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Transformation Of Energies

Twenty-third lecture by the Master, held before the General esoteric class on 4 August 1922, Thursday, Sofia

Secret1 prayer

I will now talk for a while about transformation of energies. You should partly get acquainted with this great law of transformation. Let us say that you have a certain pleasant or unpleasant state of the Spirit, the soul or the body. State of the Spirit implies that you are thinking of something, that some thought occupies you; state of the soul implies some feeling in the heart. So you have some state either in your mind, in your heart or in your will. Well, precisely this state ensues from the tension of some force. For example, you are walking, and a tiny thorn pricks into your heel – for each step, you will feel unpleasantness. So a certain force has attacked this thorn, it influences your foot and you get restless. Whoever does not know the reason for your state – that this tiny thorn has got into your heel – would say: “This person just wants this and acts this way – twisting”, but this twisting comes from this thorn. As a rule, Bulgarians have with them such big needles and when they prick themselves with some thorn, they start picking with this needle until the thorn comes out; once it gets out, they put their mouths on this place to suck up some blood, and then they put a little salt on top of it. Well, now this thorn may get somewhere into your feelings, because thorns grow everywhere just like uninvited guests. And if it so happens that you walk along an unbeaten road where these thorns grow, then possibly not only one, but ten, twenty or thirty of them might puncture the sole of your foot.

Now, these thorns are still more dangerous when a feeling rouses in you, let us say, a feeling of disgust or hatred. You may be a philosopher, you may be a religious person, but when this feeling comes, you will change; you will forget your religiousness and will show yourself just like you were originally. Twenty years ago I watched how two missionaries in North Bulgaria flew at each other’s throats and almost killed each other, but half an hour later they prayed, and after the prayer – this-and-that, they kissed and forgave each other. Now I ask what happened between them. The cause is one word – this word in a certain moment might be misunderstood, it may incite a series of other feelings and cause another kind of a state. You have to know the laws, to turn these forces into a positive direction, to replace them with something else.

Now, let us say that we talk about hatred. You might ask: “Couldn’t we go without hatred?” – You cannot – the stronger hatred is, the stronger Love is, too. But when will Love be stronger? – As soon as this hatred is removed. Love will be so much stronger, as much as hatred has been stronger. Hence, hatred is a shadow of Love, and by this shadow we will be able to judge in what direction this Reality is located, because if you do not love, you will hate. However, there is a third state that is worse than hatred, because the one who hates you, is active; the one who hates you, takes from you – this person will either hit you, or lame you, or set your house on fire; if this person is a journalist, he will write in the newspapers to compromise you and will clamp you so that you can feel his hatred. This is a restrictive condition. The one, who cares for you or loves you, will do you Good, will recommend you at the proper place; if you are poor, this person will lend you money, make you a house – this is a process opposite to the first one. Now I will not dwell on psychology, where these two states have derived from, because the state of hatred has its origin, too. Initially this state was natural, but now this state of hatred is unnatural. Therefore, in present life, we should place hatred as a rear of Love, every time it is possible.

And the esoteric law reads as follows: “Do not oppose hatred, because if you oppose it, you give it more power – if you oppose it, you acknowledge it a reality, and if you oppose this reality, you acknowledge it as a power. If you do not acknowledge it, then you should think only of Love, speak only of Love and leave hatred as it is – to act alone by itself. And Christ says it rightly: “Do not oppose evil”. Why? – In order not to give it strength – once you oppose it, you allow it to draw strength from you. If your mind is occupied with someone who hates you, and you want to oppose this person, you allow him to draw some strength from you. And we can say that hatred is theft done in a lawful way, blackmail, drawing of human energy. And the one, who hates you, will always exhaust you, hit you, break your head or leg. If it is in physical aspect, this person will hit and lame you so that you cannot oppose him; thus, he would like to take your energy both in an intellectual and spiritual aspect. Therefore, Christ says: “Do not oppose evil and think of Good within yourself”. So there is the difficult part, because evil – these are intelligent beings from the Brotherhood of Darkness2, and they say: “Oppose evil, because only in this way you will show your character” – for them, doing evil is life, while doing Good is death. As in the Lodge of Light evil is excluded and everyone is being punished for it, in the same way in the Lodge of Darkness, Good is excluded and everyone is being punished when doing Good.

Also these moods you sometimes experience come through suggestion. For example, someone would come to persuade you, saying “You give him a lesson, prove to him that you are a good person, that you are not a simpleton; otherwise your prestige will be lowered – clench your fist and show yourself so that everyone trembles around you.” At the same time, another thought from the Brotherhood of Light comes to you, saying: “No, act after your Love, don’t pay attention to this, consider it not addressed to you.” And these two thoughts begin talking to you – the one school and the other one start talking to you. You sit and sit, and then say: “We shall take the road”. You are in the Brotherhood of Light and yet you work with the Dark ones, so you are to the left. Because every moment you are either to the left or to the right: you get angry – you are to the left, you love – you are to the right. This path is like this – each moment we will alter, now to the left, now to the right, until we come to the position to distinguish these states and immediately grasp the moment in which they want to tempt us. When you come to the position to grasp this moment, you have to let your intuition manifest and not oppose it – and once you do not oppose it, you will be victorious.

Every time when one is able to withstand a certain temptation, a certain seduction, this person always gets stronger; but if one is unable to withstand a certain temptation or seduction, one falls and weakens – this is a law. When temptations come, you cannot avoid them. Temptations will come, tests will come, the question lies not in this; the bitter and sweet feelings will come – this is a law, there is no other path in the present conditions, and everyone should know how to receive them. This law is the same also in the Mental world: some thoughts are formed by the Brotherhood of Light, while others are formed by the Brotherhood of Darkness, and every single thought has its own utmost limits. Then I will define the following law for you: those who walk in the left path, they prolong the time in the beginning and shorten it in the end; while those disciples who walk in the Brotherhood of Light, shorten time in the beginning but prolong it in the end.

I will now explain this law to you: for example, a worldly person has some time to think and discuss, it takes him one, two or three days, he thinks a lot about how, for instance, to cover a road of several kilometres – he would send a whole expedition to check the road, to investigate it, and would say: “This road cannot be travelled along.” While the person who lives in accordance with God, who walks in the Divine path, who has intuition, beholds this road all at once, and says: “God speaks so – it is possible to travel”. But once we come to the methods of the Brotherhood of Light, when we see the results in the end, we protract time. Now, the one who would lend you money, first protracts time for one, two or three months – the time will pass and when the term for collecting the money comes, he shortens the time, he will restrict you and you will pay, it cannot be helped. In the Brotherhood of Light, this process is reverse – we think in the beginning and then act, but when the fixed date comes for paying back, and someone wants to pay us back, we say: “We do not want this money, you can keep it for yourself” – this person extends time. And so, you will watch the process which takes place inside you. If, still in the beginning of your life, you want the fruit to come quickly, if you want the time to come soon for you to achieve something, if you want the results to come fast, then you walk into the left path – if you want to master something rapidly, then you walk in the left path. If, after having worked for a long time, you let the fruit come at last, and you are not in a hurry, then you walk on the right track, in the right way3. The one who has worked for one’s nation in the worldly manner, and who has walked in the left path, wants a monument to be built for him, and wants to be written about in the papers, and if they do not do so, he considers these people to be ungrateful. While a person who has walked in the right4 path, when the time comes for an anniversary, says: “There is no need to do this for me, let this be done after my death” – this person protracts time. If you wish for rapid results still in this life, you are to the left. If you hurry in the beginning, you are in accordance with God; if you protract in the beginning, you go according to the world. If you shorten the time in the end, you go according to the world; if you extend it in the end, you go according to God – this is a law inside you.

And when you worry about the results of your life, about what you have done, you are to the left. You have done something and you worry – you are to the left. For instance, you worry: “What will happen to us, what if they don’t baptize our children, what if they don’t wed us?” – you already are to the left. So you have not come to this world to be wed and buried, these are side-matters. In which code of the New Testament is it written that one has to be wed and baptized? When God created the first man, was it written somewhere, that he would be wed, did God wed him? God created man in His image and according to His likeness; He said: “Be fruitful, subdue the Earth, live in accordance with God” - this is what the Lord has said. And later, when people came and began to live worldly, they used to say: “We must be wed, we must be baptized, the Lord has said so.” I am asking, who wedded the first man, who wedded the first humans? He who wedded the first humans, He will wed us, too. If this is a question of baptism, there are two kinds of baptism: with water and with Spirit. If it comes to baptism, we will prefer to be baptized by the one who baptizes with Spirit. The priest might dip me in his cauldron twenty times and I will still remain the same person. No, the Lord will baptize you, and if He baptizes me once, it is enough for me. Now, who will wed you? – God. And who will bury you? – If it is a question of burying, the Lord will bury you, because He will also bring you to life at least.

If we worry, this shows that we bother about public opinion – then you are to the left. We could have in mind this public opinion, if it consisted of saints, of noble people, of people with the most sublime character, mind, heart and will – then we would accept their opinion. As for those who bother you – these are people who take bribes every day, at each step. What would these people say? Here is what a distinguished person of theirs used to tell me: “Though being bad people, we know that when a noble5 society appears, then bad people will crowd together and fly out at this society to justify their own sins.” And when they speak of you, we know that these are their sins, but we are not such stupid people.

So when transforming energies, everyone should occupy oneself to see how much time it takes one to transform some energy. Now, you can make experiments – let two friends say to each other: “Tell me some offensive word, so that I can see how long it will take me to get over this offence”; pull out your watch and see at what time he offended you and how long it will take you to transform this offence. For instance, at 6 o’clock in the morning he offended you, and you will see how long it takes you to transform this feeling – whether you will be able to transform it in two minutes, in half an hour, in one, two or three hours. If you cannot calm down this feeling in a month, it means that your character is weak; if you can transform this feeling in one or two hours, if you can transform this offensive word, so that it becomes an ordinary word for you; and not only stand it but that this becomes a musical word for you – it means that you have a strong character.

Now I am explaining to you the transforming of energies in the following way: let us say that you enter a restaurant; no matter if you are an esoteric disciple or a Christian, but you have no money, and the restaurant-keeper asks you: “Do you have any money?” – “I don’t” – “But you have a nice hat, I will give you a meal for that hat” – so you put down your hat. I am asking whom you should thank – your hat or the restaurant-keeper? – You should thank the hat. You enter the restaurant for the second time, you already have no hat, but your shoes are nice, you have no money, and the restaurant-keeper says: “I can give you a lunch for your shoes” – you take off your shoes and remain barefoot. Whom you have to thank? – Your shoes, not the restaurant-keeper. And if this restaurant-keeper tells you: “You should thank me that I fed you” – yes, but due to the hat; “Thank me that I fed you for the second time” – yes, but due to the shoes; i.e. the words of the restaurant-keeper are true to some extent. Maybe this restaurant-keeper just wants to test you, and the opposite might happen – he might just want to test you, to see what you will think about him, he might take your hat and give it back to you again, he might take your shoes and send them back to you again, i.e. he wants to conceal his virtue. So you will thank your hat, and he will give it back to you. When you thank your hat and he gives it back to you, he plays backgammon – he has won; but in the game, if he does not give your hat and shoes back, that settles the question – no gratitude.

Now, our educators in church want us to thank them. All right, but if they have taken our hats, our shoes and coats, and do not give them back, but have given in exchange three meals to each one of us, then what shall we thank them for? I say: thank your nice hat, shoes and coat, that you could have three meals for them, but there is nothing to thank these educators for. All right, now I interpret: if a priest baptizes you, what will you gain? If you become a noble6 person after this priest baptizes you, it is good, but if, after being baptized by him, you become a scoundrel, the lowest good-for-nothing, then how much is his baptism worth? It is better if he did not baptize you. Hence, in each moment we should know how to transform these energies that accumulate every day in the form of feelings, thoughts and acts inside our body. We cannot require someone to be patient, we should not force patience upon this person from outside – he has to realize this from inside, this patience should be born within his consciousness. Patience cannot be present at every moment – sometimes patience is compatible while sometimes it is not compatible. In what cases must we have patience? If I am weak and someone is being hanged before me, I will have patience – this is God’s Will; but if I am a strong person and some people of a weak character are hanging someone before me, I will not put up with it, I will not keep my patience, I will stand up, bind them and try to dissuade them and I will not say that such is God’s Will. Hence, when are we recommended patience? – When I am weak, I will have patience, for the weak one has to be patient; when I am strong, I will not put up with it – once you are strong, you must help right away.

Now this might suggest to you the thought that God is called long-patient, but do you know what God’s consideration for His long-patience ensues from? – The Lord knows that if He gets angry, the world will end, hence He is long-patient because of the consequences that might result from His anger. If He gets angry at one person, the world will be gone, because, if He gets angry, he will be angry in a way people have never seen. This is the reason why God is so long-patient. He knows that the people of weak character, the sinful people would not compel Him to betray the laws He has set up, to put Himself out of His own peace and follow their minds, and walk in their paths – He will walk in His own path. Therefore, in this respect, patience has its own place. And we should be like God – if someone criticizes us, we will walk in our path and will not stop to reason about criticism; if we stop to reason, we give strength to criticism. We will walk on the path that we are convinced of and that we have tested.

Now, in Chamkoria7, in one of my talks I told my listeners that we, men, women and children at the age of 15 to 70, climbed up Musala8. – “It is a lie” – they say, - “It is not possible, you want to mislead us, a 70-year-old person cannot climb up Musala!” One of the attending persons sitting there says: “I am a witness of this, it is true.” – “But please tell us is that really true?” – People consider these things fiction. If people consider fiction the things you are doing now before their eyes, then how are you going to convince them of things they have never seen?

In your reflections9 as disciples of an Esoteric school, you should always stop and consider matters. For instance, is it worth transforming the energy, do you have enough energy to spend and so on. Because in a certain case, we might have much more important work to do than deal with idle matters. And everyone has noticed that when a temptation comes, a thought always imposes itself in the following manner: you must decide something and you think that if you act in a certain way, then the affair will be settled, will be made easier; but if you act like this, not only will the things not be settled, but they get mixed up even more. In some cases it is necessary to drop this thought and absolutely ignore it, transform your energy and go on your right path, walk in the path of your own development.

Sometime a person feels nervous and cannot bear10 something and says: “I can’t bear it”. Why do you suggest to yourself that you cannot bear it? This is a suggestion from outside. Imagine that four people catch you, bind you and ask you: “Can’t you bear it?” and hit you fifty strokes; then would you not bear it? – You will bear it and go beyond it. If four persons with these sticks compel you to bear it, then why could you not say, according to the same law: “I can restrain myself!” – You can, why not, only we, when suggesting these negative thoughts to ourselves, say: “I can’t.” You will suggest to yourselves: “I can, I can endure”; you would not say: “I can endure sufferings”, but you will bring Love into your soul and say: “With Love, I can bear everything!” Some stupid thought comes to you; do not deny this stupid thought, but tell yourself: “With Wisdom, I can do everything!” A lie comes; do not deny the lie, but say to yourself: “With Truth, I can do everything!” And then you draw out forces.

So, when it comes to the moment to apply the esoteric law, you will always use positive words and phrases. If you use even one negative word of any nature, it will always bring bad consequences with itself. If you say: “I will get sick, I will die, our things are not getting better”, then bad effects are coming. No, all these thoughts are not for the esoteric disciple. Even the disciples of the Brotherhood of Darkness are much bolder in their statements – they come and use the positive methods of the Brotherhood of Light. A disciple of the Brotherhood of Darkness never says “no”, such a disciple says: “I will do good”, but when he gets the power, he uses it for evil. Therefore many of the Brotherhood of Light disguise themselves and go into the Brotherhood of Darkness to study their methods, while many of the Brotherhood of Darkness enter the Brotherhood of Light to study their methods – both schools have to be explored. For example, an evil person says: “I will win, I will become strong”, and a good person says: “I will become rich”, but both of them, after getting the strength, generally spend this strength – the one will do violence, and the other one will do beneficence, but both of them make statements.

Now, each one of you, as a disciple of this Great school, should be positive in Good. You will not say: “I will take revenge on him”, but you will say: “I shall requite him by Love, I shall requite him by Wisdom, I shall requite him by Truth, Righteousness, Virtue, Mercy11 – that is how I shall be quits with him!” And only in this way these energies, these forces can be transformed from one state to another, because all energies are connected with Intelligent12 beings. We have to study the language of all Intelligent beings – and when you know their language, they will listen to you; but when you do not know their language, they do not help. Now we all study the language of things. Do you know what this Divine language is like? There are two things by which you can recognize it: when you have learned some of the Divine words and you have prayed, you will feel certain warmth down, in the pit of the stomach, your soul will expand and you will feel that you will soon get an answer, you receive encouragement. Then an hour, two or three hours have not even passed, and you get your answer just as you felt it. While sometimes you pray but feel some rigidity, some bitterness13, as if your prayer stands a span above your head, and no reply arrives – you speak to God in an unknown language and He does not answer you. When we speak according to His will, He answers us.

Now, in the Esoteric school, the law of transformation of energies is related to the necessity of things. Every time when you start trying the law, you will begin with necessity in Life. You are hungry, you need only bread; you will take in your mind this first thought – to remove your hunger, to calm down your organism; you will not put in your mind any other thought, but you will only focus your thought to obtain bread, i.e. food, lunch, to feed yourself, this should be your thought. Once you obtain the first thing, you ought to calm down, for instance you may plan to sleep somewhere; then you will concentrate your mind upon sleeping. And then, according to the degree of necessity, all your needs will line up. If you observe this law in this way, then your prayer can be answered to, but if you put all these desires all together and if you want everything at once, all these things will be delayed and all your plans will not be achieved, because you have not observed this law of sequence. You will pray for the first thing necessary, for the thing that you cannot do without, then – for the second one, the third one, the fourth one and so on. This is how Divine law works – with mathematical precision, but if you change things and put the minor things in first place, the law changes by itself.

Now, only by this law of transformation of energies, a judicious14 harmony can be created. For example, it would not be wise on my part to put on my worst clothes with a repulsive smell, enter your home and say: “Now, stand me, love me” – it is not allowed to treat any mistress like this, unless if it is to test her. I am not allowed, on my part, to tempt anyone, I have no right to do this, unless it is to test this person. Hence, on my part, I have to be so correct, so as not to give occasion to any of my classmates to lose his or her balance, neither to serve as a means of temptation, because neither will I gain something from this, nor does my classmate. Let us say that one of you, a brother, is off his balance, angry, and you gather and begin to say things about him which are not necessary – about his negative side; this passes through the whole class and then you all talk around that we have no other disciple like him – you have all failed your test, you are all to the left. Once this brother, this disciple, has made a mistake, you should all gather, make a prayer, send a grateful thought towards him, draw something from his mistake and say: “Thank God, that the Lord gave us a very good lecture and we thank this brother very much that he became a model and gave us a test.” Send him nice thoughts, he will be encouraged – then you are to the right, this is transformation of energies and that is how you should act. And so, for the future, as disciples of the School, you have to apply this law, it is a Force for you – only in this way can you develop properly. If you begin to put it into practice, you will notice a certain growing, enlightening of your mind, softening of your heart, strengthening of your will.

Here is an example: I say that I have patience; you come into my room, I have some work to do, I want to write or correct something, I draw out my watch, but say nothing to you, because according to the esoteric law, it is not allowed to say: “I have some work to do, come some other time.” This is not allowed – according to the esoteric law when a disciple comes, he should guess by himself that it is time for him to leave. So I draw out my watch, look at it and the more this wish grows in me, that he should leave, the more the willingness to stay grows in him. Make an experiment: sometime you wish that someone leaves, while a wish, two times stronger, grows in this person to stay longer – he feels as if someone draws him, the process is reverse. Some other time you want a friend of yours to stay longer, because you love your friend, but less than five or ten minutes will have passed when your friend will say: “Good-bye, I will come again to your place some other time ”, he or she will leave – this is suggested to your friend by the brothers of Darkness. But if I set to myself the thought: “Wouldn’t he or she leave?”, all of a sudden my friend would find something else to tell me. No, you will draw out your watch and will see how long you will stay quiet and calm as Diogenes, without disturbing your balance – you will stay quiet and calm as if nothing happened, even though a whole day might have passed. If your friend stays a whole day and you do not lose your equilibrium, you have won. And your friend will say to himself or herself after leaving: “I should not have stayed so long, I overdid it a little” – your friend feels that he or she has given more. If your friend has stayed more, provoked you and thrown you off your balance, then after leaving, he or she would say: “I would like to go to him the same way one more time.” These are purely psychological processes which take place in you. Most of you have this kind of experience – this is a great law which you should understand and observe; this law regulates things.

So, to create a character through transformation of these energies is not an easy job. Have in mind that the great Divine Spirit who has been working over you for thousands of years15, has changed your character only a little, you have done only a little job. Even when someone among you enters God, his character changes with such difficulty. There are moments when this person must absolutely change and enter the New Life, but before he or she comes to this New Life, this change happens very slowly. Once this person enters the New Life, things are radically changed already. So now you will think over transformation of energies – you will think, you will have the willingness to see to what extent you are strong. And you will all take care to transform your energies, to turn them into positive ones. Once you transform them, you win.

Now, the rest of your time you may use for questions that interest you.

(Brother Stoychev announced a few messages towards all of us regarding our forthcoming departure to the Gathering of the Universal Brotherhood of Light in the town of Veliko Turnovo.)

This year we will apply the law, and those who come to Turnovo, will act and after that think. All will act – you will have experiments and you will think over the results of these experiments. As for those who want to reason, to think, let them not come – the ones who would like to reason, let them go into the world, this is a place for reasoning. We set to experiments – we have philosophized for twenty years, now it is time for small experiments.

Some of you who want to be the first, to rank first, here is the experiment I will give them: let them go to Musala at evening time, and go through the Rila desert, through the Maritza river, the Toundjanska valley and return. After we return from the gathering, I will give this experiment to those who want to make it. The heroes will come alone and then leave by two at a time. If you cannot traverse on top of Musala, then what can you do? In ancient times, one could do as much in the world as the kind of a peak one could traverse – all adepts, all Masters of the past have gone through high places. Some of you want tests – such will be the test: getting to Musala at evening time by moonlight. There also may be another test: traversing Musala in a dark, stormy night with snow up to the knees. If you endure it, we will say that you are a first-class hero on the physical level. But if you cannot go through Musala even at daytime, there are no privileges with us, and we will say: “Brother, it is not a big thing, but you couldn’t do it”. So we will judge people by their merits and whoever endures it, we will give this person the first place. Why? – Because he or she deserves it. We will give you the first place and we will give you the last place.

Now, this will be the first experiment for everyone (all of you are young), for all disciples. This is a very hard test – to go through this desert of Rila: your hair will bristle up, and some of you may be sick for several full weeks. When we went to Musala recently, a friend of mine walked back on his own, passed through the desert of Rila, and here is the experience he had: he remained alone with his wife, while two other persons walked way ahead; this brother confessed to me like this: “When you were gone, I used to see living people springing out of each bush, my hair bristled up”. And indeed, when you enter this valley of the Rila desert, it is desolate there; no birds singing, but you only hear the rustling of the leaves and branches of the trees. And only if you pass it in the dark at evening time! And if you climb up the southern slope! First of all you have to pass this way at daytime so that you have no illusion that it is easy; then you will pass it by moonlight, and finally – in a dark, stormy night. Only three tries, otherwise you will be lost, your life will be in danger there. Once you make this attempt, there are certain energies in these places, which you will make use of. This is one of the best paths, this is an occult valley – only spirits of silence16 are implanted there and they have expelled all birds. When you enter there, you feel that all these energies go only inwards, and you become more and more serious – something grand! When you pass Musala and enter the valley of the Toundja River, immediately your heart opens up and becomes merry, joyful. When passing on one side, you are serious, while when passing on the other side, you are merry; these two conditions are excellent. Nature in this desert of Rila is grand, majestic! One should spend there a day, two or three days, in order to see what a fine place it is for reflection. Disciples should begin with these experiments, because in Bulgaria you have comfort with these high places, with these mountains – in Egypt and elsewhere, they used to create these things artificially, while here Nature has given them to us without our efforts. Therefore, this year we will start with these methods, we will all be active.

When you come now to the gathering, you will all work – no privileges. You, too, citizens of Sofia; there must be twenty or thirty extra people for every job – all of you should work willingly, no one saying: “I cannot do this job”. We will begin with the example of the eldest, the strongest ones, and then the youngest will work in the same way. One is the law that you will obey, one is the opinion. We will try the law and see what the consequences are. This position will give us Freedom, a certain faith so that we try God’s will and apply it without any correction. In cannot be otherwise – we will try this without any change.

If a certain route is set for you, then you will accomplish it without variation. When we walked to Musala, I told them: “When we come to the places with snow, no one will walk this way, we will take the path slightly to the side”. However, four people deviated from this rule, rolled down, and two of them were saved by a miracle, they contused. A disciple walks along with me and says: “Let me go this way” – he wants to walk along the snowy path. You shall travel along the same path that I travel on. When the Lord tells you to cross the snow, you will cross the snow, but now you will go around and walk through the crags – every time you will walk along the path traced by God. We are thankful that these two persons were rescued so safely: they were a man and a woman who rolled about a hundred meters downwards – it was because of their disobedience, because they wanted to cross the snow.

Now, obedience is required of you all, inner obedience. Some would say: “This spirit talks to me like this”. This Spirit is supposed to talk equally to each one of us. A spirit who says one thing to me, and to you – another thing, is not this genuine Spirit. This Spirit should speak to us one and the same thing – this injunction is one and the same for me and for you, and for all of us. His will has to be the Divine Will, which we ought to implement without any doubt. And then the results will be excellent. My experience is: where God’s Will is done, there are always good results, without any exception; where we stray from God’s Will even in the very least, there the bad consequences will come immediately.

I will give you an example which a sister told me: she made her experiment to Vitosha17, but on her way back to Dragalevtsi18, she feels like drinking some water, approaches the fountain and wants to drink only two or three sips, to wet her throat, but something from inside tells her quite definitely: “Do not drink, walk on your way.” She comprehends this voice but thinks: “Just two or three sips.” She stops by the fountain – she has nothing to drink with, beholds a young girl filling her pitchers, asks her to drink from her pitchers and the village girl lets her do it, she raises the pitcher to her mouth, but does not manage to drink even one sip when she drops the pitcher from her hand and breaks it. Now she stands before the broken pitcher, still with a dried throat, but she thinks of this no more, but instead thinks of how to pay for the pitcher – she has no penny on her, and the village girl insists on being paid. This sister offers her hat to the girl. – “I don’t need your hat; I want money, fifteen leva19!” – “I don’t have it.” – “Find some; go back from where you came!” – “Listen,” – the sister says – “I am a teacher, I will not lie to you, I will go back to Sofia and will return here on purpose, to bring you fifteen leva” – she takes her address and name, and so the problem is resolved.

Now, I have faith in you. I got a nice impression that there is good will in all of you. When I was looking at these a hundred and four people, climbing up towards Musala, standing before the snow, they asked me: “Master, shall we go this way?” I look – a dangerous road, snow; I say: “You may do it”. When these a hundred and four people rushed, they reached Musala in a little over than an hour. I say: with these disciples, high peaks can be conquered – this is a good feature in them, it can be used for good. And all of them came back safely, except for those two, the contused ones – it was an incident. There is good will in all who listen to me – experience shows this, but I want for all of you to make good use of your energies. Those of you who will remain in Sofia, whose things will not be possible to be settled, I want them to observe the days of the gathering – to get together in groups of ten up to fifteen persons, to be in touch, to make contact on the astral plane, so that there is a connection between us and them.

I believe that this year many things will be straightened up. The Invisible world works a lot and we have to be ready. It is someone else who works now for our sake, and we will correct things that are worked out and will take care not to ruin God’s path, God’s plan, not to distort God’s Word. Let us implement everything word for word20, let us fulfil all orders – let us be model disciples of the Brotherhood of Light. Because not many years will pass, and there will come brotherhoods from other places, which will wish to unite with you, to see how you live – you have to be ready.

Now, a very good future lies ahead of you, there is no reason for you to lose heart. They really put packsaddles on in Turnovo, but everyone puts his own packsaddle on. When you come, we ask: “Brother, this packsaddle is for you, this bridle is for you, can you put it on and take it off yourself on your own? If you can, take it, because we don’t have resources, we don’t have enough.” This is in the figurative sense. Once I say it, I will do it – I will be faithful to myself. The one, who is faithful to oneself, will be faithful to God as well. And there is no better thing than this – to be in the good graces of God, of the Angels, of the saints, to have the favour of God, what can be better than to be in harmony and concord with this Great law! They will not give us something that we cannot perform, they will not demand impossible things from us – they will give us things that are possible in conformity with our mind, heart and will – things which will ease and enlighten us. So we need not lose heart.

Secret21 prayer

1 Here “secret” should rather be comprehended as “silent and confidential”, i.e. prayer which is only between God and the praying person.

2 The phrases “Brotherhood of Light” and “Brotherhood of Darkness” in this lecture are translated following the meaning. If we had to translate the original phrases literally, they would sound as “White Brotherhood” and “Black Brotherhood”, where “white” and “black” in the Word of the Master are always used only in their principal meaning, concerning the ideas of White (Light) and Black (Darkness) as basic opposite and complementary principles in the whole Creation (as, for example, it is in “Yin and Yang” in Chinese philosophy). To avoid any misunderstandings, the translator has preferred the words “Light” and “Darkness”.

3 “the right track” – “right” here is used in the meaning of “correct”

“the right way” – “right” here is used as the opposite of “left”

In the Bulgarian original they are two different words.

4 “right” here is the opposite of “left”

5 “noble” here is used in the meaning of “high-minded”, “magnanimous”

6 “noble” here is used in the meaning of “high-minded”, “magnanimous”

7 “Chamkoria” (from Turkish) – the old name of the resort in the Rila mountain in Bulgaria which is now named “Borovets”, in both languages it means “pine woods”, “pine-wooden”

8Musala - the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula. This peak is in the Rila mountain in Bulgaria and is 2,925 meters high, which is equal to 9,596 ft

9 “reflections” here is in the meaning of “reasoning”

10 “bear it” in this context is used in the sense of “have patience”

11 “mercy” here is used in the sense of “clemency”

12 “intelligent” here refers not so much to the intellect, but implies that these beings have very high level of consciousness and understanding. It should be rather comprehended as “wise”. But since “wise” is connected with “Wisdom”, which has a certain definition in the Word of Master Beinsa Douno, the translator would not like to mix the meaning of both words.

13 “bitterness” here has the meaning of “lack of mercy”, “fierceness”

14 In the original, the word for “judicious” here is the same used above for “Intelligent beings” – only here it refers to an object, not a being.

15 “has been working over” here implies that the Spirit is still working over

16 “silence” here implies the idea of “being silent”, “saying nothing”

17 Vitosha is a mountain to the South of Sofia. It is situated between Sofia and the Rila mountain

18 Dragalevtsi is now a district in South Sofia, but at the time when this lecture was held, it was a village in the surroundings of Sofia, at the foot of the Vitosha mountain

19 “Leva”, plural of “lev” – Bulgarian currency

20 “word for word” – in the original here is used a Russian phrase meaning “exactly”, “literally”

21 Here “secret” should rather be comprehended as “silent and confidential”, i.e. prayer which is only between God and the praying person.







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