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Awakening Of The Collective Consciousness

Lecture given by Beinsa Douno

August 19, 1921, Veliko Tarnovo

Please, be so kind to listen to me; I am not going to speak long. Wise persons do not need long speeches, what they need is a short, but sensible and comprehensible talk. With all my compliments and respect to you I would like to speak to you concisely and clearly, the way I would speak to intelligent people.

Life on Earth is music. It flows in three directions. Let me express this in musical terms – sometimes life follows a major scale, as in the case when military men express themselves; at other times it follows a minor scale – the way sorrow is expressed; and finally it follows a chromatic scale, which includes the first two scales. These are three great methods, three great laws that regulate our lives. When we do not understand the deep inner meaning of Life, we focus on nonessential matters and we ask ourselves why Life is organized the way it is and not differently.

Be aware that I maintain the positive view of experiential science in Life, which we have verified ninety nine times, and as a result we do not have even one hundred millionth of a doubt about what we say. Doubt is an indication of ignorance in the world. I do not imply that ignorance is bad; but it represents a process of development. For example, all infants are born ignorant and their consciousness should be gradually awakened and developed further on.

Hence, human consciousness, if I am to express myself in strict scientific language, passes through three stages: essential, substantial and material stage. The essential stage includes the principles of Life; the substantial stage includes the laws of Life and the material stage – the facts of Life. Therefore, grouped facts in the world, i.e. aggregated personal little experiences, form a law and we say that this law is expressed one way or another. Currently, contemporary scientists refer to the law as something mechanical, but it is a living essence. A law can exist only in beings who are elevated, whose consciousness has passed through the material stage – from the facts to the laws, from the individual to the general and from the general to the whole.

We ask ourselves about the most important thing for us once we are here on Earth. In the present circumstances people think that life on Earth is most important when they are well off materially; so all nations individually and collectively are striving for their material security and wellbeing. That is why today we have the so-called economic struggle. The current aspiration of nations towards the material is a trend. Hence, human consciousness advances from the material to the substantial stage or in other words the collective consciousness in man is in a process of awakening. Until now, similar to the animal world, humanity has been living in collective sub-consciousness and from now on entire humanity is advancing to collective consciousness, in other words people are beginning to realize that they need one another. Until now everyone has being living for himself alone, everyone has been seeking his personal salvation. But at present humanity as a whole is moved by an inner impulse towards the improvement of the common status, not only of one, but of all social classes and, moreover, it is happening wisely; not as we currently think that we will be able to improve our individual lives ourselves.Thousands and thousands of years ago humanity itself ruined its own wellbeing. There are reasons for that, but I am not going to elaborate on them. Once upon a time the Earth was like Paradise: the vegetation was so diverse that there were thousands and millions of fruits and as a result people lived only on fruits. However, due to certain physical reasons, the ice age befell the Earth. Consequently, its fertility decreased and people began to use meat, to kill and eat not only animals but also one another. That is why the following saying still exists among people, "I will suck out your blood". Well, I ask you: if one sucks out someone else's blood, what will they gain? If one kills someone else, what will he gain? This is a misconception of Life. Not only people as a whole do not get along, but religious and spiritual people have also lost the correct understanding of Life, though they are in the forefront, considering that they have a connection and communion with God and considering that they have the right to lead. I am telling you the Truth. It is not that others do not want to tell you the Truth or that they hide it intentionally, but it is just natural for them. If a thorn gets stuck in someone's foot, this person becomes nervous. Take the thorn out and he will calm down. Therefore, if people of today are bad, it is because each one has a thorn in their flesh bothering them all the time. Apostle Paul said that he had a thorn that constantly bothered him. I have never met a person without a thorn. While the thorn is lodged in us, we cannot be clear-sighted and think properly. Our philosophy is distorted because of the thorn. Take the thorn out and you will have a sound philosophy of Life.

An English merchant asked a preacher to explain to him what was taught in the Bible. The preacher spoke of this and that. The merchant then said, "No, no, tell me concretely and in a few words what this teaching is about." He wanted to grasp the essence, to see the kernel outside its shell. Finally the preacher advised him, "Buy yourself the Bible: you can learn lots of things from it." The merchant bought the Bible and read a lot from it, but since then his business began to deteriorate and he suffered big losses. "Ever since I bought this book only misfortunes have come upon me", he said to himself angrily. Eventually he threw the book in the fire. While the Bible was burning, a small shred of a page fell to the side. He took it and read: "God is Love."

At present contemporary Christians keep asking, what is Christianity, what type of religion is it? They go around saying, that Christianity is this and that. No, no, God is Love which has to unite all people in order for them to live in Love, Peace and Brotherhood[1], regardless whether they are kings, rulers or of any other social position; these are secondary matters. All people should live according to Love as brothers and sisters, respecting one another. They have to share everything willingly: not by force, but voluntarily and consciously.

Once we touch upon this subject, other questions arise: is there an afterlife or not, which religion is the most truthful and so on. I say, there is only one Teaching in the world that can improve our homes and this is the Teaching of wise Love, not contemporary class love. Principal Love – this is Love containing self-sacrifice, love of the mothers, brothers, friends, saints, love of the most enlightened persons in the world. Once this Love comes to dwell in us, our eyes will be opened.

At present there are many people in the world, who doubt whether or not humans possess a sixth sense and whether they can see with it. Everyone can see with it. When a young lad falls in love with an unattractive girl, he sees in her what the rest cannot see. He says, "She is a jewel." When we love someone, we see their abilities and talents. Where are they? There is a place, where we see these talents. However, when we do not love someone, we assign the worst qualities to them, saying that they are like this or that.

Now a great law is becoming effective in the world. Be aware that the world has entered a new stage and even ten years will not pass before this trend will be intensified. This great law is currently at work in all human beings; it is acting in human minds and hearts. One can see the activation of this law in the fact that all people of today are restless. Why are they feeling restless? If they were poor, we could say that they had to work a lot and as a result they became restless. This is understandable. But why are scientists and rich people restless? In addition, religious people are also restless and all people are restless. Why? – Because they have only beliefs, but not faith. If today there were persecutions of one's faith, I do not know how many would withstand. All people are Christians today, because no one persecutes them, but one's faith is tested and proven in difficulties. Self-sacrifice is tested in poverty, deprivation and hard moments. When one sacrifices one's life, it is also a test for their character.

Therefore, which is the ultimate wellbeing in the world? – The wellbeing of an individual, nation, society as a whole or entire humanity? These are all the same. An individual represents a miniature of entire humanity. Therefore, a nation in the process of its development reflects humanity in a miniature form. For this reason when we talk about an individual, we think of them as a seed. When we talk about a society, I deduce that the seed has started to grow. When we talk about a nation, I deduce that the seed has started to grow more and more and when we talk about humanity in its wholeness, I deduce that the seed is branching out, blooming and bearing fruit. If we understand Life in this way, we will know that everyone of us is a necessary part of humanity.

We do not understand humanity in the way that half of it is created to live in Paradise and the other half – in hell. I know that when we perceive God as Love, we all live in Paradise and everything outside God is emptiness. But to know God, we must have Love. Every person, every form is a factor in this Love. The forms, in which we are living now, are not completed. Do you think that you have come to the Earth for the first time; that you were born for the first time? No, each of you has a long history and if someone describes your history, you will be very interested to see who you were in the past and who you will be in the future. This is a great process, through which we are passing. For example, when someone is elevated and noble, they are aware that all people should live in Love. Whoever they are, they will use all conditions in life to contribute to the common wellbeing. Only Love provides all these conditions.

I am not going to elaborate on and explain the reasons for the struggles in the world. In my view, they appear naturally. I will illustrate them with the following example: take two trees, planted next to one another. These two trees with their multitudes of leaves, blooms and branches live well together just like brothers, and they bill and coo; but all of a sudden a wind comes out and their leaves and branches intertwine and twist together. The wind grows stronger, a storm rises up and the branches collide. They ask one another, "What are you doing!? Why are you twisting like that?" I ask, is the reason for this external or internal? – The reason is external. At present, the reasons for misunderstandings among people are external – these are the economic conditions. This is the wind that makes people quarrel and struggle among themselves. Some ask how long this storm will last. A storm can last twenty-four or forty-eight hours, but no longer than three days and then all the leaves will rest still. Currently, there is a storm in the world that is pushing and sifting us; there will be broken legs and arms. But do not grow angry, this storm will soon subside. This social storm will end in forty-five years, but only if people grow wiser. However, if they do not learn from their experiences how to improve their lives, the storm will continue even longer. And if they learn from their experiences, the storm will subside sooner, because the great law governing the world is intelligent – regardless if one is a believer or not.

There is a rational force, a great law in the world that compels people – both believers and atheists – to think and to act identically. Many times I see people who do not believe in God, do not go to church, but jump in the water and risk their lives to rescue someone. The law in such a person is not mechanical; they were born with a different law – the law of self-sacrifice. Therefore, they have within themselves something greater than the formal religion. Religion came into the world later. Some people ask, "Are you religious?" One can be religious and yet – dishonest. Religion is not a label, indicating one's honesty. To test this assertion you should visit, for example, the merchants, who go to church and believe in God; then review their accounts and note how they sell. The law ruling the world is different. Love should live in their hearts; they have to be awakened and not to cheat their brothers and sisters. Thus, they will view the interests of others as their own interests and consequently they will not sell bad merchandise. We will have mutual understanding, only if we view our work in this way.

If we view one another according to our nationality – asking one another "Are you Bulgarian, English, French or German?" – we will not have mutual understanding. We say, "The Bulgarians are bad." These are individual ideas and not collective consciousness; this has not yet been a Divine law. The Divine principle has not yet been manifested in nations. All nations care only about their own economy. No nation is more privileged than another one, because each nation has its own place. For example, if I raise my hand and stretch one of my fingers upward, and this same finger has decided that it is the most privileged of all, what will happen? This one finger shows only the direction, but it cannot function alone; work is accomplished by all fingers used together as each one has its own place on the hand. Only when all fingers act together our hand as a whole will fulfill its obligations and will present a symbol of will. Hence, when a nation realizes its position as a part, as an organ in the entire organism of humanity, which is obliged to accomplish its work on time, then it will be at its right place.

Contemporary people want to support the old god. We know who the old god is. Do not feel offended. This old god has brought all the wars, violence and misery. In the God of Love however, there is not a single lie. This God of Love watches all human beings and even the smallest creatures with equal love and compassion, being ready to help everyone. And when a little being, whose form is destroyed, comes to Him, it is given another form with the words, "Continue your work, do not be afraid and go forward!" I am asking now, what have we gained after being alive here on Earth for fifty-sixty years? Let us suppose that a mother has a beautiful daughter, an excellent lass, who is well dressed and happy to be surrounded by many young men. I ask how long her happiness will last: five, ten or fifteen years. Gradually her face will wrinkle, losing its beauty and freshness, and it will become ugly, so finally the young men will abandon her. Other beauties will appear to replace her and eventually she will become discontent, feeling that her life has no meaning and she is not happy. At the beginning she was content with life, but later on it became meaningless for her. She was in the position of that European writer who wrote a book pointing that there was not a nobler being on Earth than man and that life was good; but after the author went through a crisis and was disappointed by people, he wrote another book stating that there was not a worse being on Earth than man and that the world was bad. Therefore, when we are doing really well, we say, "Everything is great, God is very good." But if we encounter a disaster, a misfortune or an action, which we did not anticipate, we say, "There is not a more unjust God in the world than this One." The world follows its defined path.

Some time ago a highly intelligent and well-educated woman came to me asking to help her resolve the following puzzle or problem: her husband, when he was still a young man visited Antwerp during an exhibition. He had heard of a man in that town, who could tell people their future while he was asleep. Her husband became interested to hear what this man would tell him and he decided to pay him a visit. The sleeping man told him, "You are going to marry at a very young age, you will have four children, but one of them will die. You will marry your wife for love and will enjoy a happy family life for ten years. After that a blond woman will enter your home, she will destroy your life and you will go to live with her. If you pass this test, in ten or fifteen years you will go back to your first wife and you will live very well together." "In fact", said the woman, "one of our children died. When this happened I found among my husband's papers this note telling his future. The blond woman came into our home and destroyed our life." Then she asked me what to do, whether she should leave her husband. I told her to follow closely what would happen and to see if the rest of the prediction would come true. She asked me how such things were possible. I told her, "Life is predetermined, not in a fatal way, but there are certain reasons predetermining human destinies."

Our life, such as it is developing now, is also predetermined by many preceding causes. If we take advantage of these causes, we can improve our lives, we can fight evil in the world and overcome it. The Hindus call this karma or the fall of man. We are able to fight the fall of man. A man who can fall down and sin can also stand up and win. However, contemporary religious people go into another extreme in their beliefs: they claim that religion by itself will improve our life completely. This statement is half-true. Religion cannot improve our lives completely. As just mentioned this statement is 50% true, because we can control over 50% of our destiny, but there are also other factors regulating our lives and constituting the remaining 50%. I say, 50% of our lives depend on destiny and Nature, 25% – on our own selves and 25% – on the society. Therefore, when these three factors begin to work together, there will be spiritual and moral uplift and improvement. For this to happen, many souls should obligatorily come down to work in one direction. When the spring comes, does it come with only one flower? – No, it comes with millions and millions of flowers. Later on the bees come; and the bustle commences in Nature. That is how unity is created.

Consequently, from an esoteric point of view, we resemble little flowers that have just blossomed, i.e. our consciousness is at such a level of development that we have just begun to discern good and evil. You may say, "Well, one has to lie a little." No, in the conscious life lie is absolutely not permitted, just as in mathematics mistakes whatsoever are not permitted, because any mistake that slips into architecture or technology will result in undesirable consequences. Similarly, the lies we admit in our lives will affect our structure in the same way as the wrong calculations made by an architect will affect a building. Contemporary spiritual people should at least have rules, the way the musicians do. Assign a musical piece to the latter and all of them will keep time during its performance. Commission a painting to a couple of notable painters and all of them will paint it according to the same law. Give a problem to a couple of mathematicians and they will solve it according to the same law. When we consider the spiritual life, we say, "We do not need music, we do not need calculations. God will take care of everything." No, friends, the spiritual life requires strict mathematics, everything is precisely determined there. Whether a person or a nation is happy or not will depend on certain facts that are permitted.

Hence, this great law that regulates the life of the present-day European nations has placed them in their current position. The present civilization that has almost reached its end, began in Egypt, went through Syria, Persia, Rome, England, Germany, America and it is now passing into Russia again, then it is returning to the Eastern continent. From there it will go into a different direction. The wave that is currently coming into the world, stirring humanity, is not mechanical. All of you are destined to take part in it, never mind if you want it or not. And we have to participate in it consciously.

What constitutes the nobility of a nation? Why are the English people noble? – Because collective consciousness has been awakened in them. Though they make mistakes, they correct them with ease. The highest concentration of occultists is among them. Each nation, in which collective consciousness is being awakened, realizes to a certain degree that everything should be in accordance with and in subordination to the common goal. The English people have understood this idea to a certain degree. This consciousness is awakening not only among the English people, but all over the world. It has penetrated all poor people, poor widows and orphans. Do you know your situation today? It is similar to the story of an American preacher, who had the custom to invite poor children to his home and to feast them every day. Ahead of each meal they said Grace together. One day he saw an orphan, a little child. He took him to his home to give him food, but he told him in advance, "Let us say Grace together." They began, Our Father, Who are in Heaven, Hallowed be Your name. The child paused in silence. "Why are you silent?" The child asked, "So, the Lord is our Father?" – "Yes, He is." "So you are my brother?" What the child meant by these words was, "You are a preacher, you sleep in a soft bed, you eat well and what about me, brother – I shiver in the cold, I go to bed hungry." The preacher understood his own situation. This is our situation today as well. Christ has come to save the world. We recite, Our Father Who are in Heaven. There should not be poor people in any nation; it is a shame to have poor people today! There should not be poor widows in any nation! It is a shame that today our brothers and sisters have to sell their honor for bread! Thousands of our sisters and brothers are in brothels at present, selling their honor. We say, "There is God, there is Christ in church, in Heaven." Yes, this Christ came for the dissolute – to save them; He did not come for the righteous ones. Hence, today we should have the fortitude to rectify our past mistakes. We should rectify them by all means. We should hold out our hand to our brothers and sisters, who have fallen.

Currently, all suffer from misconceived Love. Deprive any flower, any plant of sunlight and you will witness the abrupt change that will occur. Deprive any being of Love and you will witness the same law in action. Therefore, we should talk about the God of the future not as some distant being, but as a Being working in our hearts, so that we can do His Will and abide by His law voluntarily, without pressure.

Now all of you are summoned to this great feast in the world. The God of Love has called upon you regardless of your position and your creed. Today He is calling upon you to rise and to take an upward step: not as Bulgarians, Evangelists, Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims, but as intelligent beings, as brothers coming from one Father, with the same blood in their veins. The same blood flows in the veins of all people. If we grasp this fact, we will grasp the New teaching, and thus religion will be reformed. If the future religion does not comprehend this great law, it is condemned to be titled "May it rest in peace" for a hundred years. I am saying a great truth. The clergy should know it and inscribe the following sign on the church: God is Love and we will all sacrifice ourselves for Love. All bishops, priests, mothers, teachers, judges should write down this law. The common principle must be Love. And when we meet one another, we should know that we are brothers and sisters. Then we will have different knowledge and different science; the current barriers among us will disappear. And a new life will commence, bringing peace and joy: peace to our minds, joy to our hearts and power to our human will.

Now it is time for all of us to live in this collective consciousness, to realize that there is no death. The human soul and consciousness do not die. The human body is modified, the form is altered, but that is not essential. One changes many bodies, many organs, but as a developing soul, as consciousness in Nature, one does not cease to exist. This is a fact without any exceptions. Examine the Truth and you will see. Therefore, I tell you: examine the Truth that is implanted in you, look for your ideal within yourselves, in your souls. You will not find this ideal outside. It is implanted in your souls, minds and bodies, the same way as energy is implanted in the seed and the seed is implanted in the ground. It draws the juices from the soil and thus creates all of its organs. Thus the human spirit uses all the energies implanted in our bodies to create the organs of the human body according to the same law.

I will mention the following fact: how many years were necessary for the creation of your hand? The finger joints reveal for how many millions of years man has existed; they reveal the history of humanity, the history of the human development, the state through which the whole of humanity has passed. If I told you that the human finger recounts the whole history of man, you would say that this was impossible. Well, for those who do not understand the laws of Nature, it is a fantasy.

Once I was walking with some friends in a pine tree forest. We stopped in front of a pine tree and I said, "The branch rings of this pine tree show the years when there was excess moisture and those when there was less moisture. This can be inferred from these branch rings". You can verify this fact. Therefore, when there was plenty of rain during the year, the distance between the branch rings grew longer and vice versa – if the rainfall during the year was scant, the distance grew shorter. So, it is possible to quantify mathematically and to determine approximately the dampness through time. This is how dampness affects trees.

Our bodies are also affected by certain events – individual, social and national. Are you aware of this? We carry the sins of entire humanity. Do not think that we who are far away from Africa do not carry the sins of the Africans. Yes, we do. There is an inner force connecting people together and interweaving their lives. Hence, in the future when we grasp this great law, we will realize that all people should create a good environment for all contemporary miseries to be avoided. Many times I repeated that only mothers could create it. Every mother after conceiving a child regardless of its gender, must say, "Daughter, son, in the future I want you to live according to the law of Love and to represent its fullness." If she says this, she will have a daughter or a son hero, who will live according to the law of Love. Each mother is to instill this idea in her children. The young people who are getting married must say, "Our sons and daughters should live for Love, for the God of Love Who unites people." The new generation will be bearers of new ideas, of Divine Love. However, if we continue the way we are currently living, if we were born in this miserly way and still want to reform people who have been working for thousands of years, we will achieve nothing. One can be reformed only in the womb of the mother, so that one would live in Love of God; people cannot reform themselves. Only mothers can recreate their children, reforming them. A person can influence only 50% of their reformation on their own. They are like a ship without a rudder that can be tossed by the waves in any direction.

Therefore, the environment for women should be improved in the future. Women who conceive must have the best environment, but also the surroundings of children should be improved. In addition, we should not go about it mechanically, but according to the law acting in Living Nature. Nature is alive and perfect; I read in Her what beautiful methods She has! If the Bulgarians apply the methods of Nature, they will improve their wellbeing! What immense riches are hidden in Nature! They could repay all of their debts in ten years. However, they should undertake the study of Living Nature. Yet, what do the Bulgarians currently do? – They await their salvation from somewhere; they expect it from where it will not come. And this salvation is hidden in Living Nature that has implanted its forces. People must put these forces in action; they should begin working according to the law of Love and for the good of others. In this way their blessing will descend upon them as well.

Now, this Great law is calling people to brotherhood and sisterhood. Only then we can establish a new science of brotherhood and sisterhood. And what is our present science? It is like a little lamb that a child looks after, kisses it and makes wreaths for it. One day the mother says to her child, "For my little baby to live, we have to slaughter this lamb". The little child cries. You will say, "Well, this is the way we should live." Do you think that this child will be well brought up? The child will ask, "How is it possible for God Who is so good to allow the slaughter of this lamb?" – "Well, my dear, God ordered it that way." No, it is not God Who ordered Life this way; it is us who did it. Let us now free ourselves from these delusions! Let us not think that God organized the world in this way. No, lambs should not be slaughtered. Currently, we have a culture for killing, for crippling the legs of this or that person. Only gun-shots are heard. All say, "This is for the sake of our homeland." However, what benefit did wars confer to humanity? – Absolutely no benefit. People grew ferocious and their wars brought about today's depravity. And future wars will not bring anything good either. We are supposed to fight, but in what way? – To fight, but not to kill. The law of Love is calling people now. The most capable, the greatest, the best persons – mothers, fathers, teachers, priests, selfless people should come to undertake this great work. If they do not arrive on time, others will.

Now I will summarize my conclusions as follows: I do not intend in the least to pressure you to believe, but I want you to test them. Experiences, experiences are needed and nothing more! There exists an inner experience. As each plant should find its soil and the conditions suitable for its growth, so every person in the world should find favorable conditions for their growth and development. Never think that your living conditions are unfavorable. These are only subjective conceptions. In the development of collective consciousness every person occupies a precise position. However, we delude ourselves and we say, "Why am I not like this gentleman?" Do not look at this gentleman from outside; he may be rich, he may eat plenty of gourmet meals, but he is unhappy, his inner life is rotten, he has a heart defect, his stomach is malfunctioning. While the other one, the poor, does not have similar riches, but he is healthy and can enjoy his meals. One's happiness is determined by the disposition of the spirit – when one is content with what he receives in a particular moment. When people unite, they must have the same ideas. The ideas of all of us should be right[2]. I do not say that they are always right, but they should be individually right. Hence, from an individual, social and national point of view we should amend our ideas and introduce new ones that are coming to the world from above. We should devise our thoughts and feelings properly, the way plants craft their forms.

Some people say, "Nowadays life is very hard." No, as I mentioned before, nowadays you have the most favorable conditions of life. You are in the position of the Jewish people who left Egypt. In the desert you may not have meat and some other things, but you will have water and clean air and a Pharaoh will not command you. It is better for you to be free in the desert than to be slaves who eat meet and indulge in all pleasures, while the Pharaoh urges you on with his whip and orders you, "You will make tiles and bricks!" And we answer: "What can we do, we will make them." No, we are not going to make bricks and tiles any more. There is a long road before us in the desert of the Divine life.

All young people who are able to walk should take a backpack and go forward. Do you know what you will be then? – When you meet someone, you will freely continue along your way. At present, when you meet someone, you shrink and hide in case he may rob you or stick his hand in your pocket. You say, "He is a thief." I say, today the world is full of thieves. Can you tell me who is not a thief, who has not inserted a hand in the father's pocket? Who has not taken from the forbidden fruit? In the future, when we enter a fruit garden, we will say according to the law of Love, "Brother, may I pick fruits from your garden or will you pick them for me?" And he will say, "Yes, you may, brother, help yourself!" When I go to a friend, I will say, "Brother, may I spend the night in your house?" – "You may." This should be the New teaching. What will you say now? "Sir, there is a hotel; go there as we do not have spare rooms, there is a housing shortage, etc." And thus the matter will be closed. Now, when you meet someone, you begin to question him, "Are you Bulgarian, do you believe in God, to which party do you belong, etc." I am not saying that these things are bad, but they are not essential. The noble feeling of brotherhood has to permeate us, so when we meet someone – a woman or a man, we would recognize this one as our brother or sister. If you are able to cultivate this feeling of brotherhood, you will set humanity on a new foundation. Then the current misunderstanding among us will not persist, but there will be a just aspiration instead.

This is the Divine teaching that is currently coming into the world. The little children have undertaken it and in ten years they will proclaim it. In ten years the caterpillars will leave their pupae to fly on their wings. They will say, "No, there is no need for pupae." This law is coming to the world. Now the facts are grouped and the laws established. We are passing from the material to the spiritual world; everything is transferred from the individual to the social level. In other words, let us not think only about the law of insurance – whereby everyone cares about leaving an inheritance of a couple of million to be distributed upon their death here and there. They make "benefactions" for the rest to say, that so and so died and left that much money, therefore he or she was a magnanimous person. No, in the future people will not die and will not need monuments.

Consequently, instill Love as an aspiration in your heart, as a feeling in your soul, as a force in your mind and as a principle in your spirit. In this lies the salvation of the human spirit.

Thereby, we should understand Love in these three aspects: as an irresistible downward aspiration in the heart; as an upward feeling in the soul; as a force expanding the human mind and containing the conscious principle, through which we realize why we live, why we have come, where we have come from and what is our purpose on Earth.

Translated by Maia Atanasova, Maria Braikova,

Jana Rupchina and Oleg Rupchin

All members of our translation team work for free and on a voluntary basis.

We will appreciate any assistance, especially in editing, publishing and distributing these translations.

For more information please contact us at:

[1]Brotherhood – all words referring to brotherhood throughout the lectures are used to denote both brotherhood and sisterhood.

[2]Right – the original text uses the Bulgarian word prav, which can be translated as all of the following: correct, right and straight.

Copyright (c) 1997 Publishing House "Byalo Bratstvo" All Rights Reserved


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