from his home and from fear that his mother will catch him he pretends to be ill. The fear from the punishment is a result from the consciousness split in this child. The fear denotes a weakness of the feelings, while the pride denotes a weakness of the mind. The destructive capability of man is due to a certain contortion of his creative abilities. When the forces and the energies in the human organism divert from their right course, the man begins to devote himself to fictitious, imaginary thoughts and feelings, which cause him unnecessary sufferings. For instance, someone imagines that so and so has offended his honour. Who might offend? (UNCLEAR) And what exactly is the honour?

The contemporary people are sensitive, they are easily offended, and their feelings are easily outraged. The scientists say that the man has five types of feelings, i.e. five senses. From what was the word сетиво (sense), усет (insight) derived? We say у-сет, or у-сат. The letter у denotes the man, who has seeded something. The root of the word is сат, which denotes manifestation, and at the same time also denotes something, which is limited. Consequently under the word усет (insight) we understand something which was seeded into the soil or into the consciousness, within a limited space in which it starts to grow. The root сат has a Sanskrit origin and denotes something that can be manifested, something that can be limited. The letter а in the root сат has gradually changed upon its descent, upon its involution, until it has been converted into the letter е. So, from у-сат the word усет (insight) was formed.

Which of the other words that you know resembles the word усет (insight)? – The word възприятие (perception). If you remove the preposition въз, there remains the word приятие, which begins with the letter п. This letter denotes fertilization. So at first the energies are being retained, and after that they are being subjected to fertilization. The word sense denotes an external process, while the word perception denotes an internal process; it denotes growth. After the Perception, grasping follows. This grasping comes from the word хващам (grasp) something with my hand; it is a physical process. But the word схващане (grasping) begins with the letter с which shows, that the thing the man has grasped by his hand, is in an ascending state, it moves upwards. In order that this thing can grow upwards we should create favourable circumstances for its growth; we should fence it off from all sides. In order to fence something off, the human mind should function. The letter щ in the word схващам (grasp) shows, that the mind can function only when the will is also participating in order to remove the external contradictions. After it grows, what was sown will pass on to a higher stage and will come back to life. Consequently, in the grasping as a process we can denote several phases: the seeding of something, the growing of the seeded plant, and the ripening – the conversion of these energies into fruit, into something alive.

The main idea of this lecture is the unity of consciousness. Where there is unity of consciousness, neither twisted thoughts can exist, nor any negative feelings. In order to reach this unity you have to be honest within yourself, you don’t have to deceive yourself. Each of you should confess his good and his bad features without trying to exaggerate or to decrease them. Judging himself properly, the disciple will be able to direct the forces of his organism all on his own. Every person has shortcomings, but some men do not like to admit this. At the present conditions of Life the shortcomings are in fact blessings for the human being. By their help man can evolve. For instance, suppose that someone is physically feeble, thin, but at the same time Nature has put into him such forces, through which he can improve his physical condition. Someone else has a sharp mind, but the centres which are behind his ears are too well developed, so this man is susceptible to destruction. What should he do? Because he has a sharp mind, he will find a way in which to transform this energy, to direct it towards the front part of his brain and to put it to work. This energy is necessary, but it has to be used wisely. For instance, the anger represents the coals, which are being thrown into the fireplace in order to put the car into motion. So you should put the coals into the fireplace, you should put the water into the steam-boiler, you should transport the steam through the pipes and you should put it to work. In this way the machine will be set in motion and will move forward.

Another kind of energy within the human being is the fear, which also has to be put to work. As an element, the fear should be joined to the reason and as a result one complex body or compound called wisdom should be formed. Then we’ll have the following equation: С + Р = Б. Translating this into the chemical language, the fear will be the base, the reason will be the acid, while the wisdom will be the salt. In the realm of the animal kingdom the fear is in the first place – it rules there. The hind legs of the rabbit have undergone elongation as a result of the fear. The long ears of the rabbit show that it is wise – it is able to hear well and to think well. The rabbit likes to climb steep places – that is why its forefeet have become shorter than his hind legs. The rabbit runs very quickly upwards, but when he has to run downwards – it often rolls. The hands in man resemble the hind legs of the rabbit. The hind legs of the horse bend in one and the same way as the human hands; the forefeet of the horse bend in one and the same way as the human legs. These questions are side-issues, but it is good to contemplate upon them, to see to what this analogy is due.

So, as disciples you should attain unity of consciousness and an Absolute impartiality towards yourself. The impartiality is necessary for the development of the disciple. Where there is impartiality growth should be also present; where there is no impartiality – there you cannot find any growth. When we talk about unity of consciousness we have in mind the participation of the Divine consciousness, as well as the participation of the Divine Spirit, which functions within the entirety of Nature. Where impartiality exists, a contact of the human Spirit with the Divine Spirit also exists.

Every evening before you go to bed, stand upright and get in touch with the great Light within the Divine Spirit and say: “In the name of the absolute justice, I confess my mistakes and I am ready to correct them.” Without excuses, without any delay mistakes should be corrected – they should not be excused. When you promise to do good, keep your promise without fear. – But the consequences might be bad. – It is better to make a mistake, than to go back. Let’s say that you have promised to some person one thousand levs; someone comes to you and starts to tell you that this man is not honest, that he will spend your money for food etc. Whatever happens with your money, don’t change your mind. Thus you will make one mistake only, while if you change your mind and refuse to give him the money you promised, you will make two mistakes. As soon as you have promised to do some good, you should not change your mind. Even if your promise was given by mistake, you should nevertheless keep it. Be brave and decisive. In no way can you avoid the karmic consequences. In order to acquire boldness and decisiveness, start with the small experiments for which little knowledge is needed. Do not strive towards great experiments, because you are not ready for them and you still don’t have the knowledge necessary for them.

Now write down the following three rules:

Put the Truth into your Soul and you will attain the Freedom you are looking for.

Put the Wisdom into your mind! The Light will come and the Knowledge will give you its help.

Put the purity into your heart! Love will come and the real Life will begin.

Write down these rules on a separate sheet of paper and put this sheet on your table, or hang it onto the wall, so that you can read them whenever you like. After you get up in the morning, the first thing you should do will be to read these rules and to contemplate over them. Read the first rule and say to yourself: “I should put the Truth into my soul! Why? So that I can be free, so that I can attain my Freedom.” After that read the second rule and say to yourself: “I should put the Wisdom into my mind! Why? So that I can acquire Knowledge.” And finally you say to yourself: “I should put Purity into my heart. Why? So that Love may come.”

A secret prayer

1 Truth – In Bulgarian this is the word Истина.








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