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Natural Methods.

7th lecture of the General Glass of the Occjilt. April 13,1922, Thursday. Sofia.

Silent prayer.

I will make a few remarks.

When a young plant emerges from the ground it is tender and in order to make it suitable for the conditions of work and growth nature sends waves of air in a form of winds that move it in all directions. That which the air currents do for the development of the plants in order to make them strong, the human mind does for the growth of the spiritual body of man. When you come here to this class you will be subject to different winds from all directions. You must keep this in mind. This is a law! You must not be affraid. Whoever comes in this class and is afraid of a little draft here and there in the walls or windows, he does not understand this law. You will become exposed to winds from all directions - from the east and from the west, from the north as well as from the south, from all sides. There are other winds too to which you will be exposed. These will be sometimes warm, sometimes cold, sometimes they will be accompanied by beneficial rain, sometimes by sleet, and other times by hail. All these conditions will come and you must keep this in mind.

Now, everything that happens in nature will happen within you, too. If this does not happen you must know that you are on the wrong path. If someone is preaching to you a teaching without difficulties, without storms, sleet, hail and rain this will not be a divine teaching. It will not be the teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood. These are basic principals, conditions which you must keep in mind and experience. If some of you have doubts the time will come when you will try out these experiences and state these facts by yourselves because we are approaching the study of a positive science whose lows do not coincide with the laws of modern science. In the science to which you are been introduced now there exist no exceptions. In it everything is precisely defied. When I say "defined" I do not imply that it is limited. No! In the occult science exist two opposite ideas. The limitless includes in itself the limited, and the limited includes the limitless. In this case I say that the situation is the following: only that which is limitless can manifest itself and that which is limited cannot manifest. Only the strong people can manifest, the weak ones cannot. Only the strong light can manifest itself; the light which has weak vibrations cannot manifest itself. Therefore I expect of you to be rather strong people and not weak ones. It is expected fig you of you to be the most strong disciples, the most capable, the most gifted, the most talented ones. He who is not capable let him be industrious so that he may become capable. He who is not gifted, who is not talented, let him work so that he may become gifted, to be able to manifest his talent, and who is incapable to be able to awaken his capability. It does not make any sense to become discouraged because this is only a condition.

You must implant in your mind the idea that you must be strong yet not to force but rather to uplift yourselves. Every man who has the power to uplift himself will be able to uplift his neighbor, too, but everyone who forces himself will use force upon others too. This is the law of the White Brotherhood. They observe the way we treat ourselves and from this they judge how we would treat the others. If I force myself I may speak very sweet, very pleasantly but nothing will come out of my effort. Therefore you must have the power not to force but to uplift yourselves. This I call moral — to rise above the present moral of the world. Let's uplift ourselves!

Be careful not to miss quote the words of Christ. I question: All these modern authorities on Christ have they been there at the time of Christ, did they hear what He has said? They may answer: No, we have not been there but this has been passed on to us. Are you sure in that which an apostle has written?

No, No, we have other proofs for that which Christ has spoken, we have the access to the archives in which every word which Christ has spoken is written with golden letters. Can you imagine what a great book this is, on what paper Christ's words are written down? All His words are written in this book. All enlightened disciples of the school of the occult read this great Scriptures. This I call The Holy Scripture! Now some people try to persuade us that the New Testament is sacred, that it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. No the Holy Spirit has taught the Scripture which Christ has preached. Everything which Christ has spoken, all his sermons are preserved in this book word by word as every word that has been spoken to a phonograph can be reproduced. How many words, how many proverbs, how many things are printed on the pages of this book of which the world knows nothing!

And so, the first thing condition in this Scripture is the following: Be strong, because God lives within you! People are strange. They quote that Saint Paul has said that when we are weak we are strong and when we are strong then we are weak. This is so. Saint Pail was an iniciate and by saying this he meant that when a man thinks as a man he is weak but God who lives in him makes his strong. When someone is strong this indicates that he realizes that God lives in him. I may be weak as a man but since God lives in me I am strong. When I say that God lives within me there exists the possibility that this word may have not be understood. God cannot live in me or within you. You have not yet manifested yourselves how could God live in you? In one place in Scripture St. Paul says: "You are God's temples." Who is the temple of God? Your soul. Your soul is something great! Therefore now we are building these small temples in which the soul diminish. That which eternal, boundless will diminish in such a way that it will be able to enter this small temple of Love. The soul is acquainted with the law of diminishing itself. It can become limited and boundless at the same time.

For God it is equally easy to be boundless and infinite as well as to become limited and finite for us. When someone says to me that a being is finite I understand by this many things. I understand that the greatness, intelligence and love of God are so great that he diminishes Himself in this little being so that He may experience all its joys and sorrows, to uplift it so that it may understand His greatness.

This is the greatness and incredibility of God. This I understand by God! This is the Lord which I am recommending to you, The Lord who can come down to your level and from it to…



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