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On The Path

Thirteenth lecture by Master Beinsa Douno held before the Universal esoteric class on May 26th 1922, Thursday, 11-12:00 Vitosha Mountain.

Now, bear in mind that I do not wish to judge you; this is about the application of the principle of Love. If you can apply it, this is all right, but if you judge one another, you cannot have love. In an assembly just one cannot be blamed, rather it will be the case that either all are righteous, or all are wrong. If a penalty is given, all of you will bear it and if a blessing is given, again it will be intended for all of you. So, I ask of you to apply the Divine principle of Love - you should apply it, I should not impose it upon you as if I do so, then this will not be Love but coercion.

I told you that if after the end of my talk you start looking for the one who is to blame, I shall not speak at all. Arrange these matters among yourselves in the spirit of brotherhood; apply the great principle of Love. Only because an organization is created, this principle will not be perfect. For you still cannot grasp how the principle may be applied. Do not grieve the Divine Spirit. What is being done is not against me but against God. Who will speak to you then? Can a commission be selected which will ascertain that the rules of order are adhered to? You can choose seven people; you are able to do this. You will obey, everything you do will be based on the principle of Love, do you understand? You should set this rule; if you do not, the principle cannot work and you will be subordinated to the same principles that the world, the state, and the church were founded upon, and then nothing will be successful.

I will touch on a number of elements of Love in its new manifestation. It is one thing to speak of Love and quite another to experience it - this is what we are concerned with now. When a student or a musician makes a mistake, if he plays falsely, the teacher cannot forgive him. There are things in the world, which can be forgiven, but there are things that cannot. When someone takes money from you, you can forgive him, but when a great musician plays, he is not allowed to strike a false note; he will have to do no more than is necessary to correct the note. It is a necessary principle and Life does not forgive - we have to correct the note. Life is music and everyone wants to play it as they know. Take for instance a bandmaster; I say, according to the principle his life has to be reformed, as one can only be a musician if one has Love. Everyone has to live in compliance with the principle of Love. And if you do not wish to live like this, no one can impose it on you forcibly. Only with your good will can you live this way. And I know that you all want to live, you wish for your lives to be harmonious and for yourselves to be happy.

You, the disciples have tested me do you understand? You acted as a teacher, and as you become teachers, I am prepared to leave the school. I am ready to accept from you each thought, your every feeling, all of this and no more. If the Divine Spirit speaks through you, and expresses certain Divine thoughts, then I will accept them, the source is still the same. Our desire is for the Love of God to be manifested among us in all its completeness - this is the only way to succeed. If we do not apply this principle, there will be no success but only constant misunderstandings.

Sometimes when I join you I feel a heavy and disharmonious atmosphere, do you understand? Just as smoke renders breathing hard in a café, it feels the same when I am among you. You do not want this either; you suffer from it but do not know how to liberate yourselves. And I want to show you a method you can use to release this weight. This will not happen at once but I will show you a principle and you will work on it.

Now I do not judge you; such was the old teaching. I want you to apply to yourselves the principle of the great Divine Love; thus, young and old have to respect each other, to honour and forgive each other. Now, for instance, when I leave you will start looking for the one to blame. If someone always has to be pointed at as guilty, the world will never change for the better. For finding somebody to blame shall not set things right - even if we hang or imprison him, someone else will take his place and there will always be someone guilty. All right then, are you ready to accept what I am going to tell you now? (Everyone replies: Yes, we are.) Now ask your inner selves this question - if you accept it and apply it in accordance with the principle of Love, this shall be a blessing for you. Sing the song “Bless my soul, dear God”.

Look at living Nature around us - it is a Divine abode, a Divine home. And all the energies that are stored in it have different directions; each energy has its own channel through which to flow. When we need energy for our stomach, it comes through food, when we need energy for our lungs, it comes through the air we breathe, when we need energy for our eyes, it comes through light; when we need energy from the spoken word, it comes through our sense of hearing, when we need the energy of the aroma of flowers, we can receive it through our sense of smell. Now you have accepted a philosophy; you want to receive all of these various energies through your mouth. We are talking about Love but Love can be accepted through your mouth, your eyes, ears, nose – anywhere. When Love is accepted through the mouth, it will have one effect if it is accepted through the nose - another and so on. It depends on how we accept Divine Love.

Now, you speak of Love; you still have not loved. I will conduct a microscopic experiment, I want to ask you what Love is, how you have felt it, if you have had one vivid experience of Divine Love. You have small experiences of Love, but how long did this Love last for? Tell me now, was there such an experience in your lives when Love took over your soul, your mind, your heart for a whole year, do you have the experience where Love overcame you for a whole month, do you have the experience when Love overwhelmed your soul for a month, do you have the experience where Love overcame you for a day? If Love swept over you at once, you would not reason at all, you would decide on the spot and your decision would not be the silliest, but the wisest one. When Divine Love operates in the world, it operates through the best methods. And you should all keep in mind that in order for Divine Love to inhabit us, the Spirit has to work on our physical and Spiritual bodies for a very long time to prepare them to accept the energy. If the intensive energy of Love were to pass through our bodies now, then it would have the effect of melting us. Therefore, Divine Love constantly adapts in accordance with the condition of our spiritual bodies and the level of development we have achieved; our Spirit works incessantly. If you hinder the Spirit, who works inside you whom will you harm? And it keeps working, conducting a sort of installation. If progress is made but you unscrew the whole installation, whom do you harm? – No one but yourselves. Say, for instance, you have a bad thought, whom do you harm? -Yourselves. You have doubts; whom do you harm? - Yourselves. You fear; whom do you harm? - Yourselves.

Now fear has taken its place in the modern world. Why does doubt appear? For we know both fear and doubt. Fear is only a trait, a feature of our hearts. If you could only know how negative fear is! For instance, you fear losing your life. Someone promised to give you money, you doubt it; doubt, on the other hand, is a negative feature of the mind. So, if you can doubt that someone will pay you back, then you doubt the possibility of this happening. Thus, you transfer your doubt from men onto God.

Sometimes you doubt me, I can read your thoughts: “Maybe you do not speak on behalf of God but on your own behalf”. But I always distinguish between my own thoughts and Divine thoughts. Inside me, my thoughts and God’s thoughts are strictly determined; I can then direct each of my own thoughts to the left and every Divine thought to the right, i. e. I say, ”This is Divine, and this is human”. And now were my actions inspired by Divinity or by my purely human side? They caused you to fear that you would lose something.

Now, fear implies that your Love is on the outside and fear has taken Love’s place - on the inside, do you understand? And the reason why you cannot live in harmony with yourselves is because fear lives within you. If I came to your house and said, “Lend me two thousand leva,” and you have three thousand, you would say you needed it while in fact you did not. And yet you claim to be a man who believes in God and has Love. You have no Love but merely fear. If I came and asked you a favour – you would state clearly, “I am not inclined to give you anything even though I have money in my safe.” This is what an evangelist said in Varna when someone asked to borrow some money, “I have money in my safe, but I cannot lend any to you, for I do not trust you”. Why should I lend you money and then only fight over it; if you want me to give you money, as I would to a brother, then I will.

Fear - this state shows that Divine Love is not working. It begins to work and then you hinder it. For example, if a sister of yours erred in some way, how many of you would gather in the evening and pray for her, saying: “God, fill the heart of our sister, let her know”? Instead of this when you see her, when you go out you would only criticize her. When you go out, do not talk about her. You do not have the courage to speak up and tell the Truth – you are not brave, you are faint-hearted, and yet you claim to be righteous. When I say brave, I do not mean you should be rude. Brave is the one who can speak the Truth – no more, no less. So, Truth in Love itself would say, “Brother, you are going one way but this method is not the right one”.

(A dog barks at a cow) Now, take this Cow. The cow represents the Good inside you, and the dogs represent the lower passions – the inferior intellect, which is chasing away the cow. It is not her fault that she is here and the dogs interfere with a type of work, which is beyond them - for no one has appointed them to guard; nevertheless, to show that they are righteous, they will chase the cow away.

I will tell you a truth: Life through exposing others’ mistakes will never be reformed. If we expose each other, we will never improve.

Now you shall have patience. I had given you an assignment for today - to write about your biggest shortcoming, did you write? (-Yes.) Collect the papers and read them. Well, will you sell your deficiencies to me? I want to buy them, how much money do you want? No, no, I will pay (Brother Stoychev: So that you can take us for an outing for one month a year, to teach us; one month in Turnovo - for everyone, and then one month - only for those of us who are here.) It shall be done when you apply the principle of Love, it shall be done. You will experience God; we will apply the principle of Love. God’s word is law; if we abide by it, we shall see what we are capable of doing. Now, I will take these shortcomings of yours and when we enter the Spiritual School we will work without them. I will only grant you half a credit now, as I do not have much money. I have half of the sum at my disposal, I can pay it over a month and a half, but I do not have enough for three months - to be honest, I can only pay half. How do you want it - in cash or another form? I can pay one thousand leva, ten thousand leva, or thirty thousand leva. (-We do not want money.) This is what can be done. Once you fall in love with your shortcomings, you will improve. This is a separate topic and we will reach it in due course, there are methods you will use. These defects are at the same time virtues: to be selfish is not bad in itself, but to be as selfish as to harm yourself - this is bad; to have the kind of impatience that makes you run for your life when in danger is correct. But when you have taken on important work, then impatience is misplaced. When someone or something threatens you, you have to be impatient. You should be aware already how to employ some of these qualities.

Now, what you wish for shall be done. What we have set out to do we can do in two days or in a month, in two months or three months - the principle remains the same, we can do it, the Scripture says, "For with God nothing shall be impossible”. And you have very rightly raised the issue of the need for you to spend one month close to Nature - you shall be patient. (Brother Stoychev: We will be here, in the woods, if the Master decides to escape we will outstrip him, otherwise if he were in the city, how would we find him? Everyone laughs and so does the Master.)

Now use your intuition to choose a commission of seven people from the Brotherhood that will see to the observance of order. They shall be selected for the duration of one year, when this year ends, others shall be chosen. (-May the first be chosen by the Master, the second one - by the first, the third – by the second and so forth.) All right, I select Nacho Petrov. (The latter chooses Stoyan Rousev, he chooses Elena Ivanova, she- Cohen, he- Iliya Stoychev, Zdravka Popova and Theresa Keremidchieva.) Do they agree? (-Yes.)

(Brother Tolev: Let us never again speak of the aforementioned accident, as if nothing happened at all. Brother Grablashev: If it is useful, let us speak of it.) Listen to me now, I will decide the matter: you have the right to talk about my mistakes but if you decide to speak about your own mistakes, I shall punish you. You may speak about my mistake, you may say, “Our Master made a mistake!” You may speak but say nothing but the Truth, make no exaggerations. When you speak, do so quietly and calmly, first of all address your minds to God, ask him: “God I wish to tell about this incident, may I do so?” If God allows you to speak about it, do so but if he does not - remain silent. And if something is gnawing at your mind that may be merely a worm and a worm can be of no use to you whatsoever.

Now I will explain why you cannot talk about certain things when you are located at six hundred metres altitude. Imagine you are a hundred meters deep in water; will you be able to speak? - No, you will not. When you emerge a hundred metres above the water, the conditions enable you to speak - there is air. Consequently, at six hundred metres in depth, the conditions are not favourable - you will swallow water, at two thousand meters you can speak, as there is enough air.

In our Spiritual School, when I inform you of an outing, it is as if we use our keys to unlock a door – you then become connected to the Invisible world. For instance, I assigned the sisters a task but you never completed correctly even one of my orders. This is exactly what happened earlier, I told you: over the period of one year, you shall all go to Vitosha but absolutely no one has to know, you can only tell me. I did not instruct you to retail it to the whole city. Consequently, you should have waited and told others about it only once the test was finished; while it was in progress, you should have remained silent. As a result, some undesired accidents occurred. So, when you are given a task, I want you to follow my instructions strictly. If we have decided on twelve o’clock - twelve is definitive! You, as you come, will judge by the results. Before you have done something you shall not draw any conclusions, the test has to be entirely carried out. Moreover, when you are being tested, you should not insist on the smallest details. One says, “We shall choose Full Moon”; no, you will choose a dark night, as only then will you see God. You should trust in God; when you look for Full Moon, this means you do not confide in him, the task is only carried out half way through. The task is that this must be done on a dark night - when it is stormy and rainy and there is thunder, then you shall go out, you shall pray and God will speak to you. Then again, you will think, “I may catch a cold.” when Divine matters are concerned, you will not catch a cold. I serve as example: I have sat by my room’s window in wintertime so many years to give talks. Had it been someone else - a professor - he would have come down with pneumonia in no more than a month. Then, how many of those who stayed outside got a cold? These are minute experiments but they are true experiments. Let someone else come and speak for an hour and a half in the cold, we will see what will become of him. You need to strengthen your faith for this principle to work. I told you: do not expect much, the results will be small, microscopic, as the present conditions do not favour big achievements. But from these small experiences we will achieve very good results in our own time.

I congratulate you; you carried out this experiment with great zeal. I told you to think it over for a whole year and instead you finished it in two weeks. It can be repeated but in a new variation. Now, this test will be slightly harder but it will bring better results. The trials I give you will chase the fear away from your hearts; you will learn to trust in God. And then when you go out in a dark night, the eyes, the sight will be toned, your every nerve will be strained, your mind is present in every part of your body - this is good. When you go out in Vitosha, it will seem that many dangers await you; you might think you see a bear or a wolf, your hearts will leap. I know, for some of you, your hearts leaped twenty times. And anyone in the city, who hears that you went out to Vitosha on a dark night, will say: “He is out of his mind - to discredit a man or a woman like this.” This is why I am telling you, no one should know. If a man or woman goes, this is something you should remain silent about; once you have tried it yourselves you can speak from your own experience. We will experience more. We will create the necessary conditions for those brothers who do not have the possibility of completing the task, so long as they have Love in their hearts. I will find favourable conditions for them but they need to get in touch with Nature within themselves - according to the principle of Love. Then I may work together with them as a teacher can only work with able students. When you are alone we cannot do all the work. You need to do the work and so do I. For there will be outings, tests, which I will be the first to carry out and then I will say, “You may start now, the way is clear.”

For instance, you have caused me great apprehension: during these two weeks, I could not sleep as there was such disharmony and anything could have happened. There were villains in town that had made up their minds to follow you and I had to apply/focus/ my mind to dissuade them. You think God will guard you; we have to be clever, only then will God guard us. You shall not pass a second time through Dragalevtsi, you will not take the road but shall walk out of the village; and you will enter the darkest woods - they will be the safest. So, you will achieve excellent results, these tests will give you greater decisiveness, you will become healthier, your minds will be sharper and your thoughts - more vivid. And when you come back from such a test you will think clearer. I have noticed that those who have completed the task after they return reason very well a person, who is brave, can reason very well. But now we will all decide.

One thing that the Universal Brotherhood requires is for us to be completely faithful to the principles it teaches us. Faithful, faithful! These principles are absolute and cannot change. And once they set a task we have to complete it with no mistakes - once, twice, until they are satisfied; then you will see. You want tests, trials, then let us carry out this experiment: the sky is cloudy, we shall say: “May these clouds disappear at once!” the second day the skies are clear, we then say “May there be clouds!” on the third day the barometer points it will be dry, we say “Let it rain!” and it will rain. I call all these experiments microscopic and they can be completed for you to see that there are principles in the world, which we can use. In Nature, there are friends who can help us. However, this is not a matter of curiosity but a way to reinforce your faith, to demonstrate that when one loves God, one is capable of anything. Then I will not choose just any day, I will choose a day when there is great drought, when people need rain - this is when we will carry out the experiment. So, it will rain not to satisfy your curiosity but to use this Divine energy. Let us say there is drought, it is clear; we will carry out the experiment to bring about clouds, to prove to these people that we will use everything in the name of Good. A Teacher is never allowed to waste the Divine energy and neither is a disciple. This is why we will start researching all forms of Life in Nature – we will study the plant kingdom. These are features that Nature has given us. All forms save their energy. From plants, we learn how to use energy - to do a lot of work quickly.

Now I will say one thing: I am truly satisfied with you. You see I am satisfied with you because you do all you can. I cannot ask for more. Sometimes you even do more than is required and this is where your mistakes come from - from excessive zeal. For instance, I instructed someone to go to the plateau; instead, he went to Black peak. This is good as well, the task is to the plateau but you insist on more. I tell you to go out of town to arrive to the destination in four hours; he did this over two and a half-hours. But you will only hurt yourself like this, take your time, do not hurry! But you are very expeditious, wishing to do it quicker. No, you will take your time. For each task you are given, you will take the necessary time – you will not shorten the time you need, you will use it to carry out your tasks successfully. You need to take account of these remarks. If you get there, in two hours and a half, this is not bad but it will result in a misfortune, you will lose more energy than you need. You may fall ill in two weeks and then you will say, “I went and so now I am unwell.”

Then, when we speak of brotherhood and equality, this does not infer a depreciation of the human soul. No, we understand them as a manifestation of human individuality - if possible, the manifestation of the spiritual conscience in a superior form. Initially, you have the conscience of a child, you expect to be helped and you cry. So, the mother and the father of this child take care of it and provide it with milk. But the child then grows up, its conscience broadens and it is fully emancipated, and has become free and independent. This is why I say that our conscience has to broaden. We can achieve this and this is God’s will. When a sister has a good wish, do not obstruct her but wish her good even if she does not do well - she will do better the second time.

We are faced with a big dilemma: you have one great task, but you have a past that is so interwoven that as you are gathered most of you are positively charged elements. This is why it is hard; you do not attract but repel one another. You have some energies inside you but do you know how much harm these energies have caused the world? Now we say: watermills help the world but when we eat the ground product we take in the idea of the stone’s role and we want to crush, to bring people down as the energy of this stone has been transmitted to the bread and the bread in turn has instilled it in us. This is the esoteric knowledge on the matter.

Most of you are positive, so now we need to make you half positive, half negative and then our work will be successful. We will show you the principle of how to become positive or negative - we will give you the rules. Here, in the midst of Nature is where you will study this; you cannot do this in the city - only in the midst of Nature. Let us say you are feeling unwell one day; we will tell you a rule, after you work on it for four hours you will feel an expansion, a change within yourself and will be ready to make concessions. You will see the results for yourself. But this will not take place now - before we come to these trials we have to practice minor ones. As I said: you will save your time, I do not want the time you need to put into your other affairs - I only want you to dedicate your spare time, when you have nothing to do. I do not want you to say I take up much of your time - I only want your free time, one hour a day to devote to the school. This is one of the best rules. If I required ten hours of each of you, that would be something else. No, one hour. This is something any of you can do.

Now let each disciple note what she wants from me - the most important things that you need, whatever each of you wants. Express it as a short suggestion. You need a Bible or a Gospel, a pen, an inkpot, or a room. You should ask for significant things, those you need - the most significant things you need. (A question is posed, “Should we remain anonymous or should we sign?”) Let them know who you are at the top but not at the bottom. Downstairs you remain anonymous, with pseudonyms. May your requests be of materialistic, spiritual or mental nature.

Now, the test to Vitosha will be repeated in a different form. Those of you, who have not gone, carry out your task as a group because next week I will give a second task and we will complete this task in a week, we will carry it out in a night. I will be with you and will tell you what the task will consist of; it will not be difficult. We shall use the present weather, as it is the most favourable. Two or three weeks from now, we will still have the necessary conditions. But in a month or two there will not be favourable conditions. But now it is favourable to complete the task I will give you.

Thank you for giving me a free hand so that I could speak to you. As if the disciples bind the Master and say: “Speak, Master!” how could I speak?

The good prayer




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