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Thoughts, Feelings And Acts

Lecture 15 to the Youth Occult Class

Given by the Master Beinsa Douno

On June 7, 1922 – Wednesday


Secret prayer

Each right thought is an image of a Divine idea. Human life begins with thinking. When someone thinks thus, the Being of thought realizes that it is living. In order to be alive, a thought should be united with a feeling. This means that the thought comes down to the actual world, to the world of forms. In order to be positive, the feeling should be followed by a wilful act. And by the word “act” we understand the final limit reached by the Spirit in each of His manifestations. Therefore, thoughts, feelings and acts represent the stations or stops of the Spirit. Thoughts are the first station of the Spirit, feelings are the second, and acts are the third station. The Path of the Spirit is harmonious, and conditional: there can be no external influences appearing either in the thoughts, feelings or actions. How does a clairvoyant see the thoughts, feelings and actions? In certain forms and colours.

Often people are ill, they faint and so on. This seems abnormal to you. These things really are abnormal, but they are due to disharmonious thoughts, feelings and actions. The lives of contemporary people are full of such abnormalities. Someone is sitting in reflection. His thoughts are clear, his feelings are quiet and calm, so he says to himself that he is in full harmony. But all of a sudden he thinks or feels something that is not compatible with his first thought and feeling, and a great disharmony rushes into him. He loses his previous balance and begins to suffer. When the advanced beings from the Invisible world see him, what will they say about him?

Therefore, when two opposite ideas or principles enter into someone’s thinking, they cause discordance in his consciousness. And each state of discordance deprives the human being of his Freedom. Everyone should know this. A human being's mind should never be penetrated by two opposite thoughts.

Undertake the following experiment in order to convince yourself of the truthfulness of my words. Every morning in the course of a month, send a good and a bright thought to the same person, and then observe the result of this experiment. At the same time give one lev to a poor man every morning, also in the course of a month. At the end of the month compare the results of the two experiments. You will have better results in the first experiment than in the second one. Why? – Because in the first experiment you've directed your good and your pure thoughts to someone; they've come directly from you. In the second case, however, the banknotes you gave to the poor man have passed through many people, many hands before reaching his hand, and everyone has left an impression of different thoughts on it. These thoughts are not all harmonious, so they create contradiction and discord in the consciousness of the man. Many coins from past centuries bear traces of the thoughts and feelings of the people of those ages. So when I say that many old ideas and thoughts should be replaced by new ones, I have exactly in mind the forms of those thoughts coming from the Astral and the Mental world and engraved on the coins. In other words, engraved into human consciousness, as if on stereotyped blocks. These forms are impure, for example, distorted. Money, however, is not impure in its essence, but carries upon it the engravings of the past.

In other words, money symbolically represents the life of the conscious human being who is thinking. When we say that we can live without money, we mean that those thoughts from the past of humanity that have created the money should nowadays be transformed. Money today is the result of the human thoughts that created it. Having passed down through the centuries, such thoughts are now so debased that they have a negative influence on human life. Nevertheless, money is on everyone’s mind today. I ask, why can you not live without money? Disciples should get rid of the thought of the impossibility of living without money. Money does have an important role in human life today. Some people even consider it the first factor in their lives. But if someone wants to travel around the world, he should put every thought of money out of his mind. He should go around the world without a coin in his pocket. This is an occult disciple! Your pockets can be full of gold, but your mind and your thoughts should be absolutely free of money. And the opposite is true: you may not have a penny in your pocket, but your mind may be filled with the thought of money. These are the ideas I have in mind when I say that it is possible to live without money.

Occult disciples of various schools have made numerous attempts to live without money for a certain period of time. You are still candidates; you have not yet become disciples. First you should become believers and then you will become disciples. To become believers, undertake such an experiment to see how long you will endure. But the experiment is only for those of you who are ready to fulfil it consciously. It is the following: to live without money for a month. Those who are employees and receive salaries, as well as those who have other incomes, should consciously renounce their incomes and give them to the poor or to whatever cause they find appropriate, so that they will remain without any means. During this time you will work without thinking of money. Your mind will be concentrated on the Divine world and you will admit no fear for the present day. Through this experiment you will see the way the Spirit works. Those who are ready to undertake this experiment should know that the term is twelve months. Within this term they should accomplish the experiment. It will be useless to undertake it any longer. During this experiment, imagine that you are the last poor man, that you have absolutely nothing and that there is no one to help you.

Those who undertake this experiment should not spread it around, but should keep it a secret. They should tell no one until they achieve some result. Some think the experiment will be easy, because they will eat at home and won't need money for food. No, that is no solution for the task. In order to find the right solution, you should place yourself in the position of a person without money in an unknown, foreign city, such as New York or London. This person does not know the language and he does not know anyone there. What will he do in this situation? He has no other choice but to go to work at the port as a stevedore, or to find some other job to earn his living. If you are a student and you eat at an inn, you can conduct the experiment in this way: you give all your money to others. When it is time for lunch, you will go to the same or to another inn and ask the innkeeper to allow you to serve the guests at the inn, and for this you will receive lunch only. After lunch, do not think of having supper. Lunch is enough for you. Do not think of tomorrow either. Every day will bring you income, but you should rely mainly on your hands. Your work will provide your lunch. If you cannot be a servant at the inn, then go to a construction master and ask him for some building work – you may carry bricks or mix water with lime, etc. It is enough for you to earn your daily food. Only in this way will you test the action of the Divine law.

Simultaneously, you will realize that besides the physical life there is another, higher one, where everything is foreseen and thoughtfully distributed. From the very moment of birth everyone receives a determined credit on which to rely. There are other laws beyond the physical world that are regulating our lives. Humans do not know these laws, so they think that everything is arranged according to the laws of the physical world. Due to this misunderstanding of modern man, evil has emerged. Humans strive for insurance because they think that everyone should take care of themselves; that no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Everyone wants to be insured, and that is why they save money, buy lands, and sell. But as a result, thousands of kilograms of food decay and spoil, while at the same time hundreds and thousands of people die of hunger in the towns.

I will tell you something else about this experiment: for those who are afraid of going hungry, it's better not to undertake it. However, if they do start the experiment and then fall into a difficult situation, they should come to me and I will help them out in one way or another. I will not allow anyone to fail. And if you think that a month is too long a period, then undergo the experiment for only a week. Those who live with their parents can also undergo the experiment by earning their bread, mainly through physical labour. Everyone can help their parents at home, in order to deserve their bread. This experiment aims to free you from your fear of tomorrow. You should rely on that Great Law in the Universe that is regulating all things.

When disciples are offered these experiments, they should treat them not just literally, but also according to their meaning and purpose. Someone who starts the experiment, but cannot earn his daily bread, may say: “It is all right, I will fast today.” No, this experiment excludes fasting. You should work at least one or two hours daily, expending that portion of your energy that can later be recovered with your food. Only in this way will you learn to rely on the Great Law that drives Life. This experiment is not so difficult – you can apply it for a week.

The further you go into the Teaching the harder the exams become. You will be given tasks that will make you sweat several times daily. This is the Path of the disciple. The privilege of the disciple is that he or she will go through all of the difficulties and sufferings consciously – knowing why and for what reasons such hardships are coming. If you are not in the School, you will also go through these trials and sufferings, but you will not know the reasons for them. The privilege of the disciple is in that Light which he or she has. Consciously or unconsciously, one must go through the trials and difficulties of Life – they cannot be avoided. If you go through them unconsciously, you will encounter a number of contradictions; if you go through them consciously, you will receive the Divine blessing and you will know their purpose. If in this way you endure suffering, afterwards you will attain Joy and Peace in your soul.

Now, as disciples of the Great School you should treat Life consciously and you should enjoy doing so. Moreover, our purpose is not to deprive you of suffering, but to teach you how to utilize it. Suffering is the greatest good you may be given in Life at the present time. Each experience of suffering is in its proper place and has its deep meaning. Why do humans suffer? – this is one of the mysteries of existence. When trials come, everyone should endure them without asking why they have come. When they go away, then everyone will understand them. Christ, the Great Teacher of humanity, submitted Himself to the greatest suffering that has ever existed in the world, without receiving an answer as to why He was suffering. Instead of an answer, He was crucified, He was pierced through His chest, so that blood and liquid dropped from it, and He was left to ask the reason for this suffering. As He did not receive an answer, He said: “Let it be Your will, Lord!” Therefore, Christ too had to go through suffering, without receiving any explanation for it. He had to pass this exam. Now, after having suffered, you want to receive an explanation immediately. No, the understanding of suffering comes after you have overcome it, after you have passed the exam. Until that time you will think about it. When you come to a certain experience of suffering, say deeply within yourself: “This is the thoughtful Will of God! This is the Great Will of God! This is the Will of the Infinite Cosmos!” Any other understanding will plunge you into sin and crime. If, during the moment of suffering, someone comes to you and explains the reasons for this suffering, he will cause you the greatest evil.

Therefore, do not regret the suffering you are given. If you regret the suffering, you should also regret the Love you are given. It is a Law: Joy and Love will follow each suffering. This law may be experienced. The greater the suffering, the greater the Love as well; if the suffering is reduced, Love is also reduced. Therefore, suffering is a measure of Love. Love is being increased in the right way; it is coming gradually. Thus, suffering and Love move parallel to one another and take part equally in the creation of the human soul.

Secret prayer

Go forward in Boundless Love!



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