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Purpose Of The Respiratory System

Seventh Lecture by The Master, Held before the Youth Esoteric Class on November 22nd, Sofia

Fir-für-fen Tau-bi-aumen

Secret prayer

Now read the positive words you have written. Next time you will read the negative words.

For the next time, write on the topic: “The Purpose of the Respiratory System”.

I will now give you a psychic exercise, which you will do in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed. You will raise your hands upward and pronounce the word light, while observing the change in your condition. Do the exercise for ten to twenty-five seconds. The hands are placed one next to the other in front of your forehead, with palms turned towards the face. After that you will lower your hands and place them on the upper part of the nose, as you pronounce the word fragrance. After you pronounce that word, you will observe what change is taking place in your condition. Finally, you will place your hands under your nose – on the upper lip, and you will pronounce the word sweetness. Again you will observe the changes in your condition. The first word you will pronounce is light, then – fragrance, and finally – sweetness. The words go from an ascending to a descending stage: the substance of the word light is the thinnest, then it is the one of fragrance, and the thickest substance is that of the word sweetness.

It feels strange to you why I am giving you the topic “The Purpose of the Respiratory System”. What knowledge do you have of breathing, why does man breathe? Man breathes to maintain life, the burning inside his organism. What is burning and what is breathing? According to some, breathing is a process of cleaning. There are more than six hundred million cells in the lungs, locked in miniature chambers, miniature laboratories. When air enters the lungs, each one of these cells for a short moment serves a twofold purpose – physiological and psychic. In that sense breathing is a double process of nutrition. In a single minute man inhales twenty times, twenty lunches, and in an hour – 20 x 60 = 1200 inhalations, 1200 lunches. If each of those lunches cost a hundred leva1, then each hour for every human 120 000 leva would be spent on breathing. For twenty-four hours he would then cost Nature 2 880 000 leva. At each inhalation Nature lays the table for man, and at each exhalation she clears the table. At each laying and clearing of the table workers perform their duties. Complicated is the work of those workers who have the utmost task of cleansing the blood. Despite all of their complex functions, you deem that those cells are not wise. Wise are the cells of the human organism. The cells of each organ, of each limb of the human organism have a special position and purpose.

And so, breathing is a twofold process – physiological and psychic. The ultimate purpose of breathing as a psychic process is cleansing the mind. Hence, breathing is connected with thinking, with thought. Which kind of breathing is the best? There are three types of breathing: upper, medium and lower (depending on which part of the lungs does the most breathing). The lung resembles a complex laboratory in which a lot of energies intersect. The prana2 of the air penetrates into the lungs and helps ozonizing the blood even where air could hardly penetrate. Into such sublime blood the elements of Life are placed. Full breathing is the best. Mainly Love helps full breathing. So Love is first and foremost necessary condition for full breathing. When man breathes, he must value the air as an irreplaceable welfare. When you look upon air as an invaluable welfare, it penetrates into the furthest cells of your lungs, sends them its prana, its vital power, which they extract and dispatch over the whole organism. So Love first affects the lungs. He who loves, he expands, and so do his lungs. When man adopts a benefit consciously, and with gratitude, Love begins to operate inside him and elevates him. This Love is positive, ascending, and it broadens man.

Every Divine energy, which descends from above, must pass initially through the respiratory system, from there ascend to the mind, and after that go down to the heart.

When speaking about Love, many say that Love is blind. This expression is a remnant from the time when humanity existed under influence of the Moon – the period of constant changes. Actually Love reveals itself in rational Life, because, by itself, Love is the most elevated thing in the world. Where Love permeates, there is Life, and culture. The Divine day begins with Love. It is said in the Holy Writ: “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”. Everybody can say something, but first, man is required to perceive air along with prana, and with the Divine energy which is infused in it. When it penetrates into the mind and heart, then that energy will give an impulse for man to express himself, to say that which he is thinking of. Therefore, he who wants to speak reasonably must learn to breathe properly and to think properly. Have you ever tried to breathe silently, so that nobody can hear you? When you breathe deeply, you breathe loud, and everybody around can hear you. It is an art to be able to breathe deeply, but silently, so that nobody can hear you. When you breathe deeply, put your hands on your stomach, so that every time you inhale and exhale air your hands lift.

You must study the process of breathing properly, so that you could describe it in both the physiological and psychic relation. Study the various methods of breathing, in order to see which method will be the most efficient to apply. Try with every inhalation to think about the light, in order for you to be able to connect with its energies. Those energies are found in the air, from where you have to obtain them. When thinking about fragrance, you will obtain from the air a different sort of energies; when thinking about sweetness, you will obtain a third sort of energies. When you are thinking about these words, while breathing simultaneously, you will see that each word reflects differently on the pulse of your heart. The smallest, slightest changes in the pulse speak of delicate experiences of man. The abrupt changes in the pulse speak of grand experiences of man. When man is inspired by elevated thoughts and feelings, his heartbeat is rhythmic; his pulse is regular, and harmonious. When man lives in the field of rude, base feelings, his pulse is disharmonious and irregular – he loses the natural rhythm of his pulse. In such cases it appears to you that the heart of man stops. Thus beats the heart of men who suffer from palpitations. There is one thing you have to learn: to breathe correctly. Why? Because by breathing correctly you will cleanse your thoughts, you will cleanse your blood, and you will also cleanse your brains.

Speaking of breathing, you have to know the composition of air. What elements are included in air? Air is a mixture of one fifth of oxygen and four fifths of nitrogen. So the Intellectual world deals with elements of the physical world. What is released during breathing? In the process of breathing oxygen is absorbed from the air, and carbon dioxide is exhaled. In what state are the elements oxygen and nitrogen found in the air? - In a molecular state. In general, when a particular element has already been obtained from some compound body, it is in a molecular state; when it is being obtained from the compound body, while its atoms have still not managed to combine into molecules, it is in an atomic state; and finally, when some compound body is dissolved in water, its elements are found in an ionic state. When are elements most active? - When they are in an ionic state. They are less active when in an atomic state and least active when in a molecular state. Man has to observe himself, to see what his condition is when he is moody, excited, and angry; and what his condition is when he is calm, and in a good mood. Good and bad moods reflect on the breathing, and on the pulse. He who understands this will be able to detect a man’s physical and spiritual mood by his pulse.

As disciples, you must study all of the conditions; to distinguish their substance by thickness, and by composition. For instance, what is the substance of anger – thick or thin? - Thick. What compounds is it made of? - Explosive substances. Anger is dangerous because of the explosions that accompany it. When one has been furious, he feels like he has been burning, as if there had been a fire inside him. A lot of time has to pass until he repairs all the damage from that fire. The damage happens in his organism. What is anger due to? - Superfluous energies in the organism. When man has a lot of desires that he cannot fulfill, part of the energy which has been allotted for their attainment is left unused – that energy is the cause of anger in man. Unprocessed material in the brain causes a slight process of rotting, of fermentation, and as a result anger is provoked. Unfulfilled desires produce anger. When one is angry, this shows that he has many unrealized, unfulfilled desires. What is the cure for anger? - Implementation of those desires. Superfluous energy accumulates behind man’s ears. Among very angry people these areas have evolved significantly. Phrenologists call these centers destructive. These centers are connected with the motor muscles of the mouth and therefore, when man becomes angry, he starts moving his mouth. He who understands the law of transforming energy will know in what way to channel surplus energy from his ears to his brains and put it into work. He who does not understand this law, when he gets angry, will put his tongue to work – back and forth, until he casts that energy out and relieves himself. The tongue is a machine-gun, and the words – the gunfire that pours out here and there until it is all over. When you want to know which words are negative, go to an angry man, take a pen and a sheet of paper and start writing. He will speak such negative words, that you will not be able to find them in any dictionary. If you want to know which words are positive, go to a grateful, content man, and listen to him.

As a method of influence upon anger, occult knowledge recommends that the disciple should forgo his numerous desires. The disciple is not allowed to have many desires simultaneously. Why? - Because they could not evolve regularly. It has been determined how many square meters of land are needed for a fruit-tree to grow well. If you had a quarter of an acre3 of land you wanted to plant with vine-stocks, you would be able to plant ten vine-stocks at the most. Should you plant any more, they would grow weak, and they would give puny fruit. Therefore, in order not to obtain puny fruit, do not rush to realize all of your desires at once. Desires of man are in embryo, and therefore he must gradually hatch them one by one, so that he can feed them in order for them to give good fruit. Every desire of man is a capital that can be transformed into kinetic energy, but it must wait for its time to come. Every desire is a power that will give its results, but this power must be awakened at its allotted time. The desire must not be awakened neither earlier, nor later than the allotted time – for every desire there is a determined time and space, when it can be realized. Should not you abide by that time, you would stumble upon a number of negative states, among which in the first place would be anger. When man cannot achieve one of his desires, he becomes envious. When he begins to envy, anger will come as well. Should you want to liberate yourself from anger, you have to attain your desires. In order to attain them, they have to be few in quantity. How many desires can you realize annually? - One desire. How many classes can a disciple finish annually? - One class. The most capable of students can finish two classes, and a disciple of genius – three classes. The genius studies too, and passes grades, but for him there is a special school. The genius is also prone to mistakes; he has the circumstances to make mistakes more than the ordinary man. The genius wins a lot, loses a lot, and suffers a lot; the ordinary man wins a little, loses a little, and suffers less. To regulate the energies of your organism, you have to breathe correctly, deeply.

Thus, the numerous desires divert man’s attention. You meet someone – thoughtful, head bent down, looking towards the earth. That man has many desires, and as a result his breathing is poor. This has also been noticed in the life of eminent actors. When a capable actor becomes too ambitious, blood circulation inside him becomes irregular, his breathing – incomplete, and as a result he becomes nervous and gets angry. The remedy for anger is finding a friend of yours who is negative, passive; ask him to put his left hand on the right side of your head and you will see that after a short time all of the surplus energy in you will pass over to his hand and you will be relieved. You have been positive, active, and he – negative, passive, as a result of which between yourselves a right exchange has occurred. So the wrathful person must find a quiet, peaceful person to pass a part of his superfluous energy to.

It is not bad that man gets angry, but he should know the law, and put that energy to work. It is preferable that man gets angry, instead of not getting angry at all. There are people who are passive and when they get angry they cannot express their anger externally. They act as quiet people – in reality they are not quiet. Passive anger generates fear, and active anger generates vengeance. Vengeance is particularly strong when someone tries to oppose anger. When a man gets angry, give him an opportunity to display his anger; should you stop his anger, he would start taking revenge. Why are some people incapable of getting angry? - Because they do not have a surplus of that energy. They resemble those drunkards that want to drink, but either they have no money, or there are no taverns open. So they do not have the circumstances to get drunk and so by necessity act as sober; they are ready to go to the nearest open tavern and get drunk. The truly sober, virtuous man is the one that despite having all conditions to drink or get angry, is still unable to get off his balance. Such a person has a will, has self-control. He who has a weak will succumbs even to the slightest temptation.

Now, as disciples of an occult School, you must study the contradictions that you stumble upon. You have to study the various states that you go through. Sometimes you sit, you feel somehow oddly uneasy, and you do not know where to put your hands: you put them in front – you are not comfortable, you put them along your body or behind you – again you do not feel comfortable. If you understood the deep meaning of your condition, you would describe it easily. Hands represent the human will. When you do not know where to put your hands, this means that you do not know with what kind of movement you have to display your will. When you put your hands behind your back, in front of you or alongside your body, by doing this you are looking for the most suitable method of displaying your will. As soon as you find a suitable place for your hands, you will have already solved the question as to what way you should display your will. As a first method of displaying will, there is the application of the law of transforming energies in your organism via the lungs. Eastern nations pay great attention to breathing as a method of work in many directions. Western nations also wanted to use this method, but as utter materialists, it gave them bad results. They wanted in a quick way to achieve a lot of things, but paid dearly for that haste. Love is required from people, so that they could use properly the knowledge of breathing. Without Love there can be no breathing. The first condition is that Love participates in breathing. If Love does not participate in breathing, you can have no success. In that situation the organism cannot handle its superfluous energy, as a result a number of negative states are born in a man. When breathing is not done properly, semi-organic materials start to build layers of sediments in the organism, which are the cause of all illnesses. Thanks to these sediments, these semi-organic materials, the blood of man cannot be properly cleansed and causes the growth of many microbes.

Now you have an idea of how complex the breathing process is. It is enough to imagine those six-hundred million workers, who work selflessly day and night, so that you can comprehend what a great process is preformed inside your organism. Besides, each cell has its own strictly defined specialty. If you do not consider this process consciously, you will say that living is not worthwhile. No, living is worthwhile. Each inhalation and exhalation is the result of the work, the effort of millions of workers. Therefore, breathe consciously, with Love, if you want always to have a good inner disposition. Should you get a bit angry, all harmony in the organism is disrupted, and along with that, breathing becomes irregular. To understand how expensive each human is to Nature, make a calculation on how much is spent on him in a year. As you know how much is paid for twenty-four hours, you will easily calculate the expense for a year. And that is an expense only for breathing. Calculate after that how much is spent on workers in the stomach, in the brains, and in all other organs and limbs. After all this, somebody will come and say that Life was not worth anything, and that everything had been given to us for free. Such is for those who do not understand. One, who understands, knows how expensive Life is, even for the smallest creature, and even more for man. You are fed by Nature, without realizing how many resources it spends on you. Indeed do children realize how much their parents spend on them? However, when they grow up, when they start supporting themselves, then they see how much they have cost their parents. It is not an easy job raising a man. When you render an exact account of all the resources Nature spends on you, you will see what a thing man is. Then in your soul will awaken a great feeling of gratitude to Life, which has been given to you. Only at this consciousness will you understand the deep meaning of the words “On blessing we live”.

Secret Prayer



1 1 lv. = 0.5 euro today, although in the days the lecture was written, a lev was worth far less than that.

2 This is an ancient Sanskrit word that describes favourable energies in the air. There is no equivalent neither in English, nor in Bulgarian.

3 In the text a unit equal to a fourth of the acre is used. I could not find an equivalent in English and I decided to leave it as it is.







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